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Charges Opponents of His
Repeal Bill with Kill?
ing Time.
Lively Skirmish in Senate Over
President's Alleged Effort to
Limit Debate.
i-, n-r Th? Tribune Bwn
Wa bl gton, March 21 Growl!-,? rest?
leas beoausa of the ion?* debate on the
rivets and harbors appropriation bill,
rea tin tat It ci a Tennes
-.1 In the House to?
day that a ter la en m delay a vote
on the admini-* II to repeal the.
; .. ? ? p nema 1 anal set
Mr. s followed a 1 pi ech by
Mr. Moore, of ' I 't favor of
prlation for Raccoon ?'reek.
Nee Jei
"The gentleman rlsea here to defend
it I .?- not 1 sen as?
sailed," said Mr. Urna "A lot of time is
being wasted on this rivers ami harbors
1 r .\ft 1 nil ? 1 oura and n half of "gen?
eral debate, we have now spent six hours
si d a half additional, under the flve-min
| :. ad 1 ut t' '1 1 Saft
1 ' Never before have 1 heard dt
un?ler the ftve-Bitnuts rule when
Werg allowed to talk about
everything 1 was given to understand
that this bill w? I '? 1 : ? 1 In a day
and .! ? ? . ?? ? to b? a lill
?II here."
Mr Moore retorted that he had heard
no argumenta not germane to the p< nding
bill, except th? sp? ? b of Mr. Blms,
has Intruded himself here and is under?
taking t" the Panama ?'anal
t"il repeal bin through this body, while
We are 1 ing an Important appro?
priation measure."
"He h,tH given one of tho best Instances
of bosslsm we h la nanjr s year,"
continued Mr. Moore
"Having only one thought in mind and
anim?t? d by those higher up
though there hi ?peat doubt of the ability
of tha person higher up to bold members
on hi? own s.'ie ?n allegiance to the
the gentleman comes and demands that
?p shall d the orderly transaction
Of bostnees in order to pass the bill,
which will be known aa the Buna repeal
MIL we bars the high ? b?
ample of the Speaker <f this House, who
declared on last Friday, when the Clalma
Committee tri. ?1 t?i take tha nay, that
theee appropriation billa must bs consid
< 1 ' <i ?red in an orderly way,
"My Judgment la that th?
-: f ?.... I for the
a of the country, la more Interested
In an 't;i?n that will enable him
- transported for 4?> cents
b ton bj water, Instead of UK by rail
road, than he la Interested In a prof
tlon to deprive American cttiaens of Mi
ly by ths hasty ra????
of ttio bill repealing the Panama Cki
tolls ex? lause.'
Mr Mann, the minority leader, want
to ki os who ! "i pi " di i d Mr. Blms '
i h ei ? nnil harbors tuii won ?! ;
day nti'i i? half. Mr. Suns said I
? lerstood i i
would t ?? i '?', ..i sd Ths mil u It ? lea?
I sa ?! be i ? tard? d it as Strangs that Ci
grass paaaed rlvars and harbors
I t'.i?? free use of American shipping, wh
ill !.s proposed ti> chargs American sh
? owners for the Privilegs of luring s I
waterwaj the canal,
it la not Ilka.?* now that the Mil can
taken up before Tu? day, or thai s v?
ii .mi be bad until late nest wi ek
i"! ? i'< ".,t man cha Ii man of the I
ulc ' a ni is ' ?ommlttee, ? bo "
poses repeal, announced la the B
day that he could not call a on
mmlttee to take up the repeal co
? ? ly until several absent riiembe
Banator Owen, a memiier of tit? eon
ralttee, who sappe-rts the PreMdent'a r
quest for exemption repea1, said he wou
not seek to haatea eonMderatlon of tl
matter unduly,
Senator Jones's resolution, calling <*
, tha President for Information as to wht
I for? in governments ha* a ;
lagalmrt American tolls exempt!
referred to the ?Committee on Forell
Relations, Senator 0'?3orman
that he did not wish it referred t.. tl
Canals Committee.
Senator Jonas called out lively commet
dln_ a newspaper article statin
thai President Wilson had sought to it
tiw ace the House to limit d< bate on th
repeal MIL Senator Thompson urge
Banator Jones to consult the Pr?sider
oftener, maintaining that by eo i
"would be a Letter man und better In
- .
' Asks Them to Discuss Prob
lems at Special Meeting.
By Instructions of the Central Feier
ated Union, Ernest B?hm, its secretary
? Invltatioi i ' t ? tl ?? ' i ads o
the city departments, fren. Mayoi
he! down, to a special meeting ???" thi
rentrai Federated Union Friday evenlni
at the Labor Temple, Mth street, neai
Second avenue, railed for the purpose ol
takli ? lema bi ?'ore tlio cltj
? ..nun, including unemployment
and cl nlng the streets.
It Was Said tli.tt thuso who nrr<?pte(]
the Invitation might be qulsxed, but not
In s host.le way, as tl." objeel of the
- to -'-t at the facts.
Etepo La will be made r.t a meotin? of
th.-? executive committee "f the Central
F< lerated Union to-morrow e-.enint' frnni
?a) of the afllllated unions as to tha
? portion of their unemployed members,
from returns sent by the offlcera of the
unions at the request of the officers of
the Central Federated l*n!"n l'eturns
been received from twenty-nine
"?On the whole, th?
r?gulai workers, Judging from the re?
turns we have received, is n little greater
than normal, tti",:-.*h not so great as
many people may have been led to be?
lieve," said a rentrai Federated Union
repri x Dtative.
"The Hornet
Invite You
to come and ?ee their Annual
Kxhibition of Kaater Toys, (iame-.
and Novelties, for Easter gifts,
Bastei parties, and entertainments
Here yon will find, at lowest pri?es, a .Treat variety of
the iao-*t delightful gift* and favor.?; bi?, gorgeous r-o!ored
egg? filled with gift.?? of various kind.v rabbit?, chicks,
?lucks?games?beautiful dolls??tportinj- good?-; in
fact every conceivable toy and novelty f..
tnaking BsstOT liane most enjoyable.
Lexington to 3d Ave.
59th to 60th Street
Cold Dry Air Storage for Furs ??*gg ffgKqJK Sog]
The Week's Important Special Events Will Include
Georgette Crepe Samples of Worn- Women's Silk
Blouses en's Blouses Stockings
* 4re collar a'id of sand color nets ard full fashioned, black &
rielan slee Georgette crep I 3 white, IS shades, pair,
$8.49 .$27.50 $1.10
Women's Two-Clasp
Glace Kid Gloves
Bargain at 65c Pair
16-Button Glace Mous?
quetaire Gloves
Bargain at $1.75 Pair
Silk Faille or All Silk Crepe de ! 54-Inch Fine
Poplin 65c Chine $1.33 French Serge 96c
?.) the newesl irmly woven, rich lus- Suitable for spring suits,
ides, medal -ard. tre. in colors, vard, skirt-; and dresses, yard,
?59th to 60th, Lex. to Third Ave..
NOW OPEN 10 A. If, TO 11 p. M
East Side Financiers Freed by
Magistrate Appleton.
Bai h at ii i Ira le, a-*et9t**Slng to
Magistrats Appleton, who In the rembS
* ??- terda dismissed nine East Blda
bsnkera wi." aere arraigned for keeping
ti, ; .'!? ea open Bun-days. K-early n
huniir"! worklngmen were present raadj
to testify thai Bund i lbs si Is ?? "?
they could get tn a t
Asked by the court if his main m is in?" s
a ?' !'l"?r;:,L' men, M BeraTdlB, r?f
v ?? I tul treet, ited to bs one
of th? v. " ' ? ? * East Bids baakera, re?
* i. thank the Lord, i ?-lo not
have to depend on doctors and lair]srt
tot my livelihood '
Magistrate Appleton was not co'nTlnced
tii;?t H aras neceasen to keep open Bon?
. ?ni asked the bankers not to work
thelr employes seven dsys s week.
? .ilifinuril fr'im llr?.| |...l;?
.?"brill b?-? ?permitted to retain Hie Bound
a III i- submltt? d t" the Interstate
Commerce Commission for determli il
under the provision? of the Panama
1 .1 nal act.
To Sell Berkshire Lines.
"?i The Berkshire trolleys shall be sold
v. iiiiin ",?. ? ? rom .i il) '. 1911
"'?"? -X decree embodying the foregoing
shall he entered In the United Stat.'s We?
? Court for the Southern District of
N< w fork, The decree shall further pr? -
vide that upon application of the New
Haven Railroad oi the trustees and fur
good canes shoem the time within which
any i?f the above mentioned stocks shall
be sold maj i ? extei ':?*d by the i*'>uri
"Truat? * t?. ail ?parties
have been suggested. Thosa proposed in
? onnect-ion a Ufa tl a Boston ? Maine atoe -
have signified their willingness to serve
and their names are Marcus P. Knowlton
and Jama L. Doherty, of Springfield,
Mass.; James L Richards and Charlea P
iiiii. of Boston, and i-'r.n.k P Carpenter,
of Manchester, N. ii. Names of the
others will nol be made public until a? -
ceptance by them la fully assured.
"The essential reason for placing the
properties In the handa <?f tr'ist?-es l? to
secure their In ? te lependenl man?
. ?
'"rin- outlines it" the proposed decree
and trust i have been discussed
and are undent.L Their verbiage re?
mains to be worked out, but no difficulty
la ?mir.; it? ?! In thai reap? 11.
'This statement has thu approval of
both the Attorney Qen? al and the repre?
sentatives ' i the i Bllroad "
Mr. Elliott's Statement.
Mr. Elliott said In regard to the ar
ement a Ith the I n partm? nl of Jus
;. ??? that, In the judgment of the dira toi
general bus) ess and financial condi
ln New England, aiui particularly
tohse aflT? : * transportation
I It seemed to i
' * : ible, rath, r than : I I
enera! suit, with all of Its
ramifications and uncertainties
"New England needs very mui ii peace
and B chance for oonstructlVB work," th?
statemenl Kt*'?ii out by Mr. Elliott reada
"if that condition could be Obtained by in
amical Is adj istment under whlcb ;?
linio was Bllqjred for tha protection ol tha
company*a pr? perty, the directors f?-it that
RiH-h -adjustment would be helpful to New
England and to t1*?* stockholders of the
"Tl ? tora feel that the time al
lowed with the rlghl In the court t?> eat?
tend It ui * *i"n of the company,
or of the liquidators gives an opportunity
for disposing of tho varions properties to
the best advantage possible, and with the
least dist?rbanos to genera] i>'isine?--s con?
Mr. Elliott ?aid further thai he and the
lawyers had urged upon the department
the great hnportaaea ?>f ample time an?!
of good trui tees, and that th? depart?
ment had met their views as to these
two Important points.
The Bnan-cial condltlona confronting
the company aro most difficult," he
added, "hut it is hop? d that this ad
meat ?*?ith th? government Increases the
probability of handling the matter suc?
cessfully, and tills very vital question
o taken In hand !y the directors at
"1 he directors have fait that the dispo?
sition Of the-?* properties was a transac?
tion of aui'ii Importance that the stock?
holders must pasa upon tt, to which the
department has ass?-ntod.
A nieetint; Will he called In the very
neai futur.' for tint purpose. r?ior to
that meeting a statement ?will he submit,
ted to each stockholder outlining th<- Situ?
"Business, particularly that of trans*
pollution In New England, ne?-.ls help an?l
? o-operatlon from t1 ? peopi.-. govern?
mental ar?neles, state and national, the
presi and a chance to go ahead," said
Mr. Elliott.
"It Is to he hoped that this adjustment
with the government will prove to b? an
Important and desirable Ftep in that djrec
New Haven Plans New Stam?
ford Connection May 15.
New Haven, March 9 The New Haven
R ire d announced to-night that the
eh itrio Bone nom Stamford to Nee
Haven would he la operation by May 15,
ami that the railroad hopes to he aiiie to
continue th? eleotrto extension eastward
1 t't New London promptly.
Tin? construction <?f the overhead ap
itus Is beim,' completed through this
. and lh? el. i tit;,'-.it!..a will end for
the present at the Cedar Hill ??freight
?/arda ta the north Al Ural freight In?
: anger trates will be run
the el.'?-tri'- BOfl.[tension fi?.in
Stamford here. The railroad offlciala have
notlfl? 'i Mayor Rice that the: ? innoi pre
? eed with th? plans for building a n?*w
t.,? on i.? ? ? fix sveral j sai
lacs of ?
Friends Give Gaptain Polack
Silver to Mark 100th Trip.
.Manv travellers who havs ? ? i ed the
?? tlantlc r. -,.. ?t. oi. a Ith ? 'aptaln ? 'h ?
of the North German
i . .i lin? i Kronprlns? a In ? 'eeills, ?
. ,.mi . ' , the Gei man flj si last
to hi Invitation ??> ? ? la
brata ? Ith hue hla WSth round trip ?? ?
,? pi tin in I * '
\, oon ! srrlved WediM
.-.. , mt oui bj tha aklp
?.. i. and friends from ? 'hlcago, Baiymore,
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
f levelsnd an,I BOStOU WSfS r""ent iMl
night a Bliest ta? serrlos **?a.? prassatsd
i to him
Capture Three Amateur Actors
in Thrilling School Drama.
The, realism with whleh twelve f-mal?
. in The Bronx played "moving pict?
ure actors aeeaptng from ft horning
1' la?-t r.iKlit got three of them
i-.' : ed up on a Charge Of Juvenile d<!ln
The other nine escaped only by
. tantee of their ntmo?-t fire sacaptng
Ths Juvenile troupe ?elected Publia
*chOOl '.'. al Washington avenue and
< laremont Parkway, for the peen?* of their
ipade, They ascended by the Are se?
? ape to the .?-eeond Boor, where they
forced a Window nnd entere?! one of the
? '.ms.
The notee they male LttraCted the Jani?
tor, Stephen Gravea, who reinforced him?
???'f with Policeman Rafferty, und the
two advanced. When Ibey readied the
rorm they found ft sprinkled with small
boyi knocking ?"?ver ile.sk?? and rhalrs and
playing the part of the destroying eta*
i ?? nta ?rlth all the Vim of youth.
'] he two men ipread 01 t their arms and
gathered tn Samuel Mufaoo, <>f Wo, vx?
? i iv avenue; Solomon Oreenwald, of No.
?i>*. Park ?venue, and Isidore Bpehak, of
No. -tu Claremonl Pkrkwaj A' the Tie
i'. ut .station ho'i-e they t ild Lieuti nan'.
Bharkeythey got th? !r Inspiration watch?
ing the a. t ? > r s of a nearby moving picture
Studio ??ta??i::.',' their BM lodramas.
Two Injured, with Others, in Try.
ing to Save Persons Cut Off
by Smoke or Flames.
TWO tires caused hy overheat'-.1 BtOVOS
early yeaterday were attended hy displays
of t-tv.it bravery by poUcemdn.
Ons blase area in the basement of the
home Of Cornelius K. Byrne, piano tnanu
facturer, at Na ?';'>'.' West T.'d -street. Ar
thur Byrne, a son, twenty years "id. and
P trolman Johl) CConnell narrow!?- -
caped death in reselling Nancy IMckaon
? . ..'IS.
At thur, who va? arouaed by th?? smoke,
carried out his brother Neil, nine years
old, ant his slater Margaret, ?-i", ami
then v.?ut back for his father and
mother, Having aeea then to the street
through the den a an ' , the young man
i tn the servants' quarters and
nnell follow?'! him.
'ill" patrolman found the youth over
? ? |ust outMde Miss ESiickaon'i door.
Though almost overcome himself, hs car
. i? .1 nit th- unconadoua girl and I ?
a ut back f'>r Arthur. Firemen fourni I
both the patrolman und th?? youth lying
lOUS on the floor.
.Mrs, Byrne, who did not know that
Arthur hail re- :ued 1.? t two younger
children, rushed frantically into the
smoke-fllled house in an effort to rea? h
th'm, ami had to be carried out by t; e
firemen. Fire Captain Mustard, of En
? ', v. i?.i went into the ba ement,
oms sad h.?.i t-i be rescued
other Are was at No. 146 Hamburg
,'?, Willlamsburg, and m trying to
? ?? Bartholdl Bacachle, who had him?
self saved ?'?e:.'i of the other .it?
I'-.it?, Patrolmaa Bchoebel, or the Ham?
burg avenue station, was badly burned.
Bacachle, who is nineteen years old,
???? getting th?- tenants out went ;..i k
and tried to tight the fire, His clothing
? "??! ' ? fell as he endeavoi d
t" escape. Bchoebel, who heard the i
screams, rushed i? 11?. th- burning
hi ise, i. n before lie could rea? h Bacachle
1 uniform was abl?se. The ?i? ?
brougl ' B 1 "-t ati'l ??fterwanl res.
cued the bo I hi'? was taken to the
?i Hospital, seriously ill.
_ _
Fuir Sophomores at Teachers'
College Rout Lads in
Real Acting.
Denn ? comedy, MAU-of-a-8ud-1
den Peggy," was revived yeaterday by
the Teachers ?""ll-ir.? sonhoniTes as their
ar.nual play, which was pr-senferi in tho ?
Bari Hail auditorium at Columbia ITnlv-rr
i ? There were two per forman? ??
AU the raits were taken hy girls, de
; Its. tl" t i?t that there nro a couple of
dosen young men In the class, u devel?
oped list before the curtain ros,? that
i of the young tren had tried out for
the parta but were unable t" Interpret
them us well as the girl? ; con.-)e<nientiy
th"V were left out
Mis- Louise Klrhy Pame played Peggy
and Miss Alma Downtn-i Hooth took the
pari of Jimmy.
Tl - i?:? t was as follows.
I. !-. da ?c-ntliorpe. ||| . Maria Itellly
v at . Ml Mildred i I
.Miss Mlldn '. ? man
Ai le.Mil I. V ??
. Mlaa Alma ?> ;
rathorpe....Illu Qeneviev? llowell I
Mn Cfllars.Mis* Mildred Memory I
Pesar.Mt*s lyrjiie K. I'hIii-,!
'?? ot.mi-?? Rate Pert j
Mr? ('oi'i'iiioun.Mlaa l.ir??i?a i. Brady I
Corrupt Spelling Profitless.
Katharine I. [>a\|s, CoBUBteMoner of
th<- Department of ?'mrectlon, received
? latter yeaterday adrtrrnsci. to "The
City of New Tork, Departmenl of Cor?
ruption." The arrlter wanted to soil
the department some paint. Miss
i>a\is replied thai the paint would be
pnrchaeed elsewhere, and luggeeted
that the firm furnish a course In ?pell
i tig or city povcrnment for Its stenog?
(BgrTABUgREO im )
R. Simpson & Co.
143 Weit 42d St., near Broadway.
Broadway, corner 67th St.
Loans of Any Amount on
Pledge of Personal Property.
v. <? t i ? i 1?re? assort men i eftMamend I
Rings, Il ns, Ac.0 at i I
1,250,000 BLOOMS
Private Growers Win Several
Prizes ? Croker's Ivy Race
v horse Gets a Place.
M^re than IJt?.PM blossoms w?re on
View at the International Flower Show,
which opened yesterday at the Grand
???1 Palace. There are three azaleas
thai each can am -.(Y") flowers and one
1 plant that has IJO.
When the d"ors opened at 2 p. tn. the
display of box plants was not arranged.
and IHehard Croke_*a racehorse Orhy. m
Irlsii Ivy, was char-ring throuKh a maze?
"f roses and lilies, on a truck. In an effort
t" ?"1 a place. In n short time, however.
everything ivas in order.
Many private growers sent flowers and
soveral w?:e prise winners. Mm ?'
WllllS Jamas, of Madison, N. .1., took the
cup and some cash prlr.es In the
amaryllis clase, Mrs. i*, a constable,
of M m eroneck, N. Y , won several cash
pria ?s In a a-l,?s. .lohn Wanamaker, of
Wyn?*ote, Penn., was a winner In roses
and Iliaca, and ?-er?-y i'hubh, of Glen
''ove, took a first prize with hie cycla?
An.ong the novelties are the new
French hydrangeas, some of them
brought from Prance for this occasion
Th?' ro is a new American tea rose, the
Mis. Andrew C-rnsgla, displayed this
font tot th- Brat time. Tne biggest or?
an-e tree ever s^en in New York Is ex- i
hlblted, beautiful with thousands of blo?
?om?, and some wonderful Marguerite
plant?, developed from th*? common field
daisy, hut with blossoms en?>u?r.h on on.
plant for hundreds of girls to tell wheth?
er "he loves me" or 'loves me not."
There are orchids from e\ery part of
South America, from Japan and Mada?
gascar, and then- Is a curious climbing
red illy, the Glorioso, exhibited for the
first time. But loveliest of ail are tha
roses, shown ull together |n ? ro??j gar?
den 4<*) fe?t square, and spring's own ex?
hibit, a tabla running the length of the
building and loaded with liiles-of-the
vallt-y, tulipa, hyacinths, al! the bulbous
plants that bloom.
The show has a loag list of patron*? and
patronesses. Among those who came ty
Vie? the Bowers yesterday were Mrs.
.lohn Astor, Mt*- August Baissent, Mr.
and Mrs. T. a. Haveeaeyar, Mrs. <">gden
Mill-, Mrs. James RQOSBVSlt and Mrs.
Richard Irwin.
IN PICK^ij?^li^
Fireman Who Dusted Older.
Face Up on Charges
For tickling his shier. i_ !
feathers picked up at streck?! Wl,h
lay, a flrei'ian, of Knglne ,?"*' "
33, was .??re Commies.,.? 2?___
yesterda A?*m.?o?.
Battalion Chief Henry Ht.? .y _
as hs was golni downatalra at7!_T
No. II? Broadway on M:,r..h ?e??___
''????>>?'** v" PO?hsd into his?'
clay, whom he i?,i -_ . ?*'*
your pet
you 1
of _
? -. i"""wi into hi? i
Marrlay, whom he had Brat.??-. ' ' '
? .pardon, chief.^rf?S
? tlc___?__*U
antzen's Arch Support Shoe*
Relief from foot faults can be found in Jantzen' A
tomical Shoes. Our experience on structural weak
of the foot is at your service, embodying specially aJUtt
and ipecially treated leather?, ?killed uarhtncn. prop* J
and finiihing, $o a? to give tht mo$t comfort to !t,e aff 'I, '"?""?i
Cat away from foot torture by getting the Jantten !_*i__'
that comfort? that aching ?pot. They art ?v.-//, ' * "ta?
if you are a foottufftrer. or,n 3""lr <"-*itim,
A??k for out* book, "The Abur.? of the Blf Tor
660 Sixth Ave:, above 38th St.
Custom Bootmaker? Over 50 Year?.
The Ben Franklin
Quiz Corner!!!!!!
Succesaful Qiinai
will receive temttt?
from $1,000 do-*,
Game of Quiz
Begins To=Da> iWhat Says Ben FranklinTo=day?
MARCH 22, 1914.
Cash Awards Await Quizzers
Most Successful in Solving
Fifty Pictographs.
[?aim Fortune is smiling your way to?
day. She's got $7,15" in real money
waiting for you, and it will take you
just one minute to make the first ant
biegest step toward realizing the cash.
1 '" j 1st thi.s :
Here is a ?hawing or pictograph It
represents a thought which is expressed
In words by one of th.- sayings hsteii
adjolnlngly. It won't take you long to
tit.'I that saying?if you possess a little
Ingenuity. And when accomplished *?".)
bav? .-. Ived th? Ural of a s.-ti.'s of lift-?
make up tin? Ben
Franklin Quiz, The Tribune's new edu?
cal onal pastime. Those who aolve coi
rectly tl." greatest number of thes??
fifty Dictographs will share 17,ISO tu
That is th'? way you play the Ben
Franklin Quiz- simple and entirely con?
genial, Tou will enjoy taking part.
?\".iix is th" pure fun path to 703
?ash award.
You can succeed in winning op? of
thOOS award.- :f VOU but excrci-" JTOUr
on sense and a little patience. No
matter if you are bul young in years, no
matter if you are not llterarily Inclined,
no matter if you are not a disciple of
Franklin?special genius or training is i
nol necessary Everybody ts on a basis]
.!,' ?.. a - 'i thi deciding fa? tor b i
common ? i nee.
geniality of the Quiz
makes it a game that >?"! can play with
thorough enojoyment?an Ideal i'-:.-'::.?
hour lastime. And to give tl.,' Qui/; the
gi ??t and excitement and purpose of .' t- .'i
competition The Tribune is offering for
ti ? bast sets of solutions .?. list of hand?
some asrards, and it asks you to com?
pete f"r them m th-? spirit in which they
are offered?as rewards for superior
Points of Information.
'l he H. n Franklin Qui*, consl
solving Fifty pictographs for fifty sa>
.i g? "f Benjamin Franklin. The picto?
graphs ate publlshsd one each day, the
lir.-t api" arms; to-day.
Yon ai?*? to solve the fifty pictographs
(or the saying. Beneath each picto?
graph i*> printed a blank for your solu?
tion, and your name and address. '1'he
iph and the blank together is
known as a coupon. Coupons may be
filled in with pencil, Ink or typewriter.
Seatnesi ??ill nol be taken into consid?
eration wh?tn apportioning th. .wards,
neither will fancy decorations <>r letter?
ing. All sayings must be written In full,
.-.??i solutions may be sent in for each
ph'tograph ly an entrant. Kafh .solu?
tion must l'.' submitted on an Individual
whi ii all fifty pictographs have been
published and solved you aie to gather
them into a sit. arrange m proper
mu.i. mal order and securely hind to?
gether, and send in this set to The Trib?
u?:.-, as will i" directed.
*rh?? committee of Judges will then ex
? COW S' t and the othcis Submitted
and make th- .ward. All awards will
i." baaed upon only one consideration -
that is. th.? number of pictographs
winch you have correctly solved. Those
solving th. highest percentage <>f pi to
:: ? pi ? correctly will receive the- lushest
award, in caaes where two it more
?titrants each SOlVS an equal number Of I
p'' tographa the number of solutions . ach
i.:. used wdi then be taken as the stand?
nrd of deciding how these entrants
Iahould he ranked, aid the highest award
will go to the une who has used the least
numb? r nf solutions -thus if A, B and C
each bave fifty pictfigrapi.s correctly
?"Hu? t?as method will in? used to de?
cide Who ?'f the three wins first award,
who wiii the second, who third, it" A
i u used 200 solutions, if H has used
solutions .?ad if C has used IS solu?
tions, C wins first award, B wins second
award and a wins third aerard.
The committee of Judges will be mm
posed of honorable, trustworthy men.
Th' examinations of answers will he
conducted with extreme care and thor
oughneaa Every one will he treated
with fu?' same fairness. The Tribune
guarantee! that the awarding of the
prises wdi he ebeolutely satisfactory to
all coaoerned.
Any on.- is eligible to participate in
the Qui. except employes of The Trlh
uti.' and their Imm?diate famille. Th? re
.re no entrance requirements srhatever.
Registration is not nsceesary. An en?
trant nuil nol he a subscriber to The
Tribune in order to win an award.
"M" award will t>e civen to one
family a? one address, although the nev
eral members of the family mav submit
Individual acts "f solutions, <*?nly one
?.t of aoluUona will be accepted from
,ii.' one ? ntrant.
Kntranta ate fre.? to ask any question
concerning the Ben l*"*ranklln Qui/. A
question box La conducted In tha ?columna
?if The Tribune, .uni all queries will he
? ? i t ?? nugh it. ? inquiries may also
over the telephone or in peraon,
\ i attention win he Riven to auee
t'?.i i abo ut the solving of the pleto
M.. person civing S fictitious name or
address or practising any other decep?
tion will he disqualified.
J'ntry t" th" Qllls may he made at anv
tin a before Its ?do.-?'. Reprints of the
pt-.togr.pha .re kepi on band through?
out Hi" '.in.? and may he purchased at
tit. regular price of The Tribune.
No. 1.
This List Containa the Correct
Solution of To-day'a
??,-ni'h or
raw ?
?hop wni ?<?*?
?idc.? et roei 'e
elr But I ? si
an! ti
?- r? ????'
Per, ?
\ y '. !
Keep lb?
Theos whs in quarrels interpose ?eat
often ??lie a Meedy I
(-'leer. Without BUprlr*. lind yo.'ll ris?
Without OWtOf fer lt.
Tha ? ! ?hat sits l? ??*''
To-...?? s ?h rest? ia' '8 ssgll.
Thna Is nn aert that oatne ?''? I asesas
n-.i1 mach, but DAI n-.any books
g v and good manners mako the _en
Th? bell e.ills ethers to church, but Itself
cover minds the sermon.
If roar head Is wax, don't war* in th?
If jnek's in tov?, he's no judgs of Jlll'a
pi ?;, mspmp ss wsM as forren- often
_??. fifhton.
Willows are weak, but they bind ths
v. . ?? good '??*" ?-s. ir.ii'-h people flock
T* ?> worst wheel of the <*3t-t makes th?
p .tiene, the mouse Ml
In pa o the i i *
F*v.,r '?...1 mi! Mjur ?netnies wil! fear TOO
Now I've h al ?
t lis me | o
lie mahaa ? foe whe makes a jest
I .aw few die of hunger, of eatinsr l"0. -
The kin?'? ehe-?** ts half wasted In par
; || no matter,
? milk
If you'd lOSS
h un mena)
Kenp tri- tram fre 4 0.-!i fron? gamin*
H ^ unit. of foo?a la anrlsat,
'tis made of i?o
o,ne visitor, lend
B., Mh.1114 ? ? ? ' KritiK
. rea ly f*J
. m
S. Y . W., I -?-ilion. N I
,\. N i-i.il?.I..?. Pena -SVutioni
It. I . - . ? i ? ?
'. Kg
- > '
??Mili?, -rli'i-r.* Breoklya ?? aeHtnm
- '
Mr,. \ . ffhlle P?a ai ' _J
? . lamsg a
mu? i. i .ni M a d)rW
M. -. Hie limn? " *** '*' ."?
. f -era.
ii | u ???' iba .-;* r",rn?!'.
? * ' mUUA
O, .i i ? ?ir.it..?i Bpftaga?tws r*P'
? ? al.
F. I .. Iliitira .?-? :-r'?' IS ". ?? ?*
i. ti r Montleello -gee -T> t?T B.
M ?.. I . Ho|t?v,lle |SS reply te T B
NIm m. \. Mel . ?sfsst (it.*-?=*? r
Misa l \. >,.. ?lu??- rialiis-?is W
,i ?i i... Plaiafleld, n i '*'?*
K. PL. Brooklyn ? "?
S. V H., ?.?lein - * : t I l" T B A:'
HIM," \. T. Ui4erhe??t. lone 1*!?*?*1
? T B
r. -. Bm < ssthsr ? T
?nmuniosttoni to
Quiz Department, _____
154 NasiauSt, New York.
?. ?
The Possibility of Your Winning
Is Good.
l'ommon s? n-??? ?md a little thought!
'?. i! . tiuj gilts tli.it s?. 111 h.'lp
? n win uti ,i\4 .??'!
The winde iituatlon revolves .boot the ,
pictograph Kverythlng depends on I le careful to e_amlne e.ch one, and i ej
In rorre. tiv solving them i must phsb a very critical examination
the.?.e pictograph* are they wi
to yoi
Of courue, vou kn >W generally Trhtit
a pictojrraph looks like ar.d what It
Htands for. hut there au? s.?\eral other
points Which, whi'ii made clear to y??i.
will greatly rea.sisure >ou.
In the first pl?ie. ther? ia but one so?
lution to each pictograph.
There Is one eayitiff which fit-, it mir'
accuratelv than anv other Vou ehotild
be able to lo?ate that saying with proper
exerciae of your ttimuing ability.
As to the pletogr-pha themsslve. as
was told last wee., the .re drawn by
artists aocording to ?arritten direction.
The directions contain only th? essentlal
alemenl of the pictograph -those ele?
ments Whl? h point i!.?- waj clearly to Its
solution The artist constructs '"is ?Ir.iw
mgs in the way thai Stnph-Slsea these
element, lmt In Joining them i igether
to form an artistic unit he*supplies de?
talla of his own.
in huMi.g pictographs >f',i are wis?.
therefore, in disregarding the mslgnlrt- I
?ant details. Remember that tbs mein
features of the ptctograp-0 gt\u yea the :
dews to their solution.
The pictographs will he straightfor?
ward repreeentatlons of their respective
.sayings There will be ae am) ea
Th?? pictographa ?re executed by an
excellent artlal Before the> are pub
liahed m Th?- Tribune the management
Jn.-t what Bv the application of ciiiinon eenae
111 nil look and bv the exercise of a M"? Judf-mont
I you can aolve OOUbCtly a auflMenl num?
ber of tha ? ? * -.:?* f0 hnrf yMt
handsome a.? ird. ni-isit'T
Vou ne? ' P?? \ ', ? ? %?;M
tur.-.!., to (he Quiz 1 ?
find no better or 'c w
your spare time.
The Awards Are Splendid.
ons of these awarde; n will indeed?*?
proud " : ? ?????' . ,_..-,i _H
It.. in - '.-h i- tl- rrt-t ana
first th. .. iii.l is t?l?
late, you kno?
.a.sie,. "??!?:
! \tr? Ii
money; perhai - rou'd rm?mrag- ?..
Ifs all th, hauii t _ fond-*
dulce yo ir deareal loi llaga ?
l""1'" ^ _. ?r .ash i? t*.
Almost aa big '., awar<
Mcond award 17-0 phjMWraa ^
is also a v ? ?*??*"*7, _ ! uyiK
fourth awai ?- also has wi
^?A there, i five I ., ' ^]H
??? *-" ?^?"'!\ 'VVii ,.i.-??''?*?
e.u-h One hundred -
Six huti.t.eil other ?.ish P
That give.
ilnisl. a winner, and even
money, spendable at ?'l.^VurTlfl
No? thai you v? .... ????- ..h ar-J
.,, ,, ?,,.,,, M,,?da> s vuW??M tU
Tueeday's K\?.-h ?lay _lVti 2 ?aff?
torloui* tlnleh nearer, -" ' l" ? ,oii<
tton will be ful? "f nn*>""'??nl m
educational benefit

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