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?\rto*_)?fc ?ribiinc.
di-vn'?, MASON tt. mu.
Oaaei aad paMtahe?: ?ail?- hy The Trltwae dasealatlso.
? v.,-- v, g . ?a?rai m Oeden M Uet?, Presld-rsl; ?
Venar Bssjers Seeretsrj aad Treasurer. Address TrU'i-..
K.'W--;. Me IM * BW ? .' N O York.
???p. RipTlON ' v'"- ? " ' ? ?? * l" sotaldeel
t- co
'-'? ' I ??IB , ,,,
? ,' ..
Wily B.-V>
Pally ? -?wr....... *
. . ?? .t.- w n ?iTXS
( ? gl.SB "? - m '!' ?
Or.? ?e .T 18 BO; On? yea t ? ? ?
M** DAT ' * LT: DAIM OM/T:
F'.x r P.07 On? n . . ;,,
S.MIOn? , .. ? '
oi* month LOS - i i *' .
? ?ear.
? .78
s :?"
? ;s
i ?-..?-. ? r . rk as Second i ?- Mali
m <:i rest endeat era 1
.... ? ..... enl It pi Ints and
... tisemi nts - ontaln
?itement.s or cl
Watchful Waiting for Business While
the "Record" Is Being Made.
Tho "teeth*1 have been amended "'it ol the nd
mlnlstx I antl-trusl billa thai ti.i\?? so ?'-ir ?m'cu
made publ c In th? d form. Th?? bills ?s the*"
stand nre a nd needless. I be changes
?imoiiut to a practical wm*i*i?8lon of The Tribune'.-;
pos rton Urn 11 was cither dangerous or useless t"
change th?? Sherman law. The trade?, rommission
Ml] In ils presen! forra pets nowhere. The holding
apantes bill equally gets nowhere, Both, If they
are ptn upon the Statute hooks, will u?.r alter the
poli?*- of the government Inward trusts in any Rig
niflcant ' ? whal la Jusl ;?- Important, make
m m>? ? - ?
why should the rrc'iM-ry of business bo held n;?
dopts n programme of no more
? liai of i be administration, prom
to be after II taken Its final shape. If the
was mil adequate lo restrain excessive
.-"?i'? and monopolies, we should ?saj thai ii
ahould i"- strengthened, even In the oxistin-, busl
n exigency. But the general testimony is thai
- trong enough. Even the administration
concede*? thai II ? strong enough. In Its latest
I to tin? law's rigor. And the at
tempi '?? define restraint of trade, according Iti
tli" \ ,????. of Washington, i going to 1"- abandoned
ri." amended trade commission Idii Is not of
, rauch i!ii|."i't'iii' ?? it merely gives h new nain?? to
' -m old thing. The (towers which il is pr.-'-?I to
.-..???? pon ti--- ion commission are substantiallj
those i">?? exerd ed '?-. the Bureau uf Corpora
fiions. The trades commission would have slightly
>re initiative with respet'l to securing publicity
than the present buro.ui possesses; thai with .'
'.""_?? of name I aH the bill In its present form
prot id?*-4-.
Tho hoidlr.K ?--ompnnir-?, h,ii apparently will add
ttle or nothing to th**? usnouTcen ol the governmenl
In dealing tr?b reatrainl ol trade rn it is practised
i through the? hoidtucj company device. All that the
?.ttorne. General will t.?? able to do when that bill
is enaet?Bd Into law he is able to ?i" non- under the
Sherman act, if Indeed, In an attempt to be spe?
cific, < ? not t* oaken the effect ol the
broad and Inclusive prohibitions <>f that act
TI.nly exigency thai requires th?? amendmenl
1 .'t' tiio Bhennan ad now Is a party exigency. Mr.
Wilaon wants to make a record, if th?? latest form
, ol the tdmlnistratloa bills Is ? guide, any ena?*"t
1 ment ?with regard to the trusts, however snperflnous
and lacking In real significance, will i>o si-tiicien. tn
stitnte a record. Meanwhile th?' business of ido
intry must parl?n*, adopt Mr. Wilson's Mexl?
can policy of "Watchful Waiting."
Fifty for Merit, Fifty for Spoils.
in ?if two appointments jusl made to fil Im
jiort.'iiif ?racancles in the Btate Department good is
mixed with bad. Mr. Robert Lansing, who su?
evada Mr John Basset! Moore as counsellor ol the
department, is well qualified for the place. He has
long i- lated arttli bis father-in-law, Mr
.lohn W. F? ster, in International iaw- pracl ?
BgtoB and has represented the united States
International commission-. H la appoint
nient is non-political and for meril only, n7>? i be will
help greatly i" fill the gap unfortunately left bj
Mr. Moore'i n donation.
It - -. gret table thai a similar <i?-~iit? to strengthen
th? d? srtmenl should nol have been shown In the
of M Cone Johnson, ol '1 ?? cas, - - soli? I?
tor. M ? Johnson 1- ;? political friend of Mr Bryan
w put the P enl . I? . aal ob
? ' ' ? . ? - ele? I .-i Wilson delegation to
the Democratic Sationa Convention of 1912. He
?arts one ol the Texas delegates-at-large. At home
ho is known chiefly .-is an onit-T and an nnauccess
ful candidats for office. "The Houston Post" for
? r^ referred to him its "Poon" Johnson;
???ir rh'it disrespect mar have been due to tin? facl
lenl sntl Baile.! Ite So far as
- ' ? equipment g poet in the State 1 te?
rm? I 1 < oncerned, Mr Bryan and Mr. WI son
? ouW ? ? ?? ihor afield, The pr?s
ell weakest In ii^
t of 1 - ?ns ii baa learned ;?
(rttle bj "i experience, but not much. Hoj.r
? [' parmanenl Improvement la dampened when a
good appointment like Mr. Lansing's is coupled with
?- he?! appointment like Mr. Johnson's.
\ (.otton Plague of Egypt
I'),?, i] ?.<??< r? f insect pests in Rgyptlan ? ? -t t on -
'*.<?* greater Interest than inigbl appear At
the it g On the 1 ice of it It moans that 1
'? ?"liiiMneiit ol seed atended for planting in Art?
?/?-. n rannet i I into thin country. Beyond
that, it la profoundly significant of conditions in tin?
rivalry between America and Africa in the produc
tlon of cotton.
For ypurg the? British ind Oerman fovernm?ts
bave torn atrivtag t?-? develop extensiva cotton cull
?ire in tbHr African colonies Pbelr :??? hat not
i.-'-;, natked, bu them has ol late beeu .1
!?? "f ' ?nd t water storage and Irri?
I.' - Un ' promotion ai? ? ng un
?f'tbkrti on tb,- (Tppar m?,. <,,,,. 0-> li|(. r],?,.
irrv-.tjT.d? lar p-ahbag t? ?? Afrieaa enterprises bas
luto thr affli'-tioo of A-SSTkia SOttOS BsM ? wl'h fli<>
ik-.'i asnsrll tad other pest-, ir in?, barn i? ornad
rb-ii tiif new Saldi ?n Bgjrpt nnd tin- Boodan WOUld
?i<- fre<- trOWt tbpOA \ m? rn-nii gTSpevIlM.?
rom the pi ??' - a a hi? h m wi_;?'<i thi
'? ?.- ? ?? "xultatlon here, but
-, . profoni d disa| polntmrat In '.rc:?t
/i::i.- 1 _.-.?j Kg pi hl Um dto??sr#rj tbat oasllgnant
lr?i*w* rx-?M ? i/ritii?J in lbs Lfricail r-ottoa ?-oiinfry.
f__t U't d*t>rlva*- tLr -_uif*-.'"?'.' u-.-f 0/ tat? op?
?-re.it nduintntzo \rhleh it was gUnpOBCd t" -STS ore
the Americfen Industry. Thua the rivalry bstwcc
th? two OOUntri? la kept on n mon oven baf-i
though Um contrast In value of land, eosl of '?^r
mal Other detalla make?; Afriean Competition potel
tially fortnidsMo.
The Hxecratcd Book Aient.
Book agenta hsre ?sarned th?-ir reputation bg han
Coii-islciit i?(T??rl. When :t bOOSSwife MtS tl;" dOfO
lone of those visitors sin? is but exercising the nati
Irai rlfbi of Mlf-defence. *V<aftby onea do exta
1 Bnt they are as nothing to the seseral ran (
planaiUe, Inatatcnt Impudent rascals who bave ?ive
I the term "hook .?mont" its rolor ami diainctier.
In Boston .in*-f n??u- there is a suit on trial inToI?
ing i somewhat exalted version of the flail;, itorj
1 Some 187,075 wan psid by a ivotnan for books whk
one expert on the stand swore were north sot on
$4,700. The books were of the familiar "il*" lux?"
??a-- Superficially they exhibited mnch frill an
many illustrations. Al lionrf th?*y were !li<* USUI
??ii.-;i|i stuff gotten op, like the historic Fsnke
razors, "to ?jell."
Everybody knows better th.'in to boy sneb vo
umea, But much talk will conquer the ?rtcrn?
resolve, through sheer exbanstion, ?f nothing dsi
Bode doctrine thnt it i-. Um slt?mm?*<l door and
I yapping Towser remalu the only efBcicnl Mfeguard
: aga n-t these Insidiosa pests,
A ?Rose Tinge in the Business Sky.
The report of the American Railway Aaoociatio
that iii<* number of blip cara was _7,470 fewer o
1 March 15 than on Mareta i la bound t?i be cbeerln
i?, o ??real many people in this country. Il la axi?
luatic thai sa goes the country's rallwaj business t
goes all the rest of the country's business.
i ewer Idle can means more shipping, more wort
more wages to go into circulation, more opporta
nity for work. The atmosphere bus not been -
roseate lately that the railroads, the luerchanl
.- ? 11 ? l manufacturers ,'ind the ???'?id and hungry .i"li
seekers ^?'i f.-?il to give heart] thanks for tin
iiu*-li of pink In the sky.
The "Movies" Milking for I cnipcrancc
1110-.0 wip. bave hastily assumed the Increaslni
and mulUplying moving picture theatres to be dem
of poisoned needle Iniquity will do -well t" recon
Isider timir judgment, in some places those estab
llshments are accounted .mdive and effldent agi ncie
? tot* righteousness, ami it la suthoritatively declare?
? thai tiioi'- Influence for good on publl? mornU I
plainly perceptible.
in Manchester, England, for example, .?? dty ni-ic
I Irate la reported a- savin-,' thai the "rnovl? ' "r'
niglitl] keeping thousands o? in?*u "?it ?f drink in j
places, with tin* result tbst ill?** drinking habita o
the city are showing n marted Improv? ment. Th?
"'tii'ivi??-" remain open until about the time sel foi
th?* closing of bars, so thai there Is little if an]
: ?>i>i'"itMiiity for men to tret, drunk .'ifter leaving th?
former; ami small as the admission fee to the show,
is. few soom willing to fnrfoit ?rron :? fraction "I
it by leadng befor? the Issl film la reeled off,
Therefore the great majority of those who go to Um
"movies" .".re thus practically kept from going t?;
drinking plaices.
lids result is ii"t .it .ill surprising, and it Is
gratifying. Perhaps, too, i' may t-onve*? a profit?
able BUggesUon t?? those who ?ni? working to abat?
the evils of intemperance, ii Is a truism thai men
? and women, too, require entertainment siid social
diversion Ton often tbe saloon has been tbe onlj
? i.r man's club." if !t is now largely replaced by
tim '*poor man's theatre," tho gain will be groat.
Injunctions for Red Lights.
Senator Herrick's "red lighl injunction" Mil,
which hns jii*si passed ihi. upper bouse of tbe Legla
lature, should become a law, This i** b measure
similar io thai under which the resort secUon <>f
Washington was recently closed, it enables a per?
son t<? obtain an Injunction sgainsl tin? maintenance
of n disorderly bouse, which i-* ?declared to he a
nuisance and so subjed to ?permanent Injunction.
The s<??*ial evil will not be abolished l>y auch legis
I lotion, t?> be sure. Bui under such a law ?..-j-soii
Iowning real -estate would not have bo rasy ? time
collecting big profits from It when rented for dis
orderly purposes, x??:* would respectable, law-abid?
ing neighbors And It so difficult'as it now i- i. > t*i?l
r vidnity of objectionable resorts.
The Kcal Woodrow Wilson.
President Wilson's remarkable protest againat
the conception ??r bie personal character which the
]?iiii|?<- bos genera ly accepted will make a t*l id Im?
pression on Un* country. I; could not be otherwise,
; sin,-,. bis comments at the Press Club In Washing
I ton on his own attitude and point o? i lew were de?
| lightfully unaffected and human What he said
was both outdid and modest, u?* analyzed himself
with ail the grace and sure?o?--*, whicfa we bare come
to exped from urbane psycbologlsta like Ffenrl
Bergson. .\uy suggestion of egotism waa dispelled
by tbe humor with which the President lifted the
official mask nn?i tried to appraise himself merely
a- the m:.n who can still "at blessed Intervals" hold
Ihc rares and burdens of the President!] at arm'-j
? - b.
'lin? Presidency is a lonelj office. General Harri
-in suffered acutely In it because the people with
whom he ??:< m.? in contact most of them necea
sai-iy with axes to ?grind- considered him reserved
ami unsympathetic. H?* complained bitterly i?? his
few intimates of the judgment which the world had
formed of him, but be la-eked tbe Initiative and
boldness t<? fight Buch an Impression as Mr. vVU?
loon ??'? fighting it. No President would be worth
bis salt If be ?lid not take the responsibilities of
his office serions!] enough lo guard his confidence
ami to be on tbe al-ert to bead off polltidana anxious
to ii-?* him for timir selfish pnipoaea, a President
musl listen much, say little and often act abruptly
if in- wants to discharge the obligations linposed
nii"ii him tt< a distributer <?f patronage and a?* h
i part] leader.
'I..O great a friendliness t?. those who Imposed on
? hi- -.i nsturs waa Mr. Tsft's chief fault in the
I] dency. Pbe country would gladlj have -?'?'n
'hm in??r?* unapproachable ami suapidous, howev?
much ii ;? ii?r<N-?;1 : <-?i Ids kimllini- , an<l bonhomU in
non-offidal relations. fidonel Rooaovell struck the
happier mean, for although he gave unhampered
expression to all hi- varied Interests In men and
things and "a- bj naiiire and haliit eosnpeniouable
and expansive, he also knew when to ?freeze up and
t.. fight In our time the Presidents who have
n?.i been afraid i" fight and to hold off tbe office
?eeker rind polltidana In Washington have been
those who have made the greatesi Impiession o?i
Mr. Wilson ma] regret that Washington and the
countrj generall] esteem him i cold man and have
tier.-r asen tin- enldron of emotions boll over within
Qltn, ?.a Uc bttjB It SftjU ?'-'?y- *-"-' u-'*-' '"-' *-utt* -?>
\>j\J_Sure, 'tis a fine sight to spp the ould Lady doin' all this on MY account.
baa n simpler, moro intent und mon friendly nature
than il??' country has ?o fir credited blm with. Yet
ii?? bas lost MT.v little in popular estimation if bol
has sacrificed a reputation lor geniality to acquire
.*! reputation for Impersonal self-absorption In 'tie'
i work which he has bad t?> do. if the results
'the country i' will nol worry about the appcarauce
j ol unemotionality. In due time, as the strain of the ?
[Preslttency relaxes, Mr. Wilson will be able to give
I freer rein to the good-fellowship and naturalness I
of feeling which be says ?re bubbling up within!
I him. if hla psychology i< accurate the public will
not long continus t'* think ol hin ta lonelj
Somewhat Ominous for Carson.
So iher?- la ?? Carson cigarette; named after the
"uncrowned Kin_r of Ulster." It I'?1? been placed
upon tlio market simultaneous;.*, with the rallying
of the ?--?-in for the lnst stand against Home Rule.
; Presumably every loyal Unionist will be expected .
! to amoks it. Thai muy mean good business; but
i ii may also be ominous.
More thnn one great man has had ??01110 object
; name?! for blm. Sandwich, und Bl?cher, and
Wellington, und Gladstone, and Silhouette and
? Brougham. Hiera were also General Shrapnel
and Derrick the hangman. Ifteklntosh and Mac*'
adam ?re also thus known to fame. In all thp-e
cases the thing baa a certain substantiality ind
; permanence.
Rut tin- Carson f*iparrtte: [s tii.it .1 namesake
worthy ol a great cause? Is toe leader of a people
to !>?? Identified with so slight ??? thing. Or is it
an "iiicTi that the formidable ant! Home Rule cam? 1
Ipalgn, after all tit*- sound and fury at Belfast, Is
to end In amoke!
[f jresterday mornlnfi* w?? ppring'a ' ??then-.. 1 mild- '
ness," we move for a revision of the dictionary.
The chief Irish question seems to be whether that
no lon*rer "moot distressful eountry" Will keep Its
Ulster on or slip it off. !n the present state of th*
thermometer we ?hould advias keepinp it on.
! They apeak of dismantling and rebulldins "old"
I Wa hington Market v.t men who would sharply
, resent being called anything like old remember when
that ' diflce was built brand new. Do buildings thus
? t.me superannuated mach sooner than man?
The exhortation to remember the Triangle fire,
which occurred three -/ears ago next Wednesday, is
more profitable than pleasant. Ther<?. is no Joy in
r^rnemh'-rtnK s ich B thing, hut there would he no
wisdom In forgetting it until it? lesson had b?*-??n ap
plied in making its recurrence ?is bapoealblc a? sldU
and ? B ' t C mid make it.
Castro In Trinidad. Violent atora central In
so ? h?*r 11 Caribbean,
Now it is propos SO" to ha\e dinin?. rara In the N?"**
fork subway. The BUggeatloa 's perfeeth- rthfuir?! t;:,
p'?-? it could be a'ranK'd to have ?ianrlni; with thi msal
? ninna aojoiirrilna In KSW York would boycott th?,
subway if It dW not have dancing at eating ttm?>
11. ?ton !' si
" ? .1 want 1 iVew v.;-. Stock Exchange ar.it h,?tt<?r
-'.?.its nr. airead? *--??? 11 g up \ "Seat" means
.a ; stand Ina room f"r roaring lik?? a mad?
man In a padded ward Buffalo ?'ourler.
?1 mi'? 1 te ata* bars [New Torfe] as lonj- ,.s 1 Uva"
? "liarles I". Murphy? Pratt] tOUgh on N'?w York, but
it doesn't deesrve much ayaapathj, brought it on itaatf,
you know.?Indianapolis Newa.
The Impossible has hren aecomiillshrd V-.W Tnrk
baa three.osnl alekal theatres Toledo Btada
The latest Deputy Polloe Commissioner in New Tori
is Mi Rubra No doubt Mr. Js from Hackensaek, will
I to meet him 1 ev? lai I Plain ii?-.-ii? -.
\. \? fol k'S I '? """ ' '? ' ' ? :i,,i ..-> .1 '
. M ? ;.'i 11- ' ee th? Baltimore Amei
XI . ;.? s *i 011 bomb artist saj ? ? ? foi the
iiii ty work 01 oi ? It 1 . ,.
that the authorities '?.11 see fit to give sind n?-r? ?? the
elaetrlcal treatment it ? >\ irt, <i b* .\?w .oik atatuua.?
iiTopak? ?Jtiin mkoAfi Journal
An Appreciative listener Plead? for
H or of s Tril an?
Sii. As th? ehl? f sxecuttve of a ?
dally newspaper, i feel tl at you c "?*? ?1
personally know the entartalnment and
the - lucatlonal advantigee thai are
Ing extend? i thouaand of om* clt
tl - f-ee orch? Btn ts the
giving m the public school auditoriums,
VThlle J occasionally patronise a
c!\en in on* of the centrally I *
and pay what I can n;**or?i for the seats i
req'iirc, !' ts not possible for m? to pa?
tron) a a : I - musical undertaklnas I
?hould ke to; est ectally la this true of
orchestra music, which I so much enjoy.
These winter con lerts are git
?-m opts what ? I nd ? at they ?>
aln ? have noticed that the utmuat at?
tention i- -.??'n to everything perform?*d
irlsbl* prea? at
an I that s preclatlon
always dlsplas ? d.
i ?o ? . that It Is possible and
er f..;- the eit) to appropriate ?
larger amount of money annually for.
these concerts? Last year ami this year I
we hau six! h 1 and many
of my frtenda would like to hoar mor,- o?
these programmai They ara certainly a
great boon to ti:.- eoinmunit)
No. ?0 .'?J?rn Dg I? Drive, N? n '
St. Patrick? Day Starta a Wild Outcry
in Newark.
To the Bdltor of The Tribune.
s?: The "wearers ? t th" green" ware
out In full fonte eu St. Patrick's Pay, to
my utter discomfort. Everywhere t
went, turn whern T would, r met the .'"ph
? ' E In, ths soi ?? ? f Isaac and Jacob ' ' s
sons of Qermanlcua and t: e sons of con
wearing heap i ? .-l?- oi a
me,.,, of ireen ribbon. I thought I ??
ipe then o fifth a? uo,
oughfs i i? i
with n v.ist ?inn-.- of men mai
su -i. aei ve racklna tun? i >ld i- ?
s all Be i res in I the "\\ i aring of t is
: Oreen."
American chronicler say, ami i believe
' them, that Mrs. O'Leary's cow kick i
over the lan'eni. thereby eaualng the
??rent | I ago . ..? ?' . g .fjon, .-,. :, ?earing
her ml itra s a hi Us "? on ?? B ick to
Erin." i t?:ink li r beastly shame thai
an American Itlsen art me forefathers
' ' l the ' an of Manhattan
? 1er out on tl : ? da toi i
walk under sa. | >.| ,.??, srltbOUl
having his peace of mind dlatarbed t*?- a
feu- iri.sii arhoas place la bistorjr, ascent
political history, Is very ln_rt_ral_eant
I shoold like to ask. Who aro th<? Irish.
Ne-arK, S T., .Mur. h M, 1914.
Broker Say? No C.<?od Agent Wittingly
Doea So.
To the r*.i"or of The Tribune
Bli Hay i be permitted to take -.s1- e
with jreor etat.?ment in ?-?Mterday'a edi?
torial. "To Quench the Firebugs," to the
sffect that "the present bu conditions
may ?n.ik? buatnesa for.inauraaca broken?
hut they make high insiiran?-,? rate? "
et.- ' i auppoea ?.??"ir aasomptlon la thai
lOltal out Of t'le
l prevs ????'? BeHevs ma
ths Brel in* la as big ? ?? . -.. our
?i.1 la h? t to the public al
? itrl? ts Infsotad bj bl n
make ths pis ni at b isli asa 1 1 ? hard
and ? xpensive proposition, Rial no hrok?-r
ot an?* standing ?will ?arttttngly handle ?*
"bug s ' account.
Wkjr do yaw nawaoaMB tat? dol?a-? ta>
knooklna Insurance brokers? Are
aware ta.it it | - the pmetl? a of ell
brokerage bouses t?>
departments at hi -.?\ ? exp< . ? to ?
and keep t?-? h minimum theli
inf><!, thu?. cutting down "
slon reeelpts ' This la a brand of sor
i?i the writ?-- e b^st knowledge, onpi
leled in any other line of rom?r ?-*?-? ii
'*-? v York. Mar.*': 30, 1*14.
Our Expert? Discus? the Schema
Jumping to Avoid the Shock.
To the ''??* t? * of Th" Tribi -
Sir: in regard to ti e t? sslblllty of
Mrvlna the ? i ? ? Jumping ?
o--.?? ia in a ? ? it ?? ear, it ma;.
. . - eck ? ill be lessened
within one-third of a .-?
foro ?trlking, if the car la rar' :
? -.: if, now ever, the ?
a nnii. ? ? eloctty the i a
I If the occupai ? is able to Jump
may strike with a greater for? thai
lie ?li'l not Jump a? a
For example, If the elevator has read
'.nu velocity of fifty feet a pset
|u -t before Btrlfc ng and the occupt
ai - .' two feet, comnwi
??ii?.', i within a fifth of
? , ? . th?-- b
torn, he will thi - > the
the car wltl i v? I if a
feel .1 second. If he commenc?e to jui
r.i of a second before the c
? -? *.. : the botn
with a velocity of about fifty feet
second, hla efforts having ai >'
nothing, if. however, he ?jonunences
Jump two-thirds of a second before t
car strike? th? bottom he WOUld Btfl
with a vel'K-lty of sixty feet a seoon
which t? a -creator shook than If he d
not Jump at all.
it will be teen that It would be sluts
to estimate tbe time of .*..i
ng to Jump so that th* i
lea en the Bbock by bo ?loin?;. Tl
. .- ! ? . dure In a i ase of this ?
t?i stan?! with kneea and trunk siisrht
. ? ; ? .m i run no I I np np -it tl
K. S. B.
Kew I?.;'.-.. March B, Ifll
To the Editor of The Tribune
Sir: if "Inquirer" just before tbe ep
vator htt? bottom of shaft wer? able t
J imp fr.sn Its tloor with a fOTOB s W
* *' the jump ?* t? m-ul? fr?>m a ?ta
tionery platform h>? wo ?i?i be sont to
h-sight of one hundred feet ha ?msi
with the forre ?1 i<* to a tWO-fOO
fall, linking a jump within the Btrengt
limita of an average man, be eronM ntrik
with the velocity due to a heitrht of ver:
Uear The fell hundred-foot fall
B R K.
Now York, Mar?-h _.. 1-01-4.
To the Kditor of Th? Tritmne.
Sir: "ImpHrer." of New Haven. Is figur
Im* on tOO much leisure In h!? ?-le\ato:
di ?p of .* hundred feat if he plans t?
Jump t??> i< >: into the * befon
? lull
in the Oral place, he ro-*id n 't J imp up
from s surface thai was ?i? ???pin?' oui
from 'itiHer htm all the tlm*. even if he
could know just whi n to make tho sff?M*t
In the BOOOnd l?liw?*e. tho hen?, f st>-ol ?-.it
would ?hoot earthward with ever Increas?
ing velocity. "Inojttlree'e" i?jJj. l'oin?
lighter and not attached to th? car, would
full mere sloulv and wouM ihoreforo
through m?*.-t of tin? trip he plastered
iiKiiirt lbs car celling until 'he ground
ws i' ' * i ?? o?..*.? in.-ii i>.> dsshsd
I ? floor ?ith tremendous fen c
Howev? r, if the car i ht] dov/a slea I)
i ?? might have Hobs te oNna to the ?jrlll
work ??t* lie down ?>n th?- Boor to ?h.? the
Inevltahls foil under whtoti he would r<?
boiiiui with ?nor.? or Ian pamt* il results
I'BuallN when ?n ?slevator ?tans on a Joy
ride there la ao/, m\t__ more than iUue
An Open Furum for
Public Debate.
i . ? - in th?
mlrrfl to ??? ...
? ?o'ltit.
die In .'? ? o\SP
N??\V ?
A Generou? Attitude I ow-rd the Under
Dog? Is Urged.
To the I
... . m mk
u hen the ?
trd 4
? ? . . ? ?
us also ? ' late take ?
,;~or???: ? .
and pass a
v. ill real
I knov . - i .
? ?
e devout
are ?=?
'ers, I ?
?'Good Loi I, fill Tl
! ' '
turmo '.
' ' ' '"",''
?n 1 .*
, Ma
If It I* Not Read in the Home Should
It Not Be in Class?
paper an art
fortins -Si
tVhal ? ? '
this so-called t irl !
?une tue r. \eU
the foundatioi
cutlOn to get
truth? , , ,
I tl : ? ? ?
the I ' .
of thkt ? ok. at d
_.?- them
they not hear Pi
,,- .; ,,?.- vi-H REGI LAR I-KA ?
New V ? . '*
Preaerving Our Polar Axi?.
tor of ' ' ?
Sir I
???th O
.. . . ? v.
or man refute t ol
rame to me Ves; <*. ,
man that In i - ? ' r'n " ?_
have ?hanged the fees ' the eartk^
destroyed nsosl of th? : - : * * " ...
men have said these ??w!*jTt _
eaiised by ?.Bst " ^ ,M
ana of the poles, csusing a i
polar axli
reeled ?
?... . ill them 'lis.ov-:- ; >??'>
??veal to usa m.-tlunl t?. .Ii
of the S uta '
ent polar sxl ,. w U
language of OeneaU '^ubdu* d
Ont tuto abode of countleai ?
?-|ser.-u,dhe,,er..e?'..l? ?tMt,;?.-'
Atohlson, Ksn., March U 1?*

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