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Baseball & Billiards ?> Boxing
5 Lawn Tennis ** Rowing S Hockey
Larry Doyle's Regulars in
Panting Chase of Hard.
Long Drives.
Three Doubles and Three Singles
In Six Times Up Make Him
the Batting King.
r h to Tha 1
Mast?n ' ? ' " ' * ' ?- Petrich'a
r?av wn? a loyoua occasion for Mik?? r>on
lin's cot??., but a ?la?, of woe and ahame
f.,r MeOraw'a t? *--*.:ars. who took a ter?
rlfl- ? -or?- a big (fffOWd at Kmer
snn Park this SfterTt-OOn.
Th? para-le. srOUnd " I ISSS In the
iixih ?n?i eighth Innlnga wsi a most a
and ?rhen the last outlying predncta
-n the rote atood 9 l ?
Hoi the i
godet for 81
JOS, ? | -? . . - a r. luv*,
pllrr? * ht were gilt
It the Arlington 11? ?T* '
La* ' M te Donlln tha rival
noon aritli ' ahamrocka pinned to
their ? * pai t?
The gam? until the a ath Inn?
! inir. * hangs of pitchers prove?!
The colu ?its for a
total of th rty-sia bases Only the pr?s?
? of McGrss prevsnted Thorpe, Mur?
snd Bui ns from quitting I ?
i miles < ?
end a? re
efforts tin ! tu? battli ?
of. '
?ehui p ai i At hauer oppoa other
for t ipp ta it im?
? h.i' i favor ol
"Bun*. 11- done n?i
??it? ?. i ts wer?
In Its
with disasl
? ? ? m pit to elevi ? -n? n In th?
sixth im I for eight
hits an?! inn? runs. Qrsnt snd Plei
made two hits In this Inning,
ting n <io ?: le snd s ngle sn I
??ff a Bingle end :i trii
Kitt? ? ? i I!? at ne In the s.
ina at the
sight more In the ninth
he pit? tx ^ot a
.St '.,,
show be it
'il*, 'the
??anie. ! a and
i tunes at bal Bnod?
m als times up.
The erinnere fielded t\*>u. having
? silsplsy Palmero, the Cuban pitcher,
K for the < ? * at foui
inninii;.?, and h? ' i I I pall
. i s t s s i i s?a it
. HI M I
- in? -.lo' risi.ri
? .lohn- I
M : 3 an?!
- '? ?
Twenty-1 ft * - Toronto
, in chare- ??f Joe Keliey, vili arriva
ba a nem Thursday. The place's win do
ti" i::- n v training at a m s
USS "f the Held
nt Emerson Psrk afl '.'.int.'. leave
h< - ? i a * t-mon oa
Make Him Offer or Place on
Olympic Training Staff.
?bla, March 11 Jimm
Mer ? ? is been off
a Joh as oi a ? f tha i . Rfcag?
iv William K. Knov,
n' ' "inted
bead *
Ktiox Lax the appointment of nina ?rain?
era each ( whom will work ?six month?
lr, ?h?, ysai I ginning May l.
? Mercers
*" wrg i sting a
?'x mont ? Knox has mt
(fer t?, three tt ontha
" that the salary of?
fared . . and thai be
a the I'ositton provMtaag ;
wesJi ? expans?s to and trows Eng
j ear.
H Piping Rock Country Club Will
W Purchase Ponies for Use of
Younger Players.
61 iraged nmonfi
*? " tba Piping W
"?ak.ng the ?port 1? M
besa sailed "the ?port
? ! T.
la aecoi s ait- the
string of rood ?
be i
a ? o-t.-.arata?:-.
.- tba * aad of tha
? ? iwn for b*.
.me of the in? ml.? t
V , ...
It Ih i ...
i t?? a
? ?
the si a stsbl?
Charles L. Taylor Makes Gift in
Interest of Sports.
ft was annoum ? d at
? ? . It is a fiel I
rhariss L Ti
1er, ? ' ' k ***? ?ii
'itii? la t the last
twelve i r? loi haa
o lafclgh, ths <-t?it/ being ,i nea i ??
svtursji, in,
Feds No Joke
with the Giants
| B? Telesru-iti to 1 he Tribune |
Marlln. Tei., Mar, Ii 17.?.lohn .1 M. -
(.raw. miiniifer of Ihe (.hint?, aiiiiotiiued
In iiirM llmt \rtliur I letcher, ihr ?leier
?liort?t?p. had -.iifneil a Idree-year ron
T.. iietirr psaleel ih?? hstereela ?if Hie
? lull other playera, wbe are narking ne
lier S????I Irru? rollt nul?. aUo haie heen
Invited t<> ?'k<> ii?? enes tot ? lena <>t
Ihr-.?? ?ear?.
ErMentir 'he Federal i segn? Is aal
?ind a .hike a? Hun ,lohn?on iioiild BMk?
the tan? helieie.
In anj en??, M**GmW and Hurry Heni|i
?I?.i.l are Urn. Iietleier? ill Unit iil'iltn:
"I ore? arneil I? forearmed''
Standing in
Billiard Tourney
ft. 1 .rimai e.
riluiir.f XX. I.anlner 4 II !" I It
.i. ivriiimiiiii Peggenbnrg. I i .mi ii
.ii,?,iih Mayer :t i *..?> la
llr XI I.. I fl,'iiheim, i .... 1 :i IM I I
Morris l>. iironn . :t i lea 11
< darle? IIimIiI,.ii II 4 III 11
i ageae i. Mllbara ...... a fi '." 11
\TlrragfS teilen In li'iinil iniiiiliei?
This May Mean that Raids Are
Over for Present.
Ma "ii 17 Th? ramps gn of
th" ?
1rs |? at an end. no ? rdlng to
tii- Interpretation placed todas on ?
raenl of James A. Gilt said?
of the r.'ii' l.ii?, that he wa? "well
with i ? ?? preaenl - ? th?
? tubs In his "ii' nil.
President Gilmor? ?aid hli '?
i ol In urgent need of at?
by Intimatli I ? I ? Fed? ra
no further attempta to sign play? - from
th? v.'-. nal ai d Ami . an ? ag i?
Latter Wins Decision in a 20
Round Boxing Bout at the
Yernon Arena.
Loi ? ? March 17 FVedd e W?
th? eight ? ham:.,mi of Great Brit?
ain, won a d<e< laion ovi r Joe Rlvei
Los Angelei at the V'ei non A. ?
twenty round? of fighting. He had
a had on point? nearly ail the way
Welsh ki pi Rivera In ! ( the
?-in and worried him with I
ind lively footwork, in the flftb
i the refer> ?? cautioned Rivera about
? ? -v on Welsh's body in a
In the thlrteentl veis
? u elsh ^ through the rop ?a, b I
failed to land any damaging blowa.
IVeh lamoring on? i n or? for
a fight with Willie Ritchie, the
lightweight of the world, and then
talk to night of trying to ? oui
: July 1
Boys Under Eighteen and Men
Over Forty Must Forego
the Padded Gloves.
\ una: Mow . at i
- wer? in their pi Ime many y? in
eveloped the St a te At
Comml -I"'' ? eat? rda
n v.as decided thai ai y man under
eight? ? ,t be
club? In tl waa taken
? . r ?. . nl in' ?. Ilk? Bob Pitsaln n
Peter Mabei
and t ? protect aapirlng :? i
stars f; oin commercialized n
The members of the ? are
: at xx ork preparing their annua
to th? State Legialat i i| ec(
to have it completed m a fes
Jin ? ' ? *. the boxing pi on ot
Ban 1 left 1 mi on i he I
? tin laat night i offn
- . ' ' t he n Im?
? i with boxing in pew Tork and
? it ti* Btat? ??? ih tic
Commission had ? ? ths sport. He de
; himself In favoi ol i I onal
M ? duba, ?'ind said that
Ilie came would prosper r . ., .-?? ,-.? r\.
tent undei the ! ..?y.
An all?gtar boxing entertalnn
the card at tbe Vanderbilt ?.thlel Club
Defeats Eugene Mil bur
400 to 162, Making
High Run of 124.
Southerner. Skilful at Open Gam
Fails to Score with the
Halls Gathered.
Kdward \\ . Gardner, ol the Ar.on So
' er champion .it U I
put bin self foiward aa i ?tn ?
th? ' hampionshlp yootor?t
when be defeated Eugene U Miiburn.
nee, in the thii t? entfa gam? ol I
amateur billiard tournament for the n
oplonsbip at 18.3 balk-line
: Billiard ? Oai dner wi
b a i.? WO pointa to '<?'-? and ma?
? run of ;. '-. tl ghest yel ma?
in r he toui namenl.
Th.- game v ed I
much ol a specta le as ? match, Mtlbui
? i form and app?
ently ?mahl,- to iudge ana ea or I be
i, Iner p?a: ed a coi
t game, acl g d ? ?
? I? \ ? n of tl twenl nln? Innli
He gave th? tor? a thii
In the t-1 th fram?. ? hen he accon
; h i bigb
. ime stai I? d s?>. rut
m iii,. . in" level i
,M,ii. . i. . ? In the lend i
th? ninth h '.i:---, a Ith 76 point to Oan
I, ma i of th? toorni
?a ieldi i showed ?
all-round skill at the table. Beginnln
. ? . he hulls x\idol?, separated, he gradt
allx nuraed thi m eUcklng <1!
his shots m. th? dlcally and r inning ta
Ivoi lea con : I ?und i be table
When the pla] r paaaed tbe 106 mar
s, i by Mori Is l>. Brown earlier In th
? as greeted a Ith
..i appl ..-?? \v '
Gardn? dd to hi? I
g i ?"m m to th? opei
v .. hot ? blch he had ei
ully a dozen t ire In th
ndoing on ii"
I25th shot, how? s d th? ? ?
the net roweal ol mai
after th? fon imi on play*
? ?. i leaving tl ?
nidi I) sepai ited befo ? h? U
enough, ofti n I
off long ? ? ? - ahota, only to fai
when i- bad th? Ivorlea gathered I
ed ilk? long run?
.?. mor? and mor? dlacouraged ai
? ?ardner In? ? ased his over?
lead, bul ha mplalnl to
t tl ? alia
y followa:
. \\ Usrdni ? ? ? '
. ? ........ i. ||
P. 14. 1. II. < ?? : ?? i
? high i uns. 121 : l an 1 -
..... . 1, |
? ? 1". !. H
?, 2, 4. 1 paints; avera?
. arles I C?
in the evening ?aun- M. P Brown, ??
champion, di feat? d i 'hartes ried?
don ol M .. : m i" ?
g the r- orle? along, he i ?
lead iiritii iii- thirty-aeeond inning, when
i u ddon mad? 11 ??? eral good rui
? ? i ? i the ?core, Both men then became
pla? ed badl). bul Broa i
e In time to forg? ahead
n ,. ?
Heddon showed great akill In hla mass?
-i."i i and ? ?unted -? in twenl i si en at -
; i eras off 1 . hii i hlon shot?
h"?' ever, id h to play off th.?
ra.is xinii any degrei of surety counted
heax lly against him
ftei noon Hi ddon ?a ill meet ?ld
burn a nd G 11 pla) Poggi i
? - folio.x .
- h Bros ?. . ,. ft, 1 4 1? :
? . ? r, ?, ?. ?. o. n, ii.
? 17, It,
.. . ' .'.i ??
Chsi ? l n x, ", i. "
n ?, ?, a. ti. 6, ? ti, ?, is, i,
.total n
I ? '?i
T?3 Sell Jumpers at Auction.
B i h intei and Jumpers the Joint nrop
"i Harrj B. Page and Leonard Jacob
???id be sold at auction on March -i m
\ an Teas? 11 ?x Kearni ? h Bali i rinjf.
1 ? Id P ate, .vi-., nturess and pell Mall,
all steeplechase ? Inn? m are In th? lot.
Webb a Columbia Captain.
Toi rey i lord \v ? bb, a sophomore, of
N..? V"ik citv, elected captain ol
-eke) team for next ? ? .ir
at ? meeting of tha at, lad yeaterday.
\\. i. , ha? play? d tn o ? eai ? on tb? t< am
ine forward ami rover, and la addl?
t "a i" bli a? tlvlty .is a ho key p ,, ?.
i ?i en | ? lent ol . ? lasa.
Athletics Again Beat Cubs,
Jackaonvllle, Pia , March II The Phila?
delphla Americana hit the harder la a nat
tinf? b ? ' and di feated the i '?,
a <'i II to iu
Yankees Scatter Hits
All Over the Diamond
- ._
Enjoy Fine Batting Drill at
Expense of the 22d In?
fantry Team.
ha im i
'* '?? T? \ . MSfl h 17 In th?
? ? o ? thousand fun?.. rno?tlv
? ?...- ? of :? '?'/? n or ao
? ? ' ' nkeea f.
? i Infant) ?? team and aron bi
* , , tr, "
w i ?cor?
? *. , nteen
? r whl?ch vai of th? foui baa?
11? ? ? *? William? clouted th?
other hita of amallei
?*i!ll.i<- Tha h'.ine ruri ?In e rrniiiii.'l
?Aithiti the i mita <?f the :
Tbs team of the ltd won tha champion
? ? t?.. 'i iMvtslon Isst * inunt ?
, a i lb? atari tba Midi? ? Beamed sf
n ?. tags f i k1'1
aoon w?r?- off, but bj the lime It
lllll tt I- 'r'-? -
of Kay ?ill '?* ?i 11 a lot
In the ?
?' i gi i
'.'. || tWO III t M III t
slon? Tha crowd waa ao larg? that it
r. , | ?!<,,??, hila I I'?' H|'l" I
rail sit lue tenes ?a. i ?."i with m? ii
H?.1.1,?t.- on went Uva Innhaga He al
low? ' two hit? snd 01 ?? * un Coop? r f.*
Ished the Job, permitting an equal nura
h? i ?.f int.- la f"
Walah and Hold? n I : ured in the b? a
I iggera i^?t.* In
. idem played ? ?
fsr iiai i?. that it almost tooh apyglsssea to
locate them ? !opp< i a ho li an ea I rnlted
State? aallor, look ? keen delight In bua
I the batters
Th? ?cora foil? ?
N. T. YAN1 ? ' #* i I . | t-.v
? po a? hpoii
3 ?m ? in
lb... SOI 11 BS
Wullll f 4 'I 'I <l 1"
' * || 4 'm 1 1 0
*>\ 11*11 i , i ; |
h. f IIS 1 OS
10 1 I 0 I ! 3 'I
" " .1 * 9 Kemp ? 3 i ?i ; ? ?
"i a| Kay, i? IS '? 'i | ?
II Hi I. | ' ? j M
p 2 i s i i a
IT i i?.'? ? ti i i
r. Tank?. . 400* ? |g
. fant 1 o <i 1 n o 11 1 i, o ?1
\.. uaa M '? ?
1 , . ion 1
: 1 .,, 1 h ,,?/. 11
. I. I II..I.1. 1, I'?,. .
.'Will; 1 , ,
... I III.
I .
I " ' I ???'?.
? ?ft I III' '
? ,-? - II..I.I. o
H.," ',;!.." un lull.
? ? h Kl . . Mentrn
. ? 1 ? ??. ,.,
.,-?-' I
It'? back to the minors, is it?
Back to that bu?h league ?tuff?
Well, I'm not a guy to bellow,
I know when I ve had enough.
I'll take ju?t whatever it coming,
And you'll never hear me blow,
But I'd have been there in the outfield,
If I'd only had half a show.
Why, he picked me out as a fall guy,
I ?aw it right at the start.
Rode me with never a let-up.
The Stiff?well, he hasn't a heart.
I stood his bawling and bluffing,
Stuck to it early and late,
Gave him the best that was in me.
And what do I get??The gate.
A Charlie Horse? I know I had one.
Loafed on the bench for a week;
Grabbed off a cold in the meantin.e.
Sick? Why, I hardly could speak.
Then the old wing got to raving,
Hurt it two seasons ago.
Caught me right here in the elbow
Whenever I started to throw.
1 wasn't training, so he claimed,
Said I was thick in the head;
Me out there groaning and limping;
Why, I should have ?..id up in lied.
The day that I fanned on those bad one?
I hey signalled the old hit and run;
That Booh there on first never started,
And made me a sucker?the hum.
A manager? Well I should ?nicker!
Oh, I've got hi? number and name.
How he get? by, the big pinhead !
Why, ?ay, he's a curse to the game.
Ill wallop him one on the beezer,
Believe me, I'll do it, too, Bo.
Why, I'd have been there in the outfield
If I'd only had half a show.
The Pittsburgh Piratea are plsyl .
wonderful form ? ii"t Spring?. Honua
handled ; ? sees without an error :<'
tha other da] snd rapped out a
IWO-l at?'. ? r
Charit? raft kaa taraed Asms the ?jail
rnte llial ??unis to liu> the I iili*. hut that
Is in? r.'ii?i?ii hli.? In- should forget to ae, rpt
Harp-by*? resignation frnm I lie preslilem-v.
The*, ara Brooming Heinle Zimmerman
to play "iioi t W' u he c in tosa th? i
?,v? r th? I Just a
, sail) t >i?-.i. - it third.
\(ler .ill. il is not hunt :<? urnl.-r?-! ;nnl nli?
l.;|..?i:ill *<-?'iliril It Ml slm?, .111,1 mir-', rut fill l,,
the Kncli.h. I? ?' reren? rrl.-krl mut? h an
\u-|r;,llin (rum touring In \r.v /r.liunl
Unfed ''?'.' run? (or nine wicket?, u ii-rluln
.1. v < rawfead eereaattasj fee tot ??f these.
in.il.iiiK B record ?f Ml] runs In ten minutes.
i '. ' ther In the ret ords, w? i
t bat M?i. rn? i Diversity, pis i in?'
agal ? m m : *-c'7. ? cored I DM t uns,
while Csrfton acored M aaalnart Mal
i.rna la IBM Nee* South ?Vales rai
m one? forkshlrs obtained M agali it
>?Varwlckshh*s al Birmingham hi ISM ??n
the whole, than, H is not surprising thai
s tea-lnalni i to << battis bstwsan Welter
Johnson snd Ray Collins might aseas a bit
tassa lo lbs foreigners
ft it w
Some More Canadian Hockey.
The \ an?mn ? i and Qw I,? o h?
laama anil pis] lha third snd Rnal pr<
llmln ? ? ? , |, . m at
Ilia St Nichols? ii'iik, and aom? eg.
ceptlonallt brilliant work la exi?.-, t. ,i
Four Titles Dropped
in High School Sports
Boys Must Get Along With
out Championships in
Baseball, Basketball
and Football.
Furth - ?? rarda of champioi
four high achool aporta xv>--e abend i
by the high schools gamea committee of
ne Publi? Schools Athletic League al Iti
monthly meeting In tha Board of Educa?
tion b lUding ?? '? ' afternoon.
Th? title? thrown ont were In baa?
... locei Th?
mplonahlpa retained were in
1111111*. trat k and field, hockey, '?
l?g, lawn tennis, la?
ib-targ? t sb ? ?t h i
PI || ..' ?i mal
'??te, which waa Instituted after a meet?
: tat n ' Ina to stamp oui
profesatonallam In the fli it 'xxo sport
. allfii ations in football and m
were the reaeoni of th? commltt?ie'a i
Baaebell ha? been a aourca ol an i b
troubla for the committee for th? laat few
?eirs. At it.? meeting In December it ^.'?
announced ?hat tin? baaebell i hamplon?
ship had been reetored and a schedule
1 The Regulars Bunch Hits in
One Inning and Defeat
the Recruits.
?p.. Telegrapb toTkaTribune.]
a guata, Oa., March 17. The new boas
Of the Superbe? let tip on his men to
act ?uni of several of the veti rana
few of th? youngatera complaining of
soreness. Thi? waa probablj d-i* to the
amount rt hard work they hax" don? In
th? last ten days.
A Kam.? WM played and won hv th?
ira in tho sixth inning, when thej
?ii.i all their acoring. 0 Mara ind P
bunted aafely, Herbert, Daubert and
Smith followed with singles, xx-inie -> ?rUd
throw by Erwin and a fumbli of Wheat*?
ground? r netted three i in?
Kraft, mi outfielder, who ????as th? ?enea?
t a ni the Southern League laat year, ap?
peared to hit hi? stride with th? bat this
ft? ' :.culi. 11? made t a o hita, '?ne ,.f
them a long doubl?
Tb? oth -r featui ? <>r th? gam? a ? -
fielding of 0*Mara around abort He cov?
en d a loi of ground
Th.i of the game to-daj followa:
?i>rii pe ? ? uin h i., , -.
haw. Ib 4 i i . ii? oll Ina, ir . i ? u i 11
Da ib* rt. ir? i?: i., i I Hummel, lb, <?i .
\x | r.n \r . 101 ID tl Bit?... ? ... : ? o
I 8tnl th go . i n i - 41 Kraft, rf. . 4 t ] 3 10
atansi I, rr ." 11 1 I ? XI' ??.? ?? 400 1 II
1 ?.????..' :i 00 3 ftOill.-. rnn-t-T.11> |?1|] I?
1, sa n 1 l 1 * 0 Brxvln, t ... * 0 1 6 1 1
I': hi ? e., I ft 1 1 10 Ru< ker, if .. 200 1 0 0
l' ... m -i 1 <i 1? 1 1 ? Pf? iff. '. p . .: do 0 : l
rt, p.. Ill " I " Andrews, v . 100 o o 0
r.-. niinii ? < ? no
. ft ft 0 0 ft | 11 n v T,
\ annl? 1 ? 0 " I ?1 I I I ft 4
? . ? ? Hunim? I i?, if' -1 i.-,, basa
H? - ? i". il ? ' ? >'Mara as Hau
1.. it, Krafl ind m ? ' Ins 1 1 1 1 ? n I ail ?
?. r ?? . 1 ? ? ? :
t.. Xu',. ?, 1, ] Ulla? 'ff \x agn? r, t la i Ins
nu? . f I'feilTer, 1 in I innlngi 1 mi
x 1. . ?n
announced On i I th? light II was ?
? i ? : -??> this ?i? clBion.
i ?? committal ed to acknowl?
edge the claim of Da IVltl Clinton
S'iiooi to th? basketbsll championship a?
a result of the l.ment which ended
recently. Clinton'a victory over Brysnt
High s hool ? r. tl . a ol th? tour?
nay wa throwi ? oth m rtoois
nored the pri rious decision of the com?
niitte?', w hi<*h ?- d thai I a B ''??- ?
Boys' High B Brooklyn,
was the trinner ?( >t-> division chsmplon
?hip, i :.t refused to play on a com ? -
:? ? t? d by the aub-committi ?? i halrmsn.
An encot raging entry haa bean re? elv? d
f >r th?? lawn tsnnla toui s hi' h
win begin nest n ?nth, Twslvs school?
the ? hsmplonship. They are
. ? WIM ? llnton, Towni in ; H
Morrla High, the Mitrh School of Com?
merce, Curtis High Sol.!. of Btaten
[?land; Rrssmua Hall, Mai isl Tratolng,
Boys' H ,;i, .,nl ? '..ii.n.M-ial, of B
snd Jamaica, Flushing ;?nd Rich?
mond Hi'', of T.oritr I Ol I'* rmsii
Wright of i ??? '?? ' ''lint.m, e\p.. ta to
announce the ached lie aoon
Curtis, Manual Train ne: and no?? High
are the only three achoola th it ha? a
enough lacrosse enth ista t' -Isvalop
for the tourn unenl tri- si ?
Jaw of Iron Alone ?Saves
Him from Knockout by
Johnny Dundee.
Il .-un 'n every round, bai s ?;
? 1i.? flnlah t?? t ? - -1| k'*r' ked ?
??lit, "Boot ?" Hirsch, of <*hl
? ?,-". eras a plaything in the hands "f
Johnny 11 indee, that i * lome little ?
Ing machins ? t th? lower West side, in ten
wild rounds of boxing at the Atlant:,
Qsrden A. <' la: I night
Hirsch, wboss m?nager has be. n elam?
o*m-- * a to meet Tommv Mur
phy m a ten-round t""it and who ha*^
been baying ?he ?noon with challsngsa
t" Willie Ritchie, showel litti?. to t?
mend him bat ?jameness Certain It is thai
'i sBSimllated enough punishment to
Btop in*- ordlnsry man. but h?-- msi c
m last the limn.
Working at t':? -.i relentless in lii
Dundee ?tepp?ed m end around hta
nian. Bhootlng home atinglng punches to
th.- head and face ;| Hlracb'a head
bobbed I ? i? snd forth Ilka a cork on
tu bul? t wstera
Tii? never ceasing attach ?non had .t
Sffecl and before lone the Chicago lad
began '" m;ss badly. Bvsry misa left
openings, and th"--.. opsnlnga w. v.
by Dundee ta w n?t mora blows crashing
in the ?e-enth round Johnny Isadsd .?
volley of punehea that drew blood, end
until th? end he gave the aroutSdfl no
ih t.-i?*? to heal.
Dtmdss had a ?slow in? elianee to win In
i, klMckOUt in the tenth round, but h.
either bichad tha punch "r Hlrsch's jaw u
III l?|.? of itotl
Senators Win by a Run.
' hnlolt, ? :l|. . \., Mai 11 IT Ih?
?H sshlngten Seriatoi d? t?aat? ?i Ih? i m
Of \ II-.-HU,, im? hne I?' .1.1? by .?
.s? m?- ?il I t,. :
Miss Wagner. Mrs. Schmitz
Mrs. Beard and Al?ss Cas
sel Come Through.
Miss Delle Torre and Miss h?ret?
Defeated in Tun Sets by
Decisive Score.
v Beard, Mies Mai ?? ,
Clara waa the ?
which tbe I . ,
s, n ?final room ? > ? reeterda
? m the board court? of f. i . ? ~,fn;
Armory, where the ?
tennia cbamplo .
a eeh
This morn re.- 1U.
: n.i Mm B? ard out in the
Mir" r half im
finale, whil? Miss Cal ?
ner. the ' ham; Ion, ?
In thi rhe win
Th? won ?
ind .-". ind round? ?
? d u th which t
to tb?
la m tbe a -, th*
favorite? ram.- through without
troubla to the i
Mrs. Bchmtl '. n
ols in d apoa ng of Misa I
red hi r court ikilf illy at
her play a.
kill I
stroki i, waa a feature ol
her advai
\xas alwaya i
I i,
If an
able . ? ? ?
ment ?
Km wai
New i
ground strokes wer?
and hi fund of i
iff. . !
' | ] '
without a ?
In ?
plon, continued I
Ihr Mrs. Mills
? he
hall that ?
In n e attempt to rel urn.
in XX ?
? ?
of tins match xx?ii ' ?
In I he first i
\\ ...
i ' |M
........ :- ?
n rie .?., cond round
'??d Miss Humphries
? i, i. i l ? ??
Bet ?lie -
ami foi' ed Mr?. Vi
to extei
round th
? it. don n :
tho doubli -
ni t; ;. '. . M
ner a.
. -, ?
Mrs !:..,
throni-a their mal i s Ith .? -
mach ai -i
the lo.?.s of only i
Bunca and Mi
round I efoi at '
? ? ;
r... i e and >i - - '.
Tha aunan i
? -
? : ..' 0.
\x omen'i !?; looi
W. H. !
: '
an I 14 -
' ..... .
R \ Knap]
Mrs. i.
?? ?.
Mm. Mai
? ?
and X' ?
[i-"? :?
? ?
Packard ?ransportation and Repairing Co
? ,1 ,1 U. ?I?l ?I , Nr? \?rk 1 il ?
M\ i rllader YoeborO, rearlag, LaadanM
and I ii analns < ara I ?r Hire.
It, III.? I rip or Hinir
.-?,,. '
I , -
i,.i ?ii , ' . ?ce
. i
. || . UI...1
I | | ., \ \ i i- > :. M.i I Iniaui ?
,.',',.,, . unihl) ?? >i.' i di ;..? xi RUN
..ii i;i ." ? xi..n.-i
tOB ?Jnioualn? H.iilii?. ?>ii mi III x Mux
und In? nuil? JAMIUK1 M luilnllll I
f(l. a "?le'l ??l?l M.

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