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$100,000 TO LIBRA?
Collection of Rare Prii
Also Will Go to This
$25,000 AND CHN
(jifts Also to Princeton, Marv?
law Alumni and Zoolog?
ical Society.
test in th? will
- enior member of
.*!??!, Wicket-sham
,. .. Marcl -? is $tOO,i
Publ *? Libra! . of ?nh
: ? ? f the board of U*USt<
AfMMtclaUon of H
? - . i |] 1,000 . '
Bot let], |20.0(
* MOO, Hiid ?
f Art, I
??quest to the llbi ?
- - i, f? i?, the library 'us > a'
?* li th? Met?
of Art will receivi
?I .* v? rpf o
t n* i?* Bel?
? *.- rir.-.?\ ing room, hi
un-I ? ? ' "i-Si No 3 l-.i.-t 16
? ': IBl of Onr
\\a>. loaned to ihr m
t ?oat of Paul Jonei
hold BOT -Hi's ;<i
- elerk In hla offl? o Mr, Cadwslad
i-ft iha a t of ils i ronths' Balar
Us ?f who have hf
.. p< rio<| rot '
? ? sception is niHiio in ti
??s?? of M- ?niid Mrs. ,Iam<*s Horn, mar
i-?ara In th? employ of Mr CJadwalade
... i fi 100, besides tho il
r * - ? h '?i I fo- n, anrl at Vi
!.. Mrs Horn.
?>.-?s 150,000 to li
brother-in?law, wh
tha before Mr.
Max Parrand, formerly Mb
get? 120,000 : Mr-, i "ran
!? Millet, wldon of the artist who w.i
' ? 1 itanlc i : tin.-. CQ.000 and th
Ista Dr. J t Billings, diract?r of th
i Ibrary, $?,000 E I
1 ? . ' ""? lend ;.n?i wlsi sd
' ; ?? Mn Mar: de N?
Mai y And? rson, the *,,
iiar amount to he
Sntonlo Pcrnaodo de Navarro
..il?-, brother-in-law, "as a reinem
and s.h ah K. Cadwal
? ? walader, o
| To hla i ei hewi am
* idwalader left $35,6 ?0 . ach
Hai ? who had bei
* ? M ? the prai -
and ? I? ": ge W. Wi< keraham,
hla law part net and former Attorney
ex< utors, and
ft, another partner and
of the es -President, -,?. ai i i
nor and : t i odicil revoked
th? : ; tmenl of Mr. Wlckersham be
of his al ? ? ntry, he
rlag |usl started ?m his trip ?>f tli?^
t of Mr. Taft v
? the testator be ??-, ed t it
?t ?? - ' much troubla for him to
Mi Smyth, the
- were nanu
?hoir i
Mr. i fedwalader * - Instrumen?
it th? " idation of
den libi arles sind
.- ? ' ? ? Public Librai
I ?1)0 to th? Public Librai *.
m and g i?..*
? ? ? ? such
. ? ,.
Mai ? '. Mitchell, his
-. tator'a
? * ? , piel uros,
Mi.- Mitchell
. |
ted the
??. Increase the
In the reference d? -
?- ?'... to the Metr?
*?? be used i"
* ? I - ih f un '
?,. ilw I I -.-?..., ,1 tlnmnl \ ^ _,. ,
.i oi the Law School ii t.. pui
library book: . thi New Tort Zoolog
Sort? ty la to bu, ?? i with the 1
? *?? It, while the 133,000 bequei t to '
Princeton University Is an endow men ?
for the preceptorial system or the ui
graduate portion of the unlvei I
The residue of the estate will ... to
brother. Richard M. Cadwaladci h chll
hi 1st? Mrs. lohn Hone snd her
daughter, Mra Hestei Gouverneui Bartol
Mr, Cadwalader authorised his execu?
tors to defra? out "f th<- est?t? certain
charges and repairs to thi Tr? nton P ? '? j
Lawmakers May Meet in July
if Deadlock Continues.
RyTelei ph ? I . I bune.]
? m.?.. March 21.?Oovernoi Qlyun dc
?i to-night that if the ?.?"*,! tature
did nol pass the approi it ion bill he
wnii<l call :?n extra
??i? the Leglslat ? ?? t pa the a
propi latlen bill b? for? March z. '
the ' lovernor, "I ?** ill rail them tiack I
t., pa.a it during Ine hott? si i art ?
? immer."
A conference committee t" ... t \4,i?, a
klmllar committee from tli E it
appropi lation bill wltl . vl_w to co
g th? existing ffen : ?
the t'?o houses, wa appoint? d h
Bweet of th? ?1 ? mbly to-daj . h ? on
? m ? f A?scmblyi MaeD
ii!?l. Hlnmsn, Mater, Thorn and Wheel r,
Repu I Democratl i -? ader A.
i:. Smith Asembl? ma 1
appointed, i"it later Republl an Lcadei
! Unman ws ? i ibiit l ited t ir him
. .St '.at.- . onf? ; ? ?.imi Itte? con? !
? -? ..,* s? stoi Murtaugh, the i>? mo? !
cratic I? "?. i . r-*raale and Bo* Ian, and J
; an i.? ad? r Bro
The < onfi ? ? ?
El The Oriental Store? Introduced Oriental Rugs in America in ,878
Kee Chong Rugs
for Summer
r~|GENUINE TRIUMPH for the Chinese?a Summer rug so
AI new, so different, so practical and so decorative that every
I_I one is interested in it at once. Not "like" this, that or the
other rug, but as individual and full of character as a bungalow, and can b?*
used from the porch to the parlor of a Summer cottage.
Exclusively a Vantine rug?no one else has it in New York. Woven for
us of marsh grass by native Chinese in the Tungkoon district of the Province
of Kwantung.
This grass is cultivated for the purpose in low, wet land, and is triangular
in shape, giving it a tough strength without harshness, unknown to any other
^rass or fibre. Water, whether rain or sea water, only adds to the strength
and durability, and freshens the color, of these wonderful Kee Chong Rugs?
and they have a soft resiliency under the feet, adapting them even to bedroom
In blue, brown, or green Chinese designs, and native Oriental tessellated
effects; can be used on both sides.
Come in mat sizes, room sizes, and runners for halls and porches.
3 by 6 feet, $2.50 3 by 9 feet. $4 3 by 12 feet. $5
4 by 8 feet, $4.50 6 by 9 feet. $7 9 by 12 feet. $15
Tien-Tsin Blue and White Thibet Wool Rugs, known the world over is
one of the best products of China; used by artists; harmonizing with blue
and white porcelains and white and mahogany decorative effects?the only
full assortment in America; 3 by 6. $20; 6 by 9. $60; 9 by 12, $120; 12 by 15,
$200?and many intervening sizes.
?A^VANTINfrtfCO' i
Fifth Avrnue at 39th Street
Vailo-i lo New York iriould not f* I to ie?- the Greatest Oriental RaM*r in the World
Even the \\ i/<?rcl Prince of Arabia, \\ ho Defies Dozen
Deaths, Is ! lelpless \n lien Prehistoric Ding-Dong
Doesn't Get His Onions.
Spi ins ' ? ? i * beat th?
circua to this village bj a matter of som?
eighl hoij:??. but in the mindi of tho ? who
. : both produ? U : ? sterdaj In
Square Uardci d ?
ngi ? ?I small ?1" ibt to compara?
? d the m? ?i?! on i ii?1
ppointment in
ronncctio ??? 11 ? ? ti I i * perfon
Th?- Ding?Dong **.i- not exhibited ? h?*
Dong Is .1 prehistoric animal living
i-ntircl ?? . " ? ?? a ? ' ? ?Id Bill" 'l homp
stroi c heart d< trl; I" oke ??*? h? n lv
I, am* 'i thai . gnmenl of spi ins
one up 11?? little ani?
mal foi Iti di but had w>i an ived T ?
! ?ing-1 ?i?ng a .... i.?' i*t In s? clu loi
. bul "?'i i ??? i ho?? 11 m s da) or la o.
I a sliocl
Th? of "The Wizard Pi In ( of
I . "Th? >l.? = .? ''it* oi
i .''m-' hi? palace, pal?
lia " Ro
I mas ?' ? "'?
A young t ed AI dal I ?
e M ? '?? ??? of th? 11.- lacle. 11? I
'? I* enten King Hn
mas ' I the head of a glitter?
? Inut? hi ?ees th?
i*i incesa Uilou ira - ?? i ? --?n t. il that
T Id kini ? . abo il
Milo He hn kill? ?i t ? ictl' fortj ?two of
'?? . ? ?lio did not suit But
Abdallah ii not daunted When Kin-; Ba?
. ?" i magicisni perform in smiles in sick?
1 ''. lu'".. SI I ?Mi.ti they have tm?Hlir?i he
bids his oa n ??\ izard *;? I b is:
t?a ti"- Wizard of th? Magic Trumpet
blows once snd a windmill start to re
volv?. Thru the u izard of the Magic liai
begin, t.. spout and th< King shl* ?
turdj shivera i oui t '. m, I
Soo the Tl sard of the Magic
Oun, V? t. : | , probably was
' ? ? oua. A tin?' fat pap*. i artridge flew
o .' to ??? ? ? him o? two-inch cable an.I
tu?? wi/mj fired The bird stopped, gased
at luin reproachfull? snd settled Itself for
on the ambient atmosph? re in
i? lii'-ii t" --it if.n it remained for the :>.t of
tli??-- aft?
The Wizard of th? Magi? Strength take*
' . iprool ? palm tree,
\? i.i.'n ?? ? ? stunt of all, be? turn
it had be? n ol ? th? Ion of half
itidici ? : ami
Kom? ?a m "? er h fifi ? 'tool cliff,
end, a ? ii' l. s ould ha? ? it, he falls Into
., net thai wmi pas ilng sti sngi ? hap?
i to be holding. That probably aras
|ust s w< II howi ' ?'. i" ? ??? .'*''?? ' ?i ild |
not ruin a maii even performance. In?
? .,
Peeved ar.i perl irbcd K:n_ Babar er?
rang? tl ' final t? ? t n *? "J illah's Wli si I
of the Magii Sj?? ? -i " o It?u two n guiar
ind on? s ood? n one, must i ?? e th'
i ?? Ahloo ?o the well and
Leg'falls aal? ep on tir
way. bul Mac i 11 in n ?' era in- skil
him '?? si.ling the pillow from
und? r his head Magic Trump? t blows the
Princess away when she would sscend th.'
to the goal, and - oh, arell, tiir
happily r?rr after
Three rings, t*"1 stages and clowning
on the ??i'i<*. all going on at once, make
the 1"*; show Jusl ss hard .is or- t" look
at. Mr Bagoughi, a diminutive sooastrlan
from Italy, "?'ts Rvs exclusiva minutes In
which to demonstrate his taii-nt. and Bird
Miiiman. known to all old circus patrona,
takes th( ? ens to hersi If t.. show bow
to do the tango on the ?-lack ?.?., I
doubtful if her method win acquire vogue
on Bro id? ? ?
" . * * - . ' ? ? billed s th?
Human Ply,
down on .? mirror suspended nest th?
? ? ds for evei
.!!??? ?I i' the Impel *al Viennese
Troupe. There are <-!??<?!?. of them, and
i ring 1.? ?
Ik right Blc\<
? ? ? department hat oil I t old
< : .i\? i and nom? new o |>? ople,
oi I?. thin pci
i ? ? r m? ? ? ? ? ? ? .I peo
pic, "Zip," the "W li it-i.--.? all ? i
;i:.- th. i e.
i *' ALL there, i si?.
Graduates of 'Poly" Pay Trib?
ute to Old Instructor.
i, ? * . .
Polytec ? for
twenty-fi ?? ? - "hli
? ?? ?? id ner given In his honoi last
t the I lot< ' ? lore than two '
hundr? ?i men ? ho had studied und?
? - dl * d homage tu
their oM mentot ''? * ?
i in th? it.
s 11? il*.? rs dwelt in i
on i '". Sh? Idon's a? hie?
? the institut?, i ?r Fred W
- ent of th? titul
on "i m ? ? : ' and
O. Kd ? t h
? ? |
William I. i, ' ?
don's llrst ? ok? ilf of the
??bo in? Ralph W. Po
t ? American * tut ?f '.l* ??
of b
long acquainl I educal Dr.
Sheldon ? l i I t of that sod? i
ty and has f? i taken a
ntnl pai t In H va
Caruso's Aunt Dead,
on. N I ' .i -? M Mar a
Ammarano, of Easl 22d street, an ? tit of
i .?;? ico i an? o ? ' ? les it bar
?Ana from heart d Cam to t? ie- ?
rraphed thai s would ? pi enl al the
funeral, which will ???? bald to-morrow
from th? ? hur? h of th? B ? : .?
in-iit. Mrs. Ammarano waa the sister of
ai uso'b mother B a daughter.
Future of "Cause"' Depends Largely on Conduct of Girl
?Mayor and Other Officers Soon
To Be Elected.
? i dunno who Ifs it".:, to be, but
?ouldn t be h??r.'
Fuch la the ganara] sentimeni of thi
bo? s und f-ititi around Public *-?
at No. 81 Ka-t 17th street, la regard I
th?? _ir. majror ?>f that *? hool, arh? is tt
t.?, elected on Baturday, ,?s ?*? : ?,- , ..
r.oive .'ttiTnifuloner, s girl '?'ra ?
?loner, _ cirt park commlsalensr. ?? -?
?tr?"?-t cleaning kmer and hm ; i
other olBce - ac ? isary for -i school cit??
Everybody in Kip's Bay district ag ? i
thai tins feminine iin.ni. Ipalll not go
Ing t ?> bava an saay time of It I
;.'? _ are not feminista
Public School 0 has t" !.a?e girl ofB?
era, for II It ag boot, sad Rauben
H Simen?. SOP-TVlsOI ( f lUVeOlle lei.', ft,
t? ho called a meetlag at this -
trrday t<.? organisa ? league then
?irons for - la o?ce. lie :-iii that
Hi?? girl mayors In many cases <!?' I
th.m the i ???- '?? lyora, and h* has *
i-ivi?- 1? asu? : spi tnkl? d all oler th* ?cho I
_?st?rn of New York i'ity.
Thero war? fuiiy ; s man] boyi as girts
in the tt.r?'ii_; thai Bill d th? S . s
when Mr. MraoM tntnodaoad lira Com?
mlasloaer Adaotaoa, the Irai ig ikar, at
?rseterday'i awistlai The boys divided
th? ir atteatioa among Mr. Adama-ia,
Cabot ".v.? r.j. Park Ommlooloner; repr?
.?< ntatl* ? . ?'f the Teneaaaal Hou ? ?>, -
? ai un? ni .??"?i the Bfrecl < sing i '?
rartnr-nt. ??'l ?f whom talked ar,<i I
soma BcroBfi pteturei But.tha si-iaUow- of
the Impending I was < their
spli Its, and Mr B t of the
time <?n h'.s feel *? ling : m I il if they
did not kosp quiet I a Id hdvs t?>
leave, a rod-balrad boy m a coal too
hig for him summed up th<> feallng <?f
t a ? ?a iltna oni i -?? ti as
Son fork wouldn't ? ? i | mayor,
,-.r? if we're poin' : ave .i go meat like
:. ? '? ?. -. ? ? ? ti \o)
I rh
Bui Hvo if itely In?
f... med- the n d-hahri ?l ;?!. er t.nt
BO BOW, .inrt
would ? *. tg In?
i ? remita i about to have its tri U
in the Kip's Bay dlaui t, and vot?
ates l irs h?->pin?; ?ni?
all their hr?rt? that the girl mayor nlll
Ill.lk? g?-.od.
"Ton - ? ? ? lalnod Ml a Sara ?'.
"lili ? ? .: ? of the Kip's Baj Noigh?
bortu.i Assoclatioa, which Is h?artiiy In
favor ?i thaoa ? boo! langusa, "tbara ar<?
to be several boy mayors in tha ?i ? - r :
for Mr. Simona la going t?> form >a?U's
in a;i the schoola around bora?, .''.*i soan?
??f t... i , boya entirely an?l .- KIK
mixed Bo 11 ? t? ? ON "f ti'.-? - I
!??. .. of No M will havo to ?>?? ?> ara up
t ? t ? ? ., it trmtios ' woman ?
gel i ad Mow,
Shareholders'Agent Doubts
It Can Be Done Legally
at This Time.
' Valuation of Equity in Bank*s
Building $1,000,000 More than
Estimate. They Say.
-? U ?r.i of the United stati
Court, has bet?re him th?*- rep.vt of
' W, McKini ?-? ? ? for th- -
lera, on ?he assets ol Mm Notional
a of North Amorten, a u*h failed In
1 ? matins ??' IMH Ml the bank ??
equttj in the Wall Btreol Exchango B
Ing, the report puts the ssssta at j* ?-.
Prienda In Wall Street of ?,h;?
Mor?? ?uggested yesterda} wh<
heard of this ropori ttiai the squit) In
the Wall Street Es hange Building wss
worth at lea '? ? ? ? l
sgent's estim?t? and thai that irould
place the Block In the banh at WA s
si are, ? kit h ??> lid i n ira rea
business. ?
man asar M?,.**? ...
arould pursue?]
ank would be reop? on. it i?
kne? n that both Mot s an ?.Ifred
? urtls, who waa prealdem of the Sa
Banh ? N'orth An ? k-a at 1
sf the*a *-'n be laved thai tl ? bank waa
solvent when it \?hs fun-ed Into the r?*
ceiver's I inda T ?* held tiiar the hank
waa broken by rival financial magnate!
to p intsfa Morse.
Mr. McKinnon, when asked sst ir.ght
? ? the possibility of the Moras i?an;
I lUSll B, Bald ba ?:a?l h? ai ?1 o'
nothing t" that effei-t, and ha doubted
whether then was an legal process bj
whii h the bank i ould roopi *.. ? t
obtaining s new charter of incorporation
?mid beginning as a new Institution.
*?[ cannot speak definitely," *-ii?l Mr
I McKinnon, "but my belief Is there I? iw
in which b bank thai has gon?
. new chartei It la a quest
might :ii"i a wB?
ha? e t ird of oim
"Vou se? Hi?? shai eto igi ? ? 'i '?
? imi up tin ? i rhat ends th? n
? h.i'ter. it may be po th? n to
(iii'i ?some waj of recalling theli vote, bu?
: , doubt ;f 't.* ) ? an.
"[ have submitted my ? p??ir tu Judg?
. Ab to the eq lit] In the >> ?? ! Btroei
: exchange Buildli ?? ?
than i pul : ??' I shall b? er;
?.i id !?? learn that it I so, bul a batovei
? due of that ? ? .... not
? affect t tion of the b ink's n op? n
\\'ii?.?n the Moi b? i snk **? ent ?? *
ipital wai COOO.i d more than
: l>r?>li!*-,
and on a 10
. g .'f -??"* N" ?''?"" I ?t ti:"
\ lianna, ha
\;. \i Kinnon was ei cted sg? nl for th?
?harahold? i ? to a Ind up the atlali of th
-i.., . r.. ?i? H? k ?'. Eaton,
' i 'hart? s A. Klttl? Oc< - > 81 as Sid
? ,:, *. H, Mar? i and s tin n b< i of th? m. ?
lof l-idonburr. ThaUnan X Co. The total
aaasts received by Mr. McKinaoa amount
, C?i tO t M?-..*>l''.
_ _
M. D. Easton's Engagement and
That of Sister Announced.
'two betrothal?, la the family of Bdward
: B. Boston, preeld? - of th? Columbia
i Qramsphcas Company, were .gads known
? > ? sterday.
Mr*. Kaatoa ?win? married her eMaal
ghter hurt Julj to a grad?ate of w? -t
? : at h?!* h-MM, at Arc?la.
aear llaektnaack, n*. i the <.>tl^a^?''ll?el.?
I of her younger daughter, Helen, to Norn*
m Mumper, of Trenton At the ?.a-m?? tim?
Mia. Heir? Rankin, ol Uosben,' N. I
aiino'iiK-ed the engagement of tier ?lunch
lier Man.? t?> Mortimer l>. Kaston,
1 brother Of MISS IIHcti
Th.? Easton-Rankln wedding will ta**?
pia? eat' loaben May ?.
Detective Declares lither Le?
Frank or James Conley Killed
Mary Phagan.
? i , | - ? M>]
Atlanta, March ?i Work . I * '
, i of the Marj Ptiagaa murder m ?
tery." William J Burns and At|orne; !??
ard tlaaa, of Leo Prank's defence, tvii
.... hi on M? nda for Ni w rock ?
? ' ,ti>?s. 11 ' ?? l'fui ?? to tab
what is the obj? t of t it, fUrth? I
than to as sg for new s? i
i ?
It ti ? that th? bat spe
Sew York to aea II
Becker, I S il lonal Pi n< II fs to
i expected t
ihiow considerable light of ? nature t"
help Pranl the nm
"8am" il foi roer ? mploj i of th?
?'ne conference with
snd later stated
that he had g ? i the solicitor Informellen
?.??"-'?. rrrtaln ror
tion_ of Back) r s ?-toi y.
!:? iben trttotd, assistant to Lather Has
? for Leo Frei k, rrtnrn.' I
to-day from Kew Totit ??nd Washington
He said that ? ? * *' ? re would
tlofial dev? h" ni' tit?
Burns am - inced to da] thai he i i
? in.' ?lown to ?i'h< i '
Franl ' ? ? ley,
Ti.. '.'? Prod A. LI lato of the
lo-morroa ? new trial hn
- .
imperator's'eagle down
Body of Bronze Bird Removed
Before Vessel Sails,
The Hamburg im?.; an l.net Imperetoi
sail".i f..- ' . '? ni.iv .it l ''l
p. ni. \?itii no Imperial eagle al her bom
The bod] of the great brons? bird, ?*?"? ?
fift. en-foot Wings \? II tue
storm on I ? -<? W hi? 'I
. ? .?. d ??? 'i hur? i<t- 4? . - ... ta? hed from
the for.' sstle hesd by In
? ptal 'i ti ,?t h- ad i?ea?
would finish the ?mk of destruction they
had stai:' o and di ? Ided to t ike the n_r
urehead ovei between decks In sectloaa
rath? r than t h K?- the i ,% it.
Th-? veaael cs rled " *rei t,
which ' i ?' lei ?:?? ? om| I I I
?on. Bhe wsi perl I ?
hours, hut took v. ird ? 9 I tOI i : ' ".o
In the Land of the Crescent
has been selected for the
"After carefully consider ins, the merits of carious makes
of pianos both here and abroad, wt haoc decided that your
Concert Grand is the instrument best suited for the
requirements of the College. We feel confident that its
beautiful tone and the durability of its splendid mechanism
u ill $icc lasting satisfaction.'
Yours eery sincerely,
Hon. Pr?s. Associate Alumnae
The Knabe Piano is always chosen where the best is required.
5th Ave., Cor. 39th St.
$12.00 per WEEK"
I HOSE WHO ire int?r?t red in improving the conditions under BmsCM a great
throng of women work in New York can help that cause without either
expgSM vor inconvenience.
"HOLLAND'S," at 30 West 34th Street, is a delithtful tea room which wr,
opened for the sole purpose of demonstrating that a business of that
-Character can be successfully operated in New York and still pay a minimum
rgagC uf 112.00 per week to the women cmplo>ed.
YOU CAN ENCOURAGE this commendable work by lsBCMs| at
HOLLAND'S, 30 West 34th Streel
t M it bel ? -en Wal-iorf4 forii .1 ,1 "., \\\ in

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