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? t vil ?%
/V _**if-l4, i-?. '7, \?
- - .sW-xikis
rlgl t, ttll - - ? ..-o lat?as |
To-day, fair.
-*_MP_BA*ri m f-flBBMITl
Hi-jh. M?-. low. -.'I.
lull report Pass II?
Vl,l. I.NXII1. .. .\?>. 24,300.
1"> ?1 I f ' I.' I I \" I.' I'l.'\*'l' lu t 11.? ?f >>w \ork. Newark. .1er.-?.- ? i?. and iloboke?
Members of Staff To Be,
Called Again Before the
Grand Jury Next Week.
U.S. Prosecutor and Counsel for
Two Men Agree to Expedite
Supreme Court Decision.
?f .ludgf Learned Hand
adjudg:?'". Georg? Burdlck. formet city
editor i -??l editor of Th?
\\ ?liidin id. Curtln, sblp
nf-?.- ""???' guilty "' ''?nu-ini't of
? day m the Ped?
frar : > Crank i. Car
aarpli ? ' tant I "nit? d States I He?
????*? -, charge of the ? ase !
Thf ' ? ? ' eedings g'e.s out of |
refusal of th? t*s?? to dlecloae to
pand jury 1 I their In?
(trsvatioii In -h? I i ri licit- !
fraud cases, publish?*??*]
?-?riosl ? ' T ? Tribune previous to
iiic '.??' ? " the find? ?
ins of i i
ling Burdlck and Cur?
tm in t of their re- '
fus?; ir news source on the
s did not a ish t?? In- !
-. i'ii ading their ?
cons.h':'' nd refusing to ?
patOl ) pai*don l'ruin :
Pre-:': n by s? huh the pr
: .-?? ight ? meet 1 hlS plea, v,
Ode- of Judge Hand.
"(.?rdc: nt is in
contcn-pt and thai he pay h fine of
*.-<?' to raid responden! to i
-? hiins? ?f b 11,? ? ??ii m?M' e '
? ut or an; - lbs? qu .nt
ft ?? 'l t< stlfi Ing fully as to '
bis Information ss blch j
aas ' of ? 'I'tam srticl -.- In
i egardlng cua. I
?n?J in the ei ?nt of his ,
newer, s con- '
? until h?? shall so :
Th' ding;, Mr. '
rphen said yesterday, sviii be to
lul'i'i'.? The defendants to appear be-,
fore the grand Jury This will prop*
?? ?ion?? some time next week.
"When ihei are brought before thai
intu? lury," he said, "they will be
luestiont? they reftftred to
in?.? ? er ag iin. if they am
Th*~i?i . ? ?: the court, under
rs, they will i
(her- : ?? mpt
. tion will i"; over.
hand, should they still
trrf i f 1500 will In at
v..!! ii"t end i
orders an
and th? n? ?1 sti p a ill
i new j a ntment before
th?? i g t tat th? y have re
??till and asking that ?
mo Itted until such tim? ?
In- I
real p n this ',
:.? lit
etni'i" | the Info*
re bs a ?l.
*e ar of making a ?.lean ?
? ? | n involi ee '
a* e never boon defl
ait?!: .- . ?i ? na] Mttleroent i
? . only in ? he ?Supreme :
To Expedite Appeal.
?< ivi ..-,'? id with :
Mr. '.'. n it h him to
He extent getting it 11 for?
eai ? ? of all technl? all- '
.? shall be
that i ooii as th**,
ng for the
.,? ; ndanta, on 'he
? i|y COmS ?'fore
? -?,?? , in? h? -?ill rs
,1 non for a
i suppose, sinog
imni tted under
??miiiu./l ?n third aage. fourth ?olui-n
This Mornings Sews.
LOCAL lag?
Aiii* Stale. 1
?? : Had. 1
Pot* ???? Faut ? isas. i
? Contractai a
. a
' si Hi ?', r :Kh?n ' ocalne Bvll a
''?*" ?? ;..,, . -I Pl*ol ?? ? 3
: m TOO ... 5
***n ? . sr'e Attack. 7
*?*<* A-;.,lr,i4i Park InvealOO. 7
1 mm ? ?.. ? v. hi Dissolve 1?
Ble* is L eh Award.l?
" "' ' | ' <J_gen Snl Anno u
i for Hueits a
. 3
I ? . gf '1<.:| C; Ml ? *
? I ?.?? -'I .1
- '.' Part Dm : . . . l
. s
. ..::...::*7
. 7
. 7
? I
to and ii
la. ici iiid m
. . I?
. IS
' ? l.18
Mrs. Daniels Wants No.
Called the North Carolina
Washington, March 18.- If lira.
sephus Daniels, wife of th? Beere
? Navy, has her -ray and
'?'".' will the new superdr?
nought, no? called No. 39, the kec
Sfhlch will i? laid at th? Is'ea ?
N*M ' *ard n? \t Monday, will
nam.-ii the North Carolina.
Secretary Daniels mainti
diplomatic silence ??n the subject
day, .isni.? fr'.ni admitting that Nos
10 and tl wiould be named at the m
?mie. n ?vas suggested that St
na, New Jersey an.l Hin
would in the names ??f tin- nca bat
ships, but Mr. i ?am.'is merel* : mile
- a
$55.000 IN GEMS GON
New York Salesman Says
Was Robbed in Chicago.
Chi? ago March i" ? Te o armed i
threw re?i pepper m the eyes ?>f l?.i
Epner, a New York Jewelry salesn
and robbi ?) him Of a suit'-asc r*ontl
ing lewels valued si 155,000 to?ni|
h?? told the police.
The men had followed htm iron
Jewelrj store <?n the West side,
??aid and when he alighted fron
ar torced him to SCCOUipi
them io n lonely spot, \? her, , hi? h?
they rohoeil him.
Epner told the police he was r
ployed by his brother, 8. Epner.
DO ' .mai street, New fork, and ?
he lived ai No. 1330 Third aven
Ni .? Vork.
Members of Washington Heigr
Church Lay Charges Before
Bishop Wilson.
Two v "inen members ??f the Wai
ington i (eights Methodii t i
Church', at Amsterdam avenue and K
street, have laid iuf?>r? Bishop Lutl
B Wilson '.arpes against their pi
tur. th." Rev, 1 ?r ,ia? "h Bmburj ?Prie
What the charges are ha.- :i"t l>?
i !?? public. Th? Bishop has no pos
t'< make an Investigation, the discipll
??r the Church leaving investigation
moral character of minist? r- up t" t
conference Th< Ni t York Conf<
?nee meet-- th<? first week In Apt
Whether ii*?' chsrges against Dr. Pri
v il! h brought before that hody d
pends upon the superintendent.
*3iehop "?" ii-on sain tasl nig I tl
he ?.?.a." unn'"?-. ?., aay whether an o
Inquiry would he ordered. Tl
Bishop held an informa] Inquir li tl
Met hod ht Book Concern Building. N
ISO Fifth avenu? Th? two ?vom??n a
: an.1 1? ?,?ated their charges
Anthony Comstoch r-ai-1 last nig
larges againal tin Rev, i?r pri
had been nia?k- to him by several pe
and that he had si nt them t?> ti
' I'h? charges ar? serious, ' t
sai?], aid I thought th?? ought to I
r. r_r ; i t ?--. ?
Former Assistant I >. ? t *- ; ? t Attorn?
Frank M?.?.-.-. who appeared for r?
i'r?. ?? before the Biahop, said last nigh
' M lh< ? "r-t ti,?- ? harg? ? all?
? ? tlon I am SU1 ' they ar
not ?t 1?
Civil War Veteran to We
Housekeeper Who Is 2 5.
B : tlssisp la Tl ? I : t m
Stamford, Conn., March 18.?Nelao
F Bpeer, h veteran of the Civil v?'?-.
seventy-two years old. took out
? t?> mart..' Miss I^illian C, Knap*
of Brooklyn, daughter <>f Benjaml
Knapp, she ?s twenty-five years old.
eer has hen married three tlmei
Tii? first marriage ended In diivorci
His other arlves died. Miss Knapp ha
been keeping house for Speer on hi
farm m Hunting Ridge.
Kaiser's Government Order:
Newspapers to Cease Attacks
on C/ar's Empire.
? By i abi- ?'? 11 ?? i rife .
Berlin, March 18.?Th? German go?
seamen! to-night gave the order t<
eeaat Bring to th? pan-German nsw?
pal??!*! Which during the *se??k hav?
been attacking Rusala and declarinf
ih,,; her military preparations are rjl<
rocted against Germany. An Inspired
tif.t?? appearing in the ?'North Gonna i
Oasette" declares that "neither emp?i
wishes t?? make an and of the legend?r*
friendship between Um two govern?
IfUCh harm has been ?lone however
;,n?J the i"?rman government has taken
?a uon too lata, 'i in ' smpalgn wa*> cal*
, uiatod "' iri'iiin'i-ite Ruaals und event?
ually ?Trance, hut instead of this it bei
i...j pul ??i defeat and Io an u?aren
dented climas of Wtfbrness m Russii
Germany's error In dealing mth Rossis
wjtA. |n o erlooklng tin deep and illeal
,,,,;.i.n ,< olutlon M 1*1-1? has i ? ??n
gr-fing on In tat Csar*i eiapira siaca the
.l.il .irr ? war.
Marconi Telephony a Success.
,, ,K . i.. .- I], March 13 It il ai
,,j n,,i? Un I? I ? la srr? less Mil
mad? n thi \p I "?se* betwei
I pa ?r ti?, Italian Pet I '?i VVillls-n
board Ik? batik ship R? Ins
i.i. ,,.. rial hip "' ,h' ,,,,; ? "' "",
Ai.r./ ten essful Tut Oukt ?
tha Abrussl presided ovei UM ssperimsnts
aad sspseanid Us adwirsUea st tur *i
? dls ?ttaln-d.
Thinks Mis Speech Sum?
marized Too Closely and
Meaning Distorted.
Words Were Interspersed with
I anghter and Not Thought
at All Sensational.
By? .n -
'? ?ndoii, March l". An
Pac.? waa ssked by the stat^ i ?e... ri -
meni to-daj t?. iurnisli an explanation
of h la much criticised apeech. Ha asid
li<- would r.iihei- Si'r the Bpeech In de
? tail, it appears that the apeech ?? as
; '? " ?ved m a perte? tly friendly raahion
! bj ai! present ati.j not interspe d by I
! "'"i'?' ni p. all of la ighti r N.|y
! thought i? in the least ?sensstionsl
1 Thesmbaassdor sas astoniahed ??lien1
' he found he had produc? ?I a - nsation,'
' but vas in no ??..- worried, as th<.n- ',
| denaation ?-t the B?peech bj the ?London
! reportera ?made th< i onatruction some
what different from the original The
???.? ged ?remark that "it added ir "
?to the pleasure of the American people
j in building the canal to knos that the
I British ???-?uM profil moal bj it-s use",
, turned oui reslly t.. bx
"I ??ill ii?>t SB) thai ??? have I lilt
i ho ?Panama Canal for you (Laugl I
bul 1 -??ill say that it adds greatly to j
the pleaaure .?!" imiidiiiK thsl canal
when ?A?- ?realise that It la you \? ho,
?sill benefit the moal by It " ii.aiiiiiiter.il
Ambassador Willard, Bitting beside
Mr. Page, Mid i?? him: "] wonder thai ?
you g?i at theae English ?so atrong." So
that h La hard t<? ii\ an? particularly
Anglomanias attitude ?.n Am ... ador
Cheers and Laughter.
Ambaaaador Page went on to asy?
"1 can say a similar ihitiR ah,,m the
i? ?ni lowering ??f our tariff. We did
not !??\?rr it in ordi i to please j ou
(laughter), it waa t??r purposi I ?
we conridered economicallj for our
: eli??? (che4rai, x. ?.< rthel?
added to the pleasure of doing thai to
|reflect that thereb*? we -^t:?-? ui?-1 ?rtfceive
iiiiote trad?* from )*OU (cheer ?
'*?2onoernlng x\io rece?? message of
Presldenl Wilson i can tay Borne?
! v bat more. I tnki' It up??ii U
and on nr own rsaponalhillty to
? moi '
"He toi'i you ?thai not meral] 'o,
1 pieaae you but t?> ? iprssa the true son?
I tlraenl and the aelf-rsspscl of the
I Americsn nation, -and of even true
American. (Cheers i
"His ?area the ??<?>!.-- of the people.!
N". ? irtlicl?-?-.- |1 Sdda !" the Pleasure of]
| hearing thai votee to ?knos that it does
? ; ou.
?-.Ma- t pul In another parenth?
jalao "ii in*' own account and *? ? i"i-*-- ?
? the Impresaion that part of your ;
; s'-i-ms i?? have about the attitude of the
I United Btatea ?government i'f?n?-erning t
the Investm? nt of j our rotosa ?i ? rn
Iinga in the siat?:- >?i ?'entrai Amer?
ica thai have volcanic tendencies?"
? Laughter.)
Foreign Investments.
? i sometime read that ti t United
-'i it.-- in entering upon .? polio t., dis?
courage foreign Investments. That ip
[untrue I IhJnV thai ?some events ere
hapi enlng then which diacourage them ?
?somewhat, but 1 Imp?? they will M"t he
charged to the United Btatea. There la
B policy forming In ihe mit d
?government nmi our people which la
not new, and thsl would discou
?such lnTest*m?Bnta or Buch cono?
would earr) with them ?"iitrol of
the ??'?-'?rniii'lil of any of tho ? ' ??'?
and only thai ' ? Heai ' Hear!) "only
that, II :? ou plea -?. foi bo fsi a the
l ,.nii,i,i-.| <>n ?-.end puse, ?Ulli i-nliiinn.
Garrison at Jojutla Mutiny and
Kill General Alatristc.
[By Cafe ? - ' rrll
Ifssli.? City, March i ? The Vest* ral
?garriaoa ot Jojutla, stale r?f ?lisrehis,
mutinied yesterday and ?killed 'heir
j L<?iiim:ii|ih r. ?.ent-ral AlatriatS.
Troopa wow ?mshed frein Cuernavaca
and the mutineers were Bubducd, alxty
being killed In fighl and nineteen being
taken pri*8on4wra and Immedlatel: ex*
' tut' d.
ii, the ligiitmi; the Pedsrsl
: Major Lula ?Religues, ? ?aptaln i I
tara and Lieutenant Toaasaa Ii?odi*igu?Ba
The mutlmera behniged lo the 30th In?
Huerta Sends Guns and Ammu-i
nition to the Oil Port.
n , abl to Th. Ti lb? ? '
I ? ra ? 'i us, M? *?'? ". Msrch l<3 11 ?
go . iiiiiHii! aenl a large qusntlt
' ammunition :???<1 aevi rsl rapid nr? ?gum
t?i Taiiipi. <? "i? lh< Btl am hip lM"H
: ,,i h,/.? .-?in ' '? ' di?- ? htch ?jailed tu d ?
i;. at Admlrsl I'l't'li'T r-.'iu.l ?
??, h? k mi m*", aaga h "in Rsar Ada
?,1;,. g thsl the Fx 'i' rala sere making
, | ?,, pr?parai lens foi the ?J? i? o? a
,,f TimipH'i?. bUl h' WM il'?.?II. t ? .
. tain the r? b? Ii ?fighting atn -
i:? ai ?Vdmlral Ma] o r. qui i"i thi pieu
, n. - <?f Iba I "-'ii'i'ii'. f??i 'i ? In thi i ?
;i,,,. -1,, aras senl I ?.' ? ? lo ?i;? ? 11 la
n?.t tltOUghl lli' i ? ?" ? . .m ..it..
rjlCO With BUCC4 M "" ''?-d'I.ilj \?lll
naht. '
'wives the cause
! of french dui
Moving Picture Men G
Mlm Showing Real En?
counter with Swords.
Literary and Artistic Par
Ranged in Wide Circle Aroun
Combatants, Watches I ray.
- .rif '.
Paria March 13. J" lues
-??n of J? an Richepin. ol thi ?Frei
\''.?<j' m re? eived to night !
s ?if bis friends among t
and i" ti rateura of t
hi? ? i tory, a hile PI i
Prondaie the author, waa nursing
t hrust In the forearnu aft? i
duel fought at Neuilly t??-da\ i.?for?
lai*ge and appreciative audienc?
u iv?**s ' ? moving pi
un ? ami i a-. Joui nalii " and phot?
raph? i
Tbe ?lu??! v... ?? ?! i heated ? "i!"?i
bel s ' ? n Mme. I ronda!?, a Ifc "i i
?iran?.?i ir-t riinl 1 he art! -th' lu?.
her hu I ?",'i i . p? r-tacular come?
"Aphrodlti " i"i the Th? Itri d
Renais tan? ? snd Mme Rlchep
known on the s'.?g'1 us Cors Laps
? c ri", ar ?I . ., || for the part of ? 'hry;
In t he coming product Ion.
"This i? going to i" a ? ?v? serio
?v ?-re the words i onflde
tlall; whispered t,. The Tribun? on
.? pondent lust befon the batt le. But
a/asn't, it proi d .-. g.i scensrio f
i he "ein? ma" men and made *m
cop. for the nen : ps pei -
Qu.irrel During Rehearsal.
The quarrel began dui ing an ?
Mme. RI? h? pin v. y 'it ing h
lin? s n? .m t.'"J,ii' statue of V enua
the theatre lobby. Mme Frondai? li
li rr ipted t he act reaa by sas mg.
"You act this like a
To a hlch Mm??. Richepin retorii -\
"Tour hi i .; lag? is that of ? -
"I'ii you ass,mi?' responsibility f?
.? our ? ' . I Riel
? pin of M. Fr?'i"lai??
"Yes. i do," was th? sharp snswer
th?> dramatist.
,-? .irid?; were selected forthaith I
the principals, ami at dawn to?da
Pig ? r??\?,?l rii"t"re?l to NaUiU) fOC ti
combat Georges Breittmayei i
s\vi>r?lsinan of I'aris and a BCCOOd f?
Fronds te, dul) sterilised th? w? i
o? er an ,il'-"h"l flame ami the duellis
stripped to tii" classic soft shir! for tl
l'm ing pn liminaries Jacqui
Bichepln's brother, Tiarko, escort?
Cors Laparcerie iip?iii the scene i
combat. They ?\*?n? followed by J?a
Richepin ami Mme. Rich? pin, parent
of th? priii Ipal and I ht ten
Richepin name ? hi
to appr?ci?t? the grai itj ol thi situs
l'inaliv ?.une Mme {"YondslO, thll
completing the famil. ?gathering. The
the ivlvei re? In ?i. ? .?? h In ? dit
.i seen
which, b~ no | ? ? tch of th
French Imagination might en?i tragl
cally, ?? hll? i in- n I of tiio crow?
ranged Itself around the greensward oi
which the duel was to be fought.
An Inexperienced Swordsman.
\ - , the moving picture met
bad got t heir foaiB the rombal hegan
with ?Pierre iY?mdaie. an Inexperience?
swordsman and. moreover, left handed
taking the aggressive. H? advance!
Impetuously to the atta??k. holdins, hr
arm extended full length and forcim
I opponent to st'?p Pa'-k severs
Buddenly Jacqura spranir for
ward, scratching Frondais on his lefi
-?v ii.-t. After a minute inspr-t i"ti bj
the surgeon the combat was resumed
l ,,n! iiiurd mi ?.-? ond prtge, t??iir|h ?-oliiinn
Diamond Merchant and Family
on Customs Grill.
the Mauretanis errl ed yesterdaj
from Liverpool 'lenii \ .'?n I '.? n, a die?
? i ond merchant of tins ? It; . was Informed
tomi ofllclals thai he and his ?--r11it? ?
?iari4 n ist ge s1 "i ' ?" to the ' lUstom
; it,--, , rtain questions I le
? ? !?? ? ? I Burpi ise, bul .sen??cd t" fol?
low ''? ? istTuctkMM of the Depot; sur
veyor. lits brotlier. Raphael v.-?? Ds
,i. , ? < ?r n | - ; ? :, i > ?I by ?ii.iitn. : diamond IBOT
aas takes to the (*u*rtoni Rouai
in?,re !h;?n a
month ?'-" on arrival from Europe
Two taxteabs s d in the
Mr. Van I '.mi ..!,?1 I '. -i ??.,:
" ? - ? '
? ? ? other cab rod? lln I
i -"I daugl t? and s gen ?
. . ??, ompanlH b" s ? istomi
?? ?re takes befon ? ?? - i i i
and aft?r a brief InterragatkM the* mt ?
taken tH.fore H? arj ? ! smart, ti. .? ?
Meanwhile th? ii l*Tgs*fgl i I
aas caret ? uunln? d
after which Mr, Van Dam and his famil}
? ?. ? permitted to g" their h"in?? In River?
ltd? I.
Physician to Grovcr Cleveland
Suffering from Diabetes.
i..?. |.ii i ? iii ? ant, m .??,. tt ? ' n
ir-ii Park Boutl professor ??' mirgery at
|:. ||, via* 11" l'i'.il .'?lid a ? I llUtlg '- '
? ? . ? ii..-.|dial, li III in t ?
ill! ition from dlabeti I ' i
under the car? ol Dr. George David
..i ,.! No II '?? ? -i ? th Ire? I ' ?
?i,, i,,, pit u test 'i-i,? It * ? :i'ii. i ??
restlns ? "N't?" i.? WI
Dr Bi yant ?. th.si svl m si
Pre i.i? i,i ?i-n-lHnd i
President and His Wife Give Formal Notice on Friday,
the 13th. That Their Youngest Daughter. Eleanor.
Is to Wed William Gibbs McAdoo.
w ashingtoD, March 13. The -? en
limit y. pre tin- following lUteownl
"The ?President and Mi-. Wils-u
youngest daughter, Eleanor Randolph
Inforaaatieai an to the date of the
wedding ?as withheld to-night, l"it
there are rum..!? that the marriage will
? ' ? lace in Juni. There la
i nim"r that ?Secretan McAdoo la plan?
ning to resign from the Cabinet to a? -
apt the poal ?.!' Ambassador t<< ?Trance,
this Is flatly denied bj Whit? Hous?
President ?rVllaot I imil a i '
greatly annoyed by what proved to ?be
a premature announc? m< nl ol thi ei -
[gagement, the ?President i tlni what
h< believed to be an Invasion of I
pr ?/a of 1 ? fail The ab?
solut? Bil? n?ce of the fumilj. ii
the ; repoii of the en
g ii:? m? m, sen ed, hos ever, onl? i?j
engthen thi belief In society circles
' ? formal anno * would be
m?"!? In th.- near future.
Not Guilty Verdict After
I ?ve Hours of Wrang
ling Over Expert.
I ? Its ft I orr?*np"n l-n- of Tfea Trisase.]
.'?:;. \. J., Msrch 13. Mrs.
Anna I, Polla I WS8 a? |Uit ted tilla
evening ol the charge of Bending the
famous "poison pen" letter to "Mrs,
?Dr." Jones, and there closed snother
chapter In the most sensational ??ase
that im?? ever come before the court?
;.. i.
It took the Jury five ?hoUTS tO find
Mrs. Pollsrd not ?guilty, but, long as it
wsS) h pr<.ve?i a welcome verdict to
her. Mrs. Pollsrd waa n?-?t m the . o .: t
room when the finding ?an handed up,
?She waa told of it bj the newapapei
Imen at her ?home. Her voice trembled
I when she ?vas a.^K? ?J to as what ?h?*
! Mi.?uehi of it.
"I can't say an? thing new; really, I
can't," ahe aaid, "except thai I am
i thankful f.T 'he verdict i feel ihat it
as due ??> ras.**1
Sume of Mrs. Pollard's friends aalu
' to nlghl that .??lie an?! h'-r husband
I purposed to aue In the civil courte
those responsible for her prosecution,
but it la believed here thai her vln-|
dication by ?he .jury ??:ii pro\c suf?
ficient balm t'> her.
The Jurj relit? ?I at '.' SS O'clock, rift"!'
i h had heard .indi?.-? Connolly'a charge,
? \>hi? ? ivorable ?>> the defendant
In the greater pari of his charge
Judge i 'onnoli*? deal with the t
? ? of W. .!. Ki- Ble . the types ritei
'??i..rt. regarding thi aimilarity of the
In thi ' poi on pen letter and the ?
in lettera o blch Mrs. Pollard had j
? itten "ii her tj pes riter and this had I
irked effet-t on the jurs.
It leak? ' out from ?.!,?" ?-. ? that
Mr. K '? : Imon- a - about the !
thing that iii? jut men talk? <i I
Th-?y ur.'n-ici.'i and argued ?over 1
ii, and '?lien a voto was tlnalty taken
It was I to 4 in favor ?if acquittal
Vota ?liter v.ite irai taken, with ?io (
i? ujt, two **>r three of the jurym?*-n
holding that Mr. Kinsley's tesUmony
pro\ed that Mrs. Pollard had wrlrten
the letter, and demanding a verdict of
guilt?'. AI t? o'clock the lurymen got
hungiy, and after 'he courtroom ha?i
been cleared the? asl ?down to a hearty
This aesmed to have a good ?ffe? t,
and sfter snoth?*r half hour of srrang
ling those s*ho I ???-?J srgued for Mr.
Kiniley'a tesUmoni <-.iv?* In sad voted
t?, ?find Mrs. ?Pollard not guilty.
I the jury Bled into the courtroom
at 7 :?'??"? o'clock nona of the principals I
In the i a?-?? ??an present. Sav.? for the j
newspaper men ami the ?constables, the
. ourtroom was d?eseited. The aanrs
?spread qui? kly, bowsv?ar, ?n?l in <? abort
time throngs Of people gathered aio'ind
the courthouse.
Mrs. T O. Jones alstsr-ln-lsw of Mr?.
Pollard'a SO User, ami her husband
were th?* "illy wUneasaa to-day. Mr?
J.ines dcmc'l that aha had e?cr taken
lessons tn tyiiswriting Cross Mrs. Pol?
lard or had 8VST horro v?ed the defend
ai ? i ma? hino, as Mrs. Pollard had tea?
tided the did.
Mr?!. !'..llard aided Samuel i4 i'leiroer.
her ?unset, In ala aumming up when
ii..- ?? sa pis? ing a ?parti? ilar po t 1 e
s'ould ?nota to
' in r-fr- Biting bia ?memoir: on sn an*;;?'
that aha f< ?red ha would overlook.
i? osl Union County aboul f?,<900 to
And thai Mra, Polhud waa not guilty.
With Redmonds Gift He Will
Observe St. Patrick's Day.
Wasfctoaton, March *. ?St; i.,
a . tie Auingl) 4jbseiv?.?d at ?the
?- HOUM, the resident ha?rtng re
relvad l bUIKhof bhamny-ka to-ds) trota
t.ihn ?Redmond, M P., llsssa ?Rule i"a?ier
m Hie English ?Psrilsasaat Inctdcntslty,
? ?? r. ,,iir.? thsl thei?? i? a ?rieh ?grass
,- ?ocvsrlni the Boor of the ?n-r
EX? CUtlV? s prisai? ??**:? ?
S?.,.'Ii . ' ' I I ' .,'
r,ii i ich T H. ' ? elan the ?Pi ? Id? I
\\ i;? .?ii.?'.?.. i'hleJ ? i?-rk lo ? i ?
gi ,-r, 1 S. r? Ii .- i?;?, i ..ii?. .? ? .i
Pitt rich M?-Kenn>, veteran doorkenper
mu? ni?>i?n??iiK4*r, ??,.,? ,?r.- .?-,,.t . .i. .| ?\iin
1 ;,. White Hi ?? ; I .?..K.' ni. for
Hii) t-hori?-..n,iii?;s <?f the President tn an
. -, p|... 1 late OtMMf .?in'.
?tary io t ne rresiuent, Josepn r. i u?
to the press thi.?. i?\enlng
i .-i 1111. k ? n - -?? the engagement of their
t" the Uon. William <;?m<- McAdoo. '
That the announcement of Miss
igei ?
r"ridSJ the 13th, is t*egS**ded .is stc:
'???? : "?? ? ?? hlch the B II
family has alwaj ihown to the
? rstition against i 'ridaj and the
' 13th.
? tary McAdoo and the Preal
? i daughter have beeri tog tber at
? man) ;? ind social function.
igh Secretary Mi Adoo Is lift;
years old and Miss Wilson rs twenty
four, intimate friends of the ?Secretary
, dec?an he Is "as - I man of
thirty." ii?' is fond of tennis and out?
door port and p ? ? ?d tennii often on
the White House court with Miss Wll?
son la?-! spring and fall. Miss Wilson
Iithletlc, .-. good horsewoman and da?
light ? o tdoor Hfe.
! New York, Chicago and Sun
Francisco Sure To Be
Named. He Asserts.
Washington, Mat-, h '..", in a ?jpeech
before students of ?? lo al btMiness col
legs to-night, Representative ?'arter
Ulass, chairman of the House Banking
an?i Currency Committee, who handled
ih?? currency bill in the House, declared
that Nen York, Chicago and Ban Fran? |
o \4oiii?i positively be selected ..t*
inder the federal reeer* ?
? m. and that Boston, Philadelphia,'I
Richmond or Washington, Allanta. ?
New Orleans. Si. Louis, Kar.as City
and Minneapolis would ala?? probably
?,o selected.
Representative ? ;iH^r?? gave no author?
ity for ti.?? announcement, bul seemed
peak with confidence President
Wilson mid yesterday that the n ?? r ?
! centres had yet ht en design ited.
Low Price in New York Makes
Farmers Quit Dairying.
Watertown, S v. ?March IS.??Wtll
iism ii. Vary, master of the state
Grange and member of the state Milk
Commission, stated to-day that a null?
famine threatened Sem York City
within five yean unless conditions
were made such I n p*-oducsrs
could gel more for their milk in New
York and 'he larger cities.
Mr, Vary says that during the
t'li years dairy herds have dwreased I
ta of 19,000 a year, and thai !
:: 1912 t he t|?-.-r??., -? rSI hlg
.".?"??? ii. di lares thai farm? n
throughout the gh Ing up th?
raising of cows, because there i?> no
monej In it and ar?? d'-voting them?
w ' ?? ?? to other lines on their farms .
- -
Forty Foot Cave Swallows Part;
of Pittson, Penn., Cemetery.
'r' -'? gntt ? > - Mfevoa]
Wilkas-Barre, Pane., Mar??h i.t.?a
?ave in the No. .'I mine of the Penn?
sylvania Coal Company Stopp?e bodies
which rester) in St. John's Cerneterj-,
Pittston, Into the mines to-dsy. Just
how many bodies ha?.<? disappeered
not known. The ??me ?s forty feet in
.iiihn a. Collier, cemetery sexton, dis?
covered th?? caskets protruding: through
? as rough boxes.
Nuggets in Street Have No Claim*
ant, So People Accept Them as
Gift of Modern Magic.
a fre? ton ol coal a*ai found it. Lex- '
.m/ton avenu? yssterd
it la-.' iparkling in tl e sun In front
of \e. un it i o'clock ?? ?jf
ternoo 8t< ?graphcrt with volumes
byAnthon* Hop? and Harold MaeOrath '
tucked under their arms walked blindly '
bllthi i' To the southward, in '
the hah- of the Grand '"-?ntral Palae,?,
hunters and fishermen touched the
i ith *r*ori?ss "f their
It remaii Patrolmai i llinaman,
.,f t! , i;.i-i itth stn st stat on, t., at- :
the dar*4 mystery of the coal h??.?*,
IP- ?'litrr.'d Um building at No. 1341 and
-, taking who had ordered coal
i .. and every or.o denied the hard
Impeachment. Gllneman went to th?
? bouse, and the ti? \t. and the sei I
Iff took UM opposite side of the avenue '
ati'i repeated. The result ??.?? the
?.., n i i<?! - of the neighborhood, fas
the shining lumps, appeared
nd boxei !:? :.,re Gllns? '
i'ii.? to call foi reserves the
,i h? p began disappearing Dased i
, ,u/?'ii- took the hint and i w lied to the
pi?-, filling their pockets snd hats. B)
tin re wasn't ? lump I? ft
i;i,. ...m spent most "t last evening
? ?'linn up < "?i d? r?i??i but at midnight
? ,,i ,,i... had i??r?ii f.?iiii?i who '?n??? an)
ii in? about the Lexington avenue
Frank E. Champion, For?
merly Confidential Man,
Thus Gets Immunity.
Whitman Hopes to Prove
by Him Deposits Were
Accepted Illegally.
Depositors Told That Louis S.
levy Would Pay 40 Per Cent
and Give Security for Rest.
1'iank i; ehsmpkm, coafldaatlal men
f?ir lient Blegd ?nd IVank V. Vogel
and the active hea.i of the defun?:t hank
of Henr> "Hegel <t ?'o . has promised to
turn -date's evideac? sad aid Um i??-*
trl ? Attorney's ofBc? in pross***atiag
his former ??mplo;ers Hi? is the mon
? ho mor.? than any other peraon ka ft
how the bank was managed and wham
Its money -vent.
Si,.ir->1 and \ orp! aent to ?.'hampion
when the> wanted money fkrem th?
'".ink for any purpos?? ,md it v?as te
him that orders n??ri? given as to BOW
such monry should be charged, ?'ham
plon's control ws so ' amp?ete, Siegel
testified before United st;it?: Coouah
sii?n?T Alexander Qilchrist last Wedm
day, thai if be -*? isii? ?i funds be would
hit??? t?i pi. t.? i'hami>i??n tor them.
?Champion is siso th?? one man with
whom th?' depositon dealt. As Um
"min m front.'' he received their de
pootts and. a ct>rdlng to th?? ""fortes that
somo <>f tin ?n have told th?? District
Attorney, he never la,-U??d failli m the
soundness of the institution Accord?
mg t?> tin- ' tories, he did not beottats
?,? describe the bank of Henrj Blegel 4?.
Co as sound if ii"t lOUnder than th?
?Bank of England
Big Help to Prosecutor,
.??ii'di'ii ha. giran Mr. Train much
r" idence of rahae :"?J as ? furthei i
den? e of ?*.i faith ii de? otlng
tune t'i aiding the accountants t??
straighten out ihe books of the banl
In return for this he a itl receivs ? '?.
munity from punishment for an of?
fence he ma; ha?e committed in fol
lowlng or?)eri= of Biege) end Vegel.
By ?'hampion more than any i i
\\r Whltmo sxpects to pn
thst the bank accepted deposits after I
had become Insolvent, thai its actual
condition an misrepresented! thai its
mone} sras diverted to enterprises i"
which Hear* Blegel ami Trank v..
Vogel wno interested without, i?ein-*
properl; accounted or secured in an
thai three quarters of a million
??!,. r?ks of ? ? Pourti ? si
Street Store and othei ? nt? rprl* i ? ? ?
, :iri'i?'d for montl h b? the han
an?i then ilestroyed. and th? aaj* Un
tors' money was procurad to ps
nod dividends upon the preferred
Stock "f the i?l"t;e! BtOTSS COTpOraUoi
Three former coafldeatlel smplo
of .Si?*K''i end Vogi-1 no?*, are on the
Bid? of Mr. Whitman, Uobert Mc
Meekta, ?n??*retar** of UM Kiegel tffore*?
Corporation and one of Mogul's geasral
handy men. O?OBT A frs'l. ente
-er? erj in a similar eapacit] ? ?
;,re.-i?ded ?"hsmplon In th? ruar, to UM
;rand jury r?'Oin.
Siegel i said ',- ' r fi i " ho havs
ror-n him to he much depressed by
? r .,. h? te ms the d i bis friend ;
MW that he _ in trouble. He is said
o he extren ? He n<> longer
?p??nH hi?7 p?-'t'.4;.,tiHi m iii bocanas of tb?
? ge number of threatening letters
?ant him, hu?? rarely veaturee eut of his
ipartments at ?he hotel or his ofltoe ?n
be B_npson***Crawford store
"' t.ev? r ?an a man M badly bt*Ok?B
.i mid MM of th? la,"->ers in the <_*.-?
? o ? ilf ? he tune h
s in m,.rtnl f?.ar thai MOMbody will
hoot him; the oth??r half that nobody
trill end h, career."
Siegel a-.'i ?V*0?gel abandonad reatar?
la, ail hops "* avoiding being declared
Mnkrupt, an?i it is sxpeeted that a?
luak and as tt-r.rv "-'i.gei ? ???-.
rtiii.H'. Thej sill b? declared hank
?UptS M 'inlay ;n tue t'nit**d .Slatc??
'ourt. IrMiiR L. Ernst, ?.f counsel for
?jome of ?h" deposito****, aiB file an
itnend??d rrioUoa from **?h,'?h ?iie i
al? fu m of ir.mry si?*-;??! g Oo
ixempt. Why it is exempt is not
? ? i thai Biagel still hopes to
.<? ah!?1 to resume business and ? ishes
? ? retain the firm name, [ts valu? t??
inybod* n?'t in his confidence i not
? ar.
With S ? gal and Vogei admitting
snkruptcy, it no?-- bateases <? rtala
hat there will he six auch proceedings
n the (?niri-? at once, making Um worst
?'?? "?' th? kind that th? ????tin ha? I
" ? :i ? ailed upon to handle aui'-e the
ankruptt". |aa ?vent Into sffect, fifteen
-?tars an"1 The i>r'"-'.cdings Mil he
ong drawn ??it. bacanas *?f the ncces
?' eaci: arattlng apoa th?* other and
h?- tact ?hat in all t??cnty thousand
ie?iit??rs \?iii have t?> he conaulted.
Kadi i? entlUed to ? bearing, thoafb
h- re Is in?t a huildtn*- in the l.'irit??!
State* that ??t.l?l a' ?otiiinodale them
lb-Mild thej ?ii-'ide io ?aaaari th?u
Mr. Whitm-in yesterday he-ird from

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