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Such is the legend which
looks down upon you or you
alight at Union Station, Pitts
burg, these days.
It refers to the handsome
new structure of the Bacr
Kaufmann Dry Goods Store,
built by us from the plans of
Messrs. Srnrrctt & Van Vleck,
the Architect??, Ne*** York
And Wednesday next, the
ISth. "Pittsburgh Greatest
Store," in the heart of Pitts
.burg's shopping center, will
open itl doors to that great
public which it aims to serve.
It is thirteen stories high,
contains approximately 670,
000 square feet of floor area,
and il the largest dry goods
in Pittsburg.
But yen will observe that
the Baer-Kaufmann institu?
tion is called "Pittsburgh
Greatest Store," though it
is also the largest.
This is because the Owners
of this great institution wisely
prefer to base their reputa?
tion on square dealing rather
than on square feet.
Incidentally, this new store
contains separate gymnasium,
and meeting rooms for men
and women employees and a
roof arranged especially for
their recreation.
Another noteworthy feature
is a restaurant where em?
ployees can get a substantial
meal at 17c. per head.
And if our system of phi?
losophy is right, the quality
of the Baer-Kanfmann ser?
vice to its public is best in
dlcattrd by the quality of its
service to its employees.
No store can fail to tske
?proper care of its clientele,
which knows so well how to
take care of its own!
To "Pittsburgh Greatest
Store" Greetings!
Building l.or.itructicn
I'?? ; m te?
n " pron
stion and sweeten?
breath. ? "hi er e\ ery
meal. 8S cents bv the box.
? ? ? Deal?
House Sub-Committee Also Criti?
cises National Manufacturers'
*,\ | .'.rti h I.
?? r.. ? ?
HeDei mott, an Illlnoli Demo ?I
oobro? I? lb? Muhsll lobby chsrg?
that esasurt . bo? ! ? i "ii the
National ? of Manufacturan
i:?v by t mniltte?
l ort srobi
eomtnlttM on i -
WlMn ? ??-''-rating ?ommlt
?. .
,i'.? ' - . ? -rn "?'
? -???? ?it ... - .i ?if
? : o friend ...
Colonel If. M. Mulhall. Th?
? ?',
i . ...
let 3 "
,OfBcb u i.f
iMar.'..;i'i .
iMQSlbl? U.' ? ? '
Thi- kill
? ? '
an<1 I?
.????;,?. i ??,,, .
Accused Japanese a Suicide
in German Graft Scandal
Tnkir?. M I
... ? ? . . Si??-?,
? ? ? , . -
I ? '
".2 1','.
? 1.45.
',. .? Lu i ri
Oh '.o 11*40
', / ? pk0tO4 'or
... , 'IK.
BtcomingdateS Z': I? TJll
Tells Dominion It Should
Not Depend on Britain
for Naval Defence.
TO .S257.750.000
Neu 15-Inch Guns Will Hurl
Projectiles Weighing a Ton a
Distance of Ten Miles.
Br ?
l.o: . h l?WlBil
I-'n.st Lord of II to ill two
tioun and thirty-live mlnutea In the
Hu im of ' 'omn ?? - yesti ??:.. i.. .-? ?
and d? . - itei mount?
_ to V57.750.000 " ?A lib regsrd
???? ?<",.su 'i. t:..n ?if capital - I -
frirai Lord d? tared I t lb? Admli I I
ad hen lo per cenl margin
Burvi a wholi ill ?tl"n an'l
i g n fard t.? im- fac? th it tbc woi Id
a ,i> .: i mil g aa it had in ? moi be
fore, i ?? laid ii .i Qreal Brltaln'i naval
ih must be amply i and
t'i?i ? ? provision of G real Brit?
n view c Germany and other
III Wl iras i * ?
\ ? . '..,??? inca n n**wi >l
to iK'i. n ii refei red t" bj him ? - ?
? . ? - ? ilion alculated
. effectlv? ; ,,t?-?-tion of
?? ri \. I ,'.. . I.llifl
M r ? li .r ? hill ' ' bal i he d< ?
lOCk ? ? ? ? ; ? ? :. :. .:, . "i r .'!
?pi ? ..' aoluUon
"We h: ?? not aril bout hope " ha
"Huit ' h ? . her ahare of the
r..i- :i. del am el Canada ? ;<i?-;?t an<l
wealthy community, with Interesta ever
spread i -? h "? ' u]?;<?' " ? Ihi I ? ?
Bhi ? to n -< provision for
di r. ?. 11 aha won .? i
nexed lo llu i tilted Btatea ahs would no
tribut? through taxation io <*in-?
upkei i> "i n - ' i :>-'i States ns* y II
?he ?-.i.- Independ? i I ? h< wo Id ha ? e to
? ,. to ti.at <-f
tut? moat powerful American atate
"We 'i" i ut ? ondi r at all t ha
; think II ' ? "ii
nt ? .iii t'.... dlgnlt) and stand ?
m thai the should depend on
taxpa* .-i who oftei
a ell off than u.rage <
Mr. Churchill ai n augj s for
lion of an lmpei
e of moving rsp ox-ei
the v ?? -i ol i ?? dominions
maintained Its ">?? n flotill: -
? ? ? a protect Ion of ti elf i omn ?
in i >gard lo the neu ba I
Ur. Chin Ii .'
? .. would be of th? R ? ' ? Boverelg
of the u i? ? -M Bill
i? pe x i ..- them are to carry
? .
? Li.ni th? ? ever i
? ? t.-.- the Britlsl
a of 1 e welghim
? .' Brit m. added Mi Churchill, will
have t? - : - -i med ?*ith I
an) other nation In
A atiggeatlve varianl <>n the "naval holl
i ?... ? . - mad? bj M ?
?'luir.-hill m the following word
?-Kxv i ental "i deliberate,
? ?
will he
x... ? ...
... ? ? ....
? ? at Lord * ded th<
).)!! i king the pr? did Ion i Ua\ In i in
departure t a ?
male- I rould Dg I '?-' ' I
lowei ' ? ?? pr?rseni ones w r, i. -1, show
? -?i over thooe ol
? eatlaaed from Brat i> us*
ol levity both In writing and speaking,
lo which H has pleased him to abandon
Parla, March i Kot a s the ? -? "f
the Dr? ? ?
. ei it? ii ? ? ' ? naginal.f
iba i i. m M ]??? i ? - .
ton Calme)le, edltoi "i "Kin.?ro, b>
Mine . ,i ,v. ih<- wltf ..i the Mlnlatei
if finance Th? ? ate efl la a
the gr? lei In
? t he liiiinini nee "i the eli I ? -
M Calllaui brol R| r? Igned
f i "in hia ? ? ' and 1 lie Cabine) i la
. ?
t seething
I ..n ?.f Ki neat > Min
I even th?
'i In ella ??? ma t,? Indi
cate of 3,1
xi.ni i is | - Bjnation ol
m..i.i-i: y ia far fron
? ? ? ? dgel m --i
? ? ? ulia
i he a iml^ itffii.i is toi il lered
: ? led l.i to
? fail |
? ?.?> utmost a in the obji i t '
? - ? ... a?. |.,,. '
? ? lions
Thro ghout the ?
the Paint Lasai a
es a
? ? -,..
ind attempted
. . . th?
M ileni ... prefect vt Paria, in com
the Bo evard
Bill Ml ' '?' H
I...- ? even - hall ,t dosen
i ...... .. ,|,,.
..n the left bank
? ? ? to the CI
'.??,? ? ? s foi
? i the
? ?? obs
reri ? - - ?ill
i ? ' i ...
s they war?
. t . ? ? aliona "?i '
- i
n ih? I
. i? . sent l
on killing
. rm it? The langusgi o the lettei
whal he
i ?? 111,. lie rond
ih? . d ? ...i. .i hla i' ii-1 ?-'?i
m i...... . attot to h..
f . ' ? i amid Indifnsni
imatlona from the Centre and the
? ? >? -er? m ii \ ?i? Riph:
The dsbsts bscams mers and Basra
atom M Delahave concluded with a
?t .,?-.,? k ??n the government
"Fon. ." h? exclaimed, "mlnietera
laed blew out their bralna
N'owadaya thai Mod their wives to kill
-?? ? i... atand in thi-ii- pal
l*he n atenea of what 1a knowi
etter" regarding the Rochette
,v, ?? ,?, reheaaently denied bj vari ?ua
Dei .* ea hii?i aa vehement affirmed by
othera M Monta, Midister of Mame,
ri ? va- i?r?-Heiit in the frfhamber, ?a?
called upon t.? explain hla positon H
rsluctantl] arose >in?i dselared he bed t."
kti?. a :??<!?_??? of the Isttsr
Finally, M Barthou. amid a tremei
uproar, mounted the tribunal, and pre
.-?1 and re?.) the original letter, of
| which M Calmetta had a copy Ths let
j lei Ml forth m the plain?"-? terme I
j the -tt'?: ? ? ? ? had b? en as? ? '? :
i by M Monis, then Premier, on M F*?bre
: tha Publl Pros? e itor, i
hette trial for six m
?ihock? ' - ?? ? tost re
ed It, but tinaiv cav?? In, deel
that it waa the greatest a" oi
Th?- French Csbtnet as reorganised la
? -
IOASTO: DOUMBROt'B 1'ti-tn-i ?n! ,Mln-.et?r
; ,.f Forelati Aff?lr?
. 1, iris* .1 MAI ' i Minist? "f ?? * I?
? ?hi I'll .1 i< I K? ?I I.ENfl Mlnl?( I
ERNES*! M'iM*' Ministe? of Marin?
|;i:\K RENOl'I.T? Minister ?,f Th
; RBNE V1VIAXI M ? lata o
I RAOl :. r? RE? Mi''.-'" "'
KERN ?VNli UAVID Mlnlatei if H ."?* '
\ i.i:i:i: ;* i l.EBRl N -Mini?? ??' ?
M (-.TRICE R v > N'.\: ?? Mini? ? ' : '* -' ? ?''
ni?-' . i m ?" ? .? "?
t,, ? ostpoi ?
lontha M. Fsbre
m.I?kkt MB1 IN?.Ministe? af lab?
Mm?? CsillSUX, the woman Wbfl .anse,I
tins* upbeavsl In Franck political life, I?
meanwhile In Bl (?asara prison, arhlther
su . sss token aftsi commit ' - '?' ?
, rime. Her husbaad t?'-?i.i* tool ? ? ?
the ???' da th? Mil latrj "i Fii inca
am d man] ?xi ? ?siooa of i
Caillanx Extremely Depressed.
He call? ? pi Ii at? ofBi ? sei ?-i al
of th?- I ghei ofll ala <>f tha Mlnlsti
Informed them thel ha fell obliged to
aeporate from them The minister ap
j..;,,.,! t., be extremely depressed Hi
! broka down luring tha Interview wll
offlclsla snd began to tremble and weep
He then turned away snd b -
? i lietlj \v i" '? ? a
\, ting on Infoi mation gii en t.. da?
Mine, i lalllaUX, th? |"'li? - took poas?
"f vsrtoua papera in the office ol th? *?
editor of !??? Figaro ' It la undt i itooO
thai amdni these paper? were ve
private let) en b M Cailla ? to
his present wlf? ? ? ? th? were mai
? ?i snd while she was ?till tha wlf? ol
L?o ' "lar? tit-.
It i> generi auppos? 'hat Mme.
? tt .i .x had received an intimation 'ha'
i ;, ?ton Calmetta eraa about to publish
? ? ?? ' ii thi.- knowledge
determined i?- r to ? arry mil hei
? '
i he fact that >i m< .? ? i*: ?
meditated ahooting M Calmette la ?hown
a note ah? wrote to hi i h isband bi
!..?? eavlng theli realdenc? ?/eaterds)
it waa aa followa.
"Al the houi ? hen ? ? ? thia
lettei i aha have ex?
M ? ?t find this lettei it
til he res ?? St? Hi
.i- ?ent it to the n | ? llgat
ng t he ? i Ime Since th? dt
' i ? ? ?sed upon Mm?
almost i."* . sen dl?clo ? d
? ei nlng hei The dlrectoi of the | : ion
di nled a repoi t that wsa ? urr? nt I ha I
had attempt? d aulcldc Ph? ?
oi ai;.?? ? ii to hei In jail la thai
i i..!.. hei n.? ila sent In fron
. , a nt m t he oelghboi hood
Mm?. Caillaux Speak?.
j On being drlvei fi ova I be pollci ?tai i??ti
I ..?.',! ? ? ? >? , II
ci Ime M m - -1 wsa a omi
by Arthur 1.?] ? privsti
tsrj of tha Minister ?foi Wai
\?i-?.i quite calmly with bim, ?avtns.
? Mj i one of l be mo it in?tie-t
nf men. The uiess campaign which
ari .?-?i "'i aga r.s-t bim :..i
n ? - abso itelj frtghtfu i ?
?? h? n i or? n ? i.? .
i-. pera."
The pi I eon? r"a mpoaur?
?-vet ?hi' ? Warden ,,* Bl ; ? . ,
a was to be pul In a
Hei expression ( en .
sj and teitoi
M ' 'silla i? es led at th? pi laon in ths
co .i-?- of ii"- afternoon, In oompanj with
i- ern ? , who was stto ne foi
Csptsii i ' ? us, at ? i Maurice Bernard,
? ? bar* eminent ia? * ?r, both ? shorn
have be? n retain? ?i for th? i
ci?,w?i ??t one thouaand p? i ?
pa? k? ?i m tn- \ i? ii
t?i tne |ai| Tha moment M ? 'a
?? Ogl ? i a nnnih? r i,f msS hla ? I
He t .i nf.| a < ound sngril). bul wit .i
thli.i entei ed tha i ? ?on ii?
ed there forty minutes, snd then, an
i ?ring .?m sutomob I? n the Inter! ? < .irt
? ?till. 111.11 I.- ? ? !
i. i e crowd
Will Go to Edinburgh Later for
Medical Work.
I Cable f* Th* Tl i. ,no ]
London, Ma ? b I. i ?- pi
Blak? left Br< irn'a Hotel th - moi nlng,
? ? s ben he met tn? Am? i Ii an ? re
pon Is at i 'hu? ing i 'rosa Bl
courte? to tl em i know ? saet?)
??? ? ? ? .?..m he i iM i *.?..- going
t?? Edinburgh, aa i asid last night, hit
h ,*? ?? iia.i to ? hange m p?a na, a nd am
no? golni 'i, ?',?' i- but stsi : absll k?>
lo i ?util, trgh t.? do embi ? ulogi ..' i nd
pa! hologii al v? "i k ? .' n i ?i n ntln iton
"I in ested i work? but 1
ha *. ? '.. m?i ? hal m.*. am git si w..i k in
New York takes up i i ma that i
earn? .... i... foi th? aummer, .,' any
A ? ? ? Ins I ?-a?'.n Nil lOlBg
t?? Paria, i-?- d< ? - ned ??? answsi .m> ques
tlona '?
James M. Hamilton Taken Before
Justice Davis When Me
Refuses to Answer.
? - M Hsmllton, w b? -
Insi PI omsa i Haseett, ii mdsr In? (
ttsmptsd gt ? . la
? lion with an .,., ,.,i ... . Mtraet,
balked ? aterd , when he waa , ? ?i i,?
'"'?? ""? grand . - ., irltosaa M
Hsmllton testified Several areel ?.
atl] lo tl ? ? om| ata aal fact on of
lui and the District \?t.
rraterdsy, aftei a brief cession tha
grand ; i H unllton ind Dlsti I? I *.tt??i
Vull ?".n? hsd min Justice
l'avis-, conn There ?.is ? brief oonfer
ein--? between David M T.I, the fora
man, and lust lea i tai in .i i?i.. . Davis
th.ii snnounced thst he would It pe?ri ii?m
? it? ?if i he grand Jur: I efot. ?i. ? ; g
' ?' Hsmllton le sn ? ? r tha
qu? ''Hin? (mi in him He directed Hamll
Ion le spj ? ? again ea Fi 11
F. R. Coudert, Writing to
the Governor, Advises
Management of Case.
Lawyer Blames Lax Banking
Laws- Offers to Help Attorney
General Without Cost.
Frederic R. Coodert, whoea t-n
Coudert Brothers?hsi represor.te<i Fix
hundred ol th? Isrger dapoaltora in the
bank of Henry si^k^i * Co., r*??terdej
addreaeed a ?o?tei to ?iovernor Ql nn
.i4.k,n?.' that in? ?lir^i i t h*> Attorney '?en
ersl and th?- Banking Department to take
the case of the .leposltors and Man p?
the earn? xx;rii"ut ? ?ist. to th? ??ml that all
of the a*.??-ts of the hank 1." not eaten 111
attorneys' f?tea snd psyment t" ex-o:t
a. ountsnts snd olheri?.
'i h.- stete, h? ?-ays, i-? moralh teepon
sible !"? 'i." losses, and he ..!?<??< that it
I rlghl that ih?- ateta msk? some
reparation bj aiding tu conserving whsl
In addition, Mr I '" 't' i' w ;t i .?? all
nut tk hi? mm ma ? a ? to ps) menl foi
? i \ icea t.. the del osltoi - and | Isce*
rvlcea at th? ?osel of th?i Attor
Qeneral without root either to the
i-., depoi
it i?- M Coudert'? belief that tins ??
lion by the Governor woul?l ?hl 'he do
I oeltoi - ii thai it would pi ?ven1 need
lea? litigation Ami block the afforta ..f
rrroua lawyers who hav? heen trying
? ire retainer? from Indlvldusl de
? altor? aine? th? bank cloeed, neailx
? ? month? ago, and aso pul a check
mi th? agitators who hsv? blocked ?very
to m ir? a settlement
Salandra Succeeds as Premier
San Giuliano Retained.
Rome, Mai'-t) 17 A neu Cabinet hsa
teen formed bj Blgnoi Balandra, formai
\! i tei of th? 11...... ? to iucci ?-.! th?
. . h id? i .. 0 Qlolittl, which re?
i m. Mai. h 9 Blgnoi Balsndrs haa
notified King V'lctoi Brnman tel that he
? i. m m ": gsnlaing a ministry,
.- stil a use i ptlbl? of
?light i bsngea it i- ? onstituted ga fol
si.;.\'ii: BALANDRA Premier ind \i ?
of the 1 terlo
MARQI IS v. m s\.\ .III MANO M in ;-ier
, r i ? ? . \ i .i i -
.-!..\'"K MARTINI Minister <?* Polnnlea
KlON'i IB m MIM Ministe.,i? ..
SOU ' i. I- i- ELL.I Mir.? . ? ol ' nai
SM1NOR I' ? NE< ? M;:i.
-i. ; v IR I i BIN v T? I MInlstel ol I
- ? h tlon
xnxij': M. ENRICO MILU i xi n m - o|
? '
? m nlstei of i ? ??- ?n.l
, ?
l.ll'll RAV.* Mmj.ier .?f Pul I? Workl
UK ?KRAI, ilRANDI Mlnlstei of \\ si
-|i;m ?R \ x ui Mlnlstei of Agi
'The Minister of Foreign Affaira .t? i<
. ? i..'n i ha outgoing m n. -' r
Representative K?thn Asserts
l'residenl Mas Made II
"Pariah of Nations."
- i< ...
Washington, Mai? h it in a speech In
Housa t,, da) Repreasntstlve Ju lus
i. i.f ? 'alifoi nia, declai ed tha? i be {
f"i--._ii polie) nf ihn Democretle a.?nur
had within one yooi mad? th?
: BU '??- a l'.n lab among natl?
tha? th? Pi eeJdent ha i bei n foi
Id i" England ,n u..- f i. .? tolla con
tro er?3 bec? iae "f th- "va lllatlng an.l
? ? poll? ? f"' which Mr \\ llson
and the Btata Depa tmenl offl la a aren
? *p< nalbli
. e President s his oflleia
m u... i icpei ' o nt of Btati ? ?? ire re
- ponslble for the foreign poll of thi
atration " aald Mi Kahn The)
:,a ?e f.'i muleted an I admlniotered !
i f ? bei ? haa been an In- ?
eptltude in in- i'l- ol that
polic) the) ahm. i.^ reeponalbli x\h,i '
.n ?h?- ' it DO XI -? '
Ma i,.in.-. dlati tist, -. acillation h ?
? ? on Thl? gi eetesl of ? i the aroi Id's
republlea has grown t" be la on? brief
? ?f i '"ii,," :? i. a*|minlai ration i be
pariai of the nstlona IJndei t?..'- blight
i.r .i- foreign policy w? ?taml lo?da) lao
ated '!? sei i"i alone i> la ? h im Hating
confession, bul It? truth cannot be gain
"We 1 i [pended I.. 000 000 and ????
i in. nil many lix n In th? iccon p
of the greste?! of in- world a engineering '
i? la bul ac? "I'iiin- to i he Piesidenl ? ?
-i ? .i '.<? generous and abje? II: ? i?-.d oui
ghta in a ppoi i of the foreign poll
Hi- a'lniiliisl I a ll"li \\ .- OUghl DO) '
? sei ciae i Ighta >>t on i ?. ship; ??>? sh? i
ntenl lo be? orne h .?.une ,? . . ret?kei
a mere guardian
it :?? m Hi m h. ,. r i bel i... people ?"i
earth thai have ,i d i? regsrd '? th?
opinions of mankind would b? willing m
'"?i hu thi Ighl foi au? h an unpsl <i
mee? of ix.rta.-... Bngtend bereelf
.'?? .1 no) do n 11?-r history I? replet?
with Instances ir. which she ha-? Brmlj I
.m i rlgoroua!) refuaed in yield bei In? |
i ble rights"
Fail to Convict Policeman.
xrier neerl) lea hour? wrangling, the)
jury m tin? cam ol .loim F Brennecke, I
h patrolmen, announced leal n?k;.t tol
Judge Vernon M Dsvts m th.- Crlminsi
Branch of tue Supreme C? ?? the?,
?rere insbM i" ..ni.'., .ii ? \.i'li. i on the
chsrgs the! Brenneck? hsd accepted ?
in Ibe
. i.-. nntn ko, il ?a? chain.-i had ??
repted |M0 for amesiisg iii?- Bngei print?
? ires a i \ m., un i jH'Oh Lewie, who
are - mi rest.-.I f..i i inning an opi m den
Hrenne'-k? ?am? pMr-i!e.| In th.? CttOtOd
..f hin counsel li-l nlnht
Breaks Six Man Team Record.
Compon K "f th? net Regimen! a?
tabllahed i n?ts An i i i.r.i for the
'.allouai u-'jh r<l f"i ., -ix-man Lam In
?he mOOthl) Hhool for the i Union RUMOU
troph] ii-i night 'ii.ndHlona ? - ?? 11 * ??
f..i a? min ahstg M?? poeglbl? within a
n ? it? n IM and ?"' ? .n.l? 'ii ? oggre
Kale ..f >'i ,,.|.|,.,| <? ?II,I? (,, Ih ?? foi m?T
I ? ' n ord, nhleh s*os aleo^held by ? '"in
pei K
Vote Censuring Irish Policy
be Asked for To-morrow ir
House of Commons.
i p-. Cable t?? Th? Trtl : ?
I.?.n?!on. March 1' To-morrow thi
win be s d?bet? la th?- Hmise of Oe
[meas os Mr Bonar Laar*a vote of .-en?i
? .m the government for failing to set foi
, the ?Jetai!? of its l'ister proposa!?. Th?
lure grave Indications that stoimv sett
| will he witnesied, an 1, moreover, there a
:n?i rations, home out by John Kedmont
Bt Patrick's Day speech, that the gover
?lient Is oontemplatini? a more axgressi
policy In Ulster.
The movement of additional troops in
the province ?B expected, and the deveh
menta In the Mtuatlon are having an
feet on the passions of t.'lster Protestan
I Ths possibility thus arise? that some ?
rident m tir* House on Thursday mig
pre i tsta a crista Ulster leaders ei
phat '-hin- ?io t!?.t ii?s:i" a disturban?
Sil Edward Carena is arranginc to
to Belfast on Friday in the hope that h
presence will have a calming and resssu
mg effect on i.is felloe covenanters
i* la reported thai a mobilisation
f ujr thousand picked men will take pig
??n Mondsy. m yesteiday'a Cabinet con
?il .t is believed that thete whs a lot
a .-?i<?n on the governments ?
notion m Ireland. Nationalists, nn-i?
great pressun fron Ireland, have resist?
resolute!) sny further advance In tl
terma offered by Premier Asqulth, ?r
rows debate ?ill probably be ma?
? iston ,.!' a Ko'-ernment declaratta
along tha linea of Winston Churchill
?pei ' h.
Wilson Averse to Throwing th
Company Into Hands of
. ?.. | ? Tr II i n e Bur ei
m, March it Negotlatta-aa fc
the dissolution ?.f tha Sew fork, rfei
n,i\en A Hertford ayatem will contint
between the government snd the railroa
rebresentstlvea undei ths genersl term
r.f th?. arrangement snnounced Januar
10, '.nt It i? probable that tha Attorn??
; will make aome ?"ii. ess aa 1
Ihe lennii' of time in wbi? h to di' 0 ? th
Boaton A M?itie. the trolle) line?
ih n interesta t : ? ?m tha t silroa
l i opei
This ? a - ?he r ?-- ,,\ ,,- ;? confei ?
twaen the Prealdenl and tha Attoi ne
General to-dai Membera ol th? Cabin?
- -. ? th? lui ? o In a genera
aay, aa t waa decided !?*? tha Prealden
that there waa no n? ? ?! foi ful i onaidera
i ..n oi" the problem, in ries ?if the undei
standing he ti id i <-h. ii.-.i with Mi Mc
Rej nolda
i reeldent Wilson let it h?- known tha
rie is avers? t?> throwing tue Neu Hsvei
Into the banda of receive? If II Ii poa
.i ,i ? . ? .-?-'lient m t,
meal tha requirement? of th? governmen
? --??'.till psrticulsra While the At
tome) Genersl has been snxioua to ?t rtg
about tha dlalntegrstlon of th? ?yetan
during ths life of ths present administra?
tion, ni- danger of a aerioua "'?-ach h
the negotlst oi II I- understood, ha.?
? .'i in a wllllngnesa to make concea
i thia i?-K??rd.
The negotlsttona will be resumed at thi
men) of lust!? a on Fi Ids). snd il
I? ffenerall : believed here thai an agree
..t ?.lint, sort a ill be reached
Klavv & Erlanger Accused ol
Trying to Monopolize the
Business in New York.
? B) T? leg . r- f ? to 1 b? Ti i n?
Alben) Ma h 11 Theatrii il mi
? '..-?- ???' theatre tl? ket -?
sgenciea In Neu Fork ?'it'? .-la-h-.i thia
afternoon si a bearing before the Assent
bl) .ludii lar*. Committee on tin- Btodderd
bill t,, require all except hoxi'th?*?* Bollera
Of thSStrS tl. k?-t- tO Inri- " .' .? USA
in?-ri>?e foi ea i? theatre thai repressnt,
llsra Klsw, ??f tba II m of Kia*.\ ?
Erlanger, waa ... iaed b) I Fsllon, ?if
th? Tyaon Ticket Igenci of corrupting
ths I oxoffl? ? - of m- t heat ri -
Mi Fall?n declered that through the
Btodderd hiii the grm of Klaa A Er?
langer hoped t" driva the Tysona oui ol
buslneaa Ha held that ths deaira was
the result of Investment In h- concern of
capital t?-. the Bhuberts, ami ?,;
: linos i to ..? th,- Intention of Kl*?.?,
,t Rrlsnger to .??? ?? .. big atore In th?
centr? of the h.,i?'i snd thestre district
fin- tii?> purpose of driving sll "th?-i- In
the ticket i isinesa t,, tr,,. ?,, , %,, ,,ii,
to ns) the big ? ? ?
demanded bj thia bill."
M l. Malavlnak) attorn?) for the Ty
?!? at ? i ? la opoaed II? ei aa
would coal Ins firm MSO.O00 a year, msklng
a continuance In buslneaa impost
Th?,?? ?? i.pposed tha bl dh <"1 an i ?
wsa ? gr-ast convenience t.. the public to
be eble < lae tit keta a? th? vsrloua
hot? - It a ?- ?i?'nie,i tha' an sdvsnca of
mora thss ?" eenta *?s ever ? *>? u^d for
Witness in $800,000 Damage
Suit Against Panama Railroad.
<\?innei George w. Ooethala will confer
t" to] with United Btatea Att?ornsy Mai
shall about the .,.???? of .uhn Burke, man?
sgei of th?- commissary ?i?-i??rtm*>nt of
the Panama Railroad Company, who wag
? -!?? nded < a a chai ge of ?? cepling
aa from BOmpanleS ha? ing canal
auppl) contracts. The fedetal gntn.i hiry
i- Inveetlgating
< oionel Goethal? ?pent moat ?->? yestsr
ii?\ afteraoon teetlfylng la the [aaO,(M8
kg? suit bnailghl some lirrl. SgO I *
tin- r*a? iti? Mall Bteamehlp Corapeo)
-t the Panama itaiir-.a?! Compan)
for tue I"??? of t?ie I,ner Kswport, ?hl, n
wee eunk while lying et the Balboa ? harf
of the railroad comp?n) it is ist forth
that a pi -i bulkhead K.??e way, causing
i-.?.?, large Rotating crsnsa to toppls evsr
nut.? I he Nsa p"ri
No Decision in Mellen's Case
Bridgeport, ''?>nn. March 17 The 3'.
perior Criminal Court reeonvened hei?
i'?-ii.i- without an* decision ft"in Judge
Tuttla hi ?he cas*? charging Charlea I
Mellen, formst president of me Ken
Haven, with manalaughtsi si th? r.-?nii
?>f tha wrecking ?>f an sapreea train at
P/estpert Is Oetober, Mil Two motlona
were argued la t ?<?> k. on? Intended to
hat ?? lha -i . * igaln l Molli n i ?.
'..t.'i and ii" othei for nn amendment ?<f
the compteinl i?> aubstttuts "involuntary"
(??i "i??i .otar? n inslaughtei
Two kinds of waste space
First, there is the useless space in many build
ings which tenants must lease and pay for
along with the usable space.
This is avoided in The Equitable because the
interiors are free and devoid of impracticable
Second, there is the excess space often leased
by a tenant for lack of a scientific layout.
And this is provided against by the Equitable
Efficiency Engineers whose business it is to
safeguard tenants from overplaying their
Leaoeo now being made from May I. 1915. The building, hove.
ever, it due to be completed 2 or 3 month? ahead of that date.
Equitable Building
Temporary Office, 27 Pine ?street
Holding Companies Measure
Aimed Only at the "Bad"
From rhe Ti ibune Bui
Washington, M irch rh? adminli i
tkm hill to prohihlt. holding cop?name?
Which operate In r.Miaint of trad? WSa I
Made public to-riiRht by Chairmen ?'lax
ton of ?he Uouee Jud{< lary Committee it
i? the last of the four mea eure? prepared
by the judiciary Committee, and its in-1
traduction foliox?.s a conference at th.? ?
White House of Hie President and Flepi-i
tentative? Clayton, Cariln anil Floyd.
Hearing? on th.- holding companies hiii
nr? xei to be held, and while its funilv
mentsl pro leJosa meet the approxnl of
the administration, it is subject to
chsnge, if the hesrlng? demonetrate ?h.
ne?'i. The measir.? ?s short, but It g? ?
tin- Democrats of ii>- committee non
trouble than any of the thin.? billa hereto
tore introduced
The ?ask or' diffi ? etween
u??? 1.1 and ha.I huill?n..
gaged attention for several weeks, an.'.
the bill a-- presented mskee the eimi,na?
tion ?. ? essening ..'' competition the ????
i."i>? of the objection to holding > im
Jia n ?es
Th? !? gulll ..?.a. on which
th? Preaidenl Insists throughout tb*vantl
truel programme, la reflected in rhe bill,
the i^\t of ni,! h i- a? follow?
"Section i. Thst it ?hall he unlawful
orpoi itlon engaged In Inter?
-? ite ..i foreign comm?re? ro acquire, dl
? a Indirectly, the whole or in
..1 ihe ?-to.'k m utiier shaie capita?
of anothei corporation engaged also in
ratet? or forelgi.mmerce, where
. flv. i 01 su.-?i acquleition i?? ?o ?I
nata o? leisen competition between I
corporation wboee sto. k la ao a .
and th? corporatlos making the oequial?
lio.i, or to creet? a monopolj ol
Di na.I.- ,n any section or community.
"Sec. . That It shall b? UnlSWful for
ii atlon t.i acquh a, dire? ti) or
, the wl s or any pa
ihar? ? u irai of i so oh
- corporation? engaged In int?r?ts te
or foreign commerce, where the effort of
..i'i liaitlon, or the i?e of ?u
i. t:- otlng or granting of proxies, or
? .
pal itlon between such ? a, o
an) of th? m, ?* hose stock or ol
i'ii la ao acquired, or to eraste ?
nipnopol) of any line of trade In an
tifln "i communttj
"SOC ?'! That thi? act .shall not ai'fl.
?." corporation? purchsslng sm-h stock
- ? - . ? al n ent. a nd not iixinx t be
bj voting or otherwise, to brin*
or In attempting to bring ?.bout.
g-of i ompetitlon
' Sec I. That every v otatlon of tin
shall tltute a misdemeanor, punish?
ibli a fine ri"f exceeding *..??? or lm? I
nieni nor exceeding on? year, or
Loth auch flue end Imprleonment in ihe
?i >, retlon of the court; ami any individual
who, a?? ofllcei or director of a rorpora
oi otherwise, orten lake? a.tion
. ?? ticlpates In eai r?. m*. ? ? trans
action herein forbidden ahall be he'd and
ii?-!ii<-'i gulltj of a mledem inor under
this se. fien
Thal nothing conta this
ihsll prevent a corporstlon ?i\z*eo<i
In Interetato oi foreign commerce from
? ? ng n." f"iu.at in ol kubaidiar) ror
pOratlons foi th? actual esrrylng on of
Immediste iswful bualneet oi the
it r? and egltlmet? branche? thereof.
i., from owning and holding aM or a part
of the stock of such ?ubetdisry corpora
tions, when ih>? effect of such formation
? to elimin?te or lessen a pre-exlei
ine competll
Be? - Thai nothing contained in this
act aha ? I to ?ffeel or impair an]
right heretofor? --..i - :.ire?i. pro-?
mint thai nothing In tin- section shall j
make legal atOCkholding relation? b?.
?ration? when, and und?r wij
circumstance-- that, - -, rttalMSS ft)..
Stlttlte Violation? of i ? act approved Jb.,
entitled A Kt ? -o Prston Tr*.
snd Comm? m l'titawfui r
atralnt and Mom ;
? I ' * ' ' ' ? ?'" tr??.?.?., .
mutual sa* Sem fart | ?
the op ?' -*????.
ing direct ? ?a? made -.,?.
?Judiciary Committee to-da) bj p..
aentatlve Bi?,?.?.-i of Ne? v,,ii, ., ,
that the bill was
- Ii trust
? * "i thai asas
the State law a I | ..r-'v b* _ -rul
? ?f one mutual ?avlnga bash
not receive com? I ? hta .?emef.
and could not deposit or horro?
t.ink of ?in h he waa truste?
President Asked to Set Free 18
Labor Union Men.
>\ ?' v*. ... . .
' tment of Juat
? Ell i.? h ? ? i hi. aa" at?
toi ne). foi thi Bightaesel i
labor unloi ? ?* th? tyaaaab
Ing <*=
Mi /...-?- a thaaa ?"u*?
I ,,f .-? ? tivee ? i
- - rsovcsMst, and
would appea ' e PreaM
? - argument - ? ??? ?.? **?
men It la it J ..lue Mtart n
kndaraon ml ? ana sen
trie,I. * -
Revenue Collectors Must Prt
vent Leaks, Savs M^Adoo
b were b>
? -
. ? to the i?ommlaa ?? ??' interaa
i:-. - ? -.-t it
ika ol foi ' ?? ? ? I * ?
? ?
it W" ild be not -
? . . |
I Secret
W h'-ther vou are >
judge o? Orientals or net,
you will admit there are
many diffefure? m them.
1 hese ?Ji?ferer.ces are
as complex as the du*
lects of the Far East.
It is our sole busineti
these ditfcences and \o
faithfully interpret them
to you in prices which
represent intnn.-nc as well
as artistic \,crth.
Joseph Wild-SO?
Fih'n A??, ?nd 3>th St
;t Specialty Ru<
A Salesman
mailed an important
order to his house. The
letter was delayed.
The goods arrived 48
hours too late. A
Western Union Day or
Night Letter would
have saved this sales?
man a customer. The
cost would have been
Telephone or cmll mt any office for roto?

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