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Superbas Turn on Yankees s Close Call for Giants s Boxing S Yachting
>uperbas Profit by Mis
plays and Tic Up Series
for Flatbusli Title.
ritz Maisel Brightens Contest by
Killing Off Run with a
Star Play.
' t for Its cham
after all Brooklyn ?on yesterday's
am? from the Yankees at BbbetS Field
> a i-' Oft of to t and the series is
I he no relief until
With flve arrora - sttered among the
ank??- a ever eo
"?an; for the defeat, but the
OX BCOr? ? not so keen
ighted after all, a* is some of
ie most t? | So It was > rs
mh eras ? ? malasial
orm took is a fast man and once ran
he hundred f": VanderbUt University
r. SSS Massais r,.t: ?r?eemingly neither
its course in college or on the track con?
duced him that a etraicht line la the
hortest distance between two rolnts.
His system of chasing flies >eeterday
?ae to run as rapidly as possible In a ;
weeping cirr?>. If the ball chanced to :
om? down at the point which the fielder
lad rea bad In his tour he caught it. Jf
Ut he chased it.
Paubert profited twice p** | v>ok ? poor
Bg, getting two cheap doubles, both
?f which figured in the run making. At
he bat. however. C'ouk got his revenge.
te made two rine hits, one of which was
rood *>r throe, baw
The saalaria infested outfielder has not
.ad much baseDail training yet, but any
tas Who bita BO wall and legs it so fast
ight to make a good ball player. Ha
- quinine.
?? red Lohe ' but Danll
rai'er purpose-?, made his local
lebut at second base. He erred once on
v hit ball through ovei-?-lgerriess, '
ut i - ? ed weakaeaa t thi
,id not develop, lie, not one hit and
- sheared ability In bunting
ne la a thickset youngatei with
noulders plenty big enough to keep th?
?utfieldera from Maving in close for him.
ke the day, the game was a com
?on of sunshine and shadow.-. l*rlt_
Maisel was responsible for the brightest
Of tli?' aittmt'on. The play he made
?vas BO Bna a one that a worlds a?
?i ?1 have bean at stake, w.th a halt
??red thousand fans to thrill with th
Of it.
he bases were f ?11 of Brooklyn playa -
?1 r."t B man was out when ? utsha.v
ted a high twisting foul ba
ged toward
.he stand as if he inien?Jed to run straight
through the concret? we
himself Just a pa?e from the ?a?:, he
aught the bal Miller, OB third, darted
or home, but th? ti
* the
pa' <. and
mal catcher
?-rt Robinson loudly Inolnuated that
re had robbed Brook Rob*
nson was mistaken Th- theft w-as
-rs d.d their el.ar? Iowa
? ? -ioon. I>ick Kgan m
' several !
? mashes hard hit to the left oi him? and ;
Stengel ra'ed to the '? risrht In
m j . ? the bat of
? ho faced each
i?i the ? , B Of th i serle?
M lla'e. IB spite of his
I ;? all the t ert? r ?,f the 1
? I ?
it a ateet,
?vpir?..?. forctnj me mo t of the
-?ame ' ?nth undo
- II). With two - ngled !
to lig I home on n <?
Daubert - t have been an
? aich ior < ook.
i harle? H |, . ? - v. letting
just a bit weak-kn?ed OVei hit? pennant
ga ? 'i ba
? . raed I Athletics at Kb?
l>o' t w?,t until tn? world's seri'-s.
. ? .
?A -
ab r '
112 1
? ? . ?h, if i i ;
??,?.. 4 1 .
? , I ?? 2 1 1 0
? . - ?:?:?.
?? I ? 4 % h .
%% 0 4 M Hale. p.. !??
n I 1 1 1 t 1
i o o ; o ?> i
, ? ..:????? ?
Reds and Naps Rest on Arrrt3.
'117 'I h<- BShll
, -, . ? ..
? ' d 'iff
? f ?/. ? ? gro
Rain Gives Cubs a Holiday.
I ;./,'! the
f the 'i h,.
? ?
Chas. Baker &Co's
Largest and Best Store? in LONDON l'or
Leather Hat Boxea, Trunks Bags ?&c
271*274, HIGH HOLBORN Unto* Mm im fm.
41*43, L?DGATE HILL can H it. f?i'i
17 140. TOTTRMMAW W)?IRT ROAD ?--???-?,
Champions to
Make a Holiday
ANhsaah Chartes il Ebbeti ira* unahi?
tu tiltil ant une ??lu, ?a? ?Tillin-; lo lend
? birthday f??r u-e te-daj be aras not to
he I.ulke.I. I he >?t|iiire ..f Ihithij-h luin
Ser? fur h.li.l??- ..t"l ha? had none ?.inte
lar>t I In rsdaj
He will t.-.t-t ?Kiiin tin. afternoon, for
h? special prorlaasattoa tweaty-feai hour?.
hu\e heeii -.1 upi't t>. make up Win Id'?
CUansusOmo' i?.?>.
II..' \thl.lit-, innn.ent ?mini? "f Mr.
EbbetS, "ill ineei the Superita?, and "ill
he ismpnllrrl i.? raareb aereas the geld
Is heaer themselves
In ardet lhal BO "tie shall everli.uk the
fa?i thai ?'." daj Is a fr?tai eeeaalea a
bun.! im- bees fagsfffd The ca'e? ??ill
open two hoars liefer? the rame to
sernmmodate the rush.
Cincinnati Outfielder Makes His
Peace with Herzog1.
Cincinnati, April 7 Armando Mara
? ?
il night by
with Hersog
g 'h;,?
: ?ague or
Delay in Polishing Sides of Sloop
Causes Change in the
Original Plan.
1., April 1 !>? lay in pollah*
in? th? ? ? ilute and In In?
Btallll - ' ? . Will defer Ihe
of !!.?? ' -. ndldate
i April 17. th?- (?ate t? ntatlvely
?> known to-night.
As ??? op's sail plan
?-.ill show s lofty .-m i narrow rig, like
ol th? Hfl ?'". tora I ill! hi re last
ght, will 1
feel rlth s
. id ol flit)
Idle Day lor Red Sox.
Indl Vprll 7 The exhlbll
the Bo '"-i Ft? 'i
? .. . . . ?
Senators Revel in Runs.
R ai hlngl
Wenn* i Irla, Va.,
... ,
Jim Coffey Matched to Box
Bombardier Wells Abroad
Billy Gibson Arranges Rout
for ?Man Who I las an Eye
on litlp I leid by Jack
Johtiio n.
Jim Coff? nt, ? ?aho,
... ? ....,,
(?en bard I? ? ' w , in,
? ? e *ht ? hamplon of Ores!
The met ' ' he
fam the Nailon >! Bportii k ' 'lub, "f Lou
..., ,,., ? . s match ??..<? anai gad
manager of Colfey; Jem Maloney, ?in
KuMss the more or lesa atormy <i< ??tuii.:?
of the British champion, and the repre
?. ? ?.r the National Sporting Club,
of London
.s been tr\ Ins to ai fange
?his match for tii?- last m montba bul
(or one reason 01 another Wella couM nol
bo made to see Ihe advantage <.i meeting
the powerful Irishman Sine? Walla man
sgsd to ?\ in a couple of bottles against
i t,.te French and English tiKi?t?i_
' ?? lil.?.vim that he In on-e nioic in his
i?.( form and therefore ready lo meet
.n,, n in his clai ?
'I I,. ?a the i late .thleti? ' ?.in
.... aas light ai Its r?gulai meetini
tor? i .. 11--' noon Johnn. ? >?? a - com
plained thai the i 'ollai Cltj Athletic ? lub,
f.f Troy, owed him IS, ?vin. h u refused t->
ii?- pre rntsd ?? note arhlch the club
? a htm, and ?h? ...n mission ?.^ ? 11 an
.... . ? to i ollecl n..' m-, n?
i i.,iii.i.- Not!? ' ?i- - lared thai Iht Align
? ...mi? n .thleti? ' ' lb v lolttl? du.
tract uith him Ile ?vas to bare box? .i .?'
t n? ' lui? on Mai. I. ::!, I.ui upon ai 11 ln|
n.. ie found 'i ' i". ? ?! n? .? how? ?I hla - an
lo ti. commli ion ..?ni 'hs i h.?'???
W III I. ' 'tli_.lt. .1
1 I.'i I.I of t? i. rom
i. . i ?...?.. ? lell. - lub ?a 11.?
-.. . ahile W ??"' ' M..I. o.o
i .-'.i.' I . Bt the 1 and? I
t?M? All.aUl?. ?lu?., ... H|.,.._|-, n. I
Home Run by Merkle
Gives Game to Giants
Terrine Drive of First Base?
man Sends Pelicans
Down to Fourth
Straight Defeat.
? i: ?. rrtbun?
Ken Orlea April ". Arthur fromme
and Fred Merkle gave most of the show
-? -? ooii i ? Felit an Park, a hen the
?? walked off with their fourth
**hl victor] over the N'en Orteana
?i ha a ora sraa 1 to fl II was the
thud shut-out of the a
Merkle won the game with ? home run
over the high lefl fieM fence In the sec?
ond inning, bul Fromme, perfectlj aup*
? i bj hla fielders, gsva an < th bltlon
Of pitching thai marry l.a se I.a II fans will
ee In a lifetime, it may be no won
i '?at to fhut out the Pelicana bul
the manner In which Fromme >i d it
alampa him aa a great pitcher when he is
right. H?- waa right thia afternoon
"Wat. h Fromme," aald McOraw last
night when he announced that the former
Cincinnati pitcher would be in the i.ox.
"1 believe he la po?iik to he s winner
for us thli ? ' ?
i ron n e got hla weathei to ?la and he
? 'i :. woi di i fui exhibition of pitch
ii'.K. The Bun was n acorcher, b'.t II evl
dentl) thawed Fromme to hla most effec
' ' bj pitching a hltleea
game could he have Improved on to-day's
and probably there never haa been
;t hltleaa game with the featurea thai
ed to da s content,
mame pitched to hist twenty-eeven
batters. Had the Pelicana not changed
h man would hat. e -?one to bat
just three tlmea The Mew fork pitcher
allowed three hita one ;i scratch snd the
other two clean bloWa by Hub Northen,
i it gave no bases on baila His wondei
ful ahou ing a aa made poai Ibis b
fa? ' ti .' double p?a Imm? d t?
Ion . o ... h N< w ? n h ans hit.
The Pell ? i ti ? ? two-three
0 ' Ore than
t?o... men hatte '?"? ?
man ?? .?? ?o .1 ???
i hei e w ? i a no plaj era lefl o ba n th?
nine Innlnga As ths Giants mads <
on? i n, ths game moved swiftl; and wai
finished ir o ? i .. and ' s snt; 01 e min?
lu th? ' al irai order ol ?venta the New
Orleans pitcher was the last man ?i ? to
bal In th? ninth, tiiggins ? enl up ss a
pinch bitter a nd all a oui on I re<
pitched hails without even fouling on?
The (Hants scattered eight hita here
.?nd there, bul never could bunMi them
for run??. Two runners WON ?OUghl at
the plata Merhle was the onlj batsman
who im ail three pltchei ?. He mad? hla
home run oil Bagbj. hla trlpb off l Ils ?
enl? h m 'hs aev? I h a d his ?.m^i. .. |
? ;n'ic? r in the ninth. He also stoi?
onlv i.as?. and s. ored the onl rui
" . I . ? v
c ,.,?... a I (i - eater, 1b 8 S 1 IS I 8
?; puma, ir t " i . ? ?
'-..... i
i . ? '
11 314 "? " Ii.o n?. if :: .S i 88
Murray, if 18! t it Undaay, _b 31"! i ? n
Jh .
isa a ri
a S 28
.... | p - i. ft n |
...?: , :? " '" I.
?HlgglfU .. 188 8
H 17 o
?Batti : I Iser In ?he riln'h In? I
? . > , a i a a a a a a a?i
Saw Orle? 8 8 8.
i ,. ?? Three-toaaa hit
Marl '? Home i un M i tolei bese
i. . ? .. ?
i...,- .. i. . , It-vla and
Merkle Do I? an ! Mei ?
1 ? ? me '?- ) ?
i. t.v Qlavenii h, ? Bit i m Baal . I
innings; ??ff f?lavenleh, 2 In 4 inning ' "' '''
? ? .tiendan?-? I ?188
Losers' Only Tallies Come on
Two Home Run Drives.
Philadelphia April 7 The University of
P? nnaj Ivai la till I he hall hard to ds - and
defeated Bwarthmore bj s score of 6 to 1
Bwarthmore'i two tallies wars mads b'
Brown and Mu i on homs run drives.
R n F
Peni . I S A 2 S ? i a I 12 '
Bwai ihn ore 0 8 0 I 0 n ?? .. i |
Batteries Madden and Koons; Twining
nnd 1 l.i
Pennock's Triple and Murphy's
Single Defeat Phillies.
?Philadelphia, April I The phllad? Iphl ?
Nationals had things Mieii oWn vv a y iii.til
ths slghth Inning to?day, arhen ?ths _|l
letlcs tied ?be BCOre and won in ths ninth
Ths hi ol ? was I to 1,
Ths world's champions coi one hit mc
Alesander In tii?' flvs innings he pitched
ThS Kanu was l'on Mi 111 ? - ninth ntl J?,.,,
nock's triple and Murphy'i singla The
now stands ihr? i gsm? ? to ?>ne in
lavor of the AH.I. ?
The score folio,?,s
i- n EC
\ i , i lesna 0 " " 8 <? 8 " i i : i >?*
?stlonali 8 " 'i IS?.r?. i a o
liutt. to .-I,.?? k< v I-? un?.- I, and I app
? i ud? ? la ob< iv lllifer end Bui na
i m pi i ? onnull .?' 'i r. ron
Three Bouts Arranged There
lor Middleweight Boxer.
?'"'" flu?? i" o, .piil .' Jlmm) ? labt?:
el n..?.i Ind., the middle? ?
pugilist, lefl au :.i,.? all h ...
, i , . i . . i . , ?. , |
. M? " I hi had ??. n ad lo llghl im?u
i. In ?Im Italia I
Clabb) a trip win n-?t affect ins Mnt us
? : of t*'e i.,,, angeles police
i ? re h?' in under a suspended Bi n
? ? ..i three yesrs as a r? ill ? .-.
-.? I .;i i poll? aman aas
. .
of thai ? it- save ? '
to -?. t?> VuBtralla when the
? ? going t" fulfill en
? would return
Judge Asked to Hold Decision
for More Opinions.
Grand Rapid.?. Mi. n . April 7.-Decision
In the suit brought bj the Chicago Foi
eral League club t.. enjoin William .1
Killlfer, Jr. from ply \ in-*; with the Phila?
delphia dub in the \ationai League or
any club except the Chicago Federals
will not he returned for several daws, a
Cording to an announcement made bj
.ludir? Clarence W. Sessions, in United
S!.?t?s i '?Hirt, in?: ,? to-day
it had ' ?-? t. ? tpected that decision might
;.e forthcoming t"
Judge Sessions explained thla forenoon
that he had hla opinion ready to tile to?
das- but held it i>ifi< ??' ?he telegra
request of counsel for both the chl?
Feda und the Philadelphia Nationals, who
seid ihey hsd more authorities to cite in
behalf ?.f their contentions
The authorities will be cited by man.
. and there trill not be ?
furthi r hearing In court
Yale Cubs Open the Season.
New Haven, April 7 in a. rather slow
marked bj *;'io<J pit? hing and
lead y fielding, the Yule freshmen opened
the season thla afternoon with s '.' to 0
victory over the New Haven ifich School
Lagore'i triple In the first Inning started
the scoring for the it team, hi:.i a gr<
??atch in centre Held by Easton saved the
cul ? ft'.ni being Scored on
Th* m?h Bchool team pot only three
scattered singles off Underwood
Englewood Player Re-turns
from Visit and Speaks
Well of Links.
Courses in Metropolitan District
Will Be Ready for Plav
Within Three Weeks.
? > weld Kirkbj. the B? - ? a ?< d
holder and former Mi
has returned from a vieil to Cuba, during
which he played over the links of the
Country ?'luh of Havana, where Wait?
.1 Travis a few we.Ks ?go w? n the Cuban
Klrkby was there about ten dsyi
on no 'ess ? than thi ? don ? a i ??*
around In 75, a stroke under tl
leid Jointly by \\ alter .1 Trat h
Michael J Br ??' . the
it. Klrkby also had ? N to hla credit
This i?. s lively spring pace for the man
who Is looked upon as- the po?.?ihie metro
1 oiitan champ? n KIrkb) fi
pleassd ** Ith the Hi - and d<
claree that ail the) ? bees said an.i
w ritten l.s Rol V.r
Thi Women's Metropolitas '?nif Asso?
ciation has decided tO have HO more one
day tournaments thla aprtns than those
already scheduled. Baverai appllcal
have heen received by Mn Lawrence
Swift, the secretary, hut thev will have to
; i?o over until ihe (all. fine of these or
gaalaatlona la the pialndeld Country Club.
Orrin Terry, "?1 1 was r,!'-,'f slonal al
the Canos Brook Countrs Clubf?
1 sars, las been . ?:-?.!_. .1 ?.' the Bel
Spring Count 1 lub, ol Fi 111 Mai
T? r: ?
n'. er, who recent ''
in the course ol snothei two or three
** ceK> many of the links In 1 h.I ?
tan district will be op? n foi
members. The Knollwood Counti
?? everythlnfl
the latti r part of thla we k M
plan?, f. "t" n Its ' OUI ? "?' I rl Ri
. ? 1 the dir .-'i to hold the
annual ?luh champicnshlp In the fall In
? sti sd of In fulj
in shout two weeks Englewood will be
?. .r foi pis: *?? ?iI) ..11 of the tn
tl is links have been supplied with a
dust Inst? sd ' f *?? ?
m be better material. II l<
?.-lewood will be In ?specially I
tion for the metropolitan amateui 1
month. The Plali
.oi.rse will be?
Rain Keeps Oobb'a Bat Idle.
Loui rill?. K" . Apr! I Rain previ I 1
the exhibit l this
afternoon between the 1
and the Louisville American I
teams. The Detroit team l< ' ' ' -day
for Cincinnati
'f f^^ The Makings'
of the Panama Canal
"Bull" Durham in fresh, fragrant, hand-made
cigarettes has proved a constant source of comfort and
inspiration to the army of tireless workers in the Canal
zone. Keen-eyed surveyors, resourceful engineers,
sturdy section-bosses, bronzed army officers, all ur.//
their own" in the strcs9 of work under a tropic sun, or in
the balmv, restful evenings under the stars in Panama City and Colon.
Whenever men go forth to do men's work in the rough corners
of the world, most of the luxuries of civilization they leave behind
them; but one luxury, the most satisfying of all, they carry uith them?
Boll Durham
{.Enough for forty hand-made cigarettes in each 5-cent sack)
From Panama to Klondike, from Broadway to Manila, pure, ripe,
mellow "Bull" Durham tobacco is
smoked bv more millions of men than
all other high-grade tobaccos com?
bined. The fragrant aroma and satis?
fying ./for or of "Bull" Durham hand?
made cigarettes afford complete, health?
ful and lasting tnjoyment.
Ash for FREE
book of "paper*"
with each 5c ?ach
An Illustrate.! .Booklet, rilOWini correct
wav to "Roll Your Own" Cigarettes,
ami a Book of cigarette papers, will both be mailed
to you, free, on postal request. Address 'Bull"
Durham, Durham, N. C. ?

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