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Meals Sumptuously Pre?
pared in Jail for Slayer
of Gaston Calmctte.
^Premier's Wife. Tastefully
Pressed, foils Her Story to
I \amininir Magistrate.
ne ?
* ' Lillaua paaaea
- ? i.asare prison
'. ' i" f"t..i |g.
r. ? out I !? She
m i imptu?
!.. .1 -.
t?- .1 at La?
?nd the
It is no use
?? ** d ! ' V e
t.. m M?re
,-_,, ?>> to i"?.i over with
'???t first
??? ? ? -.p. She
b from B uni La?
Pi ? of Justice,
the < ourtjrard
?f ?' She wore a simple
? ,v. liai sur?
;. . ? I ? tt?*. H
: ,- !??... -knnk
I hi. h last Mnml.i.v
*. . I'- r Venetian
-? fniiv arrnngad in
with emotion BJ Bha
noa bei*
with M. Calllnnx, In Itll, then
?' >;.nail)
-? *
Infuriated ;.t the
tta? ka i?" l" ' husband, par
... cused of secretly
rl of th?' l'r? i!. h Coi
after th.- Agadir n'Isli SI ?
felt humiliated and Indignant at t
? i her husband ami
entered tha ioom. '??Ml this
? ? i?? -v ? ?:i.? measure," sh?
for I i ed "f th? ill's, lute in
* ?- ? : husband.
that she had I???? n act us
i .< Figaro" Blnos she a as
- Kirl and when "i.e Figaro" pub?
i rlday, Man h 13, s lett? i :
: '.i- know that ti,?? same lady
Iks wi ngfully had possession ol I
?tt*T , held I a ?? * thai lett? rs writ?
ten hy M t aillaux tu herself before she
1*. ame his wife, and the possible pub
*?*. hieb in "La Figaro" Bha
? ? !?? <?-,? r;t
? fi'imd
e ? i ? ..f prevent?
kg .\i ? ::.. tte front ng th? m,
? ?*,?; Jus?
her on n hands.
* -iti'?n of Mme. < 'aillaus n l
sued next weak, i pon hat return
? eii m si Lasara m Isoi ?t '?
s, m Mme Ca ms receiTad a vl t from
her husban'i and lier maid and had for
? and Bpinai h
n before the rraamtnlng
Blllaua re. eived ;i big
v.. || a- great i?ou
kess or frail an?!
aCOJUS *'iani*es,
; the shock
"W aboaring their
Of tha prison
attendant nuns, which
?'-??d bei : *.*.- i iinii-irs ol the
? imlf lllddO, has
? tilla i give no
? a
... them sarv
another aa a ?i nil ?
? ? : - m All
m is in
e? wire netting.
??? Balanced Minds Unable to
Consider Recent Upheaval
and Present Situation.
H ' .,? i ?
?i*. M;.- ? t Olltlcal agita
,ton in : ing :) . laat f? w day?
' ? ? mind of the. n.i
. ... with Hi b :
tt? ?i suicide under
? .t mnil
. . political up
I ? of it -..'.*' an?! Bill?
' d* *-~* ? ? . .*? ..'? ' 'alllaUX
? ? i r Theodora Bi-tnond, a
? tor <<f Salernes, in the
?""?artr. * - v.i;0 haagod bim
?- SOOS, as he ?aid in a
"" I ' ? ' him, after forty y a
nmant la ?France there
Hg . f hutiK? .'. Ill:
. niv own hand, |
* thai stlot
- * ??..?:* -i Iran' I tha
eat ?1 l] at ii ?n dl? of hunger, i
tai .?t my fun? ?,
b IM bottles of srlns
?'? ?!? i,k ? ? ??.* | "
: ? ? .n th? lacreas? li
- ?I'll, I. K tli" ii??t ?'r?
ird The
? . .?
| MM arid M?ll worn? n,
^ **'1 pa In pro
Jr^*n attoa ?i.? m M ?" rap?
Jr***1 * t-Aro maUAAt i m i i*">.
' ' Ar. In ?.th? r ??nu,*: I
tbcli own lives
? spring and iudiimi than dur
*?V|ft. .
Pr<>f Perret Resumes Work.
"?>? 'i h.irl?
* ivord T? ?
* ?a. i ,*?, ? ?
* ' '"r.'l . . ;,?,] ],.?,,
??*T(i,,y ''-"* '".M'l laVS were, not gflfft.
mAol""TAUl* '" * 'H"t"iteh from i:as
??*?*, 7* l""> }'f,"n a,,1* ''' -S-tortaka
?iu,.??30'* **r*niu *f ?m volcuno of tie, '
U""rr? wmst the aeelSaal
First Public Recognition
Since Latter Returned
from Danzig.
: ,-:? '?;.>,to to The 1
Berlin, March 21 -The German <*rotvn
Prince and Crown Princess gave three
brilliant entertainments at their rnter
den Linden palace during tin? week. On
Thursday night of last week Richard
Alexander and his company of players
gava Peydeau'a "\itcr th* opera Ball."
on a specially constructed ptai-e in ths
salon of ths pals <?? On Tuesday
of tin- week t;.- village comedy, "Life
" .-nil." I v Di. Ludwig Gangbofer,
i was given ? me salon.
Thi- oc? salon a ? parti ul u I]
wort . the presence of the Em
peror. This Is th? Oral public visit h? I
paid the Croara Prince and Crown Prin
?? the i 'rown Prince retui n? .1 t.?
from his Danslg exile, last Decem?
i After ti <? performan? e supper was
. tables. Tiie Emp? re* lia.l
the Croara Princess and Admiral vonTtr*
ntly had a ontrot ersy ?rlth
Admiral Dewey, on hla right, and fount
?on Lo ? : and Dr. ? . on ?
his left. The Empresa wai unabl? t" at?
tend b? ..- ? is visiting the Duke and
Duchess of Brunswick, to whom a son
"in the day aft? :.
? _ evi ning the ? rown
Prince and ? "roa n Ft im 1 as gat ? a small
the r : onls Prlnci ? 1 id Prin?
Pi in? e and Prli
.ugusl Wilhelm ami Prince Oscar and
Prin? ' u Priedrtch Wilhelm of Pr
ware pr?sent The only Americans there
i en theOerarde. L.LaurierWlnalow and
Countesa Johannes Prancken B
Th" other guests were all of tl
00U11 ; et.
The men almost without except ? n
woi e historical costumes of tiu- vari
?. 1 nenta. The < Yowu Pi inca and s
. -in".her of officers ol the li R< z
? of Hussars wore the unit"!'' .
the regiment at ths time of the \\';u* of
the Liberation. Princes Bitel rYledrlch,
Augrunl Wilhelm snd Oscai wore the
1 ; ? ? .j unlfoi ins ??t' t he same
,,, rlod The Crow n Piir.? ess had a
. ostume ai d Princess Qtel Fried?
rlch s coitumo of Mmi Vlgee i- Krim
1 ? ,.... .\ igusl \? llh? Im wore s cos
1 'i In
.? Friedrich Wilhelm of Pruaals a con
tume of the Rococo m > lod.
Mile oil- ?million, daughter of th?
1 rench Ambassador. Imperaonated a court
la?ly of the time of Mai a- Antoinette and '
count'- s Johannes Prancken Bierstorfiff '
impress Mam Theresa, copying an old
Mi Gerard did nol appear In costume,
la regulation ? ironing drees. Mrs.
Gerard wore ?? modem pale grot n even ?
lag gown and powttercd hair. Mr. Wlna?
low appeared us Paul Jones, with knee
breeches, rutti. -, a ?rig and a rocked hat.
Crown Princesa Cedlte took tea on Bun
Say h ft? rim', n with PMnce ?n?l Princesa
n.-it-/.fr .?it at th? tr apartments at the Hotel
. :).|. The ' *rOWn 1'riii''' B, v. ho
wore a cream colored costume and a su?
perb ermine wrap, was warmly greeted by
an Immense crowd of Sunday sightseers,
who gatl ? ?-"l in fronl of the 1 ?
drove away la an automobile.
Preparation for the Olympic
Games a Principal Cause.
Berlin, March IS To Il a det el? p
ol athletl? sports In Germany n? traced
m lar?.-'- n. t m km at reduction In
. ? - ? onaumptlon _ isa ol young
. ? 1 oat <>' the ai n ? a ho e> ?
? ?? ? ?!? it 11 gam? : to be
held b? re In lftt, with the hope ol ?
in.,- American prestige Um.nie
contestai have found that the fli di
; oi th?.r physical Instructors im
' ? g. an ?1 athli II? snthual
asm 1 a' ?>.. are
- ii
Many have glv? n p beei altoi
Kaisenn's Hope Disappointed,
Wished tor a Granddaughter
!i;>- 'ii'i" ". Th? Tniam |
? ?openl ..*? n, Platt h si Th? Kali si in,
appas hoped the grai < blld ??t ths
I Mik?- . -.1 l'ai,. . "1 Pi un .?a ? n 1. |ld
.1 II. "... . told M
? n a pf thi an com?
. 'i I.. 1 11...,, Berlin,
and? mi'::, n of thi
family were boys ?. id 1 ? ? I she wanted a
Ki'i baby m the family.
The K.iiner had i n v 11. ?I |f| . ?.lie* to
T'erlln f?,r the Ursl perfoi mitri.-.-. at th?
HehauMplalhau? "f I-gggfg "Veer Oyat,"
tr,r which ?*lrli?a wrote th* mnnte
Reichstag Wants Colonia
Labor Regime Abol?
ished by 1920.
Berlin, March '"? A brief defendlni
slavery f*'" t'1"- colonies, declaring tin
its immediate abolition would :
? ? ii inga, has lust been handed in bj
loi ernoi <?f ? lerman J-..-.. I Kti . I *
Bchn? ?? In respons? : ? r? solutioi
I by the R? .* hstas laal
f'.r the termination of household aven
by January I, 1920, Dr. Bcbnee haa re?
ported that thei ? a-? al o it 185,000
in the colons al i res? nt, m
captives In v
otti? re b? - . rted
day from Portuguese East Kt\ i and
British Cape < er, how?
t ver, Is stcadil) growing I?
A lav ? i go eratei
? ? dren oi household slave? born af
I >? ail. - a .reducing the
* * r of alav?s. Man** are able to ' uy
Iberty f'.r sums rangi t ti m ?
? i . ind, addltlot
giving their slai ? ?
The < i"\ en or predicts that i ery will
ni'. ; ? 1.?*.: t'? ???.: Il U IthOUl
furtl ? r restrict!
? ? .-.'.: t - ttlng an) ti\- d date f-<
: ?n, which,
clares, would ruin many plantation own
?t.--. provoke rebellion among the native
i and ost the governm? ni .?t least
KO to I . iv owners for the lOSB
of their prop? *
Th?* ? lovei :. ?[* u -? - ? ? * ' if
Uar ring to r? ? I States
history of rrixty years aso. H? fwyi thai
i he i e_;r?> by no mi
pi i sonal liberty sa s i . that t i ? - -
slav? ry la of ? d< * Id? dly pat
character, that th.* labor exa?
that th? ven centalt
? . . ilti? ate their own 111
By a general em n 1
- a ho are now f? d ai d shi It? ? i ?
their owners when no longer s *:?? to
work, would be thrown destitute upon
the world.
.-. discussion of the report in th? Bud
??? ol the Reich tag th? So
claltsts and * * ? Itlclsed
the attitude of the government, behind
a tit' h, thej averred waa the
t'*:?-i of the plantation owners seeking
from colonial newspapers offering to -?,;i
"i- buy slaves were read by th? Bo lal
;* Is, v j.., .:? i . .| that th.* gOV? I
was favoring and eVen promoting the
slave tn . Clerical loader atiesad
that German (flanters organiza resnlar
man hunts t?. get labor for their planta
Dr. Bolf, Secretary ?.f state for the Colo?
'?litt? d that n..- Ian has : ? ? a n
terpreted t?. justify compulsory recruit?
ing of nativ? labor f??!* plantations, and
that grasi Infringements of the law nad
been committed by nativa Boldlers with
the knowledge and consent of thatr v.* :??
'ii... native population ??f Africa is at
? ? inder contad with
tl.?? white man. it I ... been thought r.,:n
und? r the tnl * ? ?! ? ?? te civilisation,
: .atlon of i ? continual ti Ibal wai ?
and th?. Introd i lion ol scientific m< ?leal
methods ti" negro population ?a Afn i
would grow rapldl)
i ?.. d? rich \'? est
' ?. i? i.tai Seminary ? f the H?.rim Uni
?it), ?I?. :.,r. s .... ? . rary that the de?
population in Bteady and rapid. H ?
tha re?*.?: t ?i ., i 'atbollo ml? I ?aa
Father van di r Bargt, wlto aft? * I r< ?
two M.'iiV WOi k :n ?i? i ii.an I!.: t Am a
round tbat the native population m I
- ' I n isad a third If n?'t n : , I
Infant daatb rat? ? *, ore 4; to N
. ent Hti?i u surprisingly low birth
*?? f-?' toi - which mi.- loi 1
m To>;<?. tha Camai t and otl 1 1er?
'?? i'? - olonl? -^ in -\/- .. a v.. n ni in
'?? rtnaa Baal AM ...
'Beatrice," Mes^agcr's Late?t
Opera, Pleases Monto Carlo.
? ' ? ii n
' la 1 .ni.* M
opera In foui l . .? ?!
:? ? lllavct, with mublc I I 1
*i. .1 ? ; *:t, is th?
best and most dramatli work of th? au?
thor oi ' Mad and
"i*ortuiiHi " 'rii' story :
,., . [op? .1 iv ! ??* ' a 1 ? and Da 1 ... lav? t
11 ..m 1 'i.ai ?- i novel based on l
Hurg 1 ? nd ??! Blstei
t the pa?-I
?Ion of carnal li . with n
.. , I. \ . . I 1.. ?, ? .. ,'.:.: . ' ?
i-, n mi nun
'i 1,. mo.-.- ? ? i- i. "?i?.
iluminan? e ol ' * Sitar?
u It Ing w lili ?h- 1
'i h? pari >?'. Beatric? ? adi lira Ij -mug
by Mua- V mil'' Val ? aal t at of
J.orerizo ??y thu I? nor. R? lasall*? Hea
trica" will bo given Util in i-ils and,
1 ?and?n '
Successful Reception ?iven
at Club Rooms in
Prager Place.
[Bj Cabla to TI ? : rfl
Berlin, March SL?The American Am?
baasador and Mi Jai ?7 ? rd, as
laual, ir? highly prominent in the ?--.^?al
life of Berlin. Perhaps the moat ?
ful enti * . ion! of the w, ek In their
honor was the reception by th? .meri
can Women's Club on Sal iti ? evi ;
at its < ?ui.rooms, in Prager Place The
rooms w?-r6 ?i?' trat? i with palms and
ai ? thai ?'. ? ?? ? ? d
The - - ('.'limit!'"? Included
ea Kerr, Mi G Mrs.
fit? pi ? Iden, Mr?. Arth
Pred W u Hey, Mi B.
?-. Mrs. Elliott, Mrs ? ? ' |a and
h?. dore Bp ei big. At i a t? a t-ihle?,
? ! F Mr??.
M right un.! Mb ? Hunt.
Mrs. Gei ? i s of
the . I idor and Mme I
i"?n ;.t a m . I? ..l at the Pn nch Eml
on M '...-? Other Americans present
wen Mrs Paul Bborey, Mrs, McElwee.
M Agnes Ken, Miss Virginia Walter
and M as Caroline V. Kerr. Among the
. ?
S\?\a and Blgnor Magtstratl, Berlin's dis?
tlngul sd harpist
< "i the same da) ths ?.merl an Km
r and his aifs and Professor an'!
BI orey wi re dinner
\'.n Beth
Hollweg at their i Im
Mr and Mrs ? :
ns who were I ? von
m-Ramhols al ? big dinner party
t the H lion, i _?
I t g theal leal pei ? by a
in) from the Muni? h Mai I? ; ? tte
Theatre, at a !"
dinner gu? I w? re Coun -mes
Prancken Bien ton *
i B "lay
home In
Wi lit. Feldstl ?? honor of | I
-. '
K? rr. Mi .
prom t, Incitad
r and Mrs. M time. .
Clarl . M
Drew? ". Howard Wells, M..- W.
? lana and Mme Vli glnl -.Clement,
? ris
Mr Hamlln adll Introduce to Berlinere
at bis :.ml concert two new composl?
of a ' 'hi- ag? ? t 1er, John A
? i are ? I to a oi da by the
n dian po? '. I: or.-, an?l
which are a I to be ? beauti?
Waldemar Lutachg, the ?,?? knoarn
nlst. who I ? i was
? i .-t.-fi with t
I ?
Tbun lay. teases o? 1
iiii.' were Prau K II ven Wiegend, Mr:t.
" and Miss Laudan.
Mrs rles 1 Clinton, Misa <
C K. ?I'nton ut;.] Miss .1 C Harirravo,
ol New I ork. will ?soon Fall f'.r America.
Dr. ' ?' Young, formerly chief apt
. ? , -.
.- Hospital. Chicago, DOW
on "H issla snd tral Asia" for the
? haut i iqua Assoi latlon, haa 1 ?hib
? districts of ?
Dr. ; i" sn absent several
Sir Henry Burnaby Is 85 Years
Old if Still Aiive.
-, Mar ii I '? Baglai d bas
? ? sir Hem
? ? ?
? ., ? i the i -oil ?if
Bv? -v ether man
wi " haa t1"*- right to the anden! ?
i non n to be alive, bat no tra Id be
foun i i'f 1 r H? n* ?' B drnal ?. of :
ton Hall. ? ?xford ?hire. ??. i trar of
he "?ays:
I to Sir
by. It i," not it ou n t
g ? i,, m ?? le eight Ihre years ? I I I
alive He was 1 vy, an?1
ine last beard ol fa m ?aras s ben i e
want to i tied ' I ?? ;
r, a ha :i iiat. a bach
to '7'..
? ?th? ; i ? - -. I the
' ?
to rem?
the a orld,
ii., m Int ol as mui fa I
The . Uon ol new i
nefM has tie-;i rendered nececear* by the
raet that ? amnbet of pereona bave aa>
F.inied titles eltlur wrongfully or on a
'ouhtftil Ii !?
Diary of Countess Vei
Stolen and Baron and
Woman Arrested.
Suitor Was Able to I ell Q
About Her Inmost Life
and Thoughts.
* ? i
Vienna. Man h :' A ??
dal, In i i the Eat?
of th?- ? b ? of tl - L''.u Mo
? -i. i- putting \ i
Th- h? I vi? Urn ??;
th? young and beautiful Com I
? r much < herisfa
dlarj. : tl inl ? ??
of hei : thoughts, and sven t
the 1?
\ ?. - ;
dorf, ?
ran..? -, Rg I
and Frau Beothy, the ci
? .?h are al? ? Il awa
n i f t ? ?
\'er? w.-i? always t
mantle and unconventional, snd wh
her lath, r .ii? ?i iha found :r, at t
fi~r ,,. twenty-two years, free? to squand
a fortune of IHS.000 and the owner of
magnificent historical castle at Tal?
But v Iways had little incllnatlor
? * :" ? Is and attend
I court dance twice In the winter at II
s in \ lenna an?l h id
* ? * -.I ? ? Of ? a?.i puril
a husbai it Bha pra? Used a bat ?I
? ? ? .-M .?-?i iv. as sh.? obtain?
of her * ? ney .?-lie left her te
mother and SlStar, went to Vtem
and i Ired an expensive apartment in ti
Hotel ii: perlai, engaging a? her cor
panion Frau Beothy, a fonnar nobl
woman, who bad married a boorgeoli
and had been a widow many yean.
Many Suitors Warned Away.
In \\? i ma tl.ountagg M a charmin
bul al S the freest sort of a life, goln
? ?? where alone, Bvan lo theatres, rei
taurants and cabareta. Her mimo an
? luty m.?.i-- her very conspicuous an
her fortune brought many adventurei
to her feet All wanted to marry he
but she cleverly turned them off, H?
mother, hearing of li? r daughter's Hf<
tried to have her locked in an asylun
but this was impossible, as the countei
illiant and Intellectual and showe
t? I no Signs of mental w ink unos
Among the numerous attendants at h<*
'?'??.it" was Baron Btrahlendorf, wh
desperate and passionate lovi
:? . - lecesefully that It ws
whispered In Vienna right up to the mo
mem of the pre--ent scandal that th
countess Intend 1 to marry him. Presen
revelations prove thai she assured hit
Ilia? he bs 1 fO :i I a ke\ note to h? r *-''m
rath;- and touched a particular ncart
string which non" other bad aver found
she believed ha read h? r innermost soul
t?. i appeared t?. know her lifo ami it
v . U a ? she did, cvei
.[..-.vu to the tiniest epiood*es, and <>
...in-;.*, this mads him nearer aid dearsi
ds ?*
Caso Given to Lawyer.
Bui the morning after tl-.e count iSS dla
?sovared that her diary was st??l??n ?h?
spoke abottl tha losa to the baron, wn?
ad her by answering: "1 haven't
?zot. your diary, bur I ran s*< ' it for yotl
if \on win give me 111 ? \\'ith a worn?
an'a instant Intuition Vera kept- control
-if, making an ei u Ive answer, but
as* soon as Baron Bti ihlendorf wb
Dsulted s las :?< r, a bo too- tha
matter in hand and diacovered ti-.at
Btrahlendorf waa a close friend of (Trau
By pre-arrangemenl the baron waa ar?
a' t> a In a hotel with V? ia.
-, * 11 thi n had i 'i au Beothy taken
by tii" police. At rust sh?- swore sha
Ki ? ?r r. Ithing about the niaiter. hut later
. ifi ed sha had r? ad part Of thi
diary to Baron strahlenduif, w;.->
paid her $.a every time the did go, I is
ol 'aiiiing hi.i ?wonderful inner knowl
edga" cf Vera'B Ufe.
in spiie of everything, however, th?
diary hau not yet been un?
covered. Tie whole of Vienna now won
rher? II Is and as rumors spread
that If of allusions of a most
unpleaaai icter regarding several
highly connected familles a covert excite?
ment will continue.
Twenty Out of Every 1,000
Berlin Protestants Attend.
!:. run. Mar h 12 - The p?*o;.le of Rerlln
to bs good ciiurehKoers. tBC
IS taken Of attendants
ai t' " Prob itanf i hurch? s on the last
: . iry. Th.- count covered
With B l'i-ot?*s?a;.t population
. ........ of whom only .".*? 'M WOTB
counted at church that day. either morn?
Ing or evening Coon aoceidtng to the
ssthnata of a clergyman who a I
the flgurss as too low the number was
poly ; 000 great? r.
I arely M out Of every IP" >'-? *
?tant Berilnera at the highest estimate,
att-nderi chtnrch on the Sunday In rjuea?
tlon. Very few men were tern In the
churches: in many rases ?romea and ehll
dr? n i onstll It-sd ihrcc-fourths of the con?
grega! nan one-sixth of the
?eetins capacity of the ?
... it I ? ? ornlng Ben :
Wonts lakes Terrible Means of
Curing .Wan of Unfounded
? stoTh? rn m?.i
sva, March 8 -a poignantly traga;
example Ol B B*oaaa TgiiHnS OAT beauty
in order to ksep h? r httaband'S love la
"furnished b ? good *******ling won.au
I Hon.?. living at LonlO, near Lu
? a r OOVed t?. a hospital
.*..:...*? with h< ind faos t.m
bly bu
Bhe e-plala-ed to the doctora that ?"*
. . bei husband, who was very j?al
,aiu. made sinh fr?-?|iu-nt scene? for Whteh
there WTU BO I'.i-ion, she had at la*t IS
iienperatiaii araslMd her face and hand?!
with vitriol They had been married five
years. >
; Playwright Seen in OneAct Piece
with Bernhardt Converted
to .-'eniinism.
i , March S The irret, ? Mark
Twain, Tristan Bernard, declares that he
has hern converted to feminism. He be
li?'ves there will bo fewer unhappy mar
rliges when both men and women rerelve,
un Id?ntica] education ami the vote.
"Women win then be our e'i'i.xis, ' saya
M. Bernard, "and If they are our equals
in work and obligations they should have
the Fame rights an ourselves and vote.
Hut if they want to vote they must be?
gin, not by converting men, bul by con?
verting women to feminism Wenn n are
now frivolous and faithless. The?, aie
faults of the slave, and when ?omen are
emancipated they will have other weapon?
to ?lefend themselves with than charm
ai -i canning.''
Tristan Bernard? after writing numerous
;'ul comedies for other people,
wanted himself to experience the feelings
of walking th? boards, an?! made bis debut
this week with Barah Bernhardt in a little
one-act pieos b) himself, entitle.i "A Hoy
of Eighteen."
Bernhardt ami Bernard, nrhooa heavy
square beard Is th? longe?t ever ceen on
a ?*la-*<-, are waiting OP in the early hours
"f the morning for the return of their
young ?on, who has decided, without
warning, to remain "'it late. The play
Consists a'.niobt entirely of dialogue be?
tween ths two parents -suppositions as to
Where their son has son?-. Their fears
are that something might have happened
to him, but the piece, hi written with aue_
charm and 11-0080 Of sentiment that it
was received by a crowded house with
great enthusiasm.
M. Bernard, sa;.- the orifica, wouhi have
made a wonderful actor. His acting was
extraordinarily natural, ami he seemed
entirely unconscious of thn audience be- I
fiare him. and mlaaed his eue only once.
Much amusement was caused in the house
when m Bernard suddenly "went up in
his lines."
"You see you don't know your part,'
said Barak Hcnuiar.lt In an und-rtone
audible to the house.
The audience applauded tul M Bernard
-rai.? un S lins v.h'h Would do instead I
of | s one be I ad forgotten
Prefect of Police Bars Sale of ]
Second Hand Weapons at
Old Iron Fair.
Paria, March PL Cgiestin Hennlon, Pre?
fect of Police. In anticipation "f tun ??old '
Iron Fair," which takes place In Paria
"ti April .". I M Issued an order forbidding I
the ?ale then-at of revolvers or my Other
firearm, of poignardai stilettos and dag- ?
gara? H has long been the custom of lh_
PariS Apa he t i r<-| lanlsh his fto^k of re-1
volver?, daggers anl ether Implements of
his prof. ? don at this annual sale.
ah descriptions of weapons may be |
. ,?? i ip at ths fair and at si traordina- '
niy low prlcea, owing, it is believed, to
the fact that many of the ????? tpoi
by tho poUea find
I ? ? r wi I.-.- k to the "Old Iron l "air"
through i!*?3 hands of large contractors^ j
???' ? bs h f a weapon.-: from t? ?? h'.j? ? ]
: a sale of skeleton and odd
beys will ? so be forbiddeo this year.
M. Hennlon, vy tho sray. haa fuat com- ?
Dieted his iirst ?.ear in O0?*e, and t s rae- ?
ird is being widely eonuneoded in Parti.
I i? has forced high police otlhials ?ho!
I Ml in state Iti their ofll tt 101
go "'it and personally superviss ths train-1
ing "f poUeemen on duty in the streets, I
and this has Worked to the lmpro\em.-.ir_
i>f the < ntire tor?.-.
By many simple devices, too, h? has
relieved the congestion of traffic on the
principal boulevards, and he 13 now* work?
ing in behalf of the Paris hors??, notori?
ous the world over as underfed and other
? a . ? . \ s> .1 comniittee his'
been appointed with full executive pens?
ara nol ?.n'y in the streets but to ?
?tablee, building >atd:i and other places
a i" re horaso OtO Bag-, With aav regu?
lations governing the treat-Mat of aerees,
the prefect hopes to make the now fro?
riuer.t complaints of cruelty among th_
rarest Of entries on the pottos books.
French Tribute to Ambassador
> . March tt The relations be
tweea the United Btati ? and Prance have
been drawn closer recehUy bj the energy
ind foresight of Myran T. Harri?
oi i.n,' to Paul
sr of ths Chambas ef
BapuUea, The latter made this state?
ment when h?? was Introducing Henry
lavage Landor. the Hrttlah explorer, at
ihe Sorbonne laut night Mr. Landor
lectured ort his BragfHao exploration*.
Raid on House Occupied by
General's Brother Re?
sults in Discovery.
ExPresident of Venezuela Indig?
nant?Agents of "El Mocho"
Arrive in Curacao.
Fort Of Spam. Trinidad, Match .'1 - ?le??
era! Cipriano Castro, former dictator or
Venesuele, whoas whereabouts, had been
unknown for several menthe, was .h?co\
? er?-d hero i-i tl ?*- co use ?*>f last Right. A
f del lives late last si sntng raid
? <xi a hotel inhabit?e1 almost solely by
\ am saetean ..?,.i found th? ra IMM round-*
of ammunition and a few- ravetvi ra
discovery led t>? a further rote?
The police proceeded t?> a hones which
had been occupied for several months by
Qeneral Carmelo Castre*, ? brother ??f the
former Pr?sidant, and. aimed with .?
Beeren warrant, went over th- ?lace
Among the effect?? of the occupant* they
fo'ind onl) one rovolvei ami a fen cart?
i idgee.
? ?n entering one ef the n^ms. however.
thej mad.- a m.I'h metre Important di
eevery, i'?>r they found || occupied bjf
Oeneral Cipriano Castro himself Tha
one-time - ras extrem. 1* Indlg?
nant at th?* procedure of th?* p*oM ee, wboas
method- be denounced as harsh ami nn
necessai |
It Is i red ben that the ob?
ject of the i" lice \iMt was not t.> .-ear. H
for arms but t?* ascertain ?rhether Oee
eral Cipriano Castro was really there, ?
bad bean reportan.
It Is Stated that S'r QeorgB LB lluille.
tho Gev<srnor, eabled to London for le
BtrnetlOM from the Foreign ??ttice as t'>
what he should do regarding Oeneral
?'astro. The polies disclaim sny Intenthm
of Interfering with ?knerel Caetrs/s t?i>
ertv. but among the Veneauelaa r?*sidi*nt.
there is grant ex? itement in regard 10
la developinenta
ilfaf crowd-? aaasmhled In the viclmlv
of the bouao when the report ?pread tha'
Oeneral Castro had been found, bet tha
polies Boon dispersed them
ulllemetad, Curasao, March n - t?r
?Leopoldo Baptiste, formerty iker-stary
????:,.-'a! to Preatdenl Oom?as of Venesuels,
has arrived her.- from Porto i loo, togotk??
er with the secretar) of ?General Hemas
de/, known as "IM M?
j Q ?.?ra? i ii n?', the depoeed President
of Venezuela, his he- li residing III Port
Of Hpain Shi',e last JUlj A? I ordlli?? 10
hi? own story, the es-Presldent came
here on a Uo\h1 Mail Me.-iiner from
Southampton. He kept to his Cabin dur
in*? the rmttro voyage, ?nd n_ea hi
landed ha wa- clean fh.-wen and ??cap. ?i
'recognition. He has remained in aeelti
sjon, he savs, barat?as of the paioeeutlon
IWhich I ?? has Buffered everywhere ?In e
I leaving Vanos?si? He declerss thai he
hr.s been surrounded by the BPtOg ati'l
??rents of Juan \'i?-ente Comet, th?
Venezuelan f'resnfent.
Oeneral ?astro to day expressed confi?
dence In big lair treatment by the Brit?
ish government. No anna were found In
the bouse Where h?? has been residing,
and apparently he had no connection
with the arms seized durln*? th* r*ld of
a hotel hero yaetarde)
He j ioposes to remain In Port of fpain,
if be Is permitted t<. do so, ?n?l will l>e
Joined by his wife, who Is now In Port??
Rica lie li of the opinion that the poll.-?.
search ? is h ted by hi?, rnemi???, it
bavins been reported as fir hae*< ?i
January 'J) that ho WBJ lu Trinidad
It Is rumored that the ftovernment bsi
received Instructions from l/*?ndon not t?
disturb Qeneral Castro for the present
M. Maguan Gives Academy of
Sciences Ideal Relative Di
mensions of Hydroaeroplane.
' By Gal I? t? li " T.ir. nie ]
Paris, Mat*, h fl If, Maguan, after a
Ion?? study of waterfowl, gave before th?*
Icademy ? [ What he ronetd?">red
the ?d?ai relativa dlBaansBsaaj of a hydro
? .an tho tiguri-s for B
machine w? *-. reedy for Bight, 4'">
kilograms: Wine nirfa?-e, i?i-?, PSJAntS
. Bring aproad, it esotrae ?o ?*en
tlmetreS, and kOStfe of ma? bine, 4 metre
:*?; ? entlmetree.
M Magnen base.?: these dimensions On
th?* difference in nature';., construction "t
land and ?jea Urta The latter, of all
have th" greatest spread of *wli ?,
1 :?. on ttie centrar] . their wingK aie nsr
tower than t: ??? ?? of all other lit?! '.< .
. I ? ; s a larger n ing bui
fa? than any land bird?, except Nrdi ? ?*
'i be ta..'*- ? :' sea bird a:? eonaMgp??
able Bborter than land 1.. I m pits
thin the total !? ngth II .? t ? I ?? ?ana
as of birds of pr, If, Ma-rnan show
that all birds a?? u.-tomed, like BOB hinl?, t?i
By in t*'.;..,' Winds are i thai B-Ct-Sl i/ed b-.
long; narrow wlaga and Bhort talla lia
l<e!i< ves that water plane? should follow
?_a exampl'*. M. Magr.an, before turning
bis attention to water plan?-?, publish??!
the dlnien?io'<? for a monoplane, also ?I?
t;?.?-?i bum Mrda
The f?-?-t experiment? on a moriopl?n-.
!..-,-'.! 00 tbSOB inures IM the Ponn'.
monoplane. Sewn i?y ijiniie Vddrtnea In th?
last international Clip raee. I? was on ?a
aeroplane based on the Maguan flrure
that Bielo*. U'le broke the record of ascent
and reached the height of 1. * * '-?? tn
h*, e minut?e.
Prof. Robin, Paris Specialist.
Abandons Trip to Egypt.
B] I .':.:?* tl 'I ia* I r.i.uiu.l
Paris. March 21 - Jam*? Gordon Ben?
nett, aci'ordlmr to telegrams received to?
day In Paris, lias returned to Suez on bis
Na?.ht. tho Ly-jistrat.i, fully conv_lesc?nt
from his r??-nt very PSTOtS attack of
bronchitis. I'rf e-i-or AH-it Rohin, wh?> '
was about t?. leave here for i'.es pt to a?
t. ?,i |fi, Bei ? n. h is o?? r.-.eipt of the
favorabtV * ? thai -? ?' bis plan- at .1 1 -
m l'ai Ifl
Mr Henrir'ti llMtead ..| r.-ttirmm- i
re'tly to Pasta "??' prekahll remain n?
Southern waters. ?t:?>mg in a sheltered,
Bunny climate like that of Taormlna.
thereby avoiding the trea?*herou? March
wcatlui of name ?ji the Italian Rivl-ara.

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