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.Many Persons Go to Coun?
try Places to Remain
Over Sunday.
William A. Evans and Miss Laura
Robinson to Wed at the
Gotham ooi April 23.
Kew T?
pbsees i
ever In
; ? '
Il end
M '?V?ibam i
r oountr]
th? latter'*
? -id Mrs. Vanderbilt
? Ml R
??? |,
' ' ttlsnl rny.
I Mrs.
?v lliam !-.
Mra B I ?
v ._? iter II -
{ton. hat i
- ago
. tughter of Mrs
? aanwl :h, Conn ,
will be marrie?! to Willlsm Alexander
.*. of this city, at noon on April Zt,
.red v y a ? ? ? l ? is Ma
? ? be the hrlde's maid of honor
- ?
? '? a st the Q
I ? ? sa.l
eee Hermann de
rereus Emm?t wi'.l
.... | ., ? g| lames,
L ? il R.krr w?;. ??Is? ^
er dance St fl on April Z\.
ard Mr? Whiter Watson hav?
- ? ?
Harry B Holllns, at Tsllr.. Ijong
wl ad for the
.. - Um re
-- - ? T.adew and
Bf ".ar.ee, W wbo are
Ladew latrj ? ice at Glea Ct i
tante da rhter
im) Mra Herbert i In rd, win
cir? a tyrer-eon on April 15.
j Borden and Miss
? ? | efty
Misa Margaret r- Overtoa ?will rv? a
?eon on Tuesday at **r bom?, i"?
? ,?? 5Tts ?r
Ifi sad Mra .? are
Bgratuli Uona en the birth of
H rJaui lei at their home
- -
Alb?"t - a grtna
?? Ba aarl "? sad & St b?r home,
I am at
- ind Mra Bbrldg? T lerry ar.d the
? - '?v for Europe.
" mi r- two
- ?? ? a- | theti tura they ? t
' ? i pert for tl ?
Girl Who Figured in. Elopement
to Wed Baron d'Orsay.
The engag -
- - igu< Stinei i i -
oes ia wide
assnaat Haro
? ar
ta - ? asa in
.... ....
farm'- tat of William
Bfi ' of Rhode let?
snghtsr of
? oln'a
ties of the
?? . Win
' a torn,er chief
? saple Uved
ra aft^r
? to Paris and ob
??,,.-. Baar>
Leads for High Price at Von
Zeuner Sale,
ua* ahne
at the it?-- ? ?' I I
?,???< ? - St the Audi
I ?rt?s ? * v'v W
? < Vra. H. H ItOgSfS irave
i ?>? frani af Venetian
BOO ?rid SB and
. ?ii. ?*?- 1.1
. ,\ Daerr | aM
r gave w M for ?
?? Broedered
? b sad a h
' - .'ralinn la/ ?? ?h I
' Mult fea I - Bufes k?v?
M th
a? the si
n wsi - ala ts
h i BBselon.
... \,or< Hain*
< rnltore will
D'lhngham Aftrr Young's Pier.
ii. .-??
?, /? "?.
Baal? By?,
Fremstad's Farewell Kun
dry?Berger as Parsifal?
Alda in "Manon."
Good Friday ha? for the last few year?
' been invariably celebrated at the Metro?
politan Opera House by a performance
I Richard Wagner's "Parsifal," but to
;uge audience that gathered then
rday afternoon there must have
? ded a note ?f sadness winch the ;
a ; Hirn It WBI I
? well of Mme <'!.vc Premstad to the
I art, which more than any others, except
Isolde and Bieglinde, she has made pe?
culiarly her own Mme Fremstrti was
I r.g Kundry for the last time at the
Metropolitan, perhaps for the last tim^
on :u.' ??? agi
.Mme. Premst
? the n
passe-j one '-r the fev - Kreat
ttagt Bh< -
us a:t--i having reached heights of Imag*
lr.ati-,e splendor which hav< .ailed
In recent years onlj b aai
: ' ? . -mai
? tress wl - power* lave borne I c
of genius, and wIlo has never
?it. the senaa
of the mob; a singer who by sh^-er
effort Intelligently dU-erted. has made of
S rosos r.oi ?rigi ij/rino an organ
ble f i spri slag l s w deet range
of emotion. ?1er voice yesterday was
not at Its best but her Impersonation was
fis splendidly Imaginative s evei The
great audleme after the second a I gave
Mme. Fremstad an ovation su^h as f?w
Singers have received of recent years.
She was called before the curtain with
Mr Kerger at least a dor/.en times and
afte- that took four mor-i ? all: alone.
The other >??. <--nt of the aft? moon was
ranee of Rudolf Berger as
I Parsifa.. Mr. Berger made a Bas rtMrtflng
knight, tho-.ieh h:s acting In the scene
with Kundry was anything bet guii?ie*-s. .
On the whole, bowi ? ? ~. be was one of the
Paralfals of recent > ears. 11
in the rast weie Mr. Well, Mr Wither
spoon and Mr Corita Mr. Herts con-1
.. ami once apaln proved his sym
with the wore which he was the
t to t b America,
In the evening Mme. Alda ear.g Manon
'.-??? 'or Um Brat time In
an abe sang the part ?about a
tehearsal. and on the whole *nve a rery
table pert
vocal side Mi Carui i not In good
C as Des ?: og th-i
"Rave" with CXC. Bl ? . true fed?
U ?; ' beses :t however, was on
the whole the best . lion of the
evei | as the French barytone has I ?? ?
oled !n the French tradition. Mr
lucted as only he con-.
The Alternate Company Ap?
pears in the Big Hippodrome
i p?a casi
? . ? 'esope Pi ??'? ..
Mr. <i'.'A',n
ptaii Mr !'
?tra? ... Mr Bru
Mr i .
? : i . Mr. Cowli
i . v.:?- H?
, ; .. M. ? : i - - ?
The <:ast of principals which sari?
afore" ?i the dress rehearsal Bl
t ?. firvt night pe? fot manee, took s rest
yesterday afternoon, ?hii* the alt?nate
H piar.p the mstinor
The new eeaasei " aoqultted Itself cred?
OS the Whole, and the perforrnane?
was recorvad by the larea audience with
the favos 11 gi i ninety deserved.
; the new principals Miss Morgan,
a>- Little Buttercup, was noticeable for
? ? clearness of her BBunclation. Vet?
erar: | ??? le- reeelved a warm wel
o unse, as BQl Behetey. Th<
tbvteOS weakness, ?a? the physli >1 ron
dittos of air Perdslei ? kr Ralph
j:.i hstraw Mr Berdstey*s
la ascending the riggiag d - - ~r the first'
, .? which Mr. Daiharl saag v., beautl
fully the night before, we? sad, ir.d< ed
Ho dang ;<s If |fl fSBI <?' his life and
? Sded tads very simple
? atloa as soaroslj to be ?m* to ar?
Is Mr Bardeley ha?, his morn?
ings ?rid < snlnt frw be i houid put on
a few ?? - and ?ret out on a running
or oneult some competeni i
? ? .? M e
"Big Tim's" Daughter Actress.
alia '? Hi.ivai, daughter of PBig
Tim" iullHari, who is tlghting an a hired
eonsptraoj en Mm pari of her relatrri te
id r.. r of h? share of the |&eaMS|
i eagagod luit pdght by William
Hammerets loi the Victoria Thaatrs
, ?* appes thai as riaglng act
.. k of dprll I
- ?
Guggenheim Oft Committee.
I,,. , \|,r .i II Mbm ? ? ' ? Im
, i . ,<-.| States Banatof from .
?pjad IS 4$ < ?? l>l"i".n..n N?
tion?i i eaasdtteesaaa
Names Committee to D(
Better Means of Raisii
Required Revenue.
1 banges In the aystsm of taxati
this city probably will be mad- befor
Bad of Mayor Mltchel'a &dn Ii -?
In a; . arhst la to be known a
Major?? Taxation Commit tee yestl
Mayor hTJtebet aaid.
"I r?TU?st you to mak? a eomprehei
a: d exhaustive study of th? aeveral n
ods of taxation In use h?re and In f
cltlea of thle country and ahroad, ar
s i. methoda ?u devl i as have i
or may he during the contln :an i
your taVOStlgatlone, s,u*ffe?.tfd aa c?
lated to effect an Improvemeat in
ways and means of creating rev.nue
the payment of the co-.-t of the etty
"[ purpose!- retrain from drawing :
attention to any ?special subject of
qulry. preferring t" .- re the area
measur*? of fredom IB !..?? WOrh ]
so BenerOQBly undertaken to p.-rforrr!.'
The Mijor s^t no time limit, hut af
for a report containing such "Ondinj?i
fact arid sucifest'.or,'* for
other ? ban| I . sy commend th
a .^t.. you sa ??.- ? i I ? i ; ?? -lient
Tl.? committee is a? follows: Ufj
Marine, Robert B Btnkerd, Oeorga Cn
weil. Krank Hai-vej PleM, John M. Pr
collni. Proderlch C How? Hamilton H
Jeremiah W Jeans, Walter Lindt
Prod* rich < Leubusehet t !yi a .' I
|?r, Loula Heaton Pink, David Ruma
Osear R Belts, Robert E Btmon, ? R?
Bettgntsa. t B Tomlln, Deloa F WBe
Lawsoa Purdy, Charlea T White
Hallerati ColUn h Woodward. Ardolpli
(Frederick B, Shipley and George
The Isst a?v?n namf.l are memh?rs
the conimitt?" ea?onVlo a* BBasibera
th? Tax }'?? ard. It in known that ^
Purdy. the pr?sident and other
nave for aome time fall thai th< | ?
.!-.* Of t
tjr of tii ' I ifl ' " ?B ??
of f;<;' SBBX ? BM
__ m
Bryan Also Gives Aid to Wor
Race Plan.
\-- i Km kmai Dianag? r of ti
m r i returned from Waahtngti
yesterday, after nn Intervten with Proa
Dvnaon, i: ?? the Pn -' '? ? ? m
; r.ased much lr.r- reel B the
R.s.sur?d Kruckman thai hi Intended I
rtslt San Praneh i ear H? ?ai
laai } .? hoped to be preeent when th
?? . ra left for their Ion? flight.
Kruckman received a certificat? fror
S<-.-r<-t.irv Hrvati, Which ' 8 WtU BOB BB
< redentlal during hia pi^eUmtnary tr;
h ? ? the world Mr Bryan i
Kruckman a letter nddr?w???d to ail of
ti<dais In the ' ' ??. dlrectlm
them tn land si a ha thel
[power toward nrranirtnir ff>r th? gros
?vent Kruckman sape?la to sail on th<
|faur< tanta on Jam
Bronze Faun and Nymph Shown
at Starr Galleries.
Twi.nsea mada by Bbnll Blebern
f..r John D Re kefeller win t.e m view
nest wool Is the gallerlea of the Thee
gore H. Btarr Company l-lfth a\? and
47th ? i fa ? ip ?f
three fountain Bguree which u?r? d?
\gt ???) i.-.- Mr glebern for a Ore eh Kr..tf.>
Doantioo Hllla
Bgaree are ?? faun and ?<? reclining
ir m).h The srtlst returned from
, ? ' '.. 11 bo sud a half
: iiniii. di.ii.iv i. ived i
. ?iiiinii ? ?ion iron. ? ? 1er, upon
? steh be has basa woralag * uses then,
Awards for Winter Exhibition
Will Be Made on Ruling of
Men Named.
- '-;rles pf award and self ?OB ' '
IBs winter exhibition of 1?1? and the an?
nual exhibition flW hosei t the an?
?T-.eering of the National Academy I
?? ere aanoune? ssti - lay.
fury of awards for the annual ??.hlbl
? ? John 'A' alexander, wniiam m
rhase. Keryon '"ox, Rm41 Carleen arl
Ken Foster. painters, and Hert e-t adama,
nos K Ils 5f<-ii ard a Phtmlstef
I'roetor. sculptors
Jurv of sslectloB for the am
t!on: Edwin if Blaahftetd, J. Alden Weir.
I'aui D ' gherty, Irvtng R- Wilce, '"rnneis
C. Jor.es. Daniel C. French, Robert i
Uthen, i'"-- '?? Murphy, William T.
Bi ? iley, Henry Bayley Baall, C C Cur?
ran. Dougtaas Valh Daniel Garbe- Hi
Vf. Watrooa, Oai fa rr t] rn ess, Edward
Henry Potthasl Paul Cornoyer, T>'>'
;: tachai, Do oritt Paraban, J
Johannen, i 'h&rins Rittlneer. FT?d?--ii k
? .. Howard Russell Butler,
William v Codas, Bergent Residan, 9
I 1 on, William l.ar.jrson '
throPi F s Church, Blrge Harrison and
? rah
Jury of awards fr~' the winter ?iMt..
ttOB Bdwtn H. niashfleld, J Alden Weir,
[hefty, Trvin?T R. Wiles. Frn
Iones Deal? French, Robert f
? end Chester Rf-ach.
.- of selectlOB for the w:r'er ezhfbt?
tlon: .lohn w. Alesanda I U
t'h.ve, Kenyon ?"ox. Bndl cartssi
? ??. Herbert \d.im?, Herm.m a Mac?
Nhi. a. Fhimi't^r Proctor, Qtfford Bos
Bruce t'rane. rioiton lonee, Louis M ra,
rt U Or?n, i"ving Couse, Le-- ? |
v . (ander T Van T.a?rt Cl
- Ida w Blrner schofle
Oran? us Bmlth, Qeorgs Bellows ?
W. Ilam H How., Frark I>
?'? Hawthorne, C C
r i lurtes H Davis, ; ?
? ?-?ek Root and Ro?^rt Vonnoh.
Ms new - ? . ? -,d to m?" -
? Ip (.f the academy Thoy wer? ;
Mammlp and Sherry Fry. srulptors. I
? rr BpOncer and Ivan OUnSttl, pnlnrers
IdankS f'ram and ''?
Jaw i dmste i . archtteets
$5,000,000 DEAL
Krupps Buy Exclusive Rights in
Sixty of His Westphalian
Coal Fields.
Py Cal le to The Tr'.l..- - |
Berths, April 10.~When the DnhS of
Croy was orstreized by society formar?
rytag Nancy Leanhasaa? daughter of
John ?I. A firlffwnan former American
Ambassador In Berths, he told his'
friands he was going to work In Ameri
caa iahen with the sarposs of de
ping his neglected ancestral estates
in vVestpbalia, The first fruits of Bis
'aLots have Just bOOS BaaoanOOd in the
tonn <>f *? huge transaction with
Krupps, whereby the Basan armamont
tinn purchasss for mor? than l&OOO.?
imki the ? \, liisive rlgtit to work sixty
coal fields in'the southers section of
the Gtvy properties near Dula
The duke and dSCBeSB BBVS spent all
their time on iie:r estates sti s their
marnai-*', last September, a ornlng so?
cial activities Bad devoting fhemselves
uninterrupted!) to the bnprovemeni
,imi envelopment of the Bfestphaltan
proportlea whieh sheejad in mue
sr-.d iigrl'ultural ??nlth.
"Future Men" of Suffrage
Pageant Impatient to See
Their Costumes.
Noble Types Hard to Find at Late
Hour. She Says. So They
Ret. rn to Rehearsal.
? rtrtke f the Adei i of the avSrage
? ' t of i
? - b all
tai ? ? riment
Mrs . ?
know i aere I
She tmnd that
th? costum?e and that it
? i to
? ?
: I -
etter as dril n
,'r>h. b;t. WB I
"We nave
?t your i not ee
easy to
don't di s. ; I
They didn't
mystery whlcB l the
fui -r? woman s eostume is th? ; rl - et
Mrs. Phunroer'i Ufa A I it ?he win
reveel is that tl B gowns la -xttn
out buttons down the I
'We aren t going 'o hsvs the suffraee
lomes of the future ruined by button?
d"wn th? bai k, ' aha said "II we women
aren't amart enough to some
rir??!.?.?, that a huslasBda the
ang-u!?h f tlm.?
?ra want 1 | ' nation
Mrs. Ines 1 i ' ' " '
I quit
. suffrage t. Ma
prove.! ns ? i ehe
. ?? . reih red sigh.
It ? irn that he waa r.ot
?present ths Future Man in the
pageant I ' - ?te B< rmuds i
-?vain wl I be I r Spencer M I?
1er, Jr , of :?v .
Tank Steams 10.881 Miles
from Lobitos, Peru.
One of th? longest ' royaaaa
witboul a atop was ended yesterday by
? i British oil tank at?ame p sal -ahuia.
?t : itos, 1 ru, la ths latter part
'Pobre rltl rade for thla pnrt
She n a:i ol! burner and * as r.ot ..??
to stop for !?:?! m ? ? ? arney
urn md Tap? Horn.
The only time th? ensrtn?- were s*opr?d
g thi le run was 00 I SOt?
land Lightship yesterdsy to ptrtc up a
The Asht . wsi to go
around the H the fog la
straits of Ifagellon. Bha sighted I ?
mn?ts '.f a aunl >n bark thirty-two
- ndy H.iok.
Time Curtain Rises I o-day
I TO tsagfilirt . MetropoUtaB
2:00?A I )'r>.-:?t. Psgl
Trevatore , , Century
Th? Midi Ight Oirl ?4th Btreet
If:; ? .drome
Whirl ".' the World Winter Oarden
2:15?H gh Jinka ? urtno
otash ft Perlmutter.? 'ohan's
Cli ? ? ire I
w Ticket
'?a- lows ...'?'
thee ..... Bool
le of Hoi.d str?er..Bhubert
: X .-'tri . .I.
. irumi ? . n ix'.
Mar. ? rltn . Hodson
m. ' Street
K. ?. C<
Peg o' My ii-art
To-day ; th -
ths Movies
tad The Secret . ace
T ? FtuU ? ' . ! m ?? Harris
Along i'ame Ruth.
? 30 The Tl
The < : hrl.. Kni^k' ?
J?rr' .!..
Hi l| v. M '. ? Ine I'.lhott'a
The ' ?''?? Fulton
\ r ail
I Leonora. ,E
2.'.b~ Qem Co.. lr\ Lag Pis ?
ts Ii Barroom a
Das Mitterna I Bronx
ervwomai '
Th? Whip Royal
8.0O? Beta from Faust. I'agl'.aocl.
; rot atot ?
Tl Midnight '?irl.?14th
I fore . Hippodrome
' ; . Metn poll tan
v\ I, rl of the World
8 15?H gh I OSS.C
Pota ft l'-'r'-- itter.. Co:,.u. a
C rcus. ... Mad son Squai
Changa ? ? ? .l'..rk
. TbOsw Tt.'k?t.Btinge
Pavlowa M
? tin a .Booth
? of HoiTl str??t.Shubert
ar the Tei.tmaker.Lyrl
8:20?San . Libert]
Grumpy .WaUack'a
Mari v fill.Hudson
Looks .30th Hi
? ??.Comedy
i >ag o* My Heart.r0rt
i.. to BaMi te.Astor
da of Athens.. .New Amsterdam
To-daj .tSth. si
Of the Movies. Globe
S.25?'. ?? Secret.Be
,: ?'." ?r Three.Harns
MOI ? Ruth. Gaieti
IrgA?The Things Thst Count, rl.,.
i Qlrl...Knickerbocker
rj .I.'. ',. j m
I Money. j>r,, ., ?s
Help Wanted.M.axlne Elliott's
'?' ?Lad Pulton
A Pair of Sixes.}/0 ,
? ?I "; "" "ri .Empire
Car rardln d? i
BthV-Oerman Bteck Os.Irving Place
Ti n ? ? oora academy
Daa M ?!? r . LChtmadel Bra i
The vThlp .,{0);t,
Mata i Miiy. Be?
'. '.? ??? '? ?? ..HammerBtets'e
. s Alh.imbra
. .*'l ? .Colonial
I "i I
? i.. 1:11 Brona
Mata i a i ah .-111114.
? 1?.?.Ii.Columbia
Mrs. Patrick Campbell Has
Chief Role in "Pygmalion."
(By CaMe to IBS Tribun? 1
Leads*. Apri: 11 -Immerse interest is
being BSWaasd by to-ma-ht s Brat perform?
ance of George Kerr.ard *m?-> ? Pyg
BM at His Majesty's Theatre. Mrs
ftmpheU, who leal wash be ame
'hi- bride of i";eor*e Osea wants? Weal
piav- the part o'. a BoWat gfri Whom a
ml wan hate a
WOmasl bat b'fore her education is
riete ?he makes use of an ex
? l al present bfcrrcd in.
*:g rooms, thou?h sre heard the
? .ctor use the word so often that she
? know It was not etiquette to
. :t
Octogenarian Peer Was Mem?
ber of Late King's Household.
Los if* Chert? H.iThord ?'?f
B . once
v . ? irj to King YA
He vvas born in MM
- . ? a bom he mar
?;?-four, died in
February, UBM B - Cw ilia
? ? its i/ord Bevel?
- end wife, whom he mar
?i v ..'11. when h- was elffhty
one years 'i widow
onel m the British army.
Loi I Sufl ?? superln
?" of
- ? ? ? ? e Hon. Charles
He was
;?? the M irriis of Lome
I tho i mor-Ooner
to TBe :-i?. i
April \* Mrs
??< '. v of John Dwt
ton. la di the home of her niece.
t?- ..f Whits Plains. M
i . Whom she had been visiting. Mrs.
iB'S busband vvas a.^or'Bted with
Horace Oracle*. In the founding of the
? Ureci-y, Pike Coun?
ty. Pern. The colony did not prosper
..- ! Dutton came here MraDsttoawaa
troi "hrall Hospital, Middletown,
nt or- o hurled la M Id
. . m .
I . ? p rry i - derla, for
?? st Mary's Church
at Bear !h, died In that town yes
ly afte-r:r,on. The members of the
rch include William ftechefsflsr, v*i
? bpsyec and Prnnk
a Vanderlip
He was born In Brooklyn about forty
rs ago and received his education in
the public schools there He leaves a
Wife, two ehUdren. a mother and a
brother, the Rev I Iharlas H. Haldwln.
Plttyburffh. April 10-While driving
from his home In Shields, Pan? . to *'ora
opolis Heights, to Inspect a house he
? *? .1 to occupy next month. Joseph
fudson Br - leneral counsel of the
nayivanla Compeny, operating the
. ?rast ? ' ' Ittsburgh, d ed from heart
H ? ass to
Mr Brooks was born In Ba'em, fhlo.
' In 1SSJ, and whs cTad<iat?d from Vnle
In ti.? das : '- He became a mem
: department of th? Fenn
? ?? snd WBS mal?
B I ? sgi l he "v ose
raon, N J. A; HI IP -Mrs Daisy
A. Fordyce, w'''* of Mayor Robert A
For-i ' at h?r home to-day. fol
I lowing ? week's luaesa from anemic
BOtSOninf H born her? In l-3,
the eldest laughter or John Hlndle. Mr?.
For'- s sd clonely with many
/>. '? ss s .- ?., two daughters ar.d
SOO Th- funeral will be he'd to?
morrow afternoon
Court Denies Incorporation
Plea of Organization.
? it "? ? ? i tented yesterday the ap?
plication of the New York State S -
of N'aturor ,-i.tiis fot a certificate of lncoi
poratlon d ? - I memberahlj - i
tlon law. The I ity met a similar
rebuff from the Legislature la an effort to
?ISded ai ? -:v-tltloners under B I
modi sal practice
In the petition to Justice Weeks It was
* L 1 one of tv SB Of the socJety
ares to "croata manage and control a
fund to f.- ;re leglsl itton by th* Legis?
lature for the r.aturopathy
in all Its branches Tbe ?orletv also
a school and a meeting
' - - sen ' I - application
and a director of I -of Naturo
paihs Is RenJ;imln LttSt, of 111 East 41st
sr. ne was convicted a year uso of prac?
tising me Heine without a I! ense. The
? rs "..'??? Hunch B
Kmll C.ramlow, Hairy LBBtS and :
Br ? In
Health Department Will Be
Represented at Albany Hearing.
","v c : partaient of H< ? I win
ntal s to ?hai ? Monday m
ft* r>. he..-': ' - -
StSO] I the right
to Sign deaf. UfiCBtai
dry etemi-ts ("hr!s
rion - lien from the laws.
Last ?? i wore amas saafnl
In their effort.? to s? ? I i B Bid of Health
?hem the rich: to alga deatl er?
.? a
? - tsserteaa B nasaa sf
Natural HIstM . Museum of
Art. N?*s fort Van <-ort
V ? ? VTJart'irn
1 irar 1 <'?--.rra! Pala-?
r.'.rrt\ of Caacer, ' Ku<i
1. : bai B Of " "- Si Ml-'rir.
ub. Hotel '?? : m
- ? ?>: r!.. fialkan
But?*," at th? . jo of
N-* V -r\ VV>?t ?th Bl
\? ? ? \ - - ? - ? BTol I'.rf
?. 3 I
..... . .
v. <>rk New 1 -'on ave.
' :
:.?.-? - "
IM, U'.'b
?t.. ?(?t of Kit th n
!i Hu
1 - Charit v!
'. v
* "
Hs " w . ? !. ? -? i ravtls . .
? liarnum Brown,
Begins Day on White
Sulphur Links Before
Hotel Guests Are Up.
Mrs. Wilson Shows Effects of
Illness, but Is Able to Drive
with President.
Whit? Sulphur Sprtraa, W. Va . April
M ?More concerned over the health of
Mrs. WKson than In the surroundings of
a fashionable hotel at the Paster .?eaMon.
President W"ilson s;e:it lus rtrst day her?
'.n nomsasj with his family, bothered .
.Ute "1 y the throng: of tlsttors to this'
The President could M? resist the Ueoj
of his corree days, however, and te-j
night he and hla family accepted the >
Invitation of the Princeton University
andoltn and banjo clubs to attend
their concert. A Princeton locomotive
cheer ran? through the ballroom as the
P?ssklSnt took his seat. He received
an ovation from the crowd ae well, and
? 1 greatly to enjoy the songs and
sections reminiscent of bis years at
Mr U'llson pl?r?d *olf early lo thee
day, m?h after hla train arrived and be?
fore the a loay had Biesasal Itself from
Its slumbers. He played eighteen holes
and climbed up and down hula with a
vigorous stride.
The Wilson family took their meals!
la thaw apartm'-nt. In the aftemooo Che!
President and Mra. Wilson, accompanied'
*.y their second daughter, Mra Francis*
B Fay re. went drlvlr.g la a backboard?'
while two other members of th? party?;
rode on horseback, over the hllla
The Presld?nt and Mra Wilson bad*,
barely left the hotel when two
paper phntomphiri waylaid them. W*na
the President raised his hand and Mrs.
Wilson aek?d that no pictures of her b?
tak-n the phOtOgTSphSTS r? treated, wtthr
:.? m
Mrs. Wilson did not appear to be en?
tlrely recovered from her recent I'.lneae,
showing the effects of long cot;fir.?roan*
|>J hsr pale complexion.
The President, after ?pendln? Mondan*,
Tassday and Wednesday of next ww>k 10?
Washington, will return h ?ira on Thura
? i spend the week-?nd wtth h!a
9faea the Prefdd?r.t *ot bank from h'.ai
r.de the yOBBg folk *tr? tangoing at a(
t?a aaaoa la the hotel. Ttoy wire to>j
abaorhai to otanrsn the President aa he.'
pas6?d the hedlrooni sad s:ipp?d apat ? *
to his rooms.
bV rotary MrAfloo la ?xpect?d to Join
the party early to-morrow.
The Pr?sid?e! will leave her?* BOl
night for Washln?Tton. Attach?e of th?'
rtj said that no official dispatebes of
, rtaaee were recorred by the
deal daring the day, the White Hi ?
, * having planned to afford . as
much relief from of a ?
Easter Mass for Nightworkers.
A eolcmn hlsrh mas* for BOWSeap -
er.', night workers win re celebrated bj
ther Luke 7. Bears at st. Andri
Roman Cstbolle Church, T'iiane *r
'v'*-- H Ml PlBOSj at ? :!0 oVJo? k t.iin.
row morning
Rossini'? rruiiis will N? ?'in* hv a I
quartet BBlaeted by the o-i-*r:t?t of th.?
nightworkers .losepb BietJgsr. afana
Uadeletne tysTaptnay, i Hi i Ba>
atrice MeCae, oostralto; Jain. ? j. nrsJahj
tenor, nr. 1 I-Yam Is Mot ?. will be
the soiovts Miss Fiancee WUaoe Bhe
aalr and Miss m. <-. McCarthy* rlohnaas,
Will play.
BartiM, M. V. N a Palmer, MTteo W,
lag, D. D. ?., OraoaCk
Lambert. ElDotC. Wessons, AnraE.
BARVES-On April % 1914. at ker rear*.
denee, lOrV? Bergen ?t., Rronkiyn. Marta
V. N. Cowenhoven, widow of isaao
rnea f*un?rai service at
rational Church, r*ourt and
. Battnrdag at I
nXMMTHQ?At Terwy city, on April
10, 1914, Dudley Digaea Flemmlnr. rn
: eral serri ?>? will Be held on Monday
afternoon, April 18, at 2 ovlo<~k from
his late residence, Dei Oarfleid ave, enf
eck s Jet r < Ity.
LAMBERT?A4 the wHeaea of hta.
ther, Dr. Samuel W Lambert, 13?!
East "t.: Ht., on W?dn?s.lay. Aprfl Cl
?t ? 'owdtn. . teband ofi
Annie Thompson Lamber?. In the flat]
i ag ral eervices will i
b? held at Manchester, M. EL, on fiat-1
' -oon.
?MER-On '? day. April If Miles
In ar, M D , In his Md year.
?it hla late residence.
Be I I8tl V Atril .1,
at $ oclock. Interment r-rtvata.
BTRAJTON?At her horn?. In Oakland, j
Cal ',ry, wife 1
? Frederick Strstl
WEfWELLeV-At Walters Park. Pentv.
? W?fs?1!s <r.tp Dofc-,
f? of th? / 'A. Wes
... {Lit
! CHART/TON! Margarertba, M w?1?,
are April l to-day at t m
p. m
- ARB Latins '' ?'>' v.-.-t ?th ec
: m.
si April 9 Fnnen : prb
THACKER, H ? -1 Wast TWth
I in
I P. Ann?. : ? ? SB* A| rll 1.
it 2 p. m.
QRJ|. ?' Vprtl
,..?.- m.
KITTI-i"H. Thoi
nt-o.: ii aral to-day at 2 p m.
LIND8AT, E. Cor ?St
april Kl Panerai to-iwarrow at i.so p.
m. '
M'GEE. John. ? : --?n "t April T.
aged 1- ? ?'??? pr:,l t.
TRI< Kl ??' . '?
Ht. April 'A
WELLBR? i K. 1 '?? at
t 3 p. m.
!.. '? ? HB
WTLL80N May B.,
? - nth a ?.
I ? ? eral -.v
LIOHTHIPE. M.iry A. i: Main at. Baal
d tg
? . i ?
PIA" t Bhort HtthrPi
\ : to-morrow at
: i
- B . Parh ave., Maeasea,
April I, aged i'
\\ iiir'.'.r.K Mai ? - thaas.
w us. in Dr. v -" hTnntreahT
I r Ml I IIMl".
rilK HIHIIII.IHN ( I Ml ri l;\
"Ssd ai M Hsi t'rull??.
oe ?.

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