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IXfe to -TO xrtrlc
To-day. fair.
HUh. 43: low. IS.
lull roport Page 15.
Vol. LXXIII....N0. 24,600.
fl ? > I ? ?? r, cr 11 *. It'll.
B.I III? Trititifi- \?..?.ri;,: inn. I
Bonar Law and Balfour
Hokl Prime Minister Up
to Merciless Scorn.
Liberals Show Disgust and
Voice of Lamentation
Is Heard.
Bonar I.aw Reads Sensational
Statement from F.arv* ?messes
Kinii ( oerces Ministers.
-, to Tbc
dnreri 24.?The governmenl
i -r, rod redit from
,, sngrj dohato on the
bito* The shifts to
-, ? governmenl resorted In ef
ions to furnish excuses and plain
??-. mom? ntoua exents
oftht -* fot? daya to connection with
Um : | ter situai los wi w exposed to
??rn t'x Androar Bonar i.axx,
leodei titlon, ami Arthur J.
Balfour former 1'nionist Premier, and
forward in a
n by Premier .squlth
??a?? riddled. Man;
nd, xxhen. after the leading
. debate became open to
.. it e t - onlj the voice of the
n !ament(iti"ii that was t?,
' i
? got emment's d< nlals,
Liberals realise thai tiie govern
ill haxr hail to capitulate he
?mux, and
i? entm? nl In the rank and
: ?- "f the party.
? x?, oa ?full xx hen the Bpeak
? ? ? hair, so < ag? i
? - t., h? ;?r the government's ex
natlon, nr.'i peart crowded the gal?
lo ?ratet] tli**? s. ene. The t? mper
oppoi ' who were ? row?im^
iras manifest Immediately
? of i tat nl Lloyd
:?.. g\ i- of tin- Exchequer.
? L'l.-fl with hate and stern
?* the Huddersfleld
ntemptoooa phr ?
? him. ' Jerry the Bnt? hei" an 1
'? d.
t Promiei .squith
ed The Ministerial'
? ro?mi] <*if cheei Ihg Eis
? ? !?"id and mocking
some Individual am
? rovoklng mimicry from
nchi but thi n?oiae a ss
Cheers for Opposition Leader.
Law got Innp and hearty
followers, and when a
1er sir. Balfour walked
? lit., hla seat, Imme?
? ? that of the 1?
hi ' - t cheers
- riMhiric: about I'lstrr In
? ??? ( parliamentary bu!>i
n found for
on on th*> one tori?
Pen ? e minds of all th.
? v - Vtnoxvn that Colonel
lar. of Stat?-? for War, was
? rn?he res| ting the
d Mi Bonar Law
? Prim. Minister t?. ;iii<-"?,- an
rmni -?'itr House ??? b? mox ed
onsldered neci a ?
: ? : and a
?? ? n.
?tances aatonlahingly calm Indeed,
on <'i ??? nal had
? eistet bi talked
? "ni.ri,..,i ,.? third p?_e ?..-,,,mi i alomo
This Morning's Xews.
' ' "? Ai ?" .1
.- Peel .. i
H Maa; Drives Ofl i
Boy S'lURht Here a
' ? ?*>?<?? .... 4
?Oman i. . _,
^bicoprt Polleowoi H? . 5
? : ;? r ;. . ? r ?cfeal. 6
"'*"* ' ? ? ? ? I,t:?i?. 6
aast Radlui . 6
^??" .,.-????-. 7
mmot oi
' "-r ed. s
u*- -?? I Begins . 9
-????a *,'.' .:???, 16
fclohoi ii
* - PoVreoi . l
... 4
... i Lobby. 4
.... 5
! 1
t Phot?grai I
? i ........ g
10 l >
12. 1*1 11
One Robber Caught as
Flee from Store
I've work, i hard and i woi *
It Up, ' ?? *'- I'.. :
i" ;i .1- nand i"i h da
hf looked * ......
rs in till . * ri
103 G?rden ? ? CVilliai
to day. Tl en on? ol I revo
barked ami * i ? .:,'..'
floor ? n h a pu II?
m? n tt' 'l w Ml. abot KM?.
As i h?* ti i.i nf hold?up ni'
fi' m *he toi oi imped ag? ?i
patrolman atta? h? d to th? Ham
; .. ? .. atatioi 'i he othei
S1.000.000 FIRE AT DUR?
Water Main Bursts?Bpr?
ing Flames Menace Citv
Durham, X < '. March .'i The i
eat buoli k in Durl
" rappei I m*-* lat? last night
I?uhe i" Idlng ? upled bj
? oui etor? b am r?. *l e as
Th? at ? .- ma In b rat, and the
* i? spread
'?'!?"?". ?. ' ng the
h ml ' I: i,
piej? b *: ? i ?ukc bull?
hi? ,. dire tly ac
???-?? Th Baptl ' "?
then m ?1.n g? i.
Latea? eat In plan
si 000,000
Statement Acknowledges Kleisi
Son-in-l aw Without Nam in
Him May Ask Annulment.
Uonda>*, llar? h 28 101
i am id thai on th? -'..'
Xovembei. 1913 a? Orac? < !h ii ?.
Mi *.? y? rk ? "it\ my daught? ?
Juliet Brell mc went through ? nr
liage ceremony, ea appears I
h. ?nd Inn?
thereafter returned f u ' me at
Bt. Regie Hotel, whir** eh? haa el
lived anil \\iif?r?' ehe deein ? t rontli
Through bis attoi m 11? i
Hooker, "f \". R2 Wall street, r a
\. Breitung ink? r, ol l
and Chicago, gmve oui yeaterda: I
adtnissi'-.n of the fac? that h?s nlnete
year-old daughter waa married lo 11
ri*, ?i- r ?? i. Kleist former coachman i
I * for i) tin Farrell. of M
? * ? *.* h.
t* ?* Issuaace of tbia atatemeot f
lowed a conference tirst between
and Mrs, Breitung end *.h *ii
Mr. Brell ing an?! Mr. Hooker. ?-'<
?ft? r th.s Mr. ;?n?l Mr.*-*. Brell | *
Mrs. Kielet lift the St. Regis, ippi
? ? ? foi Philadelphia. I h? .- ?
turn to-day, it wai said at the hotel
im , ? t. and ? ? ? len? inc i
distaste for tl,?-? rn.m in acknowledgi
the truth of The Tribune's ? nclusl
?tor: of last Friday, Mr. Breitung
in- atatement Intim?tes that etepe m
be taken to dissolve the marriage,
to tins neithei he, Mrs. Bn-itung i
Mrs. Kleist would -??> anything yest?
day, Mi. n?".k? i -.*:Id the statemi
spok?* for Itself.
It is ii"t kno? n p. bother Mr Bi *? tu
wired to Kleist eaterda: announce
that the '"' m< i - . * lb? en ?
kno? I? dg? 'i ia the bank? ?
K leisl b precise a * >u1 ? i
be? n i? srn? d.
Tammany Avers It Would Nevt
Stoop to Buch Warfare.
Denial wa? made here yoaterd?] th
Tanunany Hall was responsible for
bill in th? Legislature providing i
' - ?!? Signalton of s chief Ju
Court ? ?
On Iti fa? th? bill would
** of Chief Justice E Iwai I
(.'i ",? er, who hi 1 ghtini Ch?rl
F. Murphy, a chance to punish hli
m present a ? hlef .! isti? <? on? <? ? '.??? i<
? nd ?.i in?- term.
Although th?- hill w?i Introd
-? ? itor John s. Boj ian, of th? 15?
District, a Tana man; man, and waa a?
vancod to the order of third : ? II
Thomas F, smith, a? rotary of ran
many Hall, said > ? tei
"The organisation has nol oi ?*?
and does nol stand for It. Mrupfa
would n"t n ? ? t - : h pett) warfare i
? ? pon him by ?o ; ? I I
a counter move sa the Boyl?n
*. Id? t.
Haltimore Surgeons Look for Sue
cess in First Operation
of Its Kind.
more, March L'-'? An op
a hi? h mai h i a n? ? step in * urge***
waa performed In the Baltimon By?
o?l Hospital thla after
The entire cornes oi Ihi ? ? ol
;. pig *.* ... ? ml ?-] ,,ft.-,| on th?
??? of a three?montha-o1d boy. Th?
pig wa ght fi "in German? to thli
? Mum r *. for the purp?
David Kane ion
of Herman Kane, who ia the managei
of .*> hot? I In ?Gettysburg it ii
?... aurgeoni ??* ?i" hospital thai everj
? ..n points i " 11"* Buen aa of t he
ill hough ? * ng of an
animal - i oi ??? ?? on .. hum?- n lx ing
. . . ,|. .j
l ?i r.?i m? ? ho?, ? i i ii
cornes used v
op?rai *? Um?
i Istoi of hui gei * t" be j-? t foi mi d
?A I'll II" ( 1 ? O? S pig.
Barricades the Door, Then
Blows Out Brains in Room
of Boarding House.
| Fall in Literary and Social World
Due to Voting Woman's
Suits. Led to Death.
, ? . . ?' .... , . ?
Stamford Conn., March 23 Melon
Induced >" thought! of layi
[when he held a high position In th*? ?i?
nd edu? ational world and b*
hit Insbllil ? '" elfe? I a re.i lllatioi
with in: xx ife, led Dr. Harry Thurstori
Peel foi mi rl pi of? lor of Latin at
I Coiuin'i:* ru. ?Tsit?. to take h*!a lif?
to da?
In a ] hed room, for whl h
? p lid **?! I 'x "... a' N" .",1 Bell ?*?'
Profeasoi Peck ehol himself behind hi
righl ear shc-rtl? before noon Thi bul?
[let penetrated his brain, and he ?v?"
dead when bis secretary, Miss Mar?
garet McDougall, and ? nolfbbor torc? d
? rhr-ir xiay In!?> hla room,
in "ii" band \x;?s a revolver, ona
chamber of which ha?! been discharged.
? ?ri a table beside his h"<l lay a I
and Mrs. Eddy's "8cience and Healto
xx ?'h a Ke* to the Bcrlpl ires."
Had Been Reading Mrs. Eddy.
i" i le his drat wlfa'a pleadIni since
i- nursed him bach t" h?--a!ih ia?-t
spring, after takuitr !iim from a h
tal in Ithaca, Professor Pock efused
10 adopt Chrii-tian S< lOnCS, nithonffh he
ua?. thorough!? ersed In Ita d?? trine.
in Mrs. Eddy's book, however, a i"*n il
was inserted Si a paf*'? "n which thtl
paragraph xxa.-? marked:
"For we kii"\v that the whole croa
groaneth and travalleth in can
together till now. And ?i? ?t only they,
lut ourselves, siso, \x?.i?h have the first
? Mon?? of th? spirit, even we our
roan within oursslves, waiting
tor tii?- adoption to wit, the redemp?
tion of our body."
Professor Pech !rft no note, -tnd * i
far us \v???.- learned he p?*'.-;? d no lettert
? h li might " H ''!' hi? a'*t.
in 1910, ahortlj aftei Prof? -- r
1 ? - in?: '. ? i Mlsi ?ltzal th H.
Du BolS, H'' na II H' 11' r of the ' i?
| in Morris High Bchool, N?s fork, a
: breach of promiss auli wsa hroUKiit
I against him b) Miss Esther Qulnn, for
t. i?hi years his secretary, rhe aotoriet
of the proceedings forced Professor
I Pech le lea t Columbia, and when th*
i publtcit. and rlti? Ism .'. in? h accotn
I pan!? ! the still subsided hla wife I'fi
him. Accordlni to hla daughter, ''on
I stan'??. who la a teacher in th" Hamil?
ton Instltu! for 'Mr:-, in 80th street,
i Manhattan ? ' o la at the h ?me of her
I mother, Pr? fessor Peck's flrsl wife, at
Sound Bes her father was In excel?
lent apiriti ?? lay which she cams
from N? xx fork t?. x Isit him.
Thla morning Miaa McDougall whom
..... ...... eek ag
; telph? i.? 'i t" i. .. ? ?;,, ?
( n Ithoul ?.? ' t .i - ? on th? o Ire, At
the third call Mrs. Gottlieb Menz, the
andlad sski d Misi IgcDougall l? ?M
.,! the house.
? i hoard him moving about hi- roan
half an ho h ago," she said, "but he
,]ory not answer my knocking at the
? iintintiTl tin ?Uth pax*, third rntiime.
Speeds Off After Running
Down Manufacturer
in Brooklyn.
\ raham ? toodkofi '.-. s ihoe n inu?
? ? ? ?? N*.,. it:?:. -? ' '?' '" "?,*
Brookl; n, a ?-?? loua njured last
nlghl bj .-?n automobile, which dragged!
him 300 f ?' tlong Es tern Parkwa , j
The oc ? ipants of the car pul on **?;?? i
ar.d ' n .-?r?-d.
Goodkofskj was going home with
? frienda and ?ras er i em
Parkway al st. John'a Place, near his
home. T e autom? ?? ? aa bound
downtown. Good was the hurt
to set the dangi r nd 1 ind It wt
late to save hinisr-if !,? jumping. H<
turned ''? face the ma? bine with
aims stretched ?"it. Automaticall? Is
hand- gi isped the b?r in front. T a
?ar i ishcd mi at un?b?t?d sp? 'I
13-oodkoisky Anally collapsed. Th?
w?a stopped thirl ?t foi y it I b? ?
the -i ol s ei ?? hi body is . The
chauffeur got mi** f?
man and two women.
"it looks s/ though he wai burl
i re? t* ' .-"l1 said th?
ht* bent down.
"Whal i hall ? ' led the
\? omen
"We'd g< of hen said
the male passeng i
All four got Into ? is saw
-? t.?-*i?\- gathering. Tl ?? chaufl
drove off at high ap? d
iloodkofsky a ?.- taken to sr. m. .
n " -, ital
Rare Operation Fails to Bave.
Bticct, I nion Hill. N .I.?
ti... Xortl 11 ??: ' Hoaplt
lain th? re for t? o mo * - neb ol
his apine amputated
The oper?tlo an ? rare on?
was performed soon after Kruso be? ? *
paralysed aa Ihe result of a faJL Kr.?-o
al flrsl seemed rn be Improvin****;, th??n he
Violan to de
Outlaw Dips. Slides and Kicks in Maxixe. f lesitation and
Other Gay Movements Will Re Doomed 1 <>
day bv Edict of Dance Committee.
gp? * m ?I .
v ? m with n *- ol itlonixln
Id ni" human endravw
re qui sting further.
Through th? standardization aharp
. rid haa been ?is en the -
? . ih? a always il Uv
left of th? Are Ih? standardizar
I satisfied ">'ii thai record? They an
' not th? sr< *. ? ?: 11 >_- .ifter th ? t?ngo.
Furthermore, ihe maxlxe, the one
atep, the half-aim half and th?? healt?
? ?'??? I tbe a?-?" of ?-tand
ardi: ition
Ther? ha - ?? n ? ntir? I: I i muck
promiscuous prancing, say th? stand?
ardisera. Consequently, the I rp?l
chon in masters of the universe h?ve
? ??i t?. put the new steps on s irpal
n .1 a? 3 " '?!?? Ii thi- afternoon
th<- i i'ii. dan ea will kindl* consld r
themaelvea standardised. The
moni? tal place al th? f ishton*
able Colon? ? "lub, and all tangoll i ? ill
i.? i resent
"Undoubted!) Iher? ka need fora?ind?
ardlzation." aid Vemon Castle ye?ter
d?y, standing In the midst '?f a dan Ing
. laaa In hia atudk) in Wth atreet. "For
Instanci ? person tak? - lessons from
; .1 tango i? i h? ?? " ho haa Invented - me
j fantaetk* and ridiculous steps lost to he
Iabl? t.? have something new to teocb.
i Tin pupil i? ai i. ?? hit of < rctra aganl
,ii?.-. and mi?' corresponding!] eg?
travsgsni dlpe Into his pocketbo?k io
pay r i |< arming then."
\ii ' '.. ? i? paust d long enough to in?
ti ..i a gold uniformed flunk) t?? tell
the orchestra th?l the next would m a
?ntlit I
? Then," h*- i ontlnued "! he i pil at
tends a d?ti'* aomewbere and It
BStounded when Ik- tries to tarn.?-? with
; i,,. ; ner und tlndt nd ah?
do not ?-r"*r'i? 'i'" asme tango lang
Ha knows ..'"in ilxty-aeven di|
ihe never beard of, thi knowa a
riety of gl ??? - and i':in? i" wh
is foreign and the n
wh'-i -,"*n t'..?? poor pupil wonders why
h? paid the tango *? ?? hi r 125 a les
pon t?, learn to dance something
nobod: can dai ? ?? : h him. Whai ?
he going to do xx ith it?"
?That - t Ight," as -1 Miaa EU
M-ir' nrj. one of the prim Ipa fig
In the mo ? for standardization. "Hall
. ? esn'l kti"xx how the other
half dances But sfter to-morrow there
trii\ t?.- onl) one i orre? I >'? sy t<
?.f the new dan r-' "
Miss Msrbury? '
and Mrs. E. R? Ma! "" in oh ?re
standardisation congi
Each dance win v- demonstrated by
motion pit lures and -?? i.I on
, _? ? m be ?hoe n hj a? knoa I
? fis?.??! mast? is
\... non i Jastli s 111 ha ? ?? I;
in ?harg?*-. Mf , ' M : ?lf-an-i
haif. Quentin Tod th? hi -it.iti.-n. M
Louie and Mme Delirio th*- i
and Professor Am the tango. I
nor .\in ?- '!'?*? dancing n istor from
Buenos Aj n -. the tai go' -
haunt. In- :.|*?ntallj', ' ol hii ex?
ceedingly tangolstic family, n
.._..?? has been expoi t .?t th?*- dan? t
f.ir thr?'? yoara,
The sffarr si the i 'olon? i '. ib thia
ofternoon :s strictly sn Invitation one
.?.., Btrktl] thai BO! SVSO reporters
xx.?I Lc admitted. i
?Mrs. F?ala Says Coli
Was Far from Par
Wrecked on Trip.
Wife and Son of \.\ Presi
Takn News Calml' Friem
\\ ire for Details.
tor Mi -. F ?me N'o
Rid -???-?. Ba; R
Colonel l:- ? i*ai
a m? n ? : ?'?' ti;-? an II
cabli - ?? a aa
r pai ito which the e
Ittion had - - * d led ot
i nd would eurel* ha
mention of him n '
This theory wi - las? ?
by Theodor R? se who
al his home, No. 165 Bast 7 Ith at
that efforta to reach hia father
cable I ad fail? d Th? refore, he Infei
Ii?*? v as not a nv m ??** 'he p
which had ? om< to grief in
and had ?- v? ive.l t.. rea. h ;?
Hon and w ?? to the *?* Ol d ne?
their mlsfort me,
Mi -? Roosevelt shared aith
the |.. ; ;.. re waa no ca is?
The fa.'t that f ha ?? * ? ed
egram m
no mention i *' any Injurj to .?nv oi
aha ?aid, "convinces me thai then
n.it the allgl t< it re?son for ai v ?
1 uim pmenl an?i food, tw<
the canoes Piala
?-?unk In th? R..t.;.'.s of the Devil ?
Ing th? Br?? Ulan r ? ? Journey. '
'?'**'' th? ? ?. ?rere short ol auppli?
"? 'oionel Roose ell is rafely on
u ay to the i ? id? River," Ii the a
i iK'ie a i.., are familier s ith h s pi
est< i-'i.i*.
i ? r? n " Abbott, Of ' The o '
said that hia kl plans
the expedition an ! the , haraeter
inced him that
accident e ti tl e p?ri o thi
pedliIon of * *'"i"?i?*i R..?--.
?? aa a mem!
? ?[-?,,, pai
? i i* * I the fact that
m. ntlon ' "oionel i;
In the m--- ige ? nvln es me
iration had all
tha? he ??.. Mr. Piala, ft
i ording t ' the ?? ? ? ? | * * Co
R ' : 'iild ha
been members ol th? expedli ?* to?
plore the Dut Ida Rlvei ? ? It -
"Mr, Pial?, ho ever
? f? ver, and It is I
thai the plan- were changed on th
?- took the ? a -
route, lei ving : n to ? '"|r*t
Ker ; : tit a
R ?ndon I exj tation
earini from ? !ol? H
. and thai
?gai i> ; .
i n' from, is a city of con ?
sis?, ft stands I reason thai if ai
serious accident h?d happened to tl
expedition ?nd any v-ord of it got I
Sant?rem there would be further d<
tall The runn? r hin
n ore of ?n: erlo i ?< Idem I
in Mi*. Fiala' m< age
No Fears at Sc??bner's.
? | rl *-? * ? ' ?
.. . ?
* ??? of the trip Ii
r rinl aa fast aa II ? omea h i
? ? '
: *.
th? i ' ?' I- '
, * , ible 1
Ith on an?
i ',,. ? mi
inters wrh ? a ? oui
p lowr
nown river At Scril ner'a the..
?.... ? e parti
. . . | known
part from C? ; even
It ?
gbt - ?
... ? r;... level? has many pre?
ling his hia
I ihers < ? ? that rli
*ar Sei ? ? in ed 1
Btalm? nt ?*.-?*
? * re p ed in
ii rent magasin?.
Colonel Roosevell g th?
method ? adopt? d dui .r*g his Afi i in
te, and
? ? ? ? ven fu -
thai ? us trip
I rites every ing
: - on white
n ci pj is <-.n blue
nd 1 ?nd la on
I":r:m: hll Afri SO I | t waa Mr.
? -n ? ; 'i the white
ind th? ? two mai It
publishers an?1 keep the ;
for his ??.? ?? n f? r? *
Durlni i trip he I - ?
all thr? e . opi? s to 3? ; I ?ner'a each by .?
? ? mail, in that waj. if on? n
? ? ? ? ? ? . ipii s n t i ? ? ..it* . the ' bird
will arrii e saf?
Bo f-.r all th;.. .. pi? a of eacl in
?--- - ?-?. ?fp- .?>?? .* Maaaa- __?**> -_<*?**
o ?
RAL .tri",:'; x
?' ?
Lurtiss .Machine Used at Miami to
\rrost Man for Stealing N. V.
u Oman's Brooch.
The following mesasge was n
terd >' > ? Henry
'l . ?? from Lyman ?' Beelej n p
tatl !i Curt?as at
Ml 'im Fla
' 'I'll- ' (lying ? ' ?dltb
I P. Mci ?? named
after his trios ('
?tVltmei ' ? * ? ' rinn ?
??;??-. ? . .'?..
steamship Miami i-'? ? ? ral i ? eki
? ? i
loot . i Nee Fort ? ?nan at
thi '?? ' '????h Hotel. No tons
clew foi ' :. xi i ?; obtained.
? mi Pi Iday, the day the Miami i i I
for Ni . ? irai of ih. ? of
ihr ho!
I n, a West
[r:cl::?r. ? ? _ i ?? Th? I | I " If was
ipendli i lone th in h?- bad
earned during the season and the tod
thai he had sailed for Nassau instead
-,' ' '. | ..?.-..-. plclon The Miami
bar ?>it
? il hi*; h
? i : ?. ? ? i De!
?jehad) to find the man *? snt
' ?i 8cb id had obta
i Charlee ?'. Wltmer, and, ac?
companled . Hollett, ti ? ?
In tii?- ti In. -i irlng a d
rain. They landed alongside th
Ml 'ii.:. '?' Itmi r and S< hade
*-! Ian I? ng H?
charge of the boat.
; le had no trouble In arresting
flying ai i Itlt : it?'
th? tots ? ' ?
ind making i les? than
an ?to
Legles:-; Man*?s Invalid Chair
Was Caught in Rails
? ; ??! |e Of I
Bheepshead F<a Road and x\
il a and
Injured la it nig it a hi n the
wheela II " caught In ;
the tracks of the Smith street troll?! i
?. : I hurled i n11
the Coi
Island Hospll
the invalid
the atreet foi
' ? ? ? He I | ? ? * ?
hanks of si ere I
I to run 1
lid not st
' '
Marches Him Fi\e Blocks to Sta?
tion When He Persists in Tac
tics Man Found ?uilty.
Mit it lii r Gi laman, s atei -
pher, ' - - ? r ? -. i a i the aid hsil,
the ira uptown
ni it nighi draggad
If i train al 135th nd took
him to rii?' Li i at snue polies t?o
. dlatan? ? of 1 ?? bio? ko, wh* r ?
? fore l.i*?iitenat,: j
.- -,.. ? i Alfred >r
. u ,|, .i : u ding sganl for Immlgi ?? .
Mlaa Oroosman said she stood m r
liim in t ,?r * ? stlbole snd ih.it h? per-l
Bisted ."i trying to embrace h-r. Bho
Ignored I Im until she res bed the 135th ;
? station, xx hi a her petti n< ?? g_x ?
The girl offered to take Orlando on
down to the men's ? "un and complot?!
' Q< han, iioxx, rer,
?tried a patrolman lo aaslat her.
He ?i - titut n.?'d
: for si m ? i- ? to moi row,
. -,
? ''""'i m h he in sg< nl for
i Backed by Guns at Tw enty
Points, 3,000 Men As?
sault Gomez Palacio.
Federals Rush Reinforce?
ments, but Save Shots
tor Close Range.
I With His Troops Surrounding
! Huerta Stronghold. Villa De?
clares It Will Fall lo-day.
n " ?. t . te Th. Ti
i ' Paso, Tex.. March Tit ftrreiilgg
to private dispat'h?^?. tr<?m Mexico City
rocelvad b> PodoraJ sympathisait here
to-night, Oencrs Ortega's aras] ?xh>?
; r>?ini|?f.(l in Ms first attack up?'ii th?
! Pederal poeltton at Ooosss Palan to.
' and Villa, has nis!i*>d his anht" fur??*
to ' trtaga'a aaststance.
The dlspatchea saj the r*?b*?i loaaai
have bfpn much greater than thOM ?if
? th*> ^federals, the rebola hr?nit in th??
<->p??n while the Pedevais are wall pr*?
to, tod h\- hr*?a??tx\orl<?i
? i|
Juanes, Mexico, Man h 28.?A tola
_r i m to General Chao from Goncral
| villa to-night sys thai thi i
irtnj had forced Its a*sj Into '".??me/.
i.. poi it? streel lighting arss Is
progress at midnight, and ihr Woe*
r-rai- wore being f ? ? i ? ?-- ? i into Ton
xx 1th heat ??? lost
The rabota destroyed th? sratsr i p*
o_ the IV dt rsla l i Us
tiig tank ri" v bave taken at leas*.
1 300 prlaonei -
i? i --?at?* dtha! th-- ? lartel ia .
? - ,?nd the i. ? '?? ' abalpl i
El Verjel, M
1 3 ???Hi j. i,.-,i men, Get
? ?
locked th? ' " ' '
! Hundr?-ds 'a ? been kllk ?I 01
sides. He hi
suburb, x- i'!' pra? tlcally no
? rice.
At th?' IBI It ii"
Villa, xxli'i p. 1 ?h
rebel arm?. ordi re ' an ad in ?
ng the lln dra I g I ?ttl? ',"
; on all aid?*s althln two to fo ;r mil?
? proper I for? ds
gup ting th?
I ? ! ????
? r*edei ' f?
ad ?
Into the IntK i s by ds
Pi . lo practteatl ? taken "
j That xxa ghita ' ?TtegS I
?x??!*- rushing th I deral
thrown vp around thi 11 in town
Furioj* Battle R_.if'i
? '
ree 1
the '
. ?
g fury and
? .. ? .
., ? .
? ?. ? , Veil ", 1 ii' Ft
1er at Ton pi ri
Gomes i gan conci
trating the ri ? sti : part of I
und to-night ' > d
rmy on l poli - not
the gat ex
rehala mus? enter t. ?
Bho . . ...
poloci? t is g derod h,
erlXl retreat
TViT?-?-^! proper with Ihe Ides gt
ng then I 1 final stand. Pi *
Torre?n Vllls says there s**
? ? . ' 1 -? apr- for H e Ffd'-r I
e? erg a ouata n atom 01 ?! ? r "??> at
1 lain *T"?inpr iruorded by r
.Mi last night the at at
Gooses Ps ? by thi rsbi
ertillery. Bc<oret ises, ?nm* *xf
big mar. I ;1] ."is. hi ?
eon soon to rut t when sti m I h
reb* 1 sheila, at,-: eved tho f\j
?-?rai loss? ? tl md In the outt r
fortifications ha' *? Viorr, groat.
Q MT_J Tomas |'i hi?a ?-??-'..pied th<?
lown of Larda this afternoon wlthooi
firing a shot Urhina, although hadlx
xxoundrd in th*- hattle at Maplmi, led
!a<? nru-n to !.<?rd'. expfr-tinir ?-tuhborn
eslStaaoo, but the F??deml garrison
withdraw to r,?-?m-?7. Polado on his ap
proai h.
It Water Defences Slight.
Prom Torre?n proper, on tt?*? electrt'*
? ' ar line ?rhleh connects the citv with
G Otaos r.iWi'i'i. three milea distant, and
! xx it h l.? id??, foir miles r?*y?xnd, General
, Velaaca. Um P?s4an? eommajidor, hur
I rlril remfor? ementK to the i?t*-?-nes Pa
Maolo isfsadsra, Water In the Naaaa

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