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rounsel for depositors, that might have
ri " bearing; on the criminal proceed
ings. Siegel declined to anawar, on the
ground that to do eo might Incriminate
bim. Once or twlca wh?sn he araa hard
j rf?.-,.,i idOiils B. Levy, of Staneiitloi 1
<v i.evy. bis eounael, want to bis res?
cue. Occasionally ho laughed, und ?raa
na' merry when, in telling what he did
Witt Ma taCCWie frota the several en?
terprises, be Bald he had cease?! paying
?. BOB e y?-ar alimony to his former
\4 ife
"That," ??aid he. *?!? the on? brlcb'
.??pot In nil these troublca."
Immediately after the hearing, a'
???bleb Edwin M. BtantOB represen'ad
the federil government, waa adjourned.
Marshal Benktl and Mr. Levy escorted
Flegel to the form?is private office to
protc-t him from the crowd which waa
saambled In various parte of the buiid
Inf, e-aJttng fot "a cha?es to get ai
' Henkel rushed b.lm to a privat"
elevator and OUt through the Mall
street entrar.ee to the poetOflaOO, ?
?five Al Tb.omas. of DiStrlcl At
torney Whltman*B at a if. waited With a
The parly -".is flrai driven to Mr.
Levy's office, white the crowds lingered
and thence to the (Matinal ?
Building Wl ? -soaltora leai
wha? had hapi.d they a*dJourned to
? .? '? building No. 148 Weal 18th
street !" denounce Marshal Henkeland
-.?? the ad* I aaklng Ma ror
Mitchei to remove Judge Hough for
refusing to allow them to heai
taking of tei tin*
Pair Plead Not Guilty.
Meanwhile Biegel had been joined at
the Criminal Courte Building by ?Frank
i: VogeL Judge R was pie
. - al anothi r trial, und the
took seats Just outside the bar in
Bi? gel v??'i?< nervous ai d Vogel
treme! pale .\i 4. IB o'clock ?
Clerk Cowing called them to the
A young clerk of Stanchfield S La
staff pleaded not guilty for them, and
i ten day? In whi? Il to ins;..- t th??
tmenta and charge the pleas If
- SBBi *-i Wl tman thought
too lone, and Judgs Roaalsky gave
them one wek. with a promts?? of more
time If noaded
Bonds Were Ready.
Ths aueetioa of bail had previoua j been
aettled, and it was only necessary for the
court to approve the bend of BSfitt for
each prisoner thai Harold Morris. ? ?c<?
preeldsnt o* t>?? Nat i aal I ret;. Con -
pany, bad ?lene?! Beth prisoners at
i ??ft th?, bulldlns for further confei
? ' their co mr-el.
Upstairs Mr Whitman ealled on Mr.
to ?.peak for the offl'-e on ths Indict?
After explaining ths penalties for i is
offences charged In tl ? Indlcl
Train went on to siy that on Febi
.'. Vogel 11 ?-'far.',; ?. Igned
he and Siegel presented I
tronal Hank of Co- I . ?
I to show t..?? a? t ial An
.r'.ion of me Fourteenth street ?
: of Januar] O, iflt, the end oft
j ear
- pur)
Bhoa that .tim Fourteenth SI
?aras worth U '?'.'"?> more than all 11 ow? d,"
"the bank loan?"! ' ?
. ?? foui not? ?. matui Ing at vai ?? u
idorsed by ?J Bles?
for the store a
? . |. . .
.... rth 1
? ??'
was ? nut
?? as * ' ?
? ?
pan? of *'.?'. ? and
debit . -...-,?.
Merchant ? {:?
at of
? ? ou? no1 value of
? | ?? 4 . .
'"The Inquiry ?leso!? queer
i '? : Co., a cb?
? a tank upon one of its deposit!
te ths ? who v ould
be gi
with win? sd aa a?
? ? 1 ? loi *???! over t'i !
???: ?-d.,-.?? ?
? ?... .......
Pita? or ?Cork Tip '?.'?"'
' ?*. ?
Philip Moms
a the
high grade brand
that has -frown
in populsnty lot
cor.seruUve years and
ha? lebafied the
most contrtJbBf teste?
ok the moat
discruninshng tanc^er?
dirt erent c?ountrtA
"Vna trw??i Wraara Boa "
PhiBp Momo ?fit Go?. Ltd
tttmBt? U--? wSom? c?*o i
BlsSjel .? ' a banker-?. b'Jt never CSShsd,
. esn led ss a ca? h Item by the bank.
When gP00?,O430 of these ehecka had act imu?
lined, ?the amount ??as srbttrarlly ?ehargsd
.,. t...? snd the checks can?
tes ?lid not appssr
amoi g tb( ' ' I! -taten:? ni i
Foist !?'?'mth Btree 8 ogs - ipp led the
Bai ? of Co ?? i
"in ?all Siege! and Vogel submitted ssv?
ersl statement' covering live ? ? the
t e ?'??? ersl atore AU <?'
arfo ? ?
? ?being Worse than that Of the PoUl
teenth Htrert store, OS Which tl
? ? ? ?? based upon those other Indict*
rnents will be bSSSd
Sale of Stock in Europe.
"The investigation revealed some quee.*
? . r doing buslnesa in the cas? of
Blegel stole?. Corporation the records
? ? n mai ted of I7M.M ? I
preferred ?stock In Europe i?r,r- nttot I
turned HM,4)00 svsr to the Bhnpson < ?Taw?
ford Company, whose stock it earrl? I ??
it?, vaults as as asssl Tins BBOO,?900 waa
used to buy bonds <?r the Simpson Crsw?
ford i en pan These bonds were retired
and immediately the holding ci ????: at "?m
Siegel Stores corporation) marked ap
the value of its Simpson ?Crawford stock
b) ?HO 0
"Subsequently it loaned the Simpson
i'raw ford Compsny $''00,<KH) on its notes,
liter csncelling lbs notes. Then if SglUl
ted its sppralsed value of it?. Simps ?u
? rsarford stock 1 | th?; amount Of
notes that had been eaaeeUed "
"That tiansaction," said Mr. Whitman,
ai prov? ?1 by a lesohition ttiat ?'111
the then counsel for the cor
porstion. i won't say who that was, but
II "as nol Btsncbflsld & Levy.''
"Thai " Mr, Train went on, "wss in
January a >car ai*o. How a lawyer er-u'd
approve such a transsctlon is beyond me.
? ?? it ?was d
"Other transactions were mors Irrsgu?
?ar. The l?ook3 in ?thl * a-s tn.it s e
lave pone over them plstnly show t'.a*.
st no time wss anj of the stores mak?
ing money. The best the Simpson Craw?
ever ? I wss to mske sppa ' -
??nt earnings <?' less than |14n,4j>90 ?
n,.n -i .?. i,,- -, a. stot o dividend of
..? : -.urteenth Btri ? I
B ton Btore " alwaya an admitted
"The mere fa * iton were
t pr?t ?nt the ps.? n .
.?f salai i- of I si ear to Bit
? ?? - . , ? | -v;vi?/. i , ; . ., ?
Price. Nor did it prevent the giving out
"f |k-u"<1 Maten,cuts The WSJ thai S'HJ
done WSI Slmpll it' Itb?
"Bo far as i i schsnica of tbt
. i are con ??: n? d. he
Dg up o? figurei corn * ? b?
paid ? ? ? - who so ild ha? e b? en dli
? - ? ...i they not add? d correctly,
all right But the firms Kelt, a-? nan..
do, n prit at?- |i agi.. m v. bleb the ? i is
v. ei .< coi rectly ?-nt. red
Invsi lably shof w i??'n .? imi
ance showing tins ??. as struck si the snd
"f the yesr ss expert vould be called In
and told to do toi them so
would ?shoe a profit.
Frantic Negroes Hurl Kur?
il?.lire to Street from
Upper Windows.
Fit ? d< ed four five-story
.n?m houses ?.,. cupied 1" "'
and pat *.
\\ ??? I34tl ? *i t, between Be? entti
and L? tterday evi
i,i f at? hour after th<
??I in
dred fsrailles
among *
*. i T ie buildings de?
ed were Nos 184 to ?28 Inclusive
Those si No. 11s ami No. 1*26 barely
. .
Within a tes minutea aftei the
flsmt a were i igb the build?
? ? No, v.'.- the firemen ?discovered
?flamea streaming through the third
floor Windows of t'ip tenement bouse
.... 118, levan doors away, and wall
away from the ?range of the flames In
No. 132.
\ "lines ?.-, erp diS
? Indowa of the
ground floor ?.f No. 133 tr-er?-? ^as a
? ' explosions in ths upper floors
o thai building ar.?i n<?. 131. The ? i
plosions OOUld nol h? n.-routited for by
. ther the police or fire officials, for
ths fiamos had nol rest bed those floors.
Soon aft"r the Are started No. 132
and No, K'4 were enveloped In flame?,
that rean-'l far above th?- roof??. Scores
?egroes, many half clothed, tore
dosrn tue stairs to the street, others
hurled oui to the si'lewalk solas, ?beds,
?.hair ? '? ind other belongings that
i be sojueessd through the windows
Down the stairs toile?! other-'. Itralnlni
? the weight of huge bureaus
dressers, re*trlgarat4)?rg, stoves, etc,
I'-oplo living a? toss the street ?and
down the block, on both sides, poured
into the Mr? et; and as they dodged th,}
fire apparatus and ambulances that
wars forced to balance themselves upon
the tides of ?snowbanks the Mgrnss -
a thousand or n..?re anrssmsd. '??led.
moaned cried oi chanted sreffd songs,
Ths policemen had t<> light to hasp
? i from entering th? burning build?
tags, frequently using stubs t>> do ,?...
A:i hour after the tire was discovered
?the buildings at No. 128 to 1.'*4 WST9
smouldsrlog frames, with beta and
there a stubborn flame, high up In the
?roof or i-i some corner difficult m g?'t
? '. ir Ing 1"? bssl to '.'?? p up the fight
uni ? ra ed tl rough the top floor
of No. 13C, and after dsmoUsblng thai
floor, th?j t? nants <;f No. 134, i;k?- those
I the other buildings oa that
atrt ? ong ?boss huddled In tin;
? purled about
at Ues
Patrolmen i'to ?-. and P? 1er
x, of the \a ? ?? is atat on
?i t?i igti the smoke Into No 130
and ' snit d Mrs, OertrtMe Used an In?
valid, iJo-aii from ?the third Boot
Anglo-Dutch Lovo Feast
Ari 'Intente Csrdlsle" performaa<oe be?
tv.?in Oerman snd ' ngllsh sctsrs will
lAtto pleca at the Pen ourth Btrssl
* [end . night, March ::". ?when
Adolf ?Philip ?? 111 i la) In English I
! ,. . v< I i.Iff .,' ?I
. ? ?
prima ?Jornia, wlil | ? - H. In 1
Huh, the role p|| ? i MafrgMUl Ku
?aalne la "The Midnight Qiri '
Said 150 Members Might
Leave National Demo
cratic Organization.
?Says He Will Not Start Opposi?
tion Organization Stili
for Uplift.
? ?!?. ?.' Charlea F Burp ??ho
4. fa fo ?' other members of Tammany
Hall was practically r?u?i out of the Ka?
j tionai Dsmseratls Club by the hoar.i of
Kove.-nora on TUBSslsj nicht, ?aid ? I
day there rriipl?? he a e,i?ner.il SXOdUS of
tbs Tammany men from the club.
II war- ssthnated that a' least
might go ni?. Tirer? are r.r>-'
members, Including non-reetdenti of i
; which number, I was said, at least
! h.-i?i neverc?! their oMnaeUoti srith the
automatically for non-paymeni of
No d< ?Unite - irss of ?action hat been de?
led upon, however.
The constitution pro'. Ides tl ai ths ?>
of governors "may, In Its dlseretlon, at .
any time within ton months thereaft
instate "a men t t as been dr. .
for non-paymeni upon the payment of
bu ta arrears and other indebtedness to
the club. Tin? ?<e:iei-il Imprei nvn is thai
ths full board of got ? ludlng she !
absentees of Tuesday night, would oppose
the reinstatement of Murphj and tl ~ j
Otl ??: B
? 'ai tain tel n P. Leo, for la snt;
i a i ? - and two i ? .i r- h >-?
nor and chairman of the
t.-,_., lunced tl a resolution
'f President O'Dwyer dropping Mu?
.-? 1 the others. To shOW his dJ
hs reelgned from ir ?? b commutes
rp to Tuesday night Captain Leo
always joiiieil In al! th? ai.ti-M II
movements. Pr rid? ;.r ?' I ha yet trt?
havs him reconsider his ?i-esignatlon i?ui
? " 1 used to ?Jo so.
Captain I ? o *.? d he bad i" ai ?
'?'? Ideal O'Dwyer was in ?need be
i.e.,. had voted as-aiiist the res '. itlon
"There eai b? no Juatmcatior fo
belief,'' LetO Wrote, "that tlie 'i-'ii
! ition co .in be of Interest i" the
?s ?!?e men referred to In it '?rre all
' oui of the - ub and tl a
- .,; ,.,| ,,r ? ? . - !? ??
in?*;, and the voten of men ',1. I ? ?
Far pell y an?! Koni
, - .? entire proposition was lll-advlaed
an) man who is honestly ><iur friend
v. ill ti 1! you ?"
i resident ? ?'Du sr frai ?si >r*
that ths fcJlure of Murphy and
? dues b
? ?,. ??? t pid of : Hi ? ;?"'
acknowl- dge thai these i n ?. I
. ?. but i
??-ri thai no an ? ? ": ? had
11 ? ?, ?
?\\? wanted to cet rid of M :??
t?if> , ? ild Judge O'Dv
cauea they wera generell
end discredited and a detriment i" l
i,,..,. ? [t vu w
i mu i,iu?i their dues, for such
? ered leal night : ? ?? fac?
that ths dm s had ael be? i rae ?nl
a i.-?/;. ! excuse.
"\\ ?? . .,1 win with M
t want th? ? ??
QOV? ? ? ? j ! .1 put Mufl ? "'?I "l
?'.'?? 1. I ? " -II'',
I.? ' '
Mr. Murphy I I on from
I the i ...
anule? when h? was seen a'
"in .?-a- a '? ??''! a ? eai ire said,
Bferiing to I; ? ? ' of the annual
dues "Perhapa i can then afford tn buy
n fi>w mu"? m-res of pr-oiun?, at ?1.t
Oround." Tha bosa >?a*' asked If h? In
' i ?o unit an oppoaltJori ? Mil "f hia
? " -,, : ,? : -?'ii? ' "i havs got i
prett. 8'-?"i ??! ii? right here,' looking
arc? md the headquarters of Tammany
n? added t ni ti e n- tion of the D?mo?
cratie ?"lui? would in n-' a a??? Intei
with the "uplift' movemem In which be
was ei,(*npe?J
In regurd t?? : ?? < | bfl mighl
I . ' ,? In ths ClUl .? a''!
?i waa iir't worryins blra at all.
?lul> might turn It o.e- to the poor If it
hke'J. Thai Is what he would do **'t!?
It If it ever Cam? to Mm.
Deserted Wife with Babe Evicted I
-Had Not Eaten in
Three Days.
a ?pala emaclsted v.<>',;,-i;i staggered
? into the Bast IMtfa street nation,
I'ushnii* a bah- carriage, and after
had told an aarteiindJng stoi y Lieutenant
John ? ? Cow ? n threw a bill on t? his ?i"?-'.*
and yelled t?> a patrolman on reservo:
"Here, Mike, be ?juirk! <;et thin poo.
ire aomethlng to ?at and drink
while I call a ?loctor."
,.s Mr?. Theresa Bca* - . i
forty years old, ??-h.? lived at >?
Bast .-i"i street until three, days ago?
when her lit? of furniture wer? put upon
In?, si?!.-walk and she a::?J her flight
inonths-?>i'i baby avlcted hsoauM .?-i ?
? "ul'l nut pay th? rent.
Ko: tiiri"? days and tin-? nights r> ;?-i>
ir i,* her little aun Antonio in hia perambu?
lator. Mi-, Beaveila had walked I ?
btreets, with ItOthlng f" 'r.t ?i urn: I, 8 I
nowhere t<i no oi to sleep except for tin
few minutes now and again m .? hallws
All I r '? t.r, ?? .. ?' .i -, |,,-: :,,. !.;, ?,. .
f"p? siie might Bad i sr husband, Antonio,
Wl " <:? SI rted I ? ' BB4 si',i :, i! onth be
fui' the beb) ?ras born.
Dr (Mane of the Harlem Hoapltal,
waited m.m iii? woman at? ? - I
Lieutei ant ii ? "onnor bad sei I tot ai i
th? n i?,"k i.? ? to t;.<? ? ha Itles i ??
Then Lieutenant 0 'or,, or si
i alai m foi ' Btonle Bcav? ?
Oppose "Two-Name" Paper.
' '?? im ' I ?'! of the propoeal to return to
tin? old "two-name" system of oomi
elal paper waa i sssed asterd at s
meetlna ??? the < ommlttee ei i si im?r? lal
lav.- of ii-.- Merchants' aw.ation after
. -, B?
clarli ? resent to b? la favor of
the ',< ? Bent ' i. i ? .,,,,i the
? .? ?? ? ? ? ? ?roi of draa
>ln| ttp !? ? omtot ndattena te the I aderal
Reeerva Board to thai affect,
O'Dwyer Wants All Anti-Ta:
many Organizations on Ticke
, Edward T'. ?-ryDwyter, of
Court, at'.'l president Of the Natio
ib, talked to the D-r
I o.'lation of New York
. - . ,ii -t.-"-t aid Columbus a
.. | bt on tii?? smentlments to
? 1 ? ? his d
. ' .
1,.' said, "but there (tre other
?Jons v7e must put ambitions a
jealourlSS ?si'le. All organizations ?
. to Tammar.v hall must be rep
s. i.t-d 0:1 the primary ticket this fall."
justice ni'-v.-.r ?said the i??-mo?.Ta
had ask?d for a hearing on the r
amendments ome time n^xt we
Jobs F Cowan. I '?'?nmis-ioner of R?
?Bid the Democratic Assoeiati
?would make a fght In every election d
triCt lu the county this fall in an effort
Into the Democratic General Co
V. Ullam B Seiden, chairman, r<
pomted a lesdST for ever?- As??mbly d
tri? t In the county.
? ornellus Huth -?aid the Serretaty
Ii ,'?? ?hsd suggested that it would be ??'
1er t?. change their name, M the Deir
Cratlfl As.?o?'.ati.?n of New fork was t
like the D?mocratie League. A n
ClUtion ?as paSSSd that the-- to ahe
vit h their tacorporstlon with that ?nas
snd if the Ke.-r.-tary of State refused
a ?cept :t they BhOUld get out a mandam
* him.
(iucsts at Dodge Home, 0
Fifth Avenue??iven
Big Reception.
Hill" Ha y wood and other tende
Of the I W. W v-ore entertained In
..1 '? " ?' ? 1 '?fi:, avenue
Mrs Msbel i'?? i^?i Itvea -'t thsl sddrei
e denied SSliy In the evening th
' -. to the unemiiloyeil.
? ong the guests st ?the Dodge boa
were msny v.omen, who came in autom
biles attired in evening clothes. As In.
,-?s 11 o'clock automobiles were coming
fathering iras SSld to ?hSVS be?
called by the hostess for the purpose i
-: at lir?t hand nil fibo':* the ?mot
of ths ? employed.
v ? s list of I - pressttl wan sskl
? i ?aras sent that it was a prlvs
? : did nol concern the publie
?i..- ; lsi
f the 1 W W. ?**<. ho ?vere Invlt?
Hsywood were ".joe" ?O'Brien?ai
Krank Strong Hamilton, who prior to lsi
night wss r ? chairman ?.f me Rutg?-:
S tlMOtingS of ?the unemployed.
; nests "f the unsBoployi
? wen ??nt through an siemlni
? ? l s oui i--, ; man. The lender". t.V
seated in the most sdvsntsgcm
'i .?? isjority of the mei ??inoked .';
? .:e al.-o Indulged In !>
? I the women. The ?-athcrlng ha
wbst might i?e termed k regular Bob?
?m?an atmosphere.
Mut h nil' nil?"! ??a-, attracted to th
'' - neighbor sxplalned thai ftps
SI ill i.len, who lives on til
first floor. WSS quire 111. l?*ormer ?lo?.
M '?s alao a tenant In the hou??'
Oiccupylng ih?- top ?floor. He moved In
fas s ? ki ?age
? . Mrs. Dodge was ssksd osss th
Ii ? ?. ?? about the ?meeting at hi.- i on
to emphatically denied that such was
Bh? .?1.1: "Mr Haywood or non
? \\ ^\'. have been Inslted ?to a
home tO-night or f?ii sny other nigh
,,it that they were mviied t?
misapprehension i don't m-ssa thai
. ite them, but that they ha?
? ted : re to algl *
? In th'i hall of the a ,.i : tmSIit ?
Mi Dodge, a large placard, used lsi
?n ?sdvsrUsblg th?? pageant of th
1. W. \*| Which WSS held Ht MediP?)
Square ??arden following the Paterso
III worksrs1 btrike. was hung on th
'.' I de those ??" prominently connecte?
with ths "unemployed" movemtml wer
? ' ?:.,:? ?t lost night
unemployed were risniegsled at
old fountain in Rutgers ?Square, lurti tiln
? ? by some of th.? Ws.-r llghtt
? .ting wss presided over by Josep;
? ?*. srrsIL ?During the meeting ??'arr-?..;
made a piss for funds from the ?rowd o
about five hundrad, ?snd netted ?ij 40.
After t'.*, colleetion thofe who wer
i in gry and ?granted a pISCS to Hlc-p wer
1??I?I they WOUld be provided for at th
? |ty Dsttlsmsnt. They formed I
I n arched two by two to the Uni
vei.sity Settlement at Rlvlngton an
l.ldndgo Atrrets, where they were WSl
eomed by Dr. Kobbini Oilman Her
??'"an?!] StMrSSSSd the men. Ile pa!v!
among other things: "The more WO ge
the mON WO desire. Hoys, we can't d
anything until ??e ?get OUT ?StOmSOhs fill?!
then we ?'?m be revolutionist-?? If w
didn't get this to-night we would hav
cot it in another ?va.v. You kSOW ?' hnt
n.? .m "
linn.-r in the day th? "unemployed,'
about fifty Btrong, visited the Stut/.ene
BynsgOfl IS, at No. rj 10 Himry street. The;
o? in,.'. i??l food. Instead, the president
Joseph ?yinkelsteln, called the police, wh?
scattered ths mob, Had they been oi
n.?-n, il vas ??xplaine.l. they would bav,
been taken care of. They orare sH youn
men snd v?ll able to earn their food.
Choate Among Judges Favora
ble to Junior Republics Head.
William l: (;<-'v?_?e !- -, remain n.i?
tlonal dirai tot- of the National sssotislloi
of Junior Rspubllca, in S4wordaaes wttl
.. resolutlos passsd st a metlag .?f thi
director?? of the sssoctstloB JTMterdsy
Thi meet ? srss calh-d to paws on tl.?
i of tie special board of inquiry
which handed down .? dedslcm, ?Pebrusrj
17, usolvlni certain ehargss of miaron
d ?? t brought egalnst ?;<-"rg.. several yosut
? :.-?> bj gni knmstes ?.r the "i??.??,-. . -
Ills, n. v Th- .iu?ig.-* wees Joseph
ii Cheats, Judge ?S?sabury and UlfJaa D
\\ai,i Ths] held that Mr Qeorgo bad
I ? sny criminal Intennoao, but
t*,,,? ,.-i tv.o ,.r three ehargss he had beet
guilty of mlHCondij, t.
Tin? i:- t.?- osntand the ludgss t>..-???',
?pinion on a nu appr?hension ??t lbs
true facts snd in their resolution pester?
i a "i onUnued a: ?i rompteta
?> in .Mi Oeorge ' as the resid? of
being fully cognisant of the snttnui under.
lying the sccnsstlona broughi sad hav?
ing a*full end rompiste knowledge of ail
ths !.,' 'h In nil tu- ?.nions matters Iti
\ alt .-<:."
I ah'?- I ? ?-11 lASadOOJ unt tl.i? following
' ss ,k.? i-, i.? m.?.. Beecher Btowe sesrs
tai r sff I ? o ?fsntsstlon: .., um ln i?.ai.tJ.
aympathy with Daddy Oeorge ami you,
and ????n t?, i?, i, ?aerded on i ? ????.- and
In tavor ..I ?.? I,.it. ..,- ? ,,,, ||.lh|, , ,r H|t ii.,
lion demand ? .<. n.? u,., rest ?>' hjstleo
?i'"' f?sll I'l??? I ?ill Maud b. -..n ?end
i ?add]
Mayor Say?s He Approves
of Raids and Police
Changes of McKay.
| Laws Relating to Public Morality
and to Police Discipline
To Be Enforced.
Ma - alii ??' said yesterday that the
raids on hotels in the Tenderloin and the
- : ictlon tu captain of Inspector John
ii. '"iiien by Cotnmlastoner McKay wor?
in line with the policy of the admintett
t!on of enforcing law.-? relating to public
morals and th? dladpltno of th? police,
not because OUlen close?l cabarets at
o'eteek or suppreaaed an exhibition of
F ench drama a few iiiKirt?- BgO.
Mr. McKay .on.erred with the Ma'<?
Bgain yesterday ret?anling th? p-hake-up
The Mayor ?Bid ho approved of the COtn
r-_aaloner's action, i?ut declared hs bad
? ??? ordered the raids or shake-ups.
The Inference which the Tenderloin
?drew from the police situation yesterda>
that Um laxity that baa been ap
parent la tho last months was not to
continuc. it meant to them that po?
il- e inspectors would be held strictly
accountable for < ondlt'ona in their dis?
tricts and that more shake-ups were
like'.;.' to take place when McKay Rets
throua-fa investigating conditions in other
? iota.
? "?.'ill the new Tenderloin regims be
disturbed?" Mr. McKay was asked.
'"?"hat WOUld b? too prophetic to nn
RWer," h.i repltod aft??r some hesitation.
McKay's ?-herges against ?'illen will ha
drawn up in a few days, and win include
lOCt of d-rt- ??' th? rUl?BS
?if tho departmeni and failure to sup
p?en dlaorderly reaorta More warrants
ber?ri Issued, b? said, but. when
ti.ey will be served be ?li?l BOt SB ". A
lull report ?rill be sent to the Mayor.
MeadOdUarters heard y petard ay that Cap?
tain .John !.. i''ai,-'Hi?r of the Bllaabetii
BOt station was slated to succeed Oti?
len in th: Id Inepeetton Dtotrict irllien
turn<:?l ov. r bla Inspector's shield to chief
inspector Bclimlttberger yesterday. He
will report at Headquarters every day
until fo.*mal charqes ar? Bled against
i im
a- n result of Lteutenaal ?'??itimn's
vice squad raids In ??lllrn's district TUee
iiigh' five persons arere arraiKned In
nriaglatratea1 ???uns yesterday and he! i
for keeping res??ns or vtolatlonfl of ths
excise |ae
Cl Itlgan ha? be?-: watchiw- f-e\eral
well known hotels along; Broadway to put
a stop to gambling, ??wins* to the un
wUllagnees <?f the department to Appro?
pri?t?? i ." noy to ?get evldenca Coatlgaa
had to r-ontent himself with malting cx
. ? Is, Waiters wer? arrested last
Sunday and flm In ? ?? b case, it wa.i
SSld, tho proprletois look the hint and
banlahed the ?gambling outfits.
CommtesioBMr McKay announc-d these
promotions yesterday :
Detective Lieutenant Daniel F 0*Con?
nor, to succeed Captain Thomas Ryan,
Uth l're,!n?'t. ?!io SUCOOeded inspector
Titus; Matthew K. Clai?ln, sergeant, .'d
InapsstiOa District, made lieutenant In the
West Nth strent Station, and Michael Id.il
ney, patrolman, 2.">th rrc-im'i, mad?
? and sent to the West 17th
ionlinurd from flr?f pas?.
Mexican Situation With Dtar. and Ms
following In Washington.
Representative l'amer told lire Presi?
dent there ".is a goml deal of cash In
ihe border banks and Americans want
ed to he protected against any sudden
raid or invasion which might renilt
from sensational overnight develop
ments at any time in th? Mexican.alt?
uatlon. Mr. Qarnerala laald many cattle
hid disappcarcil lately and residente
i- ' eved Mexicans were n spot
The request for additional troops aras
ruarlo ?.n Monday; waa discussed at the
Cabinet meeting and decided upon late
to-day by the President.
General Dias and hia trien.Is her?? said
they were n ? yet prepared to announce
t!.?-ir puf-poaea, but would do so In a
statetnent to-morrow. Membera .>f the
party Included Pedro del Villar, who
was befot" the Sr-nato Foreign Rela?
tions Committ'-e last week, an i un?
reportad to have asked support for ,a
counter revolutionary movement.
The Mexicans denied that they were
srekinir BUppoti ?.r sanction for any
revolutionary movem? nt, saying their
Idea chiefly was a campaign of Infor?
mation about Mexico and to acquaint
Washington with th? personalil
General Dias so that hia part In sub?
sequent vents in Mexico might be
Judg?.-?1 from B study at close rung".
.Ins? what their plans are for the res?
toration Of peace, whether by armed
revolution or peace propoeala, was not
rlivulcreil, but it Mas learned that
are seeking the elimination <>f Goneral
h" r;a and .-?re not allied In any way
with the Conatituttohaliata
Puts 18,000 Troops in Texae.
Members of the party sar?1 Benator Hoot
met General Pia/, on ths tatter's \isit to
WaahingtOn last week- an,I thai inaz
cume to Washington at the invitation of
Beftator Fall. Whether th? senator ,
fully aequa!ntr,l ?fl ] et with the plans of
the Diaz group Is not krmwr.
(?r.!.-i-H for ths ?iispat'-li of ?wo more
regiments to Texas will result In the as?
sembly la that state ,,? ooartj elghteea
thousand troop-., mors by three Utensead
than ths entire f?,r?e of the regular army
Urhleh ?Senator .Shaff.-r lad Into Cuba
Nearly eleven thousand of thee? soldiers
are la '-amp bi Texas City, ander mm
rnand of ?Brigadier Qeneral fred Puaston,
of Philippine fame.
ThS others at- ?- ,?:-,.,| along the bor?
der from Broirnsvtlle, Tex., to Mngslss.
Ariz, under >*ommand "f Brigadier Qen?
eral Taaker H. Bliao, ihe !ari??:-t Barrisona
being at i-:i Paso, Nogatea Dougtea, Lar?
e'io. Bagte Paaa and Brownavllla wbera
tl b railroads, I rom th? United Btatee enter
?if the regiments o-rdersd sut to-day,
? ."ii. t?-. battalions of arhteh ar? ni
F'irt Thomas. Opposite Cincinnati, an?!
..tie at Kort Logea II P.mi i. I?, ,-om
mandad by Colonel Charlea * ?ran- Th.?
17th, <omni,i!;ii.??i b) Colonel John T. *. an
?Oradate, is stattoMd ai Port McPhen m
near attenta
? atonal Van Otouute arlll h? deprived of
ths Privilegs of accompanying hi* regi?
ment (0 ths l.enler. mn he will !?? p?a.*e,j
on the retired list of the srmy to-morr
on account of age. As Lieutenant Colo
Henry B. Styer, of the 17th, Is now
{ duty at the War College, the comma
of the regiment, temporarily at least, v
fall to the senior major. George W, Ml
Although the two regiments will pi
ceed to Eagle l'a??, and Laredo, Genei
BllSS will designate their exact locatp
The strength of each regiment is 832 mi
At Laredo and Kagle Pass the two rei
mentfi will relieve six troops of cavult
Which Will be distributed along oth
points on the western border in Genei
-| discretion. This will place und
that general's comman?! about forty-t?
hundred cavalry troops and twenty-fo
hundred Infantry.
Though large in the aggregate, tl:
J force Is regarded as small in many qua
jters here for a rigid and efficient patr
IOf the eighteen hundred miles of bord?
j between the t'nlted States an.l Mexlc
- s '
I Sheriff and 300 Prepare to At
tack "Army" if it Tries to
Cross County Line.
Martines, Ca'. . Mai, h U,- "We wi
?shoot down In rows the members of th
I'll?' army before we will allow them t
land In this county ?gain. I am Justin?
In ?.-tving SUCh an order. ?bSCaUSS th
threats made by m em h er* of the 'arm?
in ?Ikli lamento mark th?m ?s a dangei
ou9 element."
This l!4 the statement, made to-nlgh
by Sheriff It. R. Veale of ?.'outra Cost.
County, who to-day swore In 2<X> erttn
deputies. Automobiles have also bee
chartered. In order that the armed fore
may be quickly m .?ved wherever lnvjsloi
may be threatened.
Sacramento, Cal., March 11 - General'
Kelley's army, temporarily detained or
its march toward Washington, went tc
bod supperlees to-night In the shack."! that
form Its camp in Yolo County, just acros?
the Sacramento River. Sacramento Coun
tv not only officially shut off Its food sup
ply, but Issued an order forbidding any
person conveying Supplies Rcroha the
bridge beyond ?vhic'n the Industrial 'Work
? ?is sre esmped.
The ?result of ihe drastic action in ?shut??
ting otT food be.-.mie apparent at once.
Men began leaving camp singly and in
croups. By nightfall the army, which had
numbered 1,600 on Monday and dwindled
to 1,000 or 1,201 yesterday, had been fur?
ther reduced to about ?jf-O men, whose
lesdera were f.rviing it difficult to hoi?i
Railroad Officials Quickly Detw
Car He Used from Trail
About to Start.
The Pennsylvania Railroad phy?-?..
at Trenton flashed word to the p??,
sylvania station here yesterday ?*.<?,
j lng that Marcelina Earle, a ne*-ro ???""*
who had been working for two *M
on a wire repair train, was ?uff?-^
from smallpox. The physician sal-" |!
had been called in on the case by otb,
workers on the train, and that aft?,
oamining Earle In Trenton on Tu?.
day evening he had instruned ,?
negro to report to Dr. Rrewater, n*
road's physician, a? t lie station here
Dr. Brewster and Pennsylvania off
rials at once began a hunt for Ean,
They learned that he had come tr? n
passenger train arriving her? at mi-.
night on Tuesday, and that the earn
which he had ridden ?vas Included It,
train whn-h was soon to start for th?
j West. By the time this inform????,
| had been gamed fifteen passen*?*,,]
? were settled In the particular car ??j?.
lng f??r the train to ?et underway.
None of the paaaengera '-ared ?oi^
mit to vaccination. At length'?!??'? ?,
them agreed to re f.- - ?? ? treat.??.?.?,
but no variety of argument wo'jid cor.
vlnce the oth<?r seven that va -,?
was the proper thing.
-.Vhil? this Incldenl raa in the nut
lng representatives o* ihe compas*
i ?? ?-re consuming time an i money I? ,
I frenzic'i search for Ear>. His horas j
In Long Island City. Mr?sen-:<!n -,
turned from there Tilth tho Infoi-rn?.
tion that he had not been home. Th?.
searchers were dispatched to his va-:.
ous haunts In the city, but he couldrw
be found. That increased th? anUt.?
of th? railroad offlcla's, arrd th-v ?,.,
I reparing to doubl? ttlrir f"-c-, of pp
sengers when Earle walked b?fielrts?.
tho office of Dr. Brewster. Il^wssi!
once hurried off to the Kingston ?t-,
nue hospital for contagious diseases'?
Women Lose in Virginia Houit
Richmond. \a., March 11 -The Ho_
cf Delegates to-day rejected th? -?orar
auftrage bill by a ?.oto of U to U
American Art Galleries w
Madi?on Square South, New York
On Free Public View, 9 A. M. until 6 P. M.
and ?onllnulng until date of ?ale
A Very Important Collection of
Valuable Paintings
Foreign and American Artists
To be sold at unrestricted Public SaJe
The (irand Ball Room of the Hotel Plaza not being
available for all of the Kvenings upon which this sale is
to be held
The Hirst Two Sessions will be
In The Grand Ball Room of THE PLAZA
Fifth Avenue, 58th to 59th Street
f Admhsion ?>?? card to be had free of the minlffri)
Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings of next week
March 17th and 18th, at 8:15 o'clock
and the concluding Sessions will be held
At the American Art Galleries
Madison Square South
Thursday and Friday Evenings of neu week
March 19th and 20th, at 8:15 o'clock
\ ptmmmaOtJ illustrated caul-a-gii?; v?ill be mwleJ on receipt o? on- ?Joll.tr.
An Important Collection of
Rare and Beautiful
Blue and White, Single Color and Decorated
Antique Oriental Porcelains
formed by a Well-known Amateur
To be sold at unrestricted Public Sale
of Sullivan & Cromwell, Attorney for the o??vner.
At The American Art Galleries
On Thursday, Friday & Saturday Afternoons
of next seek. Man, h IQth, 2ftth ?5c 21st, at 2:iO o'clock
A ??talo^ue ??ith iol??i ami half-ton?- laaSStBSSaaSSj and the d?*?ciipli??? text ?<*
ten tiy Mr Dana 1 I ( ?noil uill br mailed to applu ant? on the ifieipt si one dollar.
the ?ale? ??III l.e . ..u.lu,-l,-,| kg Mil. IHiMH.. r M?H*,
analaleil l>? Mr. 4?(l? II. run of
The Ainerii ?n Art Association, Mgr*.
" t i??.t | lil ?-Irret, Mn,ill?on *,, ?.??(Ii >.w tort.

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