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To-day, saow or rala.
Hiah. 611 las?! se.
lull report I'ace IS.
(set 101 ?. B? Th? Trib'ine fnrlafirm 1
In CI1- of New York. Newark. .Ier?rv ( l|r and llobokeft.
Aged Mexican Must Pay
500.000 Pesos More to
Save His Son.
Rebel Leader. Already Paid
S650.000 in Gold, Deaf
to Appeals.
Bulk of Great Terrazas Fortune
Gone, but Villa Insists on
Random or Death.
gj paae, 1> ?., Marc? rv?General
i486 Ten-;-./;.- appealed to-day tc
Marlon L?tcher, American ronsul m
t'hihuahuci. DOS? In this city, to sav*
his son Lula, ishcee life has been math
UM ferfell If 500.000 peeoa raiieoix
Mssey is n<?t paid over lo Oeners
Pancho villa, the rebel leader.
Cons'ii Letcher declared htmseii
moved by the appeal of thi
? . srian head of the great Mexi?
can family, whose teitle pcesssslom
have been conflacated by tin? Conatltii?
tiona?sts. but he had to reply that h.
-?as htilpliesj In the matter.
"I am eighty years Old, and neithei
life nor money means much to me,'
ssjd C?eneral Terrazas, with a tremoi
voice. "My son Lula has thir?
teen children, and they need him. ]
sastdd gladly return to Chihuahua, anc
Villa could kill me Instead of my son,'
Qeneral Terraza.? did riot sa)
aa much, the interview left tin- infer?
ence that he dos not now possess th
mm demanded.
Hae Already Paid $650.000 Gold.
Luis, the sen, is about fifty years old
ami for .-levenal months has been held
r. At the tune of Ma arrest tl.f
rebels demandad $?890,000 gold as th?
seiet Ufa This sum eras stoat
in being paid, and Luis was taken out,
a noose was adjusted eboat hi- neci
wat? gently hoisted from bis f? el
? area repeated until he sig
aaNfd '??' .? >?"? wo-;i'' pay the sum de
-1 -all that ha had in the Chihoa
sent the prlaoiier seas
i- S from the pnlace, wher?* he had
Bill rwed to live under
?.vit h his family in one of hin
father's Women relatives some
?ppealed *o villa to release
aha, hut Villa ara? adamant
? llentJfleoa had Pancho Villa
? r In ?.. ame rdrcumstances
think he would 1" restrained in
in ited with the conadder?
iUlon T hav* shown Don Luis?" Villn
ret "So. Pancho Villa's head
would have been placed on a pike and
paraded about the City The Terraaai
Casaity have lu-ruroulated Its great
health through oppression of the peo?
tie, aad Boer the people demand repara?
?Jurerai Terrazas left Consul Letch
tfh room and appeared In the hotel
vobby. visibly shaken. His beard ll
'hite and his figure belost 'he medium
?ie walk? with a cane. He v. .
eaSBtded by friends and relative?, on
4j4JsOSS faceB anxiety for the yon and
lily for the father were plainly errlt?
May Appeal to Bryan.
?v-.nal appeal to Secretary Bryan
Iggeated, but the eld man only
ihooh his head. The appeal, hoerever,
Baay b* made, unless it is pos
; money. Th? great
bulk of ths Terrsksaa fortuna, normalb
'?tlmated at lee.OgO.Oi 0 gold, ?rs tied
Be i,y tic confiscation order, and most
able in foreign COUn?
pent in the last threi
i to-night that, the most
i tie way r,f a s. t
' of the matter is Villa's refusal
-il ?a Milrtl [iiyjr, ?-. onrj rnlrjriin.
TVs is M o rn ing's News.
LOCAL. Tar?.
Defeat h W 87. Le-wleis . ]
' salng Drt - - ; pi Disguise . 1
led... l
. . . ,. j
? esses" ,. 2
La,?. 4
eles .. 4
. I
? - Urged . ?
aaan Belfca al lr?..rjr.?- . s
- " --il Rah . i
| -'. ?}
? tTharged . 9
. na . 14
. i
ills l? - . . . .. 1
Bendita Onlj 3
? - ? , |
... i Job -i
. a
' ? " ' ?*? sags . 4
? tora tee.... 4
. 1
...........'.\\\\'.''t 7
. .'.'.'.'.'.'.".'8 a i I
"' ' .s
rfcats . io, u ,-nid 18
? ?: .13
Federals Said to Have Put
3,000 to Flight.
I B] CaMa to The Trll
Mexico City, March P??Advices re
^?i\.'il from Torre?n Bay that Osneral
R irdo Pans mads a' reconnotssance
in fores t.? ths north, (^countering
ihres thousand rebela near Eteakrn.
a complet? victnrv for ths Pi it?rala
la claimed. Ths rebels after an en
K.'ipemetit of nevera] hours tied In dis
?? it la Bald, leaving four hundred
dead on th? Held.
1 Federals Hear cf Atrocious
Treatment of Ohihuahuan.
[ By ' abl? to T8m ? Itunt I
Mexico City, March 8.?Chihuahua
advices accusa Pancho Villa .i new
cru< 11
it la Bald that Villa took with him
from Juarea to Chihuahua several Fed?
eral prisoners, whom heftept lhree<laya
without food ?>r drink. A resident of
Chihuahua named Bernardino Vllla
loboa living near the place where the
Federals were confined, took compas?
sion on them and secretly supplied
th? ?a with food This was discovered
and Villalobos waa sentenced to death.
Villa, it is dei lareii, ordered that h<
be crucified and his limbs broken one
by one.
Chicago Jury Ignores His Plea
That Loss of Her Love
Made Him Insane.
Chicago, March 5.?William Cheney
Ellis, uf Cincinnati, was found guilty
to-day of murdering his ?rife, Mrs.
Eleanor Hoaea Eiiis. in a Chicago
hotel last October. Punishment was
' fixed at Imprlsonmen! In ths otate :>cni
tentlary for fifteen yean.
Bills claimed that he had been driven
; to mania by knowledge that hlg ?rifa
I had given her love t>? Fred O. Cauld
well, of I'.rantford. ?int.. a young dry
f.la merchanL He followed hta wife
lure several daya after ghe fame to
Chicago OU a Plait to relatives. They
celebrated their ninth wedding anni?
versary with a dinner and theatre
party the night of the murder.
When found with the body Ellis ap?
peared dazed Me had ?slightly glsshed
his own wrists and throat. He at first
< declarad the tragedy was the result of
a suicide agreement because of lus
business troubles. Before the Coroner's
i he changed his explanation. He
testified that he alone wag responsible
for the killing, but that he had ?n?ant
that both should die.
He Says Innocent Men Were
Convicted by Public Clamor.
Boston, March I.?Ex-President Tafl
deplored the Influence of newspapers
on jurors in an address to the students
of Boston University Law s, boo! to?
"It is proper for newspapers to com?
ment after Judgment on a ease,*1 Mr.
Taft said, "but it is the trial of cases In
the newspapers before judgment that
has led to much of the crltli ism of the
court a Why, when i ?ras President, I
hnd to pardon two or three men who
had been convicted by public clamor
nhr-n the- were reaiiy Innocent."
Youth from Long Island Col?
lapses on Reaching Bellevue.
\ young man ataageied it',ri tha office
Bellevue Hospital laal night and col?
lapsed si the entra?e? He waa raised to
his feet, and rnansged to gasp out:
"1 took pa?ses by mistake; please hnp
Up was hurried to ? ward, and it was
found that he had taken nitrate of silver
iras In a rery serious .onditton. Ha
said h? waa Joseph Kenishl, sevent^-n
years old, a machrnlst'a helper, of Cedar
Qrote, I/on?? Island, and, t>. th? amas?
f th? doctora m d he had hurried
all the way frora Cedar Grose to Bells
vu? for treatment. Thi delay may cost
him his Hfl
I Playwright Bares Big Earnings to
Court, Despite Fact Wife
Is Suing Him.
The frank statement of his income
h George Broadhurst playwright,
made In ths separation suit which Mrs.
Ida Rajrmond Broadhurst la bringing
i ?tra?nai him on the ground of abandon
meni earned the commendation of Jus
tier Cohalan In the Supreme Court
Mr Broadhurst'a atatement, In the
proceeding which hia wlfs brought for
ti?<- awarding of alimony, was different
from thai of many non who are being
?tied by tbeir wives, whoei efforta, rnosl
of ti.? ttrni ar? to reduce their alimony
? g , apai Ity
Ifr Broadhursl aid that hs h id
earned IS4S.614 In the lasl seven reara
making an ant,uni Income of 148,130
n.s n.'.M recent plays have given htm
;,,. income of 1204,514 In tha hurl two
On th? financial ihowlng mads by the
? , .. | ijrhi Jui lice < tobalan fixed the
alimony kl 110,000 a y ar j..-mlln^r th.
,. and an..""I Mrs Broadh
12.000 '"' "?'"' ' ! ,"' -N,r' ???'"?",
. hs ' omptolnad thai her husband
ii ing much Usas in th?
compan) oi Diva Waaraldi, aa actress,
?Relations of U. S. with
Europe Depend on It,
Says President.
Brief Address Delivered to
Congress by Mr. Wilson
in Person.
irren. The Trlb ins Bun in '
Washington, March .".. - President
Wilson appeared In the. House cham?
ber to-day for the sixth tima and de?
livered his message to Congress, plead?
ing on this occasion for the repeal o?"
the provision of the Panams Canal act
which exempts American coastwise
shipping from tolls.
Despite vigorous opposition in both
the Senate and the Hi.use there seemed
to be little doubt to-night that his re?
quest would be granted
Mr. Wilson asserted thai his n
for asking the repeal was thai every?
where except In the United States the
tolls exemption was regarded as a
violation of the Hay-Paum efote treaty,
and he further asked it in support of
the administration's general foreign
Because ?.f the aide diversity of
? pint' n. even among members of hi?
own party, on the tolls question, Mr.
Wilson's reception was not so flattering
as that accorded him upon former oc?
casions. Sharp? rcriticism among mem?
bers ,,f Congress also followed th? ... -
livery of the message
Repeal Bill in To-day.
When the Preeident entered tl s
chamber the applause lasted for pos?
sibly thirty secondi The demonstra?
tion at the end of the reading of the
message was likewise of brief duration
From the standpoint of applause there
; v, as 8 distinct contrast between the re?
ception of to-day's message and the
'iies-ages relating t,, the tariff, cur?
rency ?'.ml the ?Mexican situation.
Initiative action m the matter will be
taken to-morrow, when the House In?
t?ntate and Foreign Commerce Com?
mittee will meet x>< consider the mes
sage, it vvas ?aid to-night that this
oosnmKtee would report a bill to Hatty
repeal the exemption provision. In the
: Senat?- to-day ?Senator Chilton, s Dem?
; "cr.iUo member of the Interoceanie
Canals euniuaitee? rhfrtnuced an
amendment to the canal :ut Which
would give th" President authorltj to
make or su.?-;), nd tolls by proclamation
and to prescribe tolls in cases exempt?
ed. This would put it up directly to
the Preeident to ?limin?t?? the ex?
President's Message.
In addressing himself t" Congress
Pn aident Wilson said:
?'1 have come to you upon an erran?j
j which can be very briefly performed, i
but I hf,g that you will not measure its I
Importance by the number of sent?
In which i state it. No communica?
tion i have addressed to the Congr nb
carried with it graver or more far
reaching implications to the Interest of
t).lUntry, and I rom.- now to ?p? .,
Upon a matter with regard to wh: h I
am charged in a peculiar degree) by the
Constitution Itself, with personal re?
"I have com? to ask for the repi al of
that provision of the Panama Canal
a.-t of August 24, 1012, which ? aemi te
vosarla engaged In the coastwise trad?
of the United states from payment Of
toiiu, ,-nd to urge upon you I he justice,
the wisdom and the large policy ?if
such a repeal with the utmost earnest?
ness of which I am capable.
"in my own ludgment, very fully
considered and maturely formed, that.
exemption constitutes a mistaken eco
nosnic polic) from ever) point of view,
and is. moreover, in plain contraven?
tion of the treat] with <;reat Hntain
concerning the canal concluded on No?
v? m'n?r 18, 1901. Bui 1 have not come
to you t.. urge my personal views, I
bave com.- to state to you a fact and a,
Held a Treaty Violation.
"Whatever maj he our own diffcr
i i.'. s <>t Opinion concerning this much.
debated measure, Its meaning Is not
debated outside the United States?
Everywhere else the language of the
treaty is given hut ?m?' interpr?t?t ion,
and that inti rpn tatlon precludes the
exemption I am asking you to repeal
We consented to tim treaty; Its lan
guag? WS accept? d, if we did not orig?
inate it, ami we are toe tug, too power?
ful, too self-reepectmg a nation to In
terprel with too atratned or refined a
reading of irorda of our own promises
just because we have power enough to
give us leave to read them 88 we
j... ., ?
?Th?- large thing to do is the oniv
thing we can afford i" ?I" 6 voluntar)
withdrawal from s position everywhere
questioned end misunderstood. Ws
ought to reverse our action without,
raising the question whether we w.r
right or WTOng, and s<> once more de- ?
serve our reputation for generosity and
the t'deniption of every obligation
without quibbls or hesitation.
"I ask this of you In support Of the
foreign policy "f the administration, I
shall not know how to <h al With Other
mai '' ra of even greater delicacy an i
nearei wmsequence If 3011 do not grant
It to DM m ungrudging nieasur?.''
Explains Phaaaes Used.
Aflldc from the hearing o? this inei
I ?nltim-d on fourth pmgr. second minimi
Three Fatally Wounded in
Pistol Duel on Brook
lyn Street.
| Bliiec.jdt s Bullets Bring l)o-wn
Gunmen After H? is
Two burglars and ? policeman were
Khot at 2 o'clock un i morning In a re
j voiv. i- din i that followed the
of a mill), rj in a drug atort ..t tin?
corner of Putnam and Tompklna ave?
nu? ? Brooklyn.
Patrolman Thomas Wynn, of the
Gatea avenue police station, ia th? in
Jured policemaa H* wa
George Stevens, twentj three of No.
163 Bast Kind street, und William Me
Henry, twenty-flva of Ko. 135 "Third
avenue, Brooklyn, are the lleged bur
Stevens was shot In thi back
und McHenr*, In the al lomen. all
three are dying, it vas ?aid, In th? St,
John's Hospital
A man told Patrolman Daniel Stack,
who was standing on thi corner of
Tompklna avenue ami Madison rest,
that tiire?- men were robbing th< drug
store. As he a ant then he aa *
vena and McHenry and Jamaa Martin,
of No ."" Kast |2id street, In front of
tho atore
Stevens had Just come out of tha
pharmacy. He a*si carrying some
Stack Kid them the ? i under!
arrest Stevens ran and a i Stack went]
after him McHenr?. pulled a revolver
and ttr. .1 four anota at the poUeeman. !
ah the buiws mhraed. With Stevens,!
McHenry then ran.
\t Tompklna avenue and Madison I
^tri.? patrolman Wynn ordered th?
runnera to halt They refused, Mc?
Henry drawing a revolver and Brii I al
Wynn. Th? bullet hit Wynn In the nt>
deanen. As the polleetnan was falling
i ? i uiiad .-"it his revolver and Bred at j
M. ii' orj
That shot went tru?' hitting McHenrj I
in tha gtomach. As McHenr) fell, j
W>nn fired again, and the BCCond bUi
1.1 strut h st- sens in ths bav 8
r*1vs other poll??emen had heard the
? ? lag ami they trame to Um scene
quickly. The* held the woundt I um n
and Patrolman BtlUwagon cau|
tin, Who hSd run t" Mar '. avi lid
Madison Btreet On Martin waa ISO in
property and a revolver He
locked up i'? the nates avenu?
on a . hariT" of burglary.
Tii" thr.-> wounded men were re-j
moved to th.- hospital h> Dr. Bmlth,
Mrs. Peters Says Window!
Cleaner Also Went.
\vh. h Mrs. Samuel T Peters re?
turned to her home, No. 11" Bast 37th
street, aft'-r kt shopping tour yesterday
afternoon, ahs found thai |10,000 t..
115,000 w?.rth of Jewelry had been
Mrs. Peters wsnl oui aboul 2 o'clock,
and ahortly afterward a wltrdow
ricaner calledL Thi servanta seeing
nothing unusual In auch a risit ad
mltted the man, who proceeded to
? lean Wlndowa No on? ?nuld recall
aeeing him go, hut In- was gOfM when
Mrs. Paters returned.
Obtains Several Sacks of
istered Letters and Esca?
timbla, S. C, March .-, \ 1
?bed the mail ear of S
ern R. ?-, No. 11 < ?fiarles!
Columbl Joel as the train re?
Columbia. The robber covered
I clerk ivitii a revolver, secured
eral sacks containing registered
and Jumped off the train No at
have ' ? '?? made.
' World Touring Nines Are r
at Last.
mi ;? Lusitania, with
world baseball tourists on b<
Band Hook at ?_': is o'<
thl morning and anchored off
tling Buoy. II waa anowini
that hour, and the thick weather la
? d to h \.?.<?< d her r-ommai
no! to attempl to take the big 1
? m
Detectives. Seeking Men VV
Robbed Harlem Lad. Nearly
Missed One.
a,- ':., N ' on ai venteen years c
Was aenl yesterday b) his father, at
Kelson, of No, 177'J St. Nicholas av
S Harlem drygoods merchant,
.? |300 In 1 downtown bank. <
his way home the lad noticed two m
following him from the 145th str?
rtation of the Ninth avenue ?lev?t? i
\t U7th street find Colonial l'a
. the men call? d to him, and. turnltl
id found himself facing a nag
pistol and a revolver and heai
ih" command of the men. "Hands tip
A big roch hid the hold-up.
The m-n took his overcoat, 114, dli
mond pin, troM wat. h and chain, go:
pencil, ring and K'"-. ? 8
R .hing bom.'' breathless, the hr?
v.r-t to the Lenoa avenue police sts
tlon. and was 1 iken to Polici Head
quarters, where he picked out the p<,r
trait of 1 ' aa that of on
of to?, rohh, re ftfanke, who is twenty
one an : last < M of strain
? ? | ? April for bent
Ing pcllc? man.
1 '--i. Curtayni stein an?
Bchonei found Manke at 188th stree
and Eighth avenu.. He wore a braiM
? patent leather shoe;
; .In-.men did n?it rec
Blanke ran. !{?? wei
overtaken after a <-hase of four bloeki
<= found wearing Archie Nelson'l
I ;?? v e: on lus wiiv to a bal]
? for th?? henefll of a gunman.
Election as New Haven Direc?
tor Made Him One, He Says.
New Haven. March B.?-At a meeting
of the religious Inetjructloa convention.
Arthur T. U.nlley. president of Tale.
f.; StiOUely referred to-day to his elec?
tion to th.- N.w Haven Railroad
dir-, torate ad pla. ?ng him In the crim?
inal clan?.
' I expei t.d to he here earlier." he
-t about a ? . ar -igo I Joined the
crlmin. and became a mem
!.. r of th.- hoaru "f directors of the
N'w Haven itailroad. [ have not been I
trying to keep out of Jail, but I have
'.n trying to keep some of the stock?
holders out Of th?; bankruptcy court." '
Edward Farley Jokes When
He Is Taken for Offence
in New Jersey.
Police Say Prisoner Comes of
Wealthy I amily and Has
Prison Record.
A man who said he wn? Edward
Parley, thirty-four ? ? ara old and a nm
chlnlet, was arrested last night at Ho.
28 West Blet street, end was Identified
by Policeman William J. ?.''or?.'. <.r
Summit, N. J - sa th" bandit who kid?
napped htm and a n. ?r.. chauffeur at
Summit on February -1 and left them
bound and wired mi a deserted mllL
The police sa" thai Varliy has a
manlier of allsaea, among them Krank
Tilomas, William Raith and Kay Sum- '
son. Th>- ?as*, according to the de?
tectives, is his real name. They say he
comes of wealthy parent? at Esaton,
Penn., and is ?* graduate of the dental
college of the Untvei .? of Pennsyl?
He is >iiave, well dreeaed snd ha? *
.?r'n'-'.v'i vein of humor If.' offered the
police a bos of cifrar--, begging them
t.. smoke and make themselves rom
fortable whlk searching his room, and
ho kept th.'in amused with funny
atorfea Detectivi i hew trailed him to
tii? wpct list atreet house, where h<?
vat; living with his wife and n ten
year-old daughti r.
Policeman '?? ??- ?? nie ovor at once
with Detective Fisher, of the Summit,
N .1. Proaecutoi
? Captain Kerr, of the West ?7th sti
[station, with Detect! as Owens and
Fltspatrick and th? Hew Jersey men,
wrt to ' ? house and sent up a m> ??
sags that Fari. . was wanted .-t the
door. The man i une 'own wtthoul .
moment's hesitation. Policeman Qeorgel
started to pall oui hlg revolver, but
Pltspatrii k sri i'i" d him.
When sh< saa her husband In
hands of the police, Mi-, "arley u?.
came hysterical, but Parley maimainoil
hla good humor, 11. denied he h 11
eves asea 0 sorg a before or had ?
been in Bunamlt Later, before anv.j
thing had been said about the kid-1
napping, he - ltd, ' he poll?
"You are ? trying to eon-!
rtect me with tlu> chap who 'Kidnapped
rut" COp down at Summit; bUtl
you're wrong, i know nothing ahout ;
it." Bul thi ? mlnuti. Um deb -
tlvea say, ? was making 0sorge
wince by reminding him of their tin??
? brough u,.- . ountry.
The police found in Farley'? rooms
a Jimmy, a brave and hit, a kIus* cut-?
tor. a putty knife and an etei trio flash
Parley aill be arraigned at the West
Bid? i'ourt tin-, rnornlng on ? > barge
of hsvlng burgter*? Cools.
Farley Jenled thai h> aas b burglar.
Th.- poltee say thai In !."?. he ?ras sen
tanced t?? ten years' imprisonment In
PhiladelphlS for holding up and robbing
a harbor master and was ralBBBCld SftST
Bsrvtng two yoara The) say he also
served a rear at Reading, Pansu, for
stealing ?*opper ?rira
There arer? a namber of burgierie?
h. md around Bummil late m Januar)
and early In Pebruary. Policemen
Qeorga snd John J. Gannon w,-r.- s?-t,t
out the night of Fabruai\ |] t.. smteh
the fashion able resloentlal district in
plain clothes They were klcmapped h)
a Bupposed robber, who held them up
a it i; a revolver,
Two Meetings of "Unem?
ployed" Dispersed in
Quick Order.
Another Agitator Also
Captured?Is Defiant
in Courtroom.
IN $7.500 BAIL
Berkman Plans to Organize All
Unemployed Many Kept in
Cells After Raid.
Developmenta were rap'.] last night
in the "vnemployi d" ? ituetl ?n with
which the i ollci ha? e been ailed u
?.PC. Following the Mil. St of 100
m?>n of ??>., I. w. u tor breaking in'o
a i hutch We In. S'!.,- n fht, tl
last evening broke un two meetings in
Rutgers Square ami arrested Theodore
Freeman and Darwin .1 ftfei !"'?? on
charges "f speaking in public without
permits and refusing to moVS on wh'tl
Alexander Berkman, the anarchist,
made arrangements t.ganlse ->i? ?? ?
unemployed of th. cltj and to nold
ntghtl; meetings in Rutgers Bqi I
.i-ei man h on the churches au h
Frank Tannenbaum, th?- young i W,
W, leader, was released on hall ,f >7
?Vsi furnished by the Bouthweetera
Bursty Ineuranca Company, ami will
be given a heeling at '_' o'clock t -,
Theodore Freeman, who was ar?
rested in Rutgers Square, la an in?
dustrial Workers Of the World agitsv*
tor, and Darwin 1, Meaerole la a
prominent Brooklyn lawyer. The men
were arraigned In the men'a nighl
court. Freemar, ran found guilty and
lined SO, nhiotsf re .vas u.wU).-; ta>-laay.^?
Menerole, who fays he Is a sessjotial
friend of Tlteodore Roeeewejt, was die
charged by Mails'rate Ten F.yck
Off;r to Pay Fine Refused.
After his dlecharge MeeercJe weal to
FYeeman and offered to pay his line,
but Freeman declared thai he was net
guilty and would not accept it Ha
was taken to the Madison Btreei police
station and will probably serve three
days 1n lieu of paying the One,
Freeman was taken Into < u.siody 88
about 6.90 O'clock He had !.. | n sttoll -
ing through Beward Park, button
holing men and sxhortlng th.m to
gather at the end of the square Ms
was told to move on by the police, but
gave no heed. Qstiming 8 I towij
around liim at one etui of the aquars
be mounted a betV h and bagM to
haraiigue the men.
"In Fran.'?' they had to -tart a i SI
ohitioti to five the peoplf 'h.ir rlghta."
he declared, "and thai is what trill
happen here. What right had tue pe
Ina to arrest al! those men last algbl
They went to a church to g? t foe
shelter, where el^e could th. y go'."
Patrolman Jacob Kolsin h? re inter
ni[it?d th" speaker and told turn to
OUlt. When he refus? 1 he was placed
UBjdaf arrest and taken to the Mad:
son street station an?! later to the
night court.
ii? stats I that he was tweaty-thrse,
? ' Rus) ban and tl it he had no
!!? had only seven CCntS on hi?>
Ifeserole, who lives at No. IM Wash*
irirton avenue, Brooklyn, appeared In
Rutgers S?;uare at about ?? o'clock and
began speaking to the loungers privete
l?'. Lieutenant McAuiiffe gave h"i
? arnlng, but Meaerole atetad I I K
i ss merely asking the men to attend
cting at C oner i rnion, and i ? i
i ermlseion to n ? ? ? sen.
McAuiiffe telephom d Headouartera
and returned with the Information that
Meaerole would be permitted to spent
if he confined Mmeeif to the subject
When Meneroh rnovsited ?he
form, however, h< an bed Into a esit?
leism "? thi police for th? :r handling
of the I w w. situation, and broughl
in meniio i of Um une npto] ? ?!
rd "unemplo) ed" M I
Isspril up beside Meserofs snd told him
to quit speaking. Meeerol? i
u placed und' r arr? St.
Alexander Berkaaan, In the confer?
ence al the Frari'ir- o I', rr. - SCbOOt,
a .socialistic institution, declared that
the dty would be canvassed snd the
unemployed anthered together, i'he>
win meet nightl) ii R .t~.
and will then proceed to a hall that
win he hired for the purpose. Thsre
ad.ir.--.. w ;i :. made bj prominent
socialists and aiiar.li>!- and the BM 8
will then proceed t?? atorm one of thu
Tannenbaum, wh?, was arrested arith
his followers in the Roman Cathi
Church ?" BC Alphonsus Wedni
evening, was HTBaglaSd In Jeffeff
Market Court y, .sterday afternoon
remanded f.-r -i bearing lo-ds HI
bail was i.used from i.'i.is?? t? ST - I
w hah tmount w as latei sat in t :
Hi: US follow, rs, and tin- v om.i i
Qlissls Miiier. all of whom wen sei
in UN raid. w< re taken to the cbi?f

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