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et Yergara. and that they believe**! he was
burled in the new grave.
Execution Confirmed.
It Anally was determined to the satis?
faction of the American Investigators that
\ organ* had been executed. ?v-st't? ?a
denial was made, by the Mexican Federal;-,
however, and prior to thii General Al
varer. ccn-marUer at Piedraa Nejcms. had
t romiaeJ Oatattll BlOCker, at 1'ltdras Ne?
cias, that YerK.ira ?ITOUld be released and
last eaptora sailed to account.
This allayed the fearN of his friends
Until hla continued absence set In motion
exhaustive Intest .gallon, in which the
United States ge/vemmant took a part
? oi?-ul Oarretl went to Hidalgo an?i Inter
? ?.d Cat tain l.oilriR'i? z, the tnan held
? risible for Vergara'a kidnapping-, but
. ral captain denied all ?knowledge
.?.?t?: He said Ve
?tara hu?i been ?-? nt to Piedras Negraa but
escaped on the way. and that the l\?i
' rah ? i joined the Con?
Conaul Oarrstt, after interviewing
Rumeroua M> i I others, n poi I d
Oftl.'ially that \ir...:.i had bren executed.
Ele add? d thai ? - kneed from the
KVderala' sttlt he wsa In nidal- ?
at it wov ? sen ? ngerous for |
to d? li irrender of the b?odj.
The investigation was ordered contfn
Department, ami the
ah o ordered an Investig ?
tiun by tho Texas Rangera, the state
militia p?jiici> who guard U ? border.
Question of Territory Raised.
pasture of Vergara, where
it flr ,, it? ?i Ute ranchar?an ha?i
he affair by
. . -t \? .i- Mexican or
fcmericai territory, until it was found |
thai *? ? ira I be? actually seised
the MeXli . . mainland. This rendered
a ret b e safe from prosecution
in Taxai A. were alleged to
have been taken from this pasture, how?
. and county records showed it be?
longed to the State of Texas, Mr.? VST
gSTa tiled an afbdavit eharging Captain
fiodrlguez and three of his mon with
- ? thef I
Qofti . nit reiu? st.-d pern?
?.vi State Department to send Texas
1er t" pursue the
I Vergara,
tai 9 Bi ; an that
tin? United States government aloni could
? aiUboruy tor sendng an armed force
into a foreign country. Later, whoa blra
Yergara made the charge of horse theft,
? rnor Colquitt ask-d "whom the
United 81 ' gnlsed as constituted
authority In Northern Mexk o," >?> that
he might make requisition under the Mi i -
? treaty for the men nan
This question never WSS answered to
the aatiafacUOTi nf ??overnor ?'olqultt. and
?vor announced that to suive the
.? ..tion he would ?requisition t"th the
rai and ConsUtuUonalist governors
Of the staus of Nuevo '.-ou and C'uhui
This wa.. on Friday, and, so far as
known, the requisition bar? not bat
-)?? l
Border ?n a Turmoil.
gara'l . ??ure and disappearance
* ihn Texas border lountrv in this
*;"ii into B turmoil. Many bitter ex?
pressions were hear?', and While there
ice.?, no sign of disorder, f?cling liad
high Dissatisfaction "??as especially
keen because of what Vergara s friends
thought a delay In demandln?? the return
"f hie body for burial, and there had
.. rumors that an attempt might be
?nade to obtain it.
.Named m Mis Ycrgara's complaint
?ver. . ? tpolll 0 Uodriguez an?l the
? of the liidaiiso Federal
--arrison. NitO i-'iorra, Juan VastUltm an 1 \
Wire-, Rodliguea It has been said that
a ? ? ? rrad to another post af-1
the Vergara ir'i'Jfnt N.>? an:e public ;
Tbelr arr? I romn?cd by General !
loaquin Mass, leral commander of the
??nii'-rn son of Mexico, when Governor I
Colqottt asked ? ? tion would be hon-1
ored, but || ?aras not said whether they;
?rould be delivered to Texas suthorttlSE
The extent to which ? 'onsul Garrett h?d |
salon to recover Vergara'a body wan
not obta.t to-nlgbl When the
consul made the official InvestigaUon of
? ? .? t WS '
back, and that
pernil.-s-iuii ha ? vi anted by
?an Federal authorities.
While Mr Oarrstt said on Friday that
important developments" might be
? i for ?oon In connection with the
- ra incident, he did not dtSCrOM the
ire of tho developments he expect'<J
March 8 -No oirh-ial a?l
? ?red to-night ut either
* it! or V.'ar departtn'-r.t about the
very of the body of Cleenente Ver?
While c>ili'-'ia: ? t on the Incident
fact that permission had
Mexican Federal an
. ? ? , l ,..|y ?VMS f?"
slblilty of ?
national compUcations
Th : the Taxa
ihortl execution s
ad by 1 a re
awing It I to thi H'1er'a
nmeiit for punlahment of the ottand
\ fan ?repart : sxpocted by state
L'eparttr.ent officials from ?'onsul Ganett
i row
Witeon Will Insist. However. I li?t
I irst He Quit Presidency in
Good Faith.
. Th? Tribuna B'ireau
Washington. March 8- Before Presi
? Wilson uill i ven consider the oues
I ' ?? < ng a provisional govern?
ment m Mexlea hi must have positive as
: ' ? i ;??i actv
,t'i the
faith, i though it is
tion will be im
poaed upon ll.,'?-.i 1 ?v oining a candidate
or the PisaMsiHii latei I i of h
're* constitutional election.
That this I? the d?. term,ii? ?1 Stand of
the 1 to-day as a re
?ult of ti i : ? ?? ? reports frotn MSxiOO
trat Hu?--r'n ?;?? to turn Uiu pro
| -i? ? t ovr to UM I
Mu.i ?> 1 . - BOS I' At., and b??'orne
otnnatid?*- <?*??? Faderal anay,
?? i point??! out i?i fliploniatli quaiisr?
? QsSieraJ I'uerla urn nti.-i? ?IthOUl
bumUlathm, and that pr?sidant
"?'ilaon ?a!I| bO afTordrd an op.-.ortfinlty I
?i '-?ave the admlrilatratl'-n ? fa'>.,*' to j
? I Inter t? and p ?ri?ir*v, without seetn
f,g IS h.iv?. ? o',??-d?d anythlr if lo Huerta
? proaslsed m ?ny psrtltiulsi Hy
? plasfng any raetrtcHlons et H ?
- ailng a '*iidii?itr later, h la un ?ad
' - ? ? ' ' rtate poi slble
? ?? ...... <((1 |n
? ? ? " return to the i pi
'a h r.?t,o-;,! beta a rltuatlofi Whlelt
?rould make him a formldat/le eandidai?.
tor tha PT4Mrtiler1' /
American, British and German
Warships Rush to Port.
Vera CfUS. Mexico, March S A wire?
less dispatch from th?> United States
?rulr-r Dee Moltus. at Tampico, said thai
a battle whs fought to-day a short dis
tan I wast of Altaanlra, ten mliea north?
??,o.?-t of T.'imi'ii'ii. Five tbouaand rebeli
overwhelmed the Inferior Federal ad*
- .r .? columns, which retreated toward
Tampico, where active pi*et*aratlons ware
t?e!ng made ta ?l?ir'i,l the city by the gar?
rison, which numbers onl fifteen hun
?1 re.l ?
l-tear Admiral Fletcher ordered the bi'S
pltal shn? Bolace and the battleahlpe Min?
ia and Connectlou! to proceed Imme?
diately to Tampico, and he communicated
ti.?? news to the f'ireipn naval command?
here. .
The Bolaee started for Tan.pi a this
afurnooii and vas follow ??i b) the Oar
man cruiser Dresden, the British CTjliser
Hermtone and the Minnesota and th?
Connecticut The Mexican gunboat Zara
?i'*.,i is preparing i" prooeed to Tampico
after taking *>n troops.
? a-'
Governor Colquitt Says His Or
ders to Captain Sanders Were
Not "Specific."
?vuatiit Tea., March S. -Governor Col
quitt i itl orls? j the itat? menl to-night
thai he did not speciflcallj In I
Ranger ?Captain J, J. Bandera who re?
covered ?Clemente Vergara'a bodv.Jto croai
the border to get it.
The Qovernor, however, said hi had no
complaint to make about Banders'S ac?
tion. Unofficially it was said the Gov?
ernor presumed ?Captain ?Banders i i n
had prooaeded to get the body with the
.?"-ration of Mexican authoriti?
Tit? ? ! j ? ? i ? e of an early hour for the ex?
cursion was said to have been to avoid
arousing suspicions of onlookers, and not
to avoid a clash with Mexican military
The last time ?Texas Rangers croeasd
into Mexico in a mann? r to attract offl?
ciai cognisance by the United Btates gov?
ernment ? i ?flbtng this inri?
dent, (Governor Colqultt, In his tt ?
I am to Becretarj Bryan asking
whether he might send rangers Into Mi
ICO, used the following words:
"At periods in the par-t ?onimanderr?:
Of American i and of Texas
Rangers have c rder In pur?
suit of bandits and marauders and In?
ted . ? to them on Mexican
tui! Thii WS notably done by the
Texas Rangers In pursuance of an order
ed by Governor Coke iof Texas) In
1174, and it Is a coincidence that the
Rangers In that case were Stationed In
Webb ?County, where the mont recent
outrag'? against American citlsenshlp
was committed.
' With a full and fcark :-: pre so nation
Of the facts and the rights of the State
of Texas by Governor Coke to President
t'S Attorney General, the matter
to have ended in acquiescence if
not with the approval on the part of the
federal government in the course of the
State of Taxai *'
Governor ?'?-?licjuitt did not quote any
decision by the Washington authorities 1n
the Coke case, but raid Coke':; order was
for Texas Hungers when in clOBC purSUll
of Indian and Mexican rnarauders to
cross th?: Kio Grand? and take them,
tirant, the Governor, said, ''objected to
tin or J? r ot tii? Governor of Texas and
referred it to the Attorney Geni
United States, with the h |U ?. _ to how
far the thfii Governor I ' Texai had be?
come liable to prose, utlon for viol
on ?j of the act of Coi grei of April
'lie Attorno* General assured
the Qoyernot ot Texas at that time that
any i ? ed to make would I ? duly
oonaidered Lvefore he determined what
further action he WOUM t:ik?
Governor <o!'?ultt tin it ?;
Coke i r< ply, which u ?-.-??'! Te :at 'a
to capture such mars 'hi reply,
ot g
Opposes "Watching and Wait?
ing." He Says, Announcing
His Candidacy.
1 ?? legra* I te 1 be i ribune )
Philadelphia, March ??. United ?-tat?:.
l-i lirOM f. ..;,. ttlf?
. :? ' ted . ? incemenl of his can?
for 11 ei.ctlon. He coupled with
rttter attach on th? Mexican policy
of tire Wilson ad m ami da?
? ' thai a more determined course
sho.'i'i in'.? lasen pursued
"I hueve been strongly opposed tu th??
so-ca.ilfc-1 pulu v of 'wat?:hfij) waiting' on
the part of the administration," says the
tor's stutenieii' "I cam ' detect In
I this policy any element but Ignorance of
.diplomacy and Incompeteaoe m the ad
?ministration of International afTair: . In
its supine course the -^ministration has
callous to the appeals of American
?": .1 has ? v IMted ? '.' n a lack ol
!Uem, which haa braight our di?
plomacy Into contempt In the eyes or
M? i ?? ami of thr World."
Rebels Landed in Yucatan from
a Cuban Sloop.
Mexico City, March I -Five fil irritera
who landed a? Mendu, otatA of Y mata: ,
from a Cuban Sloop have be.-n BhOt to
death They w< re Gabriel Pared? , Jo
ilrlnga, Lula ?orrai. BaJvador Revoy
and Beftor Cortea, the last named t>? mg
wen ktiov.n ;i. ;? poet In the State "t
lajuato. i are? and E_-qiiiririgs
were rebi I v ? m i
Rebels to-day dynamited a train be?
tween Toriwon and Baltttlo ?Several ol
tl ' pa ..engers were kill'd.
Reports Two Defeats of Rebels'
in Torre?n Region.
; - ? ?;,.?:..
.Vil". '11 . Mach ' -Tl.?i Wai I'?
purtmenf r? r?'?rt_s tliat two more engage
meats have bean f?eughl t??-twe-?n Had
erala having their buho al Torre?n mid
bands ot rebels ?in?? ?," tiir-.? ssujaga*
menta eat erred at H at lends da Ft ' ? o,
north of Torreon, the C?derais bel ig cota
i i.- (Hitarais Rli ardo P< na and
\ rg mi' n?lo Thi othi t
nia?-'- v\ ?-? i ?.? Torre?n at ; I ' * ?
? i?-.< ? ? i edi mi ' : del i 'oloni I Reyna
?it.'i r< ti? in undei Uurango In both lights
' ? 1 i'1'ialii air? t Id ??? have heim vi?
torieiaa. in o?*? aaaaad twitn.j the -?abets
loaltig thirty ,tllli4 and ta trnnaport train
On thr. otheir hand, tt ta clear that Tor
reOn'a rail OOnnOCUons are again pre
csrioiis, an?l nni?h cotton 1?) belli?* held
up. Hall .'omniuiil.atii.il betwe? n Torre?n
and ?Saltillo ?aas ro-establl bed yasterdsy
after three day,' Intel ri.'i'ti'.'i, but train
?jerries to Tlahualilo -and Vlssoa has bei n
suapended, owing to lack of engines
Carranza Orders Villa Not to
Harm His Prisoner.
Telegraph to 1 !.?? Tribal i
DI Paso, Tax., March v p-risit-da of
i... Terraaaa Jr., are tralUng with grave
fears to-night to se? whether Pan.'no
\ ills Will carry out Mh threat to f,?r?-e
Terrazas on the tiring Une at Torre?n, a
subterfuge for execution.
Villa received orders lo-nlght from Gen?
eral ?'analiza to Withhold action in the
TerraSaS ease, to 1st no harm befall T.r
rasas, and to wait before proceeding with
! la threat until Carranza could ?.-omnium
, .ate with blm further. It is a que.-tloi,
| now of authority between Villa ami <*ai
I ranza, bijt it Is believed here that Yilla
will wall until he heara from rarranza
The ransom of half a million pesos de?
manded by Cilia has not been raised.
Members of the Terraaaa hunlly ami their
friends bars early t??-?iay abandoned hope
Of raising th?? larg?' nun They Imp?'.
however, that the message Marlon bctcn
rr. the American ?"?mimjI. Is reported to
have carried to Yllla from the State De?
partment .it Washington will prev?.?nt
harm to Terrazas. They do not think
?.ilia. BO BOOn nfter the ?Bsnton and
Bauch Incldsnta ?sill be willing to incur
additional 'American prejudice, and the
Terrassa <*a??e is regarded sa aJtnost
?i americsn one b?scatise of the wide?
spread busineea aaaorlatim of the family
on thla aide and the friandshtp many
Imsriaana have for ?Ck leral T< rrasaa and
! big family.
. . .
1 Rebel Leader Can't Get Shells
to Fit Captured Cannon.
i By Telegraph *
? ihushua, Mexico, March I r? At ral
cannon ??ecured by rebels as trophb i
war In the OJlnaga battle will not bi
in the battle st 3 orn on ?Ck m si VHls
lias been unable t., secure any shells for
the blf gUI -, . ad bl Sflf? IS to make pro
i? ci lit i have proved failure
[?arge quantities of 7" millimetre shells
have been made here by Yilla ?? order, snd
quantlUss have leen sent forward to Tor
when !?- test of the hom. .made
shells was made to-day it was found that
i m would not e\r.|i,de, and Um output of
tiie lo.-ai ammunition plant, the fruit of
?i,oro than a month's hard labor, hur bei
? ; thro* D swan.
They Wonder Whether Proposed
I ederal Bank of Issue Is
Bluff to Raise Cash.
i CaMi to 1 ms
Mexi? ?? ? ity, Mar- h S. -I.ti'.': ..
are wondering whether the Huerta, gov?
ernment is In earnest in its talk
Ilahing s federal bank of Issue, <>r whether
it is merely ?trying to bluff th. existing
banks into a mors accommodai i ?
of mind and gel e money fn I
?VuthoriU? o "*?'? ?? o'i banking legl
lation eonartd? r ?Um legal difficult :
way of founding the nop
great. In I rat i I ? ' ?bllsh
? ? of s new bank of I sue In the
Federal ?District would probabl ?? *
garded i ??? il t National B "
and the Bank of Lot I
Infrlngencent of their charter
i-' ? 1i. ' ' ? . I ? a \ i'/atl'in >.f
the chart? v. of . il ? ' nka of !???
; Ut
Accord -? ? . ? bankit ? la a ol
capital ws to ? si iblli h banking
? tltuUoi Mi d< r the dh
pro*? il ne In an
state or territory of tht republic where
bucIi a bank nl!?.o. ? * could only
bt founded with the understanding that
the new ia.nl.. should ba subject to ail
taxes Imposed i?; general las , as well
as to .: sj.e? ih.1 tax of ". p? r ? ? it per
annum on their paid up i api tal ">
taxrs. nom most of whu ' the I firsl
eatabliahed, a ? r to n exi upt,
are vulficii ?i - sggregai to ?
private < apitii fi - ? . territory
already occupied by ? bank ol I ?u? until
expansion of bualnei tei ? legiUmste
demand t..r sddiUonsl banking faciin-?
The objt it of the clau
?? prev? rii ii.r- recklei ? establlshi
of '.?...? ? ..,..' II .
i mint ? :'. ilary ? h culaUoi B
era hen ) old that it would bt peculiarl ?
i th? i i-t of the goven
to i- i bill ii a bank of I in . v. hi? h would
i la? tlcally unaffected i -. the tax I ?
< ??i?. ' th the letter and
the spirit of the las undei which private
capital was Invited to invi it In banking
entei prii ? s In thla repul 11?.
in an Inspired Interview it I aaM tint
tb<? prop.if,-.i bank, if founded, will ?
? '" ?''.tiding to the few ol i will
i ash rn tht legal ratio to ? over Its
IrculaUon Thi si itemenl Is bald?
ly taken s? nousl? . for It (:? nol tl .
th? govi rnmenl can get
such ? Ment trance i, it reared
that tht . chi ai' if pul m pracUca a mi
simply be a vehicle for the ,- ,,,. or ()al
' 11 rencj.
-Are Exempt from Law, Declare
Boston Unemployed.
!'?. ton M .? ??? I i:. olutle ? ad lalng
m?-n and women who s.i' ol work t?i
;'.i and ? lothing to maintain them
sclvi aren ? ? night at a i
ting of tb?' un? u'H" ? i *i hi reoo
bons r ad
"Society hn\u ,- railed to give blm work,
the, man who >h unemployed i?. egciudi I
from operation of Its laws; that hs is
thenceforth authorised and obliged to
j.-, serve life bj his os n effort
nu..??.t therefon take food clothing i I
heiter where be ran, ? ? i irdless of social
edit t a?r.iii,?t hit doing ... "
Falls Into Coney Island Creek.
William .?-mart, stoployed m; a ?wlteh
nan lv the Mruok! ? rg llaphl Transit
OoBS*paay, aras rescued from Ooosy I I
and Creek r< larday afternoon by j.,
Deamoatl, u. motormaa, or No. ITTI 46th
ritirit. and Mr. Burbwrg, a conductor, of
\o. |g*j i iftii a ? ? i j. Drookl; n Rtnarl
? ?.
? i and i? ii Into 11?? ci
11 h. i ?j< o? e of lot
I in and ?? Ith th? ??? let
ol i i >nd snd I'*?'roll isn Otto
i;, i,mi.o ?.-..t i.im ashore. Both Burburg
kih) Smart were taken to the Conej irsi
and Hospital, tSuitiiir? euflrrln?; from
Demands of Workers of
World Termed Lawless
and Unjust.
Points Out Responsibilities That
(io with Fortune?Scores
Class Hatred.
[B> Telegraph to The. Trlru ?
New Haven, March S. - 1'x-PrcE.dent
Taft to-night attackc?! the Industrial
Worker-* of the Worid In his addr? 83 at
the iteiigious Education tl?onferenee on
the topi,- "The New Social Order," which
he dlsrilMSd with Kahhi Wise, of New
?ork He Husirt'il that the demands of
the I. \V. W. were lawleeS and unjust, ,
hut said the sumg contentment of self?
ish lives furnish the argument for the
Ha) woods and Tan;:? ttbauma. He laid:
"The h> si'na ?-ml misguided etithusi
a'ni aroused by the leal ?wrongs and a
lach of n reuse of proportion In regard
to their lossibio remedy inanifeets itself
In hunttag ? s? apegoat for the sinner arid
the lazy and the ahlftleaS hi tin? injustice
of our eucial syatem It results In BOCh
lnfurniing and sigiiiiVaiit exhibitions as
w? have had from the I. W. W., with
their motto of 'No God, no flag, no cojn
try," ami their impudent, lawless, selfish
and unjust demands that are baaed on
Um propoaal that ?society owes them ?
ir.it.g whether the) make effort ?and labor
or not. ?
Thi mlniatere of religion d?> not help
their auditors who fall to keep elearly In
mind the ? ? I thai all men have
duties a.? well as lights, and all nun
must exercise ??.-lf-restralnt and self-sac
rim? and industry and benevolence and
generosity, and they make neither for
social mir religious progress wlini they
I n .nil doctrines that "u*ouse In I
have not merely the Beinah ?leslre to take
from thOBS who have, ?ml who SI '
the reseiitment and harsh feeling Of ClS I
againat claaa, b) failing to dwell on the
whole picture Of human society rather I
than <'n s ; Ingle part "f it
"The wlclMdneas of those who, b) grfd ?
and i-orruptlon ami oppreaslon have;
umass.-d wealth, ami the failure vf I
who, e\en by right, method? '?ave become
rich, to appreciate the reepoiiribillty that
I fortune places upon them,
. hould be held op to :
denmation. but so, to". Should the reck- .
leas ami wanton lawlesaness and class
1 and the Indlacrtmlnate advocacy
? ( '1 .. trines that would ruin society and
the hope of all proi r< ?
?Therefore, ?aith the fervoi of the r?v
.- spirit v ith the high Ideal I ;
;.?? i lucatlon brlnga, ?.?? must unite
thinking ami sanity tf we would ac?
. Ilsh good and make ? net? M 1
order that ?"in mean practh-ii progreea.
? nnlluued from flral page.
tabla an?l being supplied -?ith plates,
knives, forks and napUna. >3oft?footed
waitera mlrdatered to the whlmi
each gueat
A large crowd of the curlOUS mil
aome or the hungry congregated out
? ? : rant, but the police kept
them moving.
Pranl Tannenbaum'! "army*'of about
190, awaiting hearings in rarlous city
al '? enjoye i a good dinner
yeaterd when Miss Bertha Levy and
!.. ['?:? ?dmail, I "A. W. work
!.. carried batiajutB, sandwiches nn?J
ugar for tin prison coffi to the hun?
gry men, who had been complaining
thai the priv?n fare wa ? i? nt
M bei of the I. M ? , ed the
i - ?
i '-.in!: strong ii i ? uton wai in charge
ol the meeting at Rutgeri (Square la I
night, and ab ut hall a doten mi n
mad? addr?.
"If iv.iiii Tannenbaum gets i Ja ?i
because h? ? I into
? 'hur h of Bt. Ah declarad
Harvey Woolhmann, "the police will
have to am I II. Fou ? 111 be
afe enough, ne* ? r fi ar, m long aa you
hang together. There will not tx mili?
tia en?'r:--1! t" light you. '
Woolhmann aaid thai the meeting
last night erg! being hi i?i by tha free
speech defence conference, in racognl?
tlon <'f the Sunday law, he Mated, they
had aaked the p?-ii< ?? a bather the)
might hold a meeting, and had received
ii" answer. Woolhmann waa n little
mixed in hl i Am? rlcan hlatoi ?
"l ha? a b en out ?>r work three
m? ntha,' in- ? aid. "1 waa dlscharg? d b)
a. Sunup Legrae. Y?,ii know who Blmon
Lrtgret waa if you hav? read thi great
white SUIVI ?Irania "f the BOUth, abnut
the times before the revoluti?,n, when
I iule, Toni had to "ell lit?? daughters
into slavery.*'
Theodore Frre.man, who spent two
da" I In the WorkhoUt ! during the week.
??ail thai a i.eeper named Reilly liad
i ? aten hit i kuat he n fu ted to t*-n
in?, religion,
? . i" ? ?i of more than a i houeand
ht .h d the .i'1'ir? . ?
Beveral Now Torh clergymen made
r?-f.-ri in <-.?,t?> the indu.-itii.il \\ orkara of
the "World church raiding expeditions
m their Rermoni of j ? ? t< i St .
"What right." Mid the I:-" rhn-tiati
i Retener, in hi! evening sermon it
Ora? ' Mil '? dit i ?plat opal ? Ihureh,
1 ? H?itii ?tre? I "hai?? the Idle t" go
to the ? iiur.'h ? Alwayi it la crippled
financially. Ita primary work la not t?.
f??d peopta pbyalcaily. When the
'mob' ?.vaut? ?i J? sus t?? to thai aft? r he
hud fed ti.? tliouaaml ome he turne?l
th'm away erupt?..
"The Church mu.M M ?f.i'li and en
lor-e irtitli th.it there will be in. I<;ie ami
hungry p?-??|.i. ood decreed that man
should tern hit bread In the swi ?t of Ms
brow. When things are run rlghtl, everj
iinii' ?i rii.m p in he able t.? ?i?? that
"S.thing la wi? m; with oui -?conomlc
t m n Is foolh '? anai hit tl? and de?
structive for- the I u w leader! to
? lutin, that tin> aa'? .? right to food
They have .. rU:ht t?. gad ??- ?h.im.i t?,
?ar?i t? BqI whtt th, y ??.!?-, |* fay foro?
they ar? atealtna, an much aa 1b the miui
who robs the people by selling watered
"The world owes no man a living, lid
must earn It. The I. W. W. leaders are
not sln.ero In ?*omlng to the Church.
They have mull?* tied gad discounted the
Church. They demand an un rea son abb;
thing and the.fi use it further to undermine
the influence of tho Church with the
"To have a company of professional
dl.-turher.i mob the priest or minister
With an immediate demand for meat or
money Is rtOtOUS, and Is only Intended
t?? bow lawlessnaaa. The r?-iU<-?9 ought
to ??t?jp auch mobs if they ?Rill not Maten
to the plea of reason."
i'h?i i*ev. Frank Oliver Hall, of the
?Church of the Divine Paternity, declared
that It was th* duty of the churches to
lend what aid and assistance lay In their
power to tnose whose sufferings were
genuine. He emphasized, however, that
he did not approve entirely of the code
of ethics of the I. W. W.
"It tf> cheaper in the long run," said
Dr. Hall, "to grant the right to work
than to deny It. Society must ?support
its members, and the same blood flow.-*
throUKh tho VSlns Of those an doe*'
through ours. There are hundreds of
men now arming the unemployed of this
city who arc at the parting of the wav.?*.
Are they to be ?me criminals for the
lack of what influence the Church ahohld
bring to bear Bpon them?
Pastors Speak for Jobless.
"I do not justify the attitude of the
organization that has ?supported the
movement upon the ?-hurchea, and T d<>
not advocate the Institution of a bread
line in connection witn thi.-i church, but?
ir necessary, we will have it."
The Rev. John I lay ties Holmes, of the
Church of the Messiah, came out strong?
ly tn support of the unemployed
' I do not want to enter judgment," he
declared, "upon the motives and purpnseu
of the men who ha-.e been leading the at?
tacks upon the churches for the week
past, nor em I able to -JUSCUSS all the
piiases of this remarkable movement. In
, ?dentally. I must confess my amazement
tl at tuen of anv kltui or In any walk of
ii!"?? should be arrested for appealing to
churches for help in the hour of th? ir
distress t;.?t Uts id? i should hold that
churches must be protected from people.:
"As a matter of fact, T desire to polnl
out two moat unfortunate consequences
v. hi- h have followed the I. W. W. demon
stratlons in the lirst place, they have
rally spread abroad the Idea that the
churches are ?loing little or nothing t.,
serve the needs of the unemployed ami
? ?se.i. Nothing could be more
true or more unjust
? i ? Ute second place, these d?Mnonstra
tions hav* dons much to create the I -
la no unusual condi?
tion ?>f unemployment and distress In the
city to-day, am] that all the talk about it.
Is the work of ? ?,n.?? il i CSlSSS ncitntors.
Tbus also Is wholly untrue."
I "ntlmied from flrut page.
water turned off. T A. Drlane-.-, iuper
IntendJent of the SoS Torfe Railways
company, ordered trafn?* resumed at
10:10 o'clock, after the conduits had
nil and It was supposed thai the
trouble had * SI Sd
About one hundred and fifty ?an? had
? i i ist and west on the 23d street
line When at 10:80 oVlock car s.?. 1801,
in -charge of John Bowers, motonnan,
snd Frank Marriott, conduulor, atopP? ?J
at "Jod Street and Fifth avenue. As the
? ar started there, was a loud explosion.
The -car lurched and lifted slightly from
?i .-? and the psasengera -were
i, t?. a heap.
Patrolmen Ftshel, Dickie, Pagas and
\\,r?I hurried to the ?'ir and assisted
ti ?? passenger . The worn? n wen '
terical ami panicatrtcken. They were
treated by Dr. Farnen, of th ?Sew
v? :i. Hospital.
Beveral tire alarms were turned In,
snd the policemen wen aent through
the buildings in the lmm?sdiaas ?vicinity
to warn the occupant:; that a mere vio?
lent explosion ?araa * tpected and that It
would be unsafe for them to r? main.
Fire Auto Hit by Blast.
\? 12:48 o'olu'-k. ? Ihlef Kent? n, i
tam Rankinand Engine? t* Fealy re..
?3d stxei t in tbi deravtment nut?:
bile just .is the second explosion oc
irred, directly under the front part
i f the machine it was lift? I
? ? m the air, i ?' n< Ith? r it nor its
? were Injun d
Thi largi crowd which bad gathered I
? all directions, snd s minute later
? apio ion occurn d, tot
. h in th? air.
i ?our lai i ? ? glai s s Indos -: In ?the
Gartield ??atli tial Bank were shattered.
h the welry ?-toro of Le ?Soll ??. ?'?...
windowa w?-re broken, exposing
,1 |ew< iry. The WTOt ItsigS of Rias.-:
extended west on 23?i street to Stern
Brothers' ? ? '< l ??epartment store build?
While there wss danger ..f a f,?urth
Ion, Martin Neary, Inspector for
th? New iforfc Bdlaon Company, ??..?
lowered Into the excavations t" exam
m?, the cablt s. He roi orti d them In
::? ???! condition.
it 8:36 o'clock the sa?-- mains were
tapped <"i -.".'I stxeeta near Sixth ave-I
nue, and the mas turned off
General Strike in Rome To-day.
K'ni", Mareh I*?.? Tin- head of th? I'o
'i. - I ?epartment to-day was |.,. rsoosTtlly 8U
Bg measures to present or re;
? lera during the .general strike or
workmen Which hs.i been called for to
morrow, Th? entire garrison In Rome will
i?e kepf in readiness for duty. With the
troopf snd police 18,000 men will be avail?;
v bill Um snnounced obj? ci ..r the strikt
proti - .. ? reforms h
.n li?me hospitals, it la asid to be really
the outgrorartii >.f a desire t.. teal the
gtb of the workmen'.*, orjianirattonr.
"A Little While with Alvin," the
Shorty McCabe story, in the Sunday
Magazine of The Tribune ne?t Sunday,
io easily the best, in the minds of many ;
tb..' have read it in manuscript, of any ,
that have been printed. There's such
i big philosophy, the everyday, needed
kind that all city dwellers ought to
po?sess.*brought out in the storv that
it should be read again and again, par?
ticularly in the m?tropolite?. Listen to
"Say, ain't we a glum, peevish, sour
lookin' lot, here in New York? You'd
most think that .howin' any signs of
iiood nature was violatin' a city ordi?
nance, and that all o?ir dispositions had
been treated w.th acetic acid. Why, by
the suspicious look?* we give the
stranger who rubs elbows with us you
r>n(jht suppose our population was 00
-nt ?? i aped ci Initials."
And then Shorty poes on to relate
'us enperieni.es with the inimitable con
tagion of cheer that he accidentally
met m a subway car. And what .1
?vonderful lot of oheerinrj Alvin did in
the briel day that he wao with ?Shorty!
Bishop Lawrence Says Som
Treasurers Count It at Home
, By Telegraph to The Tribuna]
Boston. March 8.--"Whcn a poo
woman drops a dime?part of her liar
earned wages?into the contributlo:
plata she not only has a right to aal
what becomes of it. but the churcl
has a right to demand that the utmoa
caro be taken in the use of and ac
counting for this sacred gift," say
Bishop Lawrence, of the Kpiscopa
dlOOeea ?>f Massachusetts.
Treasurers of Borne churches hav
been In the habit of emptying contribu
tlon platea ?uto their pockets an?
counting the money at home.
"When a man invests $100 in th<
stock of a corporation ho expects car
and system," says Bishop Lawrence
"When a man places $2?"> In the con
tributton plate in church he has i
right to ask of the church the samt
safeguards that he demands of tin
:?"-. ? rnni? nt."
Dorcas Societies Crowded Ou
by Dance in Quaker City.
[By Tali -naph to I'lie Tribu?.?* i
Philadelphia, March S.-Despite th?
rockbound custom adhered to fron
time Immemorial, several young wom?'i
leaden of Philadelphia society have or
ganlzed tango ?lasses for Lent, and al
n ady have had one meeting. V dozet
others have foltowed their lead, ami li
all directions dancing Is rapidly takinj
the place of the Dorcas societies' sew
!ng circles, which heretofore have beet
the sole diversion of society during th?
penitential period.
American Militant in London Wai
Warned of Possible Expulsion
-Sylvia Also Held.
LoadOU, March & Militant suffra
gcttos had another battle with the po
lice to-day on their favorite field, Tra
falgar BQUare, this time in a pouring
rain. The atreal of H>hia Pan!?hurs'
for th<? sixth tuno under the "cat anc
mouse" la?v precipitated the con
Met In addition t?? Mi.?-? Pankhursi
three men and seven women were or
rested. Among the latter was Mis?
Zclie ""liierson, of Jackson, Mich.
Miss Fmerson has been arrested sev
era] times for her militant a??tivities
and rumora ware rife re? ontiy that
I were being taken to e-.pel her
irom the country aa an undesirable
alien. Replying in the House of Com?
mons on February 26 as to whether,
this report was true. Reginald Mo
Kenria, ?he Home ?Secretaiy, stated
that no such steps were b?ring taker.,
lie. added, hi v
"If Miss Bmeraon again commits ar
offence bringing her within the pro
\ it ions of the aliens a?t the qtttttlotl
j of applying to the ?curt for a ro??om
Imendatlon for her expulsion will he
This afternoon several hundr-i
women ami men marched In procession
to Trafalgar Square to attend a mi ? I -
Ing of tha Men's Federation for Woman
Suffrage. S-lua Pankhurft, who for
some weeks had been hiding from the
police, arrived In a taxicab, but deter?
tlvea ? UlTOUnded the cab and start???! it
for Hollowa: Jail before the militants
1 what m m hai p??ning.
When it was diocovered that ICia
Pankhurat had been borne off the
? ?.airwoman of the meeting, Miss Pat?
terson, who later was among those nr
resffwJ, ahOUtCd to her supporters from
the bane of the Nelson column. "Fol?
low th?> .bag end see If tie can't find
U thing t?) do!"
The militant! then surged toward the
I ernment bulldlnga In Whitehall
with the suffrage banner borne alofi,
but a cordon of mounted police haired
t heir aa] . St l.'e if the women assailed
the police v.ith' abort stlcka, but the
marchera were soon dispersed.
On being barred at the entrance to
Whitehall the crowd then turnad down
Northumberland avenue, attempting to
.-? ' into Whitehall by way of Bcotland
Vard. The aromen were again pro?
vented, but there wa a good deal of
lighting during the attempt and ?av?
?rai arrests were made. As well :ta
short sticks, knotted ropes, said to be
loaded with lead, ?a ere used by the
a i
Leading Places for Them in
Colorado Democratic Campaig
"' ?? ?Many men will he
It In the organization
Of tin? fall ?campaign by Mrs. Gertrude
idee, of Denver, chairman of the Demo?
cratic Suite Central Committee, tha only
woman to hold such a post in the country.
"We're planning our campaign." Mr;?.
Lee said to-day. "along linea that ought
to give th? DeoioerattC party an increa. e?l
? ?rlty ami let Colorada he platead In
the list of slat--? thai approve! the a?l
mlnlatratlv! policies <<f *?i*eatdent Wilson,
for we ?ii gnon that the ?lection! this
year will be more .? teat ?>r Wtlaon's ad
mlnlatratlon than the i holes ot In :
"Th? legislative Mmmlttee win laeet
later In the month, -und et that time- r
am going to see that women are .1'.
tl Ited ' otntniuee positions with a lih
aral hand. There Is no rmi eon why a
woman should not be aa Boot a ?'.m
palgner ae a man DM you ?\rr hear of
u niai lo?lng ?:? ?tfgumeot with ,i
man? Why should t??'t wotnaa'i r?'??,r
to win argumenta ?ein votai ""
Lumber Yard Watcher Drowns.
Andrew Kaaaunaaen, forty-two year?
old, of No -fi,'? Fourth nvonuc.
drowned r^atei-day afternoon in ?.>??
wanus Bay. n.iJ.sunaKeii ama ? wat?-h
man in the ltitnl.er yard of tha Charles
Pi itMin Company, he-*dweed dealsi al
fOOt "I" Beth Street Ile w iuh whI!;
Ing un Hi. .I-, p m th! ?nr?l ? hen h!
i?n .?? erboai d
He w.i? haul? Petei -???? m oh,
"t No Itth .-i.,! und cheater
1 -i.-hlf. of .No Htl t traahl a\enue. \
en.lt Waa tent to the MethodlMt V"~plai op.il
tioHpttiil lie ?tlndL, however. h?-fore an
uml'ulali'O arrived
I Paper Alleged to Contai,,
; Dying Girl's Statement
Used in 1909.
| Now Says That He Was W,
, Into Making Affidavit Deny,
ing Testimony.
t Hv Telegraph to The 1.
: Atlant*. March 8 -Kvldencs ?????, -???
: out by tho defer,??? to- :
? that the notes which iroT?
mysterious element In the ra.? ifcI'
I.eo Frank, the Brooklyn man undtr
fence of death fer tl.e a??.s<-ci mur44f
i girl, ?Acre written tn tie i,a_. ,,
the National p-.-n.-il fartory, aM r,-.
the priior.er'?? office, as a.-?, ??rtM ?,, ?
' proi4?cutlon. and that they ?-var? ??-?*
1 on paper which had 1 ar^tisM
i away many years ai-'??.
The prosecution p-rOdueet? thrta ,?,
?rita to-dsj one from tiie father sal ?a,
, from the undo of <,.<->r?*ft F.ppj ?*
, newsboy, who r?
, testimony agaln:-t Frank. ?? . l on? iw
the boy h1mf-e|f. In v h I ?i>s?-^*a.
testimony on the stand was th? tpjt^-j
1 that he w.is trapped by I rarik'i fiw
1 Into making a denial.
The murder nol ? ? r af ?w
illegible acra?sia written npoa ?tw
? ??. r blanks of the faem?-.-, w.ere ,
by detective i not far from ?'hert t?,
body of Mary P ,- ,. trommm
I They purported to be h ????"?n itttaaai
by the dying girl, In ? -? ?* trc?i
aotne negro of atl - JsarjeiQ^
ley, a negro sweeper ?af taag
; lng the nob ?? I ? hai %,
tri??ked lr-.t? ? : s ?
-fictstsd th? i T ?? defesee nWam?
that ?t'onley hud ?wrltl them far la*?
self and bad purposely ?ir.-iw?) g pi??
. In his description of a negro Um ?iy?
opposite of hin
An -almost Illegible ?=.??" iture on oute
the note?,, apparently ov? | -,,..
i jrear ago, shows tl 1 ? Int tr?-?, u
? from tarb?.u paper, ??' t ilgaatSB)d
it. v. Becker, ? ?>?>.,
? i National pen,-il factor I ' ?? serial ni?.
i ber of th? pad from Whlcl ? o l?af ?m
torn . ? r-.ade ?
j the ?Cotton ?States
.-'? i't-ir.';. r. M, I i
Jim Cot ? r?j wr?
written in Frank's ofllce, and esesgsj
which was on 3 I ??ker af!
y of the j ? -?? vtogS
! ?ico and ?ill his pa* ? ?mu? bu
j the be asm? nl ? ? tut ?
I Is beyond r< i ? on I
, I ha<i thla piece of ? >?ik. ?af
belle\e th
prove Frank's sain
'Yank gsvrt ortit ' I SStS
i to-day vv hieb hi
Innocent of all crim? Hi
tii. fact thai seaiaf "-a
Pbagan snd gl lng l.er bet
[ dag at
? himself,
'"If I hi?-) her-,, ?guflt
lng ?.n earth would ?
bare ?revealed t ' i I l I had M
??nd talked with Mar.. Phagai inmrit
I ystetst
i stlnct of self-pres?
eeal the fact I I
at all?
"Let me ? that rat
* acensad of owe I
?.-ou?e for?v;ir?i roluntarl I??issj
out an;.- ?compulsion tl ?etnas
!? id talked with the ? tott
few minutes befoi ??it toy
r ..
, q| ag
? ??? guilty, for If I i gmS
common -?* nae " i ild bhs bib
mm e?
dead person Juat befor? I
risked wbj 1-- refused to meet Coelr
? : afore hie trial, ?s ? ?*ro ?w
laid that he km w th? d I " si ****
Conley were sntsgonlst * -?"it*?
whatever i"~> .?eJd irould ? y*ttm
tuistc-d aro'ind that it would bare W
u: e?l agalnt-t him
"They nrri not hunting f trut?."h
-aid of the detect! ?ee ' ' '??? ? ?'f* 9
lng to fasten the crime 0:1 ' ?
Jilted Butler Goes A.Wooing
Door Closed to Him. He Tries
to Saw Out Window.
Made M aerate by h Infe'lsaM \S
a Ritsinger, a pn tl ssnasj !"
th,? home of William T. I ? . St9Bj9
' Emet '..,1 street, Frai ? -*? ? ??V*
charged Bpaniba butler,
fOOd last night, the ; . thrwti
??ontain? d In ..
aenl the ?girl la I we? k, art bed r*^*"1
Mr. j'i<! Mr--- I 1 . :e th*r
left the house last night than M*rtin*1
darted into 7M rtreet from the BOmS?B
'?i* Mi.l;;n!i :ive".'..-.\ 1? tSS StSBi
of the ?'aim l'ouzo sil'! rarg ?*? ?"
Nnl'.oh.on, Mrs ?'??? *"
ring, but ??? ?
butler refused to V i h
Martines then went '?f ***'
I ment level, ? I
the front entrant a sgal ':
.-? i sal tu.? and I
bcrv ants' entran. ?? 1 ? ' '
mody, who had been wat.'.,:.- i su it('
i.? from M'-iOis the attest, WSSl '?*> '*?'
basement door, where \\*i found t'-< ?***
bustlj trying t.? h?? out h ?? >?,w *,r
a baebaas
He offered no
took him to th.-? Bsst STth etreel
In an Inalde pocket the i?)l;-e f.'i'.'l *^
mond gla.-M i-ulterand adirK '* '?* '-*ft
W : leg the man eaj-rl.-d a eanlBg ??
with .: h.'v,n-ln?-h blade, ground to a rsj"
edge. II? wue looked tip pbMSgmi ?rt
attempted burgl.iry gad I'Otti :nf
cealed weapon?. ,
"Martinez i. tweaty-nina >. .?; ? ol?l, * ^
Inclined to ?;?.*?o?l looks ?after ?? "*w*1
foahitta He i.-i a native ??*? * - ' ?"?*
? ?*
Diaz Sends Thanks to Huert?
l?r Cabla to Th. #
Mesl? o City, Msirh t ,,
Vint lias utiavvi-rrit the ?at' ' , at
whleh President Huerta nouded ban?
U ? rtomotlon In military rai.<? ^^.
thanKi Huerta, hut aa>-, nOiTJllSg ***
r.'t'irning t<? Mrileo

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