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Tribune Told He Has Con?
sented To Be Candidate
for Governor.
Record as Police Commissioner.
if He Takes Place. Expected
to Aid Canal Builder.
Colonel ?.corgo W. G'?cthiils ?Will ?'?*?
the CMdldatS fer Governor vt N?Sf
York 04B the national ITogrcssive ticket
la 'he autumn, a?ce.rding to leading
ritHieSSllUS ?who 'alkc?i with a Trib?
un? -reporter last nisrht. <'<?ion?*i <; ??
thsla ths Informants of The Tribuns
? ?i. iiiiii screed t?-? head th? Progr?s?
sive tick* '.
From f e -nine KUKSS it was learned
tl1.1t at h ctif' r.-tvo in this cuy hist
BfSSk leaders of thS Progressiv e party
str-4 ngth of Colon? i ? '???'
thals and d'- idcr* ho ?vas the .? li-'Jiigest
andidate to ?put m ?ho flo'd, barnn;
i'oionei Roosevelt; and ?.aiiio messages
rsce-tred from South Amt rica sin?-?!
RoosSYSH a? as mentioned a couple of
weeks ug<? a.s the Progressive candidat
?*. r fjovernor have put a damper on
sny furtht r use of his name.
"The colonel," Mid one Progressive,
-.?ill ner rue for anything less than
i'r?. Idem snd so ths possibility of his
? ntsrlng th?- race m this i
una is out of the qiMstkm. Colon? :
UOSthaU, as an army men, has no
legal rosldsnca He ?aras ?bora in Brook
Ijm and 1,- will receive the nomination
- ,1 ?Brooklyn man.'
"Bui what if he ?la made Polies Com?
missioner?" th? ?Progressiv? ws asked.
"if he -,.?. m.,.:. ?Police Commissioner
?re ?nominating day lie will he aMe
to make a record ;?.- Police C-ommls?
si?.n?r which will get him many 1
But his ?record ?SS the l?ui!?ler ef the
?'.'inania Canal Will 1?' big en?.ugh for
him to run for any office."
This Progressiv? ?mid the proposition
??f running as head of the Bull Moose
tickst t?a*: submitted to Co
?.?oethals shortly after he arrived in
i ?-ity and thai he iras ?agreeable t..
th?? proposal.
"George V, Perkins and ?'?>!?.n?!
?ioethala are good friend?." added the
Progressive, "and since Mr. Psrklns
wants Colonel ?Qc-ethals for the place
?'??loiiel Goethals will a'.'
Two Detectives Who Caught Him
Are Trapped by Secret
Service Men.
'ifin; J. "W ard und Paul Berliner, v? ho
described themselves as detective?- ?.???i
the Universal ?Secret Scrvj.e Bureau, Ni
If Wall &tr?-?-t, ?aptured an army deserter
? few da>s ago. and now they are In th?
Tombs because they preferred bis '*
to the ??0 reiAard ottered by tbe govern
lesTtcd from the fSh I* fantry at Fort
Perter, Bulfalo. in 1M1 They found him
workin?? 1'? this city t'? support h'.:
?sMajsred mother, :?"..j kept him, it is
? barged, a prisoner in a room at No. 9*3
M'etst 3!?'i street Ths detecthea offered
to let him off If he would pay the VM of
Vsndewall In?
? ?
ant to William M.
OffU-y, of the United ?Sta'. I * Ser?
vice, ?n tin-s c:?? and Oflley arranged for
r ?? ?Jet. -Sttvea fell into tho trap easily,
.--a'] ?35 In marked bills was raid fSStSI
b ; atefsen etore at Xo. 41
?-'??? cnth a' ?
Derllnsr ?and Ward wrre arraign?*?-! he
'? re (hriti i Btates District ?"ourt Judge
Hunt, Who tted thorn to the Tombs.
? ??arged ???It'a having harbored and con
l ealed a d< sorter.
P'-rllner had cards and checks which
destined him SS treasurer of the Vnl
<?--?! ?SSerst lervlce Bureau. War!, who
asM 1 o hsd only been In Its employ a
'"v- day? s a* found, according to a ?pe?
?a! agent of the Department of Justice,
to have a police roeot?, having recently
rved a term or Blsekwell's Islsnd for
? ?say.
I Probably Will Send Spccia
Message to Legislature.
i r, legre? i to 1 , Ml
Albanj March 11. With lead? i
Republican and Proarresslve turtles o
record la lav'ir of Mayor Mltche! . polic
bill.?. William Church Oaborn, lha nei
Dem?.',rat!?? St.it?-? Commlttea cha
cam* to Albany to-daj t,? tend hla weigh
to th" paaaags of the billa It wi
porte?) thai th.. Governor would probal
1 send a ???"?'?ini mea agi to the Lei
urgini: h to pea* the Mayor's
Beaator _llhu Root, m t ? ? nth.? know
today, sent meeaagea i>> the Republics'
leaders of the Legislature s.-?>mg it wai
lit?? hope that tha Republicana would lln?
Up BOlldly in favor of th?? bill.?
it is regarded aa more than llkel.
that the Republicans will make tha :>"
a party meaaure They WlH probabl; '
amende?", it is "raid lO-nlght, 1" giv?? lh<
BoOTd ??? 1. ?i,?.-i?. tl B pOWer Of ;ipi'"':>;
inK the members of t'"? board "f rs*oiew
Another amendment, It is said, "?in gi"*<
the board final ,url?-dictl"n In nl ' ?' '
in appeal except where its verdict is af
flrmatlva ??f tha flndlnga of tha Polic?
Commissioner, in tins casa tha accuse,
has th.- nsr!" t.? appeal to the Mayor. A:
?matters stand now, It is believed hen
that the bills *?iii probabl* paaa despit"
tir?, rrtrenuous . ;;'"rts beiug weged by in
t. ?rested politicians to def? .it th? m.
Physician Testifies Wrong Mar
Took Lxamination to
Obtain Policies.
? UgStion Into ?illc.i-.rd life m
Buranca frauds amounting t?> |l8S,000oi
mon -.?a.- i? 5'.' t< .-..'.,-, lefia
trat?-- Appleton In th? Tombs police court
Tha Philadelphia Li fa Insurance Com?
puny m questioning 1184,000 worth of
policies lrsrjr?! bj David Alexander and
Samuel Milch as agents for ths Phila?
delphia i -.?? ir i m an? ?? ? "ompanj.
Thi summons aras laaued ;?> I
queal of Royal H Welter, Aussi l
tri? t Attorney, for David Alexander and
Micha? i i ' Tha i olicy In i
ti",, li for 116,000 upon til?- life "f Sam?
uel Caminaky. of No. 14" Beater street
Caminhky died m December, IBiz. Th?
claim was never paid, Ooodman ?as
? ,i mi);.- !,\ .-i brol 'i<???? ln?la a
Can nakj wa aixty years old when
hie nfe 4?.- and, It Is all?
hud suffered for five yeara ffom heart
? troiihi?- and <?' ! ?r, Francia
1 McMorrough, formerly examiner tor the
Philadelphia Life Inaurance Company,
teatlfled that Alexander stood tin
f?,?- ? 'uni':: i-.; and, "' cou rae, i' i.? sed.
'i'-r substitution v.r.?- mada Dr. McMor?
rough Bald, with in:' knowledge Hehad
^i" agreement with Alexander and Milch,
he .said, t?? be "liberal" in his examina?
Afldavlts m Mr. Welter's possession
show that Ooodman Introduced Camin?
aky to Alexander, that immediately aft? r
the examination Alexander gol ?'
sky's wife, Bather, to signed a power
of attorney aaaiajnlng >i?-r rights in tha
Inaurance to Samuel T.ur-tbader. Jr., .Hid
tti4,t Lustbader filed proofs of d< y i
.-?.riLriii to recover the Insurance. AleX?
- and Milch, it Is alleged, p?*''* lnc'
J first premium of |1,1 '?<. minus Mllch's
commission, 2n?i Luatbader tha .''?''"nil
prs mlura.
The hearing was adjourned until
I Tuesday. Milch was an Important ant
for the ??t?te in ths Investigation
?it tie i :-i .t Side arson ring in IS! I
Appeals to Senate Committee
To Be Made Rear Admiral.
? ? B .-? .
Washington, Man ?i U.?--Captain '?
lin M. Pott*?. T. H. N.. who waa
victim ??;" Becretary Danlels'a ruling
agail " ? ra Of the navy who have
not ira-i their proportionate share ol si ?
appeared before th?- s<nai? Naval
n .mlttee to-day t" plead for ap?
pointment to th.? ?is1 ?.f '?..,: ,-"!?,.rr.ils.
Rear Admirals Walnwrlght and 0 ter
baus. t? tired, join, d in ti I ap
tam Potts and Rear Admiral Blue pre?
sented tha cas? "f ths Navj ["-spextment.
d\dmirais Osterhaus and Walnwrlght ?aid
that Captain Potts wan fin ollh-r ?t the
hif?h? st ability.
Captain i'otts Faid i? ??..,<? nol respon?
alblc for his failure to serve at aea for
?i hniith of tima BufBoleal to comply with
Becretary Danlela'a re??uirementB tor pro?
motion, as Ire war- acting under orders all
of the time and had no choice but to
obey them.
?admiral ".Vain?? right said that It was at
his request that Captain Potts had he..-,
retained on shore duty.
Admiral Blue defended th? board, which
"plucked'' t'aptaln Potts. He sal'l an ex?
ception In Captain f'otts s case would
' r? ata a bad precedent
Wilson Names W. P. Melburn
To Be Assistant Secretary.
Washlrigton, March n. William P.
M? ?burn, ?if Denver, son ln-law <>f ?Sena?
tor Thonia?. of Colorado, was nominated
tO-day by the Presidenl to be Assistant
Ba r?-tar> of the Treaaury. He win have
Charge of the CUStoma fi?: rice.
Mr. Melburn was ruf-a*??! in Hie bank-,
tng bualneaa at Leadvllla Col., and fien
ver at one time Ha was admitted to tire
bar In ?"olorado In 1"*?1. and has n?'ver
t eid pabUc e?lee
House for Safety Act. Cancer
Victim's Last Work.
' I?ri>m The t rlbune ftij-euu. ]
"Vashliiffton. Mai? h 11. The Hou?e to?
day paaaed the bill advocated by R"pr?
i Beatative "ftailllng Bob" Bremner, of Sow
| Jerse. . who up to the ho?ir of his death
from cancer ! oped to BOB tha measure
be-ome a law before he | The
bill created In tre Department of l?tbora
I"H'ireau ?,f l?abor Hafety." and Bllthorlaea
th- astabllehment in Washington of a
museum wherein shall be exhibited de?
\ loOB to promote 1 ' e : | '? | ?iff -so w ro
in The TRIBUNE |
; Election Inspectors Meet
March 28 to Revise
Registry Lists.
Two Principal Proposed Amend
ments to Constitution Dis?
posed Of, He Says.
there be s ?ee*nv4mt
. an,I am? nd the ?-am?-'."'
Tins question will be presented to the
votlers of ths stats a? s tpeeinl ?lection
to i? held en ipril ;. t'.rc- -wees from
Tuesdsy. The inspectora of el< I
to i from >> n m to i o p. tn. on
March 21, two weeli ?????'?. to
revi ' the ?registry Hat I ?elect
The reft ? ? ? dum It to ??? h4 Id h
cordam e v. ith an set pa the
'..? ?rs lature last 1"?? n tier. AI -
though then sen mut fa talk thst th?
conatitution oughl to hi revised ai an
early date und all partiea put plsnka I
that effect in th? n 1912 state platforna :
the political leader have ?seemi d strsi
' ?!.'?? as to thS fat" of ths r. ?*? ?
dum. 1- or that resson a great majoriti ?
of the ?people have little realised trm? j
the date- of the election ?aras ro close a?
i ind
William ?Barnes, Jr., chairman of the
Republican Mate Coinmittee, In a dts?*us?
. .-?on of the Question with s Tribuna re?
porter asked whj a convent. should be
cslled at this linn He ?said thai ths
two principal amendments to the consti?
tution that hsd been ?sought for to
hsd been practically disposed of since
thsn. He held thai Repul I b fsi
as their party platform pli art -cos
cerned, are frss to rote eithei ?as-? st ths
t< f. reni i
Little Likelihood of Opposition.
\t the i. -? ? eel tig of t ' ?, Progn
State ? '??nuiilit?'.- ? resolution wai Intro
dui ? 'l thai would have put thi orgai l
tion on ret ;? I to th< elect Ion
.?f ?delegates to ? ?conatltutional conven?
tion thi.? fall. Thi i
put that the Progn I ad little
chance of ? I and 1 con
stltution would probabl] be reactionary
Although the i ?? rao? ral er? i ; o?
ble for 1 . - ndum ;>t this tlmi, then
nol plsnm d si light to
rsrry the proposition. Wlllla n ?Church
, tl new state chal? man, ha;? not
s hs will tak<
In ;', i ab ? ci of oppoi IIIon, of < on
the question will 1 ? I In Un sfflrni
itea v ill turn out 1n
larg enough numbers to carry It How
ever, some of those opposed aw rafleci
Ing thai perhapi ii ?an old not I ? a hard
matter t?? defeat it. If they should or
.-.' s enough of a tight. Nothing
thst end hai been decided upen, how
?f the question us ?decided in ths sfflrm
atli i di Ii gate to a eos si con?
vention to meet on ?he Aral ?Tuesdsy In
April. 1911, will be elected st the goners!
election this fell. By Isw there ariH ?be
three dslsgstes from esch Benate district
?and flfteen at large, eandldi ?tea ? :- a
shall he ?nominated by the various partie
accordance with the direct primary
la n
It ii estimated that the cumin?*-; refer?
endum election will co?t the ?s?lats net
than |COO,000. Its opponents argu??
? the urgency la nol ?greet enough to
Justify that expenditure.
Barnes's Vie-vvs on the Subject.
\\ h? ?i Mr. i :..: nes wa ?asked to sa
the ri ferendum hi ssld .
"Since the o ivi ntions were hi Id ii
tin- tMu principe] smendments to the
state constitution, agitation for srhicb
?hsd l.i? " aggreaalve, hsve been prac?
Ucali) dj POSI d cf:
"First The workmen*! compensation
amendment, which has permitted
latui h to gr it?' to ci rtaln
the pi ??? curing l
cial < oral enaat iry re?
ceived by t). ?? ben employed in their
occupations not accorded t?j other em
or ol i Itisens, ?*iais been adopted
by the voters and incorpor?t?d Into th??
"Second Ths equal Mjffrage amend?
ment has been ?adopted by on- ?LegtSlSt
ind nil psrtlss are pledged to Hi
?adoption by the nes 1 legislature to I ??
elected In ltl??, ?and ?th<srefore that ques?
tion ?in bo subnaltted to the slsetorate in
tho fall of MS, rsgardlesa of the? hoi.iins
of a constitutional convention, v by.
th<-refore, should a convention now be
called'.' '
Dtseasstng th? motivos that led to the
adoption of oonfititution.-il COnveSJtiOB
planks by all the parties In I SU, Mr.
?Barnes referred to the action of th.? Pro
gresslvea, and addr?l :
?*\vh?n the Rspublicaa party ro?st in
convention st ?Saratoga asms days l??-..
gnizlng that th? points of diff?rence
existing between it and thoss of Its osera?
bershlp who were supporting Mr. ?Re
,eit for ?President wen * sly eonstltu?
lional In character, it Joined In the propo
sltion to submit the holding of a eonven
ti'.n t.? the people at the general sleetion
to he held In llll, In order that those
points of diffi rence might be fought out
before the electorate In on ordert] sray
?and In the hop?' that the Progret
would support the Republlcsa atate ticket
i i order that tiie D?amoeratie administra
? m of ii ?state, whleh had algnally fslled
In Its duty which text la mort clear to?
ds** than it WSS then should ?be OUSted
from powsTi snd the administration of
the -?..i? ?*este*red to ths efBdent stand?
ard that existed when ?flovernor i?ix w;?.?
"Thi-. law ts .eonftsing In H ten
?aid Mr. Barnes "if pros-Idea If the rot
? rs dt?? tare for a . ?invention, that ?i-1
ha i i. elected to it la the tall of
1114, fifteen ?from tin stats al large aad
ihn.-, from e;o-'i PcnafS district, the
i;.im s of ?'? ?i candidates to v,.> printed
upon a ballot separats from the nassss
of candidates for other ???licea.
"It prn\ i.|. s that one ?mark m.<; be BUf
Aclent to ?<>t ? for th?- fifteen delegates-st?
large a- :i Kr?,?ip. hut, ?apparently, I at
the rotet mu l make his ,t?,m'. murk f??r
ths delegate? ?from Uh ?Beasts districts I
for ea< h ?CSndMatS SSPSIStllj This ts
mot ' ' onfu Ing "
Major Mit, h. i attended the pesform
anee of "i I ? R bti I ?.r the Wsrl 1" at ths
Winter Osrden last svsnlng Ths Msyoi
... ompa ni? ?i bj :? psi tj of Ij a hi? b
Inoludi 'i ' ;? oi gi M< Ant ? ? . I i ident of
the ?Board ?>r sJdsnsss Bt t?arsen ?the sets
the? party srsni behln it ?, ths
Mayor sxprsaalng a da ?Ira to ses In what
mnnti.r the et;,;,-., hands '?' ' I e able to
m??\ '? ?the ' tSgS I hip lri,|i? riil.ir I >
?Mayor FttsgsraM af Boston was uijo la i
th? asesases I
Jews Everywhere Celebrate ai
Stamp on Hainan.
The feast of Pnnm, cuitnciuorat! >?
,n?-e of the ? hililr.-n of Ian
tr, m death, through the Interrontlon
?.pi. ?ti Bather, la being celebrated by Je
throughout the world to-dst* Like
? hoUda].-. this one often rel
the .lewi-ii Fourth of ''?:' tel
,- et to i unset*
'? begai '? I nigh! -?it'i aervicea at i
? | ;,, V her?? i
l?'??.'k ??f Bather, known as the ?i
*?..!.-> r? ,.d.
A: long the orthodoa II b i istom of ha
ini; the name of Maman, the BTCh-pen
written on th?' aolea of ths Bhoea
still observed, and when Ihe ob?noxio
name i?, mentioned by the reader of t
Megillah the arearer of the shoes ??'am
on the ll?? i
\ feature of the feetfval is the custo
of eei gift to frl? la and to II
poor. There will >?e ri rvipea
all the Jewish houses of worship to-da
< elcbratlons, With tebteaUB and p!a>
having the story af Bather as a buel
?ill tak.? place at tiro Temple Kmanu-L
the 'i? vi le P' th-EI and oth? r Jewk
of worship on Bunday for the ei
ment of the children.
Admit in Senate Their Extravi
gante Lxceeds That of Much
Abused Republicans.
i pa Ti bane Bureau. ]
Washington, March IL?The spectre c
economy ?(,-?? up t?? annoy the Democrat
of the - ?? "M the Dtetiiet of r,
lombia appropriation Mil
for consul' ration t??-?la:- BenatOT ThOOM
on ths majority ??"lo of th
chamber Inveighed ??n:' il extravaganoi
whlli other I '? n? I ?'? d tln't th
? , ihoul , i" made i m? d? ' city a It
u mod '
"u g have been proa hing Bcoa
.i.- ti,?? Republican f"r sxtrava
gance," laid Beimtor Thomaa "and her
?.. .,;, | oui i" provide for li
over t'irlr appro] I
?y . Benatoi I right." said Senate
'?? th? l?emrii-r.iti'- pre
gainai u? publican sxtravagan?
tii" appropriations for this year -nui ex
"'? "??''"
: . ? with B< unto
. ow? on
rj an apol?
?r.|. ?? ??? pt< d Ml t Bemtoi
Met m ?
Mrg. J. W. Wadswortli, ex
Speaker's Wife, to Give Troop
M Use of Hall for Drills.
\ new troop of cavalry for ths National
? N 1 ork, to be knou n as
Troop M, 1st Cavalry, organised
?? th? ? ten? see "I \ roi
will be muetered Into service on Mareii
fj Kathanlel C Bchlevei
ed ci ptaln and Jame? W "?> i Isworth, jr.,
ker of the A.,,i, ?-, lirst lle?i
A s[.?" '.ii examining board has been
appointed, consisting i'f ? 'olonel ? i
11. Bei lei Cavali ??. ?>f Brooklyn;
Major u K. Broern, let Cavalry, of Byra
. Captain Bdarard McLeer, Troop L
ralry? of Brooklyn, and Majoi W.
w Percy, mitdlcal corpa of Roche tei
.-,>me . .- ? tena In the -
? ?. |u? ' to be muetered
Into i he sendee.
Mi Wadeworth, wife of Lieutenant
Wadsworth, who has s large teeedtng
farm for buntere, has offer? I the net/,
troop the ' ? ? ui ?? ol her large i
ar ?i steel riding hail until th? tab
piles a suitable armory. Tho rilling
ring of the hall offers a splendid oppor?
tunity for dull purpoa? . r?rt it raeaaurea
100 by 800 feet In the clear.
Changes Attitude Regarding
GoeUials Bill Amendment.
. Mit? i,' i said last night be ero iM
be willing to rompromtee arith the Leg
Islature on en) n asonable basis In re?
gard to an amendment to ths Qoethal?
e i in. This .?as e changa la his utti
ti.de. f,?r on Monday he had f-nicl he did
? think he could s^iee to any of tho
1 amendment ".
The Mayor's Statement -va.?i made When
he ?as asked if it were true tiiat he had
agreed to amend the bill *-o t?s to pr?.
\ id? for the appointment of the at
board of review by the Board of Eel -
mate. At pr?sent the bill provides f"r
a boanl of three, one a policeman to be
appointed by the Board of istimate, i
second bv tie Civil Servies Commission
and the third by the .Mas or himself,
i care nothing aboul the machiner:.
for the appointment m* the board." tin?
Mayor Bald, "i am opsm t?? any reason?
able compromise short "f Bomethlng that
i lolon? ! Qoet ild not agree to and
would keep him from accepting the ?.? ?
of i'"i?' ?? ? 'tun mission? r '
The Mayor said tt was taimatertel to
him ?arhether the board w,?s rompus ad ot
three or five members, He thought, how
over, there should be at 'ea.??t one ?
if the uniformed force on It* and of
a ?rade not lower than that ? f the man
Whoee ca.'e might be tinder consideration.
it w?t' reptorted yseterday that Colon i
Qoethala would be u, ti,?? ,-ity on pit
? ate b r. Ines -? to-da? Ma, "i Mttcb? l
?aid ho did not know anything about if.
if the . olon? i u." ?> ' orne te tea a II I
not nt all unlikely thr.t b r? preeentailve
of the Mayor will go over the poii??o ??ill
a.s it now stand a, with him, t?i e-e It it
meets aiiii id f a?oro? ai
Steel Corporation Shows $3,?
683.894 Increased Profits,
De i'.t- the n cent | ? iml rtle otti r
of i 'hariea M ?Schwab oonoerning
t! e . t.,-. of ti,e ? t,., ? buaini eg, the I ?
repc?rl of the Bethlehem st??ei Corpora?
tion, of wbloh h? : ? president, r-ii"\ss man?
ufacturing profits Of M
?i over "?, Other Inc-orrA
i ougt i the total net earnlnga to js,.?"-.'?."!.
! I ? ? -'. i be n- t i'i.?nr. mJtt ?'
all fixed chargea exclusive of drrldeada,
waa ".i-*:,to::, which la equal to the annual
du Id? ml "f : i? ' . ? nt on the prof?
? lock, and in addition 17.44 per cent on the
008 commoa M'"-k. outilanding com
par ! with ,: M i- r coal ? anted in Ifl !
"Thr..iu-lioui Iha ' . it-, pgyg Mr
Bchwab In the report, "careful conalder?
atlon has t?,. n green to the gn at 11 -rl
!'??? rim- probl? ma eonne? ted with tin d<
.??"??nt of the ore mines In < "lull. RM :,
Honed la ths laai annual r?>p??tl, sn?l satii
factory pians f,.r the ...,i,<uin,-.ii mining
?,' thla era ar?. new In com reta bapa, and
tin. actual aretk w,u i,a rigorously pi .?
rutad ' I
?Action Follows Failure to
Get Unanimous Agree?
ment in House.
Bill Expected to Pass by Majority
of from 60 to 100
? Tnbun? Burea ?
WaShlngtea, March 1!.-Adinmistrati?>n j
followers In ths House decided to-day to j
put through under ;, fprfial rule?, the bill
repealing the free, tolls section of tho|
I'anaina ?Canal act. < 'haJnnan Adam-ion
..f the Int?ntate Commerce committee,
after ssosrtalnlng that it ?would he i?'>-1
posalble to pet a unanimous cotisent ?SgrSS
I for an early ?rote Introduced a !
reeolutlon asking for the special rule.
which the Rules ?Covuntttec is sspsotsd
t?. report ?PSSSSgS of the bill within ten
Ths Adsmson resolution provides for
fifteen ?hours' dehate. At tho expiration
of this time the previous Question r?haii
he ordsrsd and the bill be pyt on tlnal
pssssgs "without anirn.lin? nt or lutor
venlng motion, except on motion to re?
The contemplated rule v. ill ? rohlbit the
amendment of the repeal bill fn any par?
ti? ular and undoubtedly will be vigor
conteste 1 by the opponent3 of the
repeal proposal, who, led by members
from the I'aclti ? Cossl htat?-.?--. allege that
If there is no exemption of tolls ?ths trans
ContlnentSl railroad.? will benefit, and that
thS rj?nlted Statt : *-?..l be showing oub?
li rvii -ice to < jr.-rLt Britain.
? 'i,airman Adameon, ?however, sstlreab
that there will be a large majority In ',
favor of the repeal bill, and Is confident
Of putting it ?through In short order. Ufl
official estimates are that th?; majority
or ..r th.- repeal artll he between
SO and 10t n ???
should the House proton
asure unreeaonabljr admlnlatration
Ii idera in the Senate may make an effott
to take Initiative action iri the topper
"t .?? port of ths tnlii
exemption ?repssl "-aid Benstor, iioke
Smith, "snd ' think that the action
should be taken as a i....?.sible."
?Senator ?Ifaitlna of New Jersey, an
nounced bis sUeglssce to opposition of
the repeal. There still la discussion
among ?Sstaators ?sbout th?- advisability of
a Dei ?? kucus on Um Question be?
fore ii la submitted to the Senats
Sulzcr Sued by Bodyguards.
albst . ".?:?', U -Three men -??ho
...??. i ?and watch4ra at the
toi snd ths Bxecutlvt Msnslon for
William Sulsi r In the Impeschmei t pro?
eeedlngs hist fall aued him ?to-day for
th? ir wagea Anthony Flannigan sued for
1345 i . Plcketl snd Michael MS?
Laughlin f??r |60 ? ach
Bankers Offering* Bonds.
.i P. ?Morgan <fc ?Co an,) ?Barris?
Forbes A Co., scoording io an announce
menl yeetordny, bava purchsssd $0/ ? ?
New v?,rk State Railway .consolidated
t'._? per .-?'nt bonds. Tht ?? are redeem?
able st l^? and Interest on an? Interes4
?late on sixty days' notice. The banker?
will offer the bond ft at 90, to yield mor<;
than 5 per cent.
I' was also announced yesterday flint
H.7MUMI I per cent bonds of the Chicago,
Minneapolis <". St. Paul Railway Cana
? paay, due USB, ha\e been sold to Kuhn,
Id??eb & I o
Young Mother, Grief-Stricken,
Hangs Herself.
?Jrii-r over the-, ?Kath of lier" baby, two
months ago, 1. the reason eeetgned for
the suicide of Mrs Rebecca Tina, twea
ty-ft-re, of No IM Bel lefer atreel Brook?
lyn, wii?> was found dead at the home el
her parents. Ma T?"l Willow avenue. II"
boken, yeeterday afternoon.
Th<? young mother took Ike baby I
death SO much to heart that her BUSband
believed a change might help her. There?
fore she went t?? visit her mother ami
: father about titr? ? ?reeks as??.
"Teeterday afternoon, during the ah
uem-e ?if her parents, Mrs. Tpan secured
.?. pesdce of sash cord. Bne tied 01.nd to
r.he tup of the transom, made ihe other
??mi into a ??lit' noose, which she festoneo
about her neck, and then Jumped from s
chair and strangled to death/ When her
mother ami father returned about dinner
time the?, found her ?1? ad.
Stock Is Now on Annual 4 p.
Gent Basis Instead of 3.
As predicted laM month, ?he?
nouneement was made that th? Am.
Telephone and Telegraph ?ompany _.
ai ranged to dispos?? of Its Western i
holdings through an underwritin*? ??_?
cate headed by Kuhn, l...etj ? (?0 7"
directors yeaterday, by declaring jlj?
terly dividend of 1 per cent, um th?
on a i per cent basis, lb r.-t,,l0r(, ?**
cent has been paid.
Because "f t?.?? ln?:r-. ., . |t i',?Hu1d
the price paid by th* Westen- ?!***?
rrtocfcholders for t lie I - ar??
which they are entitled to ?nb-cnu [
the rati ? ?'f i" 1 ? < ? nt of their hoirw
theoretically will 'i*, '!<? ?loan ??, *-?'f
of course the a<'tual pri ?? reaaisaata
In accordance with the p.an arino^
bj J. P. Morgan ?t ?'., early in th? *T
t!,.. resignation of Mr. Morgan *.<???,'*'
'?if? et yest ?? n , ,. ,f. j^**
V* illlam 11. Moore and lb-,- *
ters had resigned at a tint.
cembcr. Edwin ?i Merrill, ?,r....ri~,
tlie Union Trust < on pai , .? afi (|e,.1|.,'
din ctcr to t:.! one of th? vs
Live in California
Home Land and Health Land
Low Fares
From New York
March 14th to April 14th
Southern Pacific Sunset Route
New Orleans - Los Angeles - San Francisco
"Thro* the Land of Sunshine to the Golden Gate."
Tbone, ?call or ?mite to-day for literature wd full information.
1158 Broadway 366 Broadway 39 Broadway
Cor. C7th it. I or. ?"rank!..i ?-:. Near ?Rl ? : .?>?:
Phone, Franklin 392S
The Country Bed Room
and I is Furniture
THE restful suggestion of
country air and sunshine
s'bich seems to pervade the spa?
cious Sleeping Chamber ol Geurgian
times in j v advantageous!?- he
tratisierrcd to the Country House
Red Room of to-dav.
Among tiie Hampton Shops Fe-r
productions one may readily find
? ucli variant?; of the Heppelv-vhite
i id Sheraton tradition as will
cieate this very atmosphere.
The Twin Beds, with their deli
catelv carved panels; the ample
Ii.ilet Table surmounted by some
quaintly framed Mirror- the slen?
derly proportioned Chairs: enliv?
ened by painted wreaths and fes?
toons of tlower?.?these, and such
as these, are characteristic of the
Hampton .'"hop'?.
M and 36 West ?2d St., New Votk
?Between Fifth A?e. and Broailr..''

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