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Ttv4?y, f?Ir.
High. S?; Low, SO.
r-u'.l r?p<>rt I'm? 11.
?.? ? rtatkM I
Vi. LXXIII....NO. 24,592.
a e
Tmr/M, /s.?.?,, ^t,^,? iuCltTofNrw^?jrl-t.??f.?w?ra.J?'r-*y?rlt.r?ieHo?.oUen
PRICE ON h CENT e^ewhem m-o o?is.
Administration Bill Creates
Non-Partisan Body of
Three Members.
Bureau of Corporations Absorbed
. Courts May Ask Anti
Trust Information.
. -.
Washington March IT?.?The n-w
-j.j/1 ndmlntstrntlon's trade
con.. was made publie to
,,?_?? FIouM Committee on In?
terstate rtrd Foreign Commerce. Th*
Mil creating an Interstate trade com
m?f? mri?e powers to investi?
gate ?cerperstlona engaurcd i ti Interetste
?tflOUnerce trill te introduced In the
House to-morrow. Tt will have praetl
,ally the unanimous approval of the
House ?committee, and has Iieen f!*am???l
h rommttte? which consulted
tlif President In rcising the tentative
?measured offered several weeks ago by
lyprr?.. n! itl' " t'layton.
Mr. Clayton Introduced a hill with
ling that the Judiciary
Id liandle al' nntl-tru t
?-dation. The interstate Commerce
imlttee, however, was piven li-ris
liirtion of this phase of th* trust regu
?nf, und after extensive
ngl th" ?-ommittee lias written a
The bill ?createe n commlsolon of three
m^inhers. with provision thai not more
thttn two eommtaaloners shall be of the
??ame party. Th? cemmlaaton alx
ihe present Bureau of t'orporations ami
? | itlng rights It
will make Investigations on Itl own ini?
tiative or on the request of the Prest
attorney ?General or citii._r
branch of Congress, The federal c?
- gi : to call on the cora
lon for Information in any anti?
trust iult. ?Publicity of inft.rmn.tlon
? *ted by the commission ia diwcte
ti.'iiary a Ith that body.
V?'hil>- mission ??ill b? nd
??? to the Attorney (Jeneral and
? rnment ? I! Is i,<?t
?at It ?-?hall interfere In
any way with the Attorney QenernTs
right to initi?t*? nuits under the I
e p.
Full Indorsement of Committee.
drawn, not only rep.
resents th? administrntlon'a views, but
mous and non ;
(he Ho
This sub-commit'
vingt a?, ?if Mary?
land chairman, and Representative*!
>ims Talcott, of New
York, Raybura, - I Mmi
of Virginia, ' ami
?mi Knowlund. of
?'alifoi ? All mi
1 'ommerce ? '?om?
?? ? i the bill with the
ntatlve Lafferty,
l ? nt from the
' '
"Publicity ef information collected by
theeoi isid Mr. Covlngtonto?
? ??? with the ?com
mission, and ?the bin contain? author?
; r?vent the disclosure of trade
. are of no value to the
paMfc in protecting lawful ?-ompetitive
- and which if dlSOlossd rnipht
??"imply aft'.rd opportunity for injurious
''?"<*' hv rn. Inform?t urn Is to
mmisslon within
constitutional limits and made public
The bill now pre
??nted ?-?, a unanimous suh
'-oinrnittpe, and is Indorsed by practi?
c?le Committee on inter
??*. < lommerce.
"The Int?ntate Commerce Commis
??n ?bai great value to the
p*-opif beeauae of Its Ind?pendant pow
*r*. and this likewise will he an inde
! fr?->m tl
<-.Dtinnrd nn fourth page, third ?oliiinn.
This Morning's News.
Z.OCAX.. Page.
!--!. 1
Busy ?Agsla. 1
i. 1
It?. 1
'?II* Arrry Walk-, for I'ood. S
Mr- Bryan'? 'eoted_ 5
'?"?'t foi t. 5
. 5
\Mi-.lfw-4. 7
> ?. ind. 7
Ib i raud. s
"j,,f>ra . ante on met il
'.-. '? ?v.4-41 Mothers. .14
ion. 1
... a
. 3
Week... 4
for Trank. .. 4
. 7
in .10
|a. 1
Penny. ? s
. S
'.'.y.y.'.'.'.y., ? ;?
,..., 10
?' uri'i U ??,1 13
Mexicans Also Accused
Burning Custom House.
Ban Diego, Cat, March 16
Unlti d st ?' . and !>?
- wer? b in ed
and th? postmaster, Prank V, Jo]
ston, was shot dead by three band
Warren Wldenbach was wounded. <
pervers ?.f the tragedy sa' the bam
were Mexicana
A charred American flair*- wan fou
in the ruins of the stoic Johnsi
wf,s shot through tie- heart when
refused to pi?-?? the combination of I
safe. Elliott D Johnston, his brotl,
sent telegram1 retar** 1-iry,
(.overnor Johnson and Representa!
Kettner demanding an InvestigSti
He i ? r - ? i ? s i \ m 11 ? - ' n Mexlca
Hitter feeling along the bon
d by the tragedy was intensif
to-day when a newspaper phol
on the American aide was Bred ai
Mexicana He was not Injured.
Major Davis, command? r at Ft
rans, with several officers and
n of men, ?eft for Tecate to-d
by automobile.
? ? ?
I Commissioner Fetherston ai
Others Rejoice in Fine Day.
Not assuming t,, tell you somethl
you already know, yester?
nient i ? cleaning
Tin? sun was active most of ?he *
and melted much of the snow, filil?
? Commissioner ? 'ethei tton a it I
gladn?ssa and doing about I '
thing to thousands ot person i whohs
. upon snow so continuously th
they Imagined themselvee residenta
the a Ipa and em irons.
The ?Lis? fut Its 1 I aii'-r
co into early sprint* training and t
? xhibiti n .?i?-!! ? o soon donnli
their mw green Wigs, And little bo
and girls went Into th?
came out again, it a as s ni? ?
Rabbi's Wife Pleads for Woma
and Son Who Tried Suicide
Because of Poverty.
Mrs. Stephen B. Wise, wife of Rab
"Vise, of th? Fie?? Bynagogue, appear?
In the West Bide Court y? '? flay in b<
half of the mother and son t
tempted suicide in the Cathedral t'\m
apartment hont??' **ecently, Mrs. Wh
, said that the woman was the wldo
of a millionaire, und that family trm
bles1: SWa* lier wealth. Po\
had mentally unbalanced bo!
mother and son. it was ass? rted.
Mi . W -?? I ?Id ii" magistrate ti i
Hie pair bad friendi who would loo
after them, and <>n h?-r pi?'? they WW
i rged.
\\" He Mr- Who was working <
their behalf In court another effort t
aid them was mat!? in the l't'
for 1 n the s?
cial service work of the synagoi
ney E Goldstein, assistant rabbi, aske
ometblng be done for the mothe
and son, and especially .hat some on
rffer 'he son work.
When the police Investigated the a!
tempted uicldea they were given th
"Mis. Plon nee Miller" an
"Samuel J. Mille"*." Mrs. "Vise wen! ?
the Knickerbocker Hospital and flnall
? ?led mother and aon to tell the!
real names, under a pledge of
The woman is ? tarried, but her hua
band left her 1- ? did not Ilk
SOU. They soon spent all thei
money, and the climax came on a col?
nitfht last month when the] wer
evicted from their lodglnga
Mrs. Wise sins that tiie "Millers'
biivi many Influential friends and rela
bul had ret used to appeal t?
them, sin? aleo said that two member
of the Kret? BynagOgU? had promised t?
take the young man into their business
In tin mean time Mra Wise has seei
to it that the two have ?-?roper cara
! Boy Chorus of 50 Helps tc
"Humanize" Service.
Tslssmpb t? The '?Yibin- ,
idelphla, March l"? -A chorus ol
fifty boy.?, after arable tralnini
with no small amount of patience
whistled the hymn tunes in the ser?
vices of the Calvary Reformed Church
to-day. The girls casrled the hymn
with their soprano voices, and the ef?
fect is said to have been rather start
Another Innovation In the movement
for "humanizing" such eervlcee to-day
wan the "all-girl" ?service In the same
church preceding thu whistling.
Kneels with Doomed Men in Sing
Sing?Confirms Thirteen
, David H. ( ;ie. r of New loi k,
ted yest? snthal
gunmen In the ?-ondemned cells a! Blng
'i ? Bishop iiH'i til?- four con?
demned men kneel with him In
? h house while he pra) ? d for I
"i?ago" Frank, who ; .? Prob
de. lai.'i to th? i: ihop ins innocenoe
oi tie Rosenthal m il
hop ? it? ? r promis? ?l the men ha
would ?I" all h? could to help them.
He wa* ?" companled bj the R<
?' ?.f tin- prison.
The Blah? , Blng Bing t" eon?
? ' for? th? cere?
? i the n" n i" t?m? mi" r
th? ? haplaln had taught
,,rni that 11" on!) we ? to be
i le laws of ? ""i and
Richard E.Preusser Head o
Enterprise, with Offices
in Bridgeport.
: Exchanges Here Stirred at Re
ports That "Fast Wires" Arc
Beinjf Tapped.
?cet shop?-, i,- the jo
the New York and th^ I
Stock exchangei and "f the ITedera
I tment of ,Iiisti?-.>. ha\??-? !? en drive?
out of Wall Street, hut thoM who wlsl
?iint?^ rapidly may try th? |
lish ?systi ni of .?- ttlen ents, '
Three yean ago, when on a nice ?Sat
tirday morning the ?so-called fast wir
"ii which the bucket shops depend??!
was .-ut and numerous arrests wen
tn.-iri.- in this city and N"?"?v Jerney, th?
business m ai ?i? ? tared dead.
For 'i time the operators I
low. Now the Stock Exchange author!
ties, through William B. Bishop, an
gating a net? ich me op?
I '?'llll.-l'tii'tlt.
Incidental)) a Tribune ?reporter, look
Ing for the headquarters of the group
discovered In Bridgeport; that it in ?pos
tibie to ep? culati in ?stocks, a ith the ale
of a company In I! at city, %? ith?
tin?,' up nny ?money, margins or
any interest cbiirgsi
?Prausser, ' ? ?ne- ?Vi-med Dl? k," v
;?nd killed Kites t'cDtpiald In the Ter
i'M'k Hotel in Albany, ?is ?general man?
ager of this Enterprise which ellmi<
nates the "kitty" from st?
Mr. Bishop, whom the ?lew .?.ri,
Stock Exchange brought on from Um
W< i ?aera ego ?to fight but k?-t
?hops, und has eint >?)??? i
sratchdog and sleutb of tha
well us the big board, admitted
tiii*. th.it hi ted 1 hi re a i
group opera! n the ? 'onnectlcut
s? heme.
lie was inclined to think that Bridge?
port was Its base, ?but there really was
not much to ?say about it.
wir?--," too, which by givinp those who
enjoy Its *bx quotations ?from th<
, York Exchange before the ticker
ru.m out, was aleo in operation, ho
[said. Where7 Well, chnl was ?-mother
?Viso ?certain firma, im ?said, '.?.it?'
under suspicion of havim* relal
with the Nutmeg State concern, '?ut
that il I .?hopping
In the ?'idttmo ?technical senes ??as not
? proved.
"Styles change down hero just a? r'ti
Fifth uvenue," he raid. "The fad that
;i tliinp was ?i'.ii?'
doe ii'i m- .m that it will if 'hu
?same way thia week a few mon- . i .?
few less frills, ;t change here or a
change th. rs, but the. -esuP is the Han,?,
i ? fast a Ire is working.
"The outfit now being looked up .=,
us ?Mu say, a Connecticut concern. A
lut ?of our 'old i?' in it. No, I
won'! tell you who they an-. The con?
. .in appeart t?. have good backing, an.i
its specialty Jus! now la offering t"
carry the accounts forexchai
at a cost smaller than they could.
The Object ut this is to ?vi'.e th^in a
r> ady ?supply of sto.-ks in case the vic?
tims really demand, as ?they sometimes
will, real st.uks. And in
trouble s few resl stocks on the pr?m?
isse may help make a defence, We
haye ?been ?after them soi le tune."
Fast Wire Tapped.
Tii- operation of the so-called fast
wir.' is known t., ? \ ? i J R all Btreet ex?
pert, hut t?> ih.- (,'. n. ral public, even
lhat public Which ?lai.l?les In at
Tel Its o?perations are
simplicity it -elf. All the tpiotations of
the exchange are gathered by boye on
CtoatJaasi <?n ?4>.?.n.i -?age, tiiir.i eatnmxm
Makes More ?than 500 Miles in
Interior of Brazil.
le Janeiro, March 1.".?Colonel
B member of the Bras
panylng i
i; sevelt, telegraphs that
dltlon reached liara.? de Mal?
after "i ride of mor? thar.
hundred miles on horseback through
interior of Brazil without being at
? savagea
The i'birrams says Colonel R""se
?? elt is in excellent health and that he
lurprlsed by the richness
j of ti ? ? ? traversed.
a - ???
Fr^rm Produce Up to 50 Pounds
May Be Carried.
Wsshington, Mar? h 15, Postmaster
General Burleson to-dsy approved an
amendment t" the parcel ??
tiona imu'T which butter, e__q, r*
?rltry and other sitie] .-?
'" i ." ' ? ? weighing from twent
??ft ? ay he shipped in th? first
md crates
similar to those handled express
romp. ?
amendment provid"? that ;
weighing twenty pounds or less a
bandied as heretofore and must i
''urr manner as to
treat? d in bags with other
-? . .?
Interior of Birmingham Cathe?
dral Used for Suffragette
' ? ? (r, Th? Tt'I iin? 1
London, March i? A suffragette
outrage which u already calling forth
the severest condemnation waa perpe?
traf?'d In Birmingham ?'athedral yes
ter?!:? ?? ft is suppoaed that a woman
?"t. .i herself In the building en
unlay after svsnsong? and !??'.
? d the vestry d
r persons. "Votes for Women,"
"Forcible Feeding" ami similar militant
? then daub.d in -
1 paint b ? th? Be persons ovi-r the
of the galleries, on the pillara, fij
walls, pew front?, and pra? tically r
? arithln reach from floor to celling.
SB a magnlflcen! Hump-Jones win
I ?low was not respected, "Voti i for
Women" being painted serosa the mid?
dle, and with the probable result of
?an- i aen! Injurj to a a orb of
, peculiar t"
The pnipit front araa ?disfigured
on the vestry do??r were the word", '
! Th< Must Rise "n ("mt
! alf, ' wliile the front ?
The work must have occupied a
number of people armed with buckets
and paint severa! hours. Only the
.. beyond the communion ralla ea
i attention. In ordinary circum
the Judg? a at rig the Bir?
mlngham assises would have visited
dral yesterday, and this, ru.
?. prompted the wanton mia biet
Th? police are n ?king Inqulriea but
r [t ist]
that women unaided by men could not
-?ric, which will
probabl) entail the ?-losing of the
i ail edral for ee\eral weeks.
yesterday chanted
prayers In Westminster Abbey, York
Minster and the Brighton Pariah
Church for their imprisoned et
Sylvia Pankhurst bas written to tho
?? Westminster, acquainting him
with the int?-ntion of the Baal London
luffr to march to the Al
Sunday for the purpose of par?
ticipating In the evening service and
! praying for tha
prtte? rose la the Ca*h?*dral ?luring the|
?erv!'-e to-day atnl chanted, "Oh Lord, we;
I ssoerh Thee to mv<? Emmellns Pank?
hurst Helen Crawford ami all the brave
women wbe are suffering for their faith."
, -*-?-,,. . | a, took no notice of the
?l.monut ration.
Flee, i? Frozen and Torn Garments After Pulling Boy
from Ice in Bronx River-Park Official
Fails to Save Other Youth.
An umilenti?lcil hero "
life of a ten-yrar-old boy from dea
in the Bronx River
[away in ins fr?'/.-n, ?regged i
;i crowd of 40,000 who
I bis d ..1 from the river ban
could testify substantially to their at
' plauae for him.
He "? *?s ?no! th" ?onlj h< 1*0. <'hi?
?:i R M? rkle. ?,f th
Zoological Park, was t'
| ai.?1 he, a 1th the mid? : I I
! lard P ? Bronx, ?
Ibllng ?Ice to the shore, wheve *
work for ?*? ?half hour by I?: Bimmonds
?,- the Fordham Hospital, brought th?
lad afound.
The two men failed to save Jamei
! Bsbane rtallia, tl Id, ???. hn
| ii\?-'i In Atlant,?? Brook!) n, n
was a couain of the Longo hoy. He
they h.i.i i
? .! hi m'- .1 I fid it
sltdln t on th?
1'i.uik Purdy, Ufe ?a\ir at the parlt
ouse, warned th*m of the ?-l^n^?,
but they disregarded it. The b ?
?-roke off and th
In the river. The elder on
?..?-? effort I
.- - -1 < i sut i ? ed< i. But ??'? hei the othe
man and Merkle *?>t to the place -rh'-r
t?-,ey wei ? lean the <
und? r 11 ?
M? le n * '?? "? '' '
? :
? the itesp fifty
fool ?embankment This was not rapli
? nough pro ? ?iown h<
? : r-li?-.l ?to its e?lf?(
-.?? r.
il,, had nut got there first, however
for the unidentified won the ract
and had dived Into the aratar. He
brought op ?Longo, and he ?was hauled
1. a hundred Silling
Mi rkle the time tu? ?mg
for th. other boy. He failed to And
An hour later ?Harbor B Squad, ?rith
grappling hooks, drew the body of
inestallis from ?und? i the
i ?from the se? ne ??f the
i -?
Brazilian Banner Waved at
Statue Causes Row
Aboard Liner.
Free-for-All Fight Is Narrowly
Avoided After Striking of
South American.
Wordy warfare which ended in a
knockout on the promenade deck of the
Lamport & H?>it lin? r Verdi occurred
'??-???rday under the shadow of the
I of Libert Ml war
steaming into port from Buenos A y res.
Prompt action on the part of the
on.? era 11- ited a
?la*h between Brazilians an?l Ameri?
cana aril when the vessel U a
Pier tOt Brooklyn, everything was eu
William W. T-iKer, real estate man of
Ban Francisco, and Bephor .1
Ferraz, a coffM in? reliant of Rio de
Janeiro, were th' two men who , lashed.
The raus.? of the trouble was an lrrno
csnt Brazilian Bag thai fluttered from
the end of an umbrella in the banda of
l"f 1 raz.
The Brazilian merchant pinned the
flag on his umbrella that he might
wave it an th?) ship warped Into dock
and attract the attention of his three
sons, who he expa ted would meet him
on the
ssengers, including some of
hia own t-ountrymen, were Jesting with
him sboul th?? flag as the Veri
abeam the statue (,f Liberty, There
was mm _ be sr on at the time,
. 1 iras, according to Yager, got
too cloae to htm with the Braaillaa
and confusion annoyed
und? rgoing a mental
? ? mark? d
"H??-. you: "We've
ha?! about enough of that stuff about
Brasil?and atop waving that Bag.
You're In the United Btatas now."
mething In Portuguese
which V iger did h"t understand, and,
to Yager, waved the flag
several times unpleasantly Close to bis
Tager"! righ! arm came up like s
flash an?i u right hook sent Benhor
l'Vrraz sprawling on deck, cutting a
crescent shaped gash toxu
ibout ih?? aise of a half dollar.
A free-for-nll fight was Imminent,
but the ship's officers soon separated
and the nffair
became a mere flash In the pan.
when ths 1 rs cams
Perras WSS Hurrounded by hta three
sona Paulo, Olavo and Jos?, jr.. and
thi y asked about the abrasion ?>n hi-?
id. When they heard that rh?-ir
tr.th. r had been knocked down for
waving a Brazilian flag they I ?
enraged and besought Deputy Survey?
or O'Connor to have Yaper ar* I
Having no authority to make an
or cause one to be made, O'Connor in
formed the four Bras I 'it was
a matter for the
o Perras, ?he eld? a! son I
ick upon his fatl in out -
1 that mei ot in Brasil
for such thliiirs.
Yager, who ma?le no eff?)rt to cet
away from the four men, said, after
his baggage had been examined, that
he was sorry he had punched the Bra?
zilian, explaining that his temp? r bad
gotten the b..tt"r of him when annoye?l
by the flag-waving. He said he was
willing to apologise to the man be had
??truck if the latter waa willing to ac?
cept it.
VaRer had beep ?o Buenos Ayres f"
buy land and erect houses for apecu
lative pui"poa 1 ?ec??jpd that the
held was better In !-'an Francisco. He
will go to the ? oast to-day.
Pennsylvania.. Had Premoni?
tion That End Was Near.
Grove City, Penn., March 1" ?M. E.
Of Erie, B former residen* "f
Iropped dead last n ?
few m:r -he had
site for his grave.
? in lived h??re severa:
?iK'i hia daughter d'.ed. Since T>
had Visited iT'r grave from time toI
time. ;ng he took "Jack"
Ewing, the sexton, with b.lm and, '
pointing out a spot beside his ?!
ter's grave, said: "Ewlng, I have a
premonition that I'm going to d
? I want you to bury me ?
right there "
five hundred yards and fell dead from
heart disease Me will be buried beside '
Former Harvard Athlete Ex-i
pires at Wheel in Boston.
Mar !i
Of 1
\ former Harvard ?
from bes of bis
treat to-ni]
I?r w. y Croat ? ? - -on. in
Mr. Clark 1
ta driver f?-li forward
tkea and loa pi
?- ran ah? I :
Mr. ' 1.irk n I toward the
:? cat ? old
r-r.1,1 youth who planned
No Divorce Over Political Dif?
ferences in Colorado.
Denver, Mar? h 1.1.? Although efiuftl
suffrage for women has existed lr
Colorad?-? ein^e 189S ? n.nri
-not. ??ne divi-p? .> suit ?has ?reeultef,
.from politi.'al dlfferenees between hus?
?bands and wit es
This fsct is attested to by twenty?
on? Judges of th? dlstriet O
?ta! Itera sent to-day to
Sth at Washington,
Judge tleorg?. W. Allen, of this city, In
his latter to Senator Bhaffroth says, ?Is
"During my experience on the bench,
approximately twenty yssro, I have
nevar known ol - here it
was claimed 01 i olltlcal
dlfferen?sas In any manner had ?bssn the
? f troubl?e between husband and
Italian Battleship Near Sicily Re
ceives Signals from Canada,
4,062 Miles Away.
[n?- CSM? te Tl ? Trfl
Rome, March 15 -William Marconi
has aehleveil notable success with his
experiments in long distance wireless
?nie ? ommunlcatlona. 1
ventor has been ?"onduetlng I BSlieS of
?from the tl p Re?
gina Blena on the hl| During
theft?- experimenta he nesd his
indlng receivers in ?con
and r- |
The fli ?/hile the warst
off the Sicilian M?f***Conl
pa from enf?
ilen, Ireland, 1,780 miles
The next evening the ?;.
gignalri from Canada, 4,002 miles away,
by means of win
ahye laut da?* a radl<o-tslaph?onic con?
versation between warships in motion
eucceed?:d perfectly, anil with ?-i mini*
? diture of enen ( Com?
munication unde thes
kept up between vessels forty-five
miles apart, and up to sixteen miles
where land Int? n th-:
A conversation was kept up a
a break ?and
? hours.
If They Go Below Fulton Street
They Must Beware of the
Vigilant Dog.
n-er McKay ?bas re-estab
llne." It was done
No order was ?posted. B
?rial mei duty to-day, and
I ks that j
? not venture below
Wall Btreet and Msiden Lana will
more comfortal former
id * -?tailing* (
I '" ' * ?
rou? ?**omi lints *
"eon" men I
? old haut:'
net W?alda He ?replied that there
?n on har.'l, who
know what to d? if the men were
pointed out.
STS ' r. 'he police
Otlcsd ha? k on the "d.-ad lln-j"
1 ' :
tu see "the stun" passed at '
and that ssveral i ro 'km who ventured a
The "dead line" srs
? t. r Tho -, 188 i.
to more than f 1,000,000 I
and let all
.ks knoa that if they tiled to
? arreste?!
The plan proved effective tor years.
$500-000 GEM
Accused Men Taken While
Asleep?Informer's "Tip"
Thwarts Plot.
?Detectives on Guard fo
Month Watching Pair
Plan Big Haul.
Jewel Firm's Safe Menaced?
Police Oet Burglar's Kit and
! Confession of Robberies.
<"?n a "tip from the underworld" th*
: poll?~e yrtferd.'iy arrootsd tS/O dapper
youths as burglar?. ,1 the most
complete set of burglar.??' tools In th?
. recollection of Hen,i??i tSTS and toX\m?
a 1800,000 lewel robbery planned to
take -'lop Of Stern
l Brothers t Co., cutters and poiiehei? ???
1 gem?, at No U'?? Wee! S3d ???re.-?.
I' w.f, the bUsiSSt Hundav -.fternoon
, In C.-ntre st?-.'?-? f,,r months. Bpre;, ,
'?ut on the floor foi I of phot
? graphing wer" ?sticks of .lynamlte, ?t
?. rSVOlVerS, -.utoniai '
? pistol?-, jinimle-j. drill-?. ".-en open.-!
?and other paraphi-malta .-alcu?Lted to
1 keop eafe owners Bet VOUS,
i While a crowd of tie?.? ?paper men.
detecttVM and photographers clustsred
in the big room OtttsMs of ?MPSStOT
irofs door. details of the arr?ete
re made knoarn a ?detective told
th* prlsonerr*, Jacob Kot-hman.
nty-three years om, and Michael
, Snelderman. twenty-two, arare poun?*e?l
..n in bef|, a f?sw hour** before? as tho
remit of ? month ?>f trailing, night hu?
Aoouaed Man Causes Surprise.
Near the burglars' outfit, t?i?y klc..
lng at the Jimmies, regardle-,?- of the
.-' In "t dynamite, ?steed a natty
young men whose ooM Mue eyes and
rl.-h \eIour hat, iiHlant In the faeht.fi
of Robert Milliard, bespoke the sleuth.
Surrounding him \?-ero ?.??v.-nil rough
r:ien, out <.f whom if was hard t., pi.'k
the burglars. A reporter asked the
natfy young man for dOtsHS. ll\'4 nose
wrinkled Into a en.tr!.
"v ink it ?is- ? fi"e gsSmT*
Pofor" the reporter eo'Jld repl) m
this sud-: t MM of flie rough
men I- ; * i ? ? - ? I on the dapper youth
?grabbed him i -.- the shou
"?'ut that out, ?Rothmanl Stand ovei
i there!" he !..irked, pushing him into n
I corner, a moment later the r<
man, othersrlas Ddtsctlve ?lyn
Krabbe.J a ?second w?-,l) dress?.?, ?
anil threw him hi pide Rotbman.
Eve room, with tin ?
seption of tho six rough man |
Th? ????? faul
?UthS wer- nere, be?
ide poll'-e fo b?> the RMS!
, . oontry? T
? .rn for five mln :'
and no one could t*ll by their look?
? they were anything other than
low dre?ser and rierk" they
described themselves.
Hofhrnan. tho bruins of the i-ombina
tlon, with his "??'.-OO In the bank and
?ewelrv worth thousands more, ts a
graduate of Rimira. Inside*?.use r
cently sent his wife to r.urope, ex- i
?ig to follow i.-r wl?h his ?,'inrfer ?
of s millloi "
t-*v - i? month, night nnd dav ?latee*
have trailed th?a two man, The
? the under a? oild "turnad them
up" to 'he polie*. Altho'?gh Inspi-etor
Fair -o. It 1? oret'r
(tiown ?rhsrs the Up Time from.
re ifl In the Tombs a man MOM!
rs who will be sentenced tSS-SSmf
for earrvlng burglar's tools He wss
?h a Jimmy still hot from i
nnlth sh'ip. Hothman anil Hn* -
dirrn.ni I D the T??inh?.
! aid for hi? lawyer's I
In Rothm ?' **as found a re
rzp R. Simpson, a law
>.-r. for |80 for dsfendtng Connor?.
Mystery Surrounds Cat?.
?anors could, M i?" sali, be -
for life under the habitual .rimi
| nal act. Something that he did ?aveH
him and ?the trail after Rothman :
:?rman was begun.
?rn an, Gild? a, '-'. '
.ngham, Oliver. Ward and i
- ?hem.
A week .mo, when the pair v.
?ready to
v nurd. No. 12
I ttoa walt
Bg '?f a WOtt : -u.xti w:,o
I In the window at the saf?.- at
inter-. ?crecksmen*a
ter ?said i.-?- >
1 two unn.t". t upted hours for
solving ?the ?problem t*f t1..- bttj safe.
i'r. ?..?.. iftem ? :. i. | ?n
tersd the bulliling .-.- '. | .".J.J
in.an v?as behind
him. Ruth.nan t i.-d to bribe
watchman of the building to 1st Mm In
I jat hhs
nth :!o> >r ! .r?,
that d
Pair Look Over Ground.
As an et Iden.i faith Rothman
'-?? and i-.nd ii
??,, ?1 ???: ., lev?
lling hi

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