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'" ' -.?J-_r____^_^_-__^-----__________
Styleplus *|7
Clothes J^/
flu saitM ptie? il??- world over'
1 he dawn of a new
day came in the cloth?
ing industry when
Henry Sonnebom &
Co. launched Styleplus
Clothes $17.' The
day of genuine all
wool, perfect-fitting,
long-wearing clothing
for $17. The day of
real style combined
with real economy.
And now every?
where?from the At?
lantic to the Pacific?
men are seeking the
store that flies the Flag
of Styleplus !
Styleplus <jf |7
Clothes iH
"The -/.me pri' e the world ?Tver."
In each leading town
only one progressive
merchant is privileged
to sell Styleplus Clothes
$ I 7. Join the army of
smart men who are sav?
ing $3 to $8! Visit the
Styleplus Store in your
Style + all-wool fabrics.
Style + perfect fit.
Style -f- expert workmanship.
Style -f guaranteed wear.
You can tell a genuine Six
\kt I...."'"?.' . ? . kei
.?;; the ./.-?.-. .-, and the Guarantee in
the pot ket.
Send for our book,
"A ?Otben Sec You."
Founded 1849
in-the-box when th? I. 1
red them into ;? gold
in 1.
??Il, r, ' the * ? ?
I ? I iy th.
ingjl Ihr.
the pi mo ?n."
V/f AKSTmN :
left to vig.
life, and Mai i ?.' righl toe land?
I with
ked an oal
roun It
"I >.v n ? it for that, B Mai ton!" 1
. and i'ii >hed hit
1?. dy sha!. -
"Piel r dirty moi
of my offii e qui< k!" Mai
pitched in
"Me! You order i
pul yon here? All rij hi. i i
in here in your pla< e. Yt
, the man
from starving many a time, thai h
?you ever had. Who
t nothit
-I done it. Wl
i ?n your i
done thai too. Wl
buy ' and pay vour way I
My ney dor
B ?? I'm done now! I like you, Bol
1 ? ighl Jit
Mai ton
you a m ? 1 your mother withoui a r.
Fi ' !. I dii
and after thai I
iir had t.. V.. 11,
nd I wan! my kind i
. and '1
1 You ?'.'?n''- : 11 the bill, an
" |it .
"I . ? rrel with j
your own ? I But I am noi
t am not going I le for you or an;
. I
I im indentured no more, bul ;
[j you refus? me a renominatioi
fall, I'll Break with the organi
if I . an'i , and rui
a an indi p me God I'l
I?? ai any i audit] it? ?
pi? k up I put il bai !
Slad ? - inl a wad
into In
I pi? ked ii| .he floor
"Wi ' 1 1" en thinking i up foi
.... . . | ;
"Thai ' Vou 1 th? key to the door
I believe. I'l? ase unlo? !. il
Slade jai rs anc
? ible hi
.'.my with h
and, "Vou und? r tand!" i ? narli d. "I'n
don? U>rv\ i r!" He stai
as Mi Middle) I from behii
a r? .ti and i onfronted him.
?U'i ?RE he ."?? -, Bob," ai 1 he, looking
over Slipp? ' i ulder into Mars?
, so in
I think we e one more word with
Sla?le, whi
gazing al her ab "Xow
thing, Sir. I: :
... I
. or I'm n?.t Jud Middle-ton's
Y ?u wan! I
? I will pr
"Pi ? ;?? me?" 51ip|
\ . top your
kidding! Say," he w he? led on Mai
lanl ?"
"I lid I know you ? '
Bob with lome heal 11 turned and
ai Mi Middleton inquiringly,
"I Bob," explained
"1 ' ?'?','? irpi ?;, .an<!
then he . ame, and I
for a chan locked the
And th : I I
had e? ?me. I lon'l you ee, ?Bob,
to brilie yon, trn-.l to brib I
and you can lend a man to jail for that,
can'l you? And don'l you I'm I
Slipperv ! turned tl
" 'i nothing lik
would yon '
Slade t....k ,. : ' Til drop the
"A- I for Governor I
?Y. '
"All righl ' '
? ' I Man,
and have 1
"X", for l
':' upon
her mei
: ;
'Old Man' i
Sla le 1
?? .??? rail "'.
"I suspected it. Your i
'. mvincing. I
I've !
say ti iling "ti a
.1 "illy
with you, we shall know
Mind you, I shall
"I'll ii 1 Slad*. '
time coi
flow ' .
way out, coughing an : |
VV/dll'X the door
*^ . nd with
i Congi man, and I found
rrived, and ; i
lid pi
: ui
?ad," she si
"< i; ? !
: Man
"?Well," ?he la !
for! Can?
non in one pot, ai
lubs and the ' Y? >u
i girl to gi
in W.i
can you? ]
flush with .i
lively for any soui
!?' ?
? ponse. This silent i fi
within a;>j"
lire. At last t
? '
"I ?. ?n'l I ?
"I'll op* '
? i
pan:, clad
glam ed at ne?I them to
enter, and then, ? I, wenl
bunk and tin
Row al
canne :
l'y. i
? a!.in that sii -a the
moving. "Don't
l ai lyii .?' !.?
Dy i ng ? Bot h i
"Yes, 1 ai " .? ; |
? n any fre
[II ?? ?-. I know it! 1
I .til 11? !
n fort
The Pen
The Ink
PEOPLL who know Carter's lux
have long been free from *><n
annoyances. Because of the skill, caie
and unusually tine ingredients uni
they are known as less likely to corrode
or gum the pen. Now we are happ\
to offer you a new Carter's Ink that
is specially prepared for use in ettnei
fountain pens or ordinary steel pel I.
We have named this
Office and Fountain Pen
Stationers tell us that wer have made a tatf
iortunate ?Jbcovery in producing a smooth
flowing, brilliant, permanent ink. equallti
adapted to all pens. \ ou *? ill Bod Pen? rail
Ink in various sizes at prices trom f: 00
(.(uart)to I ) cents per bottle at all stationer?.'.
A fier all, no ink like Carter'?.
Boston, Mass.
New York. Chicago
1-argeslManufj, turer%
,,i 11 ???." ; Inks, AJ.
/toiir?, I y peu riter
l'.ipc-s "I . I ?
Color Your Last Year's
Straw Hat With
^i\\\^LmuTmU^^ ^^n^Smm?^Umm^ ''yio? **JtM
Makes Old
\ Straw Hats
Look New
Splendid for fixing up
**-*?. Ladies' and
Dries in K) Minute*. Waterproof ami DuraU?
Mads in
Jet Black Navy Blue Burnt Straw
Dull BU k Cad Blue Brown
Cardinal Red Sane Ci n Violet
AvoJ all SmSeUtwhS
ln?iton(?nu,r.e COLORITE
Department and Drug Store-i Sell It
r Mi I 25? m ?U. ;? ! > '')ri* ?*?I
Botton, Maas.
Dessert Book FREE
: . .

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