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Baseball s Boxing & Athletics J>
Automobiling ? Bowling s Rowing ? pQ]^
spring T 7~T" .? I 1CS^
Break Camp at Marl in in
Condition to Jump Out
with the Flag.
Wind Up Spring Training Trip at
Texas Home with a long
Deferred Victory.
i: ?- . ?
' the ssv
enth >"i.'? ? i thi llanta are
, ? , as ,,r t < '
'.er trained than any team in the National
Ltssi ?
??i | . left
at midnight f"t Qalveston there h nol s
pitcher who could not lake hla place on
the mound if the championship season
<>?.?. As fai a. condition
rVhlle the morning practtct period if
routln? illj end? .1 s it h
the ?bani ti ? Ifarlln training
? ?? thi Qiants ?ill mark time briskly
lot the next three weeks.
IfcGra? will keep them hustling, snd
es he haa all the old pitchers with him,
es< pi ' :? ? ..?? Wlltse, tie m ni m i thai
do nol lose the benefits ol earl;.
The manager's problems now
? to settle the third base question, gft
Fletcher back Into sound form and tit
Bescher to a place In the outfield. Other
? ? the team m strong ?nd not ? man is
eompla i Ing of phyalosl m?.
fifty playera ol McOraw's party
c ,i out of Martin at midnight o-er tw.'
different roads The manager himself
left with Ifik? Donlln's rli\islon. which
headed for Austin snd Ban Antonio. Mi
Gra? s 11 pend a 'lav in Ban Antonio
and teioin the regular? at Houston on
E rda;
i. a t'l-vt team will be i ommanded b:
Larry ' ?oyle snd I >1< s Klnsella si (..>?
veston to-morrow and Friday
'let.her hopee t" he ?ble to play In
the Houston serles, bul Milton gi
win. - ? ?flsld smergency man, will
likely rover the short field a1 Qalveston
Fletcher played shorl in to-day'a prac
game, bul he played it with a . ati h
e - ' ti and mads two errors in si\
ed a bat well em ?
i.. are? er, ge! s run.
, l ? isl waa the he?-t of -ill for
training purposes '"tie ?un ? ?
arorchsr an.' even t;-,.- breezes wer?
The ? tun irai well p h the
v. '. ?? . isen ? ! his men ?>.I Emer?
son 1 ? this morning snd bw<at
<??; them through a two-hour workout.
The Qiants had been notifli-n to be ??
i.i i o'clock for their automobile trip to
the Brasos River I'aiiK. where the tish try
awaited th? m. but they asd not lose the
afternoon'? work UcOraw had them out
again ?< Z o'clock, stape.i a nlne-lnning
;ame between th? O IS and regulars and
MU? kept the ; o'clock engagement,
l.an Doyle'a team finally put It ov?r
he trlt.e of Donlln, but hau a narrow
tacan? from disaster in the ninth ?r
The score of the onlj game won by the
r>n\ le? In the Marlln ?eiiC? was *> to 7.
The regulars drew for their first pitchei
to day, and "Big Six." the veteran of
many ^a's thawed out sufficiently to let
the toits down with four hits and on*
run In five Innings Taareau, who worked
?against ?tatty, had h - first bad day, and
was ' , eight I ms in i lie third
and fourth Innll s?
Quit? drama! i waa th? finis:, fai?
th*- Cuban BOUthpaW, succeeded
Mathewson, and hi? efforts to wotk the
kink ou! i I 's arm1 ?Intost resulted
fatally f? Doyle "Dul h" Ritter, who
?n>he.i for th? colts whlssed them
ast that the regular? could hardly
mm th< ibalL
f of the nnme
ie Bcore stood I to * In a Jlffj th?
mod th? one out
who had
ed the in for a tripe.
more M : . : for three
aes. re el I to T, n ith one
man o it and a runner on third bas?
At ! rsvsr, 1 ?onlin's in k
faded Th? nei "ter mrouniled to the
i.held e? s ? ,. wa? run do?n
for thi T a ; ? M man filed
? ? d the ca' series ended.
their shoes
ai i bata i hamper and after a
final i it 6 ? : ou?-,- ut"'.', "'i
ilg trunk?
the t'sh fr>.
The erare follow?
PO S * i>o a ?
? ? rraaa.l 4 11 2 S 0
Burn?, tf '? ' * ?
Pies if. 3 S i
i o o : i o Donlln, lb 4 1 S 14 it
m ? ? ? Djrar. ss. 4 S S S S S
?urn I OOtPi ISSUs, . f 4 n ; i (, rt
3h ? 1 I P. ii n?.| >nr rr. 4 n ! ] in
' . - i i i i i I M Lean, < . : o e : 1 o
It? 10 4 hni ?? 11 i i n
?' ? aon.o 11 1 S 41 ? - -, n i n *
S S S 1 OlRttti ? ! l i) n ? l
atsh M T Off Ml
ss............ S S .* 'a o n n o n s
? ? . 1 o 1 i i, | j
- 8 I la 8 Itinlra? off
I ? ? . ? -> ' - 4 ? i ? :,
? ? " I Inntnss Home run
i . . - -? irraa?, Doi
i ?. '?? ? - ? Flrat baa ms ?nrara
rw)-? Donltns
Man ? ? *" '-' bj 11 se san, i
v t:'"' .'??-' Orsat i >? ?t 'L'.
- sor,, n nsa - - .- r :?? ?> hit
aweot Doubt? ay? Mathawaea ti
. to Dor 1? s" - to I' ? ? Cottar; Har
? .n ti ntint ??> f'enl'ti : ,? el ?em?
1 ?o fpifi'" MeOraai ?M schiij.p.
Packard Transportation and Repairing Co
SS4 <? \\ lia? H? . Ne?? >j <>rl? ?It?.
SlS ??linder l'.<< km.l louring;. I.*n<l.i ill*!
and UasesaaSBS ? ?r? for Mire
H? the I rip ?r Hour.
Crank-shaft? Ja < e,',im,iiKii;iii>vi/,i
-?'? ,,.?..?? hvi t;?ar ? itilns ' t '
f ji ?. ? ? Vslvea
' i . . ? iptlon?
i , i ?, ? ?? ' .... rid Ma rtn?
. K ? ?. ? . - ?ars* ei
?? .
; ' _
Qrtatttf Sail of Tlrti JL Tu bit Evtr
FROM 40% TO" 70% OFF!
.landorf \utom<>l<He < o., ,'t Weal Stal
. - '. '. *
f i.' ?; -i
?Irrant l'a< hard I Innoi-iri,- or louring;
. r ., ? owner drive? ' HhA '?
???erlan'l. !???. '-*?" !?.'""'? '"' ;?
' . '
?<-f\. IK1?. r> l*a*a. lourlna < s': perfet
National Commission Out
with Statement on the
Release Clause.
In nn cfToit to bring about n bettei in
deratanding among players and owners
of tlie release ani options! agreement
?;a ae recently adopted on the ?-u-gestion
??r the Baseball Players' Fraternity, the
National < "ommls-slnn promulgated the fol?
lowing yesterday:
"Section 'S of thi agreement arlth the
Baseball Players' I" itern tj reads as fol?
" 'Before a major league playei shall he
teltased outright or under an opt'onal
s gisement to Clasa A or a lower classi?
fication IiIh service? ehall Brsl be tendered
in sll Class A A dubs at a price not to
? v esd 11 000, and then to all ?"lass A c.uhs
at a price not to exceed K.'.O. If he he ?i
drafted plsyer the club from which he is
? Ira''ted shall have prior claim to all other
i luiis in it? claaslflcatlon.'
'In view of the fact That there ?seems
in be a misunderstanding as to 'he exact
meaning of thla particular clause, th"
mission announces that Its intent and
purpose ?? to afford playera released bv
majoi -.iKie dubs, ?ither outriglit or
vnder an optional agreement, an oppor?
tunity to secure employment with a na?
tional saaeclatlen club of as high a class!*
Hi atl'iri ae possible, and at the sain?- time?
to protect by optional sgreemsnta the in
teiest? of major league clubs to their
When a major league ? lub makes appli?
cation for interieague waiver?! it should a',
the same time notify the president of the
league of which it 1* a member whether
the pla\er will i a released unconditional?
i outright or under an optional agree?
ment it waivers hi j obtained. An out*
? -tit |f!r-;i5. s construed to mean the
I ,i ei s tranafer from on? elub to an?
other, ?-itlier with 01 Wlthoul a COW d
, Ion, and without 1 he retention of the
r'ght to recall him. In SOCh a ia'e the
player must ? rat t>" tendered to Clasa aa
and A clubs at a pri'-e not to gxcesd tnose
stipulated in Bectlon Ig herein referred to
"If || is the Intention Of the ma/or
ISagUS Club to release the player under an
optional agreement, then the amount of
the option price shall not be less than
$200 as stipulated In Rule is of the cots
m on, a nd not more than the respective
minta preecribed la Section is of the
fraternity sgreemenl The amount of lbs
consideration decided upon should he
atsted In ail ? ases to the president ?if the
league of the elub requesting waivers,
who wll certify 'lie same to the tocretary
of the National Association at ihe same
time he !s required to ascertain if t'las*
A A <-r i'las? A clubs file claim to such
players, so that th?- National Assoclstloa
clubs can have this information v. hen the
player is tendered to them und-- an op?
tional agrei ? i
"If the major leag le C US and the .'la.m
Ing minor 'cngue <llub cannot gglM ?ifi the
??titionai pnce, the presidenta of the
li-agues of the respective clubs shall <Je
termlne the consideration, provided, how
? er, it shall not exceed the amounts
tue.) in Section i*. shove quoted
"Bectlon 11 ?if Use agreement-with the
Baseball Players' Fraternity dees not
Change the ^\stem ?if returning drafted
playera, a? proscribed in section $, \r
t'ile VI, of the national agreement and
regulated by Rola ".: of the commission.
In any roapOOt, If such player shall have
Iren legally claimed by a minor league
i. Nor ia the priority of a ilass A
? ver ah <'!a?-s- AA dubs In claiming
, p | er selected rrctS t abridged or mod
\ re Isd plsyei who baa not been
< .. mod before Februarj followlag his
selection, becomes subject to Bectlon II
of the players' agreement when released
,i minor league to a rs net league
club. '
Superbas to Face Yankees
There Week from To-day.
?i , r ".,,i ;. t,r put)hut i i beta Field In
. ?j condition for the opening extiiti
game betwesn the Nsw > ? ? 'K Van
the Brooklyn Huperhsa one
? .., from to*da) Ie progressing rapidly.
froundkeepei haa engaged nearly
undrad me-, while ateamplpea and
? i u.i? been brought Into I'liv to rid
t h?- diamond ?if lha winli n froal
i diamond uiii be lnl?i oui and
the outfl 'i?t will be rolled si level sa a
rd li bis Tha ad> am >? s.le ,,f r.
s. > , ?I ?-?;it- i nc*a undei ,v .i ' .iii'i t ?
.- ..ii,?..'.i
Th? rival ti ama will
Indulge )n morning prtu'tl? e the day of
Gilmore Gets
a Just Reward
Baltimore. Mar? h ti,? That the -earl
?.nliirv of President .lames \. (.tinture of
the lederal ItaseliaM league is SI.I.OOO
n??. authoritatively stated here tn-diiT.
This amount. II was added, m?. detrr
mined upon Ht n meeting in I libago
about a month ago.
Bv ron Banrrofl JatUBBaO, president of
the American league. struggle* along on
Bi.VOOO a Tear, while (?infrnor Tener of
Pennaylianla, the ntvirli elected president
of the National league, will ?mile ???.
i'^O.OOO a feet when hi? term a? l.overnor
Weaver and Scott on Fence and
May Sign with Feds.
Santa K"sa. Cal., March ih .lue Wea?
ver, shortstop of tie I'hic.igo club in
the American League said to-day that
hi ',"1 decided to sign with the redera!
l.'.gue unless the White Sox met h;s
tf rn-.s
He added that .Timm.- S?ott. the pitch?
er, had come to the'?sume decision
Opening Game at Columbia with
St. John's Nine Called Off.
South Field was tin much of a hoe \?s
terday to permit ColumMs to open itj
haseball season against St John's Col?
lege, of Brooklyn.
Billy TiUah, on looking over the field In
th<- morning, dOcMsd that 1f the game
weie to be played at all the fielders would
have to wear hoots, and Marry Fisher,
graduate manager of athletics, ?aid that
the treasury of the athletic association
couldn't stand the expense of providing
the extra equipment.
Lush then called the game off. and he
feels that he mav have to postpone the
game acheduled srlth the Collsgs of the
City of New Tork for Baturds*/ unless
South Fi?ld dries OUI BUfllcisntly.
Must Not Drink or Stay Out
Nights Three Years in
Jail if He Docs.
l?oe \ngeies. March a* Jimmj Clabby,
tne Hammond. Ind., mlddlewslghl boxai
who claims the middleweight tit'e, will
live a model life for the next thie? w-^?
if he fulfils the terms of on agreement he
entered Into tO-day. If he fails to live an
exemplary Ufe he w-?:i he sent to jail r.r
three ?ems and wuU be fof-fii to pa) a
fine of t'^*>
Clabby and hia trainer Arthur III -
Queen, were sentence'l to thiee vears In
(all atid to pay flues of *,v?i tai h by
Police Judge White for having beaten
Charlea Lauirance, a policeman, in a
street fight on January Zt, Sentence wa?.
Buspended m consideration of the fact
that Clabby agreed to pay l,aurance ?.- ??
damages and live an SXSfflplar* life
According to the probation ngreement
outl'ned by .Judge White, neither man
shall drink engage in controversy or risll
any place where he may be SXpeesd t?>
temptation for three yea ?-s. It also is
stipulated that neither shall the?, stay out
all night.
McDonald Jumps to Feds.
Innlaton, Ala. March '' .lobn iian
aeil, manager of the Rochester dub in
the International League, learned to-day
I Ik; t McDonald, BU Infislder, ha.s lumped
t?. the Pittsburgh Fed?rala v.|>onald
former!* wi s with the Boston Bravea
Th4 lederal? haVa made hca ? Inroada
on Oanxell'a team it is said e.cht of
ills old men h ?re lumped
Griffith Holds the String.
Wsahlngton, March vb Claries Orif*
(Ith, manag? t of the Washington ?.mer
lean League Ins-hall i.-.tm. released (??
da- wiiiuun Allen, in outfielder, who
played with Montreal lasl laar, t.. Ind?
ianapolis Of the \m< an \ Boctatlon
with -"? option on him ;.t the end of Uta
Big Price for Saddle Horse.
H* Tali K ..i.' la n ?? Trlfeuaa |
Islington, K- Mari h IS Th? ?
plon Rve*gplted saddle mars, Ha* dawn
was sold to da) bj w a ghrop
Winchester, to Fred Weite, Havana.
,. lor t4 Ml
Mr Wolf?- was acting for the President
of tint 'outitr;, The mare was snipped
to dS) bj wa> of New York
Red Sox Favor Hot Springs.
I ,,,? gpt Ingl *rk., Mach . The
,,,. ?era of Ihe Bi itoi Fb d Boa hav e
signed nn SJISCIIIcnt to have tnelr team
fr-,l,i here fi<r the rie/t fl\e ?..?-?.
Says Brooklyn Superbas
Never Worked So Well
as This Season.
, B] Telegraph t, , . i - | ? ,
Chattanooga, Tenn., March "5 Cha lea
H. Khbets, who arrived here this morning,
after witnessing tiie Kuperba? in the exhi
1'itlori gam? at Augusts, "ti Monda-, lust,
?gainai Newark, the International League
champions, said this afternoon:
'You can't make it too plain that 'he
Brooklyn baseball dub will he .ontenders
for the National League i hamploiishlp
from the clang of the bell on the opening
da v. \e\er in my thirty or more years
of experience in baseball have I seen a
team working so harmoniously. Robinson
baa accomplished wonders with tue men
?The acquisition of Shortstop Kuan nils
oui the team to perfection. Cutehaw, the
other du" in Augusta, told me that he
has never worked with a better man to
his riRht. This give? us a much better
Infield than we had last ; > ar.
' Robinson ha? the entire ennfldence of
the p|a? en both on and off the field. He
has a knack of getting work out of Ids
?men without basing to <l:ive them. To
sum up the situation, 11 Is a case of all
for otie und one for all.''
into Miller, the Bupsrbss' star bai kstop,
was taken to a loeal physician this morn
Ins and had his tonsils and palate out
Thia will keep him out of the frame for a
a eek
All morning the weather was threaten?
ing, and hardly had tie team r.a.hed An?
drews Field this afternoon for the game
with the Lookouts when rain commenced
to fall, keepmi; up pretty much the entire
day. At that the players managed to
Squeese in a half an hour's good practice.
Ragt n, Cutehaw, At bison snd Rucket.
With their wive?, will leave to-night for
Charlotte, '?'? C where they win meet the
rest of the team on Friday. The party
also win Include Miner, Erwin and ftuel
hach. The remainder of the team win ,!.
part on the same tram, stopping at Knox
rllle tor a ?ame to-morrow.
Mrs. Barlow and Miss Harvey
Pair at Pinehurst.
Pinehurst N C, March .;> Mis R,
H Barlow, nl the Merlon 'itekal Club
of i lladelphta, ami Miss ll?reme i.
Harvey, of the Hamilton, Ontauio, g"if
club, will meet here in-nu.rrov in the
linal iti it'h tor the women's ronte?t in
the annual I'nlted North and south
championship golf tournament
Both playera won their matches to?
da, at : up and ! to play. Mrs Barlow
defeated Mra ' Raymond Price, of the
iiakmont Countrj Club, <<f Pittsburgh,
and Ml is Harvey defeated Mu William
West, or the Huntingdon Valley Country
?'lut', of Philadelphia
Says Kverything Is Going Along
Smoothly in the Affairs of
Organized Baseball.
John K. Tenar, president of the Na?
tional League, na.< in this elt) la.st night
I it for the Unie beins, at least he csat
a?ide the caree of business and baseball
to give himself what ht was pleUSSd to
call "a night s fun "
When Been bj a Tribune reporter at
the Waldorf-Astoria ha said that the-e
was nothing new of Intemsl to the hn?e
ball enthu?lasta Me said further that
h,- knew little of tiie doing? of the Fed
eral i eague 01 its agents asid? from
what ' < ppeared fron, tune to time in
t In- ne ipapi '
There la nothing new m the affair? of
National League.'' he said ' ' Every
ti Ins la -:".'i? ?long tnoothly, and ???
cording to tie '?poiis iroui the training
? aim ti.- teama are rounding into con
ditlon rapidly.'
Is their- m V possibility "f the I'hi
csgo Cul - being Bold?" h? waa asl.e.i
i rsal i ? m not in position to give
BnSWSr upo thai matter |ust JTSl
i i.now there la nothing new
mi thai matter, either, l win he glad
arhei the aeavMi i- on and will hsv?
th- chance i" gel ont in t,".. open an to
witness th?- games, 1 "it. reallv, [ ?nil here
only for pleitaur? thi? trip and have
an li ? gag? men! with soi ?
ri i' nd?
He begged ?., '?. ex. use.) and -.u'rie.l
..n t., ...i, hi? t:i. nda
Athletics Lose Through Errors.
Wilmington n. <'. Unroll ? Th? Bal?
llmore Internationals defeated the Phila?
delphia American League regular team
, . ? . i.. , .re "l I tO -' Krank
Hakei i :,.i foui hit? m five lluna at bat,
. ' ?.. ? i i Two costly errors
bi Collins eontrtbutsd to Baltimore a,
Rain Sends Yankees on
Forced March to Atlanta
Gossett on Crutches as Result
of Injury to His Ankle
in the Game at
[in Telegraph to Tas Trlbuac
Birmingham. Ala., March 25. ?A hurried
jump from this city to Atlanta marked
the afternoon'? sctivitisa for Frank
Chanca and his full troupe of Yankee?.
Shortly before? gams time heavy rain
broke, which necessitated .cancellation of
the. contest with th'' champions of the
Southern League. A forced march carried
th? playera via the Seaboard into Geor?
gia's metrepilia a da) sooner than hail
bei n anticipated.
' hanre and the aacond team had ar?
rived or.lv a short time from Mobile when
the rainstorm broke. Aa ?oon as it be?
came evident that there could be no action
li< re the Peerless Leader decided on an
early attack of Atlanta If?> wished, If
possible, to secure Atlanta's hall ground
for exercise?? to-morrow morning.
Dlek Qossett, who was- Injured in yes?
terday's game at Memphis, was hobbling
about on ?-rutchrs to-day. Mis ankle is
badly swollen, although It is believed lie
suffire nothing worse than a strain?-11
tendon or ligament. Unless the injury
promptly responda to the treatment of
Trainer E>oo Barrett an X-ray examina?
tion w ill be made. ?
Hutchtnsou the big hlacksmith and
miner pitcher from Nol.sonvlIIe, Ohio,
' threatened :i mutiny on the train coming
frcni Memphis but night. Ho took ad?
vantage of Mil Hotden'a social procllvltlea
to lulp himself to the outm-lder'a bed,
which happened te I? a lower berth.
Carl H. Page Quits, and
Auto Concern Takes
Over Local Business.
By New Move Detroit Firm Will
Place factory in Direct
Touch with East.
Hugh Chain .,, ,
the purchase by the Chalmers. Motor r^
pany, of Detroit, of the bualaaai of i,r
H. Paga ft ?'" for th? la-t na vfarsin
tributara In thi?- ? lty of t'halmers rari *"
'""' iransaci . i?-> the peasaaaan
the co"(i?iii and business, of the ma,?.
eetsMlahmenl of Car n i',-lce 4 (.
i air branches in Brooklyn and Bridj,'
port .-nd the < ontrol of frr | -?. ,,,iU,.*.',
to New York.
The Chalmera eomra;iv w,ll a*sume i?.
mediata .untre! of the Kantern distribu?
tion of their cars, aetabllatuag th? n>?
Y. rk business ..* i factor] biainh Tt.
name of the companj in the fnbns eg
he the Chalmera Mot--' Compas* of x?w
York rjeerge Btowe, erne baa teas *???
eral n.anager of the Pane interests. s|
remain as SCtive RUUsSgar.
"Wa aavs re t for -, ne time the fc
niraMlitv of aatabUshlng a ??oneral factor
distribution station m 'i,e Hast," ^1
Mr. '"hf-lrners. "New Ycrk and the rret'
ropolitan district conatltuta tn ihernse'.vei
the largest automobile mark? 1-, th?
eastern part of the country New Tort
is also the lonlca! distributing entra fo
nll of the Kastern territory, in plinnlnf
She Rast, rn distribution of Chalmers gg
from New York it has seemed logtjol t?
pur-base the PU Bin SSI of th? Paga com
pany and conduct It as a factory brancli.
both in the sales a id in th?1 service ?t.-?,.
"There will he no rs4sSg| rh?.r.?e ?
the conduct of the business. The 'hi!
mers ?company almpl] a^iimoH proprietor
ship "f th bUStnesa and control of th?
"Of Lusines? conditions Baserai*, n?'
only In New Vork but throughout lb*
country, I 'an only speak :.? t1
optimistic terms. Our bsaaseaj atarea
increase in ? v > BB of :0 per cent over th?
same period of bul ? 'i epreapi ?
for spring business arere ne*w better Va
have just cloaed a moat bu
at the Kostic ihosr, sad ibebsasass
look in New England is hlgsl* -?
factory. Han in New York we hen
t urs on order ff" dellvei h Ma
April than during tn- >*<>?? ten l.i> of
any previous lesson,
? i beMeve the aui.< - i
never In mote ratisfi
those rompan!) i ...
value, and i am ? ? thai us In
as our own coi aran! tl
change we are making li Si ? York i ;
make Mir bUI ' " ''
larger." ^^^^^^^__
r*? rB4>N0Xr?11 d???l
ff all you BBS ?ft
is a aiofcr car
Chalmers Factory Branch
Established in New York
The Chalmers Motor Company announces the purchase
of the business of Carl H. Page and Company, Broadway
at 50th Street.
From this date both the Service and Sales divisions of
the Chalmers business in the Metropolitan District will be
conducted as a Chalmers Factory Branch.
In the future the firm will be known as the Chalmers
Motor Company of New York, and will be under the owner?
ship and management of the Chalmers Motor Company of
The establishment of a Factory Branch in New York
enables the Chalmers Company to assure its thousands of
customers in the Metropolitan District the most efficient ser?
vice in all lines.
The Company also takes this opportunity to express to
all Chalmers owners its appreciation of their patronage, and
to invite them and their friends to an inspection of the
Chalmers Master ''?Sixes" at the New York store, Broad?
way at 50th Street, and at the Brooklyn Branch, 1188
Fulton Street.
Chalmers Master "Six,'r 2, 4 and 5 Passenger, $2175
Chalmers Master "Six," 6 Passenger Type, $2275
Chalmers "Light Six," 5 Passenger, $1800
Chalmers "Light Six," Coupelet, $2050
Fully B?Ut/'/"'/. f. 9. 9. Iftniit.
Qialmers Motor Company of New York
iFormtrty Cart H. Pagt A Company)
Neu York : Broadway at 50th St. Brooklyn : Bedford A*c. al lu I ton St.

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