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IXTett) -^ 0rli
Vol. LXXIV....X0. 24,620.
|Copyrl_ht. IBM.
By The Tribune Association.1
* *
. #m- _r ?__ rack. N*wa*_. Jeeoej C*tj mad Hobo-*
Navy Department Approves
Delay, Relying on Judg?
ment of Mayo.
Daniels Announces Full
Support for Admiral
at Tampico.
Week Apparently Fraught with
Important Developments
in Situation.
? The Tribune B'jresil
Washington, April I'-?-The Secret*rv
cf the NBTjr anM to-night that the
ealute t? tie American flag which
Bear Admiral Mayo had demander! of
the Mexican authorities at Tampico
h?.d not been fired, but that ho thought
It would he.
There is reason to believe that a defi?
nite time i $ 1 an sft fot the firing of
the aalut?. and there is an intimation
that the lin it expires to-morrow night.
Sundown to-morrow will be four full
days after the presentation of Admiral
Mayo's orlfh "' demand.
Secretary Daniela said that Admirnl
Mayo had ''i" wurm approval and full
support of the Navy Department In all
that he had done. H< explained that
the delay in the Tiring of the sal.'
due to a d's.re to give President
Huerta an 0] portnnlt* to make an in?
vestigation (?f the incident. He thought
that the : tilted States could afford to
grant this delay in view of the f^ct
tiiat the apology which was demande,i
n quickly given und that the
?nbordin ???? nffl'-Ts rT-ponsiblc for the
affront t.i the United States would be
punlshto. The depaitment is relying
on the discretion of Adm-ral Mayo,
*H?*e ]Vrdg$B??8 it trusts.
The situation is BOmfJWhat tense, for
there still re? i the potndMltty of
Huerta d< lining to fir? the saHue
If he should take
;hls co' Mayo will eltner
iorce t'.' thorlty at Tampico
to fire tr,<- I >v 1,'uns or admin?
ister s?". ? amen?.
O'Shauchnessy's Influence.
Nelson O'Sha ighnessy, the American
Mexico City, baa
been lasti ? the Incident
? ' .Mr. < ''Shaugh
i ? ? ?? much inflnan a
ntth tl ? . otlva, and time
?nd agair ha baa induced the dictator
to do things for the preservation of the
status qu'j which v. ? ro much against
rasent situation,
to Mr. OShaugh
n?sy a ik than anything of
v t had if Huerta de?
clines Ani'ii.an !??
?n ? ' i the situation which is
Uinjr considered by observers hera is
thairoaability that Huerta Will be iii
* ?rt'1 ? tha American de?
mands, too dn itl On many occasions
huerta has drawn invidious compan?
ions bet! orded
him by the Unit? i BUtan and that ap
in the North. He
r held so strhtlv
h of his officers
'? Whfie Washington fails to
ho'.d bia rebel op] menu nccottnUbla
? May in -losing
?J "? ?jt r;; ? i/an last 1
>y v D ot?eer and his
at Tamp] o is anM
?J ^ later celebration In
"^ " ?ptf the govern
mtTlt' rsday until Easter
This Morning's News.
i-OCAIi. pHge
'? 1
reek. 1
- lea Oraren. 1
Easter Parada.... 1
:i;iina. ?
ra R?tela. 3
??? 'l iiousanda- 3
arty Pirat. 4
n.-trbaric. 5
it Case. s
J"V ? ? ' ? rerraoed. 6
1 Bd Shape... . 7
oel. 7
liuvtrt. 13
? '? in f'.r <i;n.-e.14
i I ??:??: .14
. . 1
Kxtrs m. 3
... 4
Ion iirH'.vlria B
?i 6
ll 7
. 7
.8 an.l *)
. 9
lai at$ . io and n
?* ,r ' . ia
Liner in Distress Second Time
This Year?Races for Azores.
lxmdon, Arril 12.?The French L,ine
steamer Niagara, which sailed from
Havre on prll 4 for New York, lias
sprung a leak and is steaming south
[ southeast for the Azores. A wireless
mc-ssage dated April 9 was received to?
day from the Nlaeara. conveying this
; information. At the time the message
i wag sent the steamer was in latitude
146, longitude 3 j, and therefore was
considerably to the northwest of the
Aaorea. The leak is in No. 1 hold.
On February 14 last the Niagara
broke down in the Atlantic on the way.
' to New York, ISO miles off Ushant.
She put back with h^r ISO passengers
, to Havre, having lost her starboard
propeller an ' one blade of the port pro?
peller during a terrific storm.
Actress Becomes Wife of Flor?
enz Ziegfeld.
lloren?: Zlegfeld, theatrical manager
and former husband of Anna Held, was
l married on Saturday afternoon in Ho
' bokea to Miss Billie Burke.
Rumors thai Miss Burke and Ifr.
Ziegfeld intended to marry bad been
t heard along Broadway for a long unit.
. but their trip to Hoboken, where the
1 Rerv. ,i. Bndelbert, pastor of the Lai?
t'neran church, performed the c*re
! mony, nas a surpiee.
, Dr. F. Zlegfeld, father of the bride?
groom, nnrl Mr Burke, mother of Mis*
I Burke, wer-- witnasraas of the wadding.
Miss Burke took tbs trip to Hoboken
inflar playing her matinee ol "Jerry*'
' at the Lyceurn Theal re.
Carriage Tied to Post Breaks
Fastening and Rolls Over Edge
of Two Story House.
l>eft in h<--r carriage f. r sun nnrl air
on the roof at ItfO West 166th st.,
eight? en-months-Old Gertrude (Jtbson
fell to her death yesterdey afternoon.
The wind drove the carriage over the ',
edge of the building. The baby was
still alive when B doctor arrived, but
dit '1 before artlfl la] respiration could
be applied.
lira Oibeon, whose husband. Thoma?.
is a ta.\i"a'. starter at the Hotel Na
vaiTe. put the ? arriage on the roof os
u.<uai yeeterday and left John. Bvu
years old, on guard, after tying the
carriage to a post. Two other children
remained in the flat, which is the top
floor of the two Story frame building
at 466, ?rhlcb is the middle on" of three
similar bouses.
John noticed after a time that his
Bister's bottle was empty, so he
it down to bis mother to be re.
fllled. During bis absence the wind.
which had been blowing briskly all
day, blew the carriage back and forth
until the rope was loos'"ned. Finally
Hj.- carriage .swung free and rolled
across the roof of 464 and dropped to
an extension in the rear of 462.
The janitor. Michael Budlb?s, who
saw what had happened, ran acroes to
the Washington Heights Hospital and
called Dr. Bacharach. The doctor
found that the baby, though still alive,
had recorred a fractured skull and
could not live.
Loss on Big Adirondack Prop?
erty Put at $250,000.
[By T-l'graph to The Tribune.]
Glens Falls, N. Y.. April 12.- Fire de?
stroyed the Hotel Sagamore, at Bolton,
on Lake C?borge, one of the largest
hotels In the Adlrondacks. at 2 o'clock
this morning.
The residents of the hamlet of Bolton
were awakened by the tolling of th^
Church belle, but were unable to cope
with the flames because of lack of fire
fighting apparatus. The laundry and
?its' dormitory also were de
Btroyed, but nono ef the cottages was
burned. The loss is estimated at 4$28tX
000. with law-ranee of tlBO.OOO. The
hotel will probably be rebuilt.
Kid Glove Thief Rings Bell and
Asks To Be Shown Jewelry
He Overlooked.
Having overlooked some arti les of
jewelry when he robbed the home of
Mil Frank Reach, 1211 Dorchester
; Road, Flatbush. of $2,000 worth of
Jewelry lnst Thursday, tin- "gent"!einai;
i burglar" for whom the polie? have ,
been looking returned yesterday after
BOOB ?nil rang the door bell.
Only Mis:' Doris C'sr-h and a servant
/.ere at bom?, two brothers, r brother
in-law and Mr?. Reach ha-. Ing gone out
i few mtnuti s t* fore.
When Miss Resell tried to close the
? ti?. r.-inri BUShed in, ?nd. begging
hT pfiidon. said "When 1 was her.;
on Thursday I o\erlooked B lot of stuft',
and you muel show uih whore M is."
Then he hooked bis cane over his left
? end ron rved bis yellow gloves.
Win ii !|lBf Reach started to run tow?
ard .i window the burglar struck her
down with a MaekjaCh and then bound
her With IWWele. Some minutes laier
Henrj ?1e*t a brethsr-ln-lBw of the
Kiri_ antered and heafi her mean.
While he was OntylBg her the burglar_
triad?- bis eeoaps
IVhlie the girl B*BI BBCOBBClBttS the
burglar i-.re a bl-OSlOt from her wrist
and rit?!<- bCVCS-. rings fiom the room*
About 25.000 Persons Dis?
play Their Finery on the
City's Finest Avenue.
Promenaders Began to Gather at
Noon?Broadway Has a Cele?
bration of Its Own.
About twenty-five thousand of New
York's "four hundred" went on parade
yesterday. Gravitating from sundry
points south of the North Pole, tho
twenty-five thousand congrega ted in
Fifth ave. at noon. When there as?
sembled they marched north to Wth
st., and then, by way of varying thing*,
turned and walked back t?i I'Jd at
With that goal attained, each indi?
vidual promenader fell Bereue n tho
belief that he Of she had witm
the famed Easter parade, which iti
each case consisted of the other 24,990
Tn th? first place, the meteori?: au?
thorities had issued a de ree of "colder,
with rain' - and perhaps cypl
tornadoes. Tiiat In Itself was ? nougti
to make the BbOH a success.
Parade in Bright Sun.
Obedient to prece<Jent, the sun
ennie early and Btayed late. Its inania
descended and the mercury rose to
meet them, and as the twain frmtei
nized the parad?M> Haunted their fin?
ery ad lib, True, a young wind o -
caslonnlly made merry with millinei
but in every oth.r respect the ?!iy wea
the finest that ?M-1 has produced.
Brea had the sun been playing other
bookings, however, ther? was prest:."
a second luminous body 'hat wo I
have made up for the delinquency.
This object was th" white Incandes?
cent vest of Raymond Hltchcook, mu- ,
?ten] comedien) displayed t?> gleaming
advantage upon the person of R
mond himself. By the aide of thi won?
drous walst?coat promenaded Mr-. Ra;
mond Hitchcock, Flora Znbelle th. ?
was?end la on theatre programme?:.
However, from a numeit ..
point this year's parade ranked second
to few. Sume there were who hint
that the parade of the ohi daya la gone
triini US and that no more do the
membsra ?>r New ?ork'a most ?
give aodety circlea appear on
avenue, festerdaj ?nute ? number
from the upper set were pr?tent, a?
wtli as several thousand from aeta
not so upper.
For the photographer?, it was both an
arduous day and an everlasting "snap '
Both prof national end emstTf anap
jiers were present in abundance, spiat
ting perilously on the edges of tmlld
ings or dartlna deftly among the close
ly packed paraders In pursuit Of re?
puted celebrities.
Film Men Snap Styles.
The moving picture men were even
busier, and the latest styles in Man?
hattan, aa w??rn in the Bent r : rede,
will he flashed on acreena from Port?
land to Portland In ? few weeks.
As in previous years, the most pop?
ular point from which to view the pro?
cession was a corner seat on the top
Of a bi- green 'bus. It was exactly
easy to obtain one of thoas vantage
apota a? it it for ;t camel to
through th? door of th? averafe boot?
black parlor.
Hansom cat's also were popular lor
spying purposes, and the fortunate per?
son who owned an entire limousine
was, of course, granted an Dnob
atrtwted panoramic view of the spec?
"Really, m'drar,' chattered a woimsn
promenader to her companion, "there
aren't any Easter hats any mor*?, yon
know. ..11 the spring hats are w ora
in January, and by the time Beater
conies ,'t's almost time lo lav them off.
"Everybody's wearing black Bilk
I i.niliiii.Tl on t lr(] pagr. ?it nil mlninn
Four Cars of Green Moun?
tain Express Leave
Rails Near Rye.
Feed Wire Bridge Wrecked. Tying
Up Electric System?No
One Injured.
Running at a speed between fifty and
fifty-five miles an hour, the Green
Mountain (express, of the New York.
New Raren & Hartford Railroad, was
Wrecked between Harrison and Rye
Two Blei tri? engines and
four of the right cars composing the
train left the rails and ploughed along
th- roadbed and the earth near the
Although attended by conditions that
rni(iht have made it one Of the worst
KB on the road's long list, not a
paaeenger was injured.
Ti . aras the second smash within
- nty-four hours on the Sew Haven
i in. In Saturday's wreck, bow?
d- Btti snd In lory resulted.
Pollowtng the crash yesterday, when
the 'ruin came to h?11 after the electric
locomotive amaehed through a latticed
column supporting a bridge from
Which the electric feed wires are strung.
? -? tarted In the head ear. a steel m-iii
-,. The blase the
.! rent, bur died
? ifter sweeping the pain! from the
in-? rior of th<
Wreck Ties Up Railroad.
The Oreen Mountain Express lefl the
Oi nd ('''titrai Termina] al 8:08 a m.
thou! three-quarters of an hour later
it rams to grief a mils be ond Har
i and until rio.m (he railroad wa
completely tied up.
The electi Ic boiu betweei Wen York
and Btamford hut oft while ths
wirei were lifti d from the wrecked cars
and tracka Hoi a train inov. d until
Bteam locomotives were rushed from
Btamford to tVoodlawn to haul tht
trains. The Hew Vork Cutral Buppllea
the p. erer for the Nee Haven trains to
thai poinl
For a time the four tracks were
blot bed at the acetic of the wreck, mak?
ing it Impossible to get the engines
The cause ' f the v n ok, as nearly as
'?0'iid be as. erta-n^d last night after
four ?B_SBJttg .;? m ???t. -.-?rked since
morning clearing away the debris, was
the jumping of the pony truck of the
Brsi electric engine from the rails.
c. !.. RardOi g?nerai manager of the
mad, who hurried to HbUTIsoB from
Hew Haven, denied the report tha' the
rails spread. The roadbed s thousand
feel In the rear of the spot ? here th?
tr.-iin halted, he said, was perfect, ex?
.-? pi for marks on the sleep4 rs where
the * hi. Is of the fon- truck of the elec?
trie engine cul screes them.
\\. j. Murphy, the ei nrho was
n thi ib of tin- Oral locomotive w-itii
an assistant did not realize thai any?
thing was wrong until at leu*t nine
li ed feet had been I rs ?? et s. d. A
the fron! t ick swung around ai 'he
train approached s doubl.Iverl bo?
ni atb the ira.-ks be a| i lied the br i
The ?lTet t was to further turn the
truck, causing a trash that SWOpt a
hes tone i tard wall to pieci . ? ?ne
block Of stone weighing nearly r ton
was losseri ten feel through the a.r t.i
a trestle rroesing the gully parallel o
ih> tracka.
Engine Hurled from Rail*.
The shock threw the first locomotive
from the tracka. The other engine was
pulled with It, and two steel mall cars
mbination baggage and smoking
car and a day coach followed. The
head of "i" engin? struck one of the
4 ..ni'i.'i'tl on page fourteen, third column.
Jane Est's Loud Words Silence Organ?She Scratches and
Bites Men Who Oust Her?Tells Police She Preaches
?No Occupation, Say They, in Reply.
Jan*? Est drowned out th? organ in
Dr. Parkhurst's Madison Square Pres?
byterian Church at the morning ser?
vice yesterday. Not until tha sexton
had taken her to tha Btreet and turned
her over to a patrolman of the East
23d st. station was quiet restored and
the service resumed.
The woman has been eosUthag pp''f'"
to arrest her for some tinv She rod?
to publicity on th. recent I- W. u
wave, being first heard of March S
when she Joined in the d?monstration
at st. Alphonsua church, which n
suited in th- Hire-' of Frank Tan
nent aum.
Dr, Pnrkhuret was not praeani ?t the
servi?... reelerdny, havinq been a!
by his physician to remain In lus apart?
ment at the Ansnnia. Decent* Of Ill?
ness. The Rev. Dr. Greorsje H. Mont
gom?ary, assistant pester, wna In the
pulpit when Mis? Est rose, just be?
fore tba prayer of consecration was to
be ?aid and waved e copy of a news
pup.r containing an articl? b] I'i.
"I want to rail your attention to ar
.?rtlele In this M wBpiiper." ?he shouted
This church has a minister ?ho re
pndlates Christ. In th?3 article he says
Christ had nothing to do with condi?
tions of the. poor in Hen York.''
Then the organ began to boom. Th?
I ixtOB hurried to BOT side and told
her she ought to he ashamed to act
in such an ttBUromanl*/ manner in a
"I'm not ashamed of myself I will
not be SBhamod of myself," she
shouted a? the BOXtOB, ]. H. Tihblts,
hurried out for a patrolman.
Tlbblt-;, becoming for the moment a
strgsent st srms. told her that she
must leave th^ edifice. BhS protested.
but She went just the same, bitmg and
scratching the sexton and another man
Who went to his assistant ?.
At the East 22d at station MtM
E?t's stay was Bbort, as there are no
aeconniodations for women prisoners
there. She was taken to East .loth st.
Bfti r her pedigree had been tak> ;..
"Where do you live!"' asked Lieuten?
ant Powers.
"Mv BOOM is In He.-..\ en."
? What la your occupation?"
"I preach the doctrine- ct the oiiginal
Jesus Christ."
Lieutenant powers wrote "no home"
nn"i ?_? ???ecuoatlon "
The four gunmen, convicted of the murder of He-man Rcsenthal. are
to be executed in the electnc chair at Sing S.ng it about 5:4-S o'clock this
morning, Governor Glynn having den?ed the last appeal to delay thair ex?
The last formal inspection of the chair showed bolts had been unscrewed,
wires cut and the dynamo disabled. During the greater part of Sunday it
was thought the chair would not be ready, but it was finally repaired.
Relatives of the doomed men paid their last vis?ts and the spiritual ad?
visers talked frequently with the men to preoare them for the end.
Becker spent the day in perfectitio his own case. The gunmen's last
night on earth was marked for him by the soundest night's sleep he has en?
joyed since he returned to the Tombs from the death house.
Sleeps Soundly After Day
Spent in Work Prepar?
ing Own Case.
Former Lieutenant Charlea. B< ;?.??:.
who was a companion of the four ?tin?
men In the death hOtUM until a m ?Ith
and a half ago. slept soundly last night
in the Tombs as they stint? bed what
sleep the] Could m their ia = t night on
Becker had read the papers eagerly
all day. scanning them carefully for
any straw that might help his u-.vu
when he la again placed on trial.
At his suggestion his counsel, Joseph
Shay, had obtained stenographic notes.
of the proceedings before Justice G.,ff
M Saturday, and these will be tested
lor their availability in the defence the
ex-chief of the "strong ami squad" s
While leaving not a stone unturned
In bla effort to strengthen hi? own i as.-,
Becker apparently was indifferent to
the fate of the four men whose las:
criminal acr he has been held respon?
sible for If he had any ioneern he
conree led It under the hard exterior
that is harder even than In the old days
of power in the Police Department,
when he was the <?ar of the Tender
!?>in and its habitues trembled at the
sound of his Ione.
Becker rncelved no visitors reeterday,
and with no one in the Tombs did he
discuss any of the details of the big?
gest murder case New York has Known
In rece$n : ears, tila prtnejpal concern
La for himself, and all else 1b subordi?
nate to his dedre to save his own skin
With Mrs. Becker, who ?ailed at the
prison on Saturday, he spoke of pos?
sible advanta ,e to be derived from
some of the "evidence" which Justice.
Ooff stamped as worthless, but of the
four boys of the und-rworld. whose
i ? .it?nurd o? ??rond (sag??, ssroad roWinn.
Special Detective Guard
Placed Around the Ex?
ecutive Mansion.
to Tas li iban* :
Albany April 1-.-Governor Glenn
? nod in the executive chamber for
an hour and a half this afternoon to
arguments of C. f. G W?hle and his
law partner. H. Lionel Kringle, for a
reprieve of the four prisoners who are
to die in the electric chair to-morrow
morning at Sing Sing for the murder
Of H?rman ROSQBthSl. With the 4jo\
ernor ?rere his l-ira! adviser, John G.
Baxe; bis pardon clerk, Owen _. Potter.
and John It. Riley, Superintendent of
After hearing the gunmen's counsel
the Governor retfced, with Saxe, Pot?
ter ami Rile] IBM his inner office for
half an hour, aftej- which he? announced
thai he i OUld see] BO reason for inter?
fering with the course of the law in the
case. This is the fifth time that he has
refused to grant a reprieve.
"The application was renewed." said
Mr. Baxe, "? n the same facts that
w.-re before the Governor originally
and the affidavits and testimony of the
new witnesses presented lo JUS?OS
Goff yesterday afternoon. The Gover?
nor replied that there was nothing be?
fore him to Justify him in Interfering
with the ?ourse of the law."
' i i all Over," said rVablS before
leaving Albany for New York thai
evening. "The Governor has been very
kood to US and has given us all the time
WS dcelrsdi but BBS announced that he
can find nothing to warrant him in
interfering In the case. He asked
many questions about 'Dago Frank '
and v e enlightened him as far as we
I am firmly convinced that If politi?
cal ambitions ware not mixed up with
this case we would either have had a
( ont limed 4M **+*?* ????? -?r*<l s_lar--.
Officials in All-Night Vigil
Waiting for "Dago
Frank" to Talk.
Effort to Thwart Execution
Discovered Just in Time
to Repair Damage.
All Creeds Forgotten as Prisoners
Kneel for Final Prayers in
Death Hoise.
OsetnlneT? Monday, nprll 13. -'?'*''
?. in Al Ihe lune sr. \\ ehe
before the hour 81 I for th< ? I
B-CUtlon of the four gunmen a .liante
. erne over th< m. Tha eppen nl eel I
with win. i. th? ? arere i repnrl$?i i*
ne ? I il.? Ir fal i ai U r m the nli,hi
left them, end thej v. i? slightlj ?? I
t.!1'!.' end nervous. Tha most signifl
ceni ? heneji. howe' ?r stei thai Lh<
three .)? >? ieh gunnu n w ? med i" be<
auspicious of "IM?,. Prank." and h?
w.1 - '? ft ..ut ??r their ?.iiiii? n ?
ICethei Csshin said thla morning tiiat
tin r>- wa:- .? n" i Jll ??' loO I ''? *
Prank arould ooofi - bul then
i .in.ne. il tl ?? ' tti I ' "f the !?!< ?i wlH' .'
hta ninth? i expected to maki in him
v. h? n s'il .? i '? i .o? k.
it 1 $.a b i .i.
tvaa placed "?i the boundaries ..f tu?.
prison re ei 11 : kin e Ith orders to Isl
one pees v.i.
tlon to wli n. ex? . u! on,
Tha ?".i i.a to ki ? p liie pi c m
tie ?im- ' for tie i' al ??[
night It was 11.?red tt' il the kn ?
ic? of aeveral - ? rs
,. had led to in t: u tlon to tha
guard to exercie? extra
There ka even III
lour di..m
under thi Infl . nc<
tur, otica wie n i
!? i .,?!? stood t'iai i i roan
hypodertuti of morphim will l- i:i
?u . ach of them te ?? houra befori I
ere led to the i
*fm of the rnedii
ten ?l thai th meihod ?? ? ltd un
d..?! ? ..- I in tlicii
"The uiedi? ;il purposi In ad
mir non es ?! Il 8
tu deaden tha feelings oi l .lec?
tro. .n.-.i as t" facilitate the dead)) e<
tlon of 'h" powei ful elecl ? rrei
Th tireni eel ' ? ? m v.itr
? ; ker and iui er Bfecl b< ?? ? ? - ; I
p-. ...|?,-o ,,f the morphim
Gunmen's Last Statements.
? 'Whltey i.' and OyrJ th?
Rl.? , ai aenta to ' he p
of the Best Sill? in the afternoon.
"Whit* ? ' is a foil
"There are ?,. on the E
Bide a/ho era well br.iu.Tht un end hen
? nol look out .
for tie rompeny they get Into P.a<l
compntu is the cnuaa of th? r fall,
gel n bed record, and tben. no
mattet arhether they ere guilty or not.
they will he Trained up ' Keep awav
from had i ?.inpanv, la the i.r-si m?s?
ange I can send them."
"Accept my statement that a fellow
who earns Stf a week )?on<"i:tl> . i^etter
eff than he who irrts $1 000 a 'veek If
he does not get jt straltrjr " : aid "Qyp
lh< Blood's" statement "I had the
??eat father and mother n ?oy ever hau
but I was not a good son to them: l
weni the wrong '."-?i:.. Teil the boy* oi
the Bast Hide, the boys 1 know and
with whom I went around raiding the
devil, about the mistakes I mude which
I could have aeolded If I had done the
riKht thine |>t them know the m im
gogti* is the be?t home r<nd God their
best friend. Wi know it tell them
? We were supposed the three other
fellows and T. t" he1 t n? manv frlendr
as any fellow. t>ut v. hen II ? ?me to a
showdown i* was only the aynakfnsjno
that i-tood by IM outside of our parent?.
Bttek to your school and fOOT parents
They know beet U 1 bed 'nv MB t<
llve over again I Mireh would follow
their ad\ Ice."
in an ettstniri to deiaj the ezecutien
??1 tiie four gunmen hoinel.ouN tampered
with th?- aleetrlt chair at Sing BUbJ
>e.sterdav and the prison panetela mad*
the discovery just in time to prevent
the accomplishment of that purpose.
When K. L. Davis, the state alee*
iri'ian. who will handle the switch.
made his last formal inspection of the
chair In the afternoon lie discovered
that various l>olt:, had been unscrew
and wires cot to destroy the electrical
The mechanism of the chair Itself had
Leen so altere?! as to render it difficult
to repair It within the required time.
The tynamo was hadly damaged.
r?avis at first expressed grave doubt
as to his ability to repair the damag*
ui lime to have the executions take
?i!a..e this morning. A particular kind
of dynamo Is used for the electric chair,
ami none could be obtained except in
New York
Qther ?lectricien: were called in to
, help Davis make repairs, and the work
i was rushed wl'h ?n .musiku exped?

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