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Patent Vam
? > la X X - I \/l|IX
Helpless Inventors
Shi. ka ? tghtj six esra old non
of t iras, the money xx ill
I ? pi s ble. Bul xx hat .-! ?
i to all xxh.i calk ?i t?? congrat??
late her linon the de? islon of ti"
court, after years of litigation t" as
meti her husband'a pstenl righta to
. ommon tj pee of Bins, xx li i - h
hsve i'.'-ri manufactured by th<
i. uitm m Kodsk ? 'ompanj. \\ as;
"Tell im friends thai i am not anx
- ai."..i .he mone* ex? epl as a
inst recognition ol mj husband'a
? ' ? ? i he a ?.rid.
.Vu.! s.? it Is, i"!- Ian
M Leonard had t.. past through
; welve mi? rfer? ?
? 1 m ? etabliahlng his rights t"
ins i > si.-iii of motor . "h? "i 11*
spent not I? ss than $75.00(1 ?'i' hla
own money m iiiis pleasant lnd?x?r
sport "i ?ghting Intel feren? ?* i i"
? ?????iiiiti.s in the I'.ii'-ni ? ifBi ? i
... i y one "i w hi? I? I"* ?>*> as the tu el
man In lile his application.
An "mu? fer? i.' ' ' is a judicial in?
quiry by the Pat? nl ? ifllce I" I
two rival Inventora of ihr same
i hing for the purpo ? rta in
Ing w ho is th.- m .uiii u. 'lim
for undi r our patent law. .
sian.ls i?, .?a? . iii. patent must
i" i be in.*-! in* entor The > ntei tain?
u" m ma) i.ist for we? is-, an.I i he
lawj >t s v. i... i. pr?s? m i he ronfli? t
? 11 *lc Inventors charge from $U?i to
si?n? a .'a.* for 1 Nol
The Ease with Which a Certain Class of Patent Attorneys, as
Well as Some Unscrupulous Capitalists, Have Diverted Profits
on Ideas from Their Originators Is Due to Defective
Laws, Which There Is Urgent Need, President
Wilson and Experts Agree, of Chang?
ing Materially.
pressixe total not l<? i" ? cen?
? . er netted i lie patentee i he fee?
that h" paid i" ? be Patenl < >ih e <>r
i?? the ai torn?
Assuming thai you are of the In?
telligent nini'.i-lix. i ha? * ou ha ? ?
be? n a. sa lied by an idea worth mill
? ?i dollars and thai you are in
arrears For your last wepk's dancing
lessons, if your idea bring? you in
conta? t with one or more tn mi n
dously large and domineering msnu
i.i'i uring ,inal 11 il ions the procn i d
ga will probably be somi thing a
You ?.?, ill tell the betid man i
? ai? i in what ii in thai 5?"i ' an <i"
x\ i : 11 i he machine for which x "u hav?
. skedj i" United States got crnmen!
to grant ,i pat? nt. The head man
w ill .?si< j ou If 5 "ii smoke, and j ou
ma : ? cigar will be s good
pi.1 i:? all) 'h? s"i'iv of '?
n*i\ an? ?-. The mod? I la to be Just
? ? i.gh different from yours to make
\i.m* il m Inten lea un? i? -
When ) "ii call again I he "in? i l?oj
? : mel polite, and ;? ou ? annul
imi feel i glow "' i'i Id? as ) ?"i an
uahered Into lh< private offl? e of th?
man n ho is al i he h? *?i ??! so gn al .?
.i:.. i"??u arc aiinin in i
sume "i the rea ard ' for a hi? h you
ha*. ' toiled -" man* > eai
Th? wa) to invent is t?? thlnl
?M ? |i ??u thinking, a lasy inventor
lits u. ?. r j ? i Ii.-im born. N" it ?
a I ?ore i w orks as ma nj hours .1 'i . *
A pi ' igen! i"i* a musii a I coined)
prims donna cannot uhow a letter
i ? m .1 i..1 diligen? ?* of bol li the bod)
ami mind. Karl) m Ufe ? ou im m 'i
i>. invent ion, ami I? arm d that the
mastering of diffl? ult les was ..m- ..i
i h.* elem? nts >>f 1 h? Hrsl principl?
11 ?I' 1 lying tha? science.
Vim have passed through th? stag?
when all your friends said thai what
you started to ?I?? was impossible.
No "in* has belie? ..1 m you. H ha*
been agon)*, Y."i ure non on the eve
.'.nil' ?' t? ?I xx nil i hal departm? ni of
,iri or industr* in xxhlch the need
exist i, ex? ;!?? j our mind xx Ith th<
lief that you can provide means to
remove the d ? and and bj
--"i nu. the problem.
Bui h? adda that hli ? 01 ? ? 1 n has
been a I work In its laboratory for
man) months on 1 h? solution of the
same problem, and thai, while it had
not succeeded tu the same extent as
yourself, perhsps, in removing the
obstacles, yei his compan) hud done
? 1 well ?ml' ed, and probably In
a not her moni h or 1 >\?> would be able
i" announce to th< world the perfe?
1 ion of a s;itIsfacto!. machin?.
Von mighl better, he says, recon?
sider the matter and agre? to sell
out, '" cause, he Baya, if you pei
m your determination to hold oui
agsinal hla cow ern, one "f the great
esl m its line In the world, why, U
grieves him 1? any It, bul there will
reslly be nothing lef! for hia com
psny to do bul xxait snd watch dc
velopmenta in the Patent OfHcV.
The ihn or of the cigar is spoiled
for you. You have a taste in your
IiKi.lt I. of a h. *i OP ?'? ! a little
V.Hi talk t" your friends and try
t" Induce them t?. help you ralas ?>
considerable sum of money to Bght
the big ' ' ii'-'in. whose head man
has nia.i?- you a proposition i?? lake
over your i?kIus in your invention,
nal at th?? same time find a place
(?u- you ???i Hi?* payroll at g llvl.ig
?alary, the stipulation being thai
you will nun over to the company
ail futune Inventions which naj
apring ti"in vour brain.
V"ii are hungrj and * our 11 lends
a re backward, fou ? annol blumc
your friends. The) have been read?
ing the papers Th? ) know thai the
Wright brothers unquestionably
first demonstrat? <i the possibility >'t"
m.. hanlcal llighl w hat? vei rights,
pon? i?- and prli ileges were earned
by them ahould, of i ?? 11? ha? i
been theirs, sa!, from all atta? k aa
Boon as they had ? omplled with legal
,. ,|,!|. m? nts :n taking oui patents
mi ili. u m m Inii'
w hat Hi' > did g? t "i? ' ompl) ing
with Hi"?- requin m? nts, experts i??.ini
ventor. All th? ... knil,n ,0
the irriter
Tins i- detriments! t.. progi-n i
the United Btati - ,\._-_.r)
compete xxnh the resl ol the world
,\'-.|it In in\ I nti.?ii
if x.iii invent something :
railroada and you live .??*i ,.: ,?,,
Mlsslsalppl River, you an
to a Mf naher, m Washbigtsa ti?
rapraai nta the Bssb m R tltraad a>
.-"i i.itn'ii. mad? up of som? *.'.'i<? .,,|.
poratlons, .-a. h ? hlpi . .?.,,,.
WHitribul. t.. sweetea th? kit)
aa i" prot?t I all ei Its raen
i ...
patenti ?I Inx ? nl Ions"
Ninet) ?one automobile ? ompasi? -
have adopted the saaaa net
H. was th?- Rev. Hannibal <?.
n m win n he In* ented the sensl
ti/.'*.i film, while looking f??r a sub
stitute for the breakable ?lass plat?
he wat i? tor of th? House o
Prayer, In Newark. His laborator
was In the attic <>f the old brlcl
rectory near the church. He madi
his first appli? ati.'ii for s patent ii
May, l*-?sT. The patent was no
granted until September, 1896. ii
th?* m? an t .u??-? i he Eastman com
i the Minis and refused t?
that th? pastor-patente?
h.ni any rights In the matter. An?
i'i? n Mr, t ioodn in died on I???? era ? i
:;i. 1900 di? ?i .t, poverty.
Mi - ' ?.In in lii es n ith hei
frame house In Nen
Th.* d? the l'ir!..
St.ii? if A|?i" als may. aftei
fill tins. mod? si "utiiH.k
several mllll? n dollars t?> them
The daughtei is sixty-one years old
: shan of the postponed r<
\T.ii'i will i"* materially lessened b
the fa? t that in order t.. mi e1 th?
roste "i' litigation the Inventor wai
fon*ed lo i - - gn a large share of hi?
.. others, it la hard foi
. ither of th? -? pat 1? nt women t<> re?
alise that the high hopea <>f the big
Inist? r, w ho used t?> t?*n
them *-?? frequently that they would
all be i have ai lasi
..in. true. Whl? i. brings us t" an
m portai t t
Presiden! Wilson has gl? en wi n
? ople of the United
the Important of thos?
? i be following language
I'u you know, have you had occa?
sion i" h-,un, that there is no bospi?
talit> for invention nowadays? , . .
i am n"t saying that all Invention
been stopped by the growth of
trusts, but I thmk it perfectly clear
nvention in many flelda ha
Ks turagodi thai Inventors
WI i from reaping
a** ngenulty and
nd u.?" mankind has been
depiived ?*! mam i omforts and c-on
\.na ? the opportunity
; I ? ?
? *. rma waiting t.. be
?i i- a revision of our
patoat laws."
ii Ward Leonard dpi sldent of the
in\? -:.* Guild ?. i ery
? . of which Mi
? ? said '" Ihe
"Under ex
tent?e of a -
. ould not at his own
? -i ? ' .n. lusion an
eragi Inst g wealthy
opponent. 1 f? w wealthy
concerna usually acquire nearly
Impoi tant
' TI
i i?n. ?lotnpetlt:"!i by Invenl
the ' form "i* corapi tl
Hon. ?nir presen! laws result in
;, ?. -i ?.mi.? t it ion and pro
iju?. a teriden? y In Inventors t?.
ote? lion for their' Inventions by
. i .
Is onard la ths In* entor,
uni": .- oth? r I hlngs, of ths Ward
Leonard - .- U m of motor con
>? the men In I b? nat n hat they
tiuiik ?,f u f.,r (hum- the heai ?? bul
del* Hi.-iy ,-v;,, t work ?if turrilnt-' Ihe
i turret on ti..- m. n-of?wai The
? "mi,un*, paid hm, $120,000 for
?i H?seos t?. u?-?- th- Ward-Leonard
artlng ami stopping the
oa Its < lovatora These fs
? ?? ? ' ?'?' d **? ti??- layman ma ?
terei Mr
i.?-"n.???, ., i,n ti,,.
' * "II "f ?HIT pat II! illWs
? ?! '?* ? ? J" i . I.' ? fi'.t all ,,f
r h has I" ? ?. ssd
i - proba '.i*. ? "i ;-n ? ?
p. i lew fi m: ? i.i"t m Mu i tatted
Hi Leonard
?? ?,r th?- (..??
|..i.l? nl ? I' III*-? '.I * . I' III. 11)1
:?? i ?.|,t ...?'..' i . < ..I
"f II.? I..?;*.|N-rst< M'1? t '
t ? i pi.i? ti? ..ii ,iu patenl i i i
?ami t? ii | ?,?? thai i he Am? 11?../, i
Inxentor pon to In
' i m- an ' ?.!?' min ure ?a hi? h maj bank?
? ? un, bul the Intel f< ren? ?? maj
Tin ?
that Ma
i Ions be abolished; thai pati nta shall
. tnted t?i those w ho
he Pi e. Thla would mean
. the law, 'un a
any a
? .1 alms?.'.
Crai who o
gh his toj ?buildini
os ni'il a largi ball vvl
'i rtK ?a here 11 v as nol w. i t<
This was th< -mall circumal
\x hi? I. led to his
in Clo ? y -which he cleaned up
? s in ? nu. Th. re w? ni er
m tin.- ' .i.-i. Th?
? ntor of the p ite made
nearlj $1.??U0.0U0, although only d u -
inn- th?- last fi his patent.
? door ?a adx i i g ajar If
you Invenl something on tl
or a lead pencil with i ubber tip, oi
a dancing .um i row, or a sj stem
i" ?ai., dite ! operation o?
milking a cow
. se ??' oui odd , ten1 pro
. edure ?? i lasa o pat? ni attorn?
has arisen who maj i"- regarded aa
Used awindlers, and with whom
the ? <?iMiiii-sii.il. r of Patei I
spite his beat ? owei
i- Tl ? ?? men writ?
? units of the i i ix'-s won I \ ?
?i Int? ntois, and ed In In?
flu? - ? . of r?? 11< ? w
? na t" believe that the lullial f< ? oi
$15 xxiil result In making ai \r I
medes of eacl then
? ?. er "ii?- million patenta ha . ?
grant? 'i n thla . ountry (and * I
mor" than double the numbei Issued
1 ? any otl er nation ), bul of thai im -
(!,? ? your Id?
i hax ?? sol\ ??<! i h?
problem and In can gel you t" sell
i tigur? in- ' "in
will make hundreds "t thou
. it of it perhaps
mon .
il?- saj - your m ? en1 ion la ver* in
lercstii idda : ha? 'us compan*?
been exp? g along sim?
ilar lines, with the reauli thai it hai
;?iioni i'ii. nil a mai hi?e t" ?i"
praetii i II) ex ei j thing you da im t"i
oui "in m. . i.' ion, ait hough in a
. omen ha? m I en n1 s ax*, perhaps
i le asks x\ hai t urn ? ?"i will take foi
? i Y" i Inform him > ou
?I?, ii"! intend to Bell outright, thai
?? Hi do business only on a ro*
ally basil Thi big man aski
ihink t ox er, a ml in\ Itea you t" ca 11
Aa rranging oui pe?
i irbed thoughts In the elevator on
the way to a luncheon of crackers
and milk the man you have .iu.-i
talking \x nli ,t bright young
chap who has entered in response to
ih" i. ixxer from the main ofll? ?-. The
? oung man has been oui of school
perhaps a ? ? ar, i ?? r haps six months
The boss tella him he wants a modi '
made ai once of a machine to ?I"
of hat ing i our invi ntion come into
. "mm' i? tal use, and the rex, eng?
going t" i"' nearly aa ?w?Be( aa the
mone) xx il h a ha u ? ou Intend i" bu*
\ ?."I \i if?' a ?t"X."ii -ill. ill' -.-? .? t"
make ii|i for Mi'' .".?us m which she
has l u.rii'il Im r ' "' ? ?. 11 ones inside
? Ul
The com ersation l urna i" the pri? e
ai win. h ) mi will i ui ii over all rights
m Mus invention ami all future in
mentions. Vmi stak to your detei
mination t" arrange .". Its disposal
? ai Mu- i*?? of royalty. Th?' busl
- ma a i- x ery kind a mi . our
!? ". - ii- complim? ms you on your
wonderful ability t?> study th. n ??'!
of the public, learn Ma- dlffl? ultlea
? i /./. . In a i ague kind of vx a*.i
realize wha! you are up against
You .1!" up against the ii???! for
si?i,i?mmi. and ma: be another on top
?a' it, and yod bn nol at all sur.
lau that iia greai corporation, x\it!?
lu fathom leas resources, xxiii be able
to throw you ?ni the scrap heap
after the long legal flghl la finished.
The man has hinted at Interference
? 'linys. And x ?m ai?' also fa -
miliar \x iMi ? hat you may OXtfti :
,n th.- mat t. r of delay between the
tiling "' an appli? ation for a patent
ami the granting of a patent. Thla
la not alwajs t.? be 1 barged to the
at torne) in the 1 ase, The highl)
? omplex and ln\ "l? "?l pro? edure of
the Patenl ? ? 11 i ? ?? is responsible, for
man'- of them
it la nol long until you begin to
learn that the more patents you ha-.??
ihat are Infringed by these great
orpoiations the lesa 1 dance )ou
bava to deal with then on any
royalty basis Sou remember thai
there sre only a few inventora who
bsve been able to paddle their own
canoes Most of the good onea hsvi
igslns) their will, been gobbled up,
and are now s'orking on a salary for
men who are making several times
thai salary oui of their Inventions.
mi! v as a hat e> erj in. ent?
und? r our outi ageously Imp? *
patent laus- "s paper whl? h
iniite.i them i" defend their Inven?
tion If they could In madden i
protracted and enormously expen?
sive litigation against anybody who
? luis?' 1.1 Infringe or copj II
four friends are wise, perhaps, in
advising you t.. gel on the payroll.
At Last, th? ' ' .1 fi"t '"
spend thousands of dollars of their
money, from which the) would p^i
nothing except an opportunity tu sit
in various courtrooms In different
state? >>f the Union, wat? hing high
priced attorneys wear frowns of
deep abstraction while remarking
"heretofore, t.? wit," and quoting
Shakespeare, Blackstone, Chltty,
a?' bbold, Joaqu?n Miller, Kent,
Tupper and Christy Mathewson, and
bo ?.n for forty-six hypotheses,
Ynii end by taking ihe joi? on the
terms mentioned, ami you iiv>* t?. see
the company make hundrede ???'
thousand? of dollars by reason of
your Invention. This la a true story.
n has actu ill happened t.. one in
? ..in mufl? fr?im flr?il page.
pointing to th??
don'i xx,mi ?t '
Take what
led from his plans
"'This magsxine I'm putting In
my vacation getting subscriptions.'
Mr Wc-tirifh" : '? was always
gi n< i., i?-- and good saturad, Quite
natural.]. i b< r< fon he took1 It, <
tedly, never dn anting oi th?
tremendous results thai xx?i? to flow
from Mus slighl kindness. The I
girl i hank? ?I him and red
n? veri nt? n 'i hi life again. Even
hei n and "?" nami
nt the m | il
? The mhgi ?ln? i am? along
. ..i time, and Mr. Wot tingb? i ?
Idly i urnlng It on? B< p
? ? nlng, s i" ?i his ut ten I
? eted b a ma I lu m thai d?
.. .i th? bul 'lu?;, "i the Mom
? ?? nli tu,i,-1 m told oi th? "i ?? ra
tlon o 11 ' id illlng apparat m In ' hsl
lutin' i m ., ?h t mee o! 3,<J00 I
lfm the sir ? ompi. or. The po
albk etnplo) m? nt of ? ompr? ? d a.r
In th ? ? on "i M?, brak? P. hi ?
I. mu,'I
i h... ' .i b? exclaimed
magai be
to sketch i oughly t bi plan >.r
?i.?' fit.? i an hraL?? ss it was after
i ! applied."
Mi I laggaley, m Pittsburgh, undi i -
i..nk !.. defray the cost of construct?
ing the apparal ? I? ?) t?. make
.. demonsl : ation. Railroad ??Mi* ials
??: th? Pennsylvania and what was
then knon n aa the ?Panhandle rail?
roads were invited to Inspect the
apparatus and witness its operation.
The St ???i i. u*. Hie accommodation
train consulting "i ?? locomotive and
iiiur cars, waa placed at the dlapoaal
ol Mi W< st Inghouse,
? pon us flrsl run ?ii'ii i the ap?
paratus ws* .n ta? h? d i" the train
aid Mr Westlnghouse In i?*h?iik the
?i . to the aiih-i lean Bo? let y of
Electrical' engineers s short while
..?-?". "iIm engineer, Daniel T?te, "ii
? ?m i ging i "in i he t ? i ii ii? 1 n. .u the
Union Station In Pittsburgh ?an s
uni wagon standing upon the
inn k. The In . appll
..: th? .inia..i.? - prev? m? ?i w h..t
might have been s erlou ac< Id? nt,
and 'h. value of this Invention was
i dus qui? kl) pro! ed and the an broke
i 111? d upon a most us? i ul and sue?
i ui ..u ?. i
II.i ' ... |'i".l' ' i w ., th..I ..I
piping nulunil *-*.!- Into Pltl burgh,
. ,..| I,, KaV< Hi. .i. ?hi ?.. Mi \\ . i
t?hv waul? ?I gllS in b? i
Pittsburgh home, snd Mr. Westing
hou I ? Kperimentlng a 1th ?
????il in the back yard, Gaa 1
struck, and sa a reanll of lus expert
in? ntS he t" i f"' r? . I :? m h> in.- In bring
to ' ??? big n anuf id ui ing ? ?
In mall pipes at high pre iur?
and distribute it In large pipes, In
Mat wa - redui Ing the pn un i to the
? poinl He pul an end to the
troi ? xi loslons, l< ska and
Inventoi nexl turned his atti n
"i, i.. ? I? .ii left? l'm ?i '?? he read
of i h? ? .pertinents b ring msde b* the
English electricisna, Goulard and
? libba, s nil i he alt? rnal Ing i urrenl
i.. Jrhlch < I??? 11 leal energ could be
.-??nt greal distanc?e. \\. si ing I.
? t on? a '-ni I'raiikiin Pope i" ESng
land i" buy the Am? i n .m i i^hts t..
M"- invention. Thl i done, hi ?-? Ised
? ?ii ih? i? i? .i. ?i? seloped h, mil from
thai tun" data the great strides
msde m Ma i. ? ol electrical energj
lie hi .1 acquired the control of
importan) ? i<-< trical patent
. mi M" i wen flrewoi ka ai I he tlm?
of the World I ail In Chi? ago, In
i ? . ii, ? "ii -' quenc? H< took the
. ontracl for lighting the fslr al ?
IM..' | |,i)00,0oo i. - than had i? en
, h. i? .i i.? ..i h. i cu nipt i ii,- Tin ?,
In ordei i" ? ru h him, ? p?l? a \ "i ?'?! I ??
i., i ijsiI? th? ? ipu II Ion .im lau un
t ha ? hi could nul ecun I hi bond
? ??' !? rformanci of the contract. He
lurnished three separate honda equal
p. the smount ol ths contract Aft? i
the contraed ?' ti k< n, Injunct aa
obtained t.. prevent his using
Edl -patents in ths manufsct -
ure of i he lamps, as well ?is the air
pumps for exhausting ths bulbs,
which were at that time supposed to
the best.
So Mr. Westlnghouae himself in?
vented another form <>t lamp, known
, the "stopper pattern,*' and Invent?
ed and "mit machines for the grind
... m. atoppajrs and the ne? ka of
the bulbs. And the II,.,M4 left
over and distributed to the stock?
holders a*h? n ths fair was clos? d was
? the amount thai Mr. Westing
house saved those stockholders by
taking the contract for the lighting.
"Tii? ? ??ni? sis through w hi< h he he -
passed sin.'?* IOOT," says Arthur War?
ren, who hae been closel) aasoclated
m ??h the m-*, entor for the last sei en
teen j ears, "ha. ?? been bitter, and th?
ii.ii i.- have pier? ? >i deep into his
-..ui. but ihe) ii..\e nut embittered
iiim. the) h.?*.?* "u th?' other hand
add? d i?. Ihe stal ure ?>t his superb
integrity and have brought to him
tributa "i admiral Ion from men of
..ii claases and i sllings."
Speaking ol bis pv*rs?inul life und
qiialillest, the Ro I ?| Klsher said of
\li Wi .1 Ingboiu ?
"In his early life he be? ame a pro
feaaing Christian, Thai faith and the
influen?ai ? f hia ? art) home undi ?
strong Christian truths ware never
lost, ii" wsa pur In life, chaste it.
.-i'????ii. reverent toward woman.ir?
i.-? ami kimiiy toward .?ii '
? ?ii" da ) during a i bunderstonn,
". fore the t< lephone had been per?
fected, Mr. Westlnghouse asked the
office i "'? tu the Allegheny worka to
? all ?ii? aomebodj for him on the wire.
The boy hesitated Jusl a trilla, be
cause be knen that a f ? 11? Ax wsa
liable t'? be si ? ?? ki d 11 he used the
telephone-in auch xx? ather.
"What's ih? matter?" Mr. Westing
house ssked the boy. "Are you sfrald
i" ii-.- the t rli phone?" Mr, Westing
bouse aald it kindly. His- mind waa
...i aomething Important, and he waa
vary anxious to gel In touch with .?
. ertaln man ai once. The boy pul th?
i.i\er i" hia ear snd recehed a
distinct i ho k it ?lain < amount te
snythlng, ju>i enough to make him
Jump a lit s t ? Mi Westlnghouse araa
upsel about it, and twanty-four hours
later call?sd up the Allegheny works
from ti"- Pittsburgh office to Ingnlre
if the boj x\ a? .mi i Ight
Thai boj la one of th? big business
nu n m th? countrj iu da> Ha thinks
ha knos i a thing or is o about ?x h?*
everybod) admii ea Ge??rge \\ sating
h. u .
prai ? Hi?* mdi
\ idual Inventoi gel ofl .'
lit Leso*
ird, '?. - ? m?o
- .. lll'illS
! ma
?? tor. il Ii
A monopol
: In "He ?
i- tu..
The man
? it a mono]
of but m *'t'1"
II . ? ' wss tl
dr. Lea *
the : ' ' '?' *~~
...... .,? ?!
ins rlghi '? 'Nn "llJ
man, of whoi i never M
- ' erhtehha
., ri< '
Th? ; id? ? " ;"'
press? I
son, alth? u
the Es ?
Mr. i,
for his coi ti
mom -.
portai - : r'^";or
in ist
"If v
whatnot toi
. tfM
then let * - i
,? which ?
id als. ' - '?'
? ;"":'.
vento. ?
tended by the ?
,.-' ! them from ?
power ??i ???? '
Mr i
thea ggesl
Comm .. ' \|:
bill had I ?
. red Spe.
the i
th. "
,,..... :,. 1**'..-.
Thla would hs ? i ? " .?.
.,,- lhe .;.? : ?
when ileallng . ," kinl
lioWi lhe-inventor we are ?'"?
lolls-, ?u?* ?'">. g( ?II
?Ml'" '"'! Invent?* ?? ' ? ' T" ?,
like the one th? ?tag? 1?* - "JJ
,".. but . ar?
succeed ?..?"> -thh "^
reason ol divin? ^
perspiration ?**??w0t
.._une of the ?? l? ' ? ? ??' ^ -a
Ihe money with which t.? ??' ?
(!?. Xl,.x utigntlonol whlibthea^
eorporatlotia are non -" '""'_ g*
Mid a 1ii?m?* ?????M '. *,ntri'
-'?'''?"? ",:.,'".;'; ?anaf?
-?us Who >*? ibis Mr. ?> j
Is he ?i Su?" ?'? mean?? '"
Llltul ?'.

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