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would ratreal t?> the border snd the
raro] ition suffer the fate of ths ? iroa? o
uprising, whl '?? bad Its ending whei
?*,ei?. ral Huerta, lighting for President
Mndir??. drove the rebel army toJuarea
an.l la il'Mti'-'Kration.
i'ra? ti? aii> ill ti..* Americans who
wers reeMenl of Torre?n and still
have large business and property m
t?-rests there srs f*efugees In El Paso,
xtid -.-?ni. getting Information
.-iiout the conditions. Interest here In
th.* battle is mi? nee.
Th?- Mexican Consul General, M. E.
Diebold, was officially sdviaed late to?
day thai very heavy fighting waa in
ptogieea In th? Inun-ediste vlcinli
General Manuel ?'ha??, a-ho reached
Juarea during the night with four hun
,,!*. ?i reb? 1 troopa lo w? Icome ? '?> ne al
V'ei ist Ian ? Can ?? ? and Colonel Fidel
Avila, commanding the Juares rebel
to-night that unofficial
the I iking of pra? -
II th? loe. n- i**- Gen?
- ? luring the i i
Appropriation Bill Increased $7.?
565.000 Englnnd's Hand Seen
in Vera Cruz Conference.
Washington, March 21
> ver the
:?? ' ? iris? by the House of Rep?
ft i were for the
oh\ |i
aeerlj on s basis of pi eps ? for war,
the army appropriation bill ?
t ? the Senate to-day from the Committee
en Military Afl
tions of $h :.;.... ? mpared wltl I I
? t sear An.ung th<*
more impoi tant .-.*? - approi?*?i ;
|g committee are: For the pay of
enlisted men, n,_9,7?8' subsistence, IMS,?
?7... ? ;.* .. - for fue quarterms it?
eorpe, j?;..'. .j?.i ; fof clothing, camp s
limit. etc., SNO.000; for an.munition,
for the i ft., tup of era - |60,?
MS; for Held artillery for the organised
B. I ? DO ai i fol Bald artillery
a min:.: I
The bait - at TotTeOR "ill br. the turn
Ing point in the Mexican revolution In the
liinii administration ol?
The outcome Is ? m>? ted to Influence th? i
Ann. to a con era
< ?th ? not ed to commit ?
themoelv? - to-i * i the proposals
led i" at ? ? ? ade to John Und
1er of Foreign Af?
The v'?'.?-hington gov? i? nt is
? . g to list-n to any new peace plan
Th? ? n Vera Crus at this time of
Charg? O'Shaughnesey and Charg? lloh
er, of the Am? - end British
!? gal Is taken
es here to mean that the Belt lh gi
enl ting with I I nlted
to bring i ?;
Portillo's Offer of Special Train
Said to Please Envoy.
Mi ? ice * : ;
* ? ? ? ? '. ."-.i ' !rus
wll Mexi? an Porelgi M II iter. Jos?
g tri]
Retired \rmj Officer, chief of the Ulster Volunteers.
? uniniii?ii frmii gssl page.
of the Dorsetshire regiment in Belfasl
bad t hro .. n down th? Ir ai ma
a Dublin raeesage 1" tii?*- London
Press Association says that the officers
who refused to obey orders will be ai
? i. ,-i--'t that many "f those s ho
en to ?- ? to Ulster have
d? ne so "ti condition that they .*.!?? ii"t
t ? . airy arms n_-;i::ist the Unionists.
Throughout th" t.- . .; i - . ils Ire?
land has not wltneaaed s bri ich of the
peace an v hei ?. If Sunda* pa tot
wlthoul rioting, the officials n'ill draw
a sigh of relli f.
Lloyd George Resolute.
nlism will not film h on?
? ef? if the arrof nl and Insolent plague
ol Toryism," was th? -?? conveyed
to-day by David !.' . Gi irge, Chan
..; the Ex? ? to a ma--?
: i at H iddei sfl? Id.
TI < Chancello! was talking about 1*1-1
the atiit e of the Uni mists. \
Hi said:
"The ? nti i confi onted a ith tha
gravest isaue In the history of demo?
cratlc govei nm? nl ilnci the days of
(h.- Stuarts. Representative govern?
land is -it stake, i am
here "ii behalf of the government t
sa. we mean l.nfi onl I his lefl i ?
pul t lib? rtles w Ith resolute and
unwavering determination, whatever
be We are not light -
is about i Ister or about Home Rule.
We ar? I - ? ng for all thai Is efsenl '?? I !
to the civil ? this land."
Mr. Lloyd ';???:?:?? charged the Tori?
with "fighting the battle of British
?v* \ \pl,rctr-*Q- , ?_ju.vtftO?<v
/ \ - 7^^^ vY >_ udao *- S^<^'
V ',_?' / -?- g\y\POP!tO0j0 D,AW
A. I T* f KA1^110^
^^tpielU**?>fr;?BE^^J,LLO"\ \ ^a-JV
' ? ? _S V /~*~* t^^*^:;:^^M?*,c5
t: ? ? rsiwtf&n V*T,LL?/ - V ' o
? % \v Dul?.At*eo. / i / > y V ' '
-%. *\ MA_A*t_AN f ?' :'4 )
* _ ^?Lf-aei.-Mtio \ '- ill
" ?*r\ Btlon over l
t r \
?t ? . . the ?
Of) ?.
) Hli ? ' ?
Thi * - * '?' ?? with
Mr. s the effect of
brtagl resigi nt:on <.,r i . .
?lent Huerta, it :? ?aid.
ron roij>s, INFIXFVZA.
v? r?ii ape tlv Grip and j
hing ( old, .? ith ;i ? ertain
un? o? car? and the use of
! lumphn - venty ?even" at
th? rir*-t sneeze 01 shiver you
? be on i ii gnard and have
?' * ' ?: 1 and read
It you avail iinn] youi bones
begin lo a? hi until ) ou begin to
?**h ai * ' -"'. and the ( old
rn'* settled and hangs on, it
may take ' ? break up.
I wo /? ' * -""1 -; ! 00, at all
ggifll '-i mailed.
M ,?,,,?,,.,. ? "'??1 H
? , ? , h r? . ? , , ?
oligarchy * ''ranpe army." R?*
*? ? r.g t.. the possible us? of fore? In
setting up a ?si?-:?' free snd self-gov?
erning Parliament in Ireland," Mr.
Lloyd George naked: "When did the
Orangemen of the North of Ireland a-'
qulre tli? ?r detestation of coercion?"
n?, reft Bed to have snything to <i" with
a referend im, whli h, bs de? lared, n. ver
bad set i ?-?i ti.bjeel Ii professed to
, Compromise m the Air.
The ?? ? rn of trthur J. Balfu ir, for?
mer Unionist Pit ml? r to London, h is
given h? irl to the sdvocates of a com?
promise. He and Premier Asqulth
...?- served for decades In Ihe Parlia?
mentary fleld snd understand and ap?
??? . ns anoih< r.
premier Asqulth and ?.ndree .;<?iii:
Laa the ofBi lal I? sd< r of thi I ?;?! m.
tion In Hie Moi ? of Pommons, on the
. hand, when th? y have coma Into
lac) ha? ?? ft< quentl) given emblt?
dlspla; s of i ai tissnshlp.
it w.ts tho ighl .ti man? q lai tera t..
day that if ths i rnment would con?
gent to glva the counties of ! Ister ???-r
?,? f ?i.-il Im al opt Ion "ii : I " I ' 1 I "ti of
nb? thcr th? I ?'? Inciud'Sd m ii?"
Horns n ils o\ h? m* nst< "i of ' "in
(M?|iing ih. m t" come undei the Dublin
aaenl al I he end of Bis | eei ?
oui ?.i I ha pi ' ent ?iitti? ult) would
:.?? op? neu.
The Nationalists bava always coa?
tended thai the I Istermen would bs
glad to i"in lbs Home Rule schema
? ? bad been demonsti stsd thai
?h? n '? .un of unfaii i realm? ni m ? t ??
?.?I? t|.
in ordei to pr? ? i * an outl ?i ? ? ths
iioii? e m i? ? land ha ?? i? < n told not t??
take an] steps to enforce the gui
license a? t In caaes where members ol
th>? "Ulster volunteers'* are seen carry?
ing rifles In camp or eleewhere. Thi
ad empowers the authorities to selai
all null' ens? <i firearms
Belfast Remains Quiet,
But Feeling Is Tenst
Belfast, March 121. Details "f th?
disaffection among th?- troops at Cur?
ragh, whi? h a*ere published full' In th?
evening newspapers here, created m
d?monstrations of excitement Bell
to- night is a ? at Ing an abao iti i
mal aspect, sune that the Bal rds
shopping crowds were Increased
A council of war was held tins after?
noon at Cralgavon between sir Ed?
ward Caraon, the ulster Unionist
leader; General Bir ?'eorj." Richardson,
commander in chief of the Ulstei
? roops, and forty offl? ei i ? ompi ising
the regimental commanders of the
forces, at win. h mobilisation d?
were i" rfe? I? d. The headquai tei at
Cralgavon an maintaining constant
communicatloi with '.he mobilisation
centres by motorcycle dispatch car?
su- Edward Carson made ? state
mi nt t" The Associated Press a:"t?-r the
conference regarding the military sil i
alion. He said:
"The government ;s attempt ng ;
i mv Ulster bj Intimidation and provo
al ion, bul ""? h a ill fall."
a dispatch from Dublin announces
the swearing In of special magistrates
for Ulster. This and the forwarding of
ii-.','?' i.m? tits of special constables from
to Belfas! aro regarded here as
an attempt to Incite riots, as, it Is coi
tended, n.nstables s ould
except Katioi I .
Troops Confined to Barracks.
All the regular troops in Belfast were
confined to barracks to-day, causing
great ii? onteni among I he men.
Thirty-five hundred volunteers, rom?
p? li i k mx battalions of the North Bel
fas) R? glment, .-?" nl the sftei noon in
? ii tiling and i i Ing on the < tat
"f Lord shaft' sbury, whl? h is
iieifa?! <'asti". Other volunteers spent
th? ' In target pra? tice.
The Marquis of Londond? 11
this ei < ning thai he thought the
is le resignation of officers rai
'lie first natai ? of the kind In the
British at tip - ? . the rials pr< edit -
the war against the Amerl an colonies.
Belfast Lough displayed consldei ?
?v tii n ? to-ds ?. Two torpedo boat <!? -
stroyerSi the Pathfinder and Ihe At?
tentive, arrived there this morning
fmm Kingston, and landed five officers
at .1 ISO men of the Yorkshire Regi?
ment .*it l la i ri? kfi rgus Ci st ?
AU Ulster Garrisoned.
Within twenty-four hours more than
three thousand regular troops, Includ?
ing four battalions "f infantry with
ma? hlne guns and two batteries of field
artillar.. all equipi ed for ai tii ?? si n Ice,
have arrived In the various towni ol
Ulster. These troops form the advai
_'!.u ,. ge arn ed foi i ?? \? hlch th?
at tl or!ties ai ?? sending to I
norl hern prot in? e of Ireland,
Still more troops were on th Ir waj
to Ihe north from the great militar)
camp at Curragh and from other army
i-daj The flrsl arrivals in
i ter this ornlng s ere I h.m
. . of s hslf battalion of ti ?? fork -
? | ire Llghl Infanti ? . a hii h s ? re con
? - ? .-.i from 't elr bai - Dublin t..
on boai d Ihe torpi....
boal d< stro; er Pathfinder during the
'i'h' j dlsembai ked at an ? arly
houi this morning, and marched to Car?
rickfergu. Ca? tie, ?< dl lused militai |
station commanding the Lough, it is
fit en miles b? loa Bell ist, and Is of
i lorie Inter? 1, "? ini_ t.? Its ha* inur
. th< landing pis i of William of
' ng? i leid guns a i re mounted on
i in- old fortlflcal Ions thi re this sftei
To Occupy Strategic Points.
Orders wen ued to other bal I
of artillei on ..p strategli posl
of B ' i
?k' i" t.i"- expected hen l il .i cavalry
brigade would be concentrated In Bel
f ?.-' o iring the areeli ? nd. The tilth
. > .. rs and ' he it h Queen's
? m- n 11 . itationed it t he ? in ig
?i ?i '? ' qulppi 'i ?'- Ith < ai binas y?~-tei da)
and were read) to movg northward this
aftei i.n.
Su i-..i aard Caraon, thi 111 1er Union
M i. ad? i end his lleuti nan'?? desire
ih>- K"? ernmi nt i" in)?? the in t pi ??
i.11 ? step Si Edward, 11 s Using
h"-.? i nal -i i - lu prevent ?n updisci -
? i sa a pi ote.1 sgalnst all
these ii" i' m", mente, i" da) ?.., nl
urged ths ? 'Isterm? n to keep cool ?. u
ing the aeek end, and ;: : ulvlc? up I
the present I s b i ob? ye?
Su Edward < Isrson did i "? ? mers,
to .... from i 'ra the ret Iden?
of Captain Craig, three miles from Bel
Th? re he continues t?> hold hi
"cabinet roundls" a'ith Captain Cralj
? e Mai i is of l-oodond? rr; thi Eai
of Ranfuriy, th? Earl of Clanwllllar
gnd other i inionisl s 01 k< -
Unionists on Defensive.
i ?rd? ra foi : o liona t" ???
i 'ralgavon are given b? telei hone o
-, m by dispatch riders, while martla
law has been d? * lar? d ? ithin i 'apta:
Craig'a est?t?
The Easl Belfast Spe? al B? rvlc
t "orps, a'hi? h coi r? ?p nd - to : he Amer!
i an Minute Men, reliev? >l ths Wi
!.. ? Special ?-* Coi pa thi
morning and tooh up Ita dut I? s In Cap
Ci lig ?jrounds.
Th? old Town Hall of Belfast, " i;.' !
?- the "ih. lal i.? id of ths "i ro
..'?? ll iW'tlie,
lo all. Th? Im] M ? m? nt, a
?.?..?ii gg all documents, clpht ra
??th? r pap? rs, has b< en ?emot? d fron
il and hldd? n In a *? ai lety ol
ait? r being distributed among the mos
impoi tai eaden Unionist?
This has been don? n COl ?
the anno 11 en nt ol mi nding srresti
whirh the Unionista i ontend - :
:it" it the presx
Unofficial Mail Service.
in Ulst? : stll
r. ady for instant mo satlon
The provisional government's 'postini
...... ' ' which lettera and dispatch?
ai.liv? '? ?i i ? hand to ths t u th? r
moat points of Ulstei lei I han bj
the got ? nun? m post, was busj al
? Bending snd n ommunt?
cations t" and from the various mob?
on ? ? tin ? s of the Union! - I
?.-. u. ? -- ?tatloi ?"i ? he rool of the old
Town Hall also was at work, wblli
some of the rooms ol th? Id n|
a'hich have been fltted with telegraph
: tenta pt the In.f tha
women telegraphers who are to take
01 er the linea of ommunl? ation, were
filled with iftirkei
The drug ator-es of Belfast have * l
n laage suppli gi al and medi?
cal ? luipm? nt
The f< ? . inresi among 11 i
.?-.? (ions "f the *,"*? ? rnm? nt ti
strong S"ine of ths soldi? rs and
th? off!? ers of the ni!:.!.*: j battalions
?i ?? red In i '1st? r, including the I t-oi -
setahire Regimen) and th?* Norfolk
Regiment, have openly expressed their
disinclination t<> take the offensive.
i * - ?Joes not ause any surprise
smong ??!?? Ilisns, a bo generell) ?? tpe- t
a hole-.ii,. defections. A signiflcanl ii
luBtration of i lit.?- attitude aas given
ytrsterday bj the Inhabitants of Ennis
klllen, who huit}; dags along the streets
In honor of the arrival of .1 battalion
of the Bedfordshire Reglm? nt
I March 21 Stocktaking ' ?*
?lurragh magasin? t? da? die -.--. 1 that
d? of roui da ?.i ammunition were
missing. Th? stock - tu ? .. replenished
from ii*.?* Newbrldgi and Kildare -i...? 1
Field m ? ? -?i;? 1 Sii .lohn French, chief
of th?- Imperial G< sral Staff, arrived
here t?? ds
s of oil >?-..* ? ?reg ? srmi.
N. ai Ij all tha ' the 4th Qu< an'a
Own Hua ars, stationed al the Curragh
? .u- p are ?? poi ?? d ??. have band? 'l In
Ission 1. Their plat ??- ... ord?
Ing to the report, hat ? kx en filled.
it *.?. 1 - repe ted I ? ?? lo dej that B
dit 'lenei-?i 1 lubei 1 ?.? t ?????
th.mmand? 1 ol th? Id 1 ".i ah *. Bi Igade
at the Curragh camp, compoeed ??: the
Itch Lancei.? ai d the ith l in 1
resigi sd but this a ?? * not confli m< >i
1 nnisklllen, Mar? h ?l All l ?
ere recel' ! ? ? ommunlcatlon '
from th? vv.11 ? iffl? ? i" , ?,'i
them t'? mak? ? derti ite si item? nt a It
to e h? ther th?
prepared to retain their commissions ir:
? . ?vent ol letllitlea ?? * n?it.
? ? w.t,- t,.i?i the} must resign forth*
Athlon?, M.i..a li \n the regular ?r
? ? > . * (_fa entrai ? nd Soul ; ?
1 ? .t.i has 1 ? ? t. Insti ? ted t?> hold Itself
m readiness t.. proceed to 1 1st? 1 at a
mom? nt's notlc? \:i leala has been
t* ? ledi offl era :m.i men on 1 .r
lough 1 .. ?* I.? all? ?I.
m i? repot ted that tha infanti *? :.
.1 to h ?i?i them?
In 1 ? ad In? ? ' ?In theti regt?
l.oii.i? idi 1 March . 11 National?
i-t volunteer? 1 .. ? indoned the perada
a I l< b had * ? 1 unced to lake pis ??
on Sunda: Th? did thi on ths
. ? i"! : Redmond, a bo i? ?: ? .1 thai
11 might lead t?. a ? "titii.-i, ?a in-1, he .??:?i
? .1 ? ? leadera ? ? 1 ? anxloui to
Exhorters Who Invade the
Halls to Lure Patrons
Hospitably Received.
Some of Terpsichore's Captives
Think Appearance of (iro ;.
Part of the Cabare?.
?nu,-. ,.- s ??? v : om? of
gentle art and ts igo
i de Danse, the Pel I B .n
i.i ? Mandai In l luroi I ailed [
lasl night
who enl
?.'.???I Hit' lit.!
? . it on thei
\ thermori ? ? Bal? atlon Ai in
n cordia
. . ? the
t In. ? ? gemenl
* nn.
; the .-" inds of I
. mand of Adjul G. W,
M I Mri
e and Miss ??
quart? n Ht h street al
j ami the fil
. dli ??? Dai , atop the Xas
idwaj . 15th
Pen Bdward Ki
, '?!,.! ..II
Ol the ell .
theatre crov
? ? hall waa ?
i m hi ?i Adjutant ( 'ooke mar
together and mai
oui on t-i tin? dan? (loo
When the aim;, burst Into song with
"When th<- Roll Is Called Up foi l?
t.? the accompanii enl of Adjutant
., the diners shot si ?
? -it . ne anothi At the ? I
? tii? i.? ?.?..is a burst of app tuse, the
of the din? ? -- to think
thai t was ai I I ? ? iret.
1 for sllei
tant Ci ? fast lona
ttlred m? I w<
"l.adii i ii ? i. "a?
eve that i" opte lould ei o them
i . ? ,..,. ........ ...
? - le of life which shoul
i after. Il t all i to live
and not all of death t.. die There com? s
. of Igi h }? ai ill.
the name ?>f Jest 'hrlst I lui to thine
> ? other hymn, "When i Rea? the
ras th?
retired, leaving a bad
? . ? ? . Ma
elle ved that It all ? of I
lar pe?
ng at tii" Jardin de ?
itlon Army workers srrtved w? ?
R . ; ter of Lillian Rus
Harry Attkei ? l Mul
Compel <
!.. nold Sugai man
i ,'.-. Mallabai and An
derson, the latti i of 8
om ti " Jai dii ? se I
to i i Bht? l P? kin Res?
taurant, :?' B o " ?????. and :
was i
Into I en the an entered and
e's a Place That Is
; if ter a i
by ,v:j itanl i tool ? Miss I
tan| ' Rea? h ti - Pes
,. .1 doam the at
? it anybod?
t B in Jai " rant, si
dwaj and Wth ths Issl
? ? pro?
? ?' ?
fu.?? through at th? other
were < the f. I - go
the arn irrlved, i soon as they
marched < to ths
dan? Ing fi? to i . f
? - were thrown on the fl
iraged Adjul * ooke to ordi ? i
? up ?.?. hen the arm?- s a
r. ad?, to del srl About I
- ?? i
Major Fierro Now Said to Have
Killed William S. Benton.
w.. i ifar? -' William 8. Ben
aoi ahoi by Gen? ral i, but
was tai I?.-1 to d? ith In 1 Rice si
Jusres by M
ing to |
of the .??:"-? Is!
Mexi? - appoint? 1 by ? len
sral ' 'arransa to
Bi Itlsh Consul Pi eval, ?a
1 i o foi ist at Qa
forward -t to the British Em?
bassy here, a ch - expe t? I on Mon?
day. This rei ? ? -? i to corrob?
orate the finding "f i. .- Mi ?
mission ? ? ? extent l Benton was
Stabbi d. but
it la the ? tatlon of many Men :
here thai Ms or 1 i will
with the ci nd punished They _x| .
General t
effort 1 eld F lei ro, ? ho la said
? ' ? relativa. The
Is Ion, ii"'.? ever, : - i ported to i ave
red its | ? pose of p Fierro
fills to proti
Amelia Desantis's Weight, 110. ?
Heues Her Punch Alleged
Shoplifters Held.
.mella Dei i e weight
bul 11" i ounds Lm h nd the ? ounti r In 11
bel -, must have lool ? d l ke "Battling"
l.p\ inr-U? t'> John ' ' iff? i iy . .
she 'i ove ?? tel : Ight to ihi Jaw and
l?ed left t? ; ? win I, leai ing I 'affsrty
: 4?. tiling t" admit an l
Ann ' ' ghl ih? - .\4 i Jaffert) ?
Hui-. Williams edge up to a manieur? ?
.m.I sppropi m ? it | ?.leans i
draping it In a I . f before taking
She followed them, and, laying h.-r ?? ?
hand on i ifferty's shoulder, <n Isred him
'?' mai eh s Ith I ? r t'> the ofllci
w h.ii th.... ai rli ? .1 there .m Us mads I
her . barge and prodw i i the m .m urs sel !
' frani' up !" BhoUtl ?! ?*afT : t
"Huh ' ? i' i .n ell i
CanTerty rap? atad It, and Amelia swung
i.at.-r in the rflghi ?'"un, whsra Magia
tmts ' toi i Igan h< Id i Im and Williams m
ball, he i ? -* ? * ?i? ?? loped .? "shim
noil? eabl?
v ? ? ? modest over her i Ictoi \
\n she wl I wai "l luh ' Him? 1 could ?
de it la one an- d ?>."
Huerta Sends Crack Regimen
?Pena Reported Slain.
Mexico City, March 21. -About 2,001
troops are being rushed northward to
nicht, anil the officers make n?> ?jecral
that they ar?? t.. be nt:liz?*?l for the re
Inforcement of General Velasco .it Tor
The reinforcements Include the erect
'.".'th Regiment, with three batteries o
artillery and thirty automobile?
n la unofllcially reported thai 3,001
ila under General I'-'in have beei
foned to fall bach to BermeJUlo, north
* ? eon, and l bal i ;? neral i'? ns wai
among those kill? ?i
O'Shnughnessy's Trip Said To Be
for the Sako of the
Warmer Climate.
. . Mar? h 21. Thomaa E
Hohler, Britl -?
:? il Anilin
aboard ill'* British warship Ese? *.. ?? .
afterward tiled on .lohn Und, a '..'i
?i.- had a lengthy private talk,
both bs ? - iftei v..i*ii that their ex
| had ti" political Big?
\. -..f ? ?'Shaugl ness) th? tmerican
. harg?, a ho I ? somea lia: Indie) ?-? i
with rheumatism, remained Qulel dur
,. daj. a: ?i v. hen not aboard the
Ma (loo ? r v ? - in hi.- pri\ at?- i ar.
; : CV r? ti
March 21 I
nhether th?n s gnifl?
canee m the trip ? : Mr, ? t'Shaughn?say
and Mr. Hohler to Vera Crus follow?
ing hla own, Beftoi ex P
5 Rojas, the foreign Miniater, said:
?it was a m< re coin lei Mr.
p'Shaughnessy told me some I
thai he was anxioua to visit Vera ? 'ruz,
hoping the lower altitude and
. l?mate might i" nefli his h? slth,
"Aa for Mi Hohler, i don'l know
v hat ?..s. *? of hla trr,. i Vera
Crua "
No Aid from City for Hudson ?c
Manhattan Company.
ot itl S
IM street to th?
l8on A Mai
I the 1
... ? extern
?gin the ?
es on A|
on It Is indersl
t the extension
be go-I
: othei .
Totters Into Court and Cosf?,?,
That Neither He Nor F?ilv
Has Eaten.
Just before tie or,nin. of ^
| son County Court In jersey Clty " '
???lay Leopold ?Tautara. a Jurer "*"
" *nd Mke< *???? B,;no;
court officer, that b? be isMsniftZ
service on the Jury, astean?,^
: eeks, Waul iaad|
" 1 sm SUIT? Ing fro? hunger, i ^
nr" ?" n <" "ha"- >sgo,n,^
Tl",'', ' bread .? ,..
I md I left it ?; .
I ?
? Rfonaal ???,
?rhllc Wan:, m .
,!"" '' isdTsaeal2
? ?Ithitlc
? -? ? ? ih*
He fourni k
"'"" Th? i-tal.le Itot-Bht
: 1 cave th? r.st
of the Mi '??>-liters, j-,
i *? In the ,
Uj psadsfpHi
?: ? . ?ti ft, ....^
? I -Tutui
-""'?t ttiiin?
N- ;< '??'' * aa in m.
slon, snd he ? ?* mi ta?
,i wife aid
tamil of 1 Iren to apport. |{f
wss ?? the J san ??.?
ntrag that
Jersey Alien. Hating Allegiance,
Keeps Boy from School.
" ?"??ir i
? Bl *'? - flag wj?
' Hold-r. i
? '. ?".?-n
net Court in
\ falling to aal
I ? MB *
* *?:?' i'n.t**i
. ? lid I ?. . i
_.. ? M"*rd o(
Holder decla t I
.t gag
. ? to KbosL
' ? i.
, . ? , ???mutt.
to court yeatcnk
(Lsdrcztieti* ?xnivittnq
c??ydelj/alx ?<como, /Irajo?f
cJj/ou?eJ. Jadleur ?iufo
.and Loal?'
Originals replicas -and individual concep?
tions o? prevailing modes exclusive to this
Selected by our fashion experts are
chosen with the idea of satisfying
the demand? of women who desire
apparel of individuality?refinement
?and character.
FUTS kept in the
Still, Cold Atmosphere
0. our reinvented room?? throughout the
Suniiucr are greatly benefited. An enure
fireproof budding is devoted to this "?<,,v't?*
Guaranteed against fire, moth and theft.
Furriers in charge.
Valuable Papers
aie secure if in a safe in our burglar proof
and fire proof vault, constantly guardad.
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co.
42d Street, opp. Grand Central Termin?..
Readily reached from anywhere.
Telephone Murray Hill 5888.

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