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Insists His Interpretation
of Free Tolls Repeal
Is Correct.
rident Believe, Agitation Over
Ambassador's Speech Due lo
n op
? -
. bin us "i
? ' ?
| o'
-?? pav
? contention uni
leetloa f? of
? t lew, f.. fe thai
based u] on nel
shall !?"'
? ? ? ?? i ? ? ton,
.-n, t lie
Sla Of the
i Its cltlsena' Tue
sr than for reaaela pf tho
tlaena1 waa
: , by He: ie
r to resera? to
? to g | free of toll
gove '.?i the l.-riiruag-*
? 111 6trik.'S OUt
"In EMr -.1 Grey's note of Novem?
ber . r exception la taken
thei than for e<
of the. United Statea tlaena,'and
in expinnntion his i aal repreaei ta*
tlve ' ? tolle in case of
Bit? .1 Slat- -
Its citizens may be fixed at i le
and emi'liati.'ally dl
? onflh-ts xx'ith the '? ?
\, l-i hla note,
expreesee surprise thai Great Hrltainl
eho'i. . . ih? right of this govern?
i ? eminent e?
through the canal without ?he payment]
? lia."
Am axplanatloo of his
Loodon apeecb tonehlns on the Ile i
mama tolls rep? I
. . . ,
? nt ns close.1, so far us the
i filetratloa is concerned When i I
t of l h le received ?H xxili be |
te, which aeked f"r it bv !
-rrlaln's resolution.
Pn ? d callers to-day that '
Ir. Page'a rafei
a miaondaretanding of
what the lot aaJd, and that a
i report of the prieec-h pi.owe* that
? -?? had correctly stated thai
? >nt is satisfied thai
Mr. | red to i .? Panama r<-.t?rtl
as "not r ? nl of
I 'I to i ie England.N
Tells President He Has Police!
Work To Do? McCombs
Refuses P. S. C. Job.
Washington, M mend B
SOI its In N*ew - ,..- tn.4nY
? ? as C? ma -?-inner
-i ].* bad been lnt.-r.
n for mor? th.r-.n a
Id in view further xvork along
? '
? * mean thi? Ml
".?? taken
i i - ' ,.
Jr., and
mdtHoaa in tl s
a He xx as i(>ne
'."intha. Bine?? his re
n writing a hook on his
Mr. Pea atara to Sow York on
' W ' I ?*??'.-. to make any
is on that
was Win* consld
________ ' ?' *'ie
r '?ari ?le i rt?ad tl ?? po I of Commis
.?f [mm port. The
.m . or do? ? ??? tak? kindly 1
ne m mind for
Polin ? ?.
1 , i ' idli ? i eld
Of I ? ? ' .h ?1 Ma "i"
R. 1
lam 1 Md lomh a, chair
National < lommll
v declined tin- appolnt
?Entire Industry Backs Suit Al
kging Partiality to
\l in h 14 Buita .itta? king
...., ,? ,.,ij
!?'. end Horace
, ? ? intend
mlnati - ...
i partnership? li
? ?? ,.l m:,s tu Wll
fron sa
ne?a 'i lie latter prlvi
t allowed t., Individ lala II r
).. 1 s
While the Dodge b rot here appear as the
plaintiffs, - illy underal.i here
t teat suit In which ??li
luii.lui.- ?i duati :? 1* concei ned
I mil iliur-il from fir?.t pHRe.
cepteil as trustee? for It? holding*?*, the
n,an nominated by the Governors of
llassachusetta and New Hampshire
without ?ti exception, it has agreed
to dispos?? of rill df Us trolley line?.
It has already withdrawn from the
Boaton ?m?! Albany agreement which
it has with the Sew York Central
Railroad, it agrei to a? its stock
m a?l of its ateamshlp lines except the
Sound lines, snd that queation, under
tin? Panama a?-', la to be referred to
the Interstate Commerce Commission
"Therefore the only '?it;?! qu?atloa in
dispute is the time within which the es?
t?os i ? ?old, and tills la ?>f %t ??*?
Importsnce lo the railroad atockhi
. - v, ? m the New England public, m
my Judgment no abort time limits ahould
b? fixed, nnil tue limit, when fixed, ahou i
be extended if the railroad comlncei the
M it fuit'nir time Is nee?
desirable To p il limit on the
?. -.s tiie i >.-i?a: tmeni of Just ?
??> prevent a aale of 1 ? - ?
? even on a m.
?mi an r. count? r 'iiHu t he on -
wbli h m
ora "in nol buy Kosen ,t- Maine
anil N- s Haven day, ?'nil
. sha .i ? ?? ? ? ted msking lb?
ia un attractive Investment fut- tim
New England public, where they ahould
Ing them to i ?? u ?? d
us pawna on tbe api ulatlve
I of outside Interests. Incidentally,
11 !m worth S'hll? Dg that tiit- on -.?
railros - n v
.\l;iine block of atoes would be the Uiand I
'J'rtiiik or the Canadian Pacific road i ;
i doubl II any Naa Engl?nder, directly
or Indirectly, Interested wishes one of lis'
r,s conllulle,! by fon it.ii !
"This question 1s not alona ??! vit ? Im
p?rtanos t?. n.-w England, bul to
whols country, mut Indtrectlj to our la*
terroat ? ilrs. if these two ? Id
roads ko into the hsnda oi receiveis thai
coursa will probabl) be followed I
-.. tb? foreign Investing public ?ill
? ? i ami we v. ill I,? Hi*. ,,
to get ba k n i ? i ii itiea
\? lii.-h "?.'.'..i j :?.?.,.?./.? financial and In
duatrial operations In th i coiintry, The
psrtlea at Interest In tins matter should
and set ? once, and it w.m t?? a I
as far aa p th!? be don ?
that l ssw th? President th - m
?tor l? < n- on, R?| iroducad
a bill to-d of >ngod
an 1 defi -,i ? erS in ? ??: :
liona enr?a?.:?!! In Interstate commerce."
It would empower minority atockholders
t" s':e inft orlty holdera ??>? recoverj f..r
- in casea where fraud \* shown in
maaagamenl and would empower the At?
toroey Qsneral snd Interstate Commerce
Commission lo 1 . ? . ? aveatl.
lo time Hi? financial af?
fairs ol ona a it h a I
view to determining whether the rights]
of minority atockholdera were ?elng i.
t? -..i
. I
"s ai a
Willow Furn?ure
Summer Rugs
Our new patterns are now on exhibition and many
unusually artistic effects have been introduced for
the coming Spring and Summer.
Awnings Slip Coverings
A Urge assortment of durable fabrics in desirable
patte:ns and colorings. Estimates cheerfully sub?
McGibbon & Co.
37th St. West near Fifth Ave.
iBaa-BBBiBBBiBaaaiaai a i
Import Orden at I.uropcun Prices
5*)8-5'0 FIFTH AVENUE, at ?th St.
'stock exchange
i to foil wire plot
i "Tapping" of "Fast" Lines
Will Be Stopped by
New Plan.
I Dealings of Bridgeport firm
Cause Sensation Among
Traders Here.
The Sott forl Stock Exchanga r?*ster?
Ii ? took r.fti' lai r "f. t of Th? i
live exposure of i ??
N>w England Securities Purch. and
I Sales Company, of Bridgeport, by an?
nounclng iin".^ii William ?'. Van Ant
' \\si p, one of ii>? i,.., ei Dina ?
thai ? nee contract 1 bi . ? ? the
.:..,?? with in.- Western I'nlon Tele?
graph Companj bj which II Is hoped to
ons of the ? v
? ' ferions or eei poi ;> I 11 1
who r ! ?? ii"t ? urn led to them 01 11
mit' .-.j to them over Western I'nlon wires
The w.st.-iii i'nlon hu?, an exclusive
contract for handling the* quotationa of
the storic Exchange Thai eontreel In one
form or another has been in eaiatenee
: for iii;,[i\ years
j The new contrae! according to Mr Vaa
.ntwerp, will, it is hoped, be so drawn
.is to compel the rompan) to exercice
more discretion In this leasing of wl ?
To safeguard the Interesta of the ea
change and the publ c, tha sxchange ma
demand the rinnt to elee the liats "r
those supplied private wires, and to bare
the right to ea) when s wire shall be dis?
??i.i.iipiif.I. Irreapectlvs ?if ths purpose 1 s
which it was nominally hired
'i'iif Trlbuno's snnounoement that Rich?
ard E, Preueeor, who was convicted in a
bueketahopa caae In Washington, 1? the
general managet oi the Bridgeport con?
cern which, according m 1rs president,
propoeea to do n wholeaale buelnees In
?to ka "undei the English system, ' which
requires the payment of nelthei rora
missioni margina or carrying charg?e,
Interested Wall Street greatly 11 will
be ii"!.? Intel 1 sted to?da y lo leai ni 1
1 ..,-,. Preussei ii nol the real 1 ? man
in in? company, end thai II has ?-'? fat
; ogreesed thai II is srrsnging to do busi?
I ness in Canada undei .1 charter granted
; by ii<- 1 '"ru.1 Ion governnM nr
The big man In the companj in a Bos
1 Ionian a ho retii ed fi om 1 he "b 11 ?
'shop game el ?he Instigation ol the police
:i few yean SgO with S !"? ? ' Ited
! ?d 1 I5.000.00B, but nol without a light, H>
Is the person supplying the financial
backing, 01 'haiik roll," as he .?ml hta
associ?tes would pul it, and Miles Mc?
i Donald, ? bom Preuaei
; iii Albanj a fea years ago, ?aus his part-I
! ner.
The plans or the group financed '?? th s
man bava been hatching aincc fall, and
during moal of thai tune
beeii watched bj detectives employed bj
ths Consolidated as well a? ihn \,w fork
'Stock Exchange This inquirj has i<-?i
from this city to Montreal and Ottawa,
m Canada, through Nee England ?
weat as Buffalo and Chicago, and us far
?outti aa Palm Beach ami New Orieana.
a live m ths scheme besides Preusser
and ths Boston millions ? man
hen \\ bo baa aomi
reputation as s b icki 1 shop op? rs 01
one Tucker, of Buffalo, who In x 11?
baa engaged tas attention of ths fedi
..iid ex? n,'ngs ?' ?'hoi itiei
Boscheh, s cording to the information
in hand, bai se? ired from I he 1 lominion
government a special chartei giving hie
. .1 to <le.il in "p its ' and
?' .?ils." "? ?ptio - ? ? anothi 1 u-i m,
and is the one that It la used to describe I
tha practice In the charter held by
Bo - n Phis is not hing moi e 1 01 loes
. .1 system under whi? h ., person Is
allowed to bi 1 ai m h h "i .is little as he
wishea thai a rertain stock will go up or
down within .? stated time Bow
charter la understood 1.1 liberal,
though the conditions under which it was
nee 11 red and Its exact terms sra not verj
W ell lillOW 11 he! B
'I he jii.in, how .-? ? 1, ;- not without it*
modifloetions <<r tie well known "put'n
call" gams, and brings in tha almost as
well known practice of bucket shops "f
taking business on h two point margin.
By it xx 1..it the bucket shop men call a
"piker" ?that is, ? clerk or other person
0 sn ''i mi ? ? buys, aa . ten sha 1 ?
Reading, putting up 1 pei cent of the
(..n value ol his purchase with the
"brokei " lie will appb foi s loan on
the stock, stating that he has not s?if
ri'-i? 1.1 money In hand lo Immedlatel) I
1 ij for his purchase The bucket shop
? n ms part agrees to take up the)
,. foi linn The pui? *. ?-> then ipon
entered on the booka In the nsme of th??
on er, \\h<> ?-mus ?i not? si,,?wink thai
lie tins borrowed ?lie full value of th?
ato i? from Hi* "broker," the only mom
Fctuallj figuring la the transaction being
the I pei cent deposited bj the "pui
chasei "
A movement ot ; points against ths
"purchaser" would, therefore, wipe him
?int. even assuming thai be would rooa a
vr:it fsa eeldom do receive in a bucket
-nop the market price at the tim? he
\?.i?, aupposed to purchase or sell, I
i. Bteel ami Other pop dar issue? n?it
i neq lentl move withm .. rsi ge of 10
in,mis tu ,? dsy, and a raime ,,f .-, point?
wo i!,t call f?.i nothing more than pis-in?
comment? ?.<i that it ?ill h?- readily ?eon
? . :,t , han? s th? ? istomsr" has to w-in
? grmnst the 'broker.'
Tennessee Democrats Indorse
Gov. Hooper, Republican.
Naahvills, Tenn., March I? r>.
;lil? to lisien to th?- BUggCStlOn "f I'te?
Idenl Wilson for harmonj In the Demo?
cratic part) la Tenneaaee anil indors?
ing ths administration of Governor
Hoop? '? c- p .;ill in, the indepei I
D?mocratie stau? Executive Commit?
I tee adjourned to day after ?..?iin? hro
conventlona, both to meel on
April 22.
The tust i? tu nom inste a candidate
for judge "f the Supreme ?'our:, th.?
second to ' tai??- such action ?** Ihey
max deem advisable in regard to nomi
natini candidates for Governor and
Railroad Commissioner.*' n was ?hi i
that the idea of holding two '"n?en
?ti was i?? have the nomination ? ?r*
Supreme Court dgi made apart from
h turl ileni political i on? entlon."
Min-i i ' in api ak? 11 ? haract? i la d
Ilia action of the Pr?sidant a? in a?i
?Dissatisfied with the Wil?
son Measure for Trade
Committee Decides to Combine
All the Trust Legislation
in a Single Bill.
Pi. :n Th? Tribune Bnresa
Washington, March t*? The difficulties
that besel 'i.- course ??f the administra?
tion in the way of ti it legli at! .:. wer?
s?e? entustsd t<>-i?? by the hostillt
which members ot the Senate Interstate
Commerce Committee received tie Ho ??.
trade commission Mil Dem?crata us
well sa Republicana, ? i I ?hut tne
measure, which haa ths spproi
ei,i.re Bub-commlttee which drafted It, la
.? -,?. ? i l Instead of forwa ? d
? will have the effect of curtailing
the power now vested in the Bureau of
? oi porstlona
l? is ,-i i.ieut that the Senate committee
will disregard the House bill, which la
i laid to ni i ?? the ??? pproval of the ?' ?
tratlon, m framing anti-trust l?egislatl<m,
snd will go oti with tite task of framing
.1 aingls bill in Its oam srsy The trsde
commission bill, so fur :i?< it h.is been per
? .i t,-- tin- Benate committee, la much
nger than in" House meus re. Th?
,'?. committee has siso decided defi?
nitely to i>rlr-?f in a sir,pie trust hill. It i?
probable mat m ?? plan to defina mor,
? a imitationa <?f th? Sherman
'.i m \? ni i... abandoned
'liir question of Interlocking directorates
h i- ?-., far proved a stumbling hioek to
th* lenste commtttsa The conclusion
has been reached that it will not be arias
t.? prohibit au Interlocking directorates,
? in tie o?.,? ??' rompetmi* companlsa
? ?? Ing to th? Interstate Trad* Commis?
aion ti?- ?i.tion whether th.? compsnlM
ire ( ompetlng.
Wilson for Peacemaker.
if ;?.. Senate committee peraista m it? |
.. i .-?? it is probable t bat the Pi ?aident
? : on i" like an a? live part in j
lbs fight snd bring ths two branchea cW
greaa ii i ord.
"The House trade - bill," raid :
v- unmlna, he Bureau
? oratlona and aatablia ea i I i
n witl i lured power? If th ? '
la :<? have n?> ;
? . Initi?t!*?a h had mi i h better not bel
II will be .i lea
'.. ive inaUl itlon for the control oi U ist?
than 'i,-- presan I Bureau of Corporations. "
i orlg .';'' I 'oposed to define sets
?rhli h would constitute restraints of trsde :
,,,,i destructive ? ?repetition practl? all) ,
.n a '?a ndoned
Wilson Approves Bills.
p esidenl w ilson, a,- a <? mfei n<
nighi \? ii ii t he House ??? i?1-? lsr? a
cosnmittee on trusts, r*ul the stami
administration appro al on trie sub?
it?nea i ' ths foui billa to smead ' lie
nun tinst lawa win. m the committee
i j.i ae)i? -?ii? Ri si ii an
?? ?.? ai te another conference within
i? w-r .. h i i>1 members of the comra
ted to-night thai i nlss? ;?' ol i acted
. ?n. id be raised in ths full
? all four bills lo si ?
... ?ring ?????.?
? ?
i n?l i!?-tinii Ions of rastra
11 ,,,ie ?ruiild ? ported o th? I
within i foi 11 i
presldenl \Vils??n ? ? ?lief
that It would bi ? onsolidate .'-ill
the billa Into one In ordei to expedite
it Ion Th? ? ? comn
? ?.. i ? .i.l on ? onsolldatlon, s n l
thst I will be ? IT? cted ??? : he liu i?
comml? i e? I? practical!; ? ?? t,i In
Th? Prssld? nl msde *-? ? ? i .~..-est oi h
in the Bub-commlttee a I ch Incl
Repr?sentatives t'la ton, i'.nlin and
tie insisted
.>r n . corporal .?ns
? i< ribed in ? ? i bill to
iiie^k <.,< th? evils Hist have grown ??.
under the present antl trust lawa Th?
?i.iiiii, ttea a II n ?? the bllli with this
m view
'i be holding i ot poi . , f t **.I
. make unlawful holding companies
that ? ?iinhiiie the atock of corporal ona
-., at to less? n comptUtlon, b it wo ild
not affeel companies which hold the stock
nt corporations that form ??sent a parta
?,r th? : business i lolding ? omps
thai at?- entirel) f?.i Investment and not
in: business dlrectl) are nol prohibited.
Thia would permil concerna i.i?e ?
? ? ompani? s i?, hold t be i ?<? ?-. of
... i... ? ' iona s h.?h si ?? nol ? omjx Itora
Holding Company Precisions.
The committee belle ea tha n
- soll ad ? he |.i oblem ol iiiv i Iminat
,ii(4 between Hie hoidinx compai
l'. m business and operating business b
combining several competltora into on?
company, ?> In ths case of the Standen
OH ? ompan and l - \mei lean T'.i^.'ii
' ompany, and t?o- corporations that Uo
been compolled to combine several con
cerna niai aie not competltora, but b? -?
i ?lilliinalioli is n? i ? >sai ? in oi'U: U
ip.iKe a anil "i whole ss In th.:
an oil comps n ? blch i omblned a i i|'?i
impany, s producing ">i compan)
ami a refining oil com? in- all making
? o - legitima te oil business
Tl.immltteemea pointed oui to the
p ni tii?i the i'iii would save to la?
? i -irls ' - ths m'-sstoi w no buys
ii," Stocks : :.'l bonds "?* valions i.ii[0i.l
liona i it is '"'i engaged in tu? business
of opt ial Dg an.? of tl.eni The Mil ailo.e
I" railroad holding corporations hot not
t.. ?ubeidiaries, draw ag hi- line .it sub
Btanl.?:.;??i l"i I It ll ..tton
n ils II made up ot eomblm I competitor!
it wo ?! r ohlblt holding corporations ol
moving fi-1 ?re concerns which sought
exemptioa and would strike it
irgi h? ding astabliabmenU which made
. fore the , OIM1IIII i..
- - i gilt d theatre ti I ? ? ould
be gffbeted. iiie-ui?- corpe ationi which
i.. i two theati ? - ? aaa
ii ..i be pi" ad ih.?i Ibe i ?
intei? non-competing, would be prohib?
ited, bul the Mil would not deetroj a
? ; , r. ot ir.'.'tiss m different cltles la
which there wag aa element of compati?
NoOS of the f"??i hills h? no?>v fr.niieii
pi raides foi exemption of labor nnlona
from antl-ti mm pi oeai utlons Bei
ii ighea of Nea .i?-r^e\. is exj. .i |
present an amendment for tnat purpoaa
if the billa aa the) Snail) reach the Sen?
? mption Labor organisa
l . ii.-ii!arl\- the Ann rhan I-'. ?!? i
tien of Labor, Iihm- urged tha Beoon
Bartall Nil, xxhl-h would exempt from
un., proeecution umw the Bhennaa law
The Ben Franklin
uiz Corner!!!!!!
Succeiifu! Qvij?^
?will receive rtotrit
?rom $1,000 ?to%.
WILL win
Details of Quiz Reve*al Re?
markable Pastime for
Young and Old.
?..i iite remarkable la the amount of
atlon and Interest atlrred up !>x
The New-York Tribune's anno ince
menl laai Sunday ai." il the Ban
Franklin '.?
Ex fi ? i a -i i\" for the die? log?
ure of the no* el i aal ?me a hlch can ?
xx ith it $7,150 m nw ai da
Brli l. aa poaaible, this is : e Idea
of ii ?? Ben Franklin Q ?? New
York Tribune \\iii publish, beginning
next Bund - of Hfl y pi lo?
gra i h.-, one a pi n n 'lax- for
Hfl - ? ? --;\ .? issue*.
ph tographa are drav rigs
representing or Illustrating eei
aa Inga of Benjamin Franklin. Yon
si?? to aol - the llfty pi? tographa f >r
11 ?? : ..-i,... ::?.<? s:i ? Inga and aub?
niit -nur aolutiona m The N*e\v-Yo.k
Tribune, If you've been fairly auc?
I in naming th?- corra? '? savings
you'll share in th?? splendid awards.
Thai is. m a nutshell, I ?? BOH
Franklin Quiz. There'a no nominat?
ing, no canvassing, no selling, no ao
liciting i" do. .i ial s"i .. lin- plcto
grapha, and M" II in your "xvn wa . at
your oa n lelaure!
All reaidenta of 'he LTnited Btatea
and Canada are eligible lo jian;. Ipate
excepl employea of Th? New-Yoric
Tribuna and th*?ir families, it is not
necessary to be s subscriber of The
New-York Tribune. Absolutely no
or h. r condil lotis aie Im pos? d
NOW, xx h,? i .lo you think of ihnt for
h gama?
Tin? splendid i'.'irt la tim? every one
can take part with reasonable aaa ?
.?m.i succea "?-i?- makea no dlf?
ference the ? illdren ran play aa xxeii
aa the grown-upa. Education makea
n?> differem e; It lan't e* an necei
to be acquainted xxiih Franklin oi u>
kr".\\ ir^ sayings, as this feature will
i.-? i r-o\ idad for.
Solving the pictographs is quite
simple, w ??' ?? printi d one hi re to
show you how it's done, fou aee h
plain drawing, and thai drawing ?? u
veya a <?? rtaln Idea t<> j ou. Franklin
baa i .pressed thai ides In one of h s
sayings, and when ?.on find
intr xx hh h matches xxiih the Idea
you've found 'he correct answer. In
tins . asi r ... .n *rlo ea
catches no mli
To-morroa ou shall have ? hance
to tn j our ability on anol her .-i.
men pl< logra ph. We'll give . ou ;? list i
of aa Inga to ? hoose fi on . See x\ h. i
! "o . an ?lo xx ith ?t. And if yo
ifully solve these speciini n
pictographs you surely want to be]
? i the rea '< atari next Sunday, !
What Says Ben Franklin To-day?
For gnttcrr to ahm? /?*. tnqraph get "Thnt irttti
Quiztere" appearing opposite Rend it, /f'.? inf^rfitingi
Then the first Quiz pl< tograph xviil he
printed. All the fine awarda an
ahead ..r ? on. ami jou'll enjoy ? ? ?
minut ? of i ins pure fun com? ?
x. ? ,,., "flfi - h .i,. ? - i.. . t| ture ? n
award, and evei'j i. la rea spenda?
ble . asi:. *rh.. higher aa m da ???? ?
stantial soins ind
t?o- Quit* v ila. . better
acquainted xxm Benjamin Franklin
an.i impresa upon you his wie?
' rj ir ?s n,, idle statement to aa)
..?i xx ,;i gain m ?. h for I his ?? -
? i .-?m?a';.. i'..'- *?', anklin knew I
i .Mil i" : ? i ' - - .? ? ? alia ! ou just
h"u : o travel it.
All this week Th?* New-York ?Trib?
une will i old '.'?i?s ah",it i be Q Is,
and will die? is at greater ? g th the
: lo'i^ir . ?:? t? ds . You'll 'lo
Ne\v=York Tribune
1-3. Nassau Street
Telephone? Beenrnen 3000,
This ?pa'"* t\ 1 i e r\?\r>tn\
tn the answerli ? of
? ? rlag of
.i forms l r n Tl oec '-t?r
??-;'? or
.. v. ?? I ? '? ii.
ssaociationa orgsnlsed wholly for tiie pro
moi ion of sbo
Price Restrictions.
? I SdC tela Hims hill p| ,,i
facturera fron contracting t" prsvenl ?<
? m ,11? from handling a competitor*!
go? ?i - It pi pries fixing tc
tiie consumer, though it permita the
m.-, n na? im ai i r a holi ?elsr to Da the
? ? a hi? h goo !^ ?hall ? ? sold
11 otn ma
I ? ? ihe first sale o
? manufactured irl ?? Its ;
would be at the s..me i. ? ywhere,
? on This bill
ghl of in I unction to Ind
? ? - md ih
go\ ernment decre?
;?-^.i inal a nj corpoi il ion.
The 'i .ill In
.? pro*laion " piobiblt dire '? -
? hi '??ms corporatioi.g i
In which th? . .-up dii ectoi i Th?
embodiea auch .;- I
>. e.n not t.) have been covered by de?
Ont' U. S. Inspector Molds Cap?
tain Johnson utility, and Other
Captain Berry.
Ph adelphia, March It Captain R. A.
Bsrgent, Cnlted Ststea inspectoi of hulls.'
md D n Howsrd, L'nlted Btatea ina ac?
tor of boilei -. ? ho m ? tigated the d -
off the Virginia coaal "ii Jaau i y
l" in a htch ' ' ? hip Santucket
tan.:. ? ' ' learner m >m ????. ? a .- ;
a divided
opinion '? ? ? -??n' holding l'ai tain
Berry, of the Nanl - Ity ?if
. . i. ? snd Howai .1 1 harging l'aptaia
?;.i.' ird E Johnson, "f the M..m?.,', with
for ths ?Us.- il
ii.. ttie Investigation, ?
with the two decisions, i?.?is forward? 1
tu Hem y M. Beeli super? ?--in? n?-i ?
a? .\. ?-. 1'orlc, Ii ? believed the suptr
riaing Inspector will consult the Depart?
iti'-nt of L'oi ? at v\ ?1-'.-.lint 1rs bet ?
inakinic anj iui ? her move.
Captain Bargenl ?? aerate? Barry and
.? -? licensed ofH era of the Nsn?
tuckgl ' "aptala Johnson
with "Incompeten negllgen e and Inat?
t. t.i ,n to duty."
Inspector ii.,?atd refused t" sign
report and gave one of hia own, la ah? b
I he found Csptaln Berry guilty "f failing
to radii e -i.1 in a fog, aa charged, but
' n"t guilty of alleg 1 ? m ?? t.? '.s* the
' a Irai? aa ? , and rs? mbbm 1 4< I
'that his master's HceaSS ?.r i -\,,ke,l. ,
1 -?? -
Bryan Will Not Protest Against
Pending German Bill.
I '? 1 Bureas I
Washington, March il a formal an?
laouncemenl wss msdc bj ths ?sen
lof Mate to-day thai the United I
n ake no prOI ' ' ' '.imam a:
presen I regarding dti rimlnatlon against
an ? ' ? ? ? ged t?.11
Italned in 1 pending Mil In the Reichstag,
it ??? atated 1 aV ret u ? Bi un that
tins government would assume that Gar?
man) Intended 10 dlscrlmlnstlon. si?
h h?? Intimated thai if the Mil he?
cams affective and an Injur) !?> American
Interest? waa Indicated aoma action might
h? tnk?-.
The Standard "il Campan) made th*
original ompialnl In October, IMS, iecrs?!
tai Kaoa entered h protest an,i
grounds for ohjeetinn were resaovsd b] I
th? ' lermsn govsrnm? nt,
Motor on No. 12's Kngine lakes
Place of White Horses, and
Veteran Is Sad.
.lei eimah Hiv a Old?
in tho ?luv?, i,i?,? n section of th* de
- il and looked st tin i
provement In fire fighting
leu! i. in ths houss oi .in
j u ill.an, atn et, between Pea I an?
'???i m The aa ma old engine thai
! doing duty for twelvi i was si
then but a 1th a chsnge.
Ti e snge was thai Pon? . Pli k
- ? ? that
have dragged the engine t?> hundred?
ti: es ? . ei gin? ?s n >\ as pul
ough aummer hea t snd winl
di ifts, a ill no longer be :
p ai a hai .... sepoa ,--i
motor equipment bull? Into I
w th thia ? ii inge th?
ha? i? ?n aervice esterd mon
- :n tiie ah?
golni ' - -
Yes, ? . | horses wll
have to go isld Jen : laggsrt),
Who has served m the in..-- fol thlrt)
? \\ ell, ;' i- .1 good th ?
prove ' ? ?nt, and this - an
int. but
slept, you n .... ?\!'h
the ii?.;-.-. i ?? _e:- n ght] ' . " 'hem,
and hates i<? see them -?? The; did
great work, an I .- ?
k - .i of ano? Irifi l p
Impi ? isni
? Pone) and I stund aatch at the Equi-I
? - - < i.? ? ? ? ira without
? eak, and h? - a to h indi ? da ol
utuei with . ... ? hu
here ro> ?
s. t, and i know wiiat he can 'I" hie
l-'iu tl er tha . i hi? I ? ho
ii.i- spent thii t) of hie lift ? ? eari
n^iii. - ? ? . would i.ot s., y, but i be ??
was a d? I at In h a
manner as I it the
s still si E In the stall Bo
of lio- horse -.-.as Haggert] thai he would
not let any bod) else clean oi feed blm
Mm tberi implalnt, onl) ' I
m it go to give i'!o e i,, impi " emenl
Haggert) was one of the Bremen who
went to the Baltimoi e Are in
? e fight ro: ? ? iffei? "l m mj In?
juries ins face bearing the scars of
am A fe?s years ago be wai gl en
.1 gold medal b) hla comrades foi bis
long service Engine houae 12 is one of
ii?.- nates' ,ii the city, occupying the site
Where the old "Eagle volunteer corn
it .i - i ?. i es i ? ago
Congress Likely to Make Canal
Builder Major General.
? T ? '
a. eehlngton Mai II \\ Ithoul m?-n
tioi Ii .? the ? ame o i 'otea? I Oeoi k.? ?a
Qoethala, Chairman Ha; of the Houss
Committee on Militar) Affaus introd ? I
;.. da i ?? '"i : to en its ai additional ma?
jor g'neiHi In tha army, The bill 1.1 aa
worded thai it caa applj only to the
builder of tue Panama Canal, and it i*
. \ ,.- ted t" I'.is.s bOt ?I il" .se?. It plu- ?
"Thal the Presiden! Is hereby author?
I'.i-i. with n.? adviee ami consent of the
Senate, '?> appoint aa a major general in
th- army of tie United States the ?"?Steer
who has mont distinguished himself in
tin- construction of tha Panama Canalt
mii-ii appotntmeal to be la re.-ngnitn?n of
the sen l< e Thai foe the p u poaaa af this
u<-t ih?? number of major generala in the
army now allowed by law is Increased bj
on.?, imt the additional ofltee no created
shall cesse atui determine when it shall
ne vacant, having ones been Sited."
i .? concluding provlaiOB meana thai
?Aim iii. raalgnatlon, retirement oi death
of Qoethala the aaajor geaeralahip ailed
b] him shall n?t axial for the elevation
of an] other eSteer.
.All ? ? ? residing i" " . - - -.
i. except (mat?ta ??'
?> ai 'i their imt*.
in th* . .rt!cif?ari'
to The Tribune a"*.
e fee of I it ?<"?, ?irH
All ? ?' 'h. i*l
? tayl
? prog
? Ma in \t>
eses A
of B*n;amir
?a blank?
is? in 11*.* "?
a ssi
. . .. ? ? \ . ?.nt -,
No more m^p i will bel
. - ? t ,, ?||| M
i participant! ?,"? w
."?at'hi '-.
f the fo
.??aid .-.
'.I . ?
Itii .
'? sa .
?.%* .
. .
me ?? .it*
?t .
i. ? . ?
- ?
? ?
ti ? ir resi scti ts ai deal ?
.... ? M
' ' th*"
,? i,.. i.. . ...
? ?
-? ? * ,:'
i Boeh tie m ? m i ? '"'? *r?W9[
tograi ha ? M
? ' by the tieii I ? " '"
.. . ? n
graphs, si d ?h- '** wl"
a their i '
Onl*. - i - .???
* ' ?*? "^
eral members ?.f tl.* f"<: . m?.?* ?ul'?
Individ tal a "r* ?*
may aubmil on ?? on - ?
i*. -so* - git Ii * " ? "?*?*_
. M | , - g aa] sthsr AmBmm
will i ?? disquslif ? -i
A dial tere?ted - ttee ? f <* ?
the highest atandlng In th? t?B**_T??
to t., ?elected I Th< r.- b me, will ?^
judges of the Qula a- ? '*''
Mayor John 1 . r.t
FraaMeat of Boa ' ? "' '
'i he Re? Kewell Dwlght H '
RabM loeepa ?*???? ' ,-.?..
? j Murphy, Coaaaaaaaaaef W ir
Henry H. i ?, ..?.nt?
Th? Tribune will rail to anj ?''"'">
ceairin?* to pun-ha*.? the same ?
i ,?,t Richard ? a in a&a? k, cos ?^ jj
IN aaleeted ?nd numbered i'l0,fr ,M
-,. ,:?,n Crank,,... from which tm
represented by each of ?*? rtfiy ??i
grapha wlU be taken, and ?"_?? ..
bcok for coavsnlenc? In ?ubm,t'1,;,.,
.rers. There la no -*'??*** ??aw*
m UMpartetsjq parti.-ipent M PurcBP
eilher one of these bonks.
?, ? S
Supreme Court Takes Beee*
?.k .?-v.*? ^1"?1,?'^
Washington, March ? -x ^
?am? ?announced to-?U) b) ' >? * "T g
, our, in th? railroad rate ?"l1 ',,...*
? case? pending An K?,tr_JA
from Mar. h SftO April tWS^oOBBSmm

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