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f 5oo,ooo^ooWc?iH of Smoke aYe ar
'I "?l??Ma^ss?lT^anM?'^^i^?Bn^1mmw-T''^?l'^]'l^^.?.??1-'' iffl.r*Tir I 1 {ilk lAtl'.vi/j:, l-'u: Iwmm'ff/f?f;. ,.-* i ^ ? s* X \ ? i -1
Robert Aoamson ?
Commissioner Adamson, in Arranging
Commemoration of Triangle Fire, Calls
Attention to Fire Prevention Re?
forms Effected Since That
Disaster and Also to What
Must Yet Be Don \
1ION immed itely fol
\ istch or
-_,?J. ' Of the
: !?o liixx
the 1 ment is ao atrenu
Despii of the de
t her? is a v as t
?. | ird of simple
fire, Sa is slrnxxn
? ? : : "its of
1 01
down the I
: | . ? It ap
psrettea and
? Hing ?au-' d ?
? ?
?,,.-. - v ,.n, ::.:;,
I |ng of m
' . . : || g ? ?
' --*? the total num
? | i IT-".. While
snd their
i be men
? ? n plsylng *x Ith
*>S8 : rei last y?sar,
ak ? | ._? 245, which m
ad'i' damage, making
, ,.?, sir, 1.1:;::
il aource of cai
a fin i wm the
? ? num
: 1 0?8 I
yorb $10,230. Thus,
I ol 12 958 m? a for the
3,900, '"" more
than th rd n led t>y
andling o?
i llluminsni
imber of :
?. to '?
and Is? k of
' xx it h
' '
or the
? ?
. "think '
_ | .
have bsan aei I
?.. ;. rtraent, Tins is
si x%? havi
. m 1913
? 1912 ??? h ' ?
? 11,001 583
? ,-. Than
0 -
:? ? | rite
tound? ?i ??'
_ ut ills.
i anil ?m
'"'"' ?'liai tu
? ?..r a
s|.",-j>i::. xhe
? * ? . thl
_?'_' This rnys?
t. rloua son in oily
* le, used In w iping machin?
lampi . etc. Ti'?* -.*. .. is
v thrown nto oms
cupboard "r clos? t. or ?'-?"t in som?
corn? r of i ,..* room, p< rhapa n* ar g
?*.*. arm radiator o? -
Expel..- 1 ' . idmll that ap? n
ta neous combust Ion d? ?tes take pla? 1.
and fire InvestIgatora have i"?? often
witnessed Its depredations to doubt
Its existen ? Pires from this cause
could be readily prevented b) simply
hat ing metal r< cepta? I? -. with lids,
in which ? it? . 1 < ould
he d? posit? ?1 after ? .-?. And y-t in
hundreds ? f machine 1 nd In
* * - y highly com
tlble waste is left t?i lie about m
odd VI h< :: :.i ? occur in
ii?.' i" on? s? ? m- to knon
ill? ?.
ths n 90 i" r cent inll
mighl i?, call? d th.o rcm? d>. 1*'
great fat? lories ???..l ol h? r pla
? a industry Id b? nduced to 1 ?
th?'ir iliH.r.s, counters, machinery and
store and work rooma clear, half the
battle against Are would be won,
it Is the untidy habit that begeta
1 ho conditions which make Urea
This- particularly applies t" Brea
which occur In lenemente Half of
mir Ares occur In tenements, and In
nearly evei ce II is found thai
ih?'se tu. 1 . I by can I?
m -.-s-. Steam heating plants, furnaces,
st? \'a and stovepipes, mostly in lene?
mente, caused 896 1 i r? * s i.ist ?.ear. and
? the city .. ne netary loss estl -
mat? d at 190,151.
Chimney Bros, mostly in duelling:*.
I ten? m? n1 ed a loss ol $72,
7."'**- with .? total of T??:: Urea Even
? g mall It? m 1 disposal
i a l'.ss . I .*?_'."'.71'?
w Ith s total of 1 Ighty-thn ?? Un a Th?
-? ? ?! almost unit eraal "f
Ing hoi ashes In ?.Ion recep
11 piling th? m up against
w oden partit I? ns in cellai a i'? ople
a ho u-. theae can I? sa t hinga do nol
1 t?i realise that mixed In with
11) all hut ashes are 1 ?.? ? ?? ? o
? '..il w in. h bai <? n?'i been full) ? *
gum? d The a .ninth of the nahes
rola * il to the kindling point,
.. nd th? sah? a often bi 1 at Into Bam? s,
ablch, ? 1 is, readil: -?1 Are to
a.. .1 n? .11*
in large ? ommei * la] plan) 1 one of
m . : frull ful soul f flies is
the spark from machinery, caused b
Ion from belt others ?
M< tors si ?? I? it n m.?".* nd
pon ? 1 banda, and bel ta an allon ed
1 1, D SU? h a mann? r I hat sparks
.n. often thr? ? The Blmpl<Bst
i-i.-< ,1 m 1.in* ni safet) sre dlsregsrded
? 1. |i would i"* lh<
? . o Incas?
11 i ng h nd so to
and pon??
*., ?i? -, nit gii ii pari
j.-.ni j, ? . ? , - * impli i'i? * ..u
11? n ' f?lll,
" ..
; nog I
Ith the etc? ptjon ol
i,i ,1,., ndlarj An ? aba Uwsn VAba
might bs said to be dii
lightning, i f oily ? astc wore placed
in f ci pi " h ? ? ? d be no
"spontaneon combu lion," and If
motors were k? pi from ?park
would ha ? ? no lu ? - : i ? an thin M ?
? 'himne* fin a ar? c? ?ridable
bj the simple procesa ?
Hues m tlm?
The i"" num? rou r< ed bj
? moklng ire ccrtaiulj c-ntablc,
simply by i he ? nfon emi ni o? the
stii' utoi reg? lui Ions in Mus '
Speaking ? i leg I i triot ion?, 11
mlghl be i?" m Ion? d that n
i.? h -' for ib ' pr? enl Ion hav?
:.. ? n plac? ?1 upon the i taluti
; he 'I ' ? ' : Mas
-.i' at disaster mu h Rood hai c< me.
Of ..... mai ? "ilia i , ?? i.. i
ha?.- ? t imcntsl n ? ' i ter,
lita h n with tmateui Iah hand and
till? knoxx '? ?!-??
pver, i ime a nd more effici? n? i In
??raitIng futur? Un pr? i ntlon lau.-.
\x ill rectify these ? ondltlon .
? ?ne of the first tsngibl? r?
the Triangl
and i ? ?sage ol the la ?? ? ?tahllnhlnj;
jhc i r? i a ? m "n Bureau, ?tome
moni hi ? la] cd betw? n tlx ?
la m .?? 'i the allotm* ni >>f funds
th< operatl? n of t lie b irea i, a nd
te h? n t 'a- ttei te Into es t< i
: h. appi "i i latloti sol a- Ide for it s ai
ivholly Inad?quat? to its extensiv?
op. ra lion ami ' ? gned m
? i - proper on
I : i he T? i ? "a m House I ??
1.1 had undei n s ipervision
]??"i'i?i . . ? . Fire
l '- |. n i thi latter d? pai tment
.. Uos "i oi ?.???ih "t i he
numb? r of ii |>cctor* ?. Ith a hi? h to
cover t he vasl territory ol ?--i cater
New York. \\ Ith II 2ti6,?0tlU i r more
'.!?:?? coming i ' ' Fire De?
partment supervision. ?Naturally,
ed i" mu h congestion of ?ad? r
and ?l? lax In tl ., s hile Are
hasarda In man* plu ? n the city
? ere nol r? dm i d. The Fii e De]
men! a aa ena d ai the I t Ime to In
spe? t and i m?odj only such
t lona as i ? pur .-il imri" dlate
tion, auch aa .tal moving
picture slums, i'-iiiii" school** and fac
torlea, where the hazard ?vas acute
and conditions notorious); dangerous,
n ?? new r?gulai
m? m. hos ex er,
lions by the
hi" d above Durli g ia.-i moni
more thai i ?
??Kl Inspei lions made bj i he Fii i 11
pan r." ut. and n? ni moni h
placet x\ 'ii again I ??
? M,, i - added i" the list. Man?
ditions throughout thecitj have been
remedied, ?? iai I he gt nei .? I pu
beginning to wake up ." the dan
gera from fire which prevail ?
campaign ol edui al Ion ha? been
i tart i 'I by l h< i*,i<? ! lepartmenl
which Include, wide distribution of
literature, au? i. as "no smoking"
signs and various "don'ta" for fire
prevention Enforc? mi ni "f the
laws i moklng in fa torli
and othei regulations sre hsving a
aalutai ? ? Lectun ntr? ar?
?Ms?? I.. Ing ?? itabllshed, and the pub
will soon ha .'? ,i mi.
M" pn \ entlon stud!? ?-. In earn ing
On laus ami |. .
i ums a isrge number of Imi.ml
factors ?ii'' r into oni Ideration. In
i !:?? Aral p?a? e, there la Ma r? ductlon
. f the Are hazard by the elimina) I
"f i ' rhapa T.". p? r i enl of nur fir?
i hai is, car? ? ? can be
? ?? tlvel b) ? 'l ication
and the constani vigilance of In?
? r i s ho psy m nute attenl Ion
to the - leaning up of wsate, atopping
? ?f smoking ami i h< overcol tig <'f
public In? i ? nd gnoran? e in the
i..,?ti? r of aimpl . ?a'lina. ), common
-, nae m< thod of prev? nting fln i
\ ? ond x ei y Impoi tani factoi In
achieving Are prevention la th?* In?
troduction of appliances which xxiii
extinguish Urea In Mir-n* incipienc)
Th) ae Im lude Bre ex) Inguiaher
t.i.- pa lis, i.".-'- lines on Booi a, and
mool Important of all, the sutomstlc
sprinkli r.
xti'.i h? r Impoi i ?at ; Inl In Bre
mo. :? t y is the pro? Isioto oi ad<
? from all buildings
where numbers of workers or other
i., i -? ns are ? na ig? d N.nly
; prop? 11 ? i"nit tir.- . .-? a i"-- a.i'i
? t, t,,-.-., i - be prox ld?*d ? s her
, ,, , po? i ? i ding ih? uld hat e
til? r unnlng through their en
? i. ?. ; ? thai \\ ' i kei ? In one
pat t of a i ? tor? ms? a alb to
,. rough ii" ? walla by m? ?ns of
|,to|" r m?? ?I1 ?a tomati?
. sil) li.' '"'
Prop? r Bre dl d Im
, igurati ?i m all f. Thi labor
a i|i ill In ordi i i"
fji., ? .,ii, iiti.-i i.i thi i''i '.
i he i n. Department thla
end.i"'- *.mill' moral? th?
Ti ? ingle istei
in the T? ? _ ? Ure th? re v.a
drill w hate? er; i he Are escape
wa.-* Inadequat?. and led down nto
iiiifii 11 mal ing t liters
i rap TI ? workei wers ma?
qualnted nith thi exits, one ? :
Which ?' * : . * . h" k>'d
Thei ? wen onl) two stall wa * a In
this building though iho building
code required three, and th-- d<
leading upo i ? -a-d
.. rd. ' "?? ' ' ? Im ???? led ?"
the roof of the a
ol * . * wire
L _I
THE Fi&E-Escape on the Tr tangle
wa?stBuilding ?efore: the Fire?,
In ! 1" m. and I his . .in- ' d the
Are to leap fn ?or lo the
OUgh though the
? i ?ai the ? :-!;iii ti'M.r. th?*
ipal fatal!) * - o? ? um d "n the
ninth. The Bo? ?? Herod with
i i ipg and ''in ? gi m d no stt? mpl
in th? m up and place
them ???::? ? -
done In th?
? . i
era TI.
drills, | t exit
? ? .
b illding, ami ,ii.-> mi? rior Bn towers,
the doors of which open "inward
All n sat? and i ?? sw? pi n-^u ?
i.iriy from ths Boors and pis ed in
m? lal-lin? <i box? s, so that
should fire start within the boxe?.
from .-?"'r.'aneo lion it < -??.
pi ? sd
Ii might bs mentioned In coime -
'...n with the Triangle Building to?
da] that, though so many lives were
from iii> ' ? ? - amoklng of
tu ne one in the shirt a aisi fad ?
.?u M.ir. h 35, 1911 in II ? aame build?
ing several limes Birne the disaster
i" i sons bav? mu? '. ??
$5U m . i m. ? foi .?.-..i ? g i pin
I .. pal tin? lit ? : i
TI ? i* i ribla loss ol life from tin?.
? acema to hai i made lit i le im
presi ion ? 'H eon.f t h? -? people
w i u n the fatal Trlangl? : ?
? ?i m this building the * mplo] ?
nol "ni '? id no ? i ' di ills, bul th?
? i- . d ..? work th..i th.
1.1... i. d 11 ? u n egn from the
ii i " i ..i ihe lai - ? i '
tortea City
i" t - . rs now iii
?i"ii ample Aoor space in tiie
Aooi ' |cd thai the)
do n? ?I bl? cits.
? ?
? ago on D? ' ? ?* 1903, in which
. ?
BO has
the T
? ..n in
rend- : I S? s V"? I
- ? ire | ? ? ley wen- before
the tir<\ Ol re is no d<?ui?'
thsi even at th I 11 e man;
exist In fa tortea
e fir? ??.
ttention upon the
? ? Ion m fad
that many large Bi ma on their on n
nitlativ? pr?t entlon
almoat a hoi by. There are s.ime
fa? tortea in the city, employing more
than ? * tnd women woi
v im h are as safe from fir.- danger
?? I? ' ? make thi m.
th? s. i... i ? i? ular tirais deserve
the high? bI ' oramendation, thei
? have been ? . ? m?-l> re?
nt to m'?? i i he Pire i ?pertinent
half a * ?? du. ?? the
W 'Hi these latter Brtna
i pit ? some auch s) at? m
i ? Intn dut ? ?I as ?liai
u hit h i'i. s h< ? p? i -
eons who 'is ? '? ere held per?
li? ? l?'?l Wll :. i ? I'll'
n "i ?M Ighboi - i : k ' holda
mu) |.? ' who ? an he proved
The Largest Fire-escape: in Hew Yon-:
this F/\cto&\' can be emptied of Its
lo II
? r Kven end to
M II"!" bl< :; W ii".
prcmisea th? t.1
I to hav?
? ?
? I?. law, ai d
i'i-ii t" i ' i
? ?
i he i? r capil in Pari
? . . ?
New York our ge tire 1 p?
? i of popula) Ion Is abuul $2 ??"
N'um n Ne?
ted i old
? _ formerlj t? n? menti
? la iiik to irl? ill oui
. | le thes?
all "lit".- thi
house" class, and dangero
ws In
? ? I build
? \i.-i. I. Is ?.n the moni
lOi'tiol '"i m -I fore?
' III I'.I- I'll:'. '
' up a number of i
H"V\ . ("!..
?\. j. pul up efor. 'be i ? - ?
? i.?I in
llttons pit
of tiro
:?.ti. n. building conatru? I
. mportsnce Tl ? besl
..f buildli -
of mill b .
? oped m N? ;
?here t:"- flooi beams ar?' m
and the fl< ra, ??"here wooden, are ??:
: ? i- ' : ess fo : Inches.
Floors for 1 '
: ; ..m "ra- BoOl ' ? *'. ami
these . -
sprinkl? rs and other de
vicea for i stingulahlng :
ing Bre ?i? i
ie fad that no building Is
fireproof, for II Is im?
to mak?-- th?- ? ontenta non
flamma le. Howevi r, ??? Ith |H"p?-r
? tru? t : ri ami \x ith the
retarding materials
a- wire*glass, doors covered with
? ! tin, con ret? ; i tltions, ami
up :.:? -'"[i- t'a- progresa "t" Urs
rested *' ntly long to
save life arai prop?erty, provided aux
iiiatry Bra appltnncea are up to stand?
ard siso.
it is building cianatructioB that has
pis? ed European cities ao far shasd
of ua in the matter of Bra I? met,
Por instan'??. Ri'itt'T N-xx' Y ik has
?J00 Brea pe? 100,000 Inhabitants,
xihii?? London, tor the aame popula?
non, baa bul **! Pari vi perlin,
97? Vienna GO, and 81 Petersburg,
7."? < Mr di" losa in this i ounttr* i
.?t.. . . limea that "f Europe.
The "? tual a ih k - - to ssj nothing
? ; upkeep ' f m' departments,
a ater sat.pi' and Bre imuranca pn
mluma la about 1000,000 for every
? la of thi ?.**??! >'_'.". ?-m f, |- -?? or\
hour of Ma- da*. We .-n? mi ever.
? ? intrj about >.*'?".??hi
?N-t? i fln ta) a M..".?-Mi it'M? more
? ? than i m total ??out of 11-.
Panama <'anal. And , t ou.nu
? . f
* Il d I"
..i?; th?
uuld t ike
' Th
Ti langte fa? t?j
* ?? b
_'?hn* ;,. : t ten
\ ? ?-Tl-.il? 1
.. : I.
liv? ?nd al.i 50.000 itk
, ! ? .?'??., Ill
- ?
Mystery of New
York Girl's Fate
? ?"i. a 11. i a?, ?i page
tioi ? plum?
ton In i ?.m
Ii*.:- ' ' '
..?.". i
?. ail h. i? h - I
York I'd simply let j
?.nu know v? hen to ex|?< In r"i WS
ma i? am? r no. .so ?
that wind up * ? *ss fl
ami I m.?-. .lu-*- M
ight do? to|
two l?I.?' d? lied ?
i? ' from v. ? I
i.? Pon i ??? ofRdala It a - I
red I
!.. re m M . 1910 Since I ? i \
ther word from ? Ittu i ^
Mrs. Wexels? ? snd
the Portug
their fate
return to
Bein ? tnai i I along g
diiT? ? ' from that n h* h
he had .nit v. in her lei -
? ? : i Falla Mr-, w ? sol
men t Ion "t an* troul
ks. but her husband '?>
anothi i ? omra : tated thai
? ? m had i ' en unruly and
res?-nt!'ii under discipline il" st.dt.-d.
bonrever, thai be fi I? tin ? would
? anse him r." more worry, as the
majority of the carriers had n
malned loyal, n-fusins* to bs led into
? talon or mutiny.
Li-, and did they at. la.-t rebel end
kill the man and hi.s ?rife, or iiiak?
them captive? Thons we the qtn
ti"iis that make their tHipprerWin
> ?Jeep and tracte mjrst-ary. wii?i?
m the ?I'-pthH of the forest ?rag th
last fateful chapter in th.* romaaes
of thia young < ouple ?ana? U ?l ' And
if Wexetsen snd in* Sam Tort, wit.
ars not (had. where In the remite
i? ? ..-s? s ..f the j mgte .?? th.y held '
.\ postscript i" th<- gift's i?'tt. i
from \ i? loria Palls n sd
i have been teHIng .lan font win n
ITS shall h\. up ..u MjHItlngSid?
Height . overioeking Onhnsl Park.
Th' t ? ? ?.??ni remind him of th
for? -' "
i toes the gii ?. ??m? s here in ih>*
? id a Niw Vial,
?i'i? it in. nt '

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