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*QoJf^~Dog Show S> Other Sports
Miss Ravenscroft and Miss
Dodd Say Visit Was
"One Sweet Song."
Open Championship at Scarsdale
May He Moved Forward
a Week.
yif, ,--.., Revenecroft, the Kris lis h
. , ? Won tin? Airerless soif rham
? Wilmington and
'tis y,, i older in ltll, to*
.fr ?... Dodd, presea!
b0ld?r S# I ' ' ** **??**- CSaad*??
? at? rdsy sf
< arman.a. They
,-? bare it Septei
Osts I hted "with ?
i "We've had
. i i even t we M i
? ? ?-. * i ? ir vieil
Bre ha?- ' ' -"*?*> u"
end sees a
H i am *-* ?*? to bo be? *
\; ?. De id e sspe? l?ed to
I n end *-he ?"aid
tint ab<- 11 I bS a**'** tO do
age itx- d?tend her British
it leevc ber
Sestiss ' **??*?
i jor ? now ? hether or no! i
fatmBs I N' - R ITSBSCrOft in
... ii Hon. ' ! should not like to
;m Se Ai
tmmX ?? ?'? " ? ' '" "'"""n hers sex!
i at tin? Neea i ?
. -, .*--.'. i he ?
gagj trot me n ilte s while?six
n-Diith? n?*.? end ? mus? Brei see how
p .,.p ?t horn? - -?-. I shall
h p el Hun?
t-inton. No? - ? i ?"i? m?-** better
??Kn tn.re, but 1 am uncertain
afg | (et 1 ' that's the
??raitfht ot it "
Neither Mi nor M - Revene?
I r- u Ihelr opinion
t linkp, hut
both ?Kiecd that t lerd? n City
i.." Brsokllne very much. Neither
?o'jM th? ii i spreulng an
ophion Ol worn? n pi
"lint It SuSlclen! that 1 had a most
Usait lime tins ?b-ss Msrlon
nel nt Wilmington?
k.'ke<l Mil roft. "YOU ha\.
{irdt !
a if w houre t?.t??re t* ???, ?jelled the Eng?
jih sir' remark*
efato (Oil while In Ann ?
szi to ir, ? rou know h s o ?r lee!
?V*?.*- seid M u Dodd, smilinply, "and
.' r?th( ? * plenty o?
?loves end ?-?remela
S.u. e.. Sept?
l'o'a **on the Csi * * ? t T?
?hile mu.-. Revenscroft heal her in the
?awriCSB nship Ht Wiln ?
Thi Aawric in cl impl n I n i
? Bnglewood and
recently They have
rayed met ' 'aneda Sew
* - BouUi
Thosf i reee are hard In?
lai m M n Ravenscroft
IIplayed there muck longer about all
Sat ?sooM '< ??? .n my has sroahl be
? ? - .
iWev | emenl the! ;?
ip t?i roQuest the
liai ? elation to chance
'??> isles ' , ? ? championship et
fcmdal? ? . it : end 13 to a
?Be ?*-.-?? th? nearnees to the
.rued yesterday
? h ? mov? ... ild no! be cons i ? :
-?aitltt ? . ... , i ib. In tact,
; ol ? b saw no n eeon ? kj
'-? rsans? i i be made.
If the "pros want it s<? ?and the M <?
I ir would he all the
?a? to the - I ?- isM
v-!!ts Brooklyn Stadium rnd
Remarks on Its Progress.
? ? ' ff the KeiJeral
***** *ho here after attending
?*? kegu?!?. - . m Balti
*?"? ?n Itit t i ?- hlghl) ijlsessil
the WOrh "f the
?.'?: ? ? t .?m Of the
' ' ??
I '.fit Ward.
ohn Montgom
manager. It was
r""* *? i npse of the a?J
?iirk, as he has
?Ms?? .- . teem
'???'.?-v.-*? that
rJWra-U? -'. a r.ess
rv*1 T" ? ".ii-.tni.tion of the
r**1-*?^' May Mi Qilmore ?aid that
were In greut
**? *'?'* " . I.-luld put up
'..- t? an trie two
. ? - ild Mr Oil?
-^i*' h*? l"' red, ?onfilets with
**y>r kmt ? aing made ... few
** Mtall I.
^v ? - Sunday -came
. ?".y"'*' ? i Brooklyn team,
?*? Hard wn? a... . ,? .?,, i(i,.a ?f j?.r.
-?as Ms lass ? ?... the sabbath."
?jj tom-is from England That
"f Ha? Decided to Give Up
. Lite as a Jockey.
?n,- ? >'',' v The EvcalBS
-?Situ M * I'enny Ifaher, the
Vijry y ?ot lust reeeeered
JJB n.,,''C ' ' ? ?!"? tO r?-t!re
i ' "- * ' ? Id ?? denaerous
' *:'*'' M ?min -down ai?Hlri
*a*ejf u.. ?
r*Otll y" one. of I he ?cie.it
???'.;. ',f ' ? Khbreds both la tMs
***?!''"'' ,i,i,i"n
Pss, ,!l"""' "" "Mm" y,"r h?>
>a, k< ' " Srellflaetlon in his muriv
Sn, ? * M' has 'ii'mri | Km., 11
^^ol? a Yale Captain.
BU* I ?J ward
?.(, ' ' ' S. ''?"n , Wl
?)5hBf/l?,''i"'1 '"* ??"? Wie im
T" r,r nesit y?_;
In casting his lot with the athi'tic or?
ea nIsStion of a local department store
Mel Bheppsrd, tho groat Dilddle-dlstance
r mnt r, strangely enough leaded a Jot? as
an investigator for th? store ?,t ihe ?ami
time We hop? the l? sponsibillties of his
new position will not be s ifficiently heavy
to ini|>air his running
t adv. the ?Mi ber of the Ked *?<?-,, who wn?
?<? prominent |n the puhli,- print? a ?ear sg<>
last fall, tin? Ji,?| ?purned ? ?-?r'.Mjn ?alar*
und ? ?.?,.0011 henn? lo _iKn with the outlaw.
\? >et the led* have done nothing for l?lck
Hennessey, the ?tar ma?, ot of the Liant??.
Nov.- that the baseball guide is out th?
fans can start training A good memory
for figures in the heat of a midsummer
meat will trip manj a rash and on?
war) bettoi
I.oui? Il ru? kr ha?, loitered hl? aim and i?
now shoot i ni; Ht a berth in the International
leHjue. || must he cotnfortinK to know
that ?he onllan? ??ait rei-ept Iv elv at the end
of the roule If he fail? to land In the pre?
ferred rank?
With Bnodgreaa snd Donlin enjoying
lacerated feel McGraw might aeeh advice
on treating these cassa from that great
authority on chiropody, Linn'.? ?'nance
The Peeress 1 iSSdSl tOOh an extend? d
? ? in tin- ?object last lumnir, RolU?
Zeldei giving an opportunity for extend?
<?l observation.
II hile exploring Ihe fH?tne??e? of Mem
phi? the Taaheee ?lisc?iiered the den of
t.eorge Schlei, the old Admiral eat? her of
the Liant?. Il i? m Ion?, time ?ime he ha?
eiiierge,| from retirement. He belonged to
ihiil li.vgone period ?hen the ( hiiago tub?
were ?in Ii an Influence at the I'olo (?round?.
Thej ?ay that th?? .'ittshurgh infield as
Constituted to-iiav ',s strong even without
(Vegner Keverthelesa ("red ?'larke is re
aerving a berth for th? veteran and de?
riving much pleasure from th? Bhowlng
made by Hans this spring.
It novT develop? that Kohinson. the brill?
iant ?einig ritlsl.urgh southpaw; wa? traded
to *?t. I.oul? be?au?e of ?hininrh trouble. If
Battling l,e?in*k.v doesn't hrare up I?an Mor?
gan trill let him nut, too.
The Brooklyn Kids are to share in th?
profits of the Club This is fine nnt'-sea
s<:i gossip, but will be much more to the
point when the organized boy? nre
Wha? king up on the world's series re
celpti neat falL
Tho*e fnrly-se.en hit? in four game?
make Ihe ?l ankee? look much better. Per
hap? tlieie wa? ?omelhing In Arthur Irwin'*
l.nlf wind theory. More light will he ?hed
on Ihe ?iili.ieil. however, after Dank. Ilenil
er anil Hu?h inive llnl?beil their labor? in
thai flr?l ?eric? lirgioning on April II.
The same old ?tory lias been told again
at Merlin, The only new face on Mc?
Qraw'e first team ie Milton Stock, wh?) Is
being ? long for utility purposes
All th? Tj ' - sad Walter Johnsons
have been assigned to Mik" l?"i lin*? Yan
nigans and will te dropped off aa ?Ultabl?
berths are found.
W. H. W.
Riley Planning for Fixture on
Saratoga Lake in Av-ust.
Jamea il Rile). th? oldt ? m
champion, paid a visit to Jim Rice, at
th? Columbia crew quarters, yesterday,
and t??i?i him about i? veterans' race on
Saratoga i-ske next August, arhJch ii? is
? Ing to hold. Rlley, who came into
prominence again two years ago by low?
ing Jim Ten Eyck, coach of the Byra?
CUSS CIOWS, a ma??-h race at Saratoga,
thinks that th? oldtimers In th.? rowing
game could show the youngsters a thing
or two vet. and for that reason h? is
Eoing to have the race next summer. No
oarsman under sixty wIM be allowed to
compete. The distance probably will h??
'?ne mil??.
Trie rnen whom he la? Slreodj invited
nie 1'at Luther. Kied PlalstSd, the old
Vale r:gg?r. Jim Tea Ky? k. S> rncuse
'?ach. Qeorge Falkner. of Boston;
Chsrlee L Courtney, coach of the Cornell
Crews? John Kennedy, the retired Yale
eosch; Mike Davis, of Boston; Ellis
Ward, the retired coa? h of th? University
of Penrisylvsrds crews, sad John f.
Bcholea, nf Toronto, father of th? winner
of the 1 ttamond Bculla
Spengler Shows Well in Defeat?
ing Sheridan in New York
Athletic Club Tourney.
a crowd that packed the gymnasium of
the New York Athletic Club well nigh to
the doors aitnessed the preliminary round
Of the amateur boxing championships of
1he Metropolitan Association last night
The w??rk of the contestants was fast and
furl?.us, and some bouts which compared
favorably with those or piofesslonal?
w.-re seen Others, Of ?ourse, wer?- of the
common O? garden amateur variety, but
OS the whole the standard was high
Several knockouts enlivened the Sport
Th? summaries folloa
m penad ?tan (prsHmla?etas, tust boui>?
',.? Masa, '??"i 0* A ' defeated M Dono?
van. M?a West si!'- \ ?'., Ihre?? round?, r? f
t-rees ?SClston s?-? "Ii'i boUt H?--' "?V < 11 B1
BerthelOHMI? ? ? . ?,t<?!-r ?i i W Power?, <>_n
nem ?son?laiton la km rosad 'liiiid to.1
p i ranchlnl Trlnltj A C, defaated Charlea
Horowlta N?a iw-i Bid? A. C. la Ihres
? . Fourth b< I lobo II'.res?. PranfUM \
?'. kii'-kel out I /?-liner Triait*. A C >n
ihre?- round? Fifth boui ''?? Maas, Otenros
v c . :, f.i'i'J v .Uen M..'t Havi i> ?. ? .
?m i rjlnu In 'i.re,. reuad?
II.-,11 vAeiglii dlvlStOB ?nrelinittmry round,
?it. W Hpengtei Unto? Settlement A
? . ?i?fea-.i a Bhortdan Trlnltj \. C ? 'i
point? ?. ?)>?? roui i? ?-? orad boui Hud K.-n
ne>. Triait y A C, ateppad F. White, l'nlon
Halt lernen 1 v <*., In ??<> rosada
l'.fc-po?ii'l cla__ ??treiliiiineiy r?.ml. rlr?i beut)
f. Herneteln, Hhetiden A ?'. stopped i
i'rf.Kfrf'i, ,\?-w Wrei too? ., ?'. ia one roand
I | nul A KS ifmSn 'mu'' i ? ?? l, de
reale.) Oeorfe 'ire??, PSOaaal A ?'. In f.inr
round? Ths i .'ii- - disagreed SI lbs sad "f
n... ?... ? .o i ie i?-r??.?-?? ordered ?a ntn
round Third baei W Barrett. I'mnmu? a. c,
?topped '' '?"-iili'lle?. I ni??n ??.?ttlemenl A ?'.
m i*-. M.'if.'i" Fourth beul Jaeb Qaddl, at
Bertbomoime? s ? woe ?????? ii Psaceae,
? . .,, a ? . In "n? round
Bill Introduced at Washington
to Help Out States.
ngton, Man h '?'.' Mending of
rs? trig bets or ???id-? from foreign eoun
Into ths United States or from ?Lite
in ?tat? vould he prohibited undei ;i i ill
Introduced to-da* by Senator i.e.-i, ,<t
'I < t.-i? tee*
M.- . ti,????. i. 11/? ?I his i"'si ure ?? d?
signed i" - '? '? ? m in nulllfl? at Ion ol
er ii?- -ni') aainbllni las it e-ould em
j,. <i the r?. ?iin.ii-i. i ?'?henil to enforce
the law
Crowd of Fanciers Turn
Out for the Monthly
Specialty Show.
Many Likely Puppies on Parade
at the Albemarle-Hoff
man Fixture.
If on?- may Judge from the manner in
which fanden have answered th? rail for
entries In the match?-.?, ?if th- various SPO
cislty clubs of late, it will be necessary in
the future t?i make preparations f'.r re?
Delving B m?n*h larger crowd than hereto
Leet night the roof of the Alhe?arte*
li..fin?an wss crowded with ndmlrers of
the attractive little Fr?nenles when ths
French Bulldog ?'lut. of Amerlcs held Its
monthly match, wnli II D Hoffman SI
Junior puppies wen i1:?? Bre? In the ring
end no dlvieion of ses wse made In the
youngsters n Tsylor*s llamonte was
first ?hone, with a. Zernbuek's Baequots
MCOnd anil I". ?'arpenter? Ulco third. H
r. Walls Beau Osmln III wss hist choice
.ii t-inior puppy ?lops, eltboogh be was
releiratid to second place in the novice
class when be mu i? s Baura'i Na?
poleon the Oree! Qram NOtman's
Ricochet, which was placed eecond in the
puppy class, to?.1? a yellow in the nOvlCS
An exceedingly good puppy called The
l?ii|i Girl was chosen to weer th- blue,
putting in second place Pereque Princesa
The winner le the property of L. i. Hamm.
chairman of tin- match committee. Both
of tiuse young matrons were defeated In
11?*? novice ?la?.? i>>- n. Taylor's Magere
K Smith's Coquette de Bourbon "as
chosen as the heel In the show, and she
won outright s bsndsome silver trophy
presented by the match ?ornm.ttee The
Coquette did not make her eppssrsnos
until the open class wss called, although
she is only a puppy
Sh?- is a nslling good one, however, and
Created S furor a! the Westminster Ken?
nel ?rub show, whr-re the appeared in the
puppy class and later won as a novi?'e.
Many thought ai th.it tim?> that She
looked good enough to ko through to win?
ners. B?scond and third choies were Wei?
send ami Magere
Open dogi was won by Monlco Iscques,
with Fred Poffet'S Pourquoi l'as Rival in
second pla? ?
MonlCO Jacques w?.n th<* trophy for the
best of the opposite six to the winner of
the club trophy.
There were a dosen other trophies, and
all rlsssfs were remembered.
The troph ? for the best bred by exhibi?
tor was won b) Richard's Qamln; for the
best dog or bitch under S pounds, by
Bi i I Issnln III.
The best over 2J pounds wai J? I Has
lam s Molleando.
Silver cupa for the nui ere won bj
Mrs ii Taylor's Mam?te and Msgere s I
by the i?o;i Girl ami Nspoloofl the Great
Chinaman He Befriended Years
Ago Bequeaths Him
$10,000 in Will.
Chicago, March ! Joe Choynski, for?
mer priseSghter S?d now director el the
Pittsburgh Athletic Club, to-dsy discov?
ered thai *'".'"?? had been lefl him In the
win of Jim Pon, s Chinese thai the h..\er
befriended yesrs s go,
Jim fon .??i.i s few dsys .'?.'i. end bis
?-oils. \ed ring end Bert vine, unable to
open the safe in th?ir father*! restaurant,
een! for Choynekl The boxer broughl e
man who in ? few minutes opened the
steel ?Joors, dloclestng Pen's will, it
named Choynekl si executor and guerdl in
of Jim Pen's sena ,
Choynskl'S kindne-s to Ton was in
sending bis boys to school an.) otherwise
helping them at valions times
Teams for Cup Tie Match.
Teems have been picked for the Mb
cup tie mit -h for the rational challenge
trophy of the United Btstee of Amerlcs
Football AjsoclsUon, t?. be plsyed on
Saturday afternoon at Manhattan Field
betwee.i Tonkers,holders,end the Brook?
lyn.-?, state cup tie winners, OS follows:
y/onkere Porter, Dearn, Kydd, Ker?-.
McKenxle, Dennieon, McHollend, Dowie,
Petrl, Youns end Whit? houee.
Brooklyn Pennell, Hynde, Drlnkwa
ter, .Matthew.-. Clark. Nlchol?, l?'ord,
Kiiov.i.s. Adsmeon, Miller und Bhanholt
lee El Creighton ?Hi referee the
Methodists to Order Theirs
from Mexico When Dan?
ger Really Threatens.
Mexicans Feel Intervention To Be
Inevitable, Asserts Bishop
F. J. McConnell.
The boar-l of fo'e'-rn missions of the
Ketl dist Episcopal Church has made
preparations to withdraw- ever) one of
its RUsslonarlee from M?XICO at a mo?
ment's notice ? beaevef In the ?".dir-ment
of i" ioi n w Butler, superintendent of
thi Mi ?leo district, such action is nece?
S.-I- f,
Dr Butler I - not only bees empowered
!?> recall su? h WOTkOII a- he deems to be
In peril, but Is siso authorized tO draw
without further notice upon the ?redit of
the board toi that puipose. Methodist
propert] In Mexico is vaiu.?d st almost
"There is no esus? In thi? action," said
i ?r. George Heber .iones yestssdsy, "for
friends or relative? <>i aaj mlastonarii - :
III el " to take alarm Rather they
should bt reassured Ths sctloo was not
rak? ii ' ; :. r n t uiy note ?.f alarm sounded
o ir work iv '?>,.? rt?fi was tsken stm
ply In llr," vvitn ths Policy Of the board
to look far Sbesd and provhlc for pos
mI.i?- contingi clei At tii?- ?ery best, the
outlook in Mexico is uncertain "
Previous experience In China and other
i n bulen! coi nti lee I i - convinced th?.
board ri.it ir it Walts for the missionaries
thorns.;vis to ?isk to he recoiled or to
point out the peril of their situation the
? n is would be ao grave that nothing
?oui.I be done. This view wae taken by
Bishop Francia J. McConnell, who re?
turned from Mexi< ?? Mir h ?'? and has re
ported ?m condltiona there.
Speaking particularly <>r the women
missionaries, Who refused to recoun'ze
any element of danger In th?-ir situation.
Bishop McConneU said:
"i fci ti.it they should not under sny
circumstance? be allowed t?> take jour?
neys int?i the out??r country away from
th? large cities. This matter ought not
tO b? left to the women themselves, be
? 1 OUld not find any workers of the
tVomen'a Foreign Missionary iocioty In
Mexico who seemed to tlilnk that there
era? any danger anywhere. If th? matter
is left to th? women now In the tieid
they win never leave."
Mob Spared Church. -
hop M? ''"i m II -.?id he thought the
danger In th? larger cltiea we? alight.
Th? prin I pel peril was in the outlvlrrg
districts, which hsd been left without
edequste protection by the withdrawal
?if the rurale? for military asrvlca He
h?ld in Pschuca lasl month th? ?onfer
. n'?? thai had been delayed a year by the
unsettled condition? in Mexico.
Although Pachuca is a ?"Hy of rnor-e
than i not in the dtetrict where
the r.-^iiiar rebel forcea are operattag,
was a sen., is rir.t thei" ? few
mouth? airo. The Bishop pointed out that
was considerable destruc?
tion of propert] t; .? ?n?.;. spared th.: Meth
"1 know that the Presldsnt of the
i 'nited Btati - haa practi? ally ordk red
_i ii? t" withdraw from th?- eoun?
try." ?aid Blahop McConnell, "hut a mis?
.-?,? '. lustlfled in taking risks that
ordinary citizens ought not to be aspei ted
to run, snd i do rn.t think that the risks
f?.r the ml? ' ire great
Name Caused Her Arrest.
Frederic WTolfe, wlio recenth- retu sed
to Mexico with hia wife, t> take charge
of the Orlsabs <i strict, frequent ? baa * i
? ??'? sta St the h .rial of those kille?l in
ralils by bandit-. Bdusrdo /apata, a na
tive miaaionary worker, riiurn?'?! from
a k>m trip into tiie country to find that
I.,- w |fe had been arrested.
Because of her name she was thought
t., he the wife of th?. rebel leader. She
was released after r?u Investigation Two
montha ago the Methodist church at Asat?
lan was leu led during a riot, though no
attempl was made t.? injure the neighbor?
ini? p.u Kmagi
Petronllh) Constantino, another mission?
ary, was robbed <>f everything he owned
a fsw weeks ago by bandits. A dav school
for ?.??ils conducted by Methodist mission
ari? ? was burned.
Ti.e Methodist missionaries do not oc
cupy whst is considered an exposed situ?
Htion under present conditions in Mes
Their headquarters are in .Mexico
City, where I?r ,l??lin W. Butler, who re?
cently returned with his wife and sister,
is in charge.
The meet northerly outpost i.? in ?luana
Juato, where Dr l.ovi H Salmans has
I. |n charge for nineteen years.
The Methodists have thirty Americans
in Mexico as missionaries Most of them
bav? their famines with them. an?i have
h?'en in th- country s" long that th. v STO
thoroughly familiar with its peopi?- and
m? r customs.
Resolute Name of One
Cup Defending Yacht
( onl ?nurd from llr??l imse.
of this condition of the deed of pift,
. . and WS BIS Obliged to insist
upon 'be performance of this londl
tloii. In <*1?i" opinion, the chaliennmg
vessel might ???* tewed under ?he
ppectflc ?.ii??uastaness ??.mi conditions,
an?) to 'ho very limited sxtenl 10
which Mr. Russell was i snsful te coa
fln?* bis Interpr?tation of tins condition
of the Seed, without any violation "f
?t. lot further than thai WS ;ue uii.n IS
to te??.''
This meat.-- thai while th? club ill
willing thai ?i?e Bhsssrock IV be t??.*??*?!
in .aim wcalher, ll 1? 1i?*m*h that BhS
shoul?! BB?I ,M b?sad winds and under
ail other conditions she mey snoounter
.m her pasease to Mew fork. The cor
,, ,...ii?i? n? e with Mr. Russell referred
i,, related te ths passage of the Sham?
rock i i" ]sw
WritniK IB eWt, ??? v ? Otl?PO, ??'? B
Mcretary ?r ??"? New v?.?k Techl Club,
K.r,. ths follow iiiK "I'iriioii on the
? The suggsetion thai ths Bhainreek,
m the Seeal of her being beoshried,
mlsbl be taken In loa ?? s st? em raeht
uni ?i s >>"?' '-?? were "" ? " '"'* *** "IH la
,,s un .t?i' <-ti.if.ii'i? W( thtaS H i son??
templatod ?by ths ?vaed ?>f sir? that the
? halienglng yacht shall h* of sii.-h de
Sign, Construction and equipment US tn
be sbls i" sncanater the ususl risks of
s voyage to the port where the contest
is to take place
"Instead of deflnn? a <*1t=? of v?-s*e'
quallfl? d to I ike part in the contest, the
,;.. ,| sdopts the tact of actual perform
: nce of the voyage sa the test of h?r
qualification, and. therefore, provided
? ths challenger shall proceed under
-,,-i on her own bottom m the port of
content, Which, we think, means that
?he shall so proceed Independently of
eld from other vessels."
The Resolute, which has steel frames,
bronse plstlng and bo centreboard,
will, it is estimated, carry about nine
thousand square feet (lf canvas.
Two BlBStf. ?ni" Of wood and one of
stiel, and both bottOW, have been made
for h,r. BhS will carry a crew of
about thniy-six men all told. Her
manager will be Reher? w. Km
nions. 3d.
Th? in t race (er ?n three <>f the de
fsadan Will be Off ??leu ?'o\e on June
?J, umler ths direction of the regatta
committee ?.f the Kew Tort facht
l?uli. The yachts Will ra? e Ihli !;,-h\ .?
tunes i-1????- ths fmai selection of a de?
fender lo meet ths Bbsmreck IV la
V*x.cmt 0 council^
Ths orlers end n?ii.?i that iprear In ttli
oo.un.i-, apply only t<? :he Riv BcoUtl of Atner
a ? ..P0' t0 *?*?>' ?"-her organization i_.lr.ic the
?ord Scout?."-Loriiiara Spencer. President
N'-a York City Coun? li.
General Order No. 5.
When a aeon? from another troop or
ledlctlon presents himself for admis
si..n *<i nny troop within th? territory
covered <y the New fork City Council
'??? scoutmaster thereof will report th.
application to these Headquarters No
s oute may be transferred or enrolled In
another troop without th? written
tborlzation of ths S? o it Cimmis on? r or
.he Executive Dep ity ? i mml*?
ei ?ner. rh? observance . r this order I?
strictly enjoined upon Scoutmastei -
., , mm Scout Commissioner.
: 23, I'?14.
pon the re, omtnend tion of i '?
Be lut ? '. mm saioner Ihm., m ;
th? folio . In? i... .- been ?]
s-, outmastci - ? re of exl I
troops. Herberts Oott, Troop 4? H<
I-. Achilles, Troo] - ...? and i I v. '
sell Tj l? '-. 'i':^!'-' 101 .".? v. ti
been organist d in charge of a? tins 8
masters ss follow? Troop It. Madison
Avenu? Mi thodisi _pi_u op il Chur? h.
I. twrenc? E Rothro? k Rl
.'ames's Methodist l irch, R
\\. Rickotts.
'?'???Id Instructor Scou _. 0
ri irk? i-a-, i. en ?ppolnte ? tin? Din
trli*t Seoul r th?
District, temporarily In charg? ot th?
Bxe? uttv s i leputy Scout i 'oitin
An iiiu itrati d talk will be gt en to
?co?ta al thes? Headquarter? to-morrow
afternoon at *:30 o'clock by Mr, West,
of the Bureau of Munti Ipal Res? ?
civic co-operation, ahowlng how the Boy
Scou ta may help the city authorities in
various wtiye in order to make thi ??
Headq ters i ften.': I md
to Insure their continuance, ?r is inn
tant i hat s?. utma itei - lould I ?
opportunity to notli, their bo; -
programme and urg? their attendance.
? 'n April ? ? Mr <*? <i diner <! Hubbai i will
pi.e an Illustrated le ture on rravele
in th > < trient."
The new Scoutmaster'? Hai
Ilshed by National Headquarters, la now
a* ailabl ? and may be ? I - la! the??
Headquartei i ar the pr!.I 6.its, or
6U cent s pot tpald
v.'trhin th?- next month th? Seoul C
m ssloner will endeavor to visit persoi
allv all active troops In th? t?i Itoi ? ? t
the N?a fork Clt? Co in? I!
Troop Notices.
Ti -.op : "7, .\ i ; i lark?, acting 8? out?
master, John H. Pabst, assistant Scout?
master, recently gave their hrst public
exhibition, which comprised demoni
r oi s in rii>r aid, signalling, 'lie staff
drill, marching and scout naines.
Troop 121, Arthur ? ' K? kstein, - i * -
mester, has a librar? Including <>v.-.
book? ir?i magazines relating to ?? ? -
In,;. Th? tr?i?.|i wa? presented by Mrs,
J. ?f. Greenhul with a handsome book?
case ami over 150 volume? This -
has recent.) elect.ulcera aa follow?:
President Irving White, vice-president,
Arthur .Schneider; -.ad vi le-pn ildent,
Waiter Kohn; secretary, Abraham H
man; treasurer Harry Schwartz; libra?
rian, Alben lieubner; editor In chief.
Michael ! ?er man; custodian, M
Simon Spe? la! squad? have been organ?
V/.fi in the troop '?? assist other mi
bera in the varioui ?cout activities,
Theae Include a tir-r aid c..r-[>s. signal?
it .re, blcy? le and cemera
sq? "i.
Tl "n !*!,",, Samuel J Plp'it, SCO
ter, ge ve en exhibition on Tuesd ev? -
iv.q Before a meeting of tl?- ,1?
Brothers' Ami ciat i?>". 11 I h? V. m ;
Men's Hebrew Association. The exhibi?
tion, which comprised vsrious scout ac?
tivities, was held with the purpose of
i? tin',' the ait. n< Ion ? f the Big
Pi other? io -. .?nr w ork, and It le ? ?
ed thai a- a resell several men will
rly for scoutmasters' commissions. Th?
genera] secretary of the Big Brother?'
Association wa? very much inter? t? I
and will have similar- exhll Itlons, If pos?
sible, at ?'ther dlatrict ru.
District Notices.
A new troop (No 17) Is being organ?
ised in the Catholic division, at No 324
West .3d street, bj Scoutmaster Sylves
Megargee, ?ho has been trai rred
from Proop I
In th? Richmond District Scoutmaster
C i. Smith, rroop 177, has organized a
n? ".- troop I No. ir." >. -vhlcl ? i n the
assembly iiill of "The Richmond County
.dvsnee," tVest New Brighton, and In?
. ? ids ; boj ? connect ?<! v ? th
churches than Bl Mary's, with which
Tr-..?p 177 is afflll
The Richmond Scoutmasters' <'.. . I
will mi el "ii April i i ?n Api 11 7 e ami?
nations 'or promotion o il ne held it th?
? i i ? i d A? idem? .
In the I.?'?- We I SU? Dlstrl t Troop
Su ? ' Rie? Scoutmastei. has
. ., ? .-i. -? .i in ? innectlon ? th the
Ethical ' 'ulture Society.
Shows Way to Keogh in Pocket
Billiard ?Match by More than
One Hundred Balls.
Edward Ralph increased his lead ever
Jerome Keogh I \ M ta ils in the two
blocks of the i,O00-bs!l p?i< ket bll
natch played yesterdsy afternoon and
last night
111.? grand total for the three days' play
Is ?*?)0 hails, while Keogh baa acorad '-'*
When the men started tv ? ir f-ame Iri the
sftemoon Ralph led, wirh 4-?' hails to
Keogh'e US.
The Rot i.1 Iter ninn rnv hi? opponent
more of a flRht last nip!.' than he has
since the Srst day of the match, get! I ,
a total of M to Ralph. UP. The latter
always held the upper hand, however,
?osas of hla combination anota to the oo
ner pocketa eorniag great applause.
Ill luck continued to perch on Keosh's
cue. and --ever a! I Bring
by a shaile.
The ?cores of the a?Vsnlng (.'ame foil
Ralpb-H Ii I A- '? ?? 3 ?* '? **? :3- " i?
ii >. total, ltd b?
? | ? M 1 alls; IiiKh run. 3').
K.._!. .j, ?', I!. 14. 13, 13, 11. -, II ? . ?
0 o. o,; total. :?" i alls; serai '"' ?*?
j . MS balls; Sigh ma, -?
In the aft.-irio.>n ?ame Ralph continued
to force ahead of his rival, reaching tee
M ball mark. Whil? Keogh w.? credited
with Ml. As In th? previous
Ralpta often left llne-upa that pusi
Keogh and afforded htm - ai impor?
tunity to score. Ralph, on the other
hand, refused to be baffled ins oppo?
nent ? safety play, and In the eighth and
ninth frentes cleared the table.
The score in the afternoon Ram?? fo'.
low -
BJ . 14 II, I I. ? ?? I?? l?. M
10. ' .n. ' '""
bail? ' Brand tout, "?n?) balls; hi*h i n, 2&
Kropb U 6. ?.41 11. 1.0, " 14.? I?, 1
n ? _?*_? ??"? . ','? ???
bsiU; a ?ad i * - '?? h'rh run. 14.
Referai -<;? ? I ? "?'?
tp - iph le Th? i :.
Aliar'. March I The following iin-or
poiations were Usd toda* w.'h ttio Sec?
retary of State
*.l_ri- I
ir, i: And? I. X? 1 Utx H\ ?? ?
, ? ? - _? '?? Eracsl
, Herrey, Rldc*fWI. lark. N J.
Su,., ,?,-h! Mim Corporation, Manl it tan:
|IC?0.??"' Jan- '?' "??? M? Hroad
N.-.,, ^.?r.. Alt,..'.n M . I .Mu
.11. _ N' ? V? ' ?.
t i..alt? Compan], | ? i ?
Thai I? ? N II I ' I ?a'.?? Ik ?VMS*.
Brooklyn; Otto Wueet, n?m Brsaswlck, ,\. J .
h'rai.k H Voik. .N. w V..rk.
i 'omMneUon ? '< i-mod , i .rr.iio.
\ Andres i VV^nnenwet-M-b, I'in.el \V.
??? sltei t Mi Kal?. iiirr,?!.. *
Htag KniniMc Milla, Bronx; U.tOt; M
?.ta-- Ko v,i Ktllj -rr?.a. i , ax; Hi
KVuer, Brons; Him M i?iK.,? n^? rork
? ;-??.?! . ? i**n pen;. i 'roton laike.
\\ . ? ? i,h ? oui ? j ?.?- ? harlotU Kellr,
r-..|w.irl ' Kelly, ?!?>'.. li I.ike. Ilium., ? I
Ri il . Ni ?.? link
I i m?. Manlia' ' ti?. ?? I
,-ii purehaatns snd .-? 111 n_r as? ' "? "*'
1 \ K.-IU.SS. .N" ?I ?'liui. h -.!:?-'. New
\ork ?1 Kounr. Henry Wulf. Nia Y?>rk.
H. U i?ciilt IMIhling t"otni?.n',, gu?ena. Ja
Out-of-Town Visitors Here to Look Over Offerings of
Local Wholesale Dealers.
Boyen SntVBSg In Ne.v lork mar reg?
ister la thla column hy t?-l? phoning
Mi-i-kiii.tii 3lK)0.
? ? ?, ?ear;
M ?i .'o-.vr.v :: :. \.? __-0
. n- ? nue.
BALTIMORE Lovefuteta s Oreeehnun: ?
ari'j i. Qraenbnum, pie?-? goods. \
BALTIMOfl - !. end M. B ToAas,
* tuid ?Ah?:- goode; Hrralt
. re
BALTIMOR . - . . ?;?!.?
BAL :..'?.
Welkei. ?. Fowl ?:? . I IB
. I
B v.l.: IM?'- * n
i ' *? 1. i
ON? S t l Bf. F. M?her,
. S '
Co.; H. A
lire M t.
an 1
' IS
CHAM s D - .? en
ral m?
CHICAGO ...... . . , , x
... , .. ?
, i
. mi' \.;. t?e, \ et? ?? na ,?. i
CHICAGO J. \ Parwell Co . M. .1
white |
CINCINNATI?8 Ach ??? 1 ? itllca.
velvet ?
CLE\ I.. AM' W, Taylor, s ? ' -
CLE*. ELAN Co.: J. Anla*< 11,
- tr? ? ?
' 'LEVEJ AND?C *.?**.. Ce a. F*.
Ci: . - .*
' OU Milis y. 1: La M ? - v K.
Smith, aklrta, ?
Co T. W. Wria
DAL *?- **. Dallai D Q C H W.
i; W.
K Kell. I ?...
? * :
. -
i?i;\\ i: D. < Blaa A. M
tluir A. In.
:-* * .
I .lian,
Tia*. liera' Fil
? *..!??
I ?. .lobn M. Hcanlan, .- ? l i ir
Ro kawaj ; C. i* ?> -
S-.oo? i ? Man
l'ork; E. I B**rp, Now
teem I M. ? Ha
No. ;??* " w.
Mllburn, Be-verly l!. Roi ?
?nie ? ??????? any.
David W
lUii'.'i-, \" IM W? -? : I ?rk;
David Barnett, \
lira ' ? i ?."i'iin>r i .?iiinan-.. i ??
.lui: i? L. ?/VollT, N
i * . .
* *
\ , ? ? ?>!
< ? K
i : oklyn;
i , .. - ladlson
1 ? New > "rk.
lohn U l itk,
Drui klleb, Baal et? :
Henry L. I
I .irk.
??..-' i
?. irork: Daniel \ '
: , ?
? . ' j ???
in - N ""
*?. N.
M "
.... --. S i.l'.
? Bro. ? n
Inlg?mifti : i
t grade ramea J. Fli
- H y ami 3.*h Pra
. ?.
I il M N ?
. ornai
Mtli Precinct, t" M
.; ? ?
| .-. ? ?
- ? ?
, . ? iTth Inspection
? ?
. . ?
:? * ..
. -
? ?
in?, ?inu.inn!. I
Gay nor,
to Ma
trolman I ?->
Leaivea ?i ifcaefe. ' hn w.
.* - *
-i? I. 1 .Ml ??
157th Pre ncl
? run,I. r?
.?ni!--.inn??r*H off a
-.. t, ??tin T.
. ? :.,, mounted -? ?
?* s ? ,?
4:00- | ? .? ''. t-amn.l D*? .
, - : Ii (tree! New ' hamheri
sjv . ?? Ckertee Finn.
ir.;' *
-. . | ?? - and ?"?'.?' ni"-?, ?????n-r.,
uiil.i.?.?? n. no ?jama?;?'
P M.
? ?. White ?tree . H i ? ?
a ce f
u ?? ? iTTth ?treet, g Qernnlng;
- -n No 105 i:!'!ri*K? atreat, M Folk; trininr.
S *>'?? ? ? '? etreet, Mr. Henry;
6 jo No i S ? etreet, t>r McDesaM;
??, I'S I ?? Ith Btreet, R Blekef
I ? i?.i atreet and Bioou eveaee, Itj psmg.
? ?? ?
N ? ?- ? ' l . :n?.
I "??! of Whit ? fling
ftp lit Kait H5Cd itr?-?*?, Qvaane Uroa.. i
QE 1 ROH v K .- ^ a . o . H ???'*?,^^^<;
Macea? totees? vihlti good., ?ill?.*, eu- . I?S
. >?a\
EAS \ * n ?* -* Bigler A Ce : F. S
? r??.? !*?v ? entra!.
ELMIBA, N V s y i mt? ? * . O R.
; *???., emt>i older:.-.*, no'IWPf.
Fourtk A?
HAMILTON, OHIO M-tfc-M-Sohea-ee Oeae
lau? . C, BaBegeB, ?Tyseefla; No .'.I West 33-1
- ...
HARRISBURO, PENN i :?*???. Neesrey *
V\ ? > - ? f . ?
"HARTFORD, CONN Sa?e. Allen A < - ?"?
Btlke and vk-lvcs. No. :? Osi -t
- ?,., ?
HERK1MER, !? 1 H. 0 B m * Co l
i . I - .-:. , '. to M.?ar. ?a We,;
K \ N'SAS CIT? ' it lani H l ?? I ISi
* . - *
I.?'\VI-:U?. MASS \i ? w A
.. I) to ?. a- Bra *
Herrmann, l.olies* leeOj io
; No Spring
n a. L?**ovl( ?* S 'A '*
? Brea
? 'entre!.
C lllngwood
N RW ' IRLE I.NS? Mal? .-IM
* : l ? .fth A
\ \ -: m < !?? ?*. B? yete ? e
\> ?"?i?
I iBl'KdH Prank <? Sa? S Bei
coate ?i.?i Buita; n... i ?> Feertk sve
: lilLADI.i.i'in V?John Bane i * '*'*- v
mm eats; r *' ? ? ? -
. . ?veer; ?i . ? ,i
PH ILA DE I PHI l-M. 811 I * '
i * 1111.a ? >.: i. i : ir ? - - " . J
and K. U '
Kiftb w
I \\n. SIE I i-rmin lire- f. F?" *
< ..in; ,i::\ . 11 It Lowell, : - ? '?
RE IDING, 1'F.NN U*Td .-. Gas?; H Ve*k
? <
VIOND, VA-?Fourqureaa Tampla Cm
U > Ali-in, ? *?? * *
ROC - .I
.. n- ?. blanketa; i I *
tfj i *?.... .v
R? -CHESl ER- Klbli ? ' r Co.; a
I ,...:: \
HTER McC irdy A Naiv??>!i ? n . j ?*.
ROCKFORD. 11.I. B I toteri i H I.
\\ ortham, ? - ? ? ? ; <x
SAVANNAH ?: *? B it Levy a Bra Co.; \
R. 1 ? ? [ |
SPRLVUFIEL '. U *. - *? a. M
u . . c ? ' c ? \\ .t'lirk
... .1 |s H \ . Bro. D. O. I - ??
Roth, du'. ? ?* ?
ST ????-? i am - I Ban Ca Mra I
? . -
aid. I M . i .
Kutn, mil deride?
TOLEDO, OHIO? Uon D ? *. Co II D Well,
I Prl.
ntOY, \ v the Peer!? - -- Lewie, aleta-1
In?: A
TROY, N *. '?'? II Ki? ar X Ce i* M.
Powell, ladt. ' n i?!? to we ir i ; ? |
WASHINGTON?M Ooldaoberg; il ?.run*
t'.iiiii. doi allka wee i
Walll k
WASHINGTON Woodu-ard S Lethrnp I B
? gli . mite, ar?lela, fura; M T? irtk
w I.RHINOTON Woodward S Loti m
good?, llnlnga; Ht Fourth -*>v
w n.MIN' ; i". 'N. DEL - n' .-? bure .s Co.,'
.r.'. ?!? ?"?. 1 - I I Bl .I *
v . .?;. 'KSTI H M a8? Bai nard i'*i?
? ,, , c, li.?!'??!. i.*?,!!' a* rea ?r. 7?
and i Ige avi nu?e, Mlwatd
? - m i ernateln*
? n. '
Army and Navy Orders;
Movements of Warihip ;
\'. geblngton, Men h
.m.i navj oi i? rs bave b? en
I ? .
? .
- m, M m n v ? \*. to .
? in?}.
I* ing changi ?
general d . N*v
v\ O? ?D,
Bootoe and
* ? ?
,11 .! '. \ * if
. > I.
*. rso!
.i ? ? a?.
? * *
..rk, Weai.
Mi 1er
CLA! * :? Canal 7,
i ? i- .-1-;ril
LORD and MER\ FN ? Bl * eu?'.
IS, . mentioned,
? ?
I |; xvk- ,* i pa of eng aeere;
? apta ? i i" iBER :' ?'?' ? ?D,
'.*. IIITLOCK, cavali CHARL1 -.
U BARI -,.,...
il LLRWELL1 N I ? '
WILLIAM!? Irai Mou??
rpg ,.'
en?!* ? ? 11 ?' II :.!'.. '-..?? "*
..- . l:i:i.KC|. K MKAP.S.'
F Pel SOS '?injl
?r April 1
In WILLIAM P. PLAT^coeet ar-?ler
L^rtll ai . te un-?
i *.i Ban Fran? .?? o na in-l
?.jlery r??.??rv?ae'
of Cadll
; SAMUEL M ENGLISH, tram i?*i to,
l?th Ct mpan]. coeat hi m lier? ?
I47th to ?:: i < i oaat artillar *
FRED J: Bl RN9IDE an! OEOROB ?*"??*
DIVINS, ?ne.Ji ii ...His. hi-jnoiati/ dts-harged.1
ml BOBERT T riUVNT.T, ttOmg
ment let Infantry, April i?
Fin nant CLARK LYNN, (Igual '??.?tita
(Infai * o Infantry, te u... e*faev
Lieutenant HUGH H ITGRE '.1 f*ir.
. *.*. ? n l'om-V
In MICHAEL <; iH.p.AV. ISO) Intenta
from Military Prleon Fort ? orfh,
Li a of .iptele aia iv r BBM*
- ? .- ? ? ? two montbi
''?'?' F (''An i estele e. H.
? Commend? - | r
"? MONT, Jr . i- n EKLUND
:: !-" J. iHNKON, ' tant irgeona A
?N'Al.D n | H?v
lor I-*. T. ARM P 1 AM -'act Pa?
?- H '? OWVNNE ? l?f Boatawa4na
Iota - reee
of aieiim ??? March 3!. to ?- ?mriianl
tl.? J*..
?* * detached <**-**?
rn.m 1 the I ? St. Lev?
irra le, c. ii. rjo.VNOB, da
?. ad the PI. i -.i
r. h H \ iched tke Pitts
0 ; '
, il E. HAUNDERS. detached Bevel
??? to i ??? - ." * lesta
BOGBH leteeked
tor 8. G EVANS, deta
Nh\.-.i Medical School, WaaMngtoa \;
? -' -c., !?. :' ? fie? t.
?.-?-, ?? ??? -. < ? -
??-. Naval Medical S ool. Washington,
April 1.
I : r t I.? ?-,!.
.-. ? . the fantlier
M90N, detechad the
er; 'o !>:<? \?-? i
- v a ted; to tke
f.'iiowirif- movements ?->f vssseis iiav* besa
?e the Navy Dope tment.
:.i rhe Pu lu? ah il ? ???? e-,?..
'' i apon the Ma
i Ottgh at Nan ? Arathuae a*
re? ,. h' lUmpinn R'.ad-?.
i nu an ? Booto? the D 4|rtdn ai \e ? ?
\\ Ing the l?ela??.aie the Lett?
< the Michigan, the New Hamp?hl?e
? \ irgmia. tl - ?: r,?. the N?4>ra--*aa he
, Rhode ?? Kan'M? ?hi-1 the I.?ran.?a
Hbern Drill Qregeda.
March I " * lie er I en Meestles les
i "i".'.?i ampa
\? * ! . .(th fin n \*?vpo?r fo?
N.?? V.l., ??id. ll.e feia-J from N'orfo'. fo
Hampton Ronda; th?* Ju tin from ,-.?n Free
claee foi Maaatlan ? I? Ban i>ie?*o. the i?ua
..in from ?juin v for Boato?; the Bald fro^v
K..? W< ? tot I''*- Tortuena; rhe WM.mtng
the Delaware M ? [?euletani ?*e Mt<-hli?an
N"^.\ Hampshire the V'iK'nia. th*
I, the Rhode I-?l.\n-l
ti,. K ' ' ?m i*anei-*r
? n D? ni Grounds
n?? ri?i? "?" cemmiaetoeiBg d? New Tork ?d
v-nccd to A^rll ?.

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