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I,. F W ' ' "''-NV!^ Jp ._*_?ir_l
__?*_** .-Wf"***
To-??y. ansettled.
Hlah. Wl ?<???? ?*
lull report Tua* Ma
l.WUI - ?.N??? 24,596.
|? i.p? rislil. Util.
Ht Til?- liiliunr \??..< Iatli.n ]
? .
i >r> i / ? i ' nvv - ? i f x r ?? ? kj*,f w Tork ??"?rk- ?Sml?Smmi MoKol,,n
I * 1*51C h ().\r. C r,.> t euswhbbs two mm.
Sir I:- Carson Makes Dra?
matic Departure from
London for Belfast.
Vote of Censure on Asquith
Government Is Reject?
ed by Majority of 93.
War Office Said to Have Compre*
hensive Scheme for Defeating
Seditious Attempts.
Belfast. March 19. An emergency
force of picked men from the Ulster
Volunteers v.as hastily summoned
to headquarters to-night. The motive
for the sudden call ha? been Wept
secret, but rumors persist of military
iction on the part of the government
-nd projected arrests.
?jo. with startling
took in Ulster has
??? gravity, and pre
maile that the lung
thr.( ? w ?.lily a mat
,.,.,- \ rumor waa current last
British government is
j , paring militar; o icupatlon
Ti?. in L'l?ter It?? if has
SI0 ?tri'-al. Important
: ?h? t any
ti r rumor? abountl
.-us and portents
and momentous a
I .*.? rnment.
loubl*??] and the gai
!.. *
?n ,,. cordance *?* ith th? Ii
1mm ?mu"?.:;? ? il early In tl '?--itli
?e tsrs to ir? \ entii | raid? 1
*,. ntly -reported that th?
the Ulster vol
.-?.- .
er? unusual activity
, Fort?
t. ?ml., i tif t: ? motor cj clisl ?-..i \>
? f-t m -
To Hold Strategical Points.
contemplating some
ted in military clr? lea
? prehen
me for j extra troops
?? within t\M m
and foi rig <
i "it,'- ? ? ming fore?
i th.? ilitT, -?
? ;r instruction? a
? "f i . mi, Iarg< ly
. ?!* precipil acute
now i ndoubt? >?
ntmenl in fail?
. a portion of the -govei n
* :;.'".rt wa? alao
* tor.
to dramatic (??-hat?- has not h< en
if-ardt-.; in recent time?. The topic
Ma?na ? waa the
: mad? by th.? ? ?sition lnr the
' Prim? Minister'?
to i Ii ?. r before
? del at? ??n the
lome R lie bill,
vital Issue
i * ?? form? d the
Hr. ):..??..., |_aw, leader ??f th? Op
< ?ni m .-.j ,,,, dur,| |,ilSp _-, onil i ?lasas
This Morning's News.
... 1
. 2
.... 2
... 3
* ?-. . 5
i . . . . b
Per C? it,
... 1
tl . 1
Wal .*.......? 7
Privileg! ? ? -j
. 'I
. 1
. S
10 il u
12 ..ni |g
. u
. Il
. 10
Venice Passenger Boat in Col?
lision with Naval Craft.
Venice, March ir-, x torpedo boat to?
day ? ut down a small passenger steam?
er x? hieb, pile ? ?? n Veni? !
Lid?*?, :? chain of sandy islands separat?
ing th? Lagoon of Venice from the
Adriatic, .mil fifty persone wirr.
drowned. The sharp noa< oi I lor
pedo boat wanl through ttV stern "f
(ho steamer, which sank almosi Imme?
Although mai v - i<*ana are >.
ing Venice at the presei tlmi m is
not 1 tha ' j w? i e ;i
?t. imer. The victima Included many
? -i and several children.
re on d <
ihe tlmi were sax-eii by th?? crea of the
torpedo boat. The others were caugl I
in ti ? i ii..-: and ware carried down
with the wreck. The Italian aallora
, ved many timea in an efforl to n Bcue
those xx iir, sank with th?*- steamer, but
out avail. Intel e excitement pre
valls here, no1 only because of the ex?
tent of 1 er, bul because the
nanu t?l the \ Ictlma are nol
Subway Victim Had Deeds and
Checks in Pocket.
Ti l< n ill m ?? aubwaj I it the
*2d atreel station earl* thin morning.
a lu?n who, according to a note In his j
pocket, waa Perrin H. Sumner, of No.
Bi oadway, died in an ambulan? e on
the way to Flower Hospital.
\ note in Hi?* man's p<x kel aaked
111, -, t in case of necessity ins daugh
Mra r. unie B. Cras . of No. 109
15th atre? t, B. EH Washington, be noti
Th? nami of Jos? ph M? r\
? !???:, of No Br?
The man, who ed to be aboul i
sixty ,'eara old, and had upon his per?
son fi n by E, E, Brown
on the Washington Saving Bai
for 1 ? ' ? H25, and the j
i-.!- si.*,, ah o had five deedi for j
? prop? rty, throe pawn tl< '
mond weighing aboul ha I B
I and ? Long Island Rallro id tl
The city directory shox* - thai a Per- j
nu II. Sumner had :? real estate office
ai No. 203 Broadway and lived ai No
460 Baal 184th str? ? I, Tl e Broi ?
Panama-Pacific Exposition Dj
poiitl Funds for World Race.
? ? the Panama ? Pacific ' ?.
on di posit? d I1S0.00U in th?
I 'l Londoi i' ?
Bank of .-'"i I o yesterday i"
iii<- three Ural pi kaei Car ihe
x- criil a ? lal i"ii raci. The Vero C
America n ? el ed I h? following ?
?-.nun from Charlea ? '. Moore, ,
"Monc deposited nd< ag ? ment
by our attorney, and bank t o-'i.i > w ? r. i j
the National ? * > Bank of Ne*a ifork
as folio** - 'Panama-Pacific Inti
tional i xpoi .i'.?ni liaxi- tin day de?
led with this bank $150,0011 ro?
pri/.r-s for those i illy ? omplel in
around the xx orld a ? lal Ion raci We
xxiii mail you to-morrow full particu
Wiil arrange xxith rank to-mor?
i nx\ for di tail I i" m bank's
xx Ire."
The National City Bank confirmed
? for ii..
prizes thu ired.
Youth Named for Hero of Ma?
nila Tires of Defendinr- Him.
George Dewey Bzoplaky, x?.iin aras
born in 1809, was named aftei a I ai
? fighting m.m, bul he haa tired
of the i"h of d< fending it. li?" :
tioned the Supi me < rt ; lei day i<>
change 11 to ?eorge Dewey Lake.
x irding to C org ?laky,
as i... n call? " Ing bul
Szoplak) and ha '????' n "emb irru
humiliated" by I ?
givi n linn by "i lier boj a. l i? ha?
many lis! i.uir..-. lie av?ra, and haa de
1..IUI' "! tl Mai ,
n some hard foughl battles, bul
? ai ing ?m his ii' i\ ' -,
Justice Pag change
In name to tiv? Mi l |...
?i annlversar*- of t he i I t"i j of
the American cet at -,
Szoplak) llve? al No ?O Grox
White Plains Officer Captures
Alleged Murderer in Battle
at Close Quarters.
? hitdlstun? ing ? Will?
iam .i. i ' ? I? . "f \\ hit? P?a i,-, engag? l
? n .i i uni.;: g -revolvci H8t i
: ? ? r Hank s vil le,
? i.i ur< 'i tlngl? ha? d< d Fran laco ?
? Ki.? ... The prisoner ? i nf<
Bh? riff Doyl I, thai he .- hoi and i
killed a fellow countryman, Domenl i.i
1 In a quarrel over a two
gam? on March **-.
!'. Hill. John ?'. Moore and
Harry Mei d I ? ?h< riff fol?
? it I? 'i him i" an Hall in
colon ne ir Bunks*, ill? Tl ? pari ?
aepai ated lo sui round the house, bul
ff l >oj le .-.i . Tu ? i I? .i i. iii.
door I a hoi ' i and start an
?elds amid of i hots
The Bhi riff follow? ?! and i
1 ? ? ?. ' i iii i1 Tuccl'i ?
\olxi i \xa . mi i 11 foughl x\ ill, In ?
? mil -, v ? ,if?iii a ., . tub aa un hi
? : m ..n him, and onlj sum nd< n i
v. hen h? i tene>d w Ith death.
Adverse Vote on Constitu?
tional Amendment Laid
to "Squeamishness."
! Workers to Make Neu Fi^ht ?
Have Substitute Measure
Already Dratted.
- '?
Washington, Mar. h 1<?. By a vot? of
'?'?'? to 34, thi Bi nati to-da t< d the
resolution providing for th< ?ubmisaionj
<.f the proposed woman i iffrage amend
iii' ? :?' ?h'- ? 'onstitul loi to th?
for ratification. It \ "?.lil have required
a two-third majoi Ity to h.i .- pa --. .1 the
i > solution.
Benatora voting for the stxtl
ami ndment a i
Ashurat, Brady, Bristol Burton,
' 'h ni.!- i i . i ? ' ?p, ? lark, i \\ "i.
' ?allingcr, Gronnu Hollii Hug
Jon? a, K? *i* on La I olletti. I..hi *. Is a,
Myers, N i on, N* wlands, So i
' iv? ? n, P? rkins, Poind? nier, Ransd?
Bhafroth, Bheppard, Bherman Bn
henaon, St? rllng, Buthei land,
Thomas, Thorn] on, Town end, Works'
Benatora \ oting gains! i tend?
i irer? :
Bankhead Boi ah, Bi adl< ). Brande? i
^. e, I Irj an, ? 'ai ron i illlingham, 11 i
Pont, ? Sore, James, Johni on, Is e
(Maryland), Lodge, McCumb? Mc?
L< an, Martin, Mai I * ? ?ver?
m.m. Pa? Pitlman, Pomi i? ne, Reed,
la, Bmlth i ? Smith (Mary?
land), Smith ?s??utii Carolina), Swan
son, Thornton, Tillman, Vard unan,
\\, eks, u?*.-i, William? ."?l .
\n amendment t" the resolution of-|
fcred ??? Senator v.i? daman, v h
i !.. i ? ? al? il the I'iit.-i nili
Am? ndmei I the < 'onsl itution, ex?
tending suffrage to negro? . and then
grant a om? n i he i ighl to
d< feat? d I s a voti of 10 I
A similar am? ndi
at'ir Williams, restricting the appli? i ?
i Ion of the pi t to
white women, was I ot? 'i dow n
i" _'l t H i
Suffragli t I? adei ? anticipating thi
verse vot? of the Senate, were tint en?
i Irely casi doa n bj heir apparent <
eat, Several of the Senator? who . "t? ?I
; pr.d ? ? : ! i
am? mini? ni i?? da? ai. meed
they did so m 1 h? j cou
.-i.i'i-??? ii wrong m method and not
wrong m principle, n should ho it-tt t?, '
i ; ? Indli idual Btal Id. to d?
. Idc upon the electors,
Fight To Be Kept Up.
Th? re la to b? no lull in the light,
i.rding 1" the suffragists Mr .
Mr-dill M< ''"? ni** k, i hairman ? I the
i ' :? I .1
ng thai - m i age aenti
menl In the Senate I g enough to
,nl *:- In t? n< ?? Ing our pflforta to
re natioi ' Forci an
.. b ng i ' led to make
. ? It i rom ad i d f
Shafroth h ill Introdu? ?? a resolu?
tion proposing another amendmenl de?
mi ? ' ? ? objections of the
right? advocate? i I ihr- Smith
( ?inl -ninl on ??????ntli nas' Hr-I r.iluma.
BOOK WORTH $7,000 !
Magnificent Specimen of Book? j
binder's Art Set with More ,
than 1.000 Jewels.
? , ..
?JO.?One magntfl? eat
speclm? n ? ? * ?; . Bngliah b<x k?
ii -i 17.? . about to
? ,11 - ? '.i
al San*-, rakl ?*?.? Sul '
Poland sir.. ; i. ndon. Th? bo? i? I
ill m,m,it? ?i man n ? t Ipl ol aomi of
. implet? 'I afti r two
The poema are ' ritt? n and Illumin?t
, ,| ..ii vellum and arr illusti ited
colors. The i.'
. ?
: and Inlaid with m..r.- than* MM
i of i olor? .1 leather, ainl ? I
, recioti ? Un
thr froni doublure is a miniature on
?\ ,r* i * m gold, a Ith ?
and mother- |
Thia i? the mtsi elaborate specimen
indlng undertaken nrm|
Jew? II? 'I < 'mat* Khaj
arhich '? i loal in the Titanic.
Asks $30.000 tor Becker Trial.
Tu mi et "except expeni In the '
;?:?..... ii ? ,.- . rt ill proceedings, in?
Hi?* prose? .'.if the
Whitman im? asked th? Board of K*
t?mate for an additional .?; ,? n uf
? : on the ?cal? ndar of
ii,. boai i foi lo
Nelson O'Sluiughnessy 111.
M? ?- ? " ' ' " Til? Am? i.. an
' liai -? 'i Aflfali. Neis.'Shaughm
lined to bed I ?tics,
pro ? ?I to Vera Ci is, where be may re?
? ? ut tin loa ? r all -
License Issued to Miss
Juliet November 20 to
Wed a Gardener.
Kleist, Bridegroom. Toiler Near
Summer Home of Financier.
Has Disappeared.
On t:ie ?n the Marriage License Bu
; reau is the as orn Btati mi n! of the Rev.
Dr i harlea Lewis Blattery, of G
, ' 'i 'ii- h, M at ?? : November it last h?
? ? Breitung, nim
.Id, daughter of Edward N
? .'"Mr? . ;. Breitling, living at tl ? Bt
Hotel, t.. Max Fred'eri? i K
twenty-three years old, living at No
l!2fl Lexington avenue, whose mother's
ram.' and addr? n welt given ;):. \in
v? llhelmiaa Knuth Kleiat, M i
The Edward \. Breitung vhn has
ll~ Ing at the Bt Regia Hotel for
; Idenl of i; x.
Breitling <?. Co., bankers, of No. 11 Pine
reel ll ? Ity, and th? Man i
Building, " !i;. .i.'" At Marn .
B splendid summer home.
Uo j- noa In Chicago at th<? Cong
Hotel He dralea that his daughter la
married to K'<-i?-t or any oro el i.
Mrs. Charlotte O. Kaufman Breitung,
hla wife, la a leading flgi re In atx ?"
?. ,1 known not onlj it
??it- , bul in ' '?ii. au". Marquette, \>r
sailles, Prance, where the? lived ?
and Detroit, where hi
She Is at the Bt. Regis, sh^
- thai her daught? - la man led to
Kl? I. And ? h? -, ??? hi ond I
She ?? net ? - Kleial : m
fact, never heard of him. Mi
nntr i?- a partner of her husband h I
bank! f bu The other partn? r
rcn ti Mary '??
Girl Denies Wedding Rumor.
Tl err onl? ? hlld, Juliet, la with Ker
mother, Bhe ii a tail. Blender girl of
'????' - . ary pn tty, on I
dark hair and large brown ej m.
denial "r s marriage to Kleial
.?i nit".- a.?- thai uttered by her mol i
at,<i as to an acquaintance with the
? ?.'ins* man. Known him? Why,
er < card of him!
"Simply a caae of mistaken Identity,"
aha says, Aral hermothi ?, too,
Ami sa- i i ?i Uier
"A shocking mtauee of our names!"
Max Frederick Kleist's nami
tical with thai <>f a young man whoso
mother's name la Wilhelmina Knuth
Kleist, ? h? a bom?? vas in Manlstique
.-uni who was b gardener on th.- Mar?
quette ? ?.-taie of Thomas Parrel I last
summer. And coincidence so direct i
t iat wh? n the Breitlings lefl Marqu? He
for Nea _"erk last November M?*?
Frederick Kleist reached the conclu-1
Bion thai travel broadened one, ???> hel
purcha ed and u ed a railroad ticket |
that had "Marque't? " m one pari
and "New Ifork" on another.
This particular Max Frederick Kleist
Is ti"\?' working In a silver mine In tl
Mongollon Mountains, Gils County,!
x i ? Introdu i mother coincidence,
Mr. Breitung ha heavj mining Inter
i ? Kleial baa bei n r"" thi r< gome
t ..ni ,n.,.-il en ?eronrl puge, fifth roliimo.
Unman and Man leave Victim, i
Clinging to a Loaf of Bread
to Die in Street.
As he rriT; across the rond xxith a lr->.if ?
of bread for supper, Herbert Miller,
t.in?-- y? ara old, ?*as struck by .in auto-1
hile m fr..iit of hi home, N ?.
Piral avenue, la t aliening. H<
taken d Ing to th< Flo tot Hot
The machine, which was of tha lo*a
racing type, caiTled a roan and -?"man.
Witm ? - thai '? hi n thi man aaw
? had happened he put on mere
, . - ,;. spite BhOUtS to him to top..
W| n Patrolman Neltsel, of the i. ?
17th streel station, arrived the
? anishing oui of sight.
s*. itsel jumped into a passing auta
and gave chase, bul lost the fleeing ?
china al 65th street and Park
The i j e - itnessa; said th? oar"a
i -unh< r was 10278, bul whether the let- j
? lt followed w?ara N. v. or N. j. j
were all uncertain.
The lad, BtlU hunt;:!:'?* his loaf under
his arm, ?*aa hurled Into the air u
II gainst the curb, crushing his skulL
III grandmother, who rushed out "n
hearing the cries if bei neighbors,
? ? ? .i and fell beside the boy.
Detective Peter Carmody, who
., Brst grade man three yeai
? : .-!? sring up s similar ?-a:
...it with seven assistants to trace
the aiilomobilist.
R<\*4?J thr Interesting Details
ni the
Ben Franklin Quiz
On Pagr x
Carnegie Church Union Has!
Plan for All Denomina
tions to Aid Work.
Th rete move 1 :r'*h
p. Union,
Rev, I d Lynch cereta
Mr. Lyi ? ? om?
f"t ty ? * -tul mini tera of all
.,. nominal low througho
try to pit toll mi thr* peace D
on May 17, th? Sutnla.y befor? I? ?. ?
T?, . Th? ministers irHl he Mked to
advocate on ti??" or-caaion th.? . ailing
of a thinl gl :*.? i..: ; ? It
tiip Hague.
u lins ai.-io h??r-n decided to ruTang?
for a world church |
? i u '? ? ?n city during the coming
summer. Mr. Lynch said yesterday
? the committee had written to the'
minister? of th? Proti ?tant *
of Switzerland, inviting them !" ex?
tend f th? . i.urrhes ,
,,f Europe to ei * : I ; ttion
of the < !ie
liev? ?I the Sv. . ac- j
? ?. i ? '?... u Eng?
lai ?I ?*. . i lei * ' a ith the ,
? ,u :.. ...?? unit a.
im?, ?if the moat important plan-? - -
d,?r coi tlon by th? committee on ?
? . -, inlzatlon
of all t!i? n In the * ? *
Bl ' ?
h gen? -1 tern of ? omrol
m cone? rl with the union.
Tin- ' ? ..'i make th? In]
ea. b city, Mr. Lyi
for the promotion ol peace with <-.
tiffin:"*- p :*; >???? . Thi? form ol
ixatli * * 'bed in B if- '
falo, ami it i- u'"I* ra . I ;
falo !'''iii ? HI I '
Oth'T I
op v. Ilson "i" th? Method
Chur b, oi ? ig- '
other young ] be or?
; ' *
-.- M
Injury from Fall Corrected by
Slight Operation.
Wa? ington, March 19, Mr? Wood- i
- well <?n thr road to i
.??-?? from the ef
feel er a rug on th-* whit?? i
Hi u i? door. 0(1 it th? -executive i
ild her ;???.-. ,-? ?asternal i
une of no t-.ii
tvould be ..ut igaln attending to ?oclal I
? , r two.
It ? I thai Mrs. Wilson bad !
i alight local operation to !
? "it' ? ? - . r tin? 1.1 m-.- which ,
: ?m b? r fail.
Young .Mother Who Feared
Becoming a Burden
May Be Saved.
Greenwich, ?'..nu., March 19, -Hi-?
two ba *.* d in a bath?
tub ami his young Wife li.ilf COI
..ti a bed, whtl? an emptj bottle which
had contained arbolic acid lay on th?
il??or, was 'Ii?* Krr?*?*t,!!? William An
fii'iny, contractor ami town official, r?.*
- ? , .-i when t*? ? ' tnrned bom? thi?
..ft' rnoon,
I te en plained w hj Mr*- Ai I hon
ii.nl taken the liv? - ?.? her
trii ?) 'u kill h? rselt H? r thr? ?
found m an upper
room unharmed.
Anthony had taken the Man? tiir?-?*
?tepa al ? tlm? *?\ fi.-n he had read the
n?.ie l' ft bj hi ; a Ife on th? hall tab' ?.
She realised, Bhe had wi tten, that nil??
omlng urden to him because
or. ['nable t?> <i" b?r
a ork, ahe i i id? d nd her life and
take their children vsitti her. Their
deaths would i" painless, ahe arr?te,
uould ?-'''? ?? them paregor.?
i., put them ' ?
* _.? th? a orsi the onti
open? thi thi In the
\ r. I.m. t so.
hall, Ai found twenl
d, hei bui ? owing
she had tried I fo loa h? i
Anthony summoned l?r. J. A. ?'larke,
\?.!i?, administered an antidote ?nd th<*
woman ua,s removed to ti,?* Qaneral
HoapttaL When ?Ik recovered ecn
.-. lonanesa al ? j.skr?i why eh? had n?it
been permitted to die. Although her
? ? ndltlon la critical, there IS a i?o.--si- ?
bllity that ah? will live. Wh)
neglected to kill I geai < hlld ia '
married In N
, four ? ara a?.. Por th? iusi *'
rnon'h th? I th? '
care of Dr. < 'larke. H? ? ? be
not live. |
Only two da g to her , ?
was 11
raay. He laughed it off When ;
he wt home thia * u ap- ?
parently In i i
,Vife finds Husband Trapped as
Bell Device Registers Hens
Working Overtime.
' n Farnng-i
1 ?
incomfoi table ,
a pi ?
f th? * Of ftf?" !
hem? t?. keep track
ens. Ho placed ',
*. ivanre in the ?.-oop,
epped out of the nest a
i,. n would ring n th? h??u! ?? and ? tdell
. ?? out, ?x? I th? egg sad lock ;
il it tu? r?frig?rai
aroi ting m tho
???t'i.iy. anri be aenl the hoy to]
I arare aten A ???pr>*0,l
oui he h ' th? 4?oof dose, ami the lockt'
: ??? <t
Udell did nol notlec that h? w?b a
prisoner f'>r a torn minute?, ai.<i \?h**n
lie did he Imm-ediately pul th? t??-ll ?ys?
-?tu into operatli
? ?dell aras ?j the i on
tlnued ringing I not imaglm
a ii.u had happened t?, !h<* hena ??? ?-tart
th? m laying ao rapid]] sh.* had \ I?
lion? of ?jre il wealth, but -after th? t.? II
bad been t ing ng t? i min n?'*- she de?
tlgat? Th? l shr? dl ?1
rrcd the nd truth an-j freed OdelL
i Rebels Fight Desperately
in All-Day Clash Near
I City. Expecting Savage At?
tack, Makes Use of
Canals for Defence.
Attack on Ma/atlan Also Planned
and Then for "Key to
the South."
.: ? rr.'-un? !
El Paso. T? x.. March 10. Reporta
from Federal so i i ? that he.ixx
flghl m?; ? m !'i OgTSM near Bl
. aion - thia morning, Paw bo
Villa having ordered an advance on
rating below .Imene?.
Th? ? ? no immuntcatiofl with
i ? bel ' "titrolled
your m .it my forces
Poi reon by March 31,"
waa th? gi ??ed by villa
i" da ? : ares,
The recipient found ? Federal sym
pathiser a 11,000 Am??rl< an
',"i'l thai "? ills not only \s ?? ? ?!<i ojoi
mak? ist good, bul thai the fled
?? "ni.i ?till hax ?? Toi reon ?
i mi of Apr.i
I:. i,i ? Id? s i- If
graphed thai his command, the '/.ira
gusti bi snl'. had Jointsd forc?Bs wltl
? Hernsnde-?
ao an.i Maximilian i
and thai the entire armx- \\,i
appn ?? ' neon
The t? l< Ki am waa ?led al If?
Bouth o Rscalon and aeventj mi'
north of Ti rreoi \ ? .
rat? ? i ? ' lei Id? add
that he had been unable t" communl
? .it-- bj win \x ?ih Ueneral Lhrbiaa- op
??raiini- to the weal of the main pol?
Limn and had ? '-; couriers to him.
reported to be st Bei ?
MonoDiane Not Yet Fixed.
it la doubtful If the monop
? .i m trial tiiKhts h? re can
b?- repaired In tlm i"i use by the
retx la a Toi i ? on i nl? Villa's attai i?
is \>>\\% delayed.
Water lowinj n thi ? R ver si
Torre?n for tha I tlm? In ass
? n-,- utllla? 'i by tiro people
of the city and h\ the i.? Gana ranch?
men to preven! rebela from will klug i
? ? ? .?liter the ? '
?? ? ... T..rre.>n lo?
ti Monday,
nd show thai
i bj
. ?
R ...
? '
prevent I ebcl
canals for Intrenehment .
Artiflr-i .i lak? also havi
Btruete'l In tie out kill Of thi
nil? 'l xxith water, ? te, g
Ing an abundas a to I
long i lege
T ? ; ? ?pie of Torre ? -1 m
the rebels to atl
ire pre]
f.i ?". I
traong th? !?? :
.?r ?zed fo mi i lieg?
-,. the m?
-et to 1 rdei
.- 'lira dull - ' . ?
in.I the soldi?
- ? ionlldenl that the rebel ?
: i
Jimenez Fighting Denied.
Juarez re-1
further aklrmlah? ?? a
loa .limeta /. No ?'! ? '?? -. r ?
in Juar- a to-day I
fie is t: r ? at? a- d at Jim? :.
M.it. .? i Gutierres I he b indlt, who
?u ? ? led Maximo Castillo wl en b<
left his i.an'i an'i became a prl oner oi
the Araeri<*ao trooi i
t of villa to lay doa ti h .uni?
linder promlsi of imtn inii ? I I
lent xx rd te J tares t"-.; i
would continu? sa an Independeni
leader. Hla capture
he? *i urdeeed, folloa Ing I
a aim iltaneoua atta on Ton oi
fin<i Masatlan x?.ai pred ilvi?.-<
to-day. It ws i .
that while Qencral vtlla'a rebel arm)
_? agaHu I Torre?n reto s
ander Ueneral Alvara Obregon weuM
i Masatlan. Obfegoa aras report
i-'l to be ?loving 1'_'.?>"?> tr. ? pa against
i be i'-? 111? i ?>?'? t ?,r.rt.
Tlii.s xxa aald to I" part "t a gi B? ral
lim !"r an aggressive ninnnaaat
againel an Federal f>'t>in in Northern
The fall if Masatlan, o ara ;
would mean virtual ?"iitroi <?f the weal
?oast, xx hili- tlM capture ?>f Torre?n,
th?- raiiroaii centra of ?*en?rai Mostos,
x\."iiii threats, the cspMaJ. it the
rebels captuie those txx?i points both

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