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Fultz Defends Attitude of
Baseball Players'
Failure to Specify Salary He
Says. Would Make Agree?
ments Unenforceable.
'n ?nvwri lo the chatRc? that th?
lj v\.,r? not
obligations to orgaalset
all ?n refusing to advise it* mem
to le-pect the reserve clause ??f
I "av ,1 I 1-,.H-. presi- '
at the orgeni.-ation. lasus. the fol
lg -taien-.cnt > aStSTdai
t:?e fraternity baa baaa more .??? ?es?
?ed for not compelling its
|ard the so ?ailed reserve
la contracts of organi.e.l
ball We nav? refused to da tin- toi
baeaaaa we have teit that ??
d te puttirs; ourselves in a irery
?llalnt bttf
nom., ?uns eamethlag the
tew might lal e ?? not
??* Had we taken -til
af not only
??ur members, tut >>
?? lo actions at tea fo;
aa te
mo iikciv. we believe
eeull ? .1 prove that we have been
? ?Hemd v\e have taken.
? al thte eataaM te
m? te ? etten wbleb ha>
?saoed. w It'n various lim
? eaatte vv |
I ed
- apparently think of the
? i quantity, w beraae
ver> - ai aasay
?". - of it at? there were
and -
a a-', intelligent cue. and ,
? te\' of ?
passed upon are. it eeiSftl to nie. value
: ?i i n
the two ir I er the |
season of .!'Kv and under when play
?\ ho hr.v. to the i ?
I.eag.e must be held if at all. i-.: <
,?nd to my mind are umiuestiona?ly
u i ? enforceable.
era ara Iwe elletat tafaeti te the
II ?neouitabl? natuie.
in that it ninds the player
?rc-r while ! I buund ior
only t??n t?av ?. and. second. Ite aagteel ta
state - tery s ?11 ?be paid under
I ?Wall S? I to be enter%?J into The
trat i - - -what involved and
does not need to be considered here, a ? '
? ifhcieiitly vital to rob ti?e
rinding force.
"This clause ?cad? in part a? follows:
?' In . ?.T.-.ueiation of the _OBBP-BOa?-tea
paid to tne party of the second pan, by
?rty of -be lirst pan. as recited la
part -giees and obligates?- bbaSMll to con-:
tia?.i with and continue te ti ?
: arty of the rirst pa?t foi the sue-.
eadtat ?eaai ?. .-? ?
termined b) tlie parties ot such contiact.'
It tan be ta: mat one of the
v ital eleii.?
salar.v. ;? ?s boon ?fi to future negotia?
tions - therefore, no meet
I aa eentra ?
agreed ui court? to enforce.
'The leading New York case on th?
point is the Metropolitan Exhibition Com?
pany, at one time operating the New
York bau club, against Jul.r. M. "Ward,
the pre_?nt business manager of the
Brooklyn Federal I_eague club and a suc?
cessful New York attorney.
"Th- rk ball dub attempted by
;? pre-:. non to restrain Ward
i rom playing vv ith ore of the Brother?
hood teams dUTtet the war of MM. The
?eserve Clause Of Sard's contract was
stronger than the one of to-day, as it
provided that tl.e salary for the succeed?
ing year ?should not b? les? than $3.0"0,
while the present one provide? no mini?
mum whatsoever, leaving the matter en?
tirely with the owners.
"The court, however, refused to grant
the Injunction for the reason, among
other?, that the terms were too indefi?
nite. It ?aid 'That a court of equity will
not make a contract which the psrtles
?Ubeonalves liav?? not made and that it
will not enforce an Indefinite one are ele?
mentary proposition? that need no cita?
tion of aatbertttee to support them '
"In the case of the Philadelphia ball club
against I.ajoie. ;t Pennsylvania case
which is looked upon as upholding the
?eserve clause, the <ontract provided
?hat the ?alary under the renewals Should
??<? tbe f-am'., th is doing away with the
objection of want of deflnitenesH.
It ali-o ptovided that it could be re?
newed for a period of three year?, thus
.voiding, to a slight extent at least, the
taays*< tlon of want of mutuality now
Wised arainst the present contra'tH,
? hi-h have no limitation Xp the renewal
I it can readily be seen, therefore, that
Bit? case can be of little value in up
lolding the present reserve ?lause."
Newark Fans Interested in New
Men on This Year's
The Ketrarh ba?eball team, much ???
constructed ?ince it won th.e International
league championsliip teat ?season, will
make its first home appearan? e for the
1914 campaign this afternoon, playing the
Philadelphia Athletics, who carry the title
of world's champions.
_ There appears to be mu< h interest
?.mong tbe Newark fan? in their team.
?which hn? been training for six weeks in
?he South. Mor? than half a dozen new
[faces will be seen in the squad, including
Mike Hecklnger, catcher ; Kay Mow?-.
?hortstOP. and l*o Callahan. outllelder, ,
who havs been turned over by Brooklyn ; j
I>eo Witter, another outfielder ; Sherrod
Smith and Zach Erhard, reciulted from;
other clubs.
Connie Mack has announced that he
will send his regular te?m, with some
racruit pitcher?. Consequently Collins. '
Baksr. Schang. M< Inness. Murphy and
Barry, who nieve?! I prO-tlnaal part In
ths world's series last fall, will dlapO I
for th? tens. The game is scheduled bf
???gin at t o'cloct
Over confidence Nearly
Cost Tigers a Game
Rutgers Comes from Behiiu
After Substitutes Go in
and Is Beaten Only
in the Eleventh.
??ph to Thi*
Princeton. N. .1 . .\??:ii 4 Too great
ly a thre-vrun lead coin
I the Princetoa baasball players U
gght Rutgere tor two aatra Inning
afternoon and barsl] gscspg dtasstST '?:?
a final 6cor.
It was tl
for Rutger? sad only the as* one I
Tiger- erton. the I l| gOOthpSW
freshman team,
pitched hla ? rai "varalt: p.?nie for Primes*
I nd had things go complete ly his
own way for liie first six im, nga thru
only eighteen nun fa?ed him. while thvi
?.dem.g the "? "v atoares"
away. Clarke, t!.e < "ach, seilt ?'Ut h DSU
bsttsry and two oth- itee in the
.11 frame, with the result that a
hit and three errors in close
:??? 0 ? m the ?seventh.
While a -.nit; r by a two-baa?
bit In l nlatl '
wss not
brilliant. I
? ii acatt*
111 the fourth fren?, win 11 he
11* ? ? by mote reliai '
tbaa Dey o after the Prii
ha?! been made, hut he lOOl in ti e
eleventh Inning, eraen ;? tvro-bagtar,
1. n-. snd i m tie a? ? ? anted t ?>
th? v? inning run.
. w. ..k, >i i? ,.i ne i.r pi In? ?
?I a bile tbe rotular 'varall ? ?en
worn in th? ir positions e m thi
ling i sa n .ni?- n
tlu?l time.
?i), i I. i o t ?
? I I .
iL.i.ks if., ii ?v line, ?.
? , , ?? ?? . rwlag " 111 I
i.l 1 4 I P0W?tl, lb.., 1 0 ?
? ,f . . | ?... I I ..
Ill ' ' .
? . 2t>. 1 O 0 I ?"? ' '
I 14 1
vvhII. , .. I :. so,
?Ijinib'tiin.p I '? <J 0 4 I
Ij.-vo. p. 2 DO 0 T I
ill.HU.. ?
n ?a- fer Twlng In ninth Inaiog -mi
nlr.g ?
-??-ti . .. 1 .. <
I ; ??
In? ?ton
.'. ? :
Lowers Record, Too, in De?
feating Small Field at 8th
Regiment Games.
Richard F. Reiner, the tWO-M I
national walking champ) I ?I the
one-mile Military Athletic League ei
to his lauit-ls in deflating a small field
at the annual games of th? ?' Regiment,
held in its arsaory, Paik svanus sad suit
street, last night. The event vas left
over from the recent championships held
at the 71st Regiment Armory.
The Irish-American Athletic club walk?
er broke the tape in li minutes hi 14 ?ec
onds. establishing a new record for the
distance. The former mark was 7 min
>??? oinjF, and was mad.! by Benny
Mat.n. ttie prese. : ? Oh "f the 8th Regi?
ment athletes, two years ago.
Krank it. Plant, representing the i^tn
Regiment, va? geoond, some "g yards
behind, with Arthur i. Davis* of the ttd
Regiment, third, fsr in the nur. Daniel
F. Smith, s ClUbmate Oi R* met and the
only other gtartsr, wsnl only two lapa
when ?ii- decided to ?
Benny Barium LoUla Cohen and Loi I
Msrtoaa wsre among the victora In the
mie closed to the r?giment. The Rest
sgunod "'.n the 100-yard aprlnl race sai
finiab?d gpoond to Loula Martsna in the
?O-yard dash.
The gummai I* i fol
Firtv-vard '].h!i (handicap; cloaed)?-WeB by
I. Mm tena. IM Company (t feet!; B, Barros,
Zlal < "Mii-any (10 feet) ?? ? "i"i. ?' R?
o npaay (12 feet), third. Tli
SOO-yaH um Inovlce)?Won bj Daniel J.
Compaay; i:. Wlnkler, M Com*
I; L. Cohen, ''."Mi < ompany. third.
ard ran (handicap; cloned)?"Wee bv i:
Barran, 'ii?t ? !omi. Mi
I,. Cohen,
*Sth Company (10 yards), third. Time, 0::^ l ??.
? ?;.'? mile run (nevlce; open) Wen by J. w
Wilson, l'aik a i-., i;. (iiynii. gt Vincent
Ferrei A C, seooad; H. Brown, ii*uuiiu>ii Ly?
ceum, tliiid. Tlrii". r,;07 I-'..
mil? run (toandtean claosfl) Wen
Haxtfr. Hospital Corpa os rarda); s d, Rich
mend, Hal Company (M raras), second; l?. .i.
Heyes, Ktb Company Uli yard??, third, Tim?.
:, M
One-mil< walk (MUltan Athletic i^uKne
championship)?Won bj Richard 9 Remer, Ith
i; Plant, Uth Reglmi nl
ondi K. I. i ?.. , ? : i ird. 'lune,
? i'^i military record, .:I7.?
i .i.? mile a all ? noi l< *? i Won bj
Mm uiiur.M. Bronx church Ifeuee; <? C. ii?
-, unattached, aecond; .i Wbalen, un?
id, iiini. Tin I g|
One mil* beavO i.ihlng erdei Wen i.v
i Dawei 3S< h fcompanj . A Ritt* r, 'Jtiti.
Company, second; ! Warschauer, -j.'.iii Coin?
pan: ihlrd Time, I M
Putting 12-pound shol (handicap; Honed i
Wen b) L Cohen, 30* i Company (10 feet),
wirii -in feel 4 Inches; ? Barron, Ile) Osa*
paaj (I feet), with 48 feel %M Inehes
i 'jcrii Company < lo feet), with
4i t- , i ?-. ' inches, third.
Republican Bowlers Win.
The bowling team pf the We?t Side
Kepuhlkan Club defeated the New Yoik
Athletic Club st the latter's alleys last
night in two out of three matches. Had
ley. of the West Side, and Peters, of the
N. V. A. C. were tbe only men to roll
200 or better.
The summary follows:
WSMT MI ir; ?l c N. r. A. i'
14' 110 lf-7 Amii 'ii l*?7 IS1
H itili . .'?*? IM lui Wlndolth... la* M 171
174 .ti i . i,.- . ?n
1---.!<?> ei ..i Marl
n .. 173 100 If, . yp ... |{f is-? i.,7
Totals .. 8M ?It 7M| Totals ... NO ?12 ??H
Jack White Beats Covey in
Hard Fought Court
Tennis Match.
In I COUTt tennis match that I
? the I .h iv. beta, Jael White, the
mal, deflate.I i. i? >
< love: ' "f fJreat 1 t the
Racquet and Tennle < Hub
noon. Tbe foreign visitor attempted te
concede half fifteen to his opponent, aa I
although he failed, the margin Of defeat
was ?o .?-light that it was a (question if
any better odds could have been ?arranged.
?Covey had lmprov d his game over the
form ho displayed against Jay ?flOUld at
Philadelphia a few weeks ago, and before
yesterday's match he stated that hi had
become more ec?ueto__-d te Um Uvelter
balls use.] in this c?>u_try. On t h _ other
hand, White, who had been playing well
for pom?' time put, was regarded as
having an excellent ?han''-, and th* opln
lOB "f the members and guests who
crowded the fleflem and galleries wai
about evenly divldeil as to the probe le
outcome. Jay fjonld was an Intarsated
After ??tartiiiB uneteadlly White ?began
playing ta bis i.e? t form n i ?! manag? I ' ?
poll the tirst s<?t oui of the hie by i
of ?i :.. lie found th" winning openings
with rare accuracy and kepi the ball ex
tremely low, ahlmmlnt the net by the
narrowest Of margins, lie was at his
be.Tt ?n the eecond fot. wher?? he allowed
fjovey ?only ?? single ,came. The foreign
visitor put on sptr'd In the third SSt-tO,
winning by n s?-?.?ro of 6 ". At that time
Wblt? eppearafl t<> i?e tirim~, an.t whsn
his oppnnent won the next rot by a score I
of ?i I nearly every OM -ZpOOted to see
COVey patlier in the honor?.
white wns beaten te a rtaadatHI In tue
early stages of tho de. i.-ive set, the count
goinK to four love bofore he won a game?
A few moirients later Covey had It _?1,
and just when the spectators weie getting
ready to move White started an unex?
pected brace that carried the (tames to
?-all. Vantage set was then called, ?'in 1
although Covsy won the eleventh tame
the next time went to White, w ho fin?
ished with a treat burst of speed.
The eummai v toliov.
Jh k Wblt?, HatS Y<" : '?.'?i!-;? I'.
Cbv?y, Knglftn.!. ?V-1. ?, ;
Ttcleif?--M. s. l'aton Ma: ker? Harry H?r
? ? ?
Elects Officers for the Year.
The Metropolitan Va? ht Club hss
elected the following ofllcera for Iffl.:
? 'ommodore. William I?'. t'i.sar; v ice
< ommodore, Robert Spittle; rssr com?
incline, M 1. Piiikn.i: I ?. as?irer,
George .1. i??kes, linrun I.il er? i ..tare
John I.aveiy; recording and corrcopon/i?
ing aecretary, James A M:?. Donald;
house committee. John Gallagher, chair?
man; regatta committee. William ?Sym
mers. chairman, ?nd entertainment com?
1 mittee, A .1. Fredenberjr, chairman.
Russell Wins for White Sox.
i v.i i Worth, Toa., April I Etet Rus
sell, fcttnetl I Ftn I Worth Southpaw.,
held hie former tc.im mutes to fir hits
tods y ami the Cbicsgo Imerteane w?on
the second g?me of the sene? by a BO-TS
of 0 to _
Has Margin of Only One
Run Over N. Y. U. in
Slow Game.
Followers of MorniiiKside I?, mi
[disappointed Over Poor
Work on Attack.
? ? Fork U nlv?
of the eeaeon <m lioi nil geld? i
terday. and it vas only ?fter an uphill
? thai tt ? Blue and White n no w.?s
hbi" to ? la b) ;? acore of t to 4.
The furi.l atmoHphere made ctaaa hand?
iin>,' o? ' ? I -ti weii-nirji Impossible, and
re ware mam
espectelU on Columbte'a ? ??-i*? of the ledger.
The g.- i .vv ;(nd vinintere tlntr, .'? i ? ? 1
ther? teemed little to choose between the
nine, s baadicappad ?Um ?Ooiaiabia aine
to a crisi.lerable extent, and I'wyer, th*
^(.'.'iir left fl.lder. and Watt, B-COnd
were unabls to play. Just as the game
(?? begm Qrotaeh, who was
slab 'i for Wstfi ;? - Moa .'?t m end
split i ;? fin?;' i and bad to retire?: Thle
put B third .-Mint* man into the UnO-UP
and ? i 'uer r?arrangeaient of th?
Charle] ll.inn, captain of the Harvard
team in 1112, played Brat base foe ?Co?
lumbia and was a powerful factor in
Steadying the l?am and directing the play
on the field.
.'-?he;,, a sophomore, h.vl his first try-out
in the, box as a "vnisity twiilcr for the
Blue und White, and although ho held
the New York batsmen down to a brace
of Faf? ties lie was wild. On liases on
balls and a wild pltrh, mingled with
three eii.ji:? 1 v his ter.iiim;tt?'-t, X.wYotk
University jumped into a four-run lead
In th? llfth inning.
Columbia dtepteyed no e.vceptiunaJ
strength with the bat, and was able to
comb Tyler ice only six hits. One of
irai ?'? home run by ,<?'h'a, the pitch?
er, however, and resulted In the ?coring
? ?? inns. 00 that although the effort!
or in? Columbteni ware limit- ?l, tbs ausll
tatlva work was swaj i ">e p.ir Roeeff,
the ral' her, poted ?ml n throe-hugger ill
tho eacond tentet, ?and in hi? next trip to
the plate. In ?the fourth inning, he jammed
a double tetO ? entre Said.
Colambte men, deaptte th? fart that the
game was the tlrst of tho season, vv. r?
plainly disappointed at th? showing of
th? ir ?team. Tbe nine failed to disclose
any real driving power with the bat, a
emphaeteed by the number of Infield
win? n resulted in nineteen assiste
for th.- .New York t'niveisity playart
The fi'luing of the Columbian? wa? not
up to j.jir, .iiher. ?'uptaln Friedrieh?,
with two bad errors, was a? much at fault
as any of hia mates.
In tht ""losing inninirs the Blue snd
White began to find Itself, and the eighth
Inning vv.i:? mail.cd by the fastest fielding
of the dajr, Fogo, a lastatt ta left field,
made ,. spectacular tunning catch of
\\ hite'? l'>ng drive that curved out over
the foui ?Une, and a moment later; sftet
Thompson ?bad reached first on Brophy'e
error, a rattling double play by I'hllson,
Friedrichs and Hann brought tho inning
to and end.
The score follow?:
COLUMBIA. i K< Y. tntlVStaiTT.
_br h po?e| ahrh po n e
... |b ? I i o I -' Woolf, If ... ni i ?? n
Hitaren, lb, I 'i " 3 0 II Pfau, v. ? 0 0 S II
Ha-.Mii.?. rf. 3'1 0 tl Oil.wi.li, 3b. . ?00 I 10
Hann. lb.... hiu llllWhio, rf.... ? ?? o o i o
i ?....i. n. m ?i?" 14 2| Thompson, m mi n il
J'use. If. ?11 2 OOHurke. 2b... 4 10 8 11
RrOphy. cf.. 2 -' l 1 111 M. Intvie, lh Ulli II
K.wfT. ?... ?tl 9 0 0| M?*iil?o<'h.cf ;t 0 0 2 Ou
hh'u, p. 4 1 I OOOITyler, p. ?110 0 7 1
Total?.?i 6 27 7 6| Tot?l?.U 4 2 M*_tl
?None out In ninth Inning when winnln?f run
wa? aoatad.
Columbia. O00010J015
New York I'til. fruity, o o 0 o 4 o ii ., o ?
lion... run- Sin.? T lire??-na???, Id?, -Hob?-IT.
Twii-lia??? till 'l'l.i>mp?<?i. Btolmi I .is.? Mnr
iii\. vvo-.if. BacriAo? bit Hasktns Hscriflc?
luklna uni I
I i and ii.hui t.- '- r>n h
Columbia, 7. New York University, ... iin by
ilUur-n, limpio i, hy She?
?Thnnipsoiii ?Struck out- H?. Rh< i :? I'lmt
?i t...llf? ' ?if t-hi-a, 3 off Tyler t. tm- '
pire-William?. Tl_j?-1.M.
Standing of Clubs
in Winter League
< lak Won. I.n.t. r. ?
i nivrrsiiT . m I .*?;;.".
I ni. n ?I AMM
i :ih Rcgisacal * ,; JssM
liai ich ' un? i asada I I Mi
Knit Uerhocker I 7 .:*??::
* elsaeel ...... , I 7 .mo
It's easy enough to defy them
When cool blew the breezes of spring,
But a world's series punch when they're
playing a hunch?
Well, that is another thing.
bets intends to make this
winter bsssball a rsgulgr feature, he
would do well to have the palatial park
piped f"f steam Imat. otherwise, the law
is likely to get alter him for Inhumanity
to man.
(barley Hering doesn't Intend to hare any
lo.-iHiiiK ?m hla tram, If he han to amputate
the few ?lurs that rrnialn to hlin. However,
there la t>onicthin? nuiinniia about Marsan* s
threat (o Jump to the led?. More of this
tall, will he heard later In the season a.
(he heavy hand nf discipline destenrta on
other team*,.
The Yankees have shown flashes of real
form In the Internecine conttlot. There
is a ssmblaaee of a regular tfam, with
fine pitching, atrong "?elding and po.?i
hitting, Firm foundations have been Isid
hy i'hance, ami home day, if he is lucky,
he win pick mi g gpssher or -i Johnson
Then be will have a peanent winner.
AU he needs Is a jewel to lllp Into the
Nobody hrreabnuta seem? gtOOtly excited
over the ?.?lection of u pla.e to ?i.i...- Hie
next fixi'li.ili battle between Annan?.1U and
l\?-?t I'olnl. New \ork ran worry along
wilboiit the tlxtuie, much as it would he
iii?-iis.-ii to ?? n i ,-ri it in tho v ??ii iii-s. As a mut?
ter of fiict, few of the rank and file In Mnn
baMaa ?re gieatod aba prtvflaga of bating
"Knockout' Brown had some hard
sledulng to do in hia l>out with Packy
Hommey, and several witnesses were In?
clined to believe that Valentin? Is no
longer what he was orne. But thoHo 00
the Inside and in the co'nfldence of I mu
Morgan weie apprised of the fact that
brown never Is at Ida beat when the Id
fails on a Friday, oepscisUy la April.
Iin'iirei? in nntly rrn.h uniforma will be
a (rature ,,f lh.? outlaw Kamee during (he
hot month*. These will i,, m, m,.ilM? he a
ovelty In ba-.el.nl I. There was always a
bit of a crai.li ?bout Charlie Murphy'? ap?
Fourteen ?spectator.?, mostly deadheads,
came ont to see a reeenl sshlbltian game
played hy the Wsshlngton Senators. Evi?
dently the debate on tho canal tolls Ig a
big attraction. \\a hope it is ggttled be?
fore the regular feaison opens.
If two doubles and two Ringle* |n two
k .unes are the result of uu attack of malaria,
1'rniik ? Inline might pre ?or il te look's ail?
ment for the re?t of the team.
Kap Rucker's first contrlhution may not
have been exceptionally Imp resells, but
we have a fair idea |U8t which Brooklyn
pitcher vviii have the most rletorlee
chalked up io In.** credit when the Idea
?if September roll around.
W. 11. \\.
Baseball on
College Diamonds
Priseeies ? R"<*""? . *
loli.mbU I hi V I ni? ?
I,m,ll,,?, S l-faretie J
l'rnnsilviinU I ^ 9UM M .
Measasaa 7 w>?i Point.
Georgetown ?'? ?'-?mell -
ilaryland Aarle. 4 l?hn* Hopkins ?
CstbeMa I ?!? ? Vermont ?
Heton Hall I? ? '?? *-***?*-??
Fur-Clad Crowd Sees Win?
ter Leaguers Beat Union
Club Nine.
Knickerbocker Team Falls Imy
Prey to Players of ,2tli
'i he Unlvorglty Clob vtrtusll:
the pennant, or whatever hlagoo em ?he
result Of thi U Inter ?SgUS ?
beating the I talon ? Ich In the I
of a thrilling doubt* asdsr si ? lot."
Fifth avenue, 11 ,r" '
sfterno* n. W hile lev* i il hundred ?
, , ., ml} < led
'Wim h Wl ? th* ? Of ihe
Isss fortunat* >, ?
taring In the srctle stmosphsrs, lb*
vsrsltj meo downed thsh ssarsat rl sie
by a score of n to ' sad gg*
w.th a le.iri of two end h. half gam*
the opening game the team o r
Regimen! rsn roughahod over 'he
n so ?.,. c itlvee by I
I to
'i bore >?? is i" ? "r ihe
trams who did ttOl OSSilfy fO
sait, in the An ei with full
Privileg* inou? ? - eold
.',: tO pull it t* n'Inn Of gpi
, . the itu ?
rr on.I alle, : I I J hUM W
or sibling Into ttie .
johnny De Bsulles, of football fsn
tly appointed to
-i hia
book. He "
Difference of i makes
tu back their
There were mai I hand
< luh was f| o "..
F??r fi\?- . M and
isting, glmmona and Delafleld had a
'?..tile iu tho box, and both re
< elved good support. Of course, b tre cud
tl.eie a heroic heave percolated through,
1 it these were few and far between. To
offset the bad breaks there were many
brilliant plays. De Saulics, third hggomgB
for the Un . and Hotnsng? short
stop for the li.n.i-, v .ed for honor.*.
Homsna wsa a arissrd in pulling down
flies off the wire gersSII? and in the eighth
Inning brought the crowd to its fOi I
.?-booting Banjamln'g aliaHng grounder to
first base in time I I f*t the lunne,-. I'e
Saulle.1 roved about here and there, pick?
ing them up and throwing with great skill
and eceurary.
Simmons bad a twist on the ball that
bothered the opposing batsmen. They
picked off eleven hits, but he had the
knack of putting on the screw-, in time.' of
danger, and, with the exception of the
ninth Inning, allowed no more than on?
j run at a time. His fielders aided to no
I small decree, and an error by the brilliant. ,
' Hcmans alone marred the card. Wileox
and his big stick were prominent in the
victory, too. and drove home several runs.
Delafleld w.ts ?rr the bos for the :
Club und was not guito up to form. He
was hammered lor fifteen hita, aad I
coming along in bunches, goon produced
the desired result*.
The- 12th Regiment ?: |srd fOT
any one's fssllngg la the opening game. '
, They took the bull by the in nig right in
l the opening chapters and put at rest all
doubt Falling on the slants of R?e, they
hammered out nine runs in the hrst five '
i Innings. These in themselves would have ?
? been enough to settle the game, but In th?) i
j eighth and ninth frames they put to- I
i gether five more. Holt, who pitched for j
? the soldiers, was a puzzle. In tho eight i
Innings he pitched ho allowed only nine ;
| hits and three run3. llildret.li th? n took ?
i command and allowed four hits and two ;
The score follows:
n m aaaiatsNT. : KNicaraatao* kkh.
ah r h po ae, uhr hpoaa ,
i Brown, 3b ? t 4 5 4 2, Da T'ham 3b 7 I .1 d .'. 3
. llil'h.as.p " '- 1 ? 'hon,2b ?. 2 2 i ') n
McCoy, r. t ? T t tOjCroee, -.?.....ft i 111
Holt, p.as 6 3 3 C? 111 \\,nlaii. c. 7 0 3 I 0 t
Aahm'e.Cb 8 :t I 2 If Iva?, lh. .. 7ft l 12 I ft
Jome, lb I 3 41] o ? nia r .II 3 lot:
"retain..* MM 17 it 41 T?tala , Will
i2th Rearbnant... II ft o ft 4 i it
Knickerbocker .I 0 | 0 1 1 0 0 :'- j
Stolen l'?.sea HMretb. M.-Cov. Holt. A*h- ;
mote, Jones (5). f>e Rham II), Kernochon,
: Oros? and Uao. [/?ft on boaee?IStb R?giment,
'8: Knickerbocker Club, I, Double plays Mil
< drefh ?o Jonf-a t'Ji; Jones, una?>?,lste.|; Da Hhcn
to l'jne; Fyne to Koirnu-li.ii. Bases on lulls
Off Holt. 1: off HlUreth. 1; o!l Hue, I. ! ni
( pires??Jurrlgan and S.huit/.
all r bpttai'l abr h po ae
Houiaii? ?? ft 1 S 4 ?, ! it.? .-.'ir,., -a., : ? , i i]
v.,1 l'oel.c | | 4 ., ft ii B'njomtn.lb II 111 fti
Simmon?.p 9 - I? ?|<j p 7 1 2 1 4 3
Wileox. lb S :: fi 11 0 F \V;u,irtnn.o lift I I 0 1)
*'reen. lb, I 1 'J 10" *T*?a**ltt... ! ft ft 0 0 0
liacou. a?. 2 0 o ????R.D.W'n.aa 3 2 I h 0 0
1'ell. lb... H : 3 400, l.lvliiKs'n.?M I 1 0 2 11'
ib 4 0 1 I 0 1,
Wataon, :t>. i o 0 i II
tWogsUff.. 11 1 0 00
Totals... 3S 7 12 27 ill
?Mattad for WsaMsgtSB in th? ninth Inning,
t Hat ted for \V..t.?=,,ri In the ninth lnti!n?c.
University Club.I I I | | | I I o
Inlon Club. H 1 111 l| H
siolrn liaar.s liom.m, , ,. s,|-,moa?, \Vll .,,T
?ireen, Pen, Fo Ba?les cji Beniarnla
Delsaeld. Wrenn. i.,.f. ? Ul>e?.., ,^*?
Llub, ,; 1 n!on nub. ?. Poublo ,,i.,v i?u ,?
\\lleex. Baaee on balls-Oft Klmmona a
[ngekjst.ay na?asa? a uSSaa^
Blues Score at Bensonhurst.
There was a good Bald of gunners at
the new traps of the BonOOOhurat Yacht
, Flub on the shore-*: of C'ravesend Bay
yesterday, lnteroi-u principally (.erUred in
a team shoot at 120 targets, which was1
won by tbe Mines, under the command
fin *?n ^wmV ,Th5 l2k* homft trophv !
fell to J. Whltehead. Q. L-aonard acoV,.^
] a leg on the Elliott cup. *jeo"ara *co***
Griffith Sells Two Senators.
Washington. April 4.-riark Oi-ifflir,
manager of the Washington AmerbJan
h.-aKue .bssebaU team, "as sold job
lumford, pitcher, and fcmll Meusel. out '
< der, to the Elmlra rlub of the N*?
York State UagUS under the ?pt?'
agn ?-ment ?ilan. ?**ii?i
Thej will report at Elmirs oa April
, Mr,!:Mu <,??,e here from the l,os An-,
gales dub. Pacific foast League, while
1 Mumford ia a local player. * i
Judge Sessions, of Gram
Rapids, Takes Case Un?
der Advisement.
Court Intimates That Complain
ants Were Party to Players
Breach of Contract.
Oraad R?pida, Mist . April 4 i"
M to th? IT In the first "i '
.ra? Basaban ?
?sad rrgaalaad basaban, as rspn
by th? m now up *
i ose W. taaatei
ibe i nltad (Katee ?DtotrtetCoavt fof v. <
< ? n Michigan.
Argumento of ?counsel in ?the
.... ?.. ? i ?
csgo Pedersl l-oague club '>> enjoin W\
i Miiiffi, jr. from con-Unseat
the servi"; of the Phftedstohte N'a
l.f.igie ?nib or ?n> other than the (.'fi
at,-'. Federal League orgaulzation w?
conipteted tele te ?day, aad Um fudge tc?|
' ie .1 under ad' i'ernenf. I I':
i.ohm'"i fi.at be wouid not render * <i?
stetoa ?efore ? ? ?f -|
: ?-.i foff a I ??? 1. ??: U H dO '
. ?
. issus veered
iighr.i in
- '
club aa an <
It, by offei
come Into coui t ?
obligation, ' la.!,:
stan?lini ypu a tloo In that rat*
L !.. Gates, of Indtenapolio; I .
iiai'ids, ar.o I
- ? ? . ? ? . the
?ral I?c;iS'ie tu i he ;-:^u .
?j:?i'.? i If, ' lement, o!
adelphfei William L
Detrotl ted the p . . > n?
tional league ? I
Judgi mneel for i
the complainant with regard to the know!- I
e-lg^ Oi ?the 'hi.ago Fe<!er._l l^eag?^?
magnates Of ?UM existence of tu* I
delprv v reserve ctel a
Uly that tins wa?j one ?si
cocaple -
court, lie added tlie ie::.
the complainants ..- ?txtraordins ?
United ttstt t; that torn]
shown.? of sbsolute
In defen< e of
"clean hande," Mr ?
granting the IttVSildtt) of the rei
clause Kiliifci i. - . ail u.?-??-?
O'illlslt' ? ' .
January II, i:?ll, be'ore Bi|
Federal.-. i
_tl -
phin, took the other side,
ment was WOVOO around ll epit I
".shouiii the seducer of I
entitled to equity in court ."' AttOI
for the National -
sion briefly to defend tae re?.-: .
and the ten-day etettSO.
it ?rae brought -
contract and the reaarve i
amended ei
plainan's >ite.? .
e'ior ml
He flso (haig'd that. OWlnf lo ?
ganization and retacorporattoa of the
Philadelphia National league dub. th?
corporation now scek'np '??> retain Killt?
fers services under the If! : COI
reserve clause is not the same co->
which was one of 'he parties ?f the orig?
inal contra, t.
New York Club Badly Out?
played in Opening Game.
The ?-ttroaoe soasan opened at tl - I
grounds of the Crescent Athletic
Club y?_oterday, when the New M
twelve ilefeated the New fork l,_
Club by e f oes of I to I
In reality the ????nie.-.t whs no!
a praetfeo K?me for both club?.?. T
Mer part of the game both
Open! their tune m practising te_m
rather than trying to shoot g?>als.
The line-up follows:
fr?Sft A. C .'? r Horn. New York I.. ?
CypM .P. Neltoii
UOIton .C. r. i
Taylor .F. D. Pasi? ?
?Vndrewa .*. 1>. ??Um il
O'Rourfc? 4. T. l? . Luxenbe.'K
Kl. y .?' . I?
Karr .T. \. Ron?
W*i_?ll . - A . 11
.F. \....I). N,| iw
IS? .<>. II.F.
Cmniibcll .I. II. |
QesJ*-?W_Jbrt<-_- (I), Kerr I.'?, Taylor Ktep
' ?nu.tell nut Hsllock for Ci?ctnt a C
Howard and Roienhlatt for N?w York I.?
ero??? Club. Sulmtltut. s-Ha-vs f?>r Wall ???>
Orese-nt A C. Refer.-e?Dr. M_dd?rn. ft.
A ?'. Time cf halves-Fifteen and ten Min?
Gunners Face Biting Wind at
Bath Beach Traps.
In anticipation of the first annual o,-??n
?hoot of the Marino and Field Club, to
be held on Thursday, nine gunnere took
part in the weekly shoot at Bath Ben. h
yesterday. Although the wind blew into
the faces of the marksmen, they mai
lo make excellent scores in all of the
? V l> ftejrre did tho best work through?
out, winning two of tho tKo prises. He
took a leg on the monthly cup, with i
full score of M targets. In the sh?x>t for
the president's cup ho led the field, with
D8 out of a possible 100 taruets. Il? ?iso
was high gun in the .hoot for the Sav re
trophy. However, as he had ottered the
priw. the greatest number of points for
tee ?lay were ?redited to 1_. II. Lott. who
finished second.
&_& asas esj ??.?r ?

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