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To-day. cloudy.
temper.?, r. KE IMIUIhsYfi
High. M) I??. ?M,
I nil report Tage IS.
? ?
? a ,,. \-.o. ution. I
1?i7 1i'?V *l\'L? <P1? **fVT T ?" Hty of New ?nrk. Newark. Jeri^ Cltr ?nd Hotok??.
i\iv r. yt.\r. ?v i\/\ i kisi/ivherk two irnt?.
Rebel General to Kxerc
Only Military Author?
ity Hereafter.
But latter Must Ma
Amends to Regain Wil
son's <iood Graces.
Official Reports Show Priv,
Per?ons Recovered Yergara'1
Body in Mexico.
??au. ]
Mar? h 10
-- ; power
(failli ' ? ? ?iiglit 1 ho <
tiortu' ? ' ?'? S i*1' tbe Tnl
mment and csuae?tl ?ssrl
inter? in<pii.rttion.s. will
nil nuthciiu, SXC?gp1 a:
ti t ? a ? :' ; ?he Corn
fotlm - neral Carranza
? > iliis <??*"?
the ?snnouncem
that hei i? ? asrsl Csnrsi
full control ? ( th?-? Conatitution
? it he will h.- r.spon??ibli'
?II arti m NorthiBrn Mexk-o. wi
?? irdlng
?developments in \"<u tl??--t-r, M?-\i
g? i . ?rally und? irst?r>od t ?
h:m.?-??lf must : l ?9
th?-? gr
? -nient Wilson.
? ? :U not be from 1
i ?!?.. y i?y t
? ?
Is?. He takes the ground th
: by Bei
"k offi
mdltiona deacrttt???] ha
? ? the M- si? ss i
ie lime.
Rnnne'-s Not Involved.
?? v ?? ia lian **-???.- did i
? i i-.niindar*?- linr to r
i ? m? nfi Vex -1
rersons ar'l tski
a the substsn
Hi Alon
?-: artment i I
?? - lained thsl
e .'?- would i ? f< ii
Is] it ?thirl miles ahrv
? "? ? tin Baj
f the Texsa ?ftenfers, ?and ;< de
hSDd t" :
meeting at whir
report ama ? ?
retar*?' BrySB mude the followlnf pan
?. , ... gams:
?????til 'il pt a
infers, nnd
sheiift m Palsfox, Tss, la
-? -e ?if rnakiri
In Hi.? \'<rg;n
en?? The. wf-nt to tl ' Vergsrt rsne
and examined who asw tl
?OSjing to V.-rcarn lak.p h
the '?' ? and who ;?i<-.. ass Vox
. ? the rlvr unrl th- ' rfe
??? ?htnrj ?artnred.
iratlon kert them up ?at
? when thf-v i.i?1 he
tsno mil??s nhnve Cala
I its up ?? snd ? set
? omen nicht.
Consul Garrett Notified.
?i ??. m. they i?e <? u.: t
on the Texii
side ? . ,,, <. ti ? larret
". .r of ms automobil
I a y t o i
M ???-.ml aage, Hro ?fluinn.
Thii Mornings News.
IaOUAI. g?
' lub.. I
J ? lot 1 n. '
i. w. w..., .1
' : :i . . . 1
. 1
. ?
. ? (
Sot? art. I
Pi e . C
. 41
. I
?. . a
. a
i .1
.. 1
. . . *>
. 8
. ?*?
. '?
io and ii
ia, i i m
. 15
Plot Against Mexican Dictator
Reported in Capital.
Uexi? ? ? r Mai . 1". It - ?aid
iitat i;??!!? ral Huerta waa Informed t"
? at .? i'."! against tila lif?
? out m a < ;? i m.m resta .,? ?< -ii
w hi' ii hi i ni"? lm? "tat i onlaes
Ka a coi
'. ' .-ti taken, but th< P ildeni m< . i i
? ? ii ? nr- ! reely as usual.
Rebels Repulsed. Leaving 500
Dead, Says Report.
Maxi? '? ?'n\, March 10. 'i'"'r? ?:. ad
\ l***es sa* live thousand rebels i - - *_?.. ? ?. to ,
attack tiint place m S p. m. yesterday,
and aft? r !'? ' !? en houi i i ont n i is
lighting were driven off. with a loa? ??i
? hundred killed.
Thi telegram?? ' 1? a r i \ show that I hi
Federal a ? ? ? na ble to maintain the
outposts and u-'\ ba< i. on thi Inner i
line oi def? nc< ?Privat! id cea say I
thr lighting ? .?m m'' -
West Virginia Deputy Dead and
Ex-United States Marshal Dy?
ing - Aim Was True.
h, W. va, March 10 R. id.
lor, ;i deputy sheriff, Is dead; a. r>.
Baavera, a f?onner [7nlt?sd States dep?
uty marshal, Is dying, and D. W? Beav
daputy sheriff, and T r. Ifickey '
an -. ; lously wounded as .- result of hi
t.istoi battle on a Norfolk <" Western]
train to-day between iaegei and Bar? I
. W. Vi .
it i? said thai thi shootii c followed -t i
??uarri?i between Taylor and the Beav-'
era brothers Taylor waa shot fi.e
iImes and Instantly kill? ?1 A. D.
i ????-* ?received b bullel in the ah
dnmi-n: hlfl broth? was shot through
eg, an?l Hickey, who had no pa?t
ir. tho fistht. roooivt? p thigh *-.oimd.
Bob Evans one of the party, wai
ah the partlefl to the battle are prom?
'nent and well known as ofllclals in the
The car In winch the shoot
Ins occurred was c-rowded with |
senfers, I : the thiellats shot ti ?? loi
i m renerally, only one non cora? ;
"' ?" Ina hurt.
Ohautauqua Schools Closed in
Fear of Canadian Invaders.
[By Tekr*-tap*] ??. ??>.
Dunkirk, x. v., March 10 Bkulklng
in a gulch at Riplay, ("hautauqua
ity, an? three vaunt, hungr* tira?
'.'?-? ' me across the lea of
l.ake Erie from Canads last Bui
The eountrj foi milea si ound la
alarmad. Mothers refusa to permit
their children to go out of doors and
>. hooi sessions have teen suspended In
two districts.
Farmers, arm*??! with rifle?:, shoi
guns, muskets, revolvers ami pitch?
forks, have traced the animals to s
pule!, which extends from the lake
ihrre miles to ?' rangs of
Four in First Six at Johns Hop?
kins Medical School.
trap*, le The*
Baltimore;, March 10. Thai "ttro men
and four uomen Rad the class" Si the
Johns IT?>r?i-ii-- "- '? ?? ??.!? ?1 school la th?
Interesting statamanl mad?? b. Dr.
Franklin P "Mail, profeaaor of anatomy.
TI"? Statamanl l* In a letter in which
Dr Mill replies to Profeaaor WllHan T.
?prick, of the Massachusetts Insti
i t?- of 'I'd hnology, who In a published
article arouaad the anger r>f tii>? suffra?
by d?Bclarlng that ilie f? minist
movemenl la biological bosh. Dr. Mall's
. i -, - ion :?i'i" ai " si on moi ??
n.ari.ni.i?- when '.t is known that the
contains eighty men and onlj lea
?m? n.
Almost Total Obscuration Will
(jive U. S. Astronomers Chance
to Study Stars.
Washington March 10.??Thars will
he an e lipsjc <?'? tl B WOOn. almost total,
to-morrow niKht. visible from all points
m Western Europa, North ami South
America and Western Africa, tatron
??tii?-is at the m ? .ii observatory here
i.ave prepared to take advantage of the
opportunity for special observations
?. irlng the c? nil?-?, for while the moon
rkened nuaually a? curate work
? ?? ;?, ?ompllshed.
it wai pointed out t? night that |
? ? ? ?.-?? 4. than aie in?imall] ob
servad for purposes of occultation ob
servatlons are more aaaily seen during
ind that thai sre of gr? ii
Import n" ?? m corra? ting u?e lunar '
. ? . ?. et aalronomsi i.-im? found i
i to ompute fi "in 11" m . ;
iai,!, h whl? sgi i exu* ily with ths
i obsei "i m iv sky
? : ??.?. o] t he ' .il I ii v?. ill nul en '
.,,. i covet ihe moon, bul at the mid?
die ?,i un ? ||p ? mors ?han nine t< nths
,,?? i ' , rnoon'i dlametei a 111 be In Ihs
<? 11,, 111 ? i ii? ahadow,
.,. i ording lo I'M" las re? konlng, at
>, 11 v m ?,, |., i. un n."i roa night,
ndard I Irai . hould n a? '>
ii., middle "i -h? " Up ' ;" I ' I2? ? "
?. ? i?i? k, and les ' I!" h 'i"-* al 12:44
a m, "n Thursday.
?a??? i ? ? ??????
St. Georgen Gives She
to 100 of I. VV. W. i
Memorial Building.
The Rev. A. VV. \nindcl. \ssis
Rector. Believes Them Dcser
in?? Tannenbaum Indicted
S- ? ;, ? .
? -i t-, Morgan ??h
member, and where hia aon, ;
ent .T. i' Morgsn no?s worships,
\ Ided ehe ?tei ?sal nlghl foi
dred i.f the i. W w. unemplo)
The Re FCsi Retland th? re, tor. I
dered Bt. Qeorge'i Memoi :-?i Build
at No ?JOB ! aal 16th atrsi ?
th? cl urrh, aa ale? ping rjusi t?
fid?iiti??ii ni.i e monej foi dlnn? :
i,' r akfa - : f??- two hundred
Th?? pvening - 'ti ??? itti the us
meeting ai i ??? itory In Rutgera ?Squi
; ? ' the men were msrahalled i
bstta ' n ?i upto
to a reatsurs?l ;it ?No. 176 Third a
nue, where they ?gol a meal rivsll
m Bumptuouaneaa snj of those
d on prevlouB ???.??nine;'-. The ?l
h? r opened s 11 h oj ater and em
with cigsretti ; ?- through
cuatomary Inti rmi diste ? ? rtea
The lodging si Bt. Oeorgi - was p
through the m? d i m of t
women of Bi Mai - ?t 1
ahlp, ?ii?. an assisting the I. w V?.
look ?.Hi i the men. Dr Reilsnd s
ask?'il if lie \? ?-. ? i I rt ?take car? of ?he in
foi :i nitriii ;m?t i repli? dl
house one hundred of them. The iu
A lfrr-.i \v. A rundel, formerly of PHI
burgh and well known sa a i
la sssistsnl rector of the i hurcb.
"We are glad lo have th? se m
hers," h? ?If. larrd. "1 bslisi. ih
the? rssllj sre men who sre homele
j' mi i ung?." snd that th? j sou
II -?. en i ii" rhanoe "
A score of the Tannenbaum "srmj
rslessed from jsil ??'esterday or ihe <??
?before, v.ft. among those who avail?
th?m?.. ; ? - ol i ?i i:- lland'a bospitslll
In -.ii addi' ? '" tit?- men Mr. ?Viund
quoted from the .Sermon on the Moun
snd sdvlsed ihe men to gel buaj an
find work The doors of ?the meetln
?room a. ? i ? orter? d i ;?.s?*?l by I ?
Reiland d? le tit ea end rtportera belli
eseluded. Dr Reiland said thst h
? tbe men might feel embarrasse
in the pi > . . ? ? laiton.
?Trank Tannenbaum, lesder of th
mob thin .?t?.itii.?d Bl Alphonsesf
? 'hut ? h, .?ti \v.?-i Brands si tbe nigh
of March 1. ?.??is Indicted yesterdsj fo
pai ti< Ipsl Ion m .'in anil ?
i.iiii'?-. He Brill be errsigned befoi
Judge Rosslaky, In Uenersl B<
'i ii.? offence charged la :? misdemesnor
punishable hj Imprisonment for on?
. ear or s l ne of .1000, or both
One of those rcleaeod trtppa prisoi
? ds) declsred that Tsnnenissun
hsd pi? nty of mone: . Tsnnenbaum h
in ihe Tombs, snd hsi "?corned ih?
prl ?.?i food, aendlng oui t?. rssta iranti
i f??r hla meala snd ahowlng a decided
preference foi lsrg< orders of hum and
? c-?' a.ding t?. hla rel?mete he
had ?? roll ol billa eon? esled In bis left
aho< Th# man declared be asw 118
Uovrrnor illynn'a offei lo transport
-i,in? of ?Ses fork'a unemployed up*
st;ii<- t.? \?..tk on atlste ?roadi found lit?
tie favoi with the i. W. W. mvn Issi
night i .?. ? \ i>.,.|. bad an ? gcuss.
? ; issle M .ii? t. a ho a ?i srri ted s Ith
Ti.titi.-ni? ?ums church raiders, wss
?.?1 gnllt? of ?h "ni"rl' , ondUCt ?m,I
i. i- ,i ed on bu -i" n'l* '. ' ? ?ii. i <re * ester
day b m igistrata < 'smpbell in re
i? ? im Mil Miller the ?magistrate da
dar 'i i" Hi f '??;?t ehe would like lo
i , . i,?. n ? .-iii. need in pi ?ls?o?ii that
might m.?-' .i insrtyi of bsrssif The
i , it.' tld hs ?v ful.i not be a p.? 111
t,, thai f?*?rm ol "aslf ?sggrandlsemenl I
m,,i - b< ap ,nivet tismg
?_ Burglar Removed Religious Era
blem Before Cracking Safe.
B " ?-lonrap i to Tllf
Pat? rson, \. .1.. March 10 B?
??? "n and ?4.-1 ? ,i b irglar
who < i lax Berth, a
i but? hei .?: S 0. '."? BlttSOfl stre?^, \g?l
; night religious en blem fron
his ? oat and laid II on a i hopping block
?-?Tii. .i e safe and mad?
off v ?ti, 11.".'.? n ' a?-. . i'n? but ton waa
found !? ii? ti ? ti
i'o'ii-e were unable to decide
the emblem signified, hut believe
that bo long as he ?rere the emblem
the burglar could not bring bimeelf to
' ommit a crime, so removed I while
the |oh rs Sing ?lone. In his haste
? ? get awfl i ? forgol ihe emblem
Surgeon Whom Wife Link?
ed with /Mrs. Mackay
Booked as 'Bonchose.'
i ?i Joseph ? Blake, ths a ?r?re<-?n
whoi mat Imonial Infelicities and
those of tit?'- now d orced Clarence
ii. Msckays were the subject of much
ii.iii? h recently, left for Europe on
Lusitstils est?"'da. under ??n
?I trame "h. itonchose." a name
restive of the Amerhan phrase
? ?? "'I thing."
Rumor ha?' n that he Intended to
? ? pal i late himself and to practise t?nr
-*< tv sbroad.
Even hi- most intimate hienda whlle
.-. i h? I sd hot n thinking < I
going abroad, did not know that he
.had snj Intention of l?navlng yt?sterday.
ii Beere tan when asked leal eight
denied absolutely thai the doctor had
left the eountrj Bhi characterised the
atatement to that effect as abaurd. and
said thiit he had left 'he house about ."?
o'clock to keep a dinner enf-as-eaient
and had not yet returned.
Information aras received early yea
I terda* afternoon that P' ""lake wa?
I t.? sa;!, and thai his por?se?-inn<? had al
| ready bean shipped on the FhOadalphla,
i " iii?-ii left hero on March ?">. AI ths
[pie* ire ?was recognised by several re?
porters, but before thev i-iiti!?! r"a< h
him he had son ?,ii board ihe liner
and had locked himself In h!s state?
1 room The liner called soon after ?;.
\t lust ili?re was no responas to the
i repeat d knocks al 'he door of state?
room D 11 l'iariii-- bis ralel appeared
and announoad that the ?Joctor h;??i
n-.tliitin; to sa] an,I would n"t see r?
porters When Questioned the valet
foiin\Y?'?i hi? master's tactics, bul
flnall* agreed t<? make s Btatemenl a'
I n Blak? I house, af'er the h,?at ha?l
?;,? ,l"d.
Nothing of him was seen from 'hat
moment. Ms ?lid not go in ihe i.in?t
tanla, however, as he was seen hurry?
ine, ?iff the dock as ihe ho.-u departed
Althoiinh Dr. Blak.? sailed under the
? d i am? of B?Machose,n his trunk
marked "Blake, x. Y."
The departUn Of l"?r. F"iake makaa
th.- second InStattCS "' ? iprit nation
which i,;??? arisen out or the tatiEie
thai began when Mra. R!ak" sued for
a decree of separation from her .??.*
i.aml and for the tvrover?. of S1 ?lOO. -
iNNi fi??ni Mrs Mackaj for the aliena?
tion of her huabanda* affections Mra.
Blake won 'he Urs! suit la?t .lan'iary
and dropped ih?' second.
Mrs Mackaj Is still In France where
??h? an'i her husband were granted a
"mutual di'onc" m February. ?**he
has taken up S re^Stdwes m Puns, and
It I? supposed thai she will continue
to live there.
Dr. Blake will dtserabark fr??m the
i.'.-itaiiii? h Flshguard on Marvel, IR
Posse Kills Lunatic, 80.
it-iief.iritain?' Ohio, March M fomuel
?;...h?n? sged eighty, ??n Insane man, s*s
shot and K ii i ??< i bj ,i posse to-day after he
1im?i *h"t and prabaMy fatally "'?taCo^
"? Robert * ""!? or Lagan tSuOukt aui
I an lead? <t hlmxamif (n "tin shanty nnr this
McKay Suspends Inspecto
Gillen and Cleans Out
Tenderloin Staff.
; Recent (losing of Restaurant
Recalled "Dan" Costigan
I eads Raids in District.
Commissioner McKaj made I
' lug .<?hnk?' up lasi night, it hu tho ol
Tenderloin, an?i hi) so haul no ?m
??ouid trii where It v.as going to rtop.
Commisalonsr McKa? reduced In
apoctor .1 u. Oillen, of the old Tandsj
loin, to n captain, snd suspended hin
? pending the rssuli of chsrgss. Then
?laftss a ?riait to the district, the Cots
I missioner transferred ??? lleutensnt. Is*
la??rgsanta and eighteen patroln|sii
I practically the s'hole of Gillen'a ataff.
What the ehsrgea sre on which Gil
i len is to he tried could not be dlscoy
I erad. n<? would give no Inkling t?
them himsslf.
Poll? e Commissioner McKay drov< U|
?Test itreet atal on in hli
automobile about 11 p. m wenl si onci
hehind the dssk, io?>k the blot?fer fron
i leutenanl Mulligan, and wrote sa fol
In it :
? Inspect i i .i H. Gillen, Sd inspecttor
i District, la ? ' ?'? iced to capta i and aua?
prnrled '
Ti"? Commiasloner, aftei chatting foi
.i m..n-. nl '?' ?ill the lieuti I I
i Mulligan, ' Tell ? Hilen to : ? port at
IHeadqua rtera na ?toon sa he "in. - in
In .'he morning."
Mr McKa: thus .it-ove ,.ff m aearcl
"' Captain \V. Ward, of i] ?? V/t I I0?1
?treei atstlon, snd ih? sutomoblte went
in the direct on of Buatanoby'a res?
Tiie suspension ?.f ?".men, which had
air^.'i'i- created "-??ni^thing ?-?f a. ?Mitsa
tioii nt Police Headquarters, where the
notice Ka- po??ie(l a few moments he
f?T? the Commissioner sppesred a? the
gtaUon house, caused ??? i??sr itlr in the
..?.i 'ri ndei loin.
Inspector Cornelius F, ?Vih.? ? ? .?
t?mpora i gned I I ; ec
lion i ?strli i in sddltlon to bii own.
i- n?>t t.... mu? h ??? ?i thai the
suspenalon of Gillen, which came
complete surprlai al Headquarters, was
?receive with constsriuitlon
The first ?>iii.. k had no! paased when
the sei-oti'i csme in the sh Ring of Gil?
len'a men
[aisutsnam W. F Brennan la aeni o
the desk al Bath avenue atatton, Bath
iie.irh. an?! Patrolman J. J Hsnneaay
to ctartcal wort at ih^ Morrisania ?ata
I tion. B?Bige?nl C. J. latsbola ?r???-- ?to
Tottenvllle, Btaten [gland, snd
geanl Michael Msge? ?? the ?Ssei 36th
??treet ?tatioii. Brooklyn.
Patrolmen *ent to Brook -n are W,
r. Arasai to Atlantic svenue, Thomas
Cahlll to Rspelyea sure; G?aorgs M,
v.i ist.to Amltj etret v Gaorge j, t-iant??
| to Sixth svenue, ?Lawrence (Closet io
Ralph avahue W. i. Mutt to Kutier
'??tieer and H.irr? Cetsmsnn to Fulton
I street.
?plia othTs an trsnaferred to
Manhattan itatlona Patrolman \ al
entin" Bach to ?Saal ?_"_'.i ?tri ?? I,
Walter F. M Rl??hr.n to Clinton street.
Abraham Brrsd: to Msdison street. Otto
Hettier to sheriff ?-tiert. Phiiii) Hoerter
... Ka?-i ?SBth street, Michael J, Muiphy
to i.?-n<>\ aven i< John A. Taffe to
5th ?iroi't. fSdgSI B. Tallman to Engt
imth atreel ind John Watson to Weal
125th "tie. I.
it was Gillen, who, with ?Dwyei msdel
the un?LSPSCted raid- on the T? ml? t l??,t
restaurant?? a fes Bights ag" and ah II
tin? lid down tlghl at 1 o'clock without
..r.iM-s from Ihr CommtSSiOIMf ?Slid
without the knowledge of the Mayor,
Hti'i continued their tanin after the
Mayor hnd d^timt"!? ahown lhal he had
no gyminfh] with the throwing of ras
taur?,.-' (?siests. <*??it from their aappsn.
Itxops* tot Gillen re*?a>**gm boa hottsa, al
taasassad on ?aemrt ?"-??*??? otto ?oioras*
! '
I Leader o? Tammany Hall, with Gaffney,
Foley, Darlington and Pmnkitt, Put Out
for Non-Payment of Dues.
"Dropped tor Best Interests ot the Party." Explains O'Dwyer
? lumulty. Glynn. ?\lalone and Other Enemies
ot Chief Elected.
? !h irles F M is di ?p? d from '
v ! '.?;,-,,, ratli ' 'i'ii> la.it i
Thi? unei ? ! most poa er ni
mo- - au.:" -' i Tammanj boss n his
?? hole ' -? - I? ad?. and the (Irai
iini",r m admlnlatered in the
campaign to force hin out of control or
organization h? u ?? last
it ,n a -torn, m eting t?f the I
of govern? n the ? lubhouae, N?.
| ?.i; Fifth Kvenue.
Judge I'd" ard F. O'Dwyer pi
" club, who hnd bean leading ths
I fight "ir Murphy, Introduced b r?solu*
! lion ??ailing for 'he elimination of Mil'
1 phj. James E. Gaffn? y, Thomas F
Poley, Thomas H. Darlington and
? I? orge w . Plunkitt on ? lie ground I i
thi hail failed to pa* their Januars
? and February dues
Refuse to Accept Dues.
it was opposed bj Thomas F Smith.'
Murphy's right hand man and sacre-1
of Tammany Hall He appeal? d
to William v Clark, Brst vice-presi?
dent, for i" i mission to pa; I he ?
ur the five men, and at ths end of his
protest handed .1 check foi |12v>* ihe
dues are I1250 a month -to Wilton 1.
D. B?natela, c r< iai j? et the club.
KliiBtem refused to accept 'he money.
By this 'une ?lark liad already ruled
Ehnith oui of order, la that aril? la '?> of
?he club's conatltutloa ruled that mem?
bars who had not paid their ?lu?-? for
two month.?' were sutiomaticall) "'1 ths
Smiih appealed to thi board ?i I
arnors and asked toi i \o'e Thirteen
of the t?>ent> -one members ?if 'he1
board of governors ami Uve of the sli j
oincers were present. A vote was
tak*?n and the appeal was I0-1 by I
1?! to 7.
Thi m-:.? goreiiMMB praoeat acre j
John Ft Keller, Thomas U Peltnei
si. phen Font I candi 1 Konta,.
.lohn u. Dunlap Hi iu Oallagher, I
John P. I."?? ThomaB F. Smith. Daniel j
F. Murph.. John M. Rlehle, John B
Hasslocher and John F tyBrii n Thi .
ofllcers voting were ECdward F,
O'Daryer, president; William AvClarl
first rl<*e?prealdent; Wilton I. D. Bin-1
-??-m, treasurer; W. H. Jasper. ss
iii . and Roger Foster, "-oiTesponding
Ths i- sol 11 Ion "as Introdticad by
Judge ?Vow ?.or. It was a rompl? '
prise to Bmlth and the other allies of
the Murphy contingent.
I.n m smith realised that he
sten i.ffered ? resolut "n call
Ing for the dismissal of all othei
h.-i's of the club v. ho h;id d? faulted In
their du
'"There at ? a numl ei sf other mem
hers of thli ib ah" ha\?? not pard
... dues," he said "and ib?re was
j no legltlsaate reaaoo whj these flvel
(men i-lmuld ha\ a been p;'i?''d OUl tot
I elimination. 1 ?an for the dii-missai of
! all the nther-i who are n arreara."
This res?,lut ion me', with no opposi?
tion. Judge tyDwjrer a? ?ooptei It m
quickly that Smith was dazed. Th?;
resolution wan Immediate!; adopted
Then? are 725 names on the club's ros?
ier, ;.n?i Ehnith ?declares thai ? review
of 1 he hooks will Show a surprisingly
large number of members who aie be?
hind In theii payments,
'These men will not su ?mil to such
humiliation," said Smith. 'The name,
wan picked oui for mi obvious prn
| pose, ami we will have them restored
to the rolls."
"T .an z'wo a ,*?r\ good reason why
ih*? men war? ?dropped?'' said Judge
O'Dwyer. '*The ware dropped for ths
beet Interest of the club and ? he
1 leraocratIc pun 1."
Tumulty Becomes a Member.
Punch was 4'i\rn the proceMing
tw<enty new members were sleet?
ed, These Included ' .?>? ernor ? ilynn. Coi
? ? Dud s) ?Tleld Malone, Fire '"om
miasitmer Adaraaon, si.u- ?Senator
Veite ami Thomas Tumulty, brothei "f
ths secretary o President Wilson
Becauas the.-?? new members par:
-.1 .? ppppaad to Mm pi Bmll
very much ga?"i, bul h?* roas la
anger when Tumulty's name ?A-*?, read
it.- ? ':c 11-? 1 f? " Bmlth shouti??
"he isn't a resident."
No attention ?.??a.? pa:?l 'o ti,. ;
teal When the meeting ??.a
Bmlth said thai an appeal would be
lnflde to th?? fill! hoatd of gOVeTOOl
\\ e didn't hr.\e our full Strengtb 1UI
tO-nlght," he ?-aid. ??hut we'll hn\i? it st
the ni xt ineetlng of the board ?>f go
ernors in April."
In view of the \.?te last night it ia
unlikely that his prophecy will he ful?
filled President <t'Dwjet s,i?(| they
would noi be reinstated if he had lui
4., Ths governors abesnt laal ?sight
wete Juatke Thom.i*? K. Donnelly, for?
nii?v Juatkg William i>. Ami? i?..?n.
Thames W, Meyera, J i.e??is i.\on.
Richard Crokar, William F McGombe,
? har?as B, Ouggenhetaer, John .1. Quln
1. n and Rl? hard < '""ofcer, }v
Th? onl\ officer abaeal ?i< Herman
A. Me'.- second ?.l?r?e-presldent. it
obvious that Smith ? an not summ
eiUMlgh str??ngih thr-re to win oi
Knrtlurniote. II i-- extreme!.? unlike
that Richard Craksr prill attend ti
next masting.
Two ressMutlons arare offered iw?-,
the one i!iro,-ted at Murphy an?1 li
henchman. The rust apparent! I id
hau mli m ci lor to Smith snd '
??is ani drew no opposition, exec
a motion thai it should be ?referred
a m?94Hlng "f the club a?, a whole si
not a.-te.i upon hj the board of c">
. rnors ai.?n??.
Smith brand? .i auch ?action
board as "high hand?sd piracy" <.?'?t
iai??.i to throttle the rolce ol ?
m-eanlng the members of the ?in
Judge O'Dwyer lntrodu?rad the folios
mg resolution, ?hlch wsa ...?,,,,,,], ,i i,
. "That the n.?tlona i ?? m?? ra Clu
approves of and unequivocally Indois?
ihe honorable snd rat. loti?
mendations of Prealdenl Wilson to la
Congress ??** the United Btsti
caUng thi repesl of the tolla exsraptio
clause of the Pa name Cansl ?< t.
Th? motion ? ?is msde bj smith t
refer the resolution to thi? next mssi
Ing of thi ? lub, snd h:- m?.iIon a i
flnslly ?adopted ? 9 to *?
Magistrats H ? ?i ;? t ?? olu
lion m regard to II a i?i
bronsc tablai si ?\lbanj In commemo
ration of the adoption of ?Go
?CHynn's amendments to the primar?
?lay, on \? in? h srs to bt Ins? ?
?names of the legislstors a*ho voted i"1
?m.-ndm'Uit. I ??
-??'. ?.[ii|.?i| I? Air KSndl i KOH I?
r.?;,?! as follows.
Resolved, Thsl the N'stlonal i >? m,.
. ran? ? 'hi', mile? I fun.Is for t '?
lion al ' ' ?* bronse tablet i II -
ri??eru.(-.i in celebration "f rite
adoption "f th" pro?pos?d an.
io tbe prlmsi \ Is a b i h? i.? i
on the rscommendstinn nf Go
Gl) mi ?>?. tK'n thi i shall ; ' ?
part of th. pi 'iii.il ? eli ction Is?
sani broi
enduring snd suitsbk pis
? ort the name ..f the ? ;.
Btste and the naj
voting for the smendm? ?
Tin? resoluI Ion oi Igln 11
the Inscribing of the names of the teg
islatora who voted agsinal th? ?
menis. but on the motion
?aras d??.'?l.??i i?-? rx4-lude these nsmi
Foley Reported Wealthy.
Thoma i?* i'. '? the .i?
ie,it???i Mas F. Ihtnsen wh?**i a? i Tarn
mam . andldate In \'H'l i ?
of the rictors ovci the Hesri
fusion nominees, Binons
? 'hsrles B. Whiti I indid
idge of the Cour! of < ?en? r?i .-?
lits aobriquiH foi man years has
heen Pig Tom FotSy.'* and he bSJ
been known aa the Csar of Cherr** Hill
Me ?earned thla titi?-? srhen he ?dafaa?tad
"Padd? " ?Dti ? ei His : ?Moon al ?Trank
lin ?an?! Centre stiasts used to i?e ih?
ttecca ?if the polittcisns of tii<- Crakei
!>),e. ' ?irti Itth. str?et WSS "the HnS."
"Ble, Tom" ?has ?bash an Aasembl m-in,
alderman, state ?Senator, Sheriff :n>?i t*
reputed to be a ealthy
. i. ? Isffm i in th?
coterie of osa i Tsmi any Ha got
ins name In the newspapers when
or Bulzer explained thsl I a i
? . a '? F. Mu? ph< a Bai thai
E. Gsffnej ?should have chsnp I ?
expenditure of Ni ? Fork's million foi
new hlghws] -. Thai iron
ble that ended In Bulsar'a Imp? a
Gaffney, too, liai been an ?sMernsi
and has recently enjoyed a lu?
parir,?rsiiip ?? ,tii a Murphj m ihr- con
ten, tie has been ????
cused of t n M :.r ?bribas summoned !??
f??re Riat;?l juries and qulsxad time
He ha- alsmya held bis tempe ??
arara, and whaa laal approaihet
on "rontiaet graft " ?he parried th?
q .. -M? nets by predt?cting a a?
asasan for the ?B?**?t.on "a eball cHib
which he own?,
Plunkatt ? Mao of Aphorum?.
.'eei;-???- \\ PI'inkitt. Tanimali?. t%
Mate ?Senator, was foi a hssg ?
m ot ihe Tammany organtsattoo
bul wsa unhoraed a? i?..rir, ?f nia ?!
tti-t yesra ago 1>* Thomas .1. If?
Mai - He as at ? h . million dollars
his fl i? ml?- BSy. *
Many ] - - i ootbla
. at *iio count j coui thouoe, a ;
tiled his ?ost i um !?>? m thi?
position he delighted t?? at ?it n lh" " ?i? :
aervlce arist?crata snd "fa fia lasare*'
He once arrote a hook of aphorism"
which had lh?-* indorsement <>f ?*hai|e?
"?'. Murphy, ?One of th???-?- a plus lam
" \ politician ? h" sti sis la ? f"<?!
Th. t?-' i? auch ? ?zrand opportun!!] tot
a ill.?i with a pull thai he has p.. r\
i use f.?r at! alin?? ?'? ? ?lit."
piunkitf ?-.as barn "> Nea Totrk an.,
has held man?' positions ..f ttusi atM
pr.iftt. always ?sot tin?; in? olactkm sq
the help of Tammany.

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