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?VfiD-^oiii arriiittiir.
lili KSDSY, M ABI H ??. Mi
Own.rl and published Jally by The Tribune AModat.on.
s New Voik eerporatloa Ogden M Bald. President; ?.
-? BOT l?e*?? Se -.tarv -in?1 TrSSSUref Adili'S? Irlmme
Bu di"^- Ni?. 151 .\rt-n.i- street, n?w Teck.
nirri'A BATS8.?-By Mail Postee? Tet?, aatslde et
sVeater New Tors _
'-. u ?ni Sunday, 1 mo $ '..*>: nail- onlv, fi months... *?> ?"
DsB) aiid Sanday. ti moa, 1 *::> Dally only, I real asa
holly sad sun lay, i yeai I ?'?', Sunday ooly. ?'? months ?-j>
'??aily onl?. 1 month. . M luaSay only. 1 jear - ???
Dae month.$i .'?.'. ? ino month . "?'?_
me year, ISsOOn? ?-ai ??-? ***
st BMathe ft 07 On? month
>n? jear ?14 one jra?
ae mon ta i o*j on? month. ?as
year . i:.*.'inn?i >ear
4 M
??-r.'.r*-! at the Fo?t.?ffice at New York ?a Beenn?1 Clam Mali
The Tribune nv,.? its best endeavors to Insure the
trustworthlne * I ? 1 advertisement it prints and
'?? ?.vo!?1 the publication of all advertisement? contain
- misleading statements ??r claims_
Speaker Clark on Trial.
I In? subshUstS BBd treaty breakers in WsshlBftOB
an wo-rlttag bard to gel Bpsakor Cbsrnp Clark to
ride ?rltli Mr i itrferwood, Mr. ntaferald and Mr
kit'lnr agalBBl Hi- Pwsideit It* Speaker vute?l
tor ?ho pteaenl Paaaau Canal law, exemptiag
tvmerlcsu coaitwlse shipping frna the pay meat <>'
.??,n;il tolh bill bt baa BO tal nmniiiwl aloof from
tbe i'iiicr House leaders, who are determlaed to
bold fasl ?" ?lie imiire.t subsidy voted American
shin owoera however much their obstinacy may
embarrass tbe administration.
Mr. Clark's political sagacity sad generosity sxa
??n trial Hs baa repeatedly soggasted that only i
i elation <<r neariv sacred Democratic precedanta
t?i*?*\rnfeii ins betni elected PresMenl lostead of Mr
Wilson He i- ander bo personal obligation! of any
>??iT to the administration. Hs conld decjlne 10 vote
"ii the Sims mensuro with absolut?* propriety or be
mlgM evcB quietly repeat bis voie ?-i 1912. Bal *?
.?. operate actively with the anti -repealers and l?>
make ? spee? h la tbe House attacking the Proal
dent's programme, sa they are beseeching bin to
do, ???aid ronvk-1 him in the eyes of a large part
?if the public of ii'.t being willing t?? give a suc?
cessful rival the loyal ?uppoi't Whkb he would him?
self have expected bad be been chosea President.
\.. man in Coagiaaa has i clearer record of bos
tiiity i?? direct Mibsi?ii.-s to manufactariag or ship
pin-* Interests iban Mr. ("lark has. He was caught
napping two yean ago, just as Mr. Wilson eras, by
He- misleading argumenta made by tbe free tolls
contingent. Hi** eyes are open now. if be speaks
and voies for subsidies he ?vid break ??n? his ron
v?? t'?iiis ?if many yean (tbe yur 1912 excepted), and
will abow a pettj anxiety ?^ withhold from a Demo
cratic Preeidenl thai vote of confidence without
arhk'h the President, according t<? iiis own test!
moay, will be henceforth a1 a loss in conducting
iiiis country's relations with foreign countries.
Treatment for the Professional Criminals.
rite plan for ridding ?ids ?ity ?.f habitual criminals
devised by repr?sentative! of the District Attor
aey'a olllce, the PoMce Departmenl and tbe Judges
of General Sessions is ? good one it i? s.. good
and so obvious Hint it is rather surprising to know
that It baa not been n practice nil ?lie time, it
appears to consist <.f reasonable sctivlty oa the
part of the police in rounding up ei convicts with
;>?? mis, transmitting those records to the proseen
t??r. an?! co-operation between tbe police and tbe
prosecutor in laying ill?* matter before the court.
Care baa i?> be need m its application, of course.
I? would be u rwd thing if aome man, baviag sui
rived the vlcioua Influences around bin In a prison
term, were srrested while trying t<> live "?.n tne
iqusre.'1 Police, prosecutor and coarta all will
have t?. be "n guaitJ against saeta mistakes 01 any*
thing resembling persecution. That however,
wmihi i.e the exceptional caw. In general tbe plan
should work well in driving out of the cltj or put
tins behind tbe ban permanently s large propor
Hob of the professional crooks who commit most o?
the burglaries, pocketirickings, assault* and mur?
iera. It is i .'M.iitilv vvurth the trial.
One Mexico or Two?
The division of Mexico, which is suggested ii sol
hraatened, would be a coaaplication, n??t a solution.
It is quite ?rue that there is a marked difference In
character between the two pans of ihe country,
respectively aorta and sooth <>f led us say Ban
lat?s Potos? Bul diff?rentes of character do not
always prescribe division.
Racially and historically ihe country is one ???mi
Id remain one There would he m?
mo'i- sssurance of peace and stability ;n each ol
the two pan- thin in the unbroken whole. Central
?merica waa not Improved by dtrldlng it im.? tive
Moreover, then would be little less than a
ertaiaty of hostilities between the two states
*Ve cannot see, either, thai relations with this
country would in say way be ameliorated by such
?,\n arraaaement Then ?would ?imply he two states
??i two goveramenta ??> deal wiih instead ol one;
with this additional disadvantage, thai we should
\'v suapacted of having Induced the division in order
?1er t>. acquire for ourselves the northern state,
'?;.! a' we did in the .-a-e of TexSS.
it? brief, while one Mexico is at present pretty
bad, two Mexicos would probably he much worse
for sil ' on? erned
Making ?Jailbirds ?Support Their Families.
\n interesting and hopeful experiment Is to i?e
nads in LVew Jersey la the utilization ofcoaaty ;;?ii
prisonen a> workmen \ bill just passed i?> the
*LaglaJatUre provides that ?hese men may he em
yed "n the roads or other suitable public works
??nul that wages Of ?"??' eiatl ? day may he paid. Dot
raver f?? them, bal to their dependent fan ?
Hitherto tin- prisonen h.?ve been maintained In
??llenes ?it t'uhii<- expense, often leaving destitute
fain,ne-- _s charges upon publie or private charity.
it j, notorious that many Incorrigible loafers bat ?
deliberately comndtted offences which %\ ? ? ? ? i < i sssure
their being asm to Jail for the winter. f?.r the sake
>f being supported aithoal wort
it wai s good thlag u? make than work and the
'???.iril.v of ??oiit-e. had a right lo go SO, M thout
rlvlag iii?*ni compensation Hut thai ?ii?i t,,,t relieve
i,.- dlstrem of lbs |??linni-* (hmlllea Ko tbia new
?i.?- been devised, under which tbi.avlcti will
.?-?I- lo supft-orf theniselvi- and Hn-ir familiec,
?.-.. la .m ordinary isix.rer is worth at least u
I .ilar and a half I day, the COUatj will be n-t.nii
I for Itself two-thlrda and giving t-. the famllj
? i third of euer) convict's sarniaga whkb la a fSIr
BOWgb hsi p I
lite resntl *U\ bS thfSSfold I? will eosl th"
? ?, ini* an la M?atela Ifs ??-?nui Institution Then
???? .????? saffeiiag a IsUMrds' families iiad
? ai-a -unjo ?iiKnij ;_ lucir bebaJf. Then Bill ai u
probabtj he a diminution of the number of prlsoM
in tli?? Jail And all three of these will be ?jo.
A Poet of Provenee.
The choice of n pet?la instea?! of in- natioi
tongue nude KrM?ric Mistral, good Proncbmi
thai he was. almost an unknown peel to ?he lar;;
publie of Hie world. He Is dead, rich in year** Bl
in the affections <?f ins fellow Provencals, vritta b
s'*ant fame for the real genius that was his.
The attempted Gaelic revival in Ireland comes
mind as a faint parallel to the modern Proven?;
movement Botll lands nre rich in sentiment. r?.
of ton-cue. of varied memory. Hut there is tli
great dtfferaace: Thai whereas Gaelic has dwindta
t.? the edi<e of beimz a dead language, Proven?al hi
malatained a lively existence on the tOOgUCS i
those *v ho erers born to it.
It i? not bard for any oil' who ?oves his Soutta ?
Prance to understand whv Mistral d?lib?r?t?'
?iii.se his native dialed as his literary r?blele, i
another Proven?;:?! poet ha*^ ?aid: "I love my villa*;
ni'tfe than thy village; i love my Provence moi
than thy province: i i>?ve Prance more ?ban al!
Warm an?l tender Is the country ami ?he speech,
world away from ?he boulevards of Paris or tl
hitrh roads with their swift flying motors.
No Reform for "Poor Man's Court.
Senator Gliflln's bill purporting to simplify pi?
ceduro in the Municipal Courts of this city, whk
has passed the upper house on thai nndentandin
of its effect, falls far short of its purpose. I? sbottl
not pass (he Assembly.
This measure may meel some of ?he objections ?
conditions In the "poor man's court" today. Be
no bill which tries to widen the Jurisdiction Of ?lies
tribunals anil "elevate" their procedure 1?? the <b
?jrree of resemblance i?> the Supreme Court that thl
?.ne does can be a real help to the people who hav
their legst difficulties Judged in these courte. Tli
Municipal Court reformers should try asa in in hup
Of S ?better result than this legislation.
( )n with the Dance !
The wish being father -or should one say m??thei
nowadays?- to the thought, our expert one-otepper
have all ?elated marvellous physical beneflts fron
the new dan.es. After one week's taking the '<l>
petite begins to quicken and ihe blood-count tu im
prove. At the end <?f s month tbe whole being i
so completely remade as to be practically a ne\?
man or woman.
Kow comes no less an authority than Dr. Fred
eiick Peterson t<> support his theory. "Bverybodj
should dance/' In* is quoted as saying; "II Is ir????
for tbe nerve-'' He im- noie?! s marked decreest
In the Dumber ??f nervous <-as??s among the peopl?
who m daaclng this year The ?jootbing effacl ol
the rhythm is especially recommended for tbe tired
business man ami his equally worn wife.
May this be true! It differs from si most ever*
other prescription we have ever seen in beim:
pleasant. Moat cures Involve goiog away from
everything worth while and living upon salt hay or
some other equally attractive provender. -Sow en
ten good health haml in band with |oy. Almost
tOO gOOd for belief, it ?eems. Y?'t. if the dodoi
say*- vv e mus?. why. of course, we must.
lister, the Officers and the unlisted Men
<>ne factor In the British srmy situation is not
sufficiently nadentood or taken Into acconni enough
here. And (hat is tile BCtlUll ?li-like v? liji-)] the ?ol
dien and their pfflcen fi'?*l f?.r the Nationalists,
i in? reason for Ibis dislike is simple. Tin? National
ki- took an ami British tone during tbe Boer War.
Some ..f '.hem ? ?en fought on the Boer side One <?r
them. Mr. Lynch, once Convicted ??f treason, now
occupies a Nationalist seal in (he House "f ?om?
inous. Tin- British ofllcen resented ?he (Sei that
they wen asked- as they thought- t<? pull ?best
niits .an of the hie for a party which they COS
sidered their natural enemies.
Ami the enlisted men "The Manchester Ruar
dlaa" t.. i lie contrary notwltbstsndtng -feel exsctl*
tlf ??mu. w,t\. They BW said t?? have cheered
GougQ on his return to ?he Curragb. They, more
than their officers, have been declaim,' that (hey
vvoiild not shoot the Covenanten. The men of the
lloysl Scotch Pusilien said so six taoatha sgo.
They wer?' transferred Tin* men Of the Cheshire
[teglmenl said so three months ago. The Donets
and the Bedford* are savin?* s<> now
For the uniform which they wear has been a
badge Of tyranny to the Nationalists for time out
<>f mind. The Rritish gruiy in Dublin is hooted.
Ihe flag is hooted. The enlisted men have heen
made to feel like Interlopers.
if the liberal party Imagines ?hat it win receive
support from the private soldiers of the Hrifish
army it ha? indeed ?*hosen a broken t*ee,| on which
to lean
The Civil Service Kmploycs Not Vet
It is comforting to know that While the Civil ser?
vi.-.? employes, in conjunction wltb the police of this
city, wen oble to defeat the Mayor's police reform
legislation, they were not quite strong enough to
piss their own bill putt in?; them into the court re
view .u- permanent Job class. let they iu?*ked only
four \oi.-s of the Ti; required for passage.
Por BOOther year the public, which pays these
men their war-'es. ?ill he free from their dictation
of conditions under which they \\]\i COttSSnt to draw
the wagaa The aexi time their bill cornea np it is
i., be hoped ?he public win in* suaacteatiy aroused
at their Impudent lobbying for special privil?ge over
all ihe other WSfS earners in the country to defect
it by a ssoashiag rote, once ami for nil time.
Ihe Latest "Sure Thing" in Racetrack
The sprea?! of hors,, racing and betting OB races
in Germany has been rapid in recent years, h has
accompanied the growtta ??r lateras! m outdoor
sports. Public gambling then? has had much the
-ame effects as it had here, it i?as demoralised
many people "f Small memis who cannot :?lTord to
low.. Instead <>f suppressing the ?bookies," as we
have done, th?* Germen government has tried la
discourage betting by diverting the profita of the
odds layers ami ?he winnings <>t the lucky into the
public traaauTj
'the "pari-mutuels" m?* to paj a ronmissloB to
i in- government of i-'r per cent. The bookmakers
an? to pay 0 per ceal on ?he money they take in
and the ?Miniers are |.? pay from U 1?. *.'u per cent
mi what they wlo l Is an IngBBloUS, open-handeil
scheme. After ? season or two all the floatiagcapi?
tal about the racetracks S ill have passed Into the
possession <?f the German got era meat. Then? were
"sun- tbiag" bookmakers al mtiny <?f OUr late Ii
meated Institutions far lbs Is^rovemeal of Hi??
breed it.m no American with money to bars evar
?u.uttered naythlng like ?he German Iressurj i
sun Lhiu?." . j
The Conning Tower
In a Manner of Writing.
A 01 RL IN nu: HEART Ol M W'Vi.AM'
A maid th?*rr is in Maryland, in Maryland, in Mar?.
\ maid there ?a in Maryland ?hose heart i?. mine:
And ?.?-.Men WSJ the gloriole above her. as an oriole.
An oriole aras singing from an apple vine.
It's down to fair Annapolis, Annapolis, Annapolis,
It's ?lowti i?, fair Annapolis I'll ro; and then
I'll buy a bil i I lumberland about a mile from
?\nd be the poel laureate ol the U. 5. N.
The Hon. Briggs, inning round his poll dubs, has
gone iioni?? hours ago and are nn't reach him. We
Boil ?>f thought he'd like to draw ? picture ol the
squall] Hon. Asqulth tddresilng Um Ulsterltaa
Caption: When a Peller Needs a Friend.
li-'rom th?- Br?alas Mall.I
\ dttansond breech reached the Aero Cluh to-'iay in a
?? ? _- ?mi I ? on Miami Fla.
Ifamt ui By omnibus i<? ih" city, tad then toi
?i few momenta UMd thei all UM afternoon walking
?ilh J. Wise, except for four gamp? at kelly p?>ol,
iv hi? h he won ?ill of. by natighl save his good foil
une. neither. Home t<? dinner, and found then En
Wriglej the librarian, and die toi?! us many storin
of the young children thai eons t?i her fn quest of
things to reed. To ih<' o_Bee then until late, and
what wiih m.? Influemti i cm get no thoughts a*
all, and am dlstnil over sut-li Ineptitude.
'j.'i l'i?. ?in?! ?-amo A. Sherman the chyrurgeon t?>
see my wife, and asked about my influenza, ami !
told him. whereupon be did have brought some
medicine, a nitm'.- of silver, and applied it to my
throat, which application gave me great discomfort
But lu* and my wife did Bout me t??r being such ??>
coward, which Heaven help me i urn, end si?in?i
pain very ill But the treatment made my nia lady
nnish, of which i ?n? glad. To my oflace all the
erening, and began t?? write SOON ver???'.?*, but a la?i
did come In with Booth ThrUngton's "Penrod," and
I did road therein for near two hour?, highly do
llghted. Then tin?--iie?i my slim at ?i great i'a?*e,
which I find Is is well as any other way, after all.
Fonsmucb as it took Gny el_lif years tu write hi?.
"Elegy Written In a Country Churchyard" and
Coleridge but mi hour to write "Kubls Khan." Vet
who shall my that baste is better than painstaking,
or the reverse?
Do you know? Mary i'. Burke has written a
poem called "Spring" fot The Gotham Weekly Gs
sette. <"n Sunday, March 29. Adrt
"'WHOM ARE voi v s.M I ? CYRIL."
.al ?,. I ?. : he in lb* I ..?.tie?' HoS I I?
He ?ii?! not g"ir with any luit two or three men
w h?.m be knew wouM play with him for the ??ai??**
nf i he game
listened to in the subwiy: "If i v.l.- t?> give mj
bands all whai tbey want, l would go broke quicker
:i- I made myself."
(Mirer Hereford. Opie Keid.
Harriet st^nton Blatch. Walter Prltchard Entra.
Ami e\?>ri eo carefully proofread a mag a? "The
Bookman" ?*aii?? blm Gelletl Borgen.
tin; OTTOMAN i,MPlf:i:s <*ti- r TO LTIUCWK
l Ft New Bsi n ?s ? ? i s .r )
\| Q DlSOB, i.f li.ff.l". a travelling sale-msn ItSyiB? SI
the Ose?, a rite papule? <"nj? n ? "?Ma Une.'' bein?? ?ne sf
?l? fe- ,-? arbo ?r?nii'n?o bel h WST?I an?J inisl- Mr,
li.xon i? m\ ?Id newspaper mnn; he k_;s he has worked .?i
'The I'.t'-tiiiKl. t't<- "The HICS?S?_d TtOMS DlapStCb,"
"Th? S?. lao'il? Reruhl!?" an?1 other big iontnAU. Kor a time
i . be ?.oi^ed (?>r a paper in l'or.'tantinople, I'urkev,
in'll It -.va? tUlersS b) the (ro?ernm?-nt to SOSBead j?.." ? ?
Bbe Told Him to Destroy the Leiters, but tie
Didn'i Do ii Evening Wurid headline.
Add superfluous Informatioo.
I.ini.- Jack Homer ?-at in a coraer,
<"iving the girls th?? ?vinK ;
Once over for each, then be pi?'ke?i eut a peach
And taught her Hie kitehen sink.
* * *
Little Miss Muffet went out to rough it
And dropped in a eabaret,
A masher who spied her sal* down beside her
An?l frishtenod Miss Muffet awn,'.
? * ?
nne lesson, ten dollars, for dancing school scholars,
What makes them ?hange po soon?
The st?-ps I learn at 10 A. M
Are obsoleta h> noon.
M. I..
The dancing teachen have snadardlsed the tan.-?).
placed upon it their dlpn igit, as you might ny.
. . . i ?r ini-'btn't ? on'.'
Hy S? issoks.
The Silmin, with sadly sol?
emn stm'e.
I ive?. on a sunle?- South Sea
When .\.>rth he never sh??ws
hii fa? -,
He i- so whullv ?.ii. m place!
1 Itr. fLACE.
tif "The Lyceum Fire." Written by Mary C. Kane
for the M'lrris.own, \. j, Beeord, we ban span
for hut two staune:
It ?/as no use, the d'-ar o M building
u nr. rapidly burning to ruh i,
And try 88 they Blight, before fajrUghl
They knew oir I.v ci um was doom. ?I
Otl! de.-ir eM I.?.e .m well miss vo.;.
Never will vour memory tade.
t-'or voii held out to ni.iriy of ti?
Pat ??ii. ? tlsna "f achoOMay s.-ene.? apse ? o rr ?tsg?
Any time Min Kane feelf -Mother epk coming
on. ?.?.e begpMh Hie ggcltlulVQ right"1.
sii : Whan i send you aomethtag, do you think of
me is ;i ?lull wit trying to braah Into your Ari-t<?<
lii. y of Hiiim-r or as ?i kin?! heart aiming 1o e;ise
the bunb'ii of your tolll |*. }; |'
I <?r till? m.?riiiiii_'-: advertisement ne ure m Hie
i.'bt .?r i iiorn.is Babbjgton Manulay, the wurient,
though talented, ia.?lsi. ThaMkiag him for sspiess-l
nig so well UM town's senlimenl.-.
We don't mind telling umi. of roum
I'rihunes, "?? will haie Tribunes!
I*. If. A.
One View of Her Present Policies Re?
specting This Continent.
Ta the Editor of The TrlbUBS
Su: A lutter In tins ni'.rnlnis's Tritium
auks th? following: "BaglSBd new tiDth
STt With things ?hat an? clearly nor?? of
her business unless she has some ulte?
rior object in view. Will somebody kind
? ly explain what th,it ulterior Objset la In
th? press?t instance."'
In the pr?sent Instan?*** of diplomatic
chicanery the main object had In view
t>y the British government la, Bltlmatelv,
an alliance, defensive and offensive, to be
aure'd on between the 1'nite?! States and
Gnat Rritaln, BOCh as shall enable tbe
latter to survive as empire.
Ulterior abjects arise fr?>m slther sip
posed needs or BSSds that are actual.
Great Britain's tiee.is that are actual
are to-day v.?iy f;:e.it, s'> great indeed
that her supposed needs (sspectally thOSS
of commene? are many, and being many
they are more or less shrewdly regarded
as in the main best served bv nib rose
procedures, such as shall satail dtstlact
advantages to her.
The preseat curiously involved dip'.o
matic doings, running from bad to worst
?the worse belog bad beyond anything
any former administration at Waahtng*
ton evir permitted all this and the moot
peace celebrations (subscribed t?> bv indi?
viduals stcne Hind I'? Vital event.-*, OT
iiam traitors) mark :. suplneness never
baton s?en m our government und a
fooiishne-s nev? r before evlden? ed ?? .1
Oresl Hi Itaia - hand as 1 * *? ? d In M? a
ico is entirely played i" confuse so tiia?
Issues shall i.e what she diplomatically
?hau dom?nate uni...ut u so appealing.
TI.e return just DOW aa AmbsSSSdOT ?"
Mexico ol -i known Invet?rate enemy lo
ail things American proves the p .
tlon, if proof needs be, foi ? child can
perceive thai Cerden's retention -?t Mexico
City is to embarraas Preeldent Wileon so
that in- purelj headstrong attitude tow?
ard Huerta ?hail i.e wholly sbortlve, and
thus !<?>[. seriously, threateningly 'mmi
nent that armed Intervention which would
entail BUCh frightful losses on US M a
nntion that England'! diplomatic wedg s
could all the more confidently be made to
enter en.; treaties i"- ~"t from us which
could n?.t he were as less distracted an 1
more characteristically awnke 10 ?;i
selfishness. Alliance then t" follow.
Besides the defensive ami offensive alli?
ance with th?? I tilled Sla?.'s which n ?s
? ?r.-at Britain'1 objeel to sttmln through
befoggings ami confusions Of Issues, there
Is the Alaskan strip (3,000 SQUaTS mil? s o?
United Slat.? territory), tl.edlng of
wht? h -o Englsnd '. ?- been twice Intro?
duced u. Congress, and some of the ?-pon
sors for w hi'h outrageous proposltl n
claim to benoteworthllj honeat h- Ameil
can ?*itizens, but ?h., a:-.*, beyond ?
" queatloa, hopeleasl] hoodwinked b? *
senseless partisanships ahlch nowaday -
operate?>*ostiio[>'i!llai.isrii ^one m.? I
New* fork, March It, ISl-l
The "Anti?" Reject the Feminist? from
Their Rank*.
To the Editor <?f The Tribune.
Bii Al ?he Hud. Theatm on Bat?
urday morning, March SI, Mrs. B?atrice
Forbes-Robertson Msle made the state
ment that Ellen Key, the great leader of
the feminist movement, was an satl-suf?
fraglat if Mrs Mai? will turn to Ellen
Key's book, "Love and Marriage,"
IS, si ? will find the author ? hums Into ?in
explanation ol th? differences which exist
British Ambassador and Rear Ad?
miral Peary Among Those
Who Entertain.
i?*? "?u X hi " in? i . * ?.lu. |
Washington, Marcl it Ths B
Ambaeaadoi and Lady Bprlng-Rice en?
tertained ni dinner to-nlghl the ?"bief
Juetli a and Mi i Edward D. v\ hit?.
Juatlce end Mrs Jceepta Lamer u*.' Bee
I retary of Agriculture and Mrs. Houston
Senator and ,M:s. Butherlsnd, Bet
and Mrs. Pcmerene, Representative Levy,
Mr. end Mrs. John I Unser?, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Lansing, ?be Aaalatant See
j retary of War ami Mra Bracklnrldge,
Mr an.i Mrs. C ?'. Glover, Mme. Chrla
tian Hause, the Librarian Of <*on*?res?i
land Mrs? Robert Putnam. MlSS Josephine
F'atten, Hasil Miles, the Russian Military
' AMach? and Mme Oolejevski. th--? Preach
Second Secretary and Mme i., de Is
Boulaye, Mr. and Mrs Kewcombe, Mra
Roger Watts, Mr Lone end Blr Hugh
end Lad; Bell, of England.
Riser Admiral end Mrs. Robert E
Peary were boats -it ? dinner to-night in
the Presidential suite st the New wii
laid. given ror the \ii-p Presiden! and
Mi*. Mara?al!. Instead of surrounding
thair gueets with -"i atmoaphen of the
frozen .North, a mu, ature Colonial gar?
den. Sited with spring Bowers Interlaced
with Winding walks and a sun dial, occu?
pied the centre ef the table. The guests
included the Assistant Secretary of State
and Mrs John E Oaborne, tbe Aaalatant
Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Frank?
lin r?. Roosevelt, Senator an. 1 Mrs Swan
son. Representative and Mrs bfurdock,
Mr. end Mrs Joseph W Polk, Rear Ad?
n Irai .-ind Mis. Homer II Stanford, lap
and Mrs. 'an;, i.. WeUe, Burgeon
General Vlctoi Blue, Mr and Mrs Rufus
Dai and Miss Marls P< ?
Senator and Mrs. Warna had the
French kmhaaaador and Mme. Juaaerand
as ho'ior ?rtieytK at a dinner to-nlghl
The French Ambaaaador and .Mme
Juaaerand were the guests of honor at
s breakfaal party m\en to-day by the
Russian tmtassador and Mme BeJchme?
tell Other guests were Mrs Winthrop
Chanli Miss ' 'ha? te Mra. Hai rli I
Blalne BeeJe, Mrs Edward Beale Mc?
Lean, the Counsellor ?f the British Bm?
lu.-: s end Mra ??.iviiio Barclay, the
Prend? Second Becretarj and Mme i.
.!?? la Boulaye, the Ruaalaa Counsellor
end Mme. Bcherbatekoy, the Ruaataa
! . ?! Ml-i.IV- and Mme. \ asllieff, Ml B
Oardner, n s. Waehlngton, Baron Kurt
von Laraner und Baron Hors! v.,n Le
ner, both ??f the tearmaa Embassy, end
Mi v i nine, Rue ?? ?-? ?nd Beciel i? ?
Mrs 'i bon ss B i tuns ? onverted her
boeae, In ICth sue?-?. Into s bowei of
spring ? loas in - i.-.lav when ehe sntei
tained s loacheon party in honor sf hsr
b"U?"- ?ueulH, Mis. Georgs W, Aldrldgo,
of Rochester, and Mra, toaepb N Oeler,
Of N?w York, tbe nie. | of Mri IHinn
Mra w iiimin Jennings Bryan, Mrs Js
'?h Rucker Lamsr, Mra Rufus Day.
Mrs Jesses Parker Mra Jahn Templa
? ?i i ? ?"-. Mi 'I'h.u Retten Mi Colb;
vi i r-odg? Bt Petei Ti n By? u. Mi
?Kdaiuad Plan Un Ljum 8. Underbill,
, between the "right" and "left" wing ?of
the feminist movement, and Bays in con?
clusion that their differences "are dia?
metrical except on the plane where all
the group?1 meet in the demand for wom?
an's Judicial and political eyualtty with
? man" ?in p*ge *.".:! .?he states "Woman
suffi age ought, ahove all, to be demanded
' from t?:e point of view at the social value
and consequent right of freedom of move?
ment of woman's powers " Thee senti?
ments can scarcely he considere?! the point
of view which an anti-suffrag1??t would ex?
Mrs Unie also ??tated that the other
I"."i?iing feminists, YV .1 Qcorgf aril Pora
Mars<len. w. re anarchists, who did not
believe in any government, and. therefore,
they COUld Ml be class?-.I as BUffTBgiStS
If tin*? he true, then the suiTra-rins are
guilty of recoiiimeniiiiit* books written by
avosrsd anarchists as desirable reading
for those who wish t<> be enlightened on
th? question of woman suffrage. Irf a
bull*-tin issued by one of the suffrage as
SOCiatiOflS, entitled "What to Read on
Suffrage,'' W. J. O ?ergs'? hook. "Woman
and To-morrow," is listed, while in .?
blMlogrsphy compiled by the Collage
Bqusl Suffrage Leaawe in itil Don
Msrsdcn'a article, "Bondwoman," la
, triple starred, which would seem to imply
that it is ?specially desirable as a auf?
trage tract In th? same hibliograi . ?
Dora Itarsden'a psper? "The Fnsaroman."
is aleo doubl? atarred and a footnote
Btates: "The publication of this review
has been suspended, but it is to be hoped
thai II ?rill he reissued "
It BCema fair that the public who heard
Mrs. Hale make the statement.? to which
I have referred ?bouhj resits? that Ellen
Key, W. .1 Qeorg? and Dora Marsden
cannot be clsssified as sntl-suffraglsta
New Fork, March 84, 111 I.
Specifications of Irish Greatness Are
To the Editor of Th? Tribune.
Sir: You published h letter- in last gUP?
i number of Ths Tribuns fren Boms
fellow in Kswark aith an outlandish
name. H? call? himself ,i. Doaglaa Mae*
Rohnnsy. He wanted to know wno the
Irisii are. I refer him to th? beautiful
sentiment expressed by the lamented
Lafcadio Hearn. who said in one. of eta
many choice writings that "the Irish were
Ood'a meassngers of courage, fortltud?
and bravery to all peoples everywhere"
All Ireland Is a BOng and the Irish PSOpil
miastnls. Napoleon thought that his
Iiisli brigade?"my Irish brigade," as he
Called It, wer?? th? gieatest flghtTS <?f
all the many troops he, commamied. At
Waterloo W? are told that the great
l r. ii ti conqueror kept calling for hi?
"Irish brigade." Thia man, who made ah
Europa tremble, knew who the Irish w ???
Ths history of Scotland? 1 surmise that
M.i. iiohnnay has gcotcb blood in his
vein.--?the achievements of her sons ?ad
dauahtera sink iriio oblivion -.ihi-n com.
pared to the history of Ireland and ?.lie
?chlevementa Of the s?.n.-i and daughter?.
Of Krln.
An Bngliahn ?n one day while travelling
m Greece wss ?urprlssd to rind that the
Irish ha?l even entered that classic, land
to ply their talents; but he was even mote
surprise,i when h.? discovered then un
Irishman was governor of one of th?
Orsclsa provlncsa and the srealthlssl man
on the island. "I thought." sai'l thi.?
Englishmen, "that I Baiela ?rouH escape
the Irish in Greeee. but there they WOtt
running trie affairs of a p?a? e of Which
Homer aani
I ?1? fy nnv one to ?ay that the I'ish
have not been lo.'.ai to America in ail ?u-r
aaterprisss. Was not Qeneral Sullivan
-?11 of N'eu '.'oik. an?! a num.!.er of othors
frum Congressional and resident societ)
were of the partj.
Mrs Marshall was the guesl for whom
tfra Fniphalel Andrews gave ? ??nidio
brenkfasl to-day. On? long table decc
I with spring blossoms ?ras used for
th? bufiet service, and Mrs. Andrews srss
I '-..?t.l by Mi- Lawrene? Washington,
Mrs. Arthur I.ee. Mrs- I'aiif.ix Hirrison,
M i Roberl Taylor and other-?
Tiie Commissioner of Corporation? and
Mrs .loseph E Davtes entertained a din?
ner party ar the Chevy < hase club to
rilght for Dsnlel Thione, of ChlC-gS,
their house guaat.
< ?pen nicht at tiie ?"he. y ChSS? Club
?? ii celebrated to-night ?ith a larga
number "f ?linr.er parties, followed hy a
dance ThOSS antertalntng dinner parties
included Lieutenant ?."oionel and Mrs.
Harry Tavior, for Countess rontruha. of
Italy! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poe, General
and Ms Humphries, Mr. and Mrs. Ar?
thur Wilier? and Mr. and Mr?. Harold
Citizens' League to Offset As?
sault on City's Fair Name.
Atlanta, March IS -An organisation
k:...vvn BS th? Citizens' liBSglia Of Atlan?
ta has been formed to combat the propa?
sa nda of the Men and Religion Forward
Movement, lis primary purpose win be
tiie challenging of sweeping assertions
and misrent esentations ?l'eged to have
emanate 1 from the latter body.
It is the contention of the league that
Atlaal i is. BS far as morals and control
?if the li'iuor trafile aiA ccn.erned. one
of the best governed cities In the United
Btates, ami thai if a false, contrary im
? ? si >i: is permitted to prevail th?
v -...ir city i* hound to feel the depress
influence. OAccra of m? leagu? .-;.<'?
tuev will Ugh! to the last dil.il for Al?
ia:.la's reputation asainal unwarranted
aulta on moral and commerelal con?
(?irions m the citj,
Father Gately to Montclair.
| Freos Ihs TrlbiuM Qsrrsspsadsat |
Montclair. X. .1.. March tl ?Th.? Re?
.loseph .1 Oatsly, chaplain at the rol|e_>
of Bi Elisabeth, convent station. \. .1.
will S'livrd the late Rev. William A
Brothers SS rector of th.? ?'hutch of the
Immseulst? Ceoceptloa la tins tows.
Th? parish is one of the largas I and
wealthiest In \<-w .lei-?? ? . I ather (l.ite
lv iras ordmncd in ISSS, He has been
connected witn st Patrlck*a Cathedral
si i it Michael'a Church, Newark, and
ne church of st. Vincent la Paul, i?a>?
Japanese Admiral Demoted.
Tokio, Mar. !i ".*?. An BXtSnStVS .shake
up occurred among ofBcera of tin? Jap
anas? navy to day in connection with the
recenl naval ?candela brought about by
the alleged acceptance <>f llllctl commis?
?!.?ns by officer? ut the n.tvv in teturn
for th. h Influen?a In th? allotment of
contra rta Among the principal changea
gassttsd i" dsj ?as that or" VTce-Ad?
mlrsl w ? Ustsumeto, who waa relieved
?if th?. command of th? Kura naval ma
ii... iin successor thsra is Vtce-Ad-I
IO..UJ Bblgetare loaUiuatau.
Weaaaastoa ? rtghi hand bower .?
war ?f the Revolution. ?C0Vh*
tain Pan, Jones. , ? m.? 'r ? <fe
backbone and boasted of b*bs?. *
Commodore MaeDeBOBBk lUi 4t ''
UN American n.v>. ^ .^^ ?
in literature, the erts an, ' ? l! '
the Irish also have |,.ft ,,'** Hl?<**
our legfi.trv, J? Sh^?A ''
tlonal. the Irish have made v"* Z^
known and regarded i am *:'"'
President UY,,lri r^"^* ***
?qualities as being distinctly i*?h Un
K.?st.?ran,e, N j , *.,,,,.? * ?J?
You Cannot Help the Children ?j
Mother? Alone.
Te the Editor of t?,. t,
Su-: Pour corraepotident of \-v.h ,
wh? urg? a n
2Tt0:d.?teit??oon .
Mme peculiarly drast form
"Save your chsrltv.' . v,
the mothera of babies and th-WsJ"
babies them?.--*...- Send .. m J/ ?
some peculiarly .u.,.'. f?r;;-1:- -^
;?ave your charity." , ,.,.,. ,'
hers ?,,?
eoUBtr? ? ? and let the?. "___! ?7
denrmadfAs ??.,.f0l nothings' ^
w_thfcln*_' "";*"' - b. ? oshysTslhl'
W h,s h0!"" '"' '? "k.n u? ?:
his children bn fatherleei and hl. wir. _
a Idow." *
l:V'''1,'";,v ' X :' *Bt SCUM Pun
tans' rvalues thai ladiVidUSUss. (MSB
out la tta full rigor, u . lu hee*da*??
of Infant lives Perhens he also -?Him
What eveiv ?OCial Work? know? til? |m
poselbUlty of f< dina sad dethbai ?
nan's dependents without aiding the mi?
hlmbclf. at Last while they uns one
household. n? ?iccordlagl* p-ore*-?, %
whelaaals severias Ues,sj__*|
which l have aothing to plead ix t,
liberty. Christianity snd l imas natural
And speaking of ?Thrtstiaalty, as ? jj
Descendant*' de.-. .. .., ,,. .... ? ^ 7*
common betwe? , . ,'MJ
no?, eoncera ours? es with th? rnteerSeSJ
good-for?nothinn ot th? world ' sad tint'
of ? brist. The Bon of Man is emits'
Seek and to s.i\.? (I i> Which WHS ISSft
Ne-v-aik, N J . .vla.( h ."', 19l|.
Pilfering from Farmer?' Shipment? Ii ?
Large Source of Complaint.
To the Boltor of 'i ht Trft -r.o
s ' ?'?' lag M i" is cmpetitlon from
th? p.T eel PO rm,.
Paulas ere noa widely pui-hshirr*; new
- * "-'i B Bh ? ij !n \ario.?
directions for m a To ?> . fajg
Pr tin y are git ag ratai and
other Indue? * > *...d an*/
promise i.? dellv? r In? ? ? aelgete
the prod acts intrusted te tases.
" !*- '?' I ' ?Mensive ag?
ferlng is done rom ? I sad reg? ?
I ' BBS of the ex?
press compon es * pu ? ?
firms this It V? happens tint?
any box or crate ten! fr?.m my farm
reach??-? its < ' eithoet luvin?;
m..r?? or leee Of :? moved.
This SVll . any pjt
ti?",lar local ' 's BBS"
l separated .?.- a? i bsbbS
and Long I-I?n?l s ho
same condition! in *> ? this tta fa*
ompanl? s will ha I glvs bbb
: s of safe
; . ? i B fa mi .
shipments to them, ' MIMES
New fork, Ma? h 21
Will of Mrs. James N. Gamble
Filed for Probate.
. . Two hundred
and ninety-five thoueand dollars Is 1st*)
to charities snd churches by ?h? vill o?
Mi ? Frsncescs ? ? ? t, sridew af
.lames N. Gn i?, r * -* Thl
will i? s here te-Sai
Christ Hospil il, of l the ?satS?
?dial Union of ? kooti "'
Foreign Missions of ' -^* >io<ll?c
Chun h, the M of th?
Method ? Pawlss
f the MethodM
Church the '*?'?? I - * Otaafsav
tfon. with prli ' la sky.
and the Oermaa Rellace College, sf ???
rea, Ohio, arel I m the IibibbbIb
Elghty-flve thoueand dollars la oasb ta
distributed among ne slattvea asees
as a lar^-e .- ? *
Alfred Noyes Tour Near End?
Alfred Koyee the 1 ngl ?'?? poet, **
end hi? Ameii? * I f,v ____
noon. M.-h ::. * ?' ' ' ??"? "****
el :: o'clock la th? ' ?__? *
receptlea will fol " \Z
been arraagi M *"r n
?. el K'i'i' at
I?-?- a?". - "'vu? **"?
Nn-*:* IM ? ' ' M
"f am end I
Flower BhO?, '*
Cfeaaa Medi?is Besara ? -
Sddresa by Frank I ' , ?;,,
Scotland ?? . . nV?
sramem." it 1 . m
fork Press Clu ,. ,
Luacbeee sf the ?
W aid ' .?r ?'
Publie heertoa f-j '
? Klnes i
- *" '? ' WsBB*
M-tnm- ol *
Leagu? '' tc"
Dinner of ?h?* EeU Pi
Knl.-l? , .
: and .lane?- of i Fera m
Ho tel Aal
a-Mressoa ? Vet
ample \?*k-i?
rorh rounty v?
li?e. Se 1: 9
s??reem hi Ma* r ' ? .*_' ?
Mexico ind * *
H... -.???.I ?reel ? .- fl
Christian ,asoi
? l.. ???. s *... |i ,e ..?>??
... ? under ihe ? '
Affairs." a.as Hs - ??" r .,..,,??*
Puhlie lectures ??r * " ???; ? : ?
s 15 p n. M.inhnti
in* iflgli School lOlnrlni
i>.,',,i Btreaia ?? , ?eat?
l^srv . 1'ui*?*.
Third ?v.-nu?-. "Th* A? i**?
formaiion ?-?' ?'hlns. - ,,? S
,..- , ??< l ??.???"? - ?, .
Mcholaa ?vanu? t.t- ?-- ?**? . >
,.,? .- Qi-uehbere " ??>?" *'?'., .-? : '"
-.s R..I :,7,h .tr.e?. N
Song. Utas Marl T J . ? B^
School ??-'. Hem i snil ? \{?rtrc
ma Java and ihs Malay ?*?'* "0<lh ?tre^
,..... ,.?? \?n." ?Um ?? i ,' .?eta H* *
^?.oi.rt- Ar.l..ir |i R? Sj '."; ^n! g,,
No 21* Tes* ?<X?ih '?"?'' .;?';. uW
lasy ? Mra ?\etolnait? H H *? iV,nJ,.
, .??.i,, mi, ?trtr*? asd i?? Ki?eAdse.
The rHiiHin? i'siial ??"? ',",' '.' so H?
M William Rader. i-ui.'??* ??'J1 "r> p-eaffc.
Real iMin. ?.' The ? *'?*.. s* '*?
?,? ? I U.I-..-H I'liM '? ' ?*' *,. hu*?-?
Waal IMih air??-? ?? ' ??'? ? ?\", H*
B?; tlanaon It SI.' ,.,. ,-^ti*?u??
\., 4.*i Hudson e..?-i .* ?-inca ??
?mi Maaefectare *>t J**. *
Truiiy. . a

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