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Bryan Admits Concession
Granted in Treaty
Signed at Bogota.
Argue That It Strips England's
Claim of Validity?Root
Backed It in 1909.
I ?rom Ths Trfbune Bur.su ]
"Washington. April 10.?Free use of
the Panama Canal hy Colombian men
of-war, troop ships and army and navy
supply vessels Is proposed In the new
treaty between the T'nlted Ptate9 and
Colomhla. signed at Bogota on Tues?
day, to heal the breach between the
two countries over the separation of
This was announced to-night by Sec?
retary Hryan. with the explanation
thai the clause in tho convention was
Identical with one la the Colombian
treaty negotiated by Secretary Root In |
1900. with the approval of Orcst Brit-,
nin, and ratified by the United States ;
vSenate. though never accepted by;
Mr. Bryan's statement followed a
long conference at the State Depart?
ment with Senator O'Gorman, chair?
man of the Senate Canals Committee,
which has under consideration the ad?
ministration bill repealing the clause of
the Panama Canal act exempting
American coastwise shipping from
cenal tolls.
Penator O'Gorman, who Is leading the
Democratic opposition to President
Wilson's repeal policy, went back to
the Capitol carrying new ammunition
for his fight. lie would not discuss the
?natter, but other opponents of exemp?
tion pointed to the fact that Croat
Britain in 1009 had agreed to preferen?
tial treatment for Colombian vessels
because of Colombia's peculiar relation !
to the canal as evidence that Great
Britain and President Wilson now are
putting a new construction on the
words "all nations" In the clause of the
. Hay-Pauncefote treaty guaranteeing |
j equal treatment to the vessels of the
, nations of the world usina" the canal.
Their claim Is that the?? words were
, BOt Intended to apply to the United
States, the owner of the canal, and
they will urge the admission of Great
Britain In the Colombian matter as
' proof.
Mr. Bryan said the treaty signed at
''(?rota employs the. language of the
Root-Cortes ship canal treaty granting
the use of the waterway to "the troops,
materials for war and ships of war of
tho Republic of Colombia without pay?
ing any duty to the Culled States, even
n case of an international war be?
tween Colombia and another country."
When the new treaty has been rati?
fied. Mr. Bryaa explained, it will be
necessary to conclude a treaty between
Colombio and Panama. Ho would not
tay Whether the acceptance by all con?
cerned of the tripartite treaties would
-"!vo all the problems pending botaroen
Panama. Colombia and the T'nlted
States, nor would he give any further
hlat of the ; rovlsJoni of the latest Co?
lombian treaty, wliich will ha made
public next Wednesday.
Because BO witnesses were ready to dls
easg the canal tolls problem Chairman
'???orman of Cue Senate committee on
Jnteroceari'.o Canals adjourned public
hearings on the House BsampttOfl Repeal
bill until MOnday,
It is expected that Senator O'Gorman's
committee will hold the bill at least two
weeks. After It Is reported the real de?
bate In the Senate will be on and the
best gossoon now look fer a vote by
June 1.
.Meanwhile the charge Is being made
that ths opponents of changes In the
trust laws are behind the delay of the
tolls measure and that by continuing the
Mrlfe ovr tills bill they will head off
trust laglelatloa during the press?t ses?
sion of Congress.
The tolls exemption advocates are find?
ing difficulty In persuading some of tho
persons upon whom they had depended
to be witnesses to present their objec?
tion? to the repeal bill. Pteamship own?
ers have apparently decided they will
not strengthen their position by appear?
ing before the committee.
K. T. Chamberlain, Commissioner of
Navigation, and PrOfOOSSe Hu?bner, of ,
the University of Pennsylvania, will ap?
ilar on Monday and Senator Lewis at
the earns time will be given an oppor?
tunity to discuss his substitute for the
repeal bill.?
Representative Moore Wants
"Acknowledgment Whistle."
f From The Tribune B(ir?au )
Washington, April 10.?Representative
Moore, of Pennsylvania, to-day Intro?
duced a resolution requesting the Secre?
tary of Commerce to take whatever steps
may be necessary to BMtBBf In the de?
partment's "rules to prevent collisions at
sea." provision tor an ' a- knowierlgment
whistle,?? tO 1"? use<l by passing vessels
In fogs.
"The subject was in'reduced." said Mi
Moore, "bj Captais Waiter .i Baraard.
master of the V. S Q. If, steamer (?en
eral Jackson, who recently spent a week
tri Washington consulting ofTlelals and
legislators. Ths resolution Is In th?
'? of a request, because ths Interna
ai rules are formulated by a confer
Osee of th? nations.
"Kxpei captains ?sy an V
booatodgsjoat whlstW la a fog osuM
Hydrographer Sent to Sea.
i seas the 1 rtBea? Hire? i
Washington, April )(< Captain G y
Cooper? r.ow in eossssaai of the hydre
graph'; of?ee, bas bam ordered to the
oaasamad of th? Louisiana, lie will he
relieved as bydrOfiapasg by ?aptklri
Thomas Washington Captan ffaahmf*
ton s place on IBS board of Inspection of
for i -.-lie mod b>- i em
mander M A W
Kitty KiMiflr?*/ ha? Irish blue ayes
and hair d.irker than a star)??? night.
She is sltogethtr an adorable heroins,
and ytu rr%y rsad about th? ?ma/iny
?yperisnc?? which befell h?r in "The
Voice in th? Foq," by Harold McGrath,
beginning in th? Sunday Megarin? of
The Tnbjn? to m?rrov/. .
Company Restores 8 G Men and
Work Will Be Resumed.
Dover. K, .1. A] ;ii la.?lien
pumping out the Tho ma.s mine Bt WlUUteB
to-night and tlic nlncr-s who WOTS locked
j out Sunday on their threat to strike be?
! causo elghty?eti men were discharged
' will ret urn to work to-morrow BSrjf
in a five-hour oonfefenos erltk ths own
era ef the mine th!? afteraooB the mea
obtained tho restoration of their com
radea. The saaaaajef sras accused of dls
Cilmlnntlr:? against Ike BBlOB Bad hi-?
resignation was accepted.
"Protectors" Strike New Blow
for Tenafly Sobriety.
fFrom The Tribune r*orre?ren<1ent ]
Tenaflv. N. .' . April 10?A new "Jag
llst" mad? Its appearance to-night. Tt
, contained twenty-two names?two mor?
! than before tho protectors mot last nlfiht,
! but ?even who promised to reform were
dropped from tho list.
In a letter sent to each man on the list
i tho board aald:
'?Failure- to attend this meeting or aend
a representativo or counsel or s valid
? excuse will bo construed to mean that
yon are content to have jour name on the
new list."
"I am sorry this procedure has given
Ter. a fly eo much unpleasant notoriety,"
aald Dr. Kellar, chairman of the Hoard of
Protectors, "but really we are not to
"Our solo purpose is to benefit those
men who have become addicted to tho
liquor habit. Their families are the real
sufferers, for the money spent over the
bar 1? rightfully their.?."
The Constitutional Convention,
However, May Help City.
Aa there is to be a constitutional con
! ventlon In 1916, the city offlclala have de?
cided to postpone the amendment of the
city charter until 1916. They will work
with tho members of the convention In
an effort to get pome constitutional
changes that will be of advantage to the
city. After trying to Improve conditions
through tho amendment of tho consti?
tution, the work of revising the char?
ter will ho taken up.
One thin? the Hoard of Estimate hopes
to obtain in tho constitutional revision
Is some measure of control over the ex?
penses of the counties included In the
city. As It Is, tho constitution makes tho
authority of county officials supreme on
SBCk matters, and the Hoard of Estimate
has to pay the charges as a matter of
Three Sleeping Boys Overcome
by Gas and One Dies.
Craw?n? away to sleep in a moving
van at Broadway and lH2d st. on Thurs?
day nlfiht, three hoy.? werf- overcome by
coal pas from a fire they jlafj built in a
metal bucket and yesterday morning
John Pcanion. aged fifteen, of 819 Bast
UlSt Ft.. was A
Frank Kenny, of tho same address,
and a boy known only as "Soldler," wer?
taken to Knl feerbocker Hospital.
They were found by the Kenny boys
father. Patrick, who had searched for
them all Bight He told tho polies that
he bad formerly lived on the West Bids
and his boy and younf BcanlOfl were In
tho habit of going over to visit their
former playmatea
Head of College Shocts Himself.
Newport Newe, Va, April 10. ? Pro?
fessur Henry ?i Bavage, head of tbs
Hampton Woman's College, near this
city, committed suicide to-day by shoot*
ing. For two years he was president of
the Liberty Ladles' College, a Haprl?t
.ry at T-if erly. Mo ,
Threatens to Resign Place
Because of Reckless
Says Economy Pledge to People
Is Broken and Party
Deserves Defeat.
! from The Tribun? BbNSS).]
Wash.ngton, April 10,?In a bitter speech
In the House to-day. Chairman Fitzgerald
of the Appropriations Committee ar?
raigned his Democratic colleagues for ex?
travagance and said he waa tempted to
resign his chairmanship.
"I appeal to you now before It Is too
late," aald Mr. Fitzgerald, "to stop tho
conduct of which you have been guilty
and not to vote for Improper and Im?
provident appropriations, or else thoso
who propoi? to continuo to do so should
ot least have the courage to assert here
that the professions of the Democratic
party have not been made In good faith,
that they cannot be carried out and that
we are not entitled to power because of
thoso professions."
Mr. Fitzgerald's speech followed the
adoption of an amendment restoring 1n
the appropriation bill provision for an
assay office at Helena, Mont , which had
been atrlcken out by tho committee.
"You have given no aupport to us thua
far during thin session of <'ongreg?,," nsld
Mr. Fltagerald. "You hnve unnecessarily
piled up the publlo expenditures until the
Democratic party Is bocomtng tho laugh?
ing stock of the country.
"In a few months I shall be called upon
In the dlf^harge of my duties to review
the record that this House shall have
made In Its expenditures, and whenever
T think of tho horrible mess that t shall
bo called upon to present to the eOUOtry
on behalf of the Democratic party 1 am
tempted to quit my place.
"1 have in my hand a letter which is
characteristic of the coi responden -e
Which 1 receive dally. Il I placed my
political fortunes above my sworn duty
under tho law 1 ^ould not attempt te
Barry out the promises of the Democratic
platform. T would head thia band of
Treasury looters upon every occasion.
Here Is a letter from one of my con?
stituents complaining that an Increase of
7<**> tier cent had not been nude for one
of tiie public services In the federal gov?
ernment, and he writ"? that the failure
'is a blow aimed straight at one of the
most beneficent works now carried on by
our government, and i take pleasure In
assuring you that Bnless thh action Is
rescinded those responsible for the In?
iquity will be mad* to suffer by thou?
sands of men who are wide awake on
this question Rnd know what Is what.
" l personally pledge myself to use r11
possible means, as all individual and as
minister of a New York church and as a
citizen generally, to strike at you, ami
strike good and hard, unless you move
heaven and earth to make, good on this
proposition. The time has gone by when
auch nonsense as this inn bo taken
Hghtly. Hoping to hear from you favor?
ably upon this matter and at an early
date, believe me." ?'
Mr. Fitzgerald withheld the name of
the minister from tho record, but con?
tinued with sarcastic emphasis.
"Just think of a minister ol the gospel
at this Kaster time writing a letter
COUCbed In such languago to a public of?
ficial! If 1 were to be affected in the per.
farmanee of my pabSk duties by such
i from it'.''raided and mis
laformed ralaish tk ?t the goapsji it would
be a mri ? ds] for this country.
? I wotil 1 BOl epeal if I did not feel that
i ? lOllOBIHSO upon this floor seem either
to he so Indifferent to a very perilous
situation to our party, or else?which T
do BOl wish lo believe?have so far for
Blkoa Democratic practices and Demo?
cratic principles as not to deserve to
continue In control of this government.
"If we ere to he swayed from our duty
by the appeal of every misinformed or
misguided man, then we will surely make
such a record in this House as not only
to Invite out to deserve condemnation at
the hands of the public.
??We phoned tho Republicans for thir?
teen years of my Service in the House
with being grossly extravagant, with
being reckless In tho expenditure of the
public money. 1 believed that charge to
he true. I believed that my party In
place, in power, would demonstrate thnt
the charges we had made In good faith
were true We are entitled to the help
and to the support of the members on
this lido of the House In an honest ef?
fort to carry out the pledges of the
Democratic party and to obOW that what
we charged in order to get in power was
true. We bave not hail that support"
Refuses To Be Involved in Dem?
ocratic Club Row.
(Jiving pressure of public business as
his axenaa/Governor Martin H. (Jlynn
refused yesterday to mix in the row of
the National 1 ?emocratlc Club with
Tammany Hall lenders. The Governor
h;id been Invited to attend the Jeffer
BOn Day dinner of the club on Monday
nnd make an address.
Tho list of speakers announced by
Judge Edward W. CDwyet yesterday
Included C?overnor Walsh of Massa?
chusetts, Augustus Thomas, William
C '?shorn and Dudley Field Malone.
Wheeler Law Creates New
State Official at $6,000 a Year.
Albany, April 10 -Th? Wheeler bill.
? renting the State department of Foods
nnd Markets, eras signed to-day by the
Ooveraor, The bill provides for the ap?
pointment of a commissioner to serve
six years .-.t a salary of $?,0no a year
Among the powers of the commission?
er are tii? lavoatJgaUOB of the cost Of
food prod |i tnui and sale, assistance in
t ? organisation of co-operative socle
the eetsblisbment of pabilo mer
BBd tho supervision of grading.
packing, handling, storage and sale of
all foodstuffs.
The establishment of auction marhets
whore produce would be sold bv licensed
auctioneers i? authorised. \ dally bul?
letin containing quotations and sales of
domestic and foreign foodstuffs msy be
1 ublishi 'i by the commissioner.
Governor Fails to Induce Him
to Take Commissicnership.
Albany, April 10. Another long con?
ference with Governor Qlyaa to-day
failed to cominee Ceorgo M Schul;:.
Rurrogate of The Bronx, that he should
scoepl the Is? District Public Service
fonei :'p, to which he was no
d recently.
Mr S.hulz returned to New York to?
night without making any further en
gagements with the Ooveraor.
William chinch Osbora, ehslrmsn of
tl <? Demo? ratio state Committee, vas in
the conference to-da\. bul what pa>t :
ployed wse no! made public it is
known however, thnt bots the Ooveraor
? i Mi Osborn sre t:r;;?p^ Mr. Bchula
to <t cei t
Governors Will Meet on June 9.
Madison. Wis.. Apr SI 10 The seventh
. i ronferenci of Opverners will be
held her? b finning lune I, Twsnty-flve
. tors have given sssuraaee of th^ir
attendance, end many former Governors
A man may invest money
in a railroad or industrial
enterprise, and withdraw it
when he considers the propo?
sition unsafe or unprofitable.
But once an Owner enters
upon a building enterprise, he
must go through with it, even
in the face of a contractor's
incompetence and neglect.
So that it is really worth an
Owner's consideration to get a
good contractor while he is
about it.
Building Construction
Governor Approves 35,000 Ex?
pense for Data on Constitution.
Albany, April i'> -Governor Glynn has
edgne.i the Folev mu, one whicb he rec?
ommended in a epeclal Biessage, appro?
priating $.*'.eiin for the expenses of a
commission to furnish data to delegates
to the eonetltutional coaventlen. Hs
niso approved the bin appropriating
Nee.tOO for the aspeases of New York
?t?te'S participation In the 1'anama-l'a
sMs Bxposftlen.
The bill appropriating $2.r>,o00 for a
game farm in Jefferson County, th?
home of Republican Leader Browa of
the Senate, una also signed 10
Nearly a ?core of p;ime farm bills were
parsed by the Legislature, but it was
the understanding o? the leaders that
only one would be approved.
Bryan Going to Florida.
(Krem Th? Trlhun? Bureau. |
Washington, April l'V?Secretary Pryan
?;i d this afternoon that he expected to
leave Washington for Florida Tuesday
evening. He Is going on BCCOUBt of his
heath, and expect? to be away ten days
or two weeks. The Secretary of Htiite
has a severe cold He looks far from
well and has a persistent cough.
A Round of Enjoyment.
Costs less than ? cent a
stick if you buy it by the
85 cents.
Most Dealers.
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Ilair to Its Vo'i-.hful Color.
Prevent?, halt l.i'.-Um;.
,'"?'. ?-i-I S'."rt ?I 1'r-igy?'?.
//rV- ft
^??annwf .f?nnnnnnn^r^^ * Tjd^y ^?jn??^
Bismarck-theGieatestof the Germans
BISMARCK Jike all Germans, prized Personal Liberty asthe breath of life?a N/VTURAL
RIGHT to be guarded and defended at any cost. Among our millions of law-abiding
I German-American citizens there is not a man who ?oes not consider it insolent tyranny
'of the most odious kind for any legislation to issue this command "Thou shah NOTcat
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years ago AN HEUSER-BUSCH founded their great institution upon the tenets of the Goo
stitution of the United States. During these fifty-seven years they have honestly brewed an
honest beer?the kind that has added to the temperance of nations. Their great brand?
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