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APRIL 12, 1914.
Yankees Wilt Under
Attack of Super bas
Ebbets's Men Capture the
Odd Game in Series by
a Shut-Out.
In Absence of Giants Winners
Earn Title of "Acting Cham;
pions" of New York.
- I? champion. Robinson's Su
n the title yesterday by de
'??? .res 5 to 0 in the deciding
?he spring feries. Tho only
? tory wa* the fact
that no one was quite certain as to the
if th? championship involved.
rar, a dctect;\e and an expert
Staat Uir heen i ut on the trail
and a repon is expected within a few
day?- In the absence of the Giants and
t! f ?- ? prohahie that the Su?
pinas nrlll be balled as "Acting cham?
pions of Greater New York "
the BTst time Since the;: arrival
tt home Wilbert Rob>nson> men lived
; eir hitting reputation. Reulbach
and Ragan. on the other hand, held the
Si to three hits
- an, th.. flotte trotter,
lag during the after?
noon, lb- ranged all the WSJ from
o.nd to third and ?'Ut lato short left field
la tl Ol flics and grounders.
Ill? jewneylags were successful In the
seven cilancos
without an '.fror.
? rtod the game for the
With a iush. Ho
I Inning and before
. ..
?he poet. Kins vole ?an
I for his fiddlers
?1 them to ad
No tango teacher in
New | ? .. : :ore cup
tbe klnj Cake foot move
? ::.:,or on basa
v, ho were so badly
' first time he faced
lined to wilbert
id nol ersteh the
Ml '.?rested in
ch the pitcher was
introducing into his delivery.
reformed m
I tberef i ir ?t their
bypnoti* powor
' rhat was to come
I c .?; mning.
a hit a Ml over the right field
t?hi>h wa.? foul by only a few feet.
a |rounder to
"?? thd beavy artillery
tfl Btl
s as if he were
rail across the plate
ii ?le a minute pace. Instead he
I " itST. Smith smashed It
I "? Btengel hit a double
?' ? right '?>'?', wall, -but Smith
- i . .. bo nas
is In the field.
> th came home.
? ?- hit a long ?inch' to left centre.
It would have been good lor extra base.?,
sn made the prettiest play of
be ?topped the drive with
el .t- n Stengel scored on the
.- I reached third In spite of
' t row to head him off.
second riii the throw in.
bit to Ha.-1..- H and Egan
I moving up t"
threw well foi tie
I ? ? ri'-d tip when a
' v.o attempted and hi> high
tzell r-nabk-.j Fischer to score
display of offer.?.. I
!/!< m the third inning, wnei,
. i < "ole singled, but no
Baal After his or
lapse from . :?? pitched effectively
-i ori strike?. Uui curve?
? bia fast ball did not have
|h Moam to make the slow ball ef
? au a con' :
i ?her came, in to pitch for New Vork
p th? ?Ixtb. and regretted it almost from
' ' abad bogan by gr-tting a
iss ? " <:u at ones brooghl
III ,,.jt of tv-r. rr,\<\ hv hitting tho hall
SStBJ asp left orntrt- V
at i- 'nil cana
'00. bad M ? ' time to
be bases, 1 t s To xas
I s head.
one Bxed
rnong 1 mi of Ebbets Field.
? ?*? ?. and fon? from
? ? v h. hag ?tin a
r | McPartland
t-.. . ? .,.
' aras a plt'-h
lU he naae slower und
. ? whi'-li h<
? ' . .1 tr, WOIBO Mr-rillt
laac s si la?? ho beesass nn lim?
ar? ?n th? ?? LeagiM
W?! r. ? f\ lloldon. "t the Yankees
V?tii . ? the Connecticut Lsagns,
V* r ni,, or no esprit
** an i gai aatioB Fsatei
?it v ' ? nly to
*?Te% oskgl'
t* *??
. . ,, .? ?-. . .-. ? .-.nd to
? .n fr.f their opa
?????? tics on 1 bal
? . to paaj
-., . v i m, ' ' Newai " 'i ?
,.- follow?
?? ?BrhpO ??
u? ? ?
.. ... i, ? ',',
,t t 'i 'i
, , . ? i ? e ?
j?*??-' < ? ? ?
I '< n o It'i
' 0 JO
, , it ft 111
t??*"*v' '" * '" i'"ln?
? ell
?'?'ill' '? ' ' ?'./'.
I, I, ,, I I ., I, I I 'I
? *?/ I
V .' " '
t ?
? It Kl.lK
It?? J',/1,.,1?
Eye for an Eye,
Says Gilmore
lame? \. (.ilmore. president of the
Federal league, arrive,! In New York
'e.terdaj. Mr ttM that lir M ni ting
In .? ?In 11. *? with Hllillcal injunction
when hS laacttsasd Ihr taking of Karl
Hamilton from 11>?- Hroun?.
"The Oood Book ?ajt "\n eve for an
eye; a tooth for a tooth,' " explained Mr.
(?Minore. "Organized lncrli?ll tool, the
of our men auay, and I told our mana?
ger* that they mi?lit retaliate by tal.lng
an equal number of men from our ene
"Of courue, the Killifer c??.e ' In the
main a >i?tory for in. WS have ?livn.i?
contended thai the rr?er\e elBMfl of the
old type ??a?, i Joke. We ?ill probably
bring ?nit iigulnul Killifer."
Mr. l?lmore ?ill go lo Baltimore to?
day for the I ederal League opening to?
'Varsity Candidates in Schuylkill
as Craft Collapses After
Philadelphia, April 11.?Nine candidates
for tiio Peanaytvaala 'varsity slght-oared
si ell en a got an unexpected w etting in
the Schu>lkill River to-day, when the
sin 11 reeentlv Imported from England
bmke in half and sank.
The crew bad been op tha river i
practice row under the watchful eye of
\ hrlaa Nlckallr, the coach, who was fol?
lowing In a launch, and in returning to
the boathouse grounded on a sand bank
not far from shore.
The weight of the nine men caused the
frail shell to break into two pieces. The
men waded and splashed their way to
shore and were rushed to the boathouse
in aatomabllaa
In the shell when it broke were Wat?
rous, Butler, Parctt. A. Littleton. R Lit?
tleton, Bhostnaker, Oarvln, Merrlck and
Foster, th<- coxawaln.
Series Between Phillies and
Athletics Now Tied Up.
Philadelphia, April 11.?Becker, pinch
hitting for Murphy, who had struck out
three timer-, produced the necessary hit
to bring CYavath home from second with
ili*-- Winning run for the Phillies In the
tenth inning of to-day's game with the
Athletics. The score was 6 to ?, and the
s?rier i:ow Stands 3 to 3.
Both teams hit the ball hard. The
world's champions rushed four runs
across the plate in the sixth inning after
Alexander had relie\e<i Ma er.
The BCOra follows:
Nationals 1 a 1 ? t d ? 1 0 1-411 1
Americans .ooooi iooo o_s 12 1
patter,-' m i ?. ? r. Alexander and Burns:
Bhawkey, Bush arid Behang, LTmplrai
''? ron and ?lonnolly.
l.eland Stanford Second in Inter?
collegiate Eight-Oared
Ban Francisco, April 11 In s driving
finish ti" University of Washington
eight easily drew away to-day from the
Laland Btanford and thf> Utdveralty
of <'al:f"rnla shell? aud won tie lnt< 1 -
eolleglats rowing champlanahip of the
Padfk Coaal by five lengths. Stanford
finished second, four lengths ahsfcl of
Stanford jumped into the lead at the
pistol with a hiph stroke, hut was over?
hauled at the mile, and at the two-mile
mark Washington, putting more power
behind the 1 lades, began to lengthen the
gap belassen tha shells steadily. Cali
fonila was never out of third place.
Tn official time of the crews was |1ven
OUt to-night as follows: Washington, 18:5S;
Btanford, UM: California, lt*l
Tin- race was rowed In ^ Bood Ude,
with a fallowing Wind, and Washingt m
drew tr.e position Which would aid her
most although all tine? eraars agreed to
,. ? ? ai Baar the centre of the I hannel as
a ai poaalbls
Washington and Lee Wins.
Iifimgltfa. Vsv* April it? William Hugh
Jeaalnga, nephea ol Detroit's maaagar.
pitched wen enoagh for Waehlngton and
1.0. to daj agatnai Pann state ta ?k
serve * ihut-out, but his support aabblsd
. ond inning and he had to '"?
contint with S hi 10 I win. 'I'M was the
tieriera!?' third eon SCOtlve ? Ml
The acara folio
1. , : 1 1 e I f 1 * -10 10 4
! ? ? r -'?"? I ',. ? 7
ilatterl?! l< Milng?. ?nd Donahu?; rent?.
... I'mpln Z mmtrman.
West Point Twirler Attains
Baseball Pinnacle in
Beating Colgate.
?By Te.enraph ?o Th? Tribune. |
West Point, N. V., April 11 -?'adet Rob?
ert R. Neyland, of T-Mii, WBO had neb
a successful season with tho Arrru's
baseball team last year, distinguished
himself to-day by pitching ? no-hlt no
run game BgsJnSl ?'olstat<- The \m
won, X to 0.
Neyland wes eblj aupported In the
Mold The cadets were charged with two
errors, one of Which was chalked UP
against Neyland himself when be lei
McLaUgblln'a easy roller slip through him
In the ninth. However, the runner did
not reach second, tor No;, land ?truck nut
Glendonliig and Abel! hit a weak bounder
to Imnigan, who retired the batter at
Keyland walked a'-rii twlci onc< in th.
third snd again In tie eeventb but thi
big fellow failed to advance from ftrsl
ha: ? Colgate k'ot a man around to third
in the fourth on IfHHken'l error. Which
?ave McLaughlin a life. McLaughlin atol?
?ocond, but the ne\t three batter? wont
out In regular onler. That waa tip near
.est tic- visitors came to ?coring.
The Army tallied Ihrer- runs In the BBC?
onii on Dunlgan*a s;ifo drive through ?oe
ond and errors by Olendentng and John
son. The visitors tossed the ball around
the field and three Arm> primor* erosH'-d
tho pan. The cadets gathered two tno'-e
in tho third and three In tho fourth. After
; that Hicks, who relieved Softon, kept the
Army hitn well scattered, ft WSJ tl"
; Army's second straight win
1 The score follows:
ahr'i ro * o a:, i li r 0 ? I
Gerhardt.ai iti o oo, i:oViii?<vi, r ion i
Merrlllat.cf nil i II MeL'ghlln.cf 4 o I I II
Nayland pjn ? lllordenlna.?b 4?! o n
?lobl s. rf.. 4 1 1 1 ?? M* II. If... If ? 1 I
Dunlran.tb 311 1 ?'? 0 Jahnaen, ?a, III
Mllburn. c S t 3 l- <> o Hick?, rf. p3 00 : 10
Mllliken ?lion 1 (?1 I'euin. lb. 3 00 K. I "
lira,. ir 3 -? 0 1 o? Jaikmin. Zb. Ill ' tl
Britten, 'i' 3 0010 0u leftoa, r. rf aoo 0 II
Totals ... 30 f s R u .' T?tala ..sfMMttl
kn . o r. : a a o o o x i
,-, igat? .? 0 0 u I 0 o 0 0?0
Btelen been QarhsrOt, M?rrlllel ? : : ?. H'n'i
,-, Mllburn, Mi i..ou:, in ? ., loi won B?< rl
He? hit??NeylaiKl, Dunlgan. Mllbum, B I
T?o i?i?,i hitla Hobb?, Mllbun Hit? mit rief
I, i, i in 3 Innlasi. r,f. mi- ki I In .. In
still, k out? B ? fttoa, . b
Hlrkii ."? Beaaa on '?IK ? >ff Keylaad,
S'fttoii. i Mu by pitch? IJy Hicks, i (Bred
lr- l '.?-ft Oil tiH?r-g \ll. . I COJSS>0, I
?pi'.no?l:j0. empires-Marshall and WsglMf
Swarthmore Wins at Lacrosse.
Bwsrthmore. renn., \nril 11 Swarth
? moro defeated Btevena Instituto al ?a?
, ,r.-?<e here tO*de) by a acore of 1 ifoals
tr 1
They've aimed at hit crown for a decade,
They've hurled their threats at his throne,
Yea, early and late they have waited for fate,
To come and to harveit her own;
But he's stuck there, the iron-hearted,
And guarded the past alone.
Urn's watched them rite in their brilliance,
1 ike star? of tha flittering North;
He's ieen them wane and return again
To the bushes that tent them forth,
With n*y?r a gleam in their fading powers,
To show what they once were worth.
Me has toiled where the mighty have fallen,
Hi? hack tlosa-pressad to the wall;
In storm and heat he has tasted defeat,
And murmured not at the gall;
So it's Hail to tha Master of Masters!
Up, boys, the King of Them All!
W. H. W.
The Gotham Weekly Gazette
Published Everv Sunday
. -. ? ? T , , 4 iiiiii in -irti K ruouBina ?very 01
Vol. X. No. 0. Gotham, X. .? . C ounty, APRIL 12,1914. Price, s cants.
"Genial, Glittering and Gor?
Franklin P. A.IIAMS, Editor
Advertkriag rate, f'J an ?eat?
Publication office. 154 NSSBSS St..
Motto: "Hew to the line, let
the chips fall where
they may."
Brooklyn Bits.
Mews ara acarea sordehow
or other this wk.
?-II,hi Backus g Pied Bate
n. u of hern ;ir.- abroad at this
wrltli a ? we would be,
too, If 11" Gj tan ? would pay
Th< b. b season opens this
u.R. ? Charle) Bobeta A thV
n .h u bi i hit a not sen! us
. ? et, * ? ' don't
Will !
Tim Wtna, our transit
gol ? bod cold, ft
cor. learrik, but we could not
fin i ".h ?t tu contracted same
riding m one of his own trol
?ej cara
(Csraerslda. the New Ro?
chelle cor., will jilease drop a
line U> IMck Webster, the
Bklyn "Citizen" scrivener, ft
learn ??ornething to Dick's ad
vantagi Advt,
? Ve cor. ft t? was to the I
dren* In Ootham, Mond.,
thanks to Des Fellows*. Irv
t'l.bh ,'. Prank Ward o'Mailey
a tlnir, not working for the
circus is freak or anything,
w? don't n:c-iii, but aa De*a
?Hen Hill fr \ni Thornton
an- m i up .it Johnny Ruston
because Johnn) aald, Cobm on,
in?-, i, ^- pa) your bai K dun
dut ? Whi.ti i len ? Am say
they didn't know I hey owed
Sam*. Hen & AW always pa>
their GaaUTTB subscriptions In
advance, a k.
- Johnny Miller, i of <";oth
am's forenioat vox popttll. Is a
fidu' . r nf our fair Village
watei ' ?, laHng them pol
luted for bathing purpoass
Th 'i ti. v ? ' with peopl?
residing in Gotham, si way a
i nod inj Brool lyn. it make
comment w<
Raw Bochelle Nubbins.
? Prexj Bltb Paul expacts to
be back from Broturvtlle short?
ly Af will soon bave Rochelle
I'k. looking tln.lv, he Bays,
what with raking up. railing,
planting, removing signa, etc.
Tin Chatis Temple Of
Turpslckore which Irene g
Vemon are going to put op on
Hank Siebn i ht's lot cattycor
nsr from John Patronl's the
cobbler will be a gond thing
for ti"- shoe business, Jobn
M) ? 1 i Hunks.
Johnny Troy, the. H,,m
culturlst. gardener ft Floral
expert, Ih taking an early tram
this wk Thii 's the ees son
wl ? ri Johnn) bas |0 take hi'
,.,.,? off <*- hustle or ?atuj?
i ,,.,.,;., tito ?, a 'II gi ?
I of hint
Last Sal v M Judge
Keog m irried but M< I
. ulfi . the pleasing \ ocallst, lo
pablo < .i ?'! . whom, the) sa).
i l:i- rim mi the ? in II" Thai
[be couple rnaj have s ram
bow - 0)age doan the River ??:
i,it,, is in? wit.ii "f lbs -"i .
being /?? plurtbus imam, or on.'
nf niMiiy, that la.
("rank Tinker ?nt his face
1 in the paper again last WSSk,
aisn ' !ondy rail' a, the post
Seemed to us llk<- Prank's
looki d moi ?? iik> i '"? < Chambers
than it did like him bul It
,li,l i i look mil' h like I ?!,??
m ithi i
v\ ond< i a hat Jobnm Bah
, i t be ^ oung Kot* i loan Mai I
man, la d.? ??? m a the Hill
ihoU I Buffalo, not I j man i
burst up? Johnn) certalnl)
I did Used 10 put tha glass bulla
to the bad. i .SM ki'ai.ia. i
With this issue THE GAZETTE says farewell.
Xot farewell to the people of (iotham, nor
anything like that. Nay, 1.000 times No.
Bui next Sunday THE GAZETTE is coming
out in a n? w format. It is going to he a paper
all by itself, it is going to be four pages in
si/r. and it is going' to cover the doings of
Gotha?l folks and events in this town and
environs better and more comprehensive than
any hebdomadal paper of the kind ever has
done in these parts, or, in fact, the known
We do net like to make promises as to the
interestingness of the new (tAzf.ttf. We
leave such blurbanity to the big magazines.
Hut we are going to tell more truth in four
pages than we had room to tell in one. Also
we shall be able to devote more spaee to the
Drama, Literature. Music and Art.
The subscription price will remain the same.
The advertising rate will be cheaper. That
is, it will continue to lie $2 an agate line, but
the line will be a good deal longer.
For the new GAZETTE we bespeak the pub?
lic's good will, knowing that we shall forfeit
same as spoil as we fail to deserve it.
Local News
For today: Part': i load;
i"o?day is E istei Sunda
Moni I rla is is in 1 .ondo
at tin, writing.
Work 00 our Nov.- Nth
asy i- progre ing finely.
Rob Gibney wa dowi
from Bridgeport Frl. ot
\tt Woods i- oat ni . po
.i'r ( i""'l lack, \n
lay wt.
Vary little nea ? thi^ ark
although ye acribe c evei
on the <i v for tame
Mr and Mr- Green won
1st prize at Kalil'a hesita?
tion part} I hut . eve'g.
Rtiirii I let! ot ChgO 11 in
toa ii taking in the ?ghi ol
w hirli tlii^ toa n il 10 fall of
\ ( M. A/o\, Jr., was a
caller here from Princeton
Tin--. , wr being out. and
-?.ii\ abotii the lattei
\i i Carl Plaadara oi
Brook! n ' ante over l hura,
(0 KO 10 ill?' drcas, ?hr en
j,.\ iii^ mil 11? i ? i i?; - great)).
Till subway wa-, pretty |
crowded yesterday, I I his
item wai left ?>ut last. week,
hut we i;itesv jt'? good any
Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt,
Jl . i- ko;iir to have her
house at Wc-tbury, I . I re?
built. Improvement ?9 the
0. of the d.
John Reed ?ot bark from
Mexico last Tuca, and wai
n iting <-.iller at Tin:
t rASKI ir offil e l'i i Jack ?I
lot iking find]
It? a pair of boy twins at
Bob < ici ry ? bouse, and Bob
has been handing out the
-rc;.ir- all week. All CM*
i ernt d arc doing :inel>.
Jack Hammond allows
I "tiK He.ich is clamoring
for a I B dep't m I m.
t/Azun. it,iw about f.
Beachcomber? Thb Gaagra
is KoiiiK to be much bigger
next wk 10 there will be
Ken Underwood senl I'm.
i ,A/.i.i ii. a mesa of Isl i laai
mapli ugar, which is our
favorite edible Ken knoa ?
ni bay an) in ihis
town, SO lie ?<>t OS lOttlC
iriim gp-atatC. I hank-,
Ken,, 15 Ottf ffeliBfl about
Dea't forget annual field
da} w>it Volunteer Firemen's
Aaeoelatloo. H>e B?ecfa Pat.,
lui' 211 -f
?Charley H. Soung of N>w .
Rochelle Is going to boss the
arrangements ror the 11 th an-1
nusl dinner of "The Fossils."
in Ootaam, sat. April 25, the
bunch being old bovs who UBSd
to r>iit tunateur newspapera
Horseradish tin,r la preva?
lent throughout West. the ;
roots on Overlook I'.utn belli?
? ? -tally i igoioua this ? r.
owing to the frost .mi ?now
of tiie frigtd months.
- Knoch r.ee of Yorktown
Heights la the secretary of the
new West. 1'arin Bureau,
which fills a* long felt want
throughout the length and
breadth of West conflnea
Jim Lennon, the popular '
mayor of Tonkers, has ap?
pointed tVell Hiu-kett, the Hf- !
fable V M. C. A. aec'y, a mem- |
ber of the playground commis?
sion, your COT. is Riad to note.
Lou McPhee of Tarrytou n
has Jumped in'o fame, bavin?
descended from High Brida?
in Gotham for the l.enetlt >>f
the 'H"1 i' 1.ou's feat is nfxt
tri jack Rockefeller'a big foun?
tain stone in talk
?Jim Wood of Mount KiSCO
aray, I? the president to-be of
thr* Bedford Farmer"a CI ib,
,Itni being especially gifted In
gr-tting mother earth to Id her
beat m the agricultural lip?.
- ,llm Taylor, the genial ed.
of thr Dobba Kerry ''Keeis
ter,M has the thank? of your
? cor. for a copy of Jim's Kaster
edition of Jim's valuable jour?
nal, which is up to the ?tend?
ard that Jim always main?
- i:d Holla, the popular
mayor of Ossining. Is your
cor '.c choice for superinten?
dent of county buildings, some?
thing which is concurred in
' by Bd'a hosts of friends
throughout West
Warden Jim Clan jrof sin?
3 ? - Prison has the thanks of
? our i or. (or B bid to see the
four Gotham gunmen electro?
cuted on Mon., thus recogniz?
ing th< ?; W '';. as a nesm
vehicle of top notch impor?
? To the Bd : l/)ts of items
about the various West. Jims
this wk., but that's the way
items run Manor Hau
Besten Bit?.
?Den'l J Baunders, th?? ?r.
k, pedestrian. I? getf'e quite
expert at the ';ui> k it it
Ben Wright hasn't COtTM
across eith thai .'??.- ret
If ?" got ele. t'd by ii lead?
ing i lub as rice pre\> or
thereabouts wo would attend
a tutu i-ce In a while, say we
to rtnbf 'Une. O'Brien
P. Stanwood. the w. k opera
fan, had his lmth'g suit stolen
from C. Mark. Taylor's N'o
Shore bathho., where he left
.ill ? Intr
Tom i ion nej. Charlie Tay
dell rv bo). aaya does it
rain In Indianapolis like it
uaed to Tom hasn't prae
ttc'l with any Brs extln
guish'rs of late, i Is
Ralph 'i Hudson, the M.
I T school teach'r, and Paul
BrtCI Adams, the ST. k. *nithor,
ar? u-11"*r <init?> e\pr>rt on th"
t -writer Keep if Dp bOjT? BSV
S m
y ur ? or. is think g of
tak*| dinner with Hill Thump
?on Sund., June I t. Bill
Gotham on bu i l | rert
writ'g. Regard* to Des Pel
|. v.. too. sa\ we. I'.ll'tC.
Many of ISl ?mart rutn\?n>aand
ii i i?.l s?'k Suits that j.> Kd
ami i i H rr*der? ?rill admire In
tk Pared? le Bay ?saae froaa
Brill Brothers.
i ?| . mere, ?a* ?fa al our 4i>tii
^-i Bton -? ? i'o m seal ? ?k
????FT Till. HAIUT."
? ? i ? '?? Id ant in praaUee,"
|. I- t*r ? Mil. M.ii Inrlitiif In
- it-? National u
\l>r.l 1?lh.
f\r wg.
Wins Court Tennis Laurels
for Ninth Consecutive
Champion Allows Opponent Only
an Occasional Point in
Three Sets.
It was like breaking stick? for Jaj
Gould, representing the Philadelphia Rac?
quet Club, to defeat Charles F. Sands, of
this city, in the challenge match of the
national court tennis championship tour?
nament at the Racquet and Tennis Club,
on VTeet 43d st.. yesterday afternoon. The
"perpetual" tltleholder won for the ninth
year in succession.
So completely was Gould In a class by
himself that there never whs a moment's
doubt as to the final outcome. The cham?
pion did not allow his opponent to score
more than an occasional point until the
middle of the third set. when Sands, after
a hard tight, did manage to win a game,
deuce and vantage being called several
times The only other game credited to
the local clubman was also won in that
set. In total number of points Gould a -
cumulated SI to Sands'a 33.
As usual when ilouid appears, the mem?
bers turned out in force. Pla>ing in Ueft?
nigh perfect form, Gould was ran ly
caught off balance, whether the hall came
at him from in* fore or back hand. The
rare timing of the rtroke never failed to
win the admiration of the expert? Gould,
besides being able to get his racquet in
the way of all soi ts of shot?, never fallad
to keep the other fellow on the inn, and
then when he was ready.
Theie was also a wide diffei. nee ui the
ages of the contestants in >e*terday's
tin?I Although with him title? have be?
come an old storj. Gould Is oolj twenty?
aiv, whereas Sands owns up tu being m
his forty-ninth >ear. The N'ew Yorker,
however, has long and oiten. so far a<
ho himself is concerned, put the Osier
theory to confusion, i:\en yesterday,
when going at full speed from start to
finish. Sands showed bo signe af fat - .
Gould was also in fine phyalcal condition,
cuid during the match appeared as cool
as an icicle.
' ont; h-fore the appointed boui for the
match to start the choice seats in Ua
dedans were occupied by members and
their guests, while the Bailarlas were al
crowded. Among those noticed arara the
Payne Whitney, M S Bargel ' '-nu
Colb;,, Samuel A. Clark, W. H T Huhn,
of Philadelphia, Alfonco 1'e Navarro, K'1
gsae Haie, fr.. W. Petlowss Morgaa. Bd
ward S. Knapp, Alonzo Potter, l'ulton
Cutting, II. Mortimer Prooka, HT, P. Bai
den, Randolph Hurry, I'. \V. Chas??
i brough, Winiam Ran h, n N Hinmaa
and i;. T. Irvin
Th" Biuumar] fellows
ratal Bi
?, r
t?ouM.,... | S * ? 4 ??4
Sand?.. | I M I
nOOND -' .
Gould. 4 4 4 4 1 4 ?. .'4
Ben :* . I . 'i . i i "
THiru> IET
Gould. 4 4 4 4 ? 4 ; t II
Honda s s ? S S 1 4 1?3
R?t>ree?M. g PStM Marker Harry Ham
Following Is a list of winners i I the u>
tlnnal tournament sire*- us |m eptlon, m
Ytar. XV laser
UK R D. s-ars. Boatoi I .4
W?.- risks Warr? .
ItM B. S Da Ciarmandla . N. v R f I i in
IM B B 11. Osnni ndU :. v i. . I ? bib
ISM l. m (it ? .Ho ton ?
ist ;??,???? i. i . arlng.>< ?
l&a i. >i ? to I '"it.Boston \ v
ISM l. M sioekto i .... ' '
ItM E tt Mi'.-.En?,
IM1 J -hua ' r.i'ir .I. ? i.
"?>. I'?>!. ?a Cran?. Boattoil R '
I'*!?Joshua Crane.Bow in II
\v>* Joahoa i iraru .
IMS?Charlaa B. Bands. s v i: < i i
ISM Ja\ OeaM. I'u .?? ?
i?..: u\ OeaM .
ISM ' i ! io4iM.i ?
190? j,.. Qould.
l*l<V-Jay G^uid.....Philadelphia R t
Ull-Jay Gould. Philadelphia 11 t
HU'-Jav OouM....Philadelphie R, t
1913 Jay <}<,uld.Philadelphia R t
1914?Jay Gould. PhiUdelpI * B I
California Boy Establishes New
Figures for Distance in
Neck?and-Neck Race.
Stanford l'nivcrsity, ,al., April 11 -In
the Interscholaetic track and tlc'd meet
here to-day Berry, of t^e. '.tedlatids (l sLl
High School, broke the world's iutcr
acholaattc recc-d for one mile, Aniahtag in
4:2f, 1 ;, just ahead of Beebe, Ol \n<
helm, Cal.
The former re ord of |:3S I-> was made
m bal b) M< Kensie, of Phillips Kvetcr.
N. II.
Beebe also broke the world s tnt<Mschol?
astic record. staggering across the line
In 4:2'? 3-?. alter running nek and * ?
with Berry for th la?? quarter, B
finished strongi}.
Youth Kills Opossum in Tree
While Showing Skill with Clubs.
;i'r..i". The Triton at avei eadent.]
West ??range. X J . April 11. In the
rear of his m??lh> r's home. OB top of
First Mountain, to-day, James Tolley
\<-as surprising his friends by hin skill
with his golf clubs. Toll,y drove one
ball high aaaoag a patch of tires ?ind
heard a str?nge sound.
Looking aloft In- s;.u an .inlmal
tiiinhllng to the ground. It w a? an
oppoaaum. The bail struck it bstwtei
tiiH as sa, killing it.
Tuft3 Defeats Dartmouth Nine.
BoatOn, April II Tufts defeated
Dartiaonth at haseball here to-day by a
sears af I to 4.
Krepps OUtpttched llalli tt. who had
poor sapport. Tas (bum aas played a(
Fenway Park, the grounds of the Boataa
Americana, end ?um i lie Nrat of the aea?
? .m i or Dan month
The score b\ innings follows
i: ii i:
Tuft* ? . I I } | H Mi >, ?? <
Dartmouth . .1 M If 1 Ml I ft I
Batteries Krepps and Hcnuett, Hal?
let! and wanamaker,

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