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Romance Cost Woman $300.
but Married Charmer
Goes to Cell.
Posed as Heir and Oof Money .
After Promise to Wed '
Traced by Victim.
Although ? ly won't a? * b? ?> ??
Mary (
n last
? i In the
? .
t ? Jul* and !
nd, ,
he didn't >.
* pre- ,
t ? ? ?
i r not
nal ?
,. i ?n |
produced ,
f..r Boston ' ?
He Kot it (
and ? ai?i no m
wh. , ? ? ' i,.- widow ,
Pat- ,
ng in a Ian
plant. Tl ? n ?1 ?? found the!
I m. : th her to be- (
i u and had fur- .
. ? ? ? Weal
moved PI |
: she found supla ?new at
i ?
of the i
Ban! ' of Detect!*
Bis i Hi!
I ? v.. nt up ?m
visit?h - th? m. ,
At i ? the pria
: ?i..vv il t.? a c '
for op?rai
. - ecti* m. -
? ni the wro?,- place
While the del Uve?
? :n from B
i ,m i ? S< thwll i take !?? r
itlnvitli he ??? i a i.- I
Returns from West Indies, Still
on Trail of Murphy.
tor "i" th?
Po; '. ' f l'un ? n
?Pigh*. *.:l> t" Hi.- We?! Indios ?
in ths Uni! *? .iin
ship !' ? to con- '
tlon of lb.?
elimination of..
Chhrli ? P. Murphy in tl e city, as well
as ti.
' lion i
i? hi ? ?overnor i
> Dr. Thomas Darlington.
. -i\ Hall c?'n- :
oral Commit! ?? m< mb< i* of the
' Ho inti
i might hav? some ea
? ' ? ml?
r Glynn ': tro?
i rt tune.
: win probably g?> s?.on
t.. Wa ihlngton m llson
Ho ? ?n that th?
appoh ..t
Pougl ? . "?? Appral ? r hen
? l'. i;...r. Col?
I tor of In'- r ?
Judge Rejects Witness's Offer to
Bore Hole in Stick of Dyna?
mite Right There.
t of it rlghi
? . I* dO ' ? ' i: . ;., Rl .1."
'?':. :i vv it h. sa at the
In (1
?? 1? in :i drj.
? ? 11
; ? .1 l>\
i * as "Zum p,"
ntiino had
? ?
? 000, ? mei ani re!
. '
i ?el it off
: i grea! deal <?i
'wo fam
' hUl r ' .rii; t..
? ?
I ??
? ? l ? ? ?
Girl Admits Flat Robberies.
?I I.? !?l wll
? of
I ut
? *; ? ?i I
,,.,... | 1er?,
al i
Xmcer Says Lov? of Husband. C. R- Williams. Who Quit
1 1er on 1 loneymoon, Was Stolen by "Sugar Girl"?
I le Is Heir to Millions?Wife May Get $33,000.
Mis. s j , tpiiiiama who pro?
lly Is known as Nance Qwyn, un
and Qiedan dancer, win >>oori i?e
ilvorc? i from her fourth huaband,
Romer Williams, If Justtee
un confirma the recommi nda?
? .1 yeaterasy In th? report ot
>? ?, i eai v, referee, s ho beard
I In 'lie hmsi brought bj His
W llliama i* an art Importer, -with heart
in this city, where h? represent?
rhoma? Agnew A Sdi.s, of London. Ha
i s;iiii to bave been an officer In the Brit?
_h iinn.. and according to tus wife is
lelr to aei ei .ii m Ullon dollai s
Mr? William? la the da ighter of Colo
?s Gwyn a >? <> a hile In the Kast
aervlce of the Rnsllsn army mar
in ... ? ha East i ndlan ai latoc
rital lif- of Hra, WUilsma with
rth huaband was of shorter dura
.. By nt her pi iOT mini itiK'-M
lb? married Williams In Peterson, N. J.,
n Mar? I , and i be q .it her In
II, In Bpsln, vv hile they s ere on a
moon trip around th? n ot Id
The m ? ' H II ?aid, M us tiie cul?
it? ..i wooing that Will
fter lie met i be sctn h
n i ?ondon, i le folloa > 'i her 11 on p
mati Imonial vi nturea ol
? I . ? the "Wood N .? mph," r?s she
known, were ???* the wife ol
?,i lc 'i raffordar* r, Aus?
traliana They died
Mm Williams was mentioned In a At?
? V Mr? Frederics Ber?
. ' . . igall -t ' ir?' le? ?'.ilpln. This
fter Mi- Willlama had married
HcD C iflfn . who s ibaequently
complaint Mrs Williams men
tioned ? mg Par?alas known to her n<=
'Nanette, the Sugar Girl " Th? report of
the ref? that the nam? of the
ireapondenl la Elate Mitchell, who met
William? In Part.
Mrs. \\ i , am? asked for $i,'?.i a month
?limon) thai her huaband'a In?
led to about 85,006 ,t j ,.,,,
- ti'in of allow an ?? ha - bt en
f court There was p stipu?
lation that In case Mir? William? suc?
ceeded, ber i. ?I and would allow her
-?! ?limon? Of thl? 118,000
Call Attacks Scurrilous and Drop
Subscription Defence
by Hapgood.
ling .? sei k ? of ai t cli - In I ?ar
- Weekl] purporting to ?how unfair
>na in th? United Btatea Army
ny rtini Navj ("in!? ..i thin city
* ?. in a I? tter ma la public yea
It? ?uba i Iption to that maga?
?ine II i th? -. ? les "scuri lloui
Thej were wi Itten bj I ha? ? - Johnson
i consisted princii ally ol i ? cords
ii ?un ? ?..i is mai tLal.
:.i i is /toi . .?-??? retar) of the
fter ?fating thai th? atandarda of
had degenerated, wrote:
I en it would have
I.? ?-ii um ? ? ren nd 'Hai pet ?
thai til- United Btatea Army,
both ofllceri and nun. la a? thoroughly
repr? I re ol .merlcan Id?ala aa <n.v
i develo] i und? r ths
?? Bl ;
"Jf it were possible thSt there should
??of the utterly faltse
views of conditions in <>';r army which
you ,s?'?-k to establish, it would Indicate
that there was very alight ?ppreclatlon
lard? of American manhood
Wh.I !" 'lev-' i
? .., editor of "Harper s
Weekly," was not In town yesterday, but
ble otii? ?? ;:iv.- out the reply, which is to
? ? mad? in to-morrow'? Issue, t..? protests
and ciitlclama of tiie articles In thia
Mr Hapgood asya:
? e ? ? ?e? do r ot cure
rea b being let a on? I ' I
rst ?tap In the cure. The material
thai Mr. c. -i . i. i aerlea wa?
il ?.tii ml recorda, from
? ts of the court? mai -
i ? . As The N- ??? fork World' has
stated editorially in commenting upon
Mr. Posfa ?erics of ?tudtea and the tact
oldlera have deseit?<J ,ri
Whatever the c luse, the rate
Indlcati *P ? ? aiiy thai aome?
thlng is radically ?rrong with th? army.'
lag? of ?esertlon to the
. ? . tmenta W_? over 17 p?-r
? '
Fire Destroys College Building.
C, Mai ?"! II Mrs to-daj
Idlng of thr
? College ?'f Agriculture
and M. ml i! Krto, it? \v?.?t Raleigh
? ?. about one-thli ?l ? ov?
ered i pe.
?s t.. he paid Immediately on the granting
..r ti ?- decree, tMJM In two years and
**-???' In ihn.r.rs Mr. Williams also
paid hli aife KfitA alimony pending trial
of tho <*uit and paid t'.wi to Mirabeau L
Towns, attorney for Mrs. Williams.
In Suit Against Wife Tells of His
Attempts to Commit
Chai lea ?. Moller. fon of the lai- P? t< I
M?ller, an saaodate of the Havem? ?
In the sumar business, told In the Supreme
Court yesterday of hie making two at?
tempts at suicida "Mie suffering from
Mollir, more than ?*:^ht> years "'.?i an.'.
owner of property valued at gsJQ.tXO, is
suing to set afid?? titmsfers of property,
valued at tlM.OOB, made to his wife, Mrs
Jene Bommel M?ller He alleges be was
lured into th?? marriage, that at the time
.Mrs. Holler was the common law wlf? oi'
another and that the transfers were oh
talned i fr.i idulenl means.
M?ller tesiuieij that he first tried to end
bis life fifteen yean an<? while ill. Ho
made ths second ettempt after his mar?
? i don'l remember much eboui it," hs
s..:.i. *i took bluestone, swallowed
matches and cut myself with a knife, hut
was wretched too cloeely."
' Qood deal of a farce, wasn't It ?" n?ked
the attorney for Mrc M?ller.
"No; I meant to kill myself," replied
Mol -i i w.is deepondent."
i s ?
Codicil, However, Revokes the
Clause When Conduct Improves
When William I.f-frW nin.l.? his will
in 1906 n was his intention to not
have sny part of ins estats to ins wife,
Mrs. Agp-os l.effler, * bocBuee of cruel
Mr. Lefller died oa January .'?l at No.
10!? West ".?1st -street. His Will, with
two codicils, was Sled yesterday. One
of Hi?' codicils divided the eetate
among Mrs. J.ofTlcr. B ?laughter an?l
two sons in equal pans The ? odicil
explained: "My wife Agusa's conduct
toward me having markedly improved
Mace executing my will, I hereby re
voke the section designated as the
fourth." The section, referred 1?. was
the one cutting off Mrs Lefller.
Miss Parks, of Chicago Force, Says So, but Mrs. Wells,
Los Angeles'fi Fair "Cop," Can Keep a Secret?
Officer Parks Takes Girl Runaway Flome.
'?? two polloewomen from
proved i teres!
..il wh.-n Miss l.ulu
? .'.in I Mrs
? woman <>f
? ?? rda . discovered
na? orner of the
? ifi .ipin.
i ? ? aplendid
i Park ? ? ? one
fifteen In Chicago Is pe? fectly satts
S, thl re )_
? : t ,\ h. n we make arreal
. . aver had i trouble in
?e, w? count
... . protect
and tl ire e,
, ? ee
i dressed in ? IthM ru
? ?'. n?ti ?
..i ?? ?? i .,- Angel?? po
remai ..ahie ? umhin i
of styl? ?! ? ? . sod is
' tl .'till!. .1 W I
? . ?! Both w? ?>>? o loot ? i ?? I
;. ? ...
tal i long
? I lo
- ? ondltions m ?,,. ion?
parts of the country end In 'he | .>i?e of
advancing tie sppoiatment of women in
? t ? -- where only men are employed
"*__r?where <io you carry your rev-ni
rei " -he was asked
"i carry mine la mj handbag m i
Miss Parks.
Mrs. Walla said nothing and the subject
was ehaaged to the training to which ep?
pltcanta tor pooltlene are put through
"In Loa Angeles w? s ?? required to un?
dergo a severe physical as well as mental
sxamlnatlon, explained Mrs. Wells, "sad
w?- find that the wort.en pass | ,,?i, ... _? :, <
h >:ii marki aa the men do. The .ase.? to
which policewomen ai?- assigns?, aa a
i de ?i?? not call for great strength, hut it
la a n"?"i thing to hive for an emer?
g? .?
\n irrevelant parses asked Misa Parka
if ?he w'uihi ki?k an unruly prisoner in
the "slats" If neceaaarj to aubdus hlra
M Park? looked pitying!) at the que?
tlonei and replied: ' siats with h tight
Nkirr on
m ?. f.? is left the ? ?n for Chtcsge
last night snd took who bei sa ? pi ?
H h M si I? Btoppei i r un? ?> .?
for whom ?h? obtained eatrsd ttoa paper?
Letter Says Jewell's Spirit Told
of Sinking in Swamp.
? IBs THbune Csrtespead
Hempstesd, Loas island. March 26. -
Kmneth Van de Water has received B
letter from Baltimore, signed Samuel
M Ward, in which Ward writes gg fol
lows sboui Albert ?! Jewell, the avi?
ator logt off the r.i.ng [Bland roast last
Mr. Albert J. Jewell luis .-unie to me
with my son, who is in spirit life, to let
bis w if? Bad father know that he senil
m a swam;, covered with gras.-'. Ii
in -n...;? the grass f..r land ami sank o It
of slslit This happened mar the Long
Island -coast Vou will also do mo a
favor if von let his wife and mother
know "f his whereabouta."
Th?- last seen of Jewell hs was ?n>iril;
over th.? ocean, near Arverne, The
noisf thorou-s.il .?-ear. a failed t" reveal
the least ?low that WOUM d? termine i'l
what manner Ji-vv.-ll m?-t his death.
Says They Fostered Opposition
to Court Opposite School 4G.
Criticism ?.f teachers of Public s h'.,.i
i?'.. in st. Nicholas Brenne, was made
by Chief Magistrats McAdoo ?<? the
m.?lint; of the Blnking Pund Commis?
sion yesterday. Opponents of the propo?
sition to take ii?>* old library building
across ths street from ti?>? school for h
new police court appeared ami said
the] iiad hi--- letters opposing it from
t- sldents of the n< Ighboi hood
"Do you know hoa thoss letters were
obtained?" usked McAdoo. "After we
had ili-.u--s.--d this mat tor last week the
tea? hers <>f the public school wrote on
their blackboards: 'if you don't i * I
a p..:.. >? court In front of youi
hsve your parents writ" to ths Msyor.'
That's ti?. way th..<e letters happened
t.. i..- written."
Mayor Mltchel ?lid not believe the ob?
jection? vero valid, but hs consented
to have the matter p?? over another
? hat other site? mir-iit be Ii
Government Alleges Jobbers from
Trenton to Stamford Are
Under Yoke.
Las sr? foi the five big tobacco com?
panies conferred with n. Bnowden Mar?
shall, United States 1'?strict Attorney.
yesterds] regarding the complaints of Ii
dependent dealers that the Metri ,
Tob.. Company is now-, as it via* be?
fo ,. t.e dissolution ?'f tl,?- combinai
monopolising the jobbing b i n? ??
Th? lawyer? were told that the govern
ment Int? i ded I o ; ?i ? pare a bill a i
i'S soon as it i DUld Tl - ? ; ?-?? ?
era! posalbl? plan? Intended to anticipate
?uch a?t..on and announced thai thej
would present a definite plan on Mondai
The Depari m< nl ol Ju tic? la ?a!
that the Metropolitan core pan) lias .
nopol) of the tobacco lobbera In the ? ) ^
trii-t from Trenton, K. J., to Stamford,
Conn and has maintained th? monoi
sin??- th? combination wa? dissolved.
Prosecution of the ofBdala of the f?,ur
companlea using th? Metropolitan aa
lobber for their ?? itp il dir" nos on tiie in?
terpretation winch th? court may d
from the word? "common agent," which
is the isngusge of the Injunction pi i
it i r i _t til- four com pa nice from diapoelng
of theli output if th? term "sol? lob
bers" la regarded as s violation ?.r th.?
spirit of th?' Injunction, prosecution for
. unt? mpt ma? ? nana
Arbitration Board Reopens
Case and Militia Pitches
Tents for Long Stay.
Depew, K, v., March S BObrta to
hring about a settlement of the stnk.. a<
th? ?loui.i coupler work? will be re?
sumed to-morrow through the
Board of Arbitration. Manager O. W.
?ayden, for the company, tried? an ap?
pointment to meet Patrick .1 Downey snd
.i, m? - m Menus, of the : 1st? board,
the strikin? moulders nmi cc-re-makeri
. lothi d tti? ? . ommlttee with
to take up the negotiation? with the com?
The success of th? sine official? in re
openlng 'he ennt and statements b) i
officials ?>!' tin- company that thej ?
giv? the medlstora ail pom ?? Ip en?
couraged ths belief thai a ?ettlemenl of
the atrlke ia not bnprobab ?
Asi?)., from the Bi ng i fea ; ??m in
tii>- early morning, ihm wen r." .
disturbsacea during lh? ?lav. Mas
ill? men, h is mid, had given up hope of
reaching an agreement with the company
and had letl the oity. The military au?
thorities, however, extended the
under mllltsry control, the patrol? war?
Increased, and orders were Issued to ??
trise to set promptly In enforcing ?
a permanent camp was established ?or
pjit ?>f tif tio.ips on Ha- bordera of'the
coupler works ground? to-day.
The plant WS? Operated under halt a
force, according to Manager Hayden, the
men being brought to Depew and bach to
Buffalo "ii ;? ?P< dal train guarded hy de?
tail? from the Mth Regiment.
?heriff PVederich C Becker waaeewell
satisfied with th? p?sc?l il sspsct of
thinps to-dsy thai ;? reduced th? num?
ber of deputle? on duty. M? ?eld, how?
ever, that he woiid not -?? with
military protection for sun? I
Man Accused of Annoying Girl
Finally Captured.
Aft.-r knocking i knife a Ith .?. four in? ?
: lade fi "m hi? in ?! a Ith a night si
snd oui Ing b m from Ti nth avsn i? <?t
Kth ?trest i" Eli ?? ? mi; "ai? i ? Patrol?
man i lunthcr arn ted i ?man la l nlghl
?.?i eomplaJ it of Ml ' Anna ? ' Iban?, of
s?. |M \v? i th ? ?:? ? e i all? god ? ?
had followed her from the (Oth street sub
w .? . I ' ill..n snd arili'c. . ,| ii? i
The rnaii saiil he war. PasqUSl? i
of So HI We-t 115th afreet n- waa
hiked up m the *v11? street station for
fi Ion ? ' util and dtoordei Ij.nduci
Miss culhsne wsa accompanied bj ?
o' t.. i oung a on ? i me ?? a-.
?? iti.ii. Id bj ih. peril? ?? Bhi n i thai on
Moi i ? night Pa? bad al ? annoyed
!.. I ?O th? ?Heel
E. W. Eilert Urges Board
of Education to Make
Salute Mandatory.
Fears, Too, I. W. W. Doctrines
May Be Taught Clash Immi?
nent Over Pension Fund.
Spurred by tbe ooclaltfttlc tendendee "f
tome of the teachers in the p'li^llo schools,
who :?!?? cOldly apathetic ?*.hcti it come-i
to reepeet for the American Hog, as wall
as th? belief ihat sooner or later I v7. W
teachlngi are bound to ereep into the
echoola, Ernest W. Kliert Introdueed u
resolution al 'he meeting of the Board of
Kdii. ation yesterday making it mandatory
for pi.j.iN and teachers tq show in.-ren?.
lng respect to the American Bag,
**At tho pre-? nt tirne." said Mr. Etleft,
"teachers snd pupils are supposed to ss
lute th?- tiag when In assembly. But be
cauas of th?* 'advanced' ideas of some of
the more ?-?.?oiaiisti-* teachers there has
been a grn?iual tendency in ?some s. hoots
toward complete r.-lavition. I want to
make the rule mandatory, it is siso aimed
at these i w. w. agitators, it is time to
put ii stop to the-e tea.hint's, ?f h Ich
eooner or later n ?\ find a way into the
The resolution, which he ssked should
be referred to the committee en by-laws
Sl ' I- gielatlon, was as follows:
"in order to Increaee tin? respect due te
th.- Amerlcsn Dag, be it
"Resolved, That in -each school under
the jurisdiction of thle board, either lm
medlal ?'? '?'? tort or Immediately after the
reading ''f th.- Bible in th.- general essem?
blv of (lie pupils, ail then pres.-nt shall
sainte th?-- national flag. Immediately fol?
lowing the sal?.te ..ne stanza of the na?
tional anthem, 'The Star-Spangled Han?
tier.' shall i.? sung, or, in th.; primary
i'ss' mblj. th.- *iiiiovv tng:
" "And the star-spsngled banner la tri?
umph iball wave
O'er the nd ol the free and the home of
tno brave '
"A* ter th? eral the < olore shall be
return? d In each school to a suitable pla? ?
?? i by the principal of that echoel
"During th? playing or einging of The
Star-Spangled Banner* all present she I
?tai -i
"The flag -sh?. 11 treated a Ith
i i \ ? i ? ? . .?
Deepite the fad thai a -.ommunlcation
aae re e v.*.i [rom the Board of Ele! -t
laying that body had disapproved of u
bill at Albany, approved two weeks a?--.?
b) the Board of Bducatl? n, releasing MOB,?.
?? | en M0B.BM permanent teachers' pen?
?Ion fund, the Board of Education yeater
day reiterated it?- opinion. The Corpora?.
tion Counsel has b??n Instructed by the
Board of Estimate to fight the measure.
while desiring harmony with tho Board
of Estimate, President Churchill sai?i it
?hould not i?e considered'it II meant the
slaverj of the Board of Education.
"If the Hoard of Estiraste, or any one
who has control over it." sarcaatlcaily
declared Mr. Churchill, "balks tho plsn
relieve ths i r.ticai situation, then
the responsibility is up to them, i told
C< po ation Couhael Polk be had ro right
to tai?.? t.*?- dictum of tbe Board of Estl?
r .?:?? without considering tlu- Boe d oi
Education in thle matter.''
Again came s earcaeUc remark from
Mr. Churchill regarding City Chamberlain
"i think he concurs," refeiTing to the
attitude of the Board of Estimate.
The board v.ted to change the name of
the Normal College in this city to Hunter
College There will be ? hearing on th??
matter before th?* Mayor thN afternoon.
A lull calling for the change has pa
both houses,
i '.? ?? m< mber euggested thsl it be named
the ?'iiv ?'oiieue fur ft/omen
This was Strongly opposed hv Mrs. !:".,
w. Kramer, on the ground that it would
it as a woman's college, "It wouhl
te hurt at cut a.-- foetlsb." ehe said, "as to
My 'Tale ? .allege for Men ' "
Many Ask Legislators by Wire
to Vote for Anti-Drujr Measure
Hostile Lobby Busy.
?Charles G Bond, the associate of Brnesi
K. Coulter, who I? working In Albai *
couneel for Mr-*, w. k. Vanderblll for the
paeaaga of legielation to deal with the sale
of habit forming druge, -aid yeaterdej
that the foee of druge were concenti I
their efforts upon ihe Boylsa bill, which
. ?eeeke to trac? lee >.f morphine snd co
.?aine and their d? rlvetl* ea
Mr Bond received assurances vest.-*r?l.*iv
from mors than ? aeors of persons that
they had telegraphed to their acquaint
ar.cee among legislators eeking them to
uee their Influence in r.i\.?r ..f the Boylen
hill. Mai ' * ' ? tel rephed said
teked their friends to do like?
a is?.
Among thoee who eent telegramo wire
ti.? Rev. Mlle ii Qat? - Katharine B
Davie, Chief Magistrste William McAdoo,
Dr. Jackson it Csmpbell, Judge Edward
Bwai i.. Dr. 0 P. Lewie, Juetice Cornelius
Colline, Juetice VVUkln, Juetice Morgan
M. .i Ryan, Edwin A. Btanton, Aeelatam
r> Serai Dietri? I Attorney, and < ; ? .
Qordon Battle
Albany, March 5.?A powerful lobb
, !?,. Qg the efforts of Mrs. w. k. i/an
ddrbllt and others to obtain legielation
curbing the drug lain has Inetltut? i ...
t?'i?grani campaign. It was said to-.lav
thai un i? r the din i lion of ., pharm iceu
tl? al see? Latloi t< tgren ? had been sent
to ail druggists in th?* state asking them
to oppose any h [lelation aimed .?t i ? -
any kind.
Senators Act on Treaty Based
on Titanic Disaster.
M i?, i, ?;, ???*,,, .-innate
ratified I ernoon the International
convent! n ? lative ?" eafet) at sea. m
the accompanylag regulation!
,? the International conference in
London la -1 Jsnu ir* The International
- ? \ - largely tl e re?..;u ,,f the
Titanic dies lei
i m., of the prtnciplee ?.f the treaty is as
follOB s
? ? ! ... momenl of Ite vo? sge um \ a
vessel ?i."?* o?? board ? total nuntbei "'
than thai for whom ec
dation ? ? pi"v i?i? ?i In the Hie i"> ??
and the pontoon Ills ?aus un Ouard."'
Boston Department Head Also
Submits to Decrease.
iton, March _. ?A I per cent reduc?
tion In salaries of all officiais and em?
ploy, s of the Public V? ?>rk? I>epartment
recoil ii.K $1.?*"0 or mote a year has been
ordered by Mayor Cur'ey.
Although the $?.0t**i salary of the depart?
ment commissioner. 1-ouls K. Koi.'ik.
Bxed by ordinance Mr Rourks has
agreed to gal mit to the ga_M reduction
as his subordinates. Tiie Mayor estima:? s
th? annual saving to the city bv this <>:
der at .."..v<x>.
Maier, Accused by Mary Ooode,
Overcome?Dubelier Guilty.
David Maler, who has been on trial for
three ,!avs before Justice Y? mon B U_
vta in the Supreme Court, fainted yeeter
day, when the foreman of the jury an?
nounced that be ami Charlea Dubelier hau
been found guilty on a charge of briber.
in connection with the recent Correa
Committee Investigation. The two men
will he sentenced Friday.
Maier und Dubelier were indicted and
srseoted on the ?tatemen! mad?- i?v- Mar*
' ;.!?? before the Curran AJdermantc
Committee that they offered cuartea
Miller, a lanltor, W to Ko on the witness
i and contradict the t.-stimony glv? n
by ber
Dubelier area seen sed of the murder of
Isaac Cohen, known as ' l/./.v the DlOOd,
?>n th? night of August I, 101'*. He was
set free hy Justice l'ai.-, who held that
th'-re was not gUfBclent evidence to con?
vict him.
Playwright Montgomery and His
Sisters Say Grandfather
Cutter Was Insane.
Not; e of n contest of the prill of Henry
I ?'utter, founder of Hegemon <*?? Co.,
now the Riker-Hegeman Company, was
given in the surrogates' Court yesterday,
Mr. Cutter l"ft an estate of more than
s1.1..ni,MO, and ?rilled all to his sec.md
wife, Mrs. \ Oertrud? Cutter, of No. 711
Lexington avenu?'. Mis lirsr wife, who ?Ii
vorced him, is now living In California.
The ..-.-t.ifor mad? ? ?! ? ontlngi n'
bequest? In case his second ? f? died be?
fore him One of these was 1500,060 to
his attorney, Frank M. Ticbenor. Another
was to ? daughter of the ihst raarriage,
i ??.ft home about forty yean ago and
died before her fat I ?
The proepi ctli ?? ts ere J unes
II Montgom i uthor ?>f the plsy
"Ready Monei " ;.;.?! h i alsters, aim
Annie ?*. Noyi s and Mis. Kat ?
Coole: . grandchlldn n ? f Mr. Cutter, They
allege unsound mind ai i undue
The papers ?rere soi accepted In the
Surrogates' Courl yeeterdaj because thej
were verified by a non-rcsldent with" ,t
a power of attorney
Sent to Quarantine, Went Home
New Haven, Maren 26?- Harold a Pum
peliy, the Val? football and baseball
plajrer, vvho disappeared atter lie had
been ord? I? r quarantine bf. ? ise I
\> ai suffering from icarlet fever, is ,-it
his home In Owego, .v v. accoi
a message received to-day by Dean Jone?
of thi a lademic department. I i t
whlie severe, is not alarming.
HER $200,000 FEET
Injury Not So Serious as Re.
ported, Russian Will Soon
Resume Dancing.
It wa? SB Sl Patrick's Day that'th?
world was Informed throsgh dispatch,*
from Sl Loots thsi Anna Pavioa-a, \?
Russian dan <-r. had hroken her *___.
while performing In the <itv of Befejegg
lenders, Ihet en X-ray e??minatl(l))
had revealed serious Injury an?1 that n.?
tour might he can
resterds) her managemeai annou-u.,?
thai her ?-;?a? little toe *?a> w?n m*.
and that with the permi-sal?,-? ,,f lh,
? ?ii erned namely, aurgeoaa an?i ???
representatives of the eccldeai ?*.im-??,.
in which sh?? is Inaured Pevlowa'a ga
.?.i feel w.> ild twinkle acain profeaaKamB.
d.iv after to-morrow The place i? ?^
Auditorium Theatre Chi *i.*<..
I'avlow.-? was easer to dan,*e last ni**,!,
insisting tl?...* t ne fool injured in Bi
was entirely well i. .-? M ,
I dele- Her ininac
meal In pai lieu i t? i,^ t(
the slight? st chance of further injury, in
i a ut the approaching ennanement at
the Manhattan Opera H uae, i?.?
Monday, tprll ?, Therefore, uaaaa ess?,
the Ru?>.I3
will appear al 'he Manhattan for bn
neeke aith ' sonnai wage urn.
The ? hole trouble aea caused m th?
place b) an unruly hone ?Inch
lumped from its socket ami strain?-?! ?
tendon. avlowe tl s proceeded te ato
horse with the ?one an?i put it -?h-n. *.?
bel??!???? d the unkle rlhhonj of
a hellet shoe snd a? rklng h..-r foot ha?.;
and forth Then ehe wee able to tit.
lei . ? MS and finally ga,
tually rehcaree the new Ceacee tne win
? N'evv fork ?'ti her return.
PavlOWa Isn't the least little hit mptt
stiiious. either. One of the features ?*(
her prograa i Msaaattai ?ill b?
the Ruhinstein "Vales Car*. , v.lil-.-.
?he ?us dsnclng when ?he hurt her foot
ten days ago
Bj a st r ? - | by the ?. eaam\
patties at Ii ten -? .? i appro ?red
?lav I, .1 ., ? aaa? gga?
pending In th? co *)?- .t rarieee stat?-?
ea, the Pi
Mallet. In. the < M Ml 1.1
noff, Ben H .\i - ... poii-x*?
are to I the I
Ballel le required to t; e a I
Actor Apologizes to Court.
Frederick Hammil r> *. :.. tor, s be tk
mh 'i St? .. ". ? s t?. Harke.
? ? reeterdaj ? ? if.-ur to
th" actress was arra gned on as | .
charge, profu it? the h ittates.*??
with such vehemence thai Magistrat?
Krotel ordered thai ? complaint, chara
Ing ?i -o: derly i ond u to BBSkM
him. An hour tetei when he w.is .,
reigned he si loi led to ?he court and
whs ,i ac] si led s th i ?? ; Imaai
The chati ? ? I Osases, if
No. HI Drske s enue, New Roehette, he
- it was h's third offence, was flnea
'?* ? and aentenced to Hi i del s la th*
? ??.. ?TLeon when he i gtgtj
of having exceeded ? Hssl it
. the Hat etreel
Pericles O'Brien
Another Sea Tale
You know the kind of story it is likely
to be, with this character figuring in it.
A story full of fed blood, of courageous
action, and with the tang ot salt breezes
in it, and an uplifting spirit throughout.
Sons of Their
shows Pericles in a new light, that of
adviser to a fellow ship's officer in need
o? a friend. I he scene is the Pacific.
The story will appear
Sunday Magazine
of the

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