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IVte^otl? s??l? -Mt?mt
To-day, unsettled.
lli;h .11; Le*?, M
lull report l'uae .. Tari II.
Vol. LXXIII.-..N0. -r.?V.>S.
|( op?riebt, IS14,
ll.i The I rihiine A?.??? iatirin. |
1914. TO PAGES.
President does Over De?
tails of Plan and Gives
Mis Approval.
Both Sides Make Conces?
sions, but Govern?
ment's Word Goes.
Elliott Says Settlement Precludes
Possibility ?0 Injury in
New England.
Ine 1 ? ? .
? .-? *:"n "f the so?
was reached
l wo days' con I
I of the Pi
? ?
.. ?1 the si
irs I?? fore the final
. .1. In the In?
n?s* .'1 ' "tuiii.1
made ? in????
? ? -?? .
' ?
Mr M IV ynold - I lhal
. ? ..
, ? ? danger oi the New
Ha\ ? nt" ihe hands o?
d. How
? E airman of the Ne? Ha?
de? lared 111 - * t th?
tlctr- ? slblllt* i
Res ' ? . n< Following is ihe memo?
randi"" given oui Ml McR?
Mttalng the plan for Ihe divorcement
N? u Ha? en from Its t srlous
Willing to Accent Demands.
??? llenera]
M? e Vi.i k, New
I ?
Indi? .it. 'i '
? ?
? ited In
? ?
? ? ?
? i
? i
? ? ?
?r. die?
a Main? Ptock. The .
? ?
? I
? e Mi : ?
.,"?"' ???? -
? ? Havel I; ,
m f'.iitt. page, third ?nlui
This Morning's News.
? I . 1
- .... 1
. 1
_ 3
.... 6
. 7
? .... 7
. 7
,,:'" ?? ' .11
?J5 * ! . 12
tchel .12
. 1
. .. . 1
? - A
... 6
" ? ?' tei ; ondon. 6
' ?- ? ? ??111?.
Irel ind
' ' ...MB. . . .
I In
I me. Cal
. Pan
_ .
A 1, 2, *
l A
oui Markets rail 4....S, 7
Suffragist Can't Get His Salar
Raised by Town.
. ?
ford, ? '??: ' Mai h 21. St a m
ford's town meeting was disturbed t?
nighl by tl.. spirited i k ? ol airs. ?'. .
Kry< ? " ? ? For an In? ??? ?? i
salar) for her husband, who is prim
of th?' Bj ram dlsl riel .-? hool.
Mrs, l'i *- ? 'i eflfoi Ii failed to n
g l'\i.ral.lv. m.r did lh?. n?- e
with the approvi ' of her husband, wh
n vain t?> hush hei TI i pi in
fail? ?l in hall .i i eh? ment addi - -
win? li wound up with the following:
i ;iiti h?*! e to defend and
a;?k the secretan of the town who?
???.nil w hat he mea ns b< ? .. | ?
..?i is n?'t us ? "H i" lent a I
pred ' ' - or, %?, hom the tow n wa
*'.",??<' mor? : in th?
The .. ? ?? v . i thai Bl amford g ? ul?
paj Mr. Prj? $3UU )??
than i
: A. A- And
gift of ii ilO.-msj in? inerator and an ai?
t? i* o Bite. Th
';?x rate \\...- h rcased "i m 10 to I!
Father o! Juliet, Who Is (.allet
Bride of Gardener. Will Only
Say He's Investigating.
tie? 1
i igo, Ai :i i? :i Sf. Br? -
: ?? Building, lo-da . regard -
* ? ? ?*:? : !? 'i marriage ?
Kl< ? ;i gard? n? i.
"I'll s thing for publica! l??n,'
hi ?aid ' Thl * a i..i:::!' :if: tir. It If
a i on?.! mattei m having il
Invi *'-*.!led."
"You read Herman K
how his brother, a gai J? nei.
and your Julie) mel clandestine!) in
' ".? he follow? ?1 t" N' v*.
?"inri-,, .?'il you know the preacher *;t\,\
thai ii?" married t h? m, i hat youi
1er wired her gi di r in De?
ll . and that * he reveal? d
? i ? * ? oui
? \\ ? II, if m? wif? knee 1,1 <i?'in t
"Did Mrs Br?
mon? v i" go i?? Nee M< \ I? o?" w aa
Mr. Breit ting
. ? ? i ? ?--i?-. broki In a il h "Mr. I '?<
doesn'l Hvs in Chioaga His ii<>ni?> la In
v? v Y or s His wife and daughter ;ir?*
ii? will leave in ;i few minutes
? ? tli :n. '
? ?.-?it ,-i ft ?. da? s," .--tul
Mr. Br? : ?1 l will give oui .i
? tement ex] - ? *
"Black Hand" Ready to Return
Lad Taken by Mistake.
la, March 'Jl. The dis?
? ?.?. n, i'? m...
of a Bl ? H I 1? tter, In ? hich the
i tin
i arc n illing lo i"i un th? Ir
'*:i[>t ive it' tl.?' ?.nil' i? ?: 1 ?.', |.|.
closely, ? ,i us? 'l the ;<? II? ?? to bell? i e
th??) arc al ? * * ? tion of the
? ? ,t\\ arren
en-year-old i
' ity ??nu?'??? ? ?i "in in 11 ? m of Ins home
on Thursda) a g Det?
:.i ;.? Non Nt \?. n ?ii an ?
fort to ? pers a nd ? e?
11 ?? boj
Tiie I? ti? r ? on? lud? *- ' K\ > a anl the
righl Im>) and ?*-? are g? ii g lo g? I him.
CUTS AWARD $662.923 54
Judge Leaves but Six Cents of
Big Verdict.
Tn iton '*>' .1 Mar h 21 Judge
? : i ni? .i .? n th?
gtat? i * * ? ' ? "?nt to-da re?
vi rdiel of $61 80, ? btained
by tli?* s* eg? r i: ' tor Coi
??:-?* w and Koundry
i '? m pa i y to ?v ? ?
? held tl al the ma lei to
I id been referred,
Manchester a Visitor at UOman's i
Court. Occupying Bench with
Magistrate Bnrlow.
The i-' i*-' ol Man? bei 1er ihm?-?! <!"" *i
fr??ni the Kit/ ' ? ' * ' nighl lo .*??? e
how the machinery of the woman's
niKiit ????nt was running, An ng tl
:? 13 .,.]... i-. ? . gras tak? n to Magistrate j
?. .if]|| , , a, her? '. * * . ?
11. t hen !<? ?ked o*. ? r
tentloi r ? > ? > r 11 .-^. ;m<l ;tt 1?? .,'? 1>?? k
took his i?i.*i' ?? < n the i" if ? n :tii the
.1 magistrate in iii-<
own righl has taught th? duk? gome
thing : ' '""?-'l'in- In *-:? Ii ??
nd ? expr? .-* d him ? If aa
m ir ii Impi essed with tl I m in |
h? i?. n?- seh ? ted :? loe night I
t.,t his Insp? * 11"'*- nol more than ? Ighi !
or ni??.* cases being heard, il?* laughed
heart it ' ? dlsposltloi ol thi case
of s middle aged woman, who described
ii.n il ? f h< ??'? ???-? ..ul ,t hard
*.-..,i k< i i"' 'i PP< ?
Thi ?n.i. ti -. ?i her
? der, t"i?i tl?? ? ??int "i
: . , ? . . : ? "i bei thai she would te
I . .i until moi ?nuis'. "AH right." ? he
? ? t. .i t.i !? '*.?* ii:?? ? ourt
?s*),,. ...... Bteered Inl Hie d? tentlon
,,?,,,, ;,,.| u bei * ondltlon la fav? rabie
HiiM m .i nuits* will bs sllowed t" u<>
Refusal of Officers to Serve
Against Ulster Malts
Royal Summons for Lord
Roberts,Who Sympathizes
with Recalcitrants.
Court .Martial for Disaffected
Officers Thought Not Unlikely
Orange F'reparations Continue.
London. March 22.?"The Observer"
as.erts on high authority that General
Sir Arthur Paget visited Curragh on
Friday and gave General Gough, of the
3d Cavalry Brigade, the option of tak?
ing command at Ulster or retinnq.
Gener.il Gough. who was allowed two
hours for consideration, resigner! im?
"The Observer" adds that the gov?
ernment has decided to issue two hun?
dred warrants for the arrest of the
leaders in Ulster.
London, Mar? li ?il. The govern
in? nl .- militan Pr? ? ?? ?' '"'? '" i,r' **' :"-''
order In ITlster hat ? pre? Ipltated s
crisis without parallel m the history of
the British army. Rather than i'~
pla? '-?l in h poeil Ion a here they might
be . all? 'I upon to acl agalnsl il??*- Ul
ov? nanti rs, s number of offl? i rs
i .. . ommli i ? i
w hi!? i he ?War Ofl ? refu s to ss ,
m my have n signed, popular be?
lief, based on reporti from the different :
_? m? ntt Is i hat tii- number of v. Ith
dratvals has crippled ihe a hole mil I
ilzation m Ireland and previ nted
...[i .- th? "id? rs for mo* Ing
.i infR- bodies "f tro
The Marquis of Londonderry, one ?>f
Hi.- i 1st r Icadere, i-ani .?o-niglit t,..?t
nothing "?' the sorl had occurred in thg
British .Hin. since the da] ? of tha
an R? volution.
Publl ? rurioeity is at fever heal over
the question of how the government Is
;., deal with the resignations. The
.il sentiment is thai the seceding
officers should ''**? court martlalled.
Many Conservatives argue that the
lion amount to civil arar and that
il,,- ofllcei Id have liberty to
? hoose i* hi? h faction thi should aUy
themselves a Ith.
Premier and King Confsr.
The * ntra n? e of K Ing ? leorge on tha
. ? as i" aci in.i It? r a as the dramatic i
event of Hi?' da* n?" had long con?
ferences si Buckingham Palace with
Premier Vsquit h, I he Sei retar* "f ?
-? ? for War, i loloni I ?-*? els*, and se> -
eral high officers, and afterward im
mon? '1 Field Marshal Lord Rotx rti g
...H', ?ne? ?i unionist, a ho has bei n m i h
criticised bj the Liberals for utter?
< oni i rued ss enci ?uragemi nl to
the offlrei i to refuse to obi ? orders.
From the pala? e the v?Bteran * d
marshal drove direct!) i" the War
Office, wher? be had a long talk with
tho ?Secretar* foi War, The Irroy
Council held h Ions sitting al the War
?ener?is and lesser officers o?
the staff coming ?iM'i going throughout
tii?- daj.
The London .'-'? South Western Rail
:. el ved notic? to-day from I s
War '?Mi... to have rolling stock in
i ? adin? ss to mo' an? numb? r of
troops up to ten thousand, with horaae,
?? ;?k end supp i?.- .it shorl n? ? i lea.
in Hi" iii?-:iii time the movement of
tr""|i?4 continued In Ireland. The can
? of ntei ? ? ti 'i t.i the ' 'urragh
camp, twenty-flve miles fr.'in Dublin,
where ihe 3d Cavalrj Brigade under]
Hen? ral Gough, and the 14th Infantry
Brigade, under Colonel Rolt, aie ?-t .-.
Honed. General Sir Arthur Paget, I
commanding the forcea In Ireland. I
I tin? day m ' imp. He held ? ,
e \\ n li Hfl y officers of tii?- Cur- i
Dublin, Kildare and Newbridge I
garrisons, it was said that orders had
arrii ??<! for the dispat? h of the .""I
Brigade to ? i_t? r. tun that the???.ild
? carried into execution because
practicall) all the officers had resigned.
Orders foi the dispatch of the Kth:
Lane? rs also fal ? d of ? *?? cution by i
reason of the same wholesale retire?
ments <?f offl? ' i???.
Curragh Resignations 40 o- 100.
According t" some reports the mill-1
tarj have unanimous!; refused In
iti'.n i.ut .i Dublin dispat? h says
f at t1"- resignations from the Curragti
: pees number f"rt \ i h her adi i
pla? e the number al one hundred.
Th? govi rnmenl Is ? mbarraaaed b ?
the disaffection which exists < ? ri
among tl.fflcers who continue on i
duty, for the army Is officered from the,
aristocratic families, and the greal ma
).,nt> "f th? -'ti t ocra tic class sympa?
thise wltk the Covenantera. Many
rumors were afloat throughout ti- day.
Among th"?-?- published and it nh l were
raports that the government bad Issued
an ultimatum t" the ?>ffif*??r?.. giving
them twelve h?>ur?* t" decide whether to
.,i,(y ordara, and that taro <'impuni?-*'
( oiitlnned on Ml '.n?l gmtje, ?-*? ond roliiinn. I
* '?I.? >.\ Kl. I !. -
?w.. Secretar] |
One Thousand Marchers
Jostle Along Under
Black Flag.
Emma Goldman Tells M?>h to
Storni Churches and Shops
Berkmnn Lends 1 Ine.
? me i house nd men snd ? omei
lowing i he black Bes i '*d thr?
Fifth svenue \ ?. terdaj afternoon
yelling epithets agninst Amrrn.in u.i-i
in* and the constituted government
nging songs as t*.e? mai hi ?l.
?| Baturd* Bi'tei ? ????? thi ong < ' I
handsomel) dressed women and ? ?
thai crowd this thoroughfar? '
? ? m aside 01 senl bcuitj Ing Into '
shops and doorways until the bol I
? ms crowd ii id passed. 81 *
lutomobiles and other vehicles ?'ere
not permitted to bn al? the Hi e
At s-ttl? b1 r??? * *i* automobile, In jrhic i ]
. <?*? g mai ? started to
cross the parade, Alexander Berkman.1
unli b woman on each Bide of him, I
. t ? ' car, a hile a ?
dosen other men rushed up snd com- !
in,i nded the ffeur I ae ay.
One of the woi I rkmar pal
three times upon . of the women In
the automobile as l -it* put on i
? ! nti'l tlie . ai dash? ?I ?? ?' -i
T. ? eaal ildewalk of Fifth not
pros i ' the
building line all the i*a? r ?nm M "ii on
?Square t.. |07l h si reel Tl ? crow d
Ii .1 l' B? rkmsti
The p red? irte-d From Union
Square and ended al the house of I 8
?Francisco Ferrer Association, al N
Mast |07th Btr? el
Recruits ?j re picked up as the mai h
continued, until30thstreet was rea
?? h? n t wa estimated thai th? r< were
,..? let : ' ? ? thoui and In the para
ith street the large ?'antier
unfurled, shoe ng the *'ord "Demol??
? ?
AI the me? ting in l'ni f
vious to the start * ne, Emi ?
Goldman had delivered rabid instruc?
tions lo the unemployed
. tl tlie:n t?i lll.it- Il UPO ?M
the police and other ? Ity oftl? la ind
il?*m:?n?-i their right m food and sheltei
She told them t?> mar? h Into Fifth ?
r.'io an?! tiik.? that which belonged I ?
them, she ni-?-*. ,*?ii\ isT'i them t?i march
upon the churches, restaurant?, hoi
and bake shops.
Lincoln Steffens, prertdcni of the!
i-'.. s- ? ?-'? Le ? ?-.? of America, a enl
with I ?* ? lera to Uni ?? s , i.
Although they had no permit to pi
rade, the march r>f'*?"* o,rl' ?l unmolested,
?a ith Detectives Qlldea and Oeg
walking a shorl distance ahead.
Al 42d Btreet s trolley car start? ?
cross the avenue. \ dozen of thoI
marchera ??ominanded the m?">t?irmnn t<. |
stop. He did so,
M:,x API el, one of the Ii? iti nanta !
under Prank Tannenbaum, and Krank j
Btraern HamUton -^ ; ? i ? I there ?.u r.">
conntwtion between the crowd tl at p-t
raded Fifth ae< nue and the crowd that
has been holding nightly peetlngs at
Rutgers bquan
it was al--" announced si ths Perret
houss Usai ths nncnployad era ild
fed and t-helt.r? <!. When tli? men ar
rived Carie Tn ? i i Id thai enl) lb?
who srers hungry and had no
?loop moto granted to enter tl . >,.
About 280 srent In and wars fad :????
at .i t mi?*, In the dining room in the
hasisnsnt Daaldsg sui p? r, th? . wer ?
giv? n I.r ami Cigars ami Cigarettes
Detective Oegan .?nid thai it was evi?
iiint the city anthoriUaa do n?,t r-Bcug.
nir.e the BSTleusnegg of this urn-trip;,.; ...?
ergaalsatlon ti?"*? rasent
M ' I? ?!: ' ?KN'ERAL .1 i ? P FRENCH
Paralytic Unable to Save
Herself When Dress
Catches ? ire.
Failing m I ? ? efforts to smol; ? -
w hi? li h "i - ? ighl h? r dr?
open grate, Mrs. John Wood was
Lu ?'?? .1 !.. death last nil hi ii her
apartment on the ground fl
00 West 1001 ? ? ? ? She had I
I in an attempt to ex) i
the fl i ? ? ?? ed.
Mi Woods ws
In the a part m Mi , Klla
a friend.
ion was i ? ? n
r. d
Mr Wood : ."1 tried to
??n the si ate, when, being ertaln
her m? clothing
?? mind, she
sought her bed, bul lacked Btrength to
carry "it her Intention.
The anitor of th? ?? ?
smok?. tra? ed it to the W?
ment and l :?? ?!?'? ?i"-.\ n ihe door Wl it
s saw ? : run into the
sti ? ? and Patrolman Bhlels, "f
the v, est l?nOi street . The pa?
m an l
then rel ? I witl th?
By i h ? he i" dt ""in In
i a fun and
a*as driven back. Not '?tit.. Tri S
. irrii ed was an) n ? I
Flren n Qulnn dashed Into the a ? .ii t
m? - ? ? . ? ildertni m
d and rough! ? * i '.
Tells Federal Stall Officer He'll
Sup with Him 'Come When
Ready," the Answer.
? nstltul ? Hosplta I
Bermejlllo, ' ? ang Ii March
General Hen I I the moat
Import in! engagement of the rebel t I?
? an? '? n?sar M ? ? Santa C
? north '.f
day. Genere \ I ited it th?
: ? - ? rk
Ing int? ? ! Torre?n hi
? ? . Federa
General Refugio V'elaeco, An
? ? of the '? ? ??" answered
the call.
i am coming to have supper with
beg ?
"Who are you?" Inquired the _*ied
eral offl? i r, politi
m an hombre i.. i ??-?i Ft ?
Villa." replied the chieftain,
? Wi ii. ?.un?? a hen? vet run are
ready," ? in.'- the anew ? i
Villa talked from this city, which he
look el ??'? gallop \? ith? ince.
Snow, and in Texas in Spring!
la Palls T? \ . Man h -' A heavy
-??ill, this seetlon of I he
Panhandle, th?- lateal saowstona
n many years.
Jersey Police Trace Lad to
Home of Mrs. Mann, in
Woman Was Teacher ?if Brooklyn
lad Mother Rejoices Over
Return of Son.
Within s :
' Hill .11 \? ?tl I'l St I
polt? ?? i ad been isked to m an b f?ir
11 Mai'.ii?- .?. ? ? - ." in? ? ?.
a Wllliamaburg 8u ichool I usher
in Soptetnher. 1012, thai twelve
?ii?i youngi ? * ' racted mo.lh
| itif"im?-il He.? i:.- had I ? ? *i found
l ??'?? i.?uti? al No. TO
? South !?th Btreet *. amsburg, ? as
ceful and John i ed rojal
welcome from brother i
two ???I? r Bist? t ?- a hen his n.' ther
1 i" :kv!u him back from Hs
. ? ;? orge Mi.** ? ? I
| i :.i-' Ruth? rford, N. J n n to .
?: ' ? ? I ' - : -
ney had ' rtt to hiB teachei
land, from ? ' ' I ! et re?
? ? ' ? ? erford n
d th? ' ' th?
? Mr?. Mil
, had ii-? 'I it* the toe t: and r?
? ?a? k. Bo ? t
?ia? k, 'i'i ? woman
I i 1 gong
.1 i.i. ?? M i * ? .
and Bhe had a ?on
ight boy. M< I.? d
Jacob Puni ? hlef of
police of Mi.*: I hll
living there. Dunn
1. a i ned that : : I two b?
? et
McLelland wenl to Hi and
identified the 1 ind
In ? ? mm * i I
l?,*.- H? ??.-. ????? ss pose
l.... ? ?? Reif and "
-.? dow, wei ray t? New
Jers? was a
Ha? k?*n--,i'*k. with John a] ? ?
n to Williams?
lute ?a ith I : i m? ?
Jo ?
-. ? -.'. ritten fr "Coi i S H by
Mrs M n to h mothei Since tha?
er and l l ha v i
lnintT pra tl ? all the
right across the Hudson R
Prior to living In Ha? I
sack, ere th? bave been for a? ven
r eigh t ra I II it in Ho
? -I then n* E tel i; th?
.1 >hn told
ill righl bj Mrs. Mann.
when Mis. Mi. ? ?. the poor *
cumstances In which Mrs. Mann and
two hoys were living her heart
eft sol
rraer I : I the latt? *
Bo gl * ? - ? her !
ing? ?? ? Bted .Mrs. j
Mann itlon for not sending him
. which wa thai .? didn't srant !
. return him until she -could obtain
. -. t.i <ir?*sn ?.mi as well u:
he was * l "I when ha left home
Portillo Has Jocular Suggestion
for President Wilson.
Mexico City, Mini? 21>~Dlscugging
what h.? called the martyrlsatioa of
? :., m? gl-can ; ? "i?1?-. Benor .i? -?? i* r
tillo f Rojas, tha Foreign Minister,
.i ilarlj tu John Und, Pree
;.i. nt Wii.-?.tr- envoy In v*et*a Crus -.*? -
tarda] the anaansoMat of s dual be?
tween Pi-eet-aeal Wilson snd ?President
i: arts sa i solution, He said that
history furnished jr. ? ?-.!? nt s for this.
ON; 175 FAIL
Federals, Thrice Beaten.
Flee Into City, Leav?
ing 150 Killed.
Rebel ' ?ief Presses Pur?
suit, Demands Surrender.
Then Attacks.
War Office Admits Huerta at
last Is Forced to Defend
His Stronghold.
? * ma* '
Mexico City. March 21?Gen?
eral Pancho Villa, the dashing
leader of the rebel army, made
good his bOMt to attack Totrcon.
the northern stronghold of Presi
dent Huerta, and threw his forces
ageing! that city to-day with all
the vigor at his command, accord
ing to a message from the defend
eis received at the Mexican Wai
Office at noon.
The mess.ige Itated th.it the
enemy was no sooner discovered
advancing than the attack began.
No details of the lighting were
contained in the message, and
public interest in what promises
to he the decisive clash between
the Federals and the rebels seems
to be holding itself back pending
further information.
None, however, has been forth?
coming all afternoon and evening,
due to cutting of the wires lead?
ing out of Torre?n early in the
day by the rebels, according to a
government announcement tu
, ? ....
Juin? -, Meal o, March 21 ?Geners
Manual Chao to-nlghl received official
i anflrmatlon of : he ? apt ire bj (
i ution ilist for ? s of Bei m> lllln Map m
und '1*111111111111,!.. and ti" In .'
? ..n on i ii- . -
Th?; rab? '. ti . ihr-?? lights
, ? _ . tided ami
? 1 -' m
? I . one.
,- ? ? -*i
i;i p-.*?, *; ? \ . Mai h 21 M't -*
? h Ich last? .i mor? than an hour
and cost t ' 180 Federal sol?
? f I ,? r.? rai I'.infrl??
Vflll.1 I ? ' H"rm?.Jillo,
?'.'.??n' ? miles ft "tu T? if on, Int?.
The defeated ""eders garrlaon, io?\?
' r.f its ejoi ndi I ir?! ? 11 of
.. -. .,f the t< a a, re
treated towai on, and the rebel?,
tha i apt ir?"l
t. a n. ,'f? i -? d the i
While the hattk of Per malilla was in
I \ Be_?>Vt4Sgj
i'ommandii i I Z . ;? squadron of
???'tis'? Federal
I .? ? ?. ?? T ahaullUlo, and altas 3
sharp tight drove out the Federals .__
?????? s blet Iles ?-?"se to
Toi r-r.n.
Poll? . apt its of BenMjU _
and Tlehaullll.o Qanaral Qarcta, rum
. * - tachment of rebel troops,
madi ?it. aaaaull ipon Maptanl? the lam
stronghold of the red? rals before Tor?
re?n, and capturer! l .?? mining t<i*n
with little d n : * .
This inform?t toi ed hen
to-night .n private dlapai Cr?ai
? si consider? d I oroughly m aal
worthy. The advices added that
Villa - aras In position to bagta s
u?i"ti Torre?n proper.
and that the rebel chief ?-it?- to-da>
had dei mm n?t r "f the <:t
from Oeneral Refugio Vslaeco. .skir?
mish fighting ?aus m progresasJ iajrla
ii.. auburbs "i" Torreoo, and at Umsa
pa-.?- the appearance of a general sb?
gagement as the sdiraaclag rptxis
ack the Federal outpeata,
The entire Federal army to-night is
lu Torre?n and In the Imm?diate sub?
having lool during the day r?ra -
tlcally (wry town near Torre?n arblcb
the Federals ' "i oo pled and Car.
titled. Cob natea of the
? ; of the Fed? i i - ;...,? ? their
number al B.000, whlli Villa's army
lO,?000. It h.i8 n,
: Torre?n from three sides and
??* " poastbillt? of r. .j. i?
: : ? it from ev? ride eg? ? i>t Um
weat, srhers ti.? | havi to ????
thro igta narrow and dlfl_i ill dm mtaia
? -
II is gen rally admitt?ad by rehala 'n
Juares ;'ii?i ?'> Federals here tii.it Mm
battle win. h is .startniK ?t Terreoa will
decide the fate of the revolution.
Bhould Villa t a k ? - tin? ?ity, rabais high
in authority believe Hi,? rt? will
quickly treat for peace. Tha K??i??r?is,
?mi ti.ther hand, believe that 't
Villa Is defeated thi entire rebel army

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