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Dr. Finncy Says Mothers
of Big Families Rarely
Have It.
May Make Disease Worse, He
Says- Brooklyn Surgeon Tells
of Seuinp; Broken Bones.
Bildlees women suffer moro from
ad to cancer than
w0.?. u ; children," aald Dr.
. v ;? i ? nay, . ' Bsltlmors, si the olos
? v.- n of the annual convention of
ggy at the Hotel Astor.
.??rh protest ac.iinst mort
frn civilization, and is g growing peril.
jt ?.< BBOSt prevalent among childless
women and among women who have one
rr two children, but did not nurse them.
Hsthera who have reared four or five
children and nursed them all rarely have
TaM declaration by Dr. flnney that
agtsrs revolt!? against race suicide and
penalises It divided honor!? for Interest
with th? address of Dr Richard Ppar
mann. of Vienna, who announced that
rad: im as a cure for cancer was prac?
tical lv
Instead of euring cancer, radium often
gaajravated It, ha said. In forty-two esssa
whtch he ti '. fourteen
we-a asxravated. five showed no effect
I ?event ei lied osjdsr treatment.
~We have como to the conclusion," he
ia'.d. "that cancer has sometimes been
hastened by Irradiation, and th?? recur?
rence of BBSllgnant tumors has boon
hastened bg SOSt BPSIBUm Irradiation.
Radium has onlv a local effort and can !
never take the plaos of the knife." ,J
Dr. Prarms.nn was opposed by Dr. Rob*
trt A^he. of this city, who contended I
that radium we s of areat value, hut so
little was known of it that proper appli?
cation could not he made. I ?r. Abhe's
treataaewl of Congressman Bremaar, of
New Jer?ey. with radium attracted wide
?ttonticn. hut the Congressman died.
Halle Dr. i ? i urea he bad made
Tr. Cparmar.n listened stolidly. Whan
Pr Albo III ihed he aald: "A single ln
' true, provea nothing.
la effei Uve only aupsrtteiatiy.M
Pr. H. Beechn as Deiatour, of Brook?
!yn, who has beui CTrerimenttnt; for
twenty -rar', described his method of
BBWtBg broken bones together. He treated
W broken kneecaps in this way, he said,
and every operation was successful, leav
- the patient without stiffness- of the
? Dr. Delatour'a aystem is not new,
k* ng been tried by many surgeons, hut
Mono was so i ' .1 as ho.
Dr Datatour said that when a hone in
? l kaea BJ broken ligaments intrude be
- the splinters and prevent perfect
g Bowing tl a bones together, he
hold them in position as no cast
i ould do.
In the mornlnr; tho election of officers
ted In the.;o officials helne chosen:
President-, Dr. George E. Armstrong.
Montreal; . I>r. Lewis S.
er, Brooklyn, sad Dr. Prank y
. m rotary, Dr. Robert
B Le ?"onto. Philadelphia: tr?asiirer, Dr.
'harl- ? ' vr.r? ; m order.
Pr. Arch:hal<) Maol.aren, Pf. Pan!; coon
dl-Dr. \Y. J. Mayo, RSChSStSr, Minn.;
Di A G. ?irrster. Now York, and Dr.
Charlea A. Powers, Denver.
Next -ears convention will be held In
-, Minn.
sfjM fourth congress nf tho Interna?
tional - Association will convene
Monday In the Hotel Astor. Opening ad
rirofs?.? will be made by Burgeon General
?7. I Gorgas, ' . B A.: Dr. YV. J. Mayo,
Profo??o- Charles Willems, chairman of
the International eon .fe?sor A.
Depat'o. president of th*? congress, and
Dr I^w'? L. M' Arthur, chairman of the
A:n?-r: ?? : ci mm It tee.
Bess. Black Bear, Bites Boy.
Bays* ad Rill I > tall to the ' '< Btrsl
Pa'k a: v will last
him for h t?oo,] ImiR limo Last Bight
he ?a* Bursdasj a badly lacerated left
hand ?nd bewail Bg the mpulsa that
mo?ed him to p-jt big arm through the
6ar? of the r.,??. occupied by Pass, a big
Waxk rear, s a shs In s hungry
r:?-. ? ad Uves at 417 Wi
and lar;. o?rj H<- went to the
hrk with John Dunn, of MM Wesi L4Sth
?< took hirn homo after Dr Whlt
?f Flower Hospital, had treated
his nand in the Arsenal police Btatlon
Merp.gerie's Ships of Desert
Fearless of Indigestion.
Rslsaesd from ? two wecke* Quarantine
? Baltimore, after a trip from Burop
two camela arr,\e.i at the Central Turk
m?nagerai yeaterday. At last "Bill" '
Snydcr. the head keeper. had tli#> satis- i
faction of easing a pair <>r came'.? in th
too again, fwe two jrsara negotiations
have been going on for their acquisition,
Or at least for the acquisition Of some
kind of h carnet. The two originally
?ought aro mil in Hamburg; k^pt there
h erntet of the hoof ami month disrase
TWO pairs of camels have died In the
menagerie, aueeumhtag to indiKestion
from eating too many peanuts, though It
never could he learned which stomach
had caused the trouble. Hardly had the
OSWOOmora cot In their Central Park
Quarters Whoa they began to emulate
their petase Mams hy playing Blot ma?
chines for goobers passed through the
Ths camels w* re acquirer! hy a swap,
tWO lior.s figuring in the deal.
- ?
Negotiations to Relieve Himself
of Business End of Avia?
tion Pending.
Alpheus 1". Barnes, secreta! y of the
Wright company, is in Dayton conferring
with Orvllle Wright regarding the taking
over by another company of the license
issuing privileges to aviators and manu?
factur?is affected by the Wright patenta
according t<> a story afloat at ths Aero
Club yeaterday.
Orvllle Wright is aaM to be Migar to
devoto his time to th* development Of
flying, and he, is willing to turn over'
his commercial Interests to a second com?
pany, "with the understanding that the ;
Wright company receive $7C>,000 each year
In royalties.
The story is given credence by those
close to Mr. Wright, who say that he >? I
i'v?. ntially an inventor averse to business ;
Announcement was made at the Aero j
Club that the Gordon Bennett aviation
trophy will be contested for In Trance on
September 18 and It, American machines i
will be. entered from Philadelphia, Chi
cago and New York. The men who will
By in the machines have not been picked.
Sullivan and Nearby Counties
Expect Many Visitors.
Btllllvan, Ulster, Orange and Delaware
counties are undergoing their annual
n ? tamorpboala So pop lar as a summer
rcaort has the '"playground of the Empire
Btate" become that its hotel?, boarding
hooaea and farmhouses are making vast
improvements in accommodations in an?
ticipation Of the biggest season in the
m'a history. The "hack to nature"
tendency is already taking hold of city
dwelling f??ik. and both hotel and railroad
OfBclalS prophesy a reco-d making sum- '
DM r.
The BOW "Summer Homes" booklet of'
the Ontario <v Western liailroad Company i
has been published. It is a complete I
? of the resorts In Sullivan, lister.
Orange and Delaware counties. In the |
bach of ths book is a map of the section
Which the Ontario m, Western Railroad
travela *
Man Who Summoned Police Now
Declares He Shot Marino
in Hold-Up.
William nach eonfeeeed yaaterday to
A salaient Dtetri t Attorney Breekenridga
that h? killed Qluseppe Marino Utft
Wedneeday ;it IM K?st nth ?;.
On Friday Flack ran up to Pollcsmaa
Sullivan and naid a man "as dsad in the
bOttOS, and Sullivan discovered MaiiuoH
' body. Flach ara? taken Into custody and
denied knowing anything about the mu;
rjer. bul Bnally admitted his guilt.
Flack M d i frirl had told him Marino
was wealthy and they hired Mm into a
room, where Flack held him up. In tho
scuffle that enaoed Marino whs shot.
nach WM poettlt/e the girl had nothing
' to do with the murder, and that she wan
Ollt of th room when it was committed.
?hS has dlaappeared, and the police have
been onabls tu find her. Flack lives at
i | Bam Bd st.
Alois Krane Thought with Help of Mitchel and Secretary
McAdoo He Might Collect Pair of Shoes
and New Suit?He Lost.
i rig n ai s/sar sg ? costuras
nun, of ? . ira m billa be pop
i D ,. , ball? Alois j. li i
% tin?-. i boy, who baa wrU
f> Mayor M ti bel, asking his help to K't
ata aas .atusas, thlaka
' si ..| : sjte * great i'''
Bas Is mind the torn
"?ney u.... ? back to Ibe Tn
^Ptrtmn.' lie ask* the M * ? Of tC
? paei afAcsa situ - MeAdoo
tag? assagi oft la damaged Basar i ?'
m ? dso, Then, ha says,
hi aai a? all as ths "Million Do tat
saT >? se, with w
ha ees? suit and a pah as
Cathedral Parkway Gallery
?Mi?// on of Paint ngi by
John Sharman
"?> abaayg sol i
*W. lllttSL-S.W.U. Br.>ad*ay
ness to the public that I thought I
would drop you a lins, thlnklna you
could 11 ]? me out m some way or
? a in i
I m a boy of ?ixt<?-n flH) years of
age end always try to do and icam
different things in my young daya, I
have ? llttls Idea i would like t., pul]
igh, but i think i need your bri[,
> I" < I r,i, cvi-i, pul my own finger
OfJ i!
As you know, in ths different banks
in ths t nlted stat? ? thsy count loin
ol mono) and sometimes in counting
it. it tears and sometime! the) dont
bother (lasting them together and
* tin \ havs quite an amount t hey
sand them to ths I nlted state? Tret
ure when- they destroy them
Now from them fragments t would
1 be to moke a COStUmS to KO to some
i UK masquerade ball ami pi ?v the
" Million dollar Kid" Win at least the
first prias foi witch ! could buy mj
self a new- ? nil of clothe? and a n?w
? ? of shoes wiib
Now what 1 would like -, ou t0 do ia
to Bend n letter to Hon. Mr. Wra Mi
AdOO asklriK Mm if he could do it
undei youi name, atid then drop me a
? let Una me Know if it Could he
if o i would not object to it, I would
be vi ||T] glad tQ have a 11111 ?- personal
talk with ITOU If yOU ate not loo huxy
and '?"?o i eouid te i ; ou mere about
i self
The boj i amMtloa to ?*m ? n.w.ooo
suit Im a labor of lo\e Ills ?test gli! he
refus?e to ??n baa name reoeatly won a
prise al ? ame* ball t<>r bar eeetuaM,
winch was o. "i. of atrealaar traaafai
cketi ibe told blm le tm a Frita with
an original Idea and ** * reward aha
wo,M be his girl
7, ypurred Mm la ai lion, and he
irrots Baoratar] of lbs Treasury William
<; McAdoo a king for Iba fragmenta af
,,, -\ ) , ; . , m l n ? ' OUld not let M
\*a/ ?deal |o ft/sEOmmodate th< im, arid
? ,, ?ppi ah d '". b II he i.Iho
o< lined to help h? up thai soil ai money
Insurance Statistician Says
There Is Nothing to
Uphold the Idea.
Disease No Mystery. Except as to
Its Origin, and It Is
Not Infectious.
That, statistics disprove the Idea tl it
cancar is hereditary was the point em?
phasized yesterday by Frederick I* Hoff?
man, in a lecture at tho Hudson Thssl ??
under tho auspices of the Langue for Po?
litical Education and the Amcricsn Sc
ctaty f<>r the Control of Csncor. Mr.
Hoffman, v ho is the stati.stielan of the
Prudential Insurance Company, also d<
nicd that cancer eras Infectious and
warned BgSUSSt reliance on radium or
any other curativo met).ml except n ;
"Bccausa pbysitfsas have been unsble
to discover the cause of cancer," he asJd,
'lh?fre Is an Impression that not a wry
Rieat ?leal is known about the disease.
On th?< contrary, excepting this mystery
as to its cause, there is BO disease of
which so much is Known One olrltime
error, particularly, which ha* been d?
atroysd in scientific minds bul which still
persist? populsrly, la that this dtoesse la
hereditary. But there is not one far-t to
hear out the ?de,i that CSBCSr CSfl lie in?
herited. Where several persona in tin?
same line ha\e been afflicted with tin
disoase it is due to chance Or Coinciden
The question of infection, whore there
are so-called "cantor Bouses?' or "i anrrt
villages " , Rn ;,iso be explained on the
Of rolrvhien.e. "If earner were In?
fectious or contagious," he added, "there
would ho other facts in guuBimatloti.
But there la Bol a angle case on record
Where one of '.lie thousands of phyd ians
who have handled cancerous material haa
coatraited the dtaesss."
Mr. Hoff man asJd radiotherapy tiad
iie. ri In use for twenty years, and in the
thousands of cases It had only been fairly
Btn rasful in gapsrflcJsl esnesrs <i?
pointed out that there are 7MM dSSI I
from cancar a year in this country, I -?
of whom are WOOSB. -'le BSld th?.- disease
was much -ri> prevalent among the
wealthy and OTSlfsd than BSSOBg tlie
The speaker BSld not a single CSM O?
cancer had boea reported ani?n? tie
Yuma Indians or the natives of Labrador.
Judge Can't Decide Just How
Bird Should Be Carried.
What is UM right way to carry a ll\e
John Jackson, of til Fast islst st. who
had tO got g ? ii.' ken BOBBS, asked Isidor
Kerstetn, of ?24 Fast 103d st. hTsrstsln
Bald the correct way was to hold the fe-?
and let the BSSd dangle.
But Agent M Oowaa, of the Humano
Society, happened along and arrested both
men. for sfcGowan Insisted thai a chicken
must be carried with ii" head up.
in tha Harlem court Magistrate Corri?
gan COUld not decida He Koii?lit H.t^>?.
anee from the bird, hut in vain. No mat?
ter which wav it was held, tho chicken
didn't seem to mind. So Jarkson and
KsrSteln were discharged.
Georgetown Records 'Quake.
Washington, April U.?Two distinct
earthquake ahecha were recorded to-day
by Instruments at the Georgetown Uni?
versity Obgervstory, tiie Brsl beginning st
IZiM p, m. and lasting two mlnutsa and
the MCOnd at 12:21 and lasting until 1 II,
the sharpest disturbsnce occurring at !.' M
to U 11 P- m. Tha motion was east and
west, but BO estimate of the distan.,? to
the CSntre of the disturbance was given
The Strand, Seating 3,500, Shows
"The Spoilers" and First
Daily News Film.
Broadway's newest theatre was formal?
ly opened last night, when the Strand
bi gan Its career as a moving picture
house. It lias a seating capacity of t?s%
and is said to be the largest motion
picture theatre In the world.
Last night's audience was chiefly an
invited one of newspaper men, motion
picture players and producers and the?
atrical managers. At 7 o'clock there was
a reception by the management, held on
tiie mezzanine promenade.
The first part of the programme con
siBt'-d of an alternation of short pict?
ures and musical numbers, together with
a number called "A Neapolitan Incident,"
in which music and pictures were com?
in the second part ? ?:x reel produc?
tion of Rex Beach's novel. ?"The Spoil?
ers," was shown, With William l'arnum
In ths role of Roy QlSnlatsr and Kathlyn
Williams a? Cheny Malotte. The picture
aras made at Si lig's California studios,
under the direction of Mr. Beach, who
supervised ?he construction of a realistic
imitation KotM.
T ?? Strand will be operated as a con?
tinuous performance houee. spse from
noon until midnight. The daily news
pii tures, to be known as the Strand l?aily
Tot.; s. mark the lirst attempt to offer
a news film changing every day.
Death Leap at Hospital.
Peter Lewie, seventy-three years old,
lumped from a third doer window of it
John's Hospital, '-""?i taland City, yes
v afternoon and was instantly
killed II- had been in the hospital
since January ::, whea he jumped from
a IZd ft. ferryboat, tie would tell noth?
ing about himself but bis name.
Dr. Goldwater Hopes to Edu?
cate Public on Immunization.
To educate the public to the \alue of
typhoid immunization. Dr. S S. Gold
water, ths Health Commlaslonsr, will
have distributed L'OiVmjm pamphlets
BhOWlBg the dangers of typhoid fever
and the success which has attended the
widespread ti-?e of anti-typhoid vaccine.
Through the Department of Education it
is loped to reach the children in the
schools. The school authorities will dis?
play the school bulletins of the Depart?
ment of Health on t>phoid.
in the bulletin issued yesterday an?
aounetng these educational measurei
l?r. Oohtwatar drew attention to th?
case of clarence B. Pantrer, a msmbes
of the icth Regiment, \. ?.;. N. Y. a/fc i
Pantxei died recently it was reported al
ti ist that ne had succumbed a-> a tesiili
of Inoculation with sntl-typhotd vaccine
The autopsy ahowed concluaivel) th.it
such ama not the caas
C. P Taft Opposes Foraker.
1 H> TeleKraioi id The Tribune 1
i laainnatt, April ll.?"The Cincinnati
Times-Star," owned by Charlea 1'. Ta:t.
half brother of the former President, is
opposing the candidaa* of Joseph i?.
Koraker for United Stat ? Senate. it
takes the ground luat he is a ' rei
Dame Fashion Brings the Feminine Foot
into even greater prominence this season: it is
therefore important that the shoe you wear be
correct in every detail. All Jantzen's Shoes for
women possess style, grace, refinement and com?
fort?their construction embodies many features
that make them ideal shoes.
Oxford?, Pump*, and High Sho*'. with upper? to match vnur
tailored Hilt, ?tillable for dancing, drtt? and ttrret wear. JJ
Ask for our book,"Tho Abuse of Iho Itig Too.'
?oO Sixth Ave., above 38th St.
Custom Bootmaker* Over 50 Year*.
The Antique Furniture Exchange
13-15 West 28th Street, New York,
Btp to announce
Commencing Tomorrow (Monday), Apr. 13th.
Antique Furniture
Consisting On the hnc>t Ipecimcni <d the
"Old Master Cabinetmakers"
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