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Elionsky Enters for the
Tribune Marathon Swim
Competitor FearsOnly That
the Course May Be Too
Short for Him.
Suggestion Is Made That Start of
the Race Be from Brooklyn,
Instead of the Battery.
Kerry BliOnsk] . of New l,ondon. and
Henry <;r;ese. of Whitestone. Long Isl?
and, have added their names to the list
of entries for The Tribune marathon
interest in the rare is crowing steadily.
and the ceaataai Increase in the nasaber
..f assured starters, as ?eii as the maio
letlera received mnrernini* the even?,
tlai'v confirm the belief that t*ie eonlest
Brill prove the most Important and sue
oaaafal la th? history ad Aasarlcaa water
Elionsky s derision to bid for honors
..et the Battery to Sandy Hook rout?
will come as h surprise to man>. f-.r he
wan recently reported to be. considering
? ekallenga from Illas Lose Piionorr, of
Boston, wl ch would have barrerl him
f'om amate ?? competition, He has reg?
istered with the Amateur Athletic Union, 1
however, and he states thai be will let
nothing Interfere with his startlag In
The Tribune swim
Blteaehy's only t>ar m pitting himself
?isains? the country's leading paddiers i?
that the dlstam e mnv be too short for
aim. He claims tie record for endurance.
having swam continuously for 1.". hours C'">
minutes, ano he feels confident that he
?an outlast any man in the world.
He purpose*, in fact, to attempt the re?
turn trip if he succeeds m reaching Sandy
H"0k. Among bis many remarkable per
formalices ar. a thirteen-mile swim in
New York Bay with bands and feet tied,
aad a sis-mile Journey tearing a row-boat.
Cnese has had bul litti^ experience In
racing, confining bis Ions distance swlni
mlng to trials against time stilt, bs hai
shown both Spaed and stamina, and those
who have followed his work believe he
1 ?? a chance to figure in The Tribune
? \ ? nt
Boy Wonder May Enter.
?'omniodore ''liarles Snyder, of Broas?
nkeae twelve-year-old son, lain?, last
- .nincr <i. ited a sensation by covering
?? gfteen miles between OoBey Island
? ! the Breohl] a Bridge la I bouts If
minutes, is anxious to send tiie lad over ,
? band} Hook route, but make..- tin
entry conditional. He said to ? mem?
ber of the? committee :
"I should like nothing better than to
see Bddle la ths Barias, yei l don't think
that he or any one else will tin I it pos?
sible to reach the Hook if the start Is
made from the Battery before hi"h tide.
"It I may offer S suggestion, it is that
th*. Mart bo made from tlie Brooklvn
snore, instead of tin [lottery. The fame
dtetaace inn be carefully meaeured se as
to get a coures of the desired length, but
the competitors will then not be obliged to
such i strong tide and their pros
veits of tending at tht Hook win be far
better. Should tilt; chance be made 1
promise that Eddie will be on hand
More Talk of the Course.
"KegHidinr, th? routs to follow, experi?
? ru e has taught me that Buttermilk Chan
Bel is by lorg odd* preferable to the out
?. a i *i course Is making for the KatToaroi
which should be passed rather close to Iks
n island shore, where tlM ebbing tide
s strongest. After that I am in fa\or o^
i -intlng to the westward of the Hook, not"
To the eastward, as tome have advocated.
"The leading mm may then be able to
t?t near en"'.;t.h to the goal by the time
i ie till-, changea t>> take advantage of the
? Idie? around the point and make the
i.eat h. < >n an easterly course the ewlm?
?i ? rs ,-ir. |t< ? to M f" ted ba k nv. i
- ? I ?atead of being '
; ' i .ed towsi d Band - > look.
These '.:ews <>r Commodore Bayder, who
superintended a numbei of Marathon
? ms in Neu York waters, are wall worth
irl) his suggt i ?
>n abOUl .-? ' . '???; "ft th. conti stants from
the Brooklyn shore. AS the Hast River
i.egins to ebb long bef?te the Hudson
? stands to rtSBOIl that more favorable
conditions woubi be obtained.
At tin sHm. time, the majority do not
agree with the commodore on th?? ?core
'?* waiting for hish title to atart. A letter
just reci\ed ftom .lohn J. f?reene. of
Hrookl\n, is Worth (|U0tlng, for it contains
a moat logual allument in behalf of an
?arly etart Ifr. Greene wiites:
l have read with k-e-i Intereel the pub?
lished opinions of sxpsrt gard to the
.?eat hour to statt the Tribuna Marathon
??mi. and wish to touch upon ?. point
that h?>- n 4 been brought out. it is prac
Ucally conceded by all that no present
day awimmei can negotiate the distan???
between the Batter} ant) land) Hook in
one tid< To - granted ' becomes
?vident that pat: of the kMiraey nmst be
?nade burking the < urreni
?is it not t erefore perfectly .?ear that
everythinx Is to i>e gained by starting the
race one bOUI Ol even two hours before
high tide'.' The men will then be fresh
, nd Miong, far better able to battis
'.gain?t ? resisting current than after a
nur and ? i baust Ing fi^ht of -everal
bo irS.
"Furtnermoie. theie OOCUrS at Change
..r tule a !>? rled known as high water
-?lack, during whit h no perceptible cur?
rent atlre within two ?a three feet of the
surface Thla period laat? apnroximately
?ixty rr,m>:t-s \\ OUld it not he ;i gad
error to wast?- the prOCtOUa hoi.r"
Mr (Ireen- loues sight of the fat t that
high wat?. s:a'k overlaps the period of
fioodint- tMs, so that tie bear of sttl aees
he epeakS abou' -i ?r. o ?t half an
- before the caiendai t.me for high
mie. Nevertheless, hli coateatloa t1 -t II
ia ad\i??,h ? to make the swimmers face
ih< eppeetng current at the beginning
rather than s? the ?nd of the loantes li
h.?ed on Common Mase, for If the , ., ,,,
that the i,?v tides eaaaet be ateasassd
prevea ?*n foaaged ><? some weald make
eUe-tV. a late atari -.ill r,?t help.
. s man unabi? to mrtk? head?
way ataf.st the OUrreal Whea re-trd an?l
full of snap will esrtaral) rot saeeeed in
? ning -o after a gruelling trip haa aapped
deprtvsd In? rnuacle? of
n. ir vigor.
I . ? petal t., t.e a ?< i
gted Does the ltd? un ?tranger asaaad
rtferp than in the vMsgtl of taady
Till? IS fjuile possible, r.f it.tit se,
firi'l may Justify the opinion of th?ise who
? ?i ssreagly reeemasead not i?a..ing in-.
Batter] until full high tide
Prefssstonali Not Eligible.
? ? po.i ted eul as i indg], the Tribune
Marathon aalm will N SenetlOtied bj 'he
Amateur AthletK i mon, ao that prof?*
sional swimmers are ii"t eligible for it.
This is mentioned becauaa Ralph Bhlnton,
of pPlttaburgl ; Frank Rodgers, of Han
Francisco, and other? who have relin?
quished their amateur standing ha - i I
word thai they would like to compete,
Beat New Mooners at Lacrosse
After Many Defeats.
T'r>r th? first time In many years the
? lacrosse players of I.?high have proved
, too strong for the sturdy experts of the
Crescent Athlrt Club. In the annual
clash between the twelves at the Rav
Rldgs grounda of the New Mooners yes?
terday afternoon the visitors from South
Bethlehem defeated th? home agr?gation
b] - goals to<>. In each period the Ix-blgh
players shot a goal.
The vlaJtora arert in better condition
tl an the Braehlya Club men. The lattei
have ha*! rsry little epportualty of getting
Into condition and aoon wer? "winded.'
The l.rhigh men plavrd cheles aror.no th?
Crescenta The first goal was sooted tow?
ard the end of th? fl:st period, Dunne
being responsible for the lath'. Hart
degen, a substitute, Beared the aeeond
goal midway In the last hair.
The line-up foil0v. |
i.riugh '. ?. Position Creseeau ,f"
!>-ci:a-.1 < :. B?Si
i:.i net .P ... Wsll
I ' .lat?n . ? !' . C\ plot
' ; en? . P 11 i.iftitmi
nick . ?.P...., tndr w?
K ? . T. U h k<
? i ... Kiep
iln-lswav .T. A. oltourke
Ma ???. H. A . I'urk?
Bu k . r. A Hillock
? .... "II V. Kl nlleip
HI . I H ,D. ? anil' ? ;'
Bnbatltate? Walbrldee for i> Campbell, en
? -.;,- ,\ < . uid Hardeeea fee I Bei and
. f?r i;reene, on Lehlah Oeahi Dunne,
H?rdr??n Refere? W K H? ?s ' ?"?I umturM
,i ,,. . ?ad i-. DenaMaea Tistatreepe* '?'?
? I I] ? ? r,
Programme of New York A. 0.
Fixture To Be Longer.
The Shooting committee of t t Ne?
Vrik Hhletlc Club eipe its an unusually
large field for the ninth annual rliam
plonahip on April "t and SB, Th? pro?
gramme IS longer than In .orme- vears.
Oi the first day there wdi be an later?
al to team championship und ? three
man Interclub teem championehlp
The amat?ur el ampionship will he de?
cided on April 3 In addition, there 'will
he a two man Interclub tenin champi?n
shlp and a h\?-man Intsrclub team
Chsmplenshlp The present holder of
ni? individus! championship is charles
il. N'ewcomb.
Many Horses Training
at Old Benning Track
Owners Getting Ready fo
Opening of Racing Sea?
son in This State.
Hildrcth Schooling Jumpers fo
Jockey Club Head?Ryan
Has Likely String.
The two moat promising four-year-old
In tlie li.'ted States are among th? iff
hundred n"'-rs being trained at the oi<
Banning racetrack, Just outside of Wash
Ington, for the coming season's rsdni
are Horren. :t son of MoGoO, in th
William Martin Is training fo
Amos Tumi.v. of Kentucky, and Rod
view, best of the sons of Rock Band ii
the United States who belongs to th<
stable Bam HlMreth Is preparing for Au
-? i:? imont
Ro .? ?en certainly will race on East
em tracks 'hi? coming summer and Hor
ron mat. Mr. Turney 1 :is for the las
tin?.r four years gons to ?a?ada fo:
the meetings at Toronto, Montr?al, Ham
ilton and Port Erie, but In view of thi
e.v silence of the mme offered bj
ti..- Jockey Club tracks for the coralni
season he is thinking of remaining 01
ds of the bordi i.
i.'oth ik rron and Rock? ? ? w< nt lnt<
nder suspli on, bul botl
.? ? ?mo through ths cold monthi nice
1; ,?n?l their tra?nera are site they wll
race with distinction. Horron, aft'.i
winning the Preakneas Handicap laal
spring at>P1 milco, and t.-iking the meas
tire of Cock o' the Walk, once suffered ar
attack of eatarrhal faver at Kort Krl<
whb-h came ri?-;ir putting him out ol
it was with difficulty that his life wai
Saved anil both Mr. Turney and Mr. Mar
tii \? ' ? e afraid his slcknsss would leav
him wlndbroken. Happily, their feart
?^r-. tiot realised, Horron has had sev?
eral stiff K.illops over the Henning track
which has been m excellent condition for
v,ork these three we. k.s. un.I his wind ap'
t.. i..- .-is sound si ever
Rockvlen aras iMghtiy lame ,-,i Bare?
to-,i last simmer after his defeat in the
,??.. . won - Ten Pe nt. in fart, a bet
Sam Hlldreth took ihar.^e of tiie H? Imont
?table he thought he detected the be*
I of a bow 't tu- tendon of the
aear leg In front, and that was the real
reason of the failure ?if the match pro
post d between Rochvlea and <'ock ??' the
Walk, the Saratoga handicap winner, tn
deciue the three-year-eld championship
of the Bast
Hlldreth let up on the horse laUSaSdl?
Btety, and theie is not a sounder gal
loi>er at Banning. Reckvtea IS Ihe hand?
somest Itoi'k i?snd seen hi this country
so fat Btaadlng l* hami? on his plates.
he ia big bo/ied, dees ribbed and heavily
quartered, ii" has furnlabod consider'
ahlv Since last season, anil weighs all of
1 I?? penada He will not lose more thati
twenty-flve or thlrt) pounds after the
hot weathei set? m, Hlldreth thinks, be?
cause tie is nearly read) tor a. t?te now.
It is tl.<- intention of Hlldreth to start
Rockview two ot three times at Havre
de ??t?te ami Baltimore ami then bring
him to New lork for the Metropolitan
. at Belmonl Park. Rockvios
?ni i..- Mi Belmont s handicap candi.
0 .i.- iii-vi season, Although an uneom?
monis last Lots?, he 'an ..iris rn speed
oret h Bietern ? of ground, as he proved
last stating m the Belmont Btskea
Reekvfea is the only hors.- of mature
age Mi. Belmont Sill have this season
for flat racing unie * Vulcaln, on? of
i ?lie campaigners he bi^aughl back tram
Kran'e last fall, develops CtesS Vul
Cain, vsi.'i was said to li.iv beeri one of
tlie ?.maltest racers Mi Belmont bail in
1 -i.?, is a supsib .ookei. But he
?aris in? a lot of flesh, an.I HUdieth dot
no' know anything ol his capacity foi?
ra? bag.
Mr. Bolmenl has | ;\. i op 11
make a gBBd Bat laoat "i Mission, ths
! mare which WOa tlM BOU S StakeM a
'*?' ano li?t fall and n:.|-i/-<l Hlldreth
io t.ijt ?" r to lumping Hhe is achoollng
Btket da] and Hlldreth hells es she
?III make jT""d m tlM rleui
gaetkei of IhS iterkBS of the alSbie
jumping regularly la Merry Task, S
strapping Bon of I lasting, which won
many times In England. Merry Task was
i failure as a flat boras last season, but
i,. -, his snd husky, up to almost an-.
weight, and bla schooling is not unim
? ? -!vp.
Other members of th? stuns schooling
who Mission and MOIT) Task are Orage.
Top Hat, Vaillant, Orph?e and Flits i ?
All Of these save Plltaway raced abroad
ami all Of them, except the fast daugh?
ter of l'air l'la\ and Flittermouse, Will
race through the Asid thla year.
Plltaway, which looked lik? a firs! elaaa
two-year-old al Plmllco last spring, is to
race on the Hi I if ehe improve? in tcmp-r.
she became a ratty actor at Belmont
Park last .Inn?, and llildieth is tr> ing her
in the field In the hope of Improving her
t:,uk manners. Not infrequently bad
tempered horses gulei down after a bit of
?Cl Ooli'lL.'
FlltSWS) is pointing for th? u
stakes and ih? other ?pedals for three
year-old ?lilies If BhS continues to mis
behava abe will i? pul over the Jumps as
.1 regulsi tiiii? ni d trained for th- iiar
bor Mi 1 Stecple'linse next fall.
Btrornboll, .. -?n of Pair Plaj snd il
Prl 'ida and .-> half-brother to the ?iimous
?printer Pria Hilan, was tin- smartest two?
r-old performer r,f the Belmom suing
last season, and be has filled out son i
i...- winter. Bui bo ^tii; lias the look of
a gelding and is not a robust hOTSe.
Washington trainera have a notion that
p. ?ndum, "n' <>r the Rock Sands ixmis
Peustel developed i"t- Mr. Betniont lust
season, and Tbornhill, a full brother to
Hawthorne, will make th? best distance
running three-year-olds of th? stable of
the chairman ol th? Jockey Club this
year. The ivs both rounded out Into
. ng colts ami are galloping Ira
Ively .'I'. i ? Imonl considered l?e
fendum hi best two-yeai old las! iprtng,
bul the Rock Band col! fell lame In .(une,
anu on ild not I ?? tr. Ined for th? valuable
twu-year-old atakea at Baratoga for
a hii h h? waa Intel dad.
Th? light footed Flittergold, Fair Play*d
full brother, has not grown any taller
than he was last fall, but h? has gained
100 pound- in weight, and h? wants to run
every tune he gets out on the tra<k. Hll
dreth believes that Flitt'rgold will niak?
a famoua sprinter.
Mr. BBlmonl will not have as many two
year-olda In training this asasen ?? for?
merly. He sold fifteen yeariinga last
season. The youngsters in Hlldreth's
"tahle ut Benning .- ie sons and daughters
Of Fair Play, Hastings and Rock Sand,
en.) there ar< amen looker? smong them
bul Hildreth doe?'not know murh about
thi m. The bad weathi r i f the latter pai ?
of February and the earlj par! r.f March,
during which the track froze up for the
first lime in years, threw all the two
J ?ar-ol'ls I ,'n a
The best kniHi of the companion? of
llorron in the Time.- Itabkl ai? Kle
b in e,a three-year-old of merit last season
and a handsrnne four -v eat -old this year.
and the tin c'-yeai-olds Hustling BtaSB,
Wsterbesa and Betala Flabbergast, a
cojt by Martins! thai showed w?n i.,m
season, was one of the hors, s Martin
brought on from Kentucky late in Fehtll?
Si . :ut le sraa sunken with pneumonia
luet after his arrival at Washington and
Cutaway and Stak? and Cap were the
beat youngsters that bore Mr. Ryan's
silks in ihn Kant las! sssoon, and the lat?
ter is bstag pointed for the Kentucky
Oahs stak? and Cap, a daughter of the
Wstereresa staUon Blllsdals. behaved
last season as though she ?rented t? c,,
on and she has matured handsomely, s ?
Is es good looking a tbreelyear-cld as Cut?
?iwr. which is saying a lot. for L'UtaWS)
l? on? "f til- best looking race horses in
training. Th ? Ryan horssa w.ii iai? in
Kentucky ahile the Bastsrn atables ?n?
al PlmilCO, and COOtS BsSl m time f..r |h?.
p.. Imonl Park i.?! knjj
William liailli and his ?on |/uij OTS
training forty-seven horssa at Benning,
-, ?? i or them two ;ind tinee year olds.
'ih. i best thr.resr-otd i? the Father
Isaa 81 Mater, a stak, winner last >?ar.
Bh? la reell] a Bne-leeking maie, with
more aubetance than an* Fatherless seen
in yeera anri ?ne can run.
a recen) ai rivai ?t Bsanlag la Captain
Philip M Walker, is \ n. the.ii. m?
i> ?i fanner of the Bhenandeeb Velk
and trains In.? OWB lmrs< ? fOl the fun of
Hi. thing ll" "hi race the veteran Oak
burst nn.iin and be la developing ?
, . . ' ?m ?? I t^o '? tar-ol'l)'
No Game in St. Louis.
;-? Loula ?.nul '1 T ba K I " . ? ' ?
llonal American aemi ? ? i"> iponed
her? to-da) btcauu? of wet ground?
English Golf Writers Make
Fun of U. S. Champion,
but Fear Him.
But Winds Prove Puzzle, and He
Has Trouble in Keeping
Long Shots Down.
! Bv Cable to The Tribune 1
Leaden, April 11. "The turf is wonder?
ful. I never saw anything like it." ssM
Francis Oulmet. the open golf champion
?f the i'nited States, after be cams "T
toe ? ino, ?e Ports golf course, near Peal,
the r'ay after he nrrlved In this country,
lie ha.I just landed In Dover the niuht
before, bul went at golf with that boat?
nesallks determination which has < har
aeterlssd him ever since he burst into
the jfolf firmament at Brookllne last year.
He looked Just like a kid when he went
out to the course with Arthur LoekWOOd
and Henry.
Leach, ihe Kolf writer of "The Daily
Telegraph." says that, with all ?lue re?
spect? <'uimet Is just about like one hun?
dred half-gmnn eaddfaa whom one may
??p any day on the American links. The
' American champion is further described
bv the writer as long, gawky, thin-faced
and dressed in what the Bngllafa re?a"t
as a marvellous color combination, com
prtetng a green coat, with red stripes, a
gray i heck rap, knickerbockers of a dif?
ferent 6hade. slate-colored Stocking*
brows shoes, a pink tie and a stiff WhitS
Nevertheless, after a few minutes he
made the gallery stand up with whole?
some respect, and the small caddies
stared at him in wonder. The ?lav was
bleak ami cold, and the boys' hands were
a,most blue from the wind that swept in
from the I'hannel. This same wind
seemed lo puzzle the Boston golfer, who
had trouble in keeping his long shots
down an.i in corre. Uni; bis tendency t')
let the ball soar As usual, oulmet did
not use a dr|\er. but an ivory faced
brass?e for all tee shots,
"1 had a perfect pippin of a driver."
OulfUSt 'old The Tribune cot respondent.
"but I lost it When the clubhouse at
BToodlanda burned down, nnd I have not
been able to find a driver since which
exactly suited me. Anyway. I guess this
old. straight faced brearte is the best
thing for me after all."
Quintet does not believe he will suffer
from the different OOOdltioni here, al?
though he fully recognizes them. "I
noticed nothing deceptive about tlie lisht,
although I guess It makes the play lots
harder," he said.
"I get more distan e in my drives than
In the tinted States, for the atmosphere
Is so dense here. The lies are splendid
and the grass nun h more velvetlike than
anything I have ever seen "
iiuimet was very mu. h pleased with the
manner in which ho got away with the
first day's play, saying: "To tell the
truth. I was surprised. It does not take a
player long to Ret back into form, but I
i e not played since T was at Plnehurst,
In February, anil this showing makes me
feel (rood. Perhaps it is walking, skating
and other exercise that keeps me lit."
Leach was much impressed with Out?
mets play, but, like other English sport?
ing writers, he questions the BdvaatagS
of the American champion's interlocking
Bnger grip BS against the old fashioned
p.I'm grip. Rut the same sporting writer?;
recognise as serious what they term the
"Americas invasion," and the expert of
"The Daily Mall" notes that Oulmet is
not as careless as be expected him to be,
but appears to he all for business.
"Clearly." he says, "It Is part of
Oulmet'S golfing religion not to take the
game In a happy gO-IUCky spirit were the,
? ) leaSBM ever so unimportant. His dispo?
sition is of the sort to win champlon
-. Ipa '
Oulmet himself, even though he has a
certain amount of eelf-eeeurance, is vary
modest, lie said to the Tribune corre?
spond? nt :
"All I ?nu going to do is to pay my best.
I am not afraid. All I can do Is to win or
lose, but don't fancy I don't realize what
I am up Sgalnat Of tout se, I want to
take the bacon home. That's natural, but
there are lots of good men here."
The day after Ouimet was at Deal he
pla.ved at Bsndniefc, where he is to return
on .May S to prepar? for the ??reat event.
II is putting has not been very good, but
he drove gloriously and approached well.
The winds blowing ovrr the links hothereti
him a bit. but he expects to learn how to
meet them. On Thursday bs played at
Band Wich again in B terrible gale, it vvus
bitt"tly ci.hl ami be was defeated by Lard
I'hnrles Hope, twenty-two years old, one
or the meal promising of ths younger
School Of British amateurs, Who won the
French amateur championship.
'?uimet again had trouble In keeping th?,
ball low. but hit some perfect shots in
the teeth of the pale. Later he missed
two shots bacanas he was trying to force
the distance aad at the same time heap
the ball down. OOCS ?r twice he was three
or four feet too strong on his approach
putt and the failure annoyed him. "This
is terrible. ' he said, gazing at the ball.
"Terrible. ' My the way, the caddies ap?
pear stunned because Oulmet never says
?bloody," "beastly." "bally." but Instead
only "(?eel" "My gracious:" 'Terrible!'"
F.nglish writers take up much space,
discussing the coming matches and fol?
low the doings of Travers, Herreshoff and
Oulmet with great Interest. They look
forward erlth pleasure te the arrival of
Schmidt and F.van*
"Midiron," In "The t'hronicle." say?:
"Suppose ?ix of England's best players
were xning to Amerita, we WOUld expe. t
one of them to com?- very near vv Inning."
Then tha writer speaks of the thOTOUgh?
ne?.-, of American golfing methods ami the
readiness of the playera of that country
to loara anything aea in order to aver?
COme possible ?lif.Vulties.
Leach ateo t.?k? .-? .ip tins point at cr,-at
I'nuth, at the same tun.. Bdvtatag Bag?
llsl men not slavishly to copy American
methods, but urging each to develop his
beat stv le anil correct his own personal
I. id t.-udeneles.
Harn Vardou says tha americana tak.
pains, and Unit that i? the,r beat f'ature,
bul bs ndtieti tie aras surprised ea his teal
visit ti the United Stat'-s to find th
everagi golfer.-*. h:.?i not Improved s gr.-at
.?..il Since ba was th*re '" its?
Bcedle Wins Twice at Traps.
H M H-e.lle won both BMtOhsS St the
Q tvesend Bgy tinpe nf th* Ilei.s"tihurst
Veeht flub yesterday, Nme guanara
?v." as lbs tiling Mae I --iinn* vm.i
made the eondltloM sicosdlagly difd
? ?It Aa a le. ult the scores w?re not
I high.
London Soccer Enthusiasts
See Home Eleven Win
by a Shut-Out.
Crystal Palace and Swindon
Town Tied for Southern
League Lead.
IRy rabie to The Tribun? 1
Ixiii.Ion. April 11.?The visit of the aid?
ers of the first division of the BnKiish
Soccer LSBgUe, the Blackburn Rovers,
was the attraction here to-day. and the
M.OSJ persons who turned out to se? thetn
play Chelsea were n warded by seeing the
home team win a splendid game by a
seers of I to o.
Tottenham Hotspur went to West Biom
Wlcb and managed to force a draw-, each
side scoring onee. A grtat battle, was
fought at Manchester between th? t'nited
and City clubs, which ended in a victory
for the latter by a ?core of l to h Aston
Villa journeyed to Liverpool and caused
( a great surprise by winning a close game
l'y the only goal scored.
The results follow :
?g Brewwlefe Albion ' Tnusebei Bstaper. i
Hhefltold Ue.in??da> I Pv?r'oii .2
Hoi i on Wandern?... 3 Suadcrland .t
Chaleea . J Blackburn Hovers.... 0
I'Ulharn \iht?rir. 3 Bradford City. 1
Beaebeeter City.i Mnnoie-stei inited. 9
Burnley .? I)?Tb% I'oun'y. I
BbasseM L'nltad. 4 Proaton North Mad.. 2
Seweastl? Catted.... 1 Mtririie?horou?h .o
Ani?n Villa. 1 Liverpool . 0
Bradford and Woolwich Arsenal are
battling bard for promotion, but it look?
as if th? latter will Just miss the great
chance they had by their disappointing
play lat?l>. The Arsenal did well to
sliaie the points with I/eeds City away
from home, but Bradford went one better
by beating Huddesfleld at 2 to 1, and now
bas a lead over Woolwich.
Nolls County disposed of Bury by a
score of 2 to 0 on Its own ground and
goen further ahead at the top Kulhatn
went to Birmingham and caused no sur?
prise by winning by the only goal .?cored.
I*>iceater Fosse lost to Barnsley at 2 to
I ori its own ground and dropped In the
The result? follow;
B pool . i Blesse? .*
T'iilhani . 1 Hlriniiifthsm .0
Bilxrol City. 1 OflaWby Town.I
Leed? I'm.o Uooiuieh Arsenal.., ?
?laptoi orient. 3 Nor im Korem. I
Lincoln City.I st?kport County....!
Bradford . -' Hi.ddersiielrl . '
Nett? t'ounty. 2 Hurv . n
H?rn?!e\ . ; l/>|ec9tor POOS?. n
Wohirliamptun ?T... 1 Hull City.I
f'r>s!al Palace and Sw.r.don Town again
drew their away gam-.--, the former with
Watford and the latter with Mil wall, so
remain tied for first place in the leathern
League. Both have homo games on Mon?
day so no f hange is BBBO< trd.
Queen's Park Hangers with three BOO*
ce.-jfdve ?icterlsa now are In a strong posi?
tion in the table, l'arolff City sprang a
big surprise by defeating the Improved
Kxeter City tram at 1 to o away from
Ply mouth Aig>!e enabled Northampton
to add to its big number of drawn game.-,
sharing the points at 2 all.
The results follow:
Cardia City . i Bsetee Cltr. *
M|i?rall . i Swladee T??rB. i
Portsmouth . i Brlatel Rover?.0
Norwich city.o Reading .o
I I'dlllngbiini .* Southampton . I
NorthHtnpton . - Plymouth Argyl?.... 2
Watford . t Crystal l'aiu.-e. i
Quaen'a Parti P..1 Coventry City . 0
Brighton and He??., 4 Mertbyr Town. ?
? i,| i nit.) ... 1 Wen! Hum Inited... 1.
pl in IOK| 10 DATI LBAQCI I.
Played W, L Dr Per.Agt. P
irn llover?... se h< I p? IB ?' 48
Itolton Wanderen .. :;?- "s " ? ? ?v "
A ?en Villa . M 17 19 ? f"<? ??'? ?0
W. Bronwlcb Albion 39 19 10 19 ?0 :i? H
?Bunderiand .SB IS 14 ?'> t?o H M
lOldham Athletic_::? M 11 ? ?t ?'-' ?"??
Mtddlecborough ..... 39 M M ." M M? IT
i ' ?iel?"i .34 14 19 7 41 4SI H
Sheffield United.. . SI 15 M ?'? ?? M H
I Mumie-- . 80 19 II H M 4'! n
, i radfi rd Cltj .... .'."? n II 19 ?S "7 M
I Tottenham Hotapv 89 13 19 10 D0 ?">- 34
?verton ., .... 18 15 ht h? ?."- 10 M
1 N?* cattle L'nlted . .'? 19 II P' -17 -t."' M
l.lverj ooi. M II M 7 ?9 M 19
M?ncheme Lit? ?'? 19 19 7 ?S IS SI
Sheffield Wednesday. .'8 19 M 7 M ?7 :ti
Manchester L'nlted . M U "t * *?? il 80
Presto? North Cad M :i '-" ?'. 4ti ?7 27
0 : O UBtJ ... ?r> I 11 P> ,VJ ?b vj?
Kotu Ceuaty . M ? 7 n 7* 34 ;,2
Rr.idfo I . ?'.:> 91 11 .1 ?4 4."i ?I
Wooiwien Arsenal.. 34 17 n s 44 .t? \i
1 aaHe cm- . .14 17 n n 7t 44 4u
Bristol Cltr . 18 M 11 I .v> t? 4<>
Clapton Orient. .:4 irt n 7 43 31 M
H.lrnslo- .'.? Il 11 7 4<; 41 ,",l?
Hun city.ib u il p n n *>
WolvBriarnp'on W., H 17 14 4 4!S 4M ?S
Bury. M i? Il o 37 3rt .17
Puibara . rr, Il m | 4^ 41 ?a
.iorr County.... U 19 14 <? .',- r,0 :;:l
ItirmlPcliom . M 19 U I 4'j 81 83
?irlncibv T'WO ..... :!4 M I". 7 .',!> |0 m
nia-Wpool . IS ft 14 19 SO 91 HI
Hndderasaid .M i" 17 7 31? 4? ?_?;
niaisoo..';.*? lo ii? ? 4? ?i -jn
Lim-ihi cu? la M '-'" n m >>i 26
Lalcestw ?es?- .... 91 10 99 I 19 r.ft -.'.t
Nona Poresl.'."' ?i 90 9 M 7-.' i'i
sn'THl.T.N LSAOtn
Bwindon T.wn . :i." at I e, 77 40 ?j
<'r\<iai Palaca ""? i? t< ti ^e. :u 411
Heading . ."..* 17 o I 41 :n 4.1
Northampton ..*> 11 8 IS U .".."? 4i
I Plymouth Arc le. . .".i 14 s pj 44 .",'i a?
W'r?l Ham Inited.. .14 14 10 10 :.:. ;,t 18
Brighton ? Hove... M M 10 m 41 41 Sa
Qi|?ens P P.aniti<r? . : :t 14 In ?? 411 .17 ,",7
Por "i" th . 34 19 11 |S i>. ?I :m
<ii|lingh.iiH . H l". U <? 17 M I
Hou than r?to? ::."? 11 18 8 M 89 :i
Carlin* nty.?i il 19 ? 4:; 4] .??.t
Exeter Clt> ........ 84 10 11 1 -, .-.7 4:. . ;
Milnnll .39 It 19 Hl 17 4!? ,tj
Vr.iwt'h Cil? . 88 I n in <?: 47 89
foutlHNid United '??> '?> Il 10 r.i? >v, ?g
T'.r?s(nl t{nv r.? . . V. :i 17 <| <j HI '?;
B/atferd .88 8 19 ;< 4s .-,4 j/j
Mertbyr Tow? . x4 71? I si ft4 zh
Cevantry City . M .'. 1? Il M H 2J
The finnl tie of the Scottish Cup w;i?
played to-day Ht ??lasqow before 4?,0>o
eathUBlastSi hut neither club was ablr? to
score. The irnme will be rSBlayad during
next week.
With only eeven Scotlisli League
game? set for decision, no change Is no?
ticeable in the table.
Ayr United caused I tug ?ensation by
beating ?*iartkh Thistle at I to o ?way
tioni Imme QtMSBS I'i.rk put up a gr?nt
fiKht With Morton, and lea? an exciting
game bj ? ?core i,f z to i
The resalta follow:
Alrdrleealssa. I Clydi . 1
Avi fnltel. t Partie? Thistle . . I
DoadM . 3 klhnarnork . I
Bi Mirras .1 Palklrh . i
Third l^naik . 7 Mean? . . I
Iferte? . I 'juean n park. 1
Hamilton Ai .s Dvaabartea . l
roetnoNs i" p\ ysj
1 lout.
PI W 1. im Per A21 rt?
? > ? ? . ? B 3 l M 11 ?A
RaBsjei ? ? ?? 4 ;.t ? :.4
Haerti . B ".' ? k rm c< 19
. jA^kWW^?\W^?W^*??^^^^
Alidrleonla-i?. !?> 17 : I: ?J j? 41
' . Irh . M \\ 1 ?! ,..-. u> 4.
I"in.U? . M 17 M I ..7 || SS
Third lAiiark .... M II II v 40 4' ?4
flydS . 3" I? II 11 41 44 30
Tl 1?itti U'.v?,? . .".4 U H ., ;,2 M 3
\vr rnll?r1. '-. I] U I M ?7 '4
Kllmarnorh . '? i" II '? 4;. M ?
Mottierwell S3 it 17 i. i< :.< -,
Parties Ihi.tla . ?4 to 17 7 34 44 ?7
Hlbernmna , 34 tl 1? .. gj
tberda?ei . 3? * 1; 1 n. ? aj
',' leena l'ara . 1 i< 7 4? ;i
Hamilton \. . t4 ? B I <* ?? B
|i imharion . "I 1. 1 ? B *? :i
P' Mlrren . 34 %''Zi t 37 71 3? |
Crescent Team Gives
Quakers a Drubbing
i Merchantville Eleven Loses
Intercity Cup Match
at Soccer.
Home Team Shows Superior
Team Work and Wins
Merited Victory.
Repeating their victory of last January
over the Metvhantvil'e ebtveti, Of Philadel?
phia, in the intercity cup series, and,
incidentally, showing that the victory
achieved at that timo was no fluke, the
soccer players of the Crescent Athletic
flub yesterday encountered the Phllsdel?
phians again on their own grounds at
( Hay l?idge anil administered defeat by 4
? goals to 1.
1 A high wind prevailed und tended to
spoil good combination work, but the
Brooklyn club men clearly showed them?
selves the superior team, scoring J goals
in each half, after the visitors had been
the first to tally.
Handling by Dodwell, the Crescent right
back, within the penalty area resulted ,n
Merchantville getting a penalty kick ten
minutes from the suit. O Bottomley, the
Philadelphlans' star centre, succeeded In
Unding the Crescent net, but this was the
last chante given the visitors to score at
! the expense of the home team, five min?
ute? later 'ole. the new centre forward
in the Crescent llnc-up, sent in a beauty
from the right wing. Which completely
beat TataaH, in goal, and tied the score.
it feii t'i .1. I?. Mack nnnii, the i
half to place the Crescents In tlie lead
by successfully converting a penalty
kick, which followed Ike fouling of Uota
near the dOSS of the Hist parted,
with the score at :' to i in their favor,
the Crc?cents increased iheir BdVBI -
In the second half when Cole added th*
thin! point from a mix-up in the Ml
ekantvtile g<>ai mouth. Cats foUowsi up
smartly after a play on the r?%h<,
and was in time to mab th, goal k. ?
The final goal vva.s neatly headed m by
\v. c. lleCleHaad, th. laatde ruin, i ,.?n
a ?.omet" on the b'ft win? Cole, Hi
Ctellaad ?ad Maelennsn wars the i
ceat stars in the game, while Jackaaa,
who rsjolaed Ike team, put up ;,
gam?- al rtgfcl iiaif. G Bottoode: |
Btemphin were i eaap to is on I ? looted
The Una Up follows.
p .,,.. . 41 Pea
VV.ln.iii ... .'? ?
Dodwi ii.R. M .tl Bt
? . IWtKWl ? .I-. B.
Jackaon . R. H . ? ?
Mticleaaen.C. ii. i
II .mphr.-.s.!.. M.
Perl .?>. K.Malvlll?
SlcClellsn. I R.HarUa
. ..le.C.0 Rom
J. ?Tets...I, I.
Phillip.O. I.ntemphin
H.fere- Prank Pavi-?. Linesman?Mema
Phillip .ii!.' Burpeea Oosla?Cole (2), Mee
lenaan, MeClelUnd, Crescent A. C; Q Hot.
tomle M rchsntvllle, ime?Rslvea of 4?,
Ne?? Bstorday ihe Creseeats win me??
I Benaowhurst at Be; rti.i..--._
Visiting Pitcher's Wildness
and Hitting of Crimson
Overwhelm Farmers.
ni' Telegraph to The Trtbuae.]
Cambridge .Mass.. April 11.-Playing its
first gaum against curva bitching tO-dST,
th<? Massachusetts Agricultural CoUegS
team was no match for Harvard, whicn
won by a score of 1$ to I.
Johnson, the visiting pitcher, was wild
In the second inning, after his team hail
secured a two-run lead. He filled the
bases, after which he fore, d home two
Harvard men with bases on balls. Then
Russell Ayres, Harvards rlist baseman,
cleaned things up with a. home ran.
Ayres made another home run in the
Sixth with the liases Sited, and Nash, who
played a great game in ???litre field, con?
tributed a third homer with all the
corneis choked with Harvard men. The
Crimson did not have the speed shown
against Colgate, but made fourteen hits.
Ten batters were fanned by Johnson,
while both Movie and Whitney were effec?
tive for Harvard. Coach Sexton took ad?
vantage of the opportunity to try out his
Substitutes, and practically all the Har?
vard 'varsity candidates except Phillips
ami some of the battery men got Into ?he
game. Nash and Gannett each made four
The ocora follows:
ab r It pone airhpoa*
\.if.'- et. i :t 4 ! S S Davis, cf.... 4 SS f 11
Wine'e.M : . " 4 SS Palmer, ib..uou ? to
Clark -b t 2 ?i 1 S t Shwman.lf.p .'. I 1 I ' "
Kytms 1b I 'J 2 7 IS King, sa... .4 00 - il
t;.nm it.rf .. ?: 4 3 De Mut, h"s?>n.3b 4 00 I oj
H'dwlclclf 1 " 0 o n.. Hall, ta ....SU '-' SS
C'Ildfe I f 2 1 S S SI Little, if .. SS1 0 I 'i
Krlpp, jb. 2 t i -' :i : Brooka, e.. . J SS t I I
Osborn o 3 :t : 2 si Johnaon, p.lfSOS o 00
Stafford.-. 1 S 0 | 09 Hetfleld, p.. 100 0 :o
Uoyle, p.. 0 ; o S S l
"l-'i vp ... 1 0 ?? '?
Whltn'y.p S 0 0 0 3 '?
Mahan. if 1 1 0 0 0 0
MMh'n.i lb 2 S 1 S 1 "
wterata 1 e e 1 si
rotais..k. is m :7 ?ss' T?tala. ...ttsSMill
Harvard .S T 1 4 o r, o 11 ? is
Vas.. State .1 1 1 S <? ? 1 ? 0- - 4
?flatted for Borla i" third inning
Twe-hasS hi' Osanett. Home runs?Nash.
Am? (2) sacrifice hits?Wlngste i2), ?
:. ? Brooki Sacrifice tiv -King Ptret bsee
,n error? Harvard, 2; Masa Aislas, g Left
on bases Harvard, I; M.i^?. Agflaa, S. liits
Off n... i". 3 In 1 innincs; off Whitney, "J la tl
Innltuje: off lehaeoa, 11 in ?*> - '?'? Inntsgi off
Phe-man, '.' In I :: Innin:. e*r Hattleld. I In U
Innlngi Btol " I aa?a ' oil Igt i-'tli 1 . '
bu? on bella Off no\i?. :<; off whits?!
2; off Johnson, 10. Strut out B Borle, 2; b?
Jnhnaon, n?; by Whitney. 4 i. Bhennan, I.
Wild t it'hes?.Inbnaon (2), Shot-Ban. Paaaad
..ail Brooki Hit hjr pitcher lu- Johnooa
(Ayrea, Clark): bv \MUtr.ey (BieekS), Kalk - :
W ht uiej
America and Scotland Score
Only One Goal Apiece.
Although they played with only ten
men. the, team representing Am?ricain the
International soccer double-header at
Lenox Oval succeeded in holding Scot?
land down to n tie. each itdo scoring a
Twenty-five minutes from tha start the
Americans wt re the Brat t1? tally through
a well directed shot by FfSBSSl. the Out?
side bft. who took B PSSS from Newman,
the centra The half ended with the
Americans lending by 1 to "
For twenty minutes of the SSCOnd period
the Scotchmen triad in vain to Overcome
the lead of their opponents. At that
stage Kidd. the Ins.de li^ht, bv a brilliant
individual effort ?..t possession of the
bail in the vicinity of the American goal
ami tied the score.
The line-up follows:
Scotland (t). Positloai American),
J'or,*r .Q. Haillon
"?n?- . 1: B . Lenno?
???" .'? ?. naher
?"r . ? n. Rosenbai
?-? .I"- ". WaWron
\l>" . ; g. Bina
!r';' .V ". Zehnbaner
, "" .'. 't. Bolton
;.'':l* .',- . Newman
Toun? .I. i. _
Sahnon.l .O. 1.. Hansel
Oeela llosssM, tor Am?rica, an<i KMi, ?or
Scotland Referee C, r'relghto-i Uneamen?
Heaara Thomson end Msskall runs of halves
? Forty-five tnlntit. s each.
? ., -
Windy City Fans to Visit Cin?
cinnati for Opening Game.
Chicago, Apni 11 Two Bpeehd oara
hearing rooters for the Chicago Cubs vvi I
leave here on Isaaday eight for Clacin
rmti to attend the opentng game of the
season between the Cub:? und th?'c'lnc?n"
ll.ltl t ;ub.
Charlea 11 Thomas, president of the
Cube, win be one ..f the party, which
will nimii.'t about one hundred and flft)
laaiied mont lily since lih'4; |?.00
yegrly; sasaple copies upon ap?
plication; only Near York City
emporium f..r ehoeu goods ami
hooks. 1 fio Nassau Street.
ttic? < boss ? lab, herb .it 11? ?>i,i 1,,.,,,, , n(t
Bohema IM Hi and '.eue. Corner Tenth
Sti Innual due?, sum n,, initiation f-a
Works Into International
Final by Defeat of
While America and Scotland played an?
other tie pasas In the semi-final round? of
thr> International * up Us eerl? i "i i e n,<v
York Footballers' Protective Association
at i^enox Oral yesterday afternoon fii
Continental team fought Its way into th?
final round by defeating Ireland by the
score of 4 BOSlS to .'.
Ireland bed previously held the Conti?
nentals down ti? two drawn patne?, but
yesterday Dame Fortune smiled upon th?
Teuton? The winning teii'li w.r.s tfl:,'!??
up for tbS most part of Cernui - \
other uatne will DO tie, ps^ary tO <'??
the question or which team is t.? asset
the Continentals In tbe tlnal round fOI
tlie ?up.
i'li'in g pans by iloodman on the left
wirier, da?able apa?ad ths scortna hi f"
half of IrelaBd soon after the begianUIB
. of play. A free kick, by Mem.rg, ?
the Continents s. fcave the bail to \ ande?
weghe, who tied the geste w th .1 gpb
did .?hot. Before tlie close of the helf
Wittmar, centre half for the Continentals,
headed the ball into Ireland'? set
plaeed hi? side in the lead.
Continentals '?1. J'o.-.tion. Irela
File man .'J. n
M. Vandeweshe.It. B. M \.
GJaeer .U n.
!:? Ichwagen .L- ".
v. Ittmai .I'll. Mi ?
j. Vand?wegh?.L. h. <avn
Plei'-h .O. R. Hm- !
a V'aadowegha. 1 it. Oan
Kaanborg .C. PI?
Erlckaon . 1 I M ' '
Merer . ? " '? ? ? Goo
Goal? A. ?'ead?wegba 1 1 Manaborg, B ti
mar. Gamble I I. B? '? :?- -W Eral ? I
men -Barchell and Nade'. Thwa H?
minute- _____^^_____^____^^___
1890 Bway, N. Y.,
Near ?itrrf St. < olunibn? 3530.
1014 Falsear a sinxer, n?w.91.vm
UH4 It.-K.il Se.lan.M... l.l.V.
11H4 Allen, n-*, *. i)>???n?'r. Ml
1813 palmer a singer. 1 |ge
1818 Regal Tourm?.?w? fl;*
ISU Cha?nera 4 4o..?.. na
Kill Mitchell, 5 |iaaaen?er...,, 40?
tSll Ht?son. 7 paaaeniter. BSS
Till Houpt Rockwell, 4 ptiMeni?er. . turn
Mgr. I siil (ar Dept.
? I u ?' le abes a?in?thiac aoe* ?ron? m
road rou .m readily io<ate m?n
tnmhlea after completing our ai?, lui ? ?ma '
instruction fur car owner?. s'n,.i I claa -
parseael leeeaaa ?t noun t? ?ult 1 t
'.?:;'.i \Wsi .-.7?h st. 1..'
'Ton 1. ' "Proap ra on M
Private family wl?h?g p . ?
following blah elea? hit* model am 1 *
1 r .? . equipped
rn?: |4.T0n, ;?? ,;,', i |?. '
.'? paaaaug??r tourI ig, .-...-1 | *
>'.,.-:. i ?
en ?:. tfi 1, et? na' gain, 8i I
? ? ? . ;:?'!>. ?'. |400
?bot a ca - ha 1 ?? had the bi *
?r? luxurii 11 ? ?quipped. v irla I?
>? Weat
1914 FIAT, 6.
|{?)>K\M -??.? ?? a 8' ? ??.. ITS4 H'wa?? W. < ??'.
llatora' ap?i ilttea all 1 ihea 1 I
?11 ?hur? not lea; manufacturer? *?( ?
?imp*, fonder?; lamp?, ?rhleh ?rill *':?
ov-r .0 pair ' ?48-S \S I -t
IM II ST.. M.W tOKk ?I t 1 .????
'IS-80 Hi. v I.
pj-an Landau 1 ' ?" I
'l'_'-?l*> Llmnualn i" ..<? ?
?.m Toj . - mp ? \ . ?;:>
.-,0 ill III R M tkr> ! ?? <
ROSKAM-SCOTT Co~. 1764 B way.
lulo 1;. i-.ii.- a Ind 8* s
I nil'? ni .1 r>i"l.-i ?. e[ iir f
di ?ci ipi leu
0 nrnim a a >i?? -. ??? \niu umii w ..>;.. i .
&KEPAIK ; 1:;:, ?
A. HI.N I I..-MAN .- I'KKKI.I..-.-' !"? Kl^'-.
?s;:. Magnlncrnt ?eveti pataengar I'.'i
provemenla lOOBlel . f electric li?l"
dater , i", i-, d moi ntabli rima im
1 iluta guai ? ? nd lion coal
?. .,?? y "?? ^ ?al TOth at
A aENTLEM \N'S K?>A??H1 Ut. ?.'<"?
i^ir naodtl tmab ???! ?ma t.<i,? en
mini ,\'r,i. ?uarant? I condltlaai ihrou?
.IM'KSUN SOS Weal TUHi ?1 . Mini Kiv. ?
Prlv? .
A.? "jIAII'VliM, 12 t?CRING
Llnhi ttve paeaengar; fully rqulppi I p* *
me. iiaui-.11 ? edition; ?aed ei?hi month?; '??
it l&Au eh ?I f t privat? owner BRLL, ''8
Wevl T'ltt, >t
IIMIM--.IM Lnndnulettr, Tavl it- !?? f
i" pr\i t lfm ?umim r pi 1 v \ 1 '.
1 V\.!?! . '
l?>?! lllllr?r I K IRPB.
7 pa?? TM, < "I "I.'.' Moflarata rh*r?e?
?.?niel tu 1 n Ca., IM Weal 84tU.

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