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To-day, fair.
ifc.Mi'r.KA I : RK \ WT-WBAI
High. Ml tow. M.
lull report rae?* I.V
1~> 1 ? "l / ' Id" r????4'L.? f ? U? "V ' P 111 < I?? or N'44.4 . ..rU. N4????4rl.. .l?r?4-4 ? il? ?nd llol-ok^n.
1U?V Vi U.\r? ?V fd.N 1 MM.llllt.Ri: IHOMM?,
Pleven Bodies Recovered
and ?Search for Thirty
More Goes On.
$1300,000 IN PAPFR
Firemen Delve Into the
Smouldering Ruins by
Searchlight Aid.
\cu > i?rk Man Jells How He and
Twelve Others Slid Down
Rope <?f Sheets.
? 1
?;?;.-? VOT
? 1er the
. gtits foi the thirty
I an elleved tc remain
of the Mi?
nm??. which was
. '
the 1
? ? injured in the
mt wr- ; tment to public
?nd prr
I Ban'..
the ? rst loor of
? than $1.300 000
? ? . Tl ?? SUltB were un
? ported.
.- away.
Some of Known Dead.
The 1
- ? ?
killed in *umr
T. Mai ;?-???
. . _ .fine mi
--.ber or
and tou
nan Va
Some of tHe Missing.
? ??. r?.
. : ?? f n : .
. .......
? lanager
1 ? ? '
\\ ?, ?
; I '
?? .
I 4.. ? ? ian.
? -
? '
r ...
? ?
. ? ? ... ? ?.
? 1
Kin set
1 ' ?
I .
Expier? on Sto-y Denied.
fouri - ? ?
third i.H-4-?* fourth ?nliimn.
This Mornings News.
,. (,? ? i , I
da Revival Mob. ... 1
Church .3
I Lob ....*,
ldS?v? Ja i . ?>
. 6
eud " 16
1 I
t. IdOuis r? 1
. 2
?.? ? ' ? *
s Court 4
' "? lo Veci?t t
? ?
? i - i
, ? , ? 7
. 7
. 8
. 9
10 SI 11
'? " ? II. 18 4.r.-i 14
* ? at? M
' Report That He Will Soon Suc?
ceed Justice Holme?.
W hin .?"ii Man 9 It li aep?
? to-night thai ? -. Pn sldeni ?\
lain H. ? ?? appointed I
ITnlted st, t? s Supreme Court bj i'i ??
d? m w ils on ??' iii' th. ?.acanc? that
sill b? i i.,. i, , r
?i .-?ti? ? Oliver \v? nd? II Holm?
Jusl "-hen Juatlce Holmes win retire
ip nu; know h. ;.'.?.! il - ... lleved tl
Intends I .. ? ? ;
th?' more important ? aaei nos bt
f, it is stati d
( thai be i
I of quitting th? arduous ??? ??ri. ot the
. Stipi . ' ? . ' ????.?!
?< m em bei twol? ? rs
Woman. 97, Would Waive
Burial Trust Left by Kin.
Mrs. M
? .uni "unable to e <?i i?
she says ?urro
Is asking thai Val? i
A Schi ? ? tor i est?t?
j died on 1 ! ? ,1 ?...
| ,,
Mr. I.?. m it lefl ??"--"" . i, .
j half- ? now with? I
. ?? ?i .; . t for Buppoi ' ?
Tillman wah es the pro vis ?
i the win ??? Mr. L? ??? h for h? r
and ;? headstone g
"? - .- a burial plot and a tomb
' ston? ? ? erected foi I i
?Arrested Amid Scenes Not
! Paralleled in Movement
Barbed Wire Used.
G igoi Man :. '? ?? fierce i
? d and
omen nn.i police?
men i\?-r. ,i 11 ?the arres!
of Mr?. Emm? line Pankhurat al a meet?
ing hi Ight.
Bt ?Vndn ?Hall w] Ich is the larg
?sat in tl..?*. aas crowded to the
doors v. h. n Mr Pankhursl walked to
the platform, She had spoken onls I i ?
mlnutei a/hen scorei ?-.:" ?policemen en
? ; . ' ? .1 toward the
? - nn
Bcene ? ralle] in tin? bistor>*
or th?- suffragette aaovewienl followed,
in expectation of trouble 11. ? - suf?
fi age ttes had stret? hed s n?r ? it s of
I plstform
s Ire vu i
t ions and pr< ? time.
Chairs and flowei ?pol ?rer? tl rov n ar
i miniature bombs were ex
plodsd, revolvers were Bred and women
i i ' : ? ?
p nium prevailed, ?n-j amid the
? m mg ,.).-) .- ho .i Ing man> w om< n
tainted. Others Bed from the ball
paniusti I? k? n.
Meanwhile Mrs Psnkhursi van
m si ?? '" ? she ran
in!" the arms <.f a cordon of police. A
? .'hi.f her Bur?
ro inded the ?
. .j i hem wil ii trun
The police hi Id the i hoa -
ev fl, and di ? ?:. - ? ' '
? door si' as?
?i;,/.??i t'ondition and apparent!?
fainted, *-- eh?. s*ai placed In ?? motor
. irro indi d
the ? m. i"?' tl"" poll? ?
on <". ., ,i i he . rowd s il h draa n
batona and Mrs. Pankli driven
ral ?pa
Tw entj worai n injui ? <i during t ht
[fighting in Hi?- hall s*ere conveyed to
i oom - when ih? wen attended
| by women do4?tors. \ n imbi r of
women a*ho escaped Injurie? took ? ?it
I their hats and filled them a Its a itei
and < rried them to I le in lured Thr? ?
i | aere badil wo inded.
? _
Court Releases Youth Who Re
fused lo "Move On" When
Watching Her Home.
? ? . ? ? . .,! No. '.. . I , Si
? of ?Portia .:
ind gol William
? net en, "r \?
i-. ii.
lias never been I *;i '?'
? mad
way of bei
?Pstrolmai Gs a< of tl*
. i
? . a ?hai Int?
d him t..
on." Last i snd
. ?. it. t?i,,i ?,u,i i-.
ii .. treat at to tin
, tritt d snd
"pit ? ? j...... iion'l i,.-?? '?? ?
ii. ? harm, and i ?i?? id"
liltn ;. ?A lidie, v ,.?l
Tl . i ?
i . . to do but to 'i ... ." '?
|,< in. ; ' In ' li;i i mini- P ? . I,,i Will
,,,n, |., |eej . i.-. courtroom r?a In i i
. ? ? ?
Atlantic Trip Like Summer
Up :.?n Man h ?? in d? Id .i i ?si
i?.i. t with ?thi recent sto.ip ni?
,.f ,,t i,.,- 11 ..i. tlsnti? ? ?i i h?
i, am? ? i " on an srrl ? ?i to da fi en
|.,- . r pool Sft? I -'i "'.' ? m I III "' Bgl
I' , . fig? i " POI ?''I I li..? " r OMI
v ? ? ? uno? ?-? ?" 'iii'ii "ii 11 ? ? ? ni i
t? M MSB husetl Bay,
i ?
Throng Storms Crowd
Carnegie Hall to Hear
Evangelist Speak.
1 Preacher Scores Scanty Dre
Wine and Card Parties of
Many Churchgoers.
WiMi more than threi thousand n1
\ pie fighting rtt th? door to tain adtn
: sion "Bill] " Sunda* the baseb
-?? Mst, last night addn ised an i
j dience thai |>a? i\< ?i i 'arnegie 11 u ? i
the ?i?'"'i
? While the h
going ??ii insidi thi ? roa d that h
unab ?? '" get In foughl with
t" break down the Has
at ? ? i;. -n- .? poll? i-nien that had ?"?
; - ailed to k? ni rom
!?>? >i tii? outer doors.
i ne ? i"\\'? iu gee about ?
: that a omen -? ream? d and fail
i !"? heir) up bj thO I 11?
, hand ;" keep thi m from tx In i tramp]
the '?"nu surgi
I up the step.-, o
: by the ?police. Sei i r.i! tim? b it
, necessar. for them to use theti ? lui
"Vhili ih- Bght t" ?Jain adi
a..- al lu worst soin.- woman near ;l
door began to sins In ;? ' em aoprai
? oice 'Neai ? i. Mj God to Tl ?
I stantl the : efraln waa taken
i man* hundr? ?i o es s ell? d thi va
, ume <?f i lie .-?".?? until it i ould
for . ra] blocks
Hymn Calms Struggling Mob.
Durini thi song the struggli to g<
: into Hi' hall ? eaaed, bul ;? -
i he ? i ">? <i rent s ed Ita efforts.
?SVhen the san Ice was well under wa
il was announced from thi steps thi
no more could be sdmltt? 'i be? i us? i
ih<- fire regulation! and thai an ovei
fio"~ meeting would :"' held ;?i the Cal
vary Baptist Church. So 123 Wei
57th street
Relu? ta?? I* i he mob Ispersei
I lomi roll - ? the ov< rflo' meeting an
-.-in.? in ih. Ir horn?
| At tii" .??'it ; -; r. ? ' ent i an e ?? hei
the reporters liad ;.?-.n t??!?i that the;
i t\-i.ii1(i h?- admitted, an Indii
tlir??nis waa still gathered, s
! th< Ir tick? elllni up at th? >?. in
dowfl of ih?- offices. The.laiisfai
? n they could k??' was a nod from on?
? official- on trie Inside
The a indo** a as open? d one?
it the Rev, a. F. S'liauiti'i was In th?
; i rowd, bul h? could uni be found. Tl ?
demands for entrance Increased
j ume and In wrat h.
Thomas Nealon, i.rtei non
"The Scranton Times," who had corn?
? from 1 lim 'H . v here Mi. S
', hf-<-ii holding meet ings -"r- i h? Is l
werk, crawled up s grating and :
himself over 1 ledge of the windoa.
Hi- was nnni? diately seistd by
Inside and pushed backward through
t h? a ? ii"v. i lad it nol Lx en foi
eral men who went to hi?-- aid he would
have fallen twelve feet into an enti
?a ;i J t ?> t he- ,???,, |?.
Police Prevent a R?ot.
i The attitude of the throng grea
. and ! "rolice a ho had bai n
? i tioncd sround in fi ont of i he hall
? ? di '-"iif d to ti?" i 'ai entran? ?? t?
The lights of thi ?? I
were t irned out to fui thei dii
sge the crowd.
in the meantime, Mr SchaufTer ap
P" a red, bul \\;iy unable to gel li eithet
entrance, Explanations to the r
who were tired oui with Hen- two
hours struggle with the crowd, availed
I hlra nothing and he, lili" the rest, was
forced to go to the overflow meeting.
it |a . aid that thi e ?angelistlc com?
mit!? ?? under whoa? a ispi? ? ? the i
ijiK -? 25,000 1 sets of
( mil i n ii?'il ?m 4i>? oikI |iiik?* ?Itth ?nlilnm.
Wife of Dr. U.C. Swen
Rector, Discovers Flan
and Sends Alarm.
THAN $400
Crowd Watches Famous Ldi
With $75.000 Ori?an. Recto
and Parish House Hum.
Luke'K I'r? ?? Epis?
?<i"i Atlsnti?
l'l. .?i.? of the fu'
| ,,nr" including in its mem
I ship ?-? me of ; ?,, n in
. || ,
The Bai pai iah in
??in.) I ? ,, ?
? of t' ? . I .
. : - ....
? ?d
. ' I T ?-. 111
four memo
- indo - ? ? i
N'obod? ??? ? ?i. ?.in
five-y? m- old daugl ?? r h? atr
th? ? !iil?i ? . -.? r
? ?,
? i ? ' ni..
Wtte of Rcc'.or Sends Alarm.
, i ras 8:20 o'cl h hi n Mrs. Bw?
! te ?ne ?arindo?
? ? ?at rond floor
' the re? t? i- i? nususl glsn i?
? ' ii pai
i i ween the reel and the
i up*.
Mrs. Bwentsel on?d ??? ''
i 1- adquart? re, I aft? i the ,:
thei ? ? I ? '
i ? turned o ind I
third and ? l?rm, bringli
,,, ? '.?? I ll t;in.
the B
le, ?Irllling undi r tl
of ? 'aptoin Bui n r r -gol o
,:> ickl and ti i r,f the bo'
Into the rectorj and took doe
? ' ?mlusble curtain? 1
. ?1 man! of Mi i B* entsel's e
v . Q ?tirs Si ? ad I
?me of D
. \v. \v i;i... ma the
If < 'linton ' lephon?
horn? of set ? i-;, i of the rhurc
I mcml * ? ri " I'", fiv
h ? ?;te. ,., tore tl ? flr< began, hs
She flnall
? ? '. to th
? ch.
The i ii ?- m?-.uld .'? noth
h housi. and ed th? ?
the lire ii
? ' . two uppe
a . to the church, b building oi
bricl ? ' - - b >' i? Int<
lerblll nue
Great Crowd Watches Flames
Th? n iT"! la h? not of mm h
nortl vent wind had
? ork earlj. veering ai
. .;i..,i to the church flfti
. . by the int?* Colonel F?enn \ Mar
? ...... | e the organ snd nitnr.
?.,i gr?ai s crowd ,! ?"fathered to
i the fir ? that the -reservea from
four police ?stations w< re called to hold
! them In i beck. Vantagi po I
I sought by th?? hungry eyed, and the ?
the? found ?-?n the roofs of buildings In
?-,? |ghborho4>d snd on the plstforra
?Falt?n streel elsvsted si Van -
I ?> rblll svetiue.
i ,,, , time Deput] Chief Ls ?
i ('?nliiiiK ?ri ..n ?rronrl pila?. l<?iii~lli ?nl.tmn. |
Fa.1 living in Washington h Ruining the Health o?
Nation'.- UwmaWeis. According to
South Carolinian.
< ?
Washington? March ft.?As an ani
?.-limas to the discussion of the Ifei
can lit a1 ioi . B< nator Tillman a?
nate to da) oa I he >?? ?
I of overeating and smoking in suppo
of h ' Ion to iir"liil?ii - m?tr
ii -.* on ih< door 'it ri,. ?3<enate du
TI.r. I dlfl
colty in the was "i the adoption "i t;i
.' ion, he . aid, was i hat the t
> iiK.k? ? s -i ' afraid of sppi aring to 1
aelflnh an<i the smokers were reluctan
??. bandon th habit
nsl i ;i I k>ns >f l h,? |???ilil ?if \ !??-.
he inni lett? 1*1 from Benatoi Pas's . i?
Rool i? ???I ?r .' tribute to the Benata
from Bout ;i ? '..i" Ina, however, the Ben
. t< .i ? h. i?i< ?I his resolution without s dis
???idIng rol ? "?? nator Tillman ??,
i thai .?-ni? ? hi 'iii' red ? stro
parai la foui ? ,ir ago and
? ? ..i.? .-. nstors had
"No wonder, h< ? d - i . "?t?
around ihe ? hambei and a? ? ths
r.i\<? coroi ? i.'i .m? in
; many old familiar '?'? si i feel
? i hough i wen si Ing ?.?. nil ghoi I i
' ??? it aa ii m. men, Thai? ii ti" doubl
| m ?in? ??.orld i" if iiiimi iii.it t | .
j rrroi t.i III ? among u duo to l h? way
v4' lit < m u ,?? blugton. 1 he life h i?
i- -m . mental ?itrain
inim?'iis??. There Is a continuous su?
cession Of banquets, dinni-r?. and i*aoe|
!tlona, Automobiles and streertcars a'
used by ?Senators Instead of ?
and pure air and sunshine an I
of which wo get to.? Httle. Thi n Is ?
??tirer way to imdermlne tin? heall
i han eating too much or ?
larly. All these explain the unusun
mortalit* among th? membera ol Con
"A fitting epitaph for most of th?
.-? natora who have died In servie?
w ou Id be: 'He II* ed n-ot v. i.-? Ij but t?.
?,?. ell, ami uni? ?i in 11 ? - ? ? i f eating
i'?.'-,)? ? ??, i bava been told bj
la .? nan otic o
;- a stimulant, ai i i on
kt,?'\?> Man.? men 114.. both .?ml an
intlj "ii the lournej from ?i?
garret to lb? ellai -? id 11
- ? ed and their m r> 1
th? ? onatanl confll? 1 going on in th 1
? m ?.? hile the stimulanl and th?
nl'liil for Ilia. I' 1 \. 11
the abuse, not the use, .?t whiskey and
loba? ' " 'ii.it I to health,
i.,i in ni"'!- ral Ion th? > are bot rtarm
1 think
"i am Is a? 1 ?- iiii th- dang?
?in- ? n ?mi of 1 In i'iri and 'i" -?
it a? If" tin m> \ ? 1 ? Hfi dk 1? n?l 11 .?me
.. ?
I -
Mother and three Children W
Be Buried To-morrow.
The four member ? ? ?
( tamil: wh< i froi ??> -
; mlnatii i pi ? ?buried
j fr?,ni the Thsteher hoeni st No.
Mspli itreel r? ? '.? i - to>morron
1 ti moon.
n of thi i'
i'i.iiiK Ths . ,i in
; lohn's ?Riverside Hospital
His mother, Mrs Margsrel T
thirty-eight Un ?i in St. Josepl H
I Ital on Sunda: ? t\ -, . ;..i the I
?Mar snd Allen, t
; ..?ni oni ?half a ere found * sd h
? ? - ? .??, aft? 11???? theii
I Harrj 8 Tbati Met- ? ?pon b
on Baturda! afterno
l ths wii
' r lighted. 'I
, S mo ? W OUI the ;*a-.
( No Dealer to Share Fortu:
Jacob Friday Made In It.
Pittsburgh, March 9 \n? i
; whol? ... i
lied ?-i ?Vpril IS, 1913
? ?'?1 m hit will, 4
?ly stipulstli
that an] beneficiary who direct.) o? i
' In the liquor bupin??
should fort ...in ?nui ? lal
in th? est?t?
A. I). Kneeland Collapse
While Opposing Change
in Insanity Law.
ore the So
i Medical Jurispm h< v ?sdi i
I of Medicini lasi night A. i ?.?i???-? fine
? ? ' of Mo. 115 Broada s
^;is stricken with apoplexy and ce
Hi .. -.?liv membi
ilttSe on the id
anit) s!." did noi adv?
? m th? prea nl lav was velu
1 menti? argring ugaln il I i ommitti
me highly excited du
me; the Brsl fifteen minutes oi
gument, snd finding grea
pronouncing hit words, asked ?Dr. Raj
n?)!d Wllcox, pr?sident o? thi ?w
?gises of wati r. This he ? on'
n..t raise to , i tftrr drinkin
: it s l!li till- ii? 11' <?' I 'i. r\ tico* ?"
. i ind coni lued h
"Id? ? " ?'
... Id h", ''bacs il
inging ' fast that th
en themselves cannot know then
- e( qui i??: nisi i i pom iblc fo
? >ur las hss i? < n Increase
from one .volume to sis in this stsl
i?- thi si Ubsny."
i[i re Mr. Kneelsnd began sws
tree p oved ti
I ? i in- falling 11? i seed him
; .?-if a id made another attempt to con
His - ????'?s by thla time p ?
??i h? pol ? i mi ?-" e '? effoi I
?Several of
platfon ??? '? htm t? ?live up hii
"I ws ' ( :
said to thi ?n't feel vei
He then collapsed In thi
: ? -? had nal h? red aboui
v\ hen he had be? n plat i d besidi
;., ,,?. r a Indo* : I debate ws n
[t ws i ' hal Mr Knee
land's condition sraa critical, snd he
w;?s carried from the ?room and to a
.... ,- h ? h took him i" h
. . i ?*. ? :"?ii street.
, membrr "f
a/ho moi ed thsl the meel
irned, the debs)
contrary to Mr. Kneeland' i
stand ?vu Um qui i: Ion, il a as i oted
thsl 'he ?societj -recommend the repeal
of Hie present law on the iii'-pons;
bility of an Idiot ' efore the law
Members of Mr. Kneelsnd a f
Isst night ?refused to pi ak of hla con?
dition, but ll wss said b? phj
at the Acadi my of Medicine thai he ha?!
. -j n severo stroke of ap?
Contractor Who Saw Street Kill
in<4 ?Captures ?Man as Bullet
Misses Him.
\ftrr ?nenjsmln Ba I slu?l
and killed Joseph Le-ponl on s Bt
. .t, rdsj sfti ?moon he fi< ?!. 'i';i
slsyer Intimidated s crowd s ??> law
the shooting by fio iriahing hla
,,? ,| men ?? Ing his pursuei .
John E. Collins a ?-. of
.\,,. 161H Eil svi nue, Brooklyn.
? 'ollins csu| * Bsllsnd
8th itroet and Third svenue. Bsllandl
Bred one shol pointblank. Collins
.i |ump ol e and snos and
kn... k< ?i Ballandl <v>v. n.
U'h. n Police >? rgeant William Mc-|
d Pati "?m.m t"r* ??)? n.-k w orsl
got there und Ballindo j
much ii"- worse for wear a, Co?IumI
hsd folios? ?i up the lump of .???? by
using his I I
Ballandl wns taken to the 5th ?stiegt
poll?. tal Ion 1 ii? ? ?? he told I ? ?? d? -
\ - tan) i ?ii 11 lei \i;or
? ?t i . .?i ? (orl '?'?? ? i
So, 11?; (HI ein et, Bnwkli n, had i en
qusrrelling with him f.?r ., week uvsr
th. iii. .i|?i" ..i .m? ? ??i a asaron rover
Trotn th? f.nth ting t lanl In (Ha -u??? i.
alitr?? 0"th uu'i"^
j Texas Governor Declares
Wilson's Mexican Policy
{ "a Crime."
Has Constantly Disturbed
State, He Says. With
out Retaliation.
i ?
'? Ranger Captains Report (iiven to
I'he Tribune by Executive
Lacks Detail.
I do not hesitate to say that the
present policy of the United States
is largely responsible tor these mur
dera and outrages.
Believing that I am somewhat
familiar with the conditions which
have existed in Mexico for the iast
three years, I do not hesitate to
say that the present policy of the
American government toward that
question, m my opinion, is a crime
against civilization.
igrsf ?
'!'? i Ma: '? '.? Pointing to
the V? ; | isly lllus?
traUng the "brul ? - on
stantly being p~*actised In our i
? by brother factions,"
I Qovernoi i I in sti ong
I terms to?nlghi the Mexican "?He. of
the t'nit.??! Bt
".American woman hav< I ? *?? ra*
, ished mit d prop? tl oi
Amer '! and burned,"
ho said, 'and ! do not hesitate to say
that the preeent polic* of the United
t Las .4 largeiv ret ? ro\ i h? m
; murders and outrages.
'*! ha\?* insisted upon the protf
of property rights and lives *?f Texas
people. Texas has not committed .;.
ict of aggn lion against M o, and
.' thii si ite i do.nol .
sire to sea an acl ol
wrong committed scamai her, "!l1 Bt ?.
by reason nf the conditions < sistlng
in iha? country, is constantl* cromral
] ting a? ts of aggression agalnsl the
/?.ens of T ??
"Believing thai i am somewhat fa?
miliar with the conditions which bs ?
?ted m Mexico far the last three.
i do not hesitate to say thai the
i reet i ?Il y of ?he American ?roverri
ment toward that question, In my opin? i
? Ion.*'
Investigation Ordered.
"-Preliminary to an official investiga?
tion of the slaying of Clemente
gs ij the American ranchman, ind the
I mystarioufl return of the body
yesterday morning* to the United Bts ?
?Governor Colquitt late to-da; directed
adjutant Oi neral Hem i Hutchlngs to
! proce?sd to Laredo Immediate!) to ? lew
! the noiiy. Mr. tl tit - for La?
redi? to?night. The Governor Instructed
: that Identlfl itlon ol be made
- srtain and thai all ? ? sble e? idem e
, ;?. gat hered
, ?:????rrnoT Colquiti declared that all
informRihtn on the exhuming of
bod] m the Hidalgo (Mexico) camatery
h |.? r. om sv o i rose? d from the
Amerl ?an aidh and ''?"' n : n n ol I
! body i" Texas si th? disposal
'of President Wilson snd the United
ties if raques
? ptain .i ?>? ?Sanders, cornr.
tli?; Texas rar | bOTO?O t
_??. . ; . detailed report
Colquitt, who
made it publl? T I? '? "MM ' '??
estai . [ those who
?4,1 the ?""
? laptaln Elanden owi el? gi am
? i to Hidalgo, I
y? ... o and "? ? '"i
Silent as to Informants.
? ., ?? ?. Band? ' -, ? ? .
i ,nr. do yesterd g that h? and
? 'onsul ? Ian ett, of Nu? vo Lar
i?? !?i" ?-pot where the bod? was found
ios they had be? n told that it
would ix d? '? certalr
at ?**30 o'? loci est? rd ?? morning.
Who inger
capta The
? ? report is giv? I ~
one by Gm ernor ? ! quit! rea-,
i ? : ? Laredo Bal ti d i mot n
liar? h 7 191 i. ? .'i s sat t< Pals
with Consul Garreti Bergeam Hin
te i?'? Iph, of my t-*o*nmand, al?
ready ?.'ere there, siso Constable P?*1
?.i Mi?.' ra. Jim' Hal ? of
\. rgara, and pomt otlM rs I don'1 ki
I the evtd? ilbly i
i left ? 'onsul Qai ratt al the j
;..ui ? in- h aboul 7 ?? lo< i? Betur
. ad ?rient doa n the ri* 11
en the Texas side, foui Ht
miles, i did not go a
"Vergara's b? ighi i
>, t oa .i .-?i ret? her s bout '?'? 30 .??
n: on Bunda; . Mr"- h s. 1911, snd ?i
t? rJ "n the bank on this side abi ut
i. 11 !. ? doa n tl* river I n ra Patafoi
Doesn't Know Who Tjok Body.
? Th ? I ... I ? ? i
tli?. bod] i ?i" not Un??" who exhumed
It. I turne? to V? rgara i
relativise, who mere <-n Um ii.?r and
i uBiiuuni au tecoad paca, artend .-vluom.
?New Mexico Senator De?
mands Interposition by
the Executive.
Declares Every Move Made
by President lias Been
a Mistake.
Shively Defends Administration.
and Sheppard Asserts Texans
indorse Wilson.
We have fiddled while Mcmco
I have great ?espect for the Pres?
ident, but he knows absolutely noth?
ing about Me>ican conditions. He
is mistaken, and has been mistaken
m eery move he has made.
We owe a duty to the Mexican
people themselves and a duty to
humanity which we cannot escape
To defer action is to a?]gravate the
Vt'aahlngtw Mai i 9. tntcrpsaltioa
as distinguished from intervention
th? i nlted States In Mexico foi ??'?
?protection of Amertcan lives ;?nd pror?
ert* ^.i? demanded to*ds ?j Senatot
r. |i ,'t x? \? Mi 11? ". wl o i le?-,mi-i t.?
th?-? senate ? nal of iiM three mur
d? rs of American snd British subj?*^!
nnri enumerated outrage uftr-r outi
committed bj the contending forces i
The I Senator ' ?
sflid. had ahaady -virtual U Intervei
tending John Lind to Mexico, in?
terpo??itiot:. srtth A ?I? ? l.-t it. ?n ? ! ,i t till
i tifte.1 Btst? ii not purpo I to l
fitjire ternt-.r-. upset the Issrs "i "
'iiirn the ?institution of Mexico
i -, ri..], s ould ' oi justif] ?'? d? ' "
of war by Husri or the (??ui-in-i
[alista w ? hs? a fiddled
! claimed, "while Mexi? o bu
member oY the Korclgn ! :? ' i low i
line to il?' ?) i i"- "' thi
i minist rstI? ? natoi from
,. he said de lired Inti r i nl l?9ii
j without offering an? solution oi th?
Mexk an problem.
Senator Sheppard deplot*ed the exp*
.]|| '.?? ?? T? n , ? ? the bofijet i
?r the bod? of C?l?msante tetaste
and crltl? i--, .i ? I ' ? '"i ?-? ? I
?-mm- ?'oiqnitt of Texa Beuton and
ara he d< fiar? d, a oui I not hi
i ?i h ha i m If th'*" had not
Protests Against Silence.
: ? I
signalized t;
lien? e adi
trat ion. w bal hsd hsppi
tende,? ah?
not, n\ t e ?,.,.,.,,. .?,i r In
?.-enroln? " ?? ,tn h i ' ' re
cited In di tail the nsrrstl' ? >f out
rsg? i n m >." ". not onl?,
Amei t*sii
The Btal ?epsitinept ?-? .? mad?*
large of bltu rii nn ? '
toi - rom n? >* Mexico. Hi ws
? i i ?? ? -?plain? d the ? ?.-i
? ..,-?,.?? ,,f the ?
fmii n Mexico and
? e. ?, Bllt I
the admli ? i
? ;..i ., ??? a fa
> great reaped foi
?-.:id ?Senator Ft
Rn?>v\ -? nothing - oui Mi
csn condition! ? i
.n mil taken i.s ? ?
Huerta th< i ?a
iM'ini rer on i ?grand ?
doesn't murder to ?ata his dying ??
dded ''an. *io \ ill :
pictUI :
... ? ..iid he
that r ? t '...al. r
ahot d?j\? n il"? uni of \-'i ?n ? s
;??? t he towi of < i
; him. The Senat? :
tall numi roua oil er outrai
? ommll t< ?l ?direct?} by Villa
In support ??f ii.?? piiin for ? :
n??; Senator ?fall read excer?p?ts iro.u
.-sage ?of ?PrasMsnl McKinley ?i
thi? ? I '.??'...- ?
erv< tied In Cul
i" in.?- auditors ?tl a( Mexi? ?? ' be
Btitut? 'i *?.i "Cuba
Mr. ?/sll de? ?Hred that -he I. ?
States ?>??.? <i h dut) to spam "?*t
..i :??? n reurdsrad and in?.,.
out Ilk?.' dogs,' and ?to lliigland and to
? :? m?a-.
'We OWS a dut) to thr Munan pso
pi? tl,. :n ? i ..? and a duty to humsnir
which we 'anr."t escape," ?Um ?sassatm
add-.I. "To ilefer action la to -JiiKrii
v.it- the ? ..ridilKiiis and in\M?- mor?
serioua ? onse^uancas.
Would Use Army and Navy.
Uni? the ?solemn <io? luration tn.r
ws .i.i -a?'! upon tho Mexlean laUsa
c?r people, that it la t\ot our |>iir;>o'-4),- ???
arquirs teirrttory, pntsA their tawa ??
overt irn th. ir . ?>n>i itiiti??ti. ,,t,d an in?
vitan, .n i" Um uia-ji?.'* "f the MfiKai

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