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Raseball Makes Its Bow S Boxing ?* Motor Boating ** Soccer Football ?-* Yachting
Superbas Beat Yankees
and Fans Breathe Again
Crowd Knjoys Taste of
Baseball and Wilbert Rob?
inson (iets Dedicated.
rcc Gift of a Base ard Horseshoe
'>f Roses Help Make Day
Happy Across the Mice.
ii unid? ? ? r?tet an l
Pieb, ., pitcher apprenticed with th?
s Tork Vankces, formed h working
ertM ?bbeta Fk ly t?>
\ llberl Bo ? nson and the
f the i aeon here.
The :i? w mana;; i of th.
? klyn team lc?i Ins men to victor
the Yank? ?.-.- 1. .1 score of 1 to "?
-r ten hard louant Im
roces t ame In the first inning. Pleh
me ? tard;, m making hit gift, but
i weltxMne ist th<- sama i
frame the long, iuo.-e iwirler gave
g ai orced win.a
hon - - . in.
w in ..r i- ?h no dang? r ol bt :.-; pau
thrust nin.ii
him, he showed a
willngncat to do something on hli own
? I hammering the bail over Um
rightflold ?
nus teen given
to Wheat and Pleh there i- no Kai;-^
the Influence of the rosea with a iarj?e
ib>r..i horseshoe wa< handed to Bobinaon
in the first inning he looked for a moment
like ?he original "What are you sonna do
with It?" man. B i did know
".;i\? e to < v?-r; lady m tb?- grand
-.?.?i the gallant managt ?.
stripping the I ending the
sh? rs < 'olonel Roosevelt,
v and ever o many oilier per
have pointed O a that when the
women are united on any p-<.jcct they are
to vv:n Testerday they wei
? - on.
It is certain that the roses did not grow
near EbbetS ?field, for the wind was a
north ?me and it bore greetinKs from the
It must be told that in sp;t?- of the
the players of both teams
n ;'me condition and played fast,
? ? dance was not 'at 2". bul it
ntat hfe. Among the I.5O0 or
? ?is present there were the "take 'Im
man. the "let him hit if root? r
the "Oh, von robber!" rufBan,
? ? Bob.I >v ho u<-ed to c ??aho
-.N itD John IfcGraw in Giants' vie?
il hearty we!? ?mu, and
Neu York
' .- nkce. aleo w as eh? sred.
ri,.- old favorltea bert, Zach
Sap Bucker and the rest, wars
gtl folk als-i from f-.is Bid? of the
? i and to make th?_ en?
? ..i Chanc< and his HilKoppers the
ill) effective. William K. Kelly.
ol Brooklyn, began the gam?
? the ball. His arm kl h
??a.i condition.
gan in the i?,x f,,.
klyn, was m trouble in the Bret Inn
I b. making Hold, n b '><?
on a third strike which ems far t"?-. i lose.
Mi 11. a good account of
? If for the Yankees, was found for a
? ? latter half ?if the Inning, He
alked Da It on nrai allowed him to co to
ii ' ;?< - bort's mouillier
s double play.
fiom Newark
tO I . K h t
rd the Yankees made it even.
? ? nt to flret on four balls. He
on S bit and run pla>,
? he bail sojuarely
?r ? ? I nan Wheat let
go through him and Walsh i
the plate.
, . it of the I fth showed the Brook
ill mm st. Daub? it
a low lirivf of Maisel's and
mm to first in a sliding match.
" had a line da- at short field,
? throe it:K Hart
to flral w hile on tbe ?i?-ad
run /.a-i. Wheel finished things up by
throug many v.?r?)s of mud
gh 10 catch a long drive
st ol W sh h
eh were sent to ti (
than out after the fifth, so
t M arhop ar.d Wagner replaced them.
Motor Boats, Engines
and Motor Boat
Power Boat Engineering Co.,'?
ulai i - f a M
ifa? irer of th? it*:*?-?., th?
- . th? sm:i?- Bieetfle
111? !.?.,.>.?
I ami? Ii?en.-- Inken in Trade and Rebuilt.
- il p with tgulptnsnt??
:i i! p ?> - -i ei-ilprnent
4 '
i -,- .1 il P --?.Ith ?qulpnvn*
1011 ??
. i'i ii p ?*.? h eeelpasei ?
M r Two ? c> E??le in
? ?
'.?? ? bur. b St reft. Ne? ?tork ?It?.
AMgStl? A- ? ? ? . ? i.i Nil riiA\ i.LI.I Ii
' '['?l-) m',r|?l . ',?t
' ' ? ? ?'|.|ll;(ll?r,'
"' perfect ?stras. In
OODBl l-'i
yt, V.ta> 7Hh.
I .lllltr. I'AHII AMI IIMilK i o.
' overs: l pi.?.l???.rln?.
I l! ' . - I'. ;,? r,? tisUbllshed 1002
', Ii Went t.lh ?Ire.??. Phon? Hr.*!,' I p.
I-OIJ? J'."A f ? M.P. I
. oe? ? irse i raei i^ein
? ,?'?ii-'"i
. ? :>i, W :?tti
, :.i'.?i '? . '? ?
'. ' i - I l ? i?.?nr
ii,no. ic-uh
, Wett 'Ml,
? <>'.: i i> a <;ai.i/?n I?) '.a-'u.i i
? keek* Ii'? '" '-'* w. wtii ?i . . *<
.**/. 1'bvn? um Bebeyler.
Six Yankees
Cut Adrift
Ml VaakOea were ral adrifl ?. ?'?.terd.i'.
I rank ?ban., tbniisbl ?... liltlr of the
pr.,?r.? <?f f?nr of tbe reirults thill be
released then ameadllleaeWj
Walter Mntchlaaaa. a gHihari MMm
Ruddy Bad Jabs Ballhrea, InaeMers, ami
Mri r-.il ?bite, latihrr. nerr ill told
the.? i onld s<> wherever they pleasul.
?Iwrn ?'ihnn. Ilr?l l>:i?.einnn. ?an ?enl
In lbs New London ? hilt of Ibe l.aslrrii
\?.s.i, intii.n. sad ?Mmsas garbea weal
lia. k to the .ler-r?. III? International?.
Ibe New \ ork ?i|iiad n??n niimher? onlv
Inrnlv-ninr pluvrr?.. in? Indina Chance
and loin Hal?, the Noch.
Warhop kot In trouble Debt away by
passing two men. but then ms underhand
ball began to obey and he saved his side
from harm.
In the seventh it seemed as if the Yan?
kees would win :<u a certainty. A base
?m bails to Pecklnpaugh, s stolen base.
Bwceney's single, Warhop's sacrifice, a
pass to Mai-ei and s Une rifle shut drive
by Welsh made two rune. More mlghl
have ? ome, but on an attempted doubi?.
steal Mai.-? i was fooled when McCarthy
bluff? d ?i throe to second.
Robinson destroyed a lot of km^ in th??
latter half of the eishth Hla method
differs fron, that of Hughey Jennings ami
? re merciful. The leader of the Tigera
chews the blades to death, hut the former
lieutenant "i McOraw merely stampa on
th? m. As he stamped Robinson called
loudly upon his charges to du something,
They did. ?
Dalton sot a base "ii baila Dauben
nearly btoke bis back in r.ui^ t?.
two of Warhop s dinkiest ones and then
filed o a. When Wheat swung th?
and bat were in perfect alignment. The
drive landed squarely on top of the nar?
row fen. .h ?i dropped mi the far sin
Dalton refused to cross the plate until
be had shaken hands with Whe.it Thll
tied ih sot re. Pleh, ?ho went to the
mound for the Yankees, ?sas much to
blame In the tenth He began well by
striking out Dalton, but then relay i
DaUberl singled and Wheat sent him to
third with another hit. Cutahaw drove
a hot one t" IVi.kiiil.auRh and Jaubert
was caught at the plate. Smith wa?- safe
on Pleh'a wide throw to Williams.
With the i-as? s t.ill. Pleh remembered
that 1:?? hadn't so much as thought of
i.' .'I1-' sent. He passed
- '. and Wheat ambled home.
The teams will meet a' EbbetS Meld
again M-da>, unices -now falls
The fans were enthusiastic and most
everybody seemed glad the day? ?.f nal
sport had tome.
The score follows.
ab rh po H> a!. I ?1 pr, ? r
Malt?n, cf. -- -' I I ?" \i.? tel, eh., < n r.
Uaubert, liv ?-?in 00 Hartseil, ?b. 501 1 10
0 I \V..]r.:l If 111 1 II
aw.: i t 01 I 3 ' Williams, lb SI 12 11
Smith, jl 101 I 1 ? H oblen, cf.. 101 ' " "
Stengel, rf. 4.Illhooley. rf?on I 00
101 0 3 " r-. k'augh m3ii ? ?? "
McCarty, cCOl I 101 Sweeney, >? ? * i - I II
Iteull?fu-h. pi?? <? J ' McHale, p.. -'DO 0 ! 0
Wagner, p. Ill I Si Warhop, p.. loi o m
VI) .'.l-r.ri.p ?l 0 ?l | | m p|, h. !.. ??'i o 01
?Hun mel . im i m
fcld. l (. o o o?
TU ils ...M ? I M II I -r<?ial?.... H I 111
?Batted for Reulbsch Ir the Mth Inning.
Wasnei In '.lie ninrh inning. |Two
out ?hen winning ered.
n .1 I 0 0 0 0 o : 0 1?4
Vanke? - .....0 0 1 I I I : I I 0?3
Home rua Wheat i - Sweeney,
-.. iflc? : Ii - vv a. ?ion Stolen base?
npaugh, Holden. Doubl? play??Sweeney
uni Pecklnpaugh; SicCsri and Daubei fr i
ora Hr....? lyn ; Left on baeei
New -. i eoklyn, I r.ase hits 00 Uc
Hale. | in .-. Innings; ofl Warhop, I In 4 in
:i?v ,.'i p.??, ?? ; Inning; off Reutbach, 4
in 5 InnlnftF; ofl Wagner, r In 4 Innings; ?iff
Mi hlson, 0 i'i i ini:?nfr. Hssm en balls?Off
M Hale. !; off Warhop, I; off Pleh, t. eff
Reulbach. --: off Wagner, I; ofl Utchlson, I.
out? By McHale I; I i Reulbacb ? I
Warhop, |; p. p|?h, I; b*. Allchlson I lib by
Smith. Wild i m h Mi
Hals i mplres Emsll? uni O'Brien Tim? o(
I ??? n lam a- t,M0.
Marshall and Oeschgcr Win by
a Shut-Out for Phillies.
Philadelphia. April - Two young pitch
en shut out the world's champion Ath?
letics ai Bhlbo Park to-day In th?- tirst ol
a serle.- of spiing games with tiie I'hila
delphiS Nationals Th? SCOr? wan t to 0.
iy Marshall allowed the American
League batsmen onlj two hit? in the Brat
f<. ir Innings and ' >? SCl gf-, formerly of St
Mary-.' College. Oakland, Cal., let them
down foe one hit In the remaining Uve
Th?- I'll.Hies made their four i uns on
five hits off Pennoch and a erlld throw.
The scoie ?y inningf follows:
It H K
Nationals .... ."? i f< <> o 10 0 0?471
Americana ... 0 " I I o I I o s- 0 ] i
Batterlea Marshall, Oeachger and
I'f.oin -in?i Burn*; Pennock and Schang.
Umpires?Connelly end Byron,
Centreboard on the Defiance
to Have Estimated Drop
of Eight Feet.
Bath, Me. April 2. The sioop Defiance,
limier conetructlon for the America's cup
: ? i ; 11 ?--. will take the water bow tiret when
i inched oa May n, it was an
nounced here to-day.
il.orj;' M l'un nun, managlBg dlr?.t..r
of tbe sloop syndicate, ?MM that this de?
parture from ths usual nvthod of launch?
ing was a hobby of ?Owen, the designer,
Who believed that II WOUM lessen the pos
siMllty of anj soddent to the ru?id?r.
Affr the I Winnie ?lides flown the
ways three days wiii bs required ?o set
up her rigging, "ir ho.low spars of Ore
gOfl pine are OB 'he way h'-re. anl tbe
mi s ai? ?tape lad r-oon.
i.ike ?tie other aspirants fo: the honoi
of me? ling the BhOmroi k I \ . the Defiance
will hav? a centreboard, with ?n sstl?
Biated dreg el eight feet
New Steel Schooner Will Carry
Great Spread of Sail.
l!riMl?,l. H I, April | Th?- katom.i ..
steel sehoonei recht, bull? foi Roben i.
Tod forrn< r commodore ol ibe Men York
ViK-hi ?Club, was seeosaefully launched t<?
?iav in tb? preeenoa el friends of the
OWBOf from Ken York itu<\ BOOtOfl
Tbe roses! ?ahs christened bj Mrs Tod
The katoars is Mi feel long and imii to
carry unusually large gpTOOd "l vainas
Finding Presiden! Wilson's reception of
the Brooklyn Superbes such ?? sueca
CharlW Ebbt ta rang the Newark Indians
In on him. ?ant something be don?' about
s Mg Wilson ?; at the park of th<
marl le rotunds '
llrr'og Hnd RoblaaoS have intnidiued Me?
*.rail's met buds into I WS rival rlaha this sea?
son, I,nt I, flavin?; paid mil ? 11 ?Mention In
base running and sliding. I be New tiork
team will not bave an edge ?ver tbe rest of
tbe Held as tar as KyalSM goes ?t an? rale.
The five thousand fans who turned oui
1.1 see the Ifsnks and Superbas ?? terdaj
formed .?uite s contrast to th. mob the,
?to mod th?- field on a slmilai occasion
'ast year. Whethei this was because of
the weathei 01 the Intereet-dlvldlng Fed?
eral I.? agu.. it was not much ?f s wel
corm to Robbie. But an .official official
r?ception can readil kx arraaged lab
It Mil.raw bid Ibe re.id. fin nit? of I bh.-t?
in living anniversaries Chief Me.vers might
break all rrcoids as a base ?tealrr and II
llemarer give Tj I'nbb a rme lor bitting
honor?. Ilnl h lelebrated Ibe t u rnl t-tlfl b
?ear of baseball for the Little Napoleon with
aopevbtnaas eiiorts.
Judging b; th?: condition of Arthur
Fletcher's right, Pal Newmati must be
a playei With some head on him.
Hube WaddOll passed on leaving an estate
which .(insisted ,.f Utile besides ? wonderful
pitching record and B legion ,,f friends. II..
niighl have been a "success" and m oiiired
a fortune. Ilnl he preferred a smile to a
The only counter attraction to t h?
Qlanta in Beaumont Just now i: the Bap?
tist ladles' aptotl sal? In cas. th. Rate
receipts are effected McGrsw can put on
anothei knockout ai s sideshow.
"The lederal leaguer'? threat to sisn
plav rr? now under contract to organised
baseball 1?. nothing but a (heap bluff.'' sa? s
( burile I.bbets. \\ ,- though* Ibe word
"blufr" bad been ra?l into the discard b? the
National League since 1 he ?sale of Tinker
fur 988*080,
?'ha:he |? ranting around breathing de?
fiance to the outlaws anl allowing as
how s?.m? manager Is going to punch i"
Qessler In the nose Th* organisation
was Supposed tO have taken a dlgnit)
bath when Qovornor Tener came on the
I mu goatee la SleSdlag linn for the led?,
In ?pile of tbe poison pen letters that tbe
Phillies are sending him. The.? are etpress.
Ing (real sorrow In Ibink II.at Tom must lie
rule,I In llronkl-n. II might have hern
worse. *?(. 1.011 Is i? no bio plater'? heaven.
Speaking '?f press agents, the publicity
nan of fie I'm.ame Pacifli ?.? 11 has an
eii*.e on them all With s lise,. polo
tourney to be sttemlsd bj the King and
Q ..',!, ,f Bulgaria, not to mention Al?
fonso and Victoria Of .-'pain, it la the fai
inesl bouth t? the ami al s rcrasch No
preSS agent tbOUld smok. that bland of
i Igarett* .*
W 11 w
McBarry's Homer Defeats Reds
? i III*. Api .i .' Although Iteraos.
sollten the R| ?!- b.,1 Img ...,., .. \.,,.|| | ,
th* IhM up, i lacing him ? i .d on the
h i tb* L"wl ? i'ie Am* ii ..h i. mi made
ii two ? trslghl from < Im Innatl m re to
dav i.? a acere of I to : > ingiii ? ...
:?iwi " ti n hits In la Inning? M. Barn
hit m tin sixth brought in Isui rana
Calumet Club Bats Its
Way to Decisive Victory
Rises in Wrath and Scorci
Twelve Runs to Four for
Union Club in the
Winter League.
Loud OH the kettle drums! heat the an
vils and let soft mueic no longer prevail
The Calumet Club roes In Its wrath ami
?mote the Union t'luh hip and thigh in th?
Winter League game on "the lot." I'lftli
avenue, near ?2d street, yeaterda} after
Th.- victor] a-es ss complete and de
CisiVe a ?I was crushing, and the SCOTS,
i.' t?. t, teils the story for it?-eif Although
i"e ranke* and Buperbas Brad the open?
ing gun of the season in Brooklyn, a fair
sized crowd was .m hand, it wa* made
up principan* of Calumet sympathisers,
for the) turned out to -re th. law of
vindicated. Having won only
two oui of twelve games, they counted
that th? tablea would have to turn at one
time or another.
it ?ai a (??furent tram thai represented
the Calumet Club yssterdey. The men
played aggressive, wideawake baseball.
They hit ths hall with savage ferocity,
forced the lu?k to break, and then rode
it to the limit. The. enjoved a held day
in the sevinti: inning b> slamming the
offering?* of i..h iv Delafleld for ten sin?
gle?, whli h scored aeran runa and
cliiichcI the vi't'uy. They fielded sharp
lv, ton. and only three errors marred tbe
card. With ae many bright >pots, ho.v
ever, noi even the most captious found
(ants with the breaks in rhythm.
\\ A. Till proved be>ond all question
that pets-ver?n, e will win. Although
?-.i-, igelj mauled on several previous 0*
na, he took up the white man'?? bur?
den and pitched ins team through t.- vie.
toi- In tine style Kor seven innings he*
ItOOd the I'nion batters on their heads,
and let them down with three paltry hits.
In that tu,i. oiilv two men breathed th.?
ratified stmosphere of third base.
In th.- >eveiith Inning the Intrepid I.
Hclatlehl pried hi.? Way to third on a sin?
gle, an inf.eld out and a glorious steal.
Success, ii would seem, went to his head,
and he attempted to steal home. It mighl
bava been 'hit he was ambitious if so,
'?was a grioVOUS crime and grievously
Standing of Clubs
in Winter League
Won. Lost. P. C.
I nlver?af? . S 1 .?*!"?
l'nlnn . 7 ?? .108
Racquet hihi lennl? ... H H .431
Ulli Regiment. ft ?> MS
Knickerbocker . I fi .100
( al.onei . 10 ..'?O
did Delafieid suffer, for a snap throw to
tin plate nipped him several yards off.
Seven hits in all were plucked off Tilt's
delivery, but it was only in the nihth
trame, Slth the game safe, that he al?
lowed more than one to the inning. Then
three happened along it1 rapid tire order,
and two runs resulted. He had (fond con?
trol, moreover, and passed only four men.
lielafield received the dressing down of
his SVentfUl career. No fewer than twen
tj -thne hits weie made off his delivery,
and he had his own sweet time to keep
the opposition from stopping there. His
team, however, played snappy ball be?
hind him, and made only two rather par?
donable errors.
Tilt and Schultz were the leading slug
gSTS of the Calumet team. Each picked
off five safe dr.ves, while Orad y anl
Milllch were ?lose up with four each.
Schultz hau a busy day at first base as
well, and had thirteen put out to his
. redit
l'or the Union men Washington made
three hits ami handled ^ix out of seven
Chances perfectly.
The score follows
ab r Ii pea l I'.iti pa a i
MthUllS, lb 3 - '.13 0' Wienn *> ?. o e, ;, l o
ii.geio?, el I - -00 *Wa**staff 101 o o o
? - ? rtetijaiidii.'.b .". 0 0 13 0 1
I : I - 3 t t Wat son. 100 0 0?
At.-n ... S : i '. 1 0 Wash'ion.lib 4:3 ! ?11
III., p .. S J j J 3 0 Wee'?s ,. :, II 4 00
?lit.bon?. ?b, ?.0 1 : ?
i DatsAsM, p. c ? i l 3 0
Totals...Mli*S**f'71 To??!s. "847X7181
flatted foi "?Vrenn in th? ninth inning.
l!dtie.| (or Hen'amln in the ninth inning
calumet .0 0 7 0 1 I o i> g?13
Inlen .u 0 0 0 6 0 0 ; : 4
Stales i ases?Schult:*. Mllleck, Atea, l>ela
I'enjamin, Washington liases en '.,11s
?'IT Til:. * off DaSalMd, I Struck out ? By
Tilt. I 1'lrst l.aee on error?-i'aluniet. 2.
1 nloii liout.le play??tired) to Schult*. I'm
;,.. . rre.leri.-k Wllcos, l Diversity Out?. Tim*
of san? i :30.
League's Counsel Sees Victory
in Federal Court War.
Chicago. April :.-The Fed? tal I TOgUS
M;:rils to win, no matter what the ?>ut
corii?' Of itS suit to enjoin William Ki,li?
le, from ploying with the Philadelphia
National acuordtug to k. k. Gatea ibe
I? ague s .-...?
if in? United states court at Grand
Rai affjei the bearing oti Saturday,
grants tin Federal Leogus its Injunction
the outlaws '"'?nt on having Kllllfer
Blending, Kahl? r, ?Baumgardaer ami
uniiams forced i?i live up to the Federal
contracts they Hie said io have signed.
If ibe OOUII refus, s to Rrant the in
junction, Unix denying the binding power
.?r ti;. contract Kllllfer slgnsd with the
l. derals. ??at?-:-, holds that the ,.,nt'.i tl
m organised baseball areuM b. considered
?tquall) ueeleea ao that dlssatlsaed play
sra could Jump to thi Federals without
rega d t?? i onti a? t
Latest reporta concerning th< h r.? t, .1 ?
? ? ? to-do) were that the pitcher prob
.ii.iv would b. forced to yu> ?111? tbr
l-|..'-i... . ?U j
Power Boat Trials Postponed I
Day in Florida.
BI v IgUStilM, Fia . April 2 BeOBUBS of
the ?HsdHtrotJ). waterfront fire here to-day,
In which th? Power Boat Club house wan
deettoyed. events .if the Southern Speed
Beal I?BCQ8. scheduled far to-dav, were
postponed until to-morrow.
Noil" ?if the valuable spenj boats here
fur tin- Southern rar?-? were damaged bj
the llame-?
West Side Bowlers Gain Lead.
Compiling thiee ??f the bent totals re
lordeil in the Intenlub Howling l.eaaue.
the West Side Club Jumped into the lean
in takiriR all thtee gam?-?? from the Owl
Club m a nerles rolled on the winner's
allevs last night
Ti ? WtPt Mde's icorr* <?f i:,;. l|| and
:ki ?Acre never- dangerously approaeh.-d
bv their ri^.'N 1'ive fat s, or?s w. re re?
turned bv West Side howlers, ?'liarles Se|
over having an averaga ?if Its,
T?i' scores folhra
u BAT BlDg ' i.i H i?v\ i, CLI B
IISSSI -"?' ?*? I*' Uom II?. I?,.*, III
Maille?, c 19 W Rathsaber I to i.i? i?.,
I^mIm I4? IK II? ?-^llrr.MM I?. |?; -..?V
"elovei ?') I-' 3t i ?iiiine . 1x4 |TI ITI
IH?fion I- HI .10 Meyer.. 1)1 l.v, is?
TalJti*... W HI Mil Touts.... lb id U
Roseville A. A. and New Yorl*
A. C. Must Meet in
Each rolling on its home alleys and win
ning all three games, the Roseville Ath?
letic Association and the New York
Athletic Club tied for the championship
Of the Athletic Howling League la-t
night, the final games of the league sea?
son and a roll-off to he arranged later
win be necessary. Each team has won T>
games and lost 17.
New York was fortunate in winning the
second game, for It .ame down to a mar?
gin of only two pins. Had Hooth been
able to strike out he would have pre?
vented the M.ti'ii.v Footers from tiemg
for the title. Roseville's rictltH 'vas the
Columbian club, of Best orange
The scores follow:
r.oberta ...J44 Hi!? 171 Baldwin , I? ;'?3 181
Arlains ...MS 179 ?08 H.,.;niHn 185 1*8 M
Klln?-iio*?erl7! If* IS9| Cbaca ? li3 IS4 |M
.?.rrtea . .MC Ltd '--'? Harper 1' : IM 171
Ciute .I'd "10 1841Booth .I7i .i'J IM
T?tala....818 811 M Total! H I I H
Wood .. .. IM 171 IM M ?ff ..IM 1 ? ?75
Neglev ....171 IM t?4 Blacbloy ...IM 1*1 IN
Hammacher'-'OO 17S l?'.l I>o?c? 171 IM :?i
Moffau ...171 :? 191 Kemp? . IM '.oo IM
Van Xess.Uf 170 .1. Las .171 IM IM
ntlala....MI .v,3 ?4,; Totola . .871 ?31 M8
Du Bote....81 IM IM Potter . .00 SS 171
Pe, k . 1*-' 141 l'l Nobe .IV. IM IM
llic .Ill IM 110 Kling IM '-03 IM)
Klston . 301 IM IM H S ??? IM 174 IM
I) Lefferts lsi |M IM A Was II ,?.;
Tot.,!, Ml M7 VA Totale.. Ml MS IM
Ensla . 141 IM ISS Miller .ltt IM IM
Mi ' loj . II IM l?J hamster .. "M 19: 141
Slglei IM IM mo Harrison ...in i?
c?ld? .IM 171 ...IS! m ist
Lockwood IM IM IM Brundoge . IM 171 ;??
Total......tt?- 171 HS Totale.. IM Hl ? ;
Vreeland IM 171 IM J Schuman.Ml IM SM
Miller '?. IM IM K Sa human."31 1DJ 1*8
M?"im 171 r?o ... RoManburs 171 H?>
Blarhof .. 171 im IS* Msllon ,...171
D ? ? ? IM Kebulti . m IT8 ||
"? : ? I IM l'?0 '
Totais . ,811 M4 IM Totais ... '? im '--.
Merkle, Murray nd Besch-,
er Make Things Lively
for Tvvo Pitchers.
"Big Six" Lets Oilers Get Home
Run. Then the Slorm Bursts
in the Sixth.
I by THagrasO m The THboae 1
Beauaaoat Tea., April : Koavj batting
bj hi?rala Marra) and Basehar snd the
steady pitching of Math? wson ami lie*.:,
Rave the (iiants an easy victory over ihe
OUere her? this sfrsrnsaa. The asesad
K?me of the aertOS BBS I OBBtOel !> to
the fifth inninK. when the Giants t..?.k t> e
hit in their teeth an,I ran SWB) with th
spolia Thej gathered -im..:i hits for .-?
total ?.f tW? nt\ 10 .1 i .1?. - -i-,", -,
was 1J to l.
The Beaumont boya although ? i
wire sasfl) beaten t ?? -<i.? %. derived
nui'h satlsfBetfcNi m icoring on Matbew?
son. A lot of" f?.|ks ?lovvn this way ?on
sider that no minor leagUO t'lav.r is en?
titled t" ,-er .?- niii'-h BS a foul oft
Matty, and a in lad who Rets to nun for
a hit is never released before th- season
MatbOWBOa'l regular rprlns: perform
ame In BOBUmOBl is now an ocr.mtv
Todav sras the tlrst ladies- da- of ?M
season, and it was a BlircSQS from everv
angle. The Weather was hot. bit th;?'
?l;?i n?.t K.-ep anybody away. The trOWMB
-ame o t m summer attire and |i
Bumbera while ''?? mai" fans took et
their ?oats ami made HlSBISSlTlS eomfofl
abb-. Straw h.?ts were too OOmmon <o bs
n?it?. . .1
in honor of this aossmblagg Mathewson
bitched six Innings ?? - sdvertlsed. fach
Murrey made two throws to the home
plate ami l-'red Merkle obliged with a
home run over the eontrefloM fen.-e
The Slants iii'i not start to pound the
ball until the fifth Inning, fun they made
up for lost uni" then. In th.- last four
Innings they ooUeeted thitteen ?.;if,> hit*
lad all twelve of their runs. Ip to that
time tbe home team bad a dream ol
beating Mathewaon and bragging
it for a binar time
Hob Psschsr did more batting to-day
than at anv time *mre the i? ,,m ;, ft Mnr
lin Me was up the time?, and aft. r
Walking twl? e, smote the hall for a doubl?
arid a triple, s<-?mnk: tWtCS ;?:.
home three tuns with hi.- two hits,
Mi-rkie had tin- beet straight hitting
record. Hs gather two singlee
inn and a st.l'en bas.- in live times Up
an?i registered at the plate three times
himself. Murray tossed m a nan of
doubles and a single and .r dOWfl two
men at the plat.
The (liants were tired nhn; the gUM
started aixl even more tired at tb?' finish
MoOraW had them OUI I I ' '. |W0
hours this mornin? and they worked si
top speed fur more than an hoir before
the game. Mratult held them f.tirlv vv.ll
the first few Innlftga hut was a? imdly
batfe.1 in th- fifth and sixth n.nud?
ln the iir.-t four Inings the Giants mads
only three hit- and Brandt received Une
Double plays in lb? >' OBd and
third innings helped him out <ii hole
M.-rkie started th.- fifth Inning s -
and the bis- leaguers latte.i around before
they retired with four hits and SI manv
Brandi weathered another inning, nut
?fter bemK bumped f"r three n.ire rUBS
disappeared and let a right hand. I
McCullei close him on McCuller tried
I new s;. stem. He PaSSOd ?t batsman 'i"l
then tried to catch him nappin? 0 ca
sionally be threw a bail nv? r tl
and th" (liants w.Id hit it t" BORN t?>
corner. McCullei was touched up for five
runs in the eifhth
The S'-'Jie fOIIOWS:
ai- r hpo? e ab 'b pn ??
ef s 3 : 30? v^.n-', if 4 i i : o-?
' . ? o o : "0 Bu aesi rf. Ill I
..', ? ?-. i? | e ? ill i". ? II ??! -' ??
,,;, i." ?. 4 1-11" reoke : loo ? ? o
t ins j .1 Too Rdmoasen,<-f III 3 ' *
?fo-rray. rf? 1 S * ? ?'?>?? '? ?J? J ;
- i i-, 0 i|i .r -i, -> ?
.... , -, .' .? 0 0 0 vr/. tb .... Ill I ?I
,.,,.; ..,.nr, t i l It MM Hahon.? Ill J JJ
? ,?,.?.,, p.. l 1 1 II .
1 IM Culler, p l oo o no
Total? '? '9i' Ihtele...? MIIMttl
v,,, voi-k . " I ft ? * I ? ?' ? ,:
.o i t oeeoee-i
,-,,.?, base en ?jrrors Beaument. - Sew
1 Mg bltl Murray ..'..
w?vM Three-ham hit?Beaehei
Merkle gfurrince hli I? irsess
? I,'.'. Merkle. *? k M UWI
i s>w fork, :. i<- sumont
, i.. ttm an ! t?dd? At? D
a.?| inoke liuse.s. M bails <'-' Brail
off llearn, I .-?- ?
Mathewson, 3. by Mearn ?, t
McCuller l Hi-- Ofl Matl ewiei ?? m ?? in
?ins.s; of Brant, 11 In ? tanins? ,?-?"flre
"lard?er Att? m ? * Nats at same
~-^y v
"My kingdom for a horse,"
proffered a defeated mon?
arch. But the modern man
gets an infinitely better means
of transportation?at lowest
cost when he buys a sturdy
Ford. The economical
Ford has made the horse an
extravagance at any price.
Fire hundred dollars n the prior of the Ford run?
about; the Inuring car is five fifty: the town car
irren filly f. o. b. iVtroit. complete with equip?
ment, (iet catalog and particular? from Ford
Motor Company. \~i'\ Broadway; also Jackson
Avenue ?V Honeywell Mrert. l*?ng Island City.

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