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Manufacturers Trying to
Defeat Bill Pending
at Albany.
Mothers Appeal to Her in Inhalt
Of Children Who Have
Formed Habit.
. hei -
to-da* worl feat th?
liefora th? - " ?'
?top to tl ' !"-1
? '
If the bill, whlcl ? d by
... third
paas? !'s"
la i KP 1 '
drugs Tl B for the ?
mam reason for
? |. i'. atlng the bill ' ' ' ?
making II a felony gs < *-?
?i i on a phyal? n't pn
s mis r to havi I
authorit Ii cal ulal
with Uia practlat
The Ml] Introduced I"-)" Senator Kr.w
lejr and backed by Mr*. W. K. Vand? r?
hllt, thriniKh her attoraeya, Coultei A
Fond, nf N?-w York, provides a penalty
of from two to Bftean years foi traille
in theee dnififts. The severances ?if the
renalty is d?sa1gn?Bd to arlpa out tlio
trader?, who fui.ply young drug -
and even tea- ). children the hs
Frawley Tells of Evil.
"?Then Senator Frawl? y learned i
opposition he said he did nol believe it
would i.e strong enough to del
Mil, bat admitted there v dan?
ger whi ?i it - am? b<
"Tho Mil wiil go through," he
"No decent, aelf-respe t. ? man will
dare to ?.p).???-e it. |
?me ran have the face to sa* Il ? drug
*-?il should not I- wiped out The rea?
son i am so Inti reati d In th? i ttei
bacaoae It comes hi me to me down in
my ' pposed to
the bill could i the wrecks
morphine and heir.in have made of
young men and women that i knew as
boya nd gii rs tl
would see tl Irug ?
by drui ? - i would ! :
tell them 1
h) 00 rlt? B, and 1 wi'l If it .-??111..'
All the money they ever gave away to
? harit.. a wouldn I pay for the
the?.- aell. it is always the t. _- man
who knows better who la t., blame in ,-i
? .-???? ? ? lorner druggists who
traille h m? i d traders who
t" \ oung In ? mbrj " and
? ? dare to sh.>-.\ their handi
No Hindrance to Doctors.
"Nothing In this bill ?will prohibit the
ir.i- :
we an trusting allow?
Ing the di . rd< r.
But we are _ ee to it that i
I th? dr ig will i?- ma? ?
? i ' - ? ? rimli traffic m II
fPh? as i
I Ilk th? m. in the I ? aft ? f
th. bill I pro]
en to all ca
ng the that this
' I <? '?? n ; orj "ii the
?owing ?
.! to
from two t?
h ma> woi n thi
! ?
? ral opini? ?
go to /
t K. Coultei So
ey for Mr \ ?
. ? |
and tatlatics to
-, moi
Appeal to Mrs. Vanderbilt.
? i" show
' I hn
thi : row and race brought by
th? h-tti rs
'? g read a hat
... . i,,.
k ? ? ? to write to you
? , ; . ? nformatloi I eg
, n. "? ? ? * ? r old ??? I I ?
? ? ?
WI en I ? . oung
We tt '"riutn 'ii '
hectics ntha, but aft? ? '
a home b< lart?
, ? had to ? ? ? d bin to
. ,i ?.'?' ??
? ? ? ? ? Tomba
- ' ' ? ' ? i
i I aii,. al to
g you cou
to do I I ? ?. i
can send I i red?
I /? ,i if - ?t don? foi
mi romm?ir 77
to Bight, Mar. li I ILI > ? ? H?
hii i h .11 low in? mind looking at
i | i? torture of seeing him being
physi? lly and mentall* ??? re? ked is on?
Woman Threatens Suicide.
Samuel Mondsac and WII
? :/.k were arn-ated aa pickpockets
. ruastoa n car ?? sterday
::.! in theli !'<? ikets In
Moi ? ' et was a 1? tter from s
worn? . ? S glcal Hospl
?? ild kill herself
? t some < the ?
ettet ran ' I
? ? get the
kly nervi ? ? . part.
Hod! Willie, if ? oi ki ? I ?
.. and my
!'l"lll Ul?
Oh, if i could
? ? ? o . ould Bleep! II
... with th? at iif? bj 1
1 will kill my
long? i. Get it
fe to break ?
i ? j ..n ilo:, ; i v, ill lin.i a way
Moretsky, who I - - rs old,
>i ? ? ay to
e wai ted His
n lawyer!
oui t i., defend
him yesterday when t'i" two youths were
Magistrat? Nolan He
? ; and street. The court
? , laord? I
?. , . ? th? ? of his
hav< ed ol the drug
Mond: ai *?? i ?> vi l So 157 <
l ?ml i? . : ? ? ? two ara
was sent t"i sixty da) a,
and on th- rharg? ol having heroin in
? ? pos? Ion both wt re held In ?'.""?'
police Seize Opium Supply.
? that in Henry Lew:?,
' '".-three years Old, whom thev i.r
? ' last night, thi ave the dis* i ni er
in chief of opium and morphine "ii the
}>_.-t Bide from un street to the Bowery.
Lleutei mi Hennessy, with rvtertivrs
Ransberg, Wuuchmer, Qrottano ami
)xrw?Bnhelm, rui':??'! Lewis's home, on the
third floor at Sn __? Kast 10th str? et,
t io o'clock. They pushed their way
m when Mrs ??wla refused admission.
'. -.': wai grabbed before he had time
.' -.:??! revolver whl? h la
4 of cartridges He v.ns locked
up at the ."?th -?? tat m, ? harged wit i
ln his room were found one gfO boa of
? . |.-" box of opium, p. .
.-. rs of i fteen 11 boxes of
jenshe, two opium lamps and om
valued it ?
White to Get Laetare Medal.
1 \of. i ?am? , ind . March SI ' 'luef .Tus
ti ?? Edward Douglas White, of thi ; nlted
Sta'. - ., ? ? ? ' '. : -, ! ??morrow ?? :
?? from the rniveralt? of Notre Dame
the L-wtare m<-.ia!, awanhd annuall] to
the layman who has i>< n?-tit?-?i ? athollc
etj l ? the greatest extent during the
Tins announcement was made to?
da) b i '- ? Id? * ' John Cavai augh, The
?". ? I - d. pendant
from ti." colora ?f the university, and
rs oi aldi Latin i he Inscription
r- th is mil pre? ail "
Champagne and State Flower To Be Used by Daughter
of Oklahoma's Governor?Papa, She Says, Can't
Come. Fearing to Leave State to Deputy.
Tin- ttleship ? ?kiaiioo; t ? 11 : a
launch? ? I the yor? ? lha
i New fork Shlpbt Com? ny. In t ?am?
i,en. ?in?! will taki her plunge christened
with cl ampagne, despite the petition? and
protesta thef have been pouring In upon
?fJovernor Cruw of I r name ?tate ever
sine? the launching wa? am ?? n ?
Any iiouin on thii pom: v.a.-? ?et al r**st
? yesterday by Mia I-orena Jane ? nice, th? i '
fjevernor's daughter, *>*.h<> will break th?
bottle on the ship's bo?
'okiHhomi, you know, la a prohibition '
stete," sai?) Mis? Cruce, "and father waa
deluged with letter? and petll
ministers and Prohibitionists asking thatII
minorai u it. i be used; but yon know the ?
sailer? are superstltioui about it, bo it will , i
be champa i ? i ?
Mis?-- Cruce, Who t-- stopplna at the Hotel ? '
<'nmrieria.ni). ?aid she wai not at all ner?
vous about her part in the laun hing, asi
something of a veteran at break
? x .1 bottle at ., riet? not on a
hip, though ?.'"i 1er difference Is that
he did nol use champagne on th? other
but i * eral water.
* i: was . ' tu? christening of the tnu
licipal bathhouse In Guthrte," she ex
?lalned. "They wer? mini ral baths, end i
?-???i .-i bottle of mineral water that time.
? ? lurs?. it waa nol Quite u ea Itli !
_ launching s battles! p broke la her
'"istn, Mis? ?.dah Bennet, who la with
ifi guest b f-'iri who is ao expert
? teni Is and golf can break ;i bottl? of
. n.' ail r ? _? 111 ?.?, hen tiio time
In addition to having the r
?f performing her own parr ti the chrie
tnlns Mis? Cruce will ..' ?? be In a ?ray,
*.? r i'atlier's r? * *? ? * LtlV?, M th? I ?? ?*.
msell cannot l.e pr? sent. H< ha i
ippointed James A. Wbiteomb, of this
v .. la large interests In ??itia
oma, to i*? i ting ' So ? n i for the oc?
r didn t feel that he could leav?
the state " ? aplain? d Ml
found ? foi *a ' >?n he left
g ?n thi banda o Mr McAllister,
t .. i lout? nanl i lovernor l h 43 did not
4,'n to suit blm, iv'i Instance, Mr, lie
Must r during fathers a:-'-: ?? P-ldoned
fifty convicts. Mr. MeAH_r.tr 13 a lovely
old gentleman and a Democrat, like
father, ?nd they are the liest of friends,
bul weil, father thought tf beat to stay
at home and run things in ?us own way."
There is another comp cation In the
coming launching that ought t" be men
tloi ed : ? night well 1 trike trepidation
heart, I m Ml a i.Yuci
'raid, it haa to do a ths
? ? ? -1 . end the ol her g
ling party will 1 airy the state
flower ??f Oklahoma, and that 'low
? ?tl ? -- .? - than n let stoe. Pretty ?-iris
and mistletoe always have he'ii a com?
bination to . auee ? omplleatl? 1 -. and in
thi-- caaa the tu itlon srlll he furt1-,' : -.
? voiv. rj the 1 of a numb? r of
I gallai ? ? 1 - - men, a ho, of all m? n,
. av? - acklng In doing the pi
However whatevei the ? nplicai ?
i may he In the comli ? laun?
are the dlmei siona of the dreadno
I I.ength <"."r .-, 1. '?.: feel (tren ' am,
K fp.?? _*.. in,-ii<:-. trial draft - feel I
: ?n.-hfs. trial displacement, 27,540 tons;
? ? 1 speed ? . knots. The main arma?
ment wilt consist of t'ii It-Inch guns
: -, ounted In four tur--- - . 1?. rilk the
londary battery will constat of iwn" one
I n rapid lire gui - I can
? -., ! ?... ? , ?
Says His San Francisco Paper
Violated By-laws.
Th>* ?.a . Bted Tress Bled answer In
the Buprem? Court yeaterday to th? ac?
tion brought '? William K H?aret for
an Injunction to reetrain t ? nneoctatlon
from taking any Btej t?? discipline him
?jr diacontinu? it*- servie? to "The Sun
Frende? ? Ehuunlnei **? I ?? h? owns.
Th.' :n.*?i>r sUegi '? * "Th? San Fran
? Kxai lated the by-Utw? of
Th.- Issoctated Press getl out an
edition m ? taktend * . ng th?
? supplied to th<* San Francisco pap? r
for that p ?? ' *-? d? : ? dan!
.1 of te ... *
Th?? .1 -?.??? - rs ' it ? ?*? * sms a
? * ?
dated Pr? ?a snd B. B. i 'arvalho,
enting Mr. lleara ?
mad? i?v "Th? Oakland Tribun?
r of Th? Aseod ited Pr? sa Th?
? ? ? a? tion of
Hean t ????..?? to th?
? of the -i m
Italian Would Keep Them Here
Until Cured of Trachoma.
\ i bank? r, of N<
112 _asl 16th
robla, ai IS
llfti as Am itls- :??-. on
the manfest of th? No th Germ?
Uni r Pr! ? -- Irene, ? hi?
on Thui sdaj delivered the te * ?
the immigr?t! in <**ti? lals at Bilis i
? rday in r? aponse to the govei an
Abolino, who had tak< his
? . nshlp pai ??: s, said
. a ho n? ver had intry,
?ei e.ititi???i to com? Both
left the ship, althougl thej were Buffer?
Inn from ti ichot a
,: ported yesterda) An appeal was
mad? to the Secretary of Labor by th?
father to li:ive th? lads held :n th!?
country n.n?i tr>-*.-it?,i until enred
; Parents Charge She Tangoes
While Pupils Go Neglected.
Newton, V. ?' . Mar :h it. Ml
Welsh, a Frankford school teachei
tends -o many dancei ? |? physt?
ill unable t<? gl\*e proper attention to
; her pupil?, end aom? times te ill
? ;i fourt? ? ; * ..-irl to hi 1;. het t? I
according to aom? angrj parents.
The charg? ? ? ? Mi .i ?rttJ
: * kford Board i -i. ai d .i
h? ?ring will I a held Ii Bran th? II
Thursday afternoon, whop M
and her accusera ? I be died pon to
make th? ??
re that of Mira M alsh ?
duct of the clasi ? I tve to send
: u n- children r?. Longbridge,
i swaj.
| Jacksonville. Fla., March ?l Connie
Mack, mai ? - ? :" ? ? .thlettca,
I ealleil Ir.rr.. d ? to P , -
' * c '? r, who 111
I went an op? * stloi for a ? ?
Expects Victory After Polit,
?cal Conference Over
; Livingston Fails to Bring Rep.b
lican leaders to the
Mayor's Side.
1,1 ' '"' ' " ? ;' ' *??-?_?_
di joli **
' <** m
the ? It ,
! aftern.-.or.
i"0'1"'1' ' "' ? -KoMaid, U u*
'? Bell, Oeargef
- .
I es t the bflb ( ,
? v ' "Ten know, the m^.
hatten Repub an \ .... , arf
let the bbssbsoimi
'? mm?T th
"Al1 ' ?? ?f- ' rejggg, an
?rigor. "Is to go to ; a u aal ?asi
1 ? ' m emUAPAf.
.men met ir? ... an.l all o? th?m
"?" ?- ... fU? bm%\
Til' ? "? aacb ?-a??? wfj,
e-cir.!ution hid
bean h-arrnmentai in ?. .-??ring the a!-.u-?
of Mayor Mltchal it ti-a?. up to iti _?,.
bOTt tO BUpt .this, Mi mott ,_
- rtaat refera* bo far, rt ?-?j pr,^.,,,
'out that if the AaBaaaMyaaag faii-n t.>
P???s the [hi ?-Ha tfc, Limo
.?rats a ehSU ? to s*a!n a t?<-hnl<*?l j^.,,,.
tags hy passing them In ths haata tv
failure ? ? m ;?w orrM
??.atorlaj thU
' I RsbsMmi
ticket, it i a
Eleven of the UotO leader?
of I .ssa district? ar?
the ??- Stars roit a'
M ?tagas str-*-,
IssMal no? to
? MHa The abrent??
was i * ? it .-if the. l**h
was out Of tout?.
. thai in? wa>
t tl _ ??? : i?. larob A
? . - the *??? laadw ? ?
? w.?ri> axaJnst
"Th? ...- informal.
' Mr. Lit Ing dned Ths nanti
taken by th
way bli i th? ei itlwa ? mna?ttaa or
th? county Hon. < lar "bject in
getting thi is "impi
to got a II ? ? tii a.
M - i i ksai l
??? I'i'i rstmerr.
? - r.i.ll? r> hill
Luncheon and Tea Room
On the Fifth Floor
Forty-second and Forty-third Streets, West of Fifth Avenue
Motor and Carriage Entrance on Forty-third Slrtci
Luncheon and Tea Room
On the Fifth Floor
With Easter just three weeks away, every woman is anxious to conclude decisions in matters of Apparel for the all-important occasion. The
Stern Brothers' collections are as exhaustive as they are authoritative, and this great new building, with its exceptional shopping comforts, invites
all who desire to study and compare the New Modes under the most restful and satisfying conditions. The Displays of Millinery and Costumes,
Suits, Wraps and Blouses command the enthusiastic interest of all women who love refinement and exclusiveness in Apparel.
The spirit of Spring is the dominant note in fabrics, colorings and styles in these
Women's Suits, Dresses, Coats and Wraps
Styles that are distinctive, expressed in rich fabrics, colors and effects.
Most satisfying variety?meeting every price desire (Third Moor)
Women's Suits, of Wool Crepe, Serges. Checks. ?Taffeta and Moire Silk.
expressing the smartest features of the new modes. at $29.75 and 45.00
Women's Dresses, o? Serge and Moire Taffeta Silk combination,
in an especially effective model.al 29.75
Women's Street Coats, of the latest fabrics in the favored new colors:
also black and white and colored checks; knee length,
lined with changeable taffeta.at 25.00
Women's Separate Skirts, of Serges, navy, black and white Moire and 7'affeta. also
new checks, in a wide selection of the newest styles, at $6.75 and 12.75
To-morrow, we will place on sale, a specially prepared collection of
Women's Superior Muslin Undergarments
On the Second Floor
Introducing novel and original style ideas, produced expressly for us by several
leading manufacturers, and representing exceptional values in
Gowns, Combinations and Petticoats, em?
bodying over fifty styles developed in nain
? k and trimmed with the newest laces,
embroideries and ribbons,
Specially price! at $1.25, 1.75, 2.10
Envelope Chemises. Drawers and Corset
Covers, m bracing over forty styles elabt
rately trimmed with laces and embroideries
Specially priced at 98c, 1.35, 1.85
Crepe de Chine Gowns and Combinations,
ovei twenty-five styles in pink r,r white,
plain or trimme?! with ! ll ! rosebuds
Specially priced al $4.50, 5.75, 6.95
Underbodices of Crepe de Chine, All-over
Laces and Nets, ovei I vent) '.'?'<-. W pW
and w hite w ith ribb? >n effi I -
Speciall} priced at $1.00, 1.45, 1-95
An ?Exceptional Offering, To-morrow, of
New Spring Dress Goods
will be an attractive feature in the depart
ment on the Second Floor, comprising
Crepe Gabardine and Failles, two of
th? most favored of Spring materials, for
Ttsffli "//Suits and Dresses?50 and 54
inches wide, in the new Spring shades
and black, at $1.68
Regularly priced at $2.30 Yard
Imported Wool Poplins and Tailor
Serges, in the leading colors, including
several shades of blue, also cream, ivory
and black, - - .at 90c
Regularly priced at $1.23 Yard
And from the Wash Goods Department,
adjoining, these two lots:
Special Imported Dress Linens,
!?, im in* .*. *?;i. extra fini grade, in a large
,i- ortmenl ol popular shades ; also
I ?la? k and white, < original Value 85< oq
Yard, ?yc
Stylish French Ratines,
double width, in pian? and fan? ; ?%q
?.i < Originali Value $1.25 yard, al t>OC
Anticipating the needs of Country Homes, these special offerings of
Household and Decorative Linens
On the Second Floor
Gathered from a stock that includes every utility and nicety of table dress and
bedroom adornment?
The initier mentioned rabies are typical:
Satin Damask Table Cloths,
2by2yards, Fach$1.90, 2.40, 2.85
Z by 2-? vards, " 2.40, 2.95, 3.75
2by3yards, " 2.95,3.50,4.40
2V4 by 2V4 yards, " 2.95,3.75,4.25
2\:, by _?? _? yards, " 3.25, 4.50, 5.25
Round scalloped, " 2.95,3.75,4.95
Satin Damask Napkins,
Breakfast size, Doz. $1.90, 2.75, 3.50
Dinner size, 2.95,3.75,4.75
Luncheon size, scalloped, 4.90, 5.75, 6.75
Real Madeira Napkins,
hand embroidered, Doz. $4.50,5.25,5.95
Real Madeira Luncheon Sets,
Hand embroidered, Set $3.95,4.75,6.95
French Handmade Centrepieces,
Cluny lace-trimmed, ,.t $1.95,2.90,3.75
French Handmade Scarfs,
Cluny lace-trimmed, .it $3.25,4.25,5.50
French Handmade Tea Cloths,
( luny lace-trimmed, at $3.50, 4.25, 5.25
Linen Pillow Cases,
Linen Sheets, hem
Huck Towels,
Pair 95c, 1.25, 1.50
Bed Spreads,
I limit v.
Satin Finished,
English Printe
Pr. 3.50,4.75,5.75
Doz. $2.90,3.95,5.00
I ..? I. 95c, 1.35, 1.45
95c, 1.20, 1.50
2.50, 2.90, 3.25
1.25, L50, 3.25
A Sale of the
New Laces
1 hat play so prominent a part in the
creation o? those soft, diaphanous ef?
fects, which are the charm ot the new
Paris Dresses and Gowns, will be avail?
able to-morrow
At the following price advantages:
Imitation Poinl de Bi?che l?lgingand
lions, suitable for trimming Su ?,
at 12c, 25c, 68c, I.II
Values 20c to $1 f?5 ?
Shadow and Chantill Ml ers, I8and 45
wnic.mqiT.it demand for the ma ing ol even?
ing gowns, at 58c, 1.25,1-95,2.75
\ alues ,,;?' : >: 25 .
Latest fad in White Net Top ! aces,
with pastel colorings, Vard 45c, 75c, \M
New Shadow Net -Tops and Men?? n [?ce?J?
white and cream, at 40c, 50c, 85c, m
I Values 60c to $1.85
Silk and Cotton Net-.in white.cream.flwh **J
a|| the leading colorings, 48c, 75c, 95c, i.*>
\ ...hies <.;.' to SI 70 Yard

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