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liliiant Outrages Will Cos?
British Capital Count?
less Visitors.
Remedy for Avowedly Impossible
situation Not Vet Discovered-?
McKenna Imites Su-jpestions.
? 1 This is
?? useum and
? ? lib Mn
For tills rlOB
don .i"?l it- visitor?
? ' ' ' "' ' ' '
I . . doora
I- it on? which
, ??!?<! but
? on- nil ovei
? r the 1
.. ? Bee by 1
n the \v;n
Si Paul n
? ? public
? ? while,
' if 1
? - closed
? -I hall
'? . ?
ihe 1
... . .
? i-voius
? '
? . ..n families
.m and her
- 1 ? afi I
a ?? itant fear of mo?
? thei
P and 1 am
? - Ofl ineir itin
? I loi ?i?? ax
? ???' ?".'! B is
cestlne ? ,?f the out
? ; -'lutna. they
havf no renr- lit lation to offer.
.. 1 Ina a!-">-it tl a
pa; n?.?.-: 1 - - Buffrasette 1
1 Bfforta de to extend
I and the malicious ??an ... act of
Ireiaivl. ? hit h mal t?te r?
Home -
???. r and
roice from th?
iug( ted ' o ? with
South Afl b the suff
there la ?exc for labor 1? adei 1
?? - ? South Afina to Eng
Notltagham Mar-.-h .mil int auf
frase*'.* "areea eq lad d Irina the night
BBteeteai i deetn ? ? all ths bulldtnga
? t -4- ?
coi?, s:?. ? eaat of thlB cit? i lie
ted at
igt literal
.1 the vicinity
Birds of Paradise Immune
from Hunters for 18 Months
; ?da er paradise
tt*-' * ' hui "-'I in German New
th< ? rxt eighteen month??.
iBSued to 'lay t?
? ' Soif, Mil '?ter for th
'?" lag this decision la th?
'~-'-? tut to .ig?., Dr. :-'"if
'^ '* I orla intended to make
*? 8rei permanent, an demanded
"? Radl ala He said be had
"" op report
? ? :? ? nterior
Seo ?, -. aald there were
> 1 .... .
*? ting S OUld be l*r,po ?',
y ? ' ?" Roiiaiiata argued la favei
r* - ??* ?Hogrthei the shooting of
Slide at Cucaracha Mastered?
Dredges To Be Used.
Psnsms, March 11. -Canal engineers to
?Is*/ s: si the opinion thai the alide
?it ?CiMsrsehs hsd bean \ Irtusil? ovi
thst it wss nos a mi
tsklng oui the i | ?
mot/i d much fast
ths csnsl it?. ? .? nix . Iging
engineer, express? A astisfactli
outlool ? ?l .:. lar? I thst h ? i?. Ileved
within two montha ths chsnnel al Cues
rscha would ?be at the required depth
Plans hsve ?bei i ??,?-. pleti d io
?? cek the rii ging "f the dt
? ? ' ? ? tl de to the
?a ni, th? laddi ? .
?si. All the .?:. ?? dredssa ?? |l be re
ni?.\<??! The width .?r the csnsl In fronl
Of thi 0W ?a it hin forty-'iv fe?-t
I of the m'o.'?i?. ., mo feel Thla er.
1 " ? - ? i.: ? Ith dlppei ?.-?..?
- from the United Btstet
British Army Captain and Lieu
tenant Meet Death on
Salisbury Plain.
I^ondoi Marcl Ulcei
? ? ;irt?i> flj ?ng Corps W< rp fa
here to-? l'api n C. R. *4A .Hi
ilit- w ? Re?ginri< m and Llentenai l I
? f the H llti ??
menl el - ? the n tai aero
Plain were
to -the ground titude, ?????
I n g to 1 ? - e o f t net i
?\,. - the
br< aking of the i r of a gu\em
Uli . carrying ! int Bui
In r.rdinir ths three fat
they make n
! t ra ?si? el to tl ? - na et
? t . iloni Seel? Be?
V'ai " ? fi * th.it
torn had ??? curred
within a year. Th? ? for V i
! attrib t? l record to the s ?'.
? British a? and sni,i
I i ? ? r> or aafei
j tha; .' msrines.
I Tl ?? fstslltlea recorded shore ?rsiae to S74
J thi tnber of dsstha In the arma'?? of
[ svlstion ?Of these twent? hsve ??? urred
( the pr?s esi
New War Levy Objected To?
Joint Representations To
Be Made by the Powers.
11 The Gel I
?_ can Commercial Union hat entered a pro?
? ? gh the t
in goren ? ai the Im
r ? ? r ?????.
i ?-an r
B? ??. las :.,<- ? i last ' ? ? ection
I with ? ? ' the German army sil
?is In Germany *?.th an Ireome of
thai IB ?U 'l UP to i. MO ,i year
to ra;-' an extra tas of one?half of
Tli??- tax lii<-rcaH???i progrea
? - pet cent - m? s ???'
01 i
?Savergl i rei an I ? ? it I
. . ? ? ; ? tei based on a
? ?,r ii,<? ? ; . i ??. ith R
isnis exempting
- front ta cation
; levied under extraordtnsr? condltloni
tal .. it is point?.??.
would benefit by the "taicsl fa ored ns?
? ? if this prot?i il sho tld be
but meanwhl!?! an Amerl?-a?i
protest has he?-?,, filed
Most Democrats Support For
mer Governor Dix.
Mbi " W? Iter V Ki
Mean, nt Oi ??<- aburg, waa eli eti d
Regt r.; of tl e btste 1 ? ?
Th? ote of tl ? ? ? lises, ?-itting In
join; - -wss Keltogg, 100; ex-Go
n A in*. 70; B4*hrsrd Everetl
Hsle, Jr. ?2, an?i Edward r> ?Cutler, i.
M Kellogg :'.??-",v?-d th? ro)\r] P.rpublt
can strength snd thi ?/?sts of Aseerablv?
man SUlssr. Ths Piugissslvss an?i hide
'nts, reinforced by Atcsennn
DOS, -S-tTUlre, Oslhip an?1 "tVrlght, Pern?,
crsta ?supported Mr Hal?-*, snnator *-?."htte.
T.??rr;.-?-raf, voted tot Mr <*m)<-?r With the
exceptiona noted the Dsanocrstlc
we-e. for Mr. TOIx.
Eciuidorean Rebels Defeated
ill, March ; ' I ttspsti h*s re
President of th? n public, to
: ? . -. ?i ?Ssmeraldsa from thi
The ? ?H^ameraltlsa In the middle
, <??? Esmbei after eight hours' fighting. In
nj tnfi? <-?n both sides were killed
or wound-ed.
See The
March 15th
MRS ?w * l !'? ?!.! M;l'
Redmond and Colleagues
Visit Lloyd George and
Premier Asquith.
! Lor Parlia
? ? , ? ? ? ?
I mind? dlv . 8?
perl the
. .i i
' ? ?? er occupai
t the 111 ? ? era* are
all laid on one aide I ver i '|0 ?r ?"??"eel
minater la preoccupied with th?
phasea of the Iris i : latioi created by
Mo' day's ? ri naturell* ><?ster
da)?'.?? ? lail of the Nations I r to
Mr. i , ... ? ?.<-. i r |,,, n iiini:
Btreel la bel
..r the Cha
Exchequer In the i ? I l rate m iot1 v
? ? : ? .? nment and Mi.
i:< .ii tter of notoriet? , I
' that there la a? b hope foi
otnmoi k ?? ' ? Iff? TI a bii akfa '
! party of j I for? att I I
i" -,.? on Hie part of I loyd i ?
I to per--.!.,?i- th? ' ' II ? .i to ae
cept ? I. Caraon'i off? r I ?
Ulster confer?! ? " onlj 'he tim< limil
he dropped
In thla ho????-- there la reaaon to be
lleva thai he has failed, as Mr H?>dnioud
???<-, ?frHul of Ii am to bo bo
ra? hu1 the r? of Mi Lloyd
< irnrc-v dipt? ?1 lUBted. In
of his effoi i lie belief la
? o? that the nca r ' "?
ons will fail, thai ti"- bill will pa -
ai .1 g? nen
*\ HI fOllO? . PI "I'.' !'
IdOndon, March L The offer "f Sir Ed?
ward Caraon, the i Ister i nionl l leader,
\o aubmll the B"*v<"rnm?Bn1 - proff? "ed con
- in conntBCtion with ltotn? r.ule
i?) un I'later convention! provided no
Itatloa ?-?a>i placed on the period of
axelueion ?if tha Ulster oountieB, wan the
subject of h v?ni< - onferoni ? to tup }>"
tween I Bblnel ministers and Vntlonallst
leaden The party gathered at the ?"han
?eiior of th? R*Kch?**Quer'B oflletel raaldenca
in D<r*wn]ng at reel comprleed hcMe"
Premier Aequith and Mr Lloyd Qeorge
Aagustine Burrell, Chief ftecretary for 1rs
land; John Redmond, leader of the Irish
Nationalist i "? Dillon ?and other
ent Kat lonallsl ? ?
Government Alleged That 2
Inches of Cement Instead
of 3 Inches Were Laid.
' ' '?.s Th* ism
Havana Mardi il The Cuban bo*
ernment, alleaing fallar? lo ???omply srRh
the terms of Tli<? ' I .'..nfii?,000 .?nutriu-t for
the aewering and pavtna or Havana, held
bj Ike Hew Tori end IVee Jem cootra?
to?ra McOlvaey and Rokeb baa tOrs-ed the
'?".': gi a up the contract after the
completion of B large |,i -,,, ...rl i?.i? of the
worit. The cempanj ttad aps*eated to
United States Mlntetei rjonsalea
The Cuban government recentlj appoint
11 a oommlttee to Inveetiastte the ceo?
traetors' work The i-?o*nmlttea raported
ihm the work ?.?;??? not r-arri?*?d oui accord
Iiik* to Bperificatlona, ? A rn.ni,- r? number
of Btatementa detrogator. to the srork.
Mr Roki by ? all? d on Mi l lonaalea
n.?r. ?ij- him t" ? ? ??! offices foi o i
tainina better traatmenl from Presiden!
m. no. mi Th? timer! an Ministei aci*onl
Ingly arranged an audlenoa for himself
end Rofceby srltk Preeldent Mei***>cal, In
th? coursa of which Rokeby alleged h*
had out been fair!? ir?.?t??i bj tl.em?
inliii??-. whereupon Pr?rsMenl Menocal
n,|i'iit,.,i,?'l Un- r-.-'l.?' Of Public Work-,.
, ,1 VI 11a Ion, who en plained the faults
found m ' ne? s o? k la
..,1, ? ? mann? ? ihi t Mi < lonaal? ? ad* Is* i
,\?r Kok? bj i" m ike II a 11 t ten poet
m. Mr. ttokt h . tu Uns on thi adi Ice, ar?
, ? ? .i i. ? ' ? ' ? "''ii al
,.?- tl? able, and thla It la ut den lowd,
it,. u,t n r,i' ii ti?? go .nun. nt In.
i,i;,u,i i-, bring against the contractors
Th? goveranteni a III now ca? i y on th?
..,, ' p.. if i he i.i1"" i' .'?ii' ? i tha ?
ompanj onl plsv ed o .,- - of
? t "i ? i - ? ?.' - ?. called foi
tin...- gad bad i ? I pla? ed ?? a im nt bs i
In innnv In- luu? e?, 88 the speviM? .l'nir,
Poison pen plot,
? defence charges
Sister-m-Law of Mrs. Pol?
lard's Accuser Is Named
in the Case.
She Often Used Typewriter in
Defendant's Home Croud
in the Coiirtroom.
irapl t? The Tribun?
Eliza ? i . \\ .!.. MaMi II
Thomas Jones, slater-in-Is,w of
(1iar!"s ! .",? es the SCOUSSr of Mr"
Anna r.. Pollard In ths "polsen i-rn'
esse, W8 brought cotnspicuoualy Into
ths ?trial this afternoon, when Saniuo?
Schleimer, Mrs. ?Pollard's i-ounsel, In
his O] '? marks nta-i?"* ? Streng ln
I fen nee In s hich he stated that
Jones weni t.? Mrs Pollsrd'a ?loino.
?ma I for gossip, probabl ? f"r
UM ? the io-cslled 'poison pen' let
I ? ?
Aiiiii.i.. Sohler, s former servsnt In
the Pollard home, previously testified
that ?'??? Jones uied Mrs. Poll ?
typewritei In Mrs. Pollard's home, an'i
in tiip back door, although
Mi ? Pollard fii-i not want i,?-i
"This 'poison pen' case Is a trivial
matter, and II is a ?shame to burden the
count; with Ihe expense of a trial,"
?aid Si'hjelmer "These letters ere
elthei the result of wilful critninalit
o? ??' ? ? ? "? ork of n dises ed mind
We ? ' that Air?? | ? ?
lard : ' ? " ' ote, bul nei er evi n had,
the lei ter possesi lot
'Mr?. Pollard was ton busily occu
plsd to :?ri?-j hort-elf to ?stach S practice
' -?r -Wriltlng lettsrs.' "
Thomas i.. Carry, a pri- ate dft^-tive,
tcst?i, ?1 that Or. Harrison K. "Dunn
asksd him if thf-re "??.a.-n't any BSOtSOJ
i ons'il'-ration to prevent Mrs, Pollard
Kf'in<*r int.. rouri on ?May 81, 101.'*."
?Dr. Dunn is Mrs. ?PoIlartTs ?brother.
H< denied later m the day that he
made ?in- i i ?
Nell ??n I.. Pollsi ? d< '? Isnt'i
| hard, ami the Re? Kdwani Porter
, Uttle, curate of ?Christ Epia ?opal
? "hurch, v. in? h Mrs. Pollard atl
and ? ? ? rnt of th?*?
t Lsd - Guild were among t.?" ??It?
i ? -
Mr. Pollard'a testimony *?? a? a ?
I tion of Detectivi Ci. -: previoua ai i
( that he had forbl kit n the sleuth I
Mrs Pollard's I ,
Mr >? hlelmt r subi
'?i- Pollai?i said he -
I ?.?it oi evei ? _? "i' < ?.*t"i.? t 28, 1912,
when the letter on which Mrs. Pollard
! Indlctm? nl wai ?baaed s a ; ma led. H<
i thai both he si l Mrs Pollard
were a) nomi John ...
; ? ? ? them at horn?
i 'harlea B, ? 'oon and Jol n W.
. er wit -
?*-???;. d r thi
John i . M ? ' ter manu
fa? turer. ga ?ny.
i ..i.. ? K. Galatian aald he
?topped in- ? ?* Igating thi
request of the Jones family, who -
ed a pr ? ' Ion. ? i
the? told him om ?;: - ? ? t-d of
' v ril .?
\\ llliam Ra) field a negi ?? ?
-. ? ? ??
prominently In the cast for thi defence,
?still In prisoi Wn Poll ird v ill
1 probabl; take ll nd I
end the case s III go to I
!. i men and .?-...':< i ?.- women
; thronged the ? ourtroom to-das and
i curiously si tl'" defendant, -?
j ? mi wore the blael ha? >? Ith high gi ? t
fo:i I l,.?i- :i t.il t ! ,? ?? i ? . n ? lr.
Little Activity in Pig Iron?
New Blast Furnaces.
Authorities on th?*. Iron and steel trade
report buying" of finished steel products
?-'-.- far this ?month, with
llttl activity In the market for pig iron.
Iron A?'" ?rill say to-day: "Is
the finlahed tha Rrst ' ?t et
Mai ii i:.-?? l-.?n g There ti
?? ? ? . ?? a .?n ad?
vanees lmprovemenl ???:!t cam b ?t little
ia i ?t.
1 "So tot ? lependent
? I i"t maki? Kai'ir* In un?
filled or month hi pr??tiortlon to
iimse of ti ? si,,-' Corporatloiii Borne ot
former, however, i?ai-" ha?i a fuller
blast fun than t1'?? Steel
1'"i n,?rati,in. the oorpotattoB'fl percentag?
? now heilig 71 after the Mow ?ig In of live
furna i last weak an,i th? btowlng o
. on? Th? Bti ??! Corpoi
enr ?if inRi't ia,a?tt\- activs t"i
? ?.
Norwegian at Lao Ho-kow
Loses Life and Several Wound?
ed When City Is Sacked.
March n t'o-di
? .?-a' k? ' ? : .me?! the clt. of I ni He
killed Dr. T. Proylaad, a Nor
?n missionary, and wounded sev?
eral oiher?:. Including ths Rev. 0 M
-. rVorwegian.
\ force of '
? i ? ? ?- gand o tained en?
"ii t!:>? citj '? m? '.'. of Ir lacht ri
' from ? Ithln, b landa thei
pij,?l :r?r - -r-'i all round They
: .? ? _ ? ,, i,,,,!?-,i the '
I . i '-,i ? "om|
tfterwa ?! they proeei ?'
the ;. trCUred 7'?? * ?'
4. . i '1 ?-. ],; .; ,11"Tl
i Two thousai were I press? ?
!?? the hrlganda to earn off their lool.
i Accepts Invitation for Naval
! Review To Be Held Next Year.
I M, Peterp>t.urc. Ma-.-h U Tit?? UtUMtan
! jrovernment aimour?.-.?-?-- to-?)ay that It ha?1
.l?*.-1ded to accept th?? invitation of th?
I'ntted states government to pnrtletpste
in the -aai re-vtew In i lampti,*-i Roat|s In
Mi In ce1e??ratl?n of the opstHhC at th?
| Panama ?anal. Th?? names of th? ve?!?e?.?.
| ?elected to proceed t<> titnerieSB enters
for the occasion ?ill he published later.
In a corillal note sent to fecrctary e?*
?tosts Rryan an?* PrssMettt H USOS the.
Rusalan Ko-fiirii Minister sa\n hit K'-v
ernment Is Riad that '.t ??as afforded the
opportunity ?to Join In th<? SttV ' rati?-?n.
Victor Emmanuel Will Greet
German Monarch in Venice.
Vcnt?-e, March I I ?Xing Victor Km
'manuel an.I ?Bmperoi -?Vllllatn "SHI meet
' her?? ?sa Maren ?i. whsn tin? ?Rapasen
passas throtiRii Venice on th?? ?ay to in
vills on the laland >?f ????t'l rf ?the ?Ba
pr?s-? Auguste Wtorla ?sccompsnlss ?the
Ksfser on the trip Queen ti?I? ns ? 111 ? ? ?
(?? V<snSSS t" (-rr. ,?t her.
Importsncs la '?? Im ?i ,n U
fii?^et!n>? "** tl e two snon ?n ha Is ? '^^' ??'
the ?sctlrll rlpls Milanos h I
BsllrsB Btates, ??. ? 1 la. and In
the belief thsl ' . ? ert?ed Inflt 1
win I??? exercised ? ? the Triple mm
' both tn the Bslkst 1 snd II - Soi
I ranean.
, Shepard A Morgan Secretary
of Finance Department.
Shet'.ir.i \ M??ru
i Hall n porb r for "The Mas Torli " Is
1 t?-> bo ?secreta rj of ?
? . 1 ..f Un , i? ^-, ? -.?? dim ? ' ? ? 1.
Tlrrell, Tl ' ??? ? m
Tin-eii 's to i.?? hesd of ths 1
standards In the Boa
Mr More was ?
sop ol Judge John B. 1 M
? *<. t ? n t He wi ? ' Will
I , ,-ilI^i?r, .,
there M SI ?SSStSta ' " -' '
"Information " Operator* in one of the city's
Telephon* Central Office?.
"Information Calls"
IN NEW YORK CITY'S gigantic telephone system, with its 536,000 telephones serving
over 5.000,000 people, many changes occur daily. Approximately 100 new telephones
are added to the system every day, other telephones are disconnected, and others are
moved to new locations. In order that you may receive the best possible service, infor
mation must be provided that will permit you to locate every other telephone subscriber
without undue delay.
The great majority of calls are " r?gulai"" calls, that is. calls correctly made by number.
The New York City Telephone Directory is a permanent source of information for such
calls, containing, as it does, the names, addresses ?and telephone numbers of subscribers
up to the date the Directory goes to press.
To give you information concerning additions and changes in the system, however,
eight centralized bureaus, known as "Information Bureaus," have been established.
Here you may receive information regarding several classes of " irregular " calls, of which
the following are typical: ?
Calls for disconnected numbers.
Calls for numbers that have been changed.
Calls for numbers of telephones at or near particular addresses where the
Telephone Directory listing is not known.
Calls for the telephone numbers of subscribers connected since the current
Directory was printed.
Afl of your " regular " calls are handled by the regular operators, who are able to
devote their entire attention to the work of making quick connections. Your " irregular "
calls are handled by the "Information" operators, who are supplied with records arranged
?in a convenient form to permit them to furnish the special information needed. By dividing
the work in this way, both your "regular" calls and your "irregular" calls are handled
in the most efficient manner.
It is frequently found that "Information" is asked for names and telephone numbers
which appear correctly in the current Telephone Directory, which the subscriber has
not consulted. Of course, it takes "Information " a certain amount of time to look up the
information and to answer such inquiries, and in the iTieantime the service is slowed down.
In the interest of good service, you are urged to consult the Telephone Directory and
then call in the regular manner. It will help you to receive the quickest and best possible
Our "Information" service is an important part of our plan to s-erve the public well,
and the excellence of this system is just one more reason why New York City has ?
/^^% "The Best Telephone Service in the World"

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