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Dean Ashley, of Law School of New York
University, Takes Earnest Exception to
Caustic Criticism of Night Legal
Courses Voiced by American
Law School Association.
WHKN Confucius x\.is Mlntstei
of Justi. i? in sani "ffurel)
the grand ob ? I to n. hiev*
is that there shall b<? no littgatlOO Ot
all."' "The llrst thing WS ?l.vlefsKr
?U the law m .I tho pal ,?(
.tack (.'?de Ai?,1 i \, .11 o\ > t
twentx thoosauid n.w lawi arara
placed upon the statute booka The
tune is ,->mnig when we shall h.i\<
.?efcndVui sci\ es from
In the mean time v.,? must develop
laxvxrrs X\ o never know When x\ e
may nerd them.
Haxc you ?-x er al os i self tc
isrefl upon the x ai let j ol
a man Mght net er to ttt d
ts rw.-i't upon the advice ?>f .1 com
peteni attentes ' if x?>u ?ire making
? xvill it 18 as important to have an
attorney as that JTOS Should hove |
surgeon when amputating a leg.
. -t technical thlngi _ illsd
the st nu Um? o! x\ Ilk
many wills bOVO been drawn 1?\ ama
teurs the old proves a re?
sd te raed where there's a will
then - s beeodi it."
what la and ?? *i??t compe?
tent gild en a la ? oouri ??f
The arguments sb* Dl the ads
iniity of eviden.?? often seem t" .?il
outsider not unlike the laiiuni.?
nient between H ntul
the king, in "Ah e In Womio:
relating to the decapitation of the
Cheshire cat. The ea
gument Wea that you OOUld not cnl
off a head unies- .s a bod)
from Which to ?nt it off. While the
king's argument ares tl it anything
ihat had B heed OOUld
Repetition of the word "aicr.n
seeosssury when deeding arith any
phase of the lawyer question.
as is now the ease, v.' s I IS dis?
using the "proteel and retine
?Terence D. Ashley,deen ol the
\eol of New York university. The
protest is against a resolution of the
\ menean i.aw- Bchool Kau
? reamhie of whl* h thai
"fhe maintenance of regUllUT M
of instruct:"!' In Ian al night parallel
to courses In the day t? nds Inevitably
to lower stands] This resolu?
tion declares tl ? ? *. the as
sUon hereaft-r "not to admit to
membership am I . xv school pursuing
thiB course " The req ? at the
resolution bo repealed or modified
This resolution, a ording to Pean
Ashley, was proponed withoir
planation and WS 1 without
. debate. "Which goes to psova
' again that the lega! n t for
:he layman to und. ?stand. Hi
? Btand by and marvel at it. If
the decedent has said. "1 am dying.
It was John Smith who B.
that evidence would be admissible In
a court of law. Hut if he sold. "It
was John Smith n ie. When
I get well 1 xvill kill him." that at
ment is not admissHi-. It" you have
th<* time and the money a lawyer
will explain this thing to you.
There are others who xvill under
:ake to Dtrova that studying lew at
night. When the student is
to earn hia living In the dayl
frids inevitably to lower si
It is the opinion of I ihley,
x\ho has; just made an exbat
report bas'd on months of study of
this question, that if the evening
?ols were ahandoned, as the
American haw Bchool Association
d?-sires, many worthy men would
HUMS I anted from entern
legRl plot.ssi,mi or made to ??Mail
their le-cai training entirely througl
. lerkshlps in ?>tii. ?
\t d ? oncernlng th?' old belief thai
the b.st wav t.. acquire a fcgal edu
- at-.on vv id law " tn an oiii? ??
i'.'.in table) says "The Btudenl
ould first ' . thorough am
weil phuined edu? atlon In sal
m.? law. When this is acquired be
m post! km? to I..H ii practice
that is to ?-av. the application of big
knowledge t?> actual Inc. Then, bill
not ?-ai her. he should enter a good
.?Mice, where b,. ??an "bt.iin 1 v actual
experience the knowledge ol pi a.
11.'.? w in.-ii in- reqt
The ' >u BOhoOll . ' '' SI
sens, are uplifting ihe educations
standards of the profession bj ??f
fordlni such men ns cannot attend
?lass at other hours hii opport Unit)
to study In B law school where g
thorougb .?n.i systematic training hi
given. He Quotes g ?Conversation
thai be once had with tin- late Dom
Am?-, oi' th? Harvard Law School
in winch that great teacher es
i b" belief i bal evening law
?choots have distinct advaatagei
And .Lines BaiT Am? s atpM B mas?
ter! t. Ph. fort]
lus connection with the H irvard ?Lan
s.hooi," authority, "was
its the period which
President Blioi and Langdell Inaug
ted, bul no one did more than
Aines t.? crown with success."
N.? greater tribute to ins powei
and BUC . "old be
?i than ?thai of Prof? ssor Kirch
vv.v. of CoiumblS I'niv ersity, win
\ power of hi.ml statenirnt vv gg
as Characteristic of bini a? the pene?
tration of his thought HTid th?: re?
lentlesa consistency ?>f his reason?
? the ve.is <?' ins leadership
the standards ol scholarship required
i."- admission to the s? hool and for
iring its
ly made ni": ? ? he gave
preferential standing t?. gradu?t?
the New forl ty ?Law School
?who bad pursued tlie regular tl
?ici w is hod ad -
mission to Harvard.
This man Ami' was th. prom
of the Anicri-an Law S br-o] Associa?
tion. Cotf.d BUCh a great man 1"
Unfhir? Ameg pave the ' * I _-vi r |
method" ''in "f
'-.ing. "By a -kill hardly ?tur
y Bocrates m Inducing his
? . ansa er by ib.. ir own r? a
v i,ich the
ably flexible and i mode of
king from v ases i mgd? II is en?
titled to the great honor of a
put the discovery
t?> practical u^c"
The early Struggles "I th;? same
wnriii noting viThen
he was. < ?Kl'.- ! k?d in "
th?? Ifanchester mills. He confld? i
t?. a lawyer ins dream ol going to
(.?]]? g . ii" .m t. ?i on advice to tt -
t?. work .' ?. t. i. He
fail. hoiarshlp, and ai?
me?! h?-ai t broken h" sat d'.'.vn upou
the demy building
and bo?! mto tears.
p. ii in spit" of this blow he did no!
Waver m his purpose. He remained
. ! 10
i., il. end in other
v prk. Hi- aistar Hannah a* nl him
illy sin..M .m oil Of
gs. Each I d the
r into the h"?. i '"Il II
IS the happiest ?h' v ,lt II,'. ?If. ."
H?- entered Han ird and at the
?o in?? class ' Ti ?.
a?hie) m in !?? port, "i! i. ici .h
? ? ' ? rn living and
; . e's own edui etion, Lut
i able to do i':.
an element of strength snd "f ghar*
enter which rnakea of them atrong
.m'1 liberally educated Ian
UilKs'ih il w as d? an Of the 11.h a SI d
? . sdl) ? on? ed< d t" i i
.. gr? r, 11- was the found? i
;'. m?,' and
tea? hing i iw, no ed :,t ..h.
N? ilty Law School.
In oth.l v\ ..| ,| ?. w b) nol 1-,'iv ??
: ? '
The w i it? al U nd? d g d ? snd
nigh a ai th. N.w York I i
Ity ?Law Scii".?i last w.. k. There
mor. ? lectrldty In the air in tho
The men s ere more alert
?i,, n i. si p.us put to them
The stud' nts were Interested, stimu
illsed. The snalytlcal
pow? ra of the m? n were ?being devel
oped at high ?speed by ?the prof?
? mads them thinl ? yers.
11? I I.? I a l"t of questions, Lut h*i
did nol do much shswerlng.
I!- w.i - tint tOO t? ndi i- ?.I Hie. feel?
inga pf th<? students. Judges on the
bench In the Hit; World have also
known to be aharp at timen.
ti * piofeeeor and the < lasa i
i. a. or h> pothelleal,
m? niai disturbance not to
anguish of more than one mem?
b* r of the els a, Bui you were eon?
oua thai law xsa.s being absorbed
during those crowded sixty inmutes.
? iL baptised men in breln Bra. if
he led Hi" student to the brink of ?
precipice he did not let him fell ovi r.
I? i ..i- felled tO indieate the path
The Ute Dean Ames, of Harvard Law School,
and Other Leading Authorities Quoted
as Considering Evening Uw School
a Support of the Profession's
Highest Aims.
baek I?? I tilgt] Modest ly, in ?til ?h?
ciih.iIoii.h, b" pb?. . d lb. r nid? nl on hi
own level ?Both, apparentlyi wet
groping m Hm wibl ' 'b
iiuib, and while be ?would g'?*" ?Ped
slhle i I?:wh, hfl ?WUS 0? ' t lead/ '
,\, tni .? iiu? ? tud? ni kigg- ""'' ?'"
I?, follOW lb? m '""HI H ?'".'Ulli' a|.
pai.ni to Ihe erhole claai tliei the
i?.,i oni] in . onfui Ion ?'?? b< it"'1
mm in many wa< 'a, but moai of al
becauge be made then help them
r .? thus 'bit a grrlter han de
. iibed I'm.i' Bsor Arnes- method o
leu- Inn?. Ami il n the B-O-callei
Hal ' .'id ? '"in 'hat is n ? d a! th'
N.vv York i nlverdlty Lava tV ii""'
i'ti.i'cN ?ir Amea once said thai if ?
lawyer's pfH? s wer? ? onductH ;
in Hi.? int.r."?! .?I lb. ?-( lid? 'it Hi?
suggestion eras mid" by one ?>r hii
colleague "end If? by some magi
dan's power, I h? com?
niiiimI an unfallti
with all SOI F. oI
..nier ths coming "f th? : ?? cllei
.me would arrani I >pl?_s of a
scientific law- book) n*e should bs i
t be la w ? paradiHe.
i ? ? ?j
Ann made srith ??< view of
boa ing boa.; | n ? ?. Imni Ion
to ibis dream <>f perf? tlon we ma-,
a? tually liinlc, If v.?- ? hum ot i um
mon at will I h. II ... -,
put ai ' i of the tu<
.nid . .1 <>u
? spe lally for th?
|udl< gted ' -i ? of 'be multitude of
clients who
. ourt, We 1 turn to the
repoi '-d In ten? ?
ami we may ??
by subj? ?'i :?? ?i n ti i "ider "i' lun?*)
Lo enable us t?. trace the genesis
and th. enl ? f b u,.o i
"if n be 'be prof? lbat
'. ' ?
nate bel ??. sen the nd the
t.? draw
pal ' ni ly ?? imilar and I
an;. . renl
milsu in g s
ent to
gra| probl? m
??f th.'.r ? mastering old
un?" i ? rae for
him to pursue than i" travel srith
li im class through a ??
? oil? ctlon of i
thai ? ? pursued al
the New- Torb ty Law
s hooL
Benjamin F. Peiner | I to
n Ashle) in a b" i in?
corporated In tic .bans report thai
tin r.? may I boots
':? re are i i But,"
he add . [km aj of no law In
n aim of phj -i : do?
main a hi? h raak? a i he student oi
untight sup' rlor I I dsnl
of law by lamplight, i iom "... ? \
perience I thai in respi cl i i
earn, gtn? bs, ?briet) and hon? -sty of
thought and sin< i ril y ot pur]
ii.- ?-? i .ral average "f th?
body of the night law schools of this
clt) perior to l ? ? ds j
"if an ? ?? bool is carried on
With tit.- idea thai M:; students must
'..idled, that allowance must I .
mMd,. for then, and that It Is gj
uapesssT I? fofrt* ?*? "?"?? <Ih;
?r instructora ami lestargfg M ? '?
<\?y n{-liool. then, of SOW* *? wor
i.s Inferior mid WUSt fend to VuW? ?'i
? ?tire Inatitutlon. Hut ITS have ?.?v.
permitted earthing ft ?he kind.
Denn isbh
?The reconk <>f out fiadnetea n
,i,? |;ist fourteen yeara *op t*
ning ncn haxo maintained S bul
ter a'.<r:iite grsdS thSS tlWOS takln,
? he ?lav ? on rae. Home having th
t timo Tor study geeosjssaoli 'h
Lest v ?il k. Theni Is gS imitation <>
,i . lowering of edU* -a liona I
..ids b] ISg Men ?"me here from th'
i i.,.,'.- schools siaserhsse, Lringim
Hill'ateS fh'iwmg a good re-on
Obtained; s?.me enter the da/ divisloi
and others the evening The- m
aid?/ lake the name average rani
an our own Mijderif**. BSflM do wel
and Othsra pOOdy, b?t there |g gg in
tli.ation thai the previous standard!
have been higher then our own."
loan All? lells ?if I a.ses thai
on- under hi notk < <.r pool
boya who. boose a of < rnjng law
. i,.,..; , were enabled t?, get an tde?
..ilion and afterward beCOWS ? mi -
n?-iii in their profession. He helleres
tin- ut ni? ?.?' thousands, and that
ring law sebo i ?an i ?? specie]
' ? '.pie.
? ?r twenty reara aen," seys r^-an
ley, "in the "id Metropolis? ' wa*
? n the point of sdvlslng a .student to
Kixo up law.study bOCQUOl I believed
that he would xva-ife his time and
money. 11? eras ;i mat hinist In the
Brooklyn n^vy jard, and bis daily
employment physically tired him eat.
POrtenately, I did nor follow my im?
put?e. The man did well In ins. law
ted Sad M S? admitted
the New Torh Har. His eoorna
? that tinas i es been a as
srell managed important
" \ man. r" started lift 10 g
newsboy, ha-.?. ?ere abou
Hail Park. By sheer grit he obtained
good preliminary sducettsn Ha
red the Met**opolia Lew School.
end for '??- led his
?. sltbough Ji< wsa ?n compet??
fon n Itb bright, able mind
them go'.d exemples of ooi
ful praotloa at the time of his death.
"Bvery sxpsrionoed lawyer- knoara
thai be does his heal n ork under
uro. These men know Jh.- ini
portanee of rystemetising every mo?
ment, compelling their attention to
(he subject on hand and putting a
?i power for ? arg <le
termlnatlon ami plu. k info their'
work. They an- the ver?- jn<*>n who
?!? ?.. lop into our cultured lawyers.*1
The Carnegie roundatl* a hi now in
reetigating i?pai education In the
United States. This will include an
. semination of the requlneasenta fag
admission to the Lar in the several
a, end II onS are likely
to be produ* tlv* of much g* od.
Will il d*. ids to sgree u it-t the
i- lolntton pass* ?i by the Ames sa
i.aw Bchool Aseo* ialI n'.'
"Once satisfy un that our evening
division is detrimental to the highest
aima of the professtofe.** says Dean
Ashley, "and we shall discontinue it
st once.*1
That's fair enough. Give the man
a heerh
vont In tied from third page
** at the half drown?*?! Spanish sailors
stac.erlm; up through the surf. This so
*<i our mei thai .? ? it si
'I don't know which ?-hip it was from)
QUiekrjr beached their t oat and, -
the hoat ?stretchers, rushed upon the
aesuresl squad of "patriots." Any mis?
givings that their officers may have had
as to the advisability >.f such a rochlgQ.
action were nuickiy dispelled, bowever,
for the "soldiers," Who but B moment
.?eforo had been calmly butchering drown?
en, droppsd tb? r leaded breanns
an? fled In BVery din I >a vainly ??
oriag to protect their heads from the rah*
of blows that srere < i ding on them.
a? are shoved off t--> to ?back to our ship
ne passed a ?sorpss Boating on its hack,
with mouth and syBB wide open.
little while It would ".?ve a ooaVOJslVS
shudder as if Something vv.'ie attaching
it from below; gOSM CaiTllV
We ?were buey all the afternoon trans?
ferring prisoners; ah told, betereen tero
and three hundred were taken on board
the Indiana. ?Captain Ta. 1er m? t the
(ornmlssloritd officers at the gangW.y and
?e<(iiested their paid. (In French),
they all prompt.) gav.; then they were
taken down In the wardroom and given
any clothes they no.?-.-. ? The enlisted
BSea wer?- lined up in two long ranks, and
1 certainly felt sorry for them partit I?
I lnrly their petty officers
I You know, the ?iiic-f r rms Is
I' hief of poli'e Oft board ship ami
'of the waik" of the low.i d-?ha W.U. I
???a; the Oqiiendo's roaster at hi re
wearing hi ittons. lined up>along
aide a mess servant, all his authority
It was pretty tOUgb
I strongly suspect that the Spanish
officers had warned their nan what t"
f if they w.i" osptUted by the
ITanksaa fer th?-v an looked a? if they
-landing by for a general ma?
to kegln at any iiioni.nl, m the i,, t host?
igad that 1 brought ?.a b.i.ml ..ce of the
prisoners wore a ThefSSS cap ribbon and
I endeavored to tell him that I would
enchS-BgS ""?? Of the Indiana 1<u n lie
was too frightened to undsietand anu
anatohed ofl bis '?- i sod presented it to
? . Me Ib-Ksahl ??"-' i K.v'.?.?i ins
. ".I lies.
While we were re;.?hing the prison?1
1 the word was passed aft that Admit
era was eomtng. It had been t
lorigui.tl intention to s?-inl hlm to us, b
? an the Indiana has n?> admiral's quarte
be wea ssnl to the Iowa Inatesd,
climbed up on one 0? the eight-L.vii tu
wbli h ext* nd well o it over tl
ahlp'a side, and ha paaeed nearly undi
The poor old man looked oomplete
broken i???. Ile lad on a suit of civilian
|clothes (loaned him by Captain Waii
wriglit, as he had been obliged to take o
bis uniform to swim from bis btirnla
lp) and had 04 nher hat n??r
His son, who Fervid on his staff, W|
with him, The boat was half full <
r, and in the bottom, swishing bac
snd forth, was the body of his sailor tu
derty? who ha.) died from Iofs of blood o
the way out.
('a).tain Taylor and the officers ma?l
i to keep the m* n from eheei
Ing, but it was Impossible, as they wst
,.11 over the ship ,ltl,i were ivil<
with excitement, when Cervera was on'.;
a few feel sway one crowd start..i i
yell ?ike xvihl lli'llans. hut tl).- junto
officer of the wat.h tame running foi
ward and made them pipo down. Th.
yells were, ehaagod into three oheers f ?
the edmlrrl? whloh be gravely aekaowl
I was the boat officer that raglit, an?:
about 10 o'clock was sent to the Harvar
? one of oui surgeons, WOO was help
iiii- the Spanish wounded. When i gol
there he was just amputating a man :
arm at the shoulder. Some of the pria
oners were terribly hurt; one man i ?an
ha?i his backbone shattered. The smell
, of blo'.ti wa - sick* nii-'.
\\ : ? o v ? got book tu t lie In.liana, a
Spanish oll er v. as being taken on beard
whose rlghl leg ha?i seen eul oft between
th?- ankle and the suss. He had been en
one of th.- deetroyers, and when she blew
up be had jumped overboard and SSd -'? '
mixed HP x\iih the propeller, which had
cut off his h | i 101 as a knit.' would hSVS
don?-, ib- eras a >--""d looking young i?.-i*
low. about twenty rears ??id lie nad
been IB the water over IWO hours, and is
the sea is extremely saltj here juu osa
bneglne w hat he and?. ? a
I made my report to the captain, *. 11 ?
In about ten minutes came up on rie 1
Bgsin. Ingoing forward i h;.d to pass th<
room skylight; when i gol si
of ii I looked down and saw the yoiiu,
Spaniard Btrstchsd out on B table, 1.1.
by tour sail.us. Ih. two su .
. i Bdlng over him with tbslr I
rolled up and th. ir hand.'i dripping wit.
blood. :ere were puddles of blood SB?
Sbredg of Issb on tiie table and on tin
deck; th- BOOM sary ie-ainputatioii at.t,
Dg iiji were going on. Th. end of ?h<
stump looked like B bloody SPOUg? . -VST]
now and th? ti he would COUM to hi?
i. : to, grosn in ? sickening fssblon an.
Bhoul incoherently in Spanish. His le*,
had hc.n eut off at 10 o'clock in th?
morning and ho had n eelved bo i
attention until midnight During thai
in:.?' tlio wound had b?'en soaked in all
? and ?dragged Up on the
where it bad been filled with sand and
small shells.
i certain.) van sorry toi the .?
of them w.i?. haii naked, but e k
little l ? ?low had all hi. tin-i \ 0tt? la
came Over the slri" suit ?is a ramiod and
sainted, but everybody was bo sxclted
and bus) that the) kepi running around
and paid no attention to him, go he had
to rep sal his saint.- .?.?-v.-rai times Before
ii -?.t the recognition it dSSsrvsd.
I was s?m in charge Of t).?- Btetun cut?
tot l ii a still later trip, ami on tic WS)
sack i" the ??lap p;. the Brook?
iv h it? i .?ih? sr of tin it eh ballsd me
and told ne- to I Sn. along Id? When I
[gol ?a board b. i"i.i me that Commodore
Sciii.y wanted a boat ot?oar, I went be
1..W to the cabin .mil saw tin? commodors
With one of lis aids, wh?, was reading a
telegram or letter which bad apparently
just bses .oui?' ?u. tie eomnaodore kept
rubbing ids hands and savin.,: "Very
good, ? - ''? good." When i vs.is announced
he shook hands sad gave roe the trie
gram In an envelope, saying thai h.
? d ?t taken '.o the N'.,?. Ymk at one
and that air the Brooklyn's boats were
away from th. ship. I went along id ? the
\, a York and gave it t?, th. officer of
the in ? i>
While on lb. Brookl) n I lest nsd that
?he had been hit repsstsdl) in the run
' nfng fight and that one man had been
kill? 'i rere! grounded. Th
man, > ?' reoman i.hi--, had been tak?
ing ranges with s ? I Horn her
i' ? and had been ett
i w hull bad ? m "it
, 'us i.. th.- mouth and had tak* n
heed .' d tadlmeter overboard, bul had
: not torn bed the ablp
Off Sautiaiso, July L
This morning, it being independence
Day? we full ?Ir ased ship, rainbow fash?
ion, and ni noon Ired .? national salute of
twin!, one guns. AU forenoon ne were
busllj terrina prieonera
to the van..'!" eiix?lerlee; i was glad
when i got m?- outfit aafaly on board, for
th. re v, a ?o.? i. i \ v sw.-ii running and the
boats were loaded slmoet to the gunwales
an? 11.n paea end sre all
expected sn "all-night In" for the grst
a e/eeks, ?mi shortly after midnight
bump* d v inli ally into the Lot?
to, i ..!' my hammock, ablch was banging
m the paasegewey; i looked ever the
the gunner? end asked what
i he malt, r; he 11 plied : "? \t ii.-r.il
Quarten baa none end you had better
turn out." i piled fun. pul my ttaiform
on over my pajsroao, end tan up on the
The captain and the navigator were
already then- and the ship was speeding
along to-Taid th* harbor entrance one
of Hif signalmen told ma thai the -i
nhlcfa was ?m searchlight dut>. had sig
netled Hun the snemj erare trying to
I Ink B v ' ? s"l a? loss the channel ' it
v.ani proved to be the Reins Merosdee),
Hohson's attempt to block the an?
' had not been entirely auoceesful
Ai boos as era tren in mage the batteries
oponad oa us, averybody on the bridge of
i ours*, i" Ins entirely unproteeti i
i Oppose yOS know how the lanR-*? Is
found for modern gUCuB. A ?bait of the
harbor is divided Into squares; the posi?
tion of every aguara is asactly known and
the angle to which the l'un must be at*
rated in order to bM an ohjsst in the
aquara is worked out, so that all the
gunner baa to ?in i*? te Und what square
the ? H' m?. v ? ?? I is in ? whii-h is ?loiif
bj lam? me i ha. eompsm bearings, etc.),
] then look up the necessary angle of eleva- I
tica and Maze away.
Well, we got into one of the danger
I squares, In about a minute a big mortar
.?(..ii cam. whirring along out of the
darkness shsad aad burst directly under
the itarboard bow, dishing the bow plate
and ?1? lugmg the bridge witli Water.
body dodged except Captain T..v
b. didn't even wink; he certainly is
a bud.
W. started ahead full speed both
I engines, but before we COOld clear a ;
sh? 11 lauded on the quarterdeck, passed i
through it ju.-t as if it had been paper,
: ?low ii through th. orlop deck, through
tin- ammunition passage and burst In the
aardroom, knocking three of the officers'
rooms into one.
I MVer saw gOOfc COnfUSlOn, everything
? attend around; there were pict?
ures, swords, broken gla;-s and clothes all
over ti'?' placa One fragment passed
through the steerage and blew all our
? earthly belongings out on deck, but we
j got them ha? k. The water main was cut
j anil everything awash, and for a short
time we w.re afire, but it was soon put
out. I.uckilv we had all gone to battle
Stations about tan minutes before: if W.
hadn't 't would have been goodby to j
tb. whole gteeraga The ship isn't hurt,
sad th?' only things lost-are the pSttSOttal
i reperty <?f the officers.
It was mighty unpleasant on the bridge
while those things were whizzing out of
the black night and coming; down on top
I of us without even the (lash of the rils
l charge being visible and nothing in sight
t.. shoot at. I was glad when we got out
Of it.
08 Aguadorea July 12,
Thi arm. i- apparently having a pretty
time of It] sa ysUow fsvsr has as?
P? ar.'d amofiK them and the Spanish
troops are making B vciy .?-tubhoni i.
aine. I'll?' general has written to our j
Commander in Chief and asked that, If '
le, a bombardment of the city
should be begun by the ships, as he has
i no siege guns heavy enough lo do the
werk. Acci.imgiv. the Indiana, Brook?
lyn and NOW Fork pin??.????!? ?I to a po-l
pon ?.ir AguadersB (srhlek i?. th. sa
place ig a direct huo to the cil
gay H' d started operations
The algnal corps bad astabUShsd a field
raph atatlon ashore which aras in
communication with Ita moat sdx
position, and to report the fall
of our i hell sa ae* n by tl I ov* r?
looking the city. We anohored with the
port hroa.i Ida to the beach and awung
th? heavy turrets to atsrboard, which
gars the ahlp s heavy list in that d
tion and consequently raised the port
Mnch guns high In the nit'- The pot
of the ship was carefully plotted on the
chart end the compese bear mil; of th?,
?entre Of tin*, eily calculated; then the,
l-lnch turr?is wer.- traun"! Until Hie gnus
were pointing directly at the lu m
city that no one on beard could
At 10 o'clock No. i Rim area raleed to
its maximum elevation and a shot Bred
ove;- the hills, it wem shrieking and bel?
louring out ol sight, and long after It bad
disappeared ere could hear aohoea rum-i
blmg ani?n'; the h?ls iiK. a > nimg tluin- ',
derstorm. Hardly had they died away
when a soldier on the beach commenced
Oigwagging. W e read: "Passed over
city and U> fight." The range was re
dUOed _,"U0 \.ii(ls and No. '1 turret tl
abont ten degrees to the left The aa ond
shot was Bred al ignis the shrlska
and re I then the smnal came:
"Kell In bay t?i left Of city." It being !
No. Is turn one?- inore, she was trained
tive degrees to the right and the third
shot lircti at a quarter i?j il u seemed t?>
us as if the shell had hardly passed out of
sight when the signalman commenced
caiimg up. \x a acknowledged? and then
read the i.aage: "Pell In lower part i I
xft.-r that it w.o- easy; el regular in
tsrvalfl a shot WOUld be tired into San?
tiago. This was kept up all day ycstci
na. and until about 4 o'clock this after?
noon, when we got a signal from th.
eral re.piesting us to cease liring, as an
armtottoa bad boon daclarad loaklne low
erd the surrender of the citj
July 15.
There appears to be a deadioch ashore.
The Bpanlefa general he exprsssod hla
stter Indifference to the destructl* n ol
the ' it.-, and the deeth of non-eombatante.
Ib?re have been a serles of armistices,
followed by repeated demands for sur
render. The general keeps urging our
commander in chief to run into tlM
bor over thS iniiies, wlii? h the admiral
declines to do, referring t<? euch .?:?. action
i folly," srhleb it certainly
would be.
T.he admiral has saprssssd bis entlrs
willingness to start countermining opeis
tlons with the smaller craft, removing <>r
exploding ti - mines so. the channel will
be clear for the battleships. To d?? this,
however, 11 is necessary th_t to ?upturn
tiie batteries and fort, that command t!i
mlns Brida otherertse Um yachts sad
JaunchSB will he sunk and their greWB
killed, tO no purpose, ami vv.? will p. i'i")t
where we started.
It has finally been decided that two
regiments will he ssat to th?
and these troops, together with a thou?
sand nun from the fleet, will storm th"
shore ?batterl.se Meanwhile the counter?
mining partis, will b.? ready, and the
moment th.? Spanish flag falls they Will
run in and dear the channel of the
min? s. Then th_ tleel will form column,
go through the entrance, and the .?its
will be under their guns.
W . don't know yet whether the land at?
tack on th. forts Is to be by day or bv
night; all the midshipmen went down ?o
the carpenter shop this afternoon and
had their swords sharpen.-?!.
It would )>e a splendid finish if the nav;.
could cap the destruction of the gpsttlsil
sea power by a successful storming <?f
their batteries ashore.
Orders are expected at any moment.
and thoos "f us who have been detailed
for the Storming Party have our togging.
on already and kssp wandering around.
Somehow o\- other wc aren't able to mi
July .?J.
Another armistice. The general ?signal
that the city will probably surrender vei>
Copy of a ?able dispatch _.nt from
Qnnntettamo t.? NOW York via Key We.-v
on July lo lit--:
"gaatlego aartendsred tbta morning.
l'l? <t satis north u_ _oon __ piolovol I.

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