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Herman Riddcr Heads Com
mittee to Formulate
Night License Plan.
(aharct*. to Close Then Some
Keyless Restaurants ? No
!\tra Hours for Hotels.
v h delay for at leasl
n ement ?if hi!
(MM He ap
-,-,1 a committee of seven citizen!
hold public hearings rivI
- recommentetlona of Ar
the Mayor's secretary.
Inveatigatlng the situa,
submitted his report
... tei day.
p'i commlttM is leaded by
Berman Riddei and the other mem
B i llapn, the jtev.
Michael Furet, '
w Mulry, FYed. Bterry ?nil
- yin H Glddlngl
committee the
? - ' " secretan. Mr. I
?a,,, sen ?making an inveetlga*
. ? ' Ighl license and 1
I i ? ,?' ?;. The result of
la contained in his.
?mmendatloni handed me
recommendations seem
mal le und to point the
wa\ to ? rv handling of thH
? ?-, but before finally
' wlah to be com?
re and t'? satisfy myself thor
lhl? the beat interests of the
be ser? ed by a?]opting
rj ?' ns.
"' am therefore appointing to-day a
' seven repreeentative eitl?
er fliese suggestions BUb
dS, to hold onA 0r
atines ?nd to report te
lona In thla matter.
? ( tatlon is thai the study to
? imltt
? than a - pie of
1 Ich time - < can fAr
i final poll? y."
? | art:
?Tort has been I ? a pol?
? -;--? :- "pie of
reasonable opportunity to get
-ef- liment during
. ia?I rs of the night, yet which
far a! p<-ise1b1e the
induct In
i ? ei m I, and which would avoid
' discrimination.
ot more restaurants, ?lor In
table and can show a
? r ( night ?-> - si
? ? ms to he - why on"
nlght 1 ?
? ? other, und auch
in natura I. i kei eople won?
t thi uns? ? ?i Influent e Ii
? < en atudh d for
now end man 11 rsons
?? i Including the 11 -
New York and K
i 'no presiden? of th" Board of
hlef Mag 'rates M ci
? pner, the Corporation ? ounsei,
?? ?? i oners, a
ergyiren and managers of
tat rants w Ich fur
eni ?? nmenf, all of which now
e t0 ' "Se Hi 1 a. IT1..
Mr V
r the commu?
In !'? <"?n the
I it seems arbH
- then doors and eject
este at 1 o'i lo? k, Tl ! t;m<* la
*t".??n the closing ..f th
la m. to afford peraons
l?efreehment and n-ntertam
OrtunHy to get com
at they deolre. My recom?
- la therefore, that te reputa?
? art; reataurants which pro?
nment, all night llcenaea
"d on application, with the
.Ilci nee that
: a. m and wi? ti
? landing that if
? atol? rated ihe license
r ? ' atol l!i?: 1
ftei '.' '
rants a hlch do not I
(HIS, the
It?rent. P
worl al n gl ? should
l be | of proper fa? till las for
ent If it paya a ra!
? | and if
? entertain
? ttonebte pre? I
star"is that there Is s legltl
U for 1 . and drink.
. -i to such places, thore
mmendatloa is that If
-, is atore n prtlaek and
?. ? ?! if they ? an hIiow n
?i from ;?ii night ? ?
? i all Bight ? ?
n and be a?'.wi :.,
. '."
Marconi on Italian Warship.
Mr.- h William
' . lu iio.li,;?
atua f ? ? ' menta in
II. u - <.| ???
b? tii?
Q olghl Ka a
? ? ? . mtoi
? "?I ?m ?la
anging v?
?r Highway Problems.
'ompany i
arda on
mi?- ?t
' ' ..-.Ir.,. ||,,? ? .
. ( on :.,? ?? .- la
g StU
'government loses
in madrid election
Five Out of Seven New Legt
lators Are Republican or Lib,
eral?Many Riots Reported.
By Cat
Ifadi Id Mar, h ? ? ine ol the most b
t?rlj coi tested electlo ? rer known
to d oi m< mix ? i
the lew? r in? iae of Par! 1 he nui
ber of representatives ot the IS uro?, inc
Is I'M, from which about G
-.\ ho were
districts had been ?i? ' red el? ted
'!'h?' ele tion In Madrid was aplriti
the number of \oi?s target) exceedli
those ol all rre\i?. o ? | ..- | The j*o
i ? ttei defeated, the i
turns for the capital Bbowing Uve R
publicans elected, one Conservai n "i
?Catholic an?! one 141
In Bai the R? gionalists ?
-4 bj s lar??' ma erlt It On m
, tin? ?government candidate was assaulte
At Urge! there was ? ? collision betwei
tl ? S" lal sts and Catholica, in wh h tu
????re killed and three Injured.
At Ot f do a be ' M ol go* ' r iment ? oi
lives ? ? -?i the Boclaliata ai
Ave m?-ri were wounded "?' Bilbao ;
..' thi govi rnment ? Jonservati* ?
'[ was ni'ilil'C?!.
Premier Asquith Will Announc
His Temporary Exclusion Plan
in House of Commons.
Id-ondon. March 9. Not sin'?- the la.?
siag? of the Parliament bill when Lor
| Morley of Blackburn Informed th
Mouse ot* Lords of the decision >'f th
King as to the creation ol new peer
has a political announcement arouse
so much interest hh that which Premi?
Aaquith is due to make to riav on th
Hume Knie bill.
it is generally understood thai th
Aaquith proposal will be, as airead
stated t'-itiporarv exclusion for such c
line 1'lster countiei an demand It by
major!?? at votei after the ?passage ?
j the ?nil ;iT,j before ? i "me-- into opera
I tl- n. Il Will he ot" li to the elOCtOn I
?f?ti'. count] to take a vote among them
selves on the question of Inclusion o
?"it. r s majortt* fa*"rs exclu
Si? h the CO intj will remain oui
? peratlon of the acl for a stated terrr
I most probably three or ft-o ? o-,w
Mr. Redmond and Mr. l'e?lin wit
? rabie relu? tance, have agreed I
i rinciple to this plan, i? Is confldentl
aaaerted thai Mr. Devlin waa peraua?
to agree ?o the plan onlj after a lmi
conference with Mr. Lloyd >3eorge, an
:? ii believed that Mr. Devlin's vieil I
Ireland last week was for the purpos
Of persuading the wirepullers and or
ganlzers tln-re of the necessity of ac
ceptlng th? new scheme of the govern
Prior to 'he assemb'.-.ntr of ?hi? Hous
'of I'oinmnns to-day the National!!
[leaders ""ill hold S meeting and dlBcus
?ho new development with their sup
ters. Mr Devlin la expected to rr
pori the reault of hie Irish visit, am
the party will then setti?. its course o
action In the evening's debate
il i?- i*:?-, ti t.? the suggestion tha
convention ???ill be needed to dra
?thill. Mr. i{r,\
tii'.nd and his (K?ll?eagues ha? inc be i
t . i-ov4er i" acl In an fmrr
gencj like th* present,
Naturally Mr. Aaquith's promise?
ement is ?rousing immense Inter
'-? and applications for seats in tin
lie galleries of the H? u ?? of Cora
mons ar.- unpi i edented.
After ?Premier Aaquith makes hi
? mi i.: Andr? a Bonar i.av, lead?
f the O] tion in 1 he House of ? !om
?-. i ill reply briefly, as also "ill Sli
Edward Carson, tht 1? adei. If in
? ? || en? ugh ? his home. B i
the attitude of the ? )|,i?, itlon ? no
likely to t..? revealed, es II has Ml
plai r ? d to ' sstpone all d?bate on tht
measure '? : ? fortnight, or until th?
financial Imslnens of the House of Com
mons is finished.
SAFE RIDE FOR 111.000.00C
Pennsylvania Credits Year'*
Record to Efficiency Tests.
Idfflclenc) r? ports made b; the remis?!
venia Railroad for the year 1911 ?how
that It carried ni.OOO.OOO passengeri
Withe ' ' gle lOei Of h!> In a trail
a? Id? ' ? .redil for this Is d l? ai ord
itiR to thi ? ? than tw<
million ?-Hi- ??? testa which were mud*
m that period to ? ertain i he obaerr
... , , ? t. |
??.it of this numb? r ot test '?'? I pei
cen? up to th?
att? ? the i '?'? >' Attei
? s,?i?'!ii in charge of i
m a lettei t" th? ).?? i eral manag? t
anotan I ce n hi? h these
I I Ot? ? ' ?? ! 'o H.i ?? ot.? r
atii'i. No man *-1?<?iil<i f. il that these
iii..'iis are ai.-, tii'?.i.ni reflection but
?m the contrary, thai they are Intended
.for his :? '! . i'l .:i! ?tut?-, turn. "
, Word (ioes Around fhat Pro*
prietor Will Make Satisfactory
Explanation to Mayor.
Tn? T< ndi rloln expe? t ?? t hat Ja? i. ?
\- i 1 m a Ida OP? i? again 1?i-niglit
? rd " ' m round lau I nighl that
Jack i em- tan. the propi ietor would
i or to-da y and ? ould be
able to ' ont Im s blm that th<- i? stau
rant was in no waj to blame In the
r win? h I ta all li >K I' I
; . ? f. ? ! ?I'lla-.' ti
i ? ' ? ild ta : night thai be had
found the t/OUDg man who was sun
d ta have b? en beaten by the
weLei"! and had recognised him ?? ?
, : ;i r trouble maker on ac?coun( of
i,,s Proprletora ??f other
iran? a hi go i<? the > 'ity Hall to
tantiate thla allegation,
A? ' ordlng I" I IUh!l -o Uns man a?
i ompani? 'i "'? Ihr? i < ffeminat? looking
tha took seats si a table, vYaltei
. , insti ?' ted not to aei ve > h? m.
? ??til r gm ats had i omplalned ol i he
Aa tha foui ?' ere I? ?? Ing ??n?- ol them
hi r i,, i 11 i,r,<- of th? obj? tori i nd as
? tigh? was atartlng the] wer? i u he?l
iiii?i the street, in?' elth no more vlo?
i?h? ? than wae neceassry, l( 'ii? ???-,
1?alried. I
i Women's Row Over Babie<
May Change Form of
Town Government.
Strangers Used to Aid "Ring.*
Accusers Say Graft Hints
Made in Fight.
The three'! - sei -eld tes n meet
? ??'.<- t?i be kick? <\ out of ?
; ? ? i e ?r th?? p?a i of the mei n the re
form elemem In New fork's richest sub
?'. go through a-ul they are sble U
il theii detern Instlog to el
antiquated relic of colonial govern?
im? nt still In for.-e and r? :????? e |( in on?
SWOOP ? a m?.?i??rn city form of Ro'---'
' n ? m. \. .tii ?11 tii?' Istesl in pro? et ants 01
., ?? managet Initiativ? referendumsni!
: recsll
! ?Some of them are so much m sai r '
?over what the consider tbe drawl
I of tl?. present town government thsl
Intend to - ?? the question thi
. nt Issue of th? fell eampaisi '??'
members <?'" th?? Lasglatatura, de-dsrinj
I that tl ? ? nil' for,-? th.- ? ai,?li>latc-= to tul;?
in .?-t,?ii?i ??ri whether they an? in fsvor ol
pledging themselves t?-i a?-k tiie ?-?oI??tiu st
11;, rtf??r<i t?, ;.-, ? i ; reei wlcb a : ? ' towi
( Th? movement, which haa been simmer
1 ing along for some ture, was brought t.
. th? boiling ;>?i!:.t a?, h result of ;i flghi
?among ?he women charil n thi
tos n.
? m? r,' the factions a anted to ha c tht
.t bal i* ?? of the communlt? takei
? s "r "i ;,o institution In oppo II
the other faction, who thought thej
^i .??;i?i be placed m private home', an?
brought '.o m'lei conditions <-f ' te
parenthood I nder th?. presenl govern
ment, t ? ? s quest Ion had to ??? de ided '?
open town meeting, and tiie result wai
thsl ? ? ? itutlonallsti," * Ith the -ai?.
of the domli * . olltlcsl run- . ..n1.??
. thlnga th? Ir os n s a*.
Jihe defeated group assert that thia ?e*?.?
I accomplished b? packlrg the town meel
in? with a few catioads of Italian am
Poliah reaidents of tue Easl Portcheatei
m lion, . iven going so fsr sa U
?raert I t th? strangers were bribed t?
? ??? ;<s theii leaders t"!ri them to, sn?J
1 threatening to tsrt criminal proceeding!
I against somi ? ?
| This had th t of ? g si
> : Hi? skin 'of . ?...?
? In < ????? h i" '.' ? Itself or ??? ing a "sill,
king" community, la fart, it is >-c
"silk stc-ck . . i of Its ell *
'that it Is th- liehest community in th?
countrj per espito, not extoeptlng Brook
?line, Maij. It ali-o pride? 'tself on being
S t'.plal Ne** tSngUUtd town, with "otft ol
j ? r Ig-lnal ? *o!or,ial blood.
Hilt during the Igat fSW fSSra, espe.
I rlelly around ISsst ?Porl Chester, ther.
has rotre in a large number of Italian and
?Polish Immigrant Ths "political ring."
so ssy ascne, have rot control of thest
people snd *i r them for their oun pur?
t?i pack that moal andent <>f Ameri
i, mi democrat l< Instil .t"' ? s to?? i
i acting, s<> that "Rood a ' am
long? r hnve ;. ,..,,.. ;, |.0ljl Ihr
? 'V of th? ir on n tOS ii
Bui h ?was tl.? the] aaj ?' th?
? ??i?,- of Wehraaty it when the babj
? -1i"-n ?.?s iie.-i,!? ?i "bj packing tii?
i?,,? o hall ?with .-? fe-e csrlosda o' atran
tr.- ' Wherefore the present r*w p-r.lt.i
foi doing awaj wHh the town meet?
l?ig end putting pome more inod.-rn form
of government In Its place whl?uh th??
"ring" ?annot manipulate b) means ot
? their Importation?-.
Bom? Of thi- defeated rar'1 "ere no in
sd si the methods by which Ihej sa;
' ?? "ring.'' at the. behest of their OPPO
nents, wrought the dqwnfall of theii
ne, they were fOI getting their hua?
? i to start something i-i the v ;,? ??'
i ; .nun.?; proeet dln| ?? on ?
? the hu ibs i ? led together snd
? me to the ci nclusion tiiat. under tht
' ? n of goi ernment, nobod * si
guilt] ss that.
Mut it set them to thinking, with the
result that they bsve dsddsd to revi??
th? c'<l agitation for doing huu*' -?.Ith th?
town meeting; form of local legislation
and substitute for It the more rno-iem
??? mmlsslon form of government. "??Ith a
I '-Hy manager' to ?pilot It. 'j he result 1?j
thai th!?- question bids fair to be the main
issue In the fall campaign fir candidate?
tor the Legisla!
The town ?-n-eetlltg harks lack almost
ree hun?ir?-?ri rears to Un simple dayi
I ?lien the towns wer? ?mall, compact
homogeneous American communities,
when the neighbors oosld get together In
the total) hull or ti,? schoolhouse or the
?hi.r?h. dlacum town needs snd messure?
? ? to sonn agi ? sble eotnclusion.
Times Change at Greenwich.
Bui t kings ai i diffi rent in On
now In more wn: ? than one \? .... ,.-?- .,
do ?en - illagi ?? s id I amleto Includ? ?J
re mil? of the tos n Umlh . ? on?
talnlng over three thousand voter.-*, the
town meeting m?u exist?,, requiring that
whoever wart- to have a voi"e In public
affair? must travel In person at nlnht to
the tnwr, hail, baton to hours of debate
In a stuffy ro,,m that Ik not big enough to
! hold a third of the registered voter?, aivl
cast his vote by th?- primitive
''ni of raising his hand or y.'lling
??yes" or "no, all In the good std-fsan?
? lost'i Msw *Snglsnd ?ay.
Th? dlstsnces snd varying road ?onil
tens make It ImpoSStMs, tliey any. for
th'-rn all to ce' to the meeting--, where
practical]? all measures are disposed of
thsl S npre:'iit.-itl'?? heir.) of ahlermen
,ir.?I its committee-? attend to In ihe
il ? course of business In dt) gov
?ili r i ? '
I even 11 not the onl; condition
that practlcslly disfranchises them, aaj
the sd "?a?? i ol the change, for even
when the, do brave the difficulties of
ng to tos? meetings tiiey find '?hen
get there thsl the meetings are
packi ?i '?? ith that crowd of Itol
and Poles broughl from Bsst Port
i,, -t. la so. ? lall] . artoi ad cars by
i they Csll the h,partisan ring which
.,iitr.. ? ? .ill.. :
"if the ring wants their benehmen te
. ? ?. ., ,j . i..,, ,.'?i ,.: ? of tbe nes
... . pro ?? ? yoott i?).?
? picked i. sd? rs, s be stand up with
: ? - ? ? ? tune ?.r wave their
thi ???' and .-?ii the ? I I
a ,,i ths n.t- in?' m n ?-ni- i of the
I , ommunli s bo bat realli | It en somi
I to thi eel en swamped
,;,,?? d? m lb 'i bj Its admirsrs
iperlatlv? The? point to lift] ts o
mlllionstraa oti ti??? tux mils in aupporl
,,f thi n ? laini that p? r CSpitS it i- lb?
richest commuait) In the country, llore
In sorrow than in anger, olUer admirers '
. : that It ?-. or h<ns been, the most cor
M'pt t'.^n -n t largely through
the workings Of the political ring ?nd
theii voting too
With the ihreats of ci rainai action la
the *? ? -i, Ral| h B Bi ih the Rep ibll
proaecutliig attorney or tire town, was
? k?.i yaaterdey by a Tribune rep?.-tor
whet er th?r- was any pi (tact ol
'? On i" nart
' 1 do not think BO ' t ?aid "With the
?me rnethod oft .- -> ?
err.ment ii would be ' prove
thing. i"v?rryl ? fog.
iirst place, thi of packing
! town meeting la nol In Itself a cri ne. Of
?e, if any i ?te i I ? ??'
wa that ta dif
?i ? ..,'?- ( prove that.
Remedy Is Suggested.
? i th.iik probabl. the i ? ren ed: lies
m i nging to KM ? >? h . ? the com
? of I ernment.
? m the town meeting elections there
ar.? thlrtj -three offli lais 11< ttid for tbli
\. , n election i
. -... . ? - ? ?
going on. ? '.? ? great wi ski? m In the
?tit method is that all voting must i-*
j done ai one p?a'? i ? ought 1
a dos? i voting i
"As to the selectioi ?'
? ? | ,,. r . their
politl ? strength than 1 their capacity.
"Another great, weakness In.the pr ent
me ;s that wit the town to' ern
? of ?"? enwich there Is thi '"iroug"
? bo 'ernment of Greene:
i people in ti e r-???i^.-?_-;. hav? lets of
borough and town while
?tir?se oiiiside the town, Who n-c the
-.?,.; |. ? poo\ ? -aif only the I ?an
? puty J.i'ige William ' "he
i "-?alongs to ?he Piogreseiv? wins of
' pollUcs was of the mm? opinion aa to
the :... ii ?".ir a change
The town an?i i?or?i gi 4?.. ,:,i ,,? con?
solidated he laid "under s ?Jingla gov?
ernment Buch a i-oneblldatlon sliouid
? nlnate the neceastt- ?if calling ?own
? <?? Ings ?o I'on-jlder quest ? -1
might be Included In the duties of heads
1. departments."
Wiluur Wright, who r? credited with
g o-e ?,f thr controlHng political pow?
are, rapressed doubt as i" whether the
sitiiatiott wa ? 1 rions enough to demand
;? . hange
I"er??> D. Adams, prosideM 0' the F-.?? ??r?l
Of Tr.uli, a ho ha been proml
ii. n? for i ? tr? actlt Itiea in town
affair?, .-aid that although the pr?
doubted ?4 hether
finie was ripe for ;t n??
Town Meeting a Farce.
1 if ' onrne the town meeting Is 1
fen r. ' he ea'?t. "An; urm can g?) in an?i
vote, e- en if he doesn't live In t1-.- town,
? is non conducted 1 fever th Meri?
den form of go?, eminent
"There has beei plent of a 1 dal In
tl e paat. We in- ? stlgated eondltiot a and
. igh *?, e di?i not have 1 ufllch nt
pott era to make a thoi
? I l.e 1 plent] Of ^'r.ift. No 01 ??
? 1 in care whether in doing road
. :- fj.rn"-r charged two or threi or
half ti dosen tln.es or not
? ? present inovemenl for a .- ?'ige is
not the first that haa a?rita?eii the ralnda
of the tSreenwIehera.
I'ract!'?a1!\ the only radical 'hange.
however, tira? has b^n made had to do
with the financial management of the
Kovernmenf, altliotigh It left the tOWn
.ting plan untouched. This grew out
r?r th?? long yeara of misuse ?if p
funda h" which Oreenwleh ?von its name
as the most corrupt of New England
? ?. ?? r ?
V Hoard ef EstiBOat! and Taxation -fa?.
creat'-ii, and i' ?as provided that should
anj ih'ii.irtir'-tit h'ait tin?j mor?, money
v ni needed tor 1 proict than had he.?:)
appropriated al the town maetlng the et
lectmen aboiiUl call It to the attention of
this hoaid. The board was ("pen the
power to make the ren'ilred appri.prhi.
tion. If tt la under "1,00e. If the amount,
however, should l? preatcr than this, a
town meeting must be beM to g?t the
Another propOOSd tuAUtei change, Which
failed of passage, was to ab??li?di the tOWa
government to. ail practical purpoeea,
un?! eiihstltute for it a borough go??-n
ment, to Include the whole town.
! "Seigneur Polichinelle" Most
Applauded Since "Cyrano
de Bergerac."
? b-, rjeMe to 111 vrr .? ?
Vie? March ". ? ''3el?-Ttetir Polichinelle,"
a riranistie romajice In four ?jtrtH tn Alei
andrlnr verse by Miguel EamaoOls,
brought cut at the Theatre MuntcJpal last
night, is one of the finest I"rench theatr!
??a! works of the sea/>on. Its ringing vora
!fi? ation us hriak, rapi?! action, together
With the sentiment ami pafhoa of what 1s
considered the maaterplac! of the young
Spanish poet, ell? Wed h d?gr??e of enth'i I?
asm rarely ac*oor?ded to a pia? in
since the advent of "Cyrano ?i?.- Bergerac
1 Th.- scene Is laid in Southern ItnJy In the
sizteantta century. Polichinelle is an ad
venture. who anchi fo triumph by means
Of politlica He li4?alB h prlp'-r o' n Snake
bite In the laboratorv ?if his father, t
humble apothecary. He becomes the con?
' dent Ot ?he prln e und is on the point of
murdering him and usurping the throne
but unluckily for himself, while furthering
h 1 political ambitions bi feigning t? pa?
court to tha prince"! favorite, the h"auti
fUl IdOrenza. he reell; falls la lo-.- with
her and this causes his SoerntuS tut
ut ach,
"Seigneur Polichinelle'' will be gi\'n n
Paris next fall.
I Premier Oiolitti. His Work
Done. Desires to Retire.
Ro?-ne, March I -Preni er <;:?>iifti t-o-day
j notified King Victor hmmamifl ef ma
j isslgnatlon of his ?.'abinet.
A dispatch from It?, nie a Week ago said
Inat S ?Cabinet 4 risis eras experte,! after
the gor? rn?:ir?,t ?:a.i obtained a Vote ap?
proving the apprtiprlation bill fur the new
COtony Of Libya, North Afr|?-a. Premier
?'ii.litti. It was Stated, considered that th<
making BSeUM 0f this colony WouM be
his CTOWnlBg work, and that he ?J. ?tire?)
then to retire and leave the reins of gov?
ernment In the hands of another person
The Libyan budget wai passed b] trie
?Chamber of Deputies on Wsdnn wlsj laat
b' h \"te i?f :>.! :?? *
Leal latnrda) ths Redirais la the itst
.. parliament, a e provtoiis*, hed ?rot
ad with the ma.j11.-1t'. decided to tola the
opf>oeitlon, which left the govctmntte**!
part] h a mlnoritj in the -?hambar,
Big Peach Crop for Georgia.
By Taha
mnah, March ? A bumper crop ol
peach!I 1*1 (indliteil In thin r-!;ite. BOCO
1111.-; i?. advtoss rsoeived h?-r?- to-da? from
the peach ball The ?"?renard . 11 ti ri
ported, have aal been sffectod bi the N
ver? cold ami snow,
Free Tolls Repeal Vital in
America's Relations
with Europe.
Britain's Good Will an Aid in
Settling Mexican. Japanese
and Other Troubles.
VTashlng'hm, March ? -Develo-:??
American foreign policy as an Influence
1 for commercial expansion and the Ca:se
? of universal pesca is a vital rast-cern of
1 u ? " ation ir, us ef>
; foMs to have repealed the tolls cxemp
; tion clSUSS IB the Panama Canal act
I Aside from President Wilsons assertion
: thai th? natloi i h?.if the American
' people is InVOl? ed In upholding B t-raty
there are circumstances sur?
rounding p ??ettlement of the controversy
which are expected b" administration of
? . la to have a broad effect on the diplo?
matic rotations of th.? United 8tates with
the entire world.
Behind the prot"?r of ???-eat Britain, it
has become known, ?jtanila the united
i] -.-' of Buropran nationa, whoss for
i mal objections to the toils pro'.i*i?>n have
[ been hei.i in sbeysnee to swsit the out?
come of Englsnd's negotiations with the
United Btoti s on ths subject.
Underlying tiie settlement of the lolls
??i.?P'.te la an amblUoua programme of
American diplomacy which contemplates
ai earl? adjuatment of relstlona with ah
nations, so that the Panama ?anal may
be opened In ?in era of diplomatic good
Although there ezisl no sgresments or
obligations or inderstsndlnga trtth ?'?rat
I effect, thi ? '? "Ti ?>f
reell ?'" .il good s 111, In the
? i? v?, of diplomstlsts and perso
the adminiatratlon here, csnnol but aid
bringing about eventual triumph of
the Amerlcsn policy in bfeslce end i
? factor settlement of delicate tiego
tisttone with Jar?an, and lnfluen?ee ?? host
of other diplomatic dlfBcuItlea which have
.... imulated in the last decade, aid iri
it th?? friendship of Great Brits ?
? ould i" ?' i.eaitir factor.
?im' Britain's part in the Mexican
ait ration hss beei * from the
start England like other European na
... protest? ?? ess to the I ill I
8tat? ? and i ? sd h a llllngn? ss to
[allow the American government t?, work
out it:? policy unhampered, but took no
.? veri? m i ipport of the Waahing
government That General Huerta
nil'-tnok this for acquiescence In his c?->n
tlnued iid-nlnistrstlon has long been
re.ill/.ed here.
Sir More! I 'arrien, British Minister t:
Mexico, recently saw President Wilson,
In company with the Britloli AmbSSSS
dor, Br Csell iprtng-Rl?c* Ths aubject
Of tolls was not mentioned, and the con?
versation Included ne dis? russlon of ( it ?
H A VT you made a Will?
Hare you chosen an ex?
ecutor ?
Is he now and will he re?
main honest capable
painstaking? Has he the
time, patience and good na?
ture to manage your affairs
and hts own too ?
Appoint us as your execu?
tor and you can say "yes" to
all these questions.
Wc shall be glad to have
you come in and talk it over.
?Capital .... $5,000,000
Surplus (sll csmrd | 1 1,000,000
1 .a Brosdwsy. New Yori?
175 Rea sen St.. 19i5 Monta*ueSt..B'U*rn.
330 mitoti St.. Jamaica.
plans or policies Mexi ?-. though the
British Minister carried ewaj ;? distinct
impression ..f President Wlleen'e unai
ti r tble opi ? Huerta. Tin.?, if 'i
mod, may .??! to th? i
' for? Igl ; ? :??? . as well
to Huerto, m - thst prol i
may pre? i id? nipporl from
Europe for Muerta.
I out by
? rver*. who SUggOSl that diplo
oftei needs ne formal underatond
i ii g or agn itaent, but acto frsqtieotly on
I the principle thst on? K"o?l turn ?ies?rv.???
ther Britlah parti?stpatlsn in the
iPsnama-Psclflc Expo --ranee
is being urged b? the English press, and
a majority In the House of Commons la
supporting ' ?ment, whl
Ka--.i In mai i liters as an Instance I
of auch ? - pro
?Wo id " de pat I h the fian
[Francisco ? (position is hoped for by the
Washington government not enlj bei ?use
of a natural desire for the niccess of an
American enterprise, but h?acsuss the ad
minlstratloi here expect? to make of ?he
exposition ?-?n international forum for the
protnotion "f universal peace The r.mt
ratification of th? eight srMtraUon
treaties ind thi cons immatlon of the
principle of Investigation aa a preven?lative
Of War In treal ? being 'Iraft''?!
with ? ?' b Secretory Brysn
are manlfi statiot purpose of the
United siate?? to take the lead foi world
peace and th? abolition of war ,
In an atmoapheri of frank dealing and
I international good faith It la the Wish of)
?the United States government to rehablll
| ?..!.? the sntl stru? I ire of Its foreign re
latlona In this light dlplomatlats under
? ??? Wilson -t ret? ren? e .
i las? message to "matters of greatei dell
i said, ?srere Invol the proposed < ocal.
Thal the Pi nl Iclpated did?? ultl? ,
In dealing ? "? .tlona
whlcl i irded th?? United Stotos as
breaking a soli Its own In- j
?? ?at is the official explanation of that
part of bis messaga
, ?a
Colonel to Stump the South.
,; Tt 'egrarii to Thai bua?
Psieish. S, C, Msr h I Progressive
I leaders are arranging a North Carolins
tour for Colonel Roosevelt and hav? an
I noum ed that th? Ignore the It?
| llean or^:inlaatlon in the ?-tat?? I
Household Books To Bi
Used to Establish Alibi
for Accused Major.
? Staf ?"orrcsp-indent of Th? TrlbOM
New !..?.!(,.i. Oana March I When tht
military rouit which Is trying Major Ben
jjamin M. koehler. of the ?.'oast Artiller:
I on charge invoh. l:,g immoral <ond:?i
?4."-?e..es tO-teOnOHt morning a' 1-Vt
| Terry. Flam Island, it Is expected thai
MIj-s Sophia M. Koehler. a t?lster of th?
accused officer, ?rill take the stand In bel
j brother's defence.
To-tia?. it -na? learned Miaa Kochie?
spent s?",*rsl hours consulting hot.sehet'!
records and engagement hooks ??ith s
?/tow t?? refuting the statesaants ef wit
? | BSS ? " f-'.e proscutlon. w ho told un
?u?r onth of occutTeraeei m which Majas
Koehler figured Miss Koahlor hopea ??
prove the ?harpes 'a!*-e 1 ? showing thai
ber brother na? In -?notlier plnee
era! of the days mentioned la thi
it was snnounced recent!) b? Um di
fence tha? before thi eaas was a '
"some m ?? was going t ' hang Dorini
the proceedings wliene? er a new naui??
aras brought Into the caee the ?lefei.?-..
imm?diat'!;- tOOh n-'asure?. p. ha\r t!..?
person at?'ear tefore th! '"it MM
? t pett; officers aa well a*1
f New Loniion anil surroundiaa
towns, will be called upon before <!"? ease
goes to I ole
The ether st>i? has teen sQuall activ?
with the rrsuit that b,.th liave lt??rMl
gated the matter more th?M*OUghl) than
aras expected at the beginning of the
trial. tnetr ictions from Washington
Bowever, ina- have somethlag to do sith
this II Is m deretood here tha* .
report of the proceedlngi Is forwarded to
the leeretary of war.
No aesslon of the rouri was beM to
day because of the Indignation aroused
by reports last week that the ?t'ai '-on
tinue?! on Bundl,
!? !? sai?i that a se? on?l lieutenant now
et l-virt Tarry, who la one of the twe
moot In ??orten! iritneeees agamst Ma i
Koehler, vent tO ?Colonel Davis when
tire latter waa In commend of the **??'
? .?ii ?4 hl? I, I
pr? enl court martial rs he sod ?'??inm-i
l>a?i?< it is said, ?li'l not bell. I
the lleutenai t ??.rd ? o :?'t I ? true 1
" he pie? ed no ci ? denee In the toi
i:?, did not ord? i ? tlgattos e ral
Ifajof Koehler to a?'-mini hlmaoH
! Suffragettes Wait in Rain
to Talk to Sir Edward Carson
London, March " I ndaunt? ?i
terds the depute)
? r
? '??m in interview 811 Kti
. . ? - ?
under the ;
i "in.ii'i..! ? ncamped on the ?i.I
i ou?e a'! day, but sir- ["award \?.? ron
fined to hla be.i arith ;) , iinj iu- \? i..,. ?
ful, bowever, of being able to to to I
I !o .-?<?> o* ( 'orrrmmrs tO l?'
The terming young women each wltn
a big bag of chocolates continued their
wearj sternlght. Thej he e p|< i.
? te?! th 10 ? ?
. iftfi ttty of chocolat
t heir hav?
Delivery of Our Gas Fuel
Uninterrupted by the Snow
No stronger endorsement of the absolute depend?
ability of Gas for all fuel purposes could possibly be had
than has been given by the present street traffic conditions.
The delivery of all other fuels and commodities its
being seriously interfered with if not made absolutely
Thousands of Manufacturers, Hotel and Restaurant
proprietors and tens of thousands of citizens who use
Gas for fuel have had no cause for worriment.
We take our coal from the huge piles always on
hand and extract that which gives you a clean, efficient
and ever ready fuel.
No. 30 East 42d Street or your Gas Office and have
explained to you the various gas appliances for industrial
purposes as well as for Household use.
"The Right Way is the Gas Way"
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
GEO. B. CORTELYOU, President.

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