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Due to Great Improvement
of Living Conditions
of Tenants.
Di Manning Makes Mild Thrust
at Those Opposing Change of
Name of Episcopal Church.
record a' i
ord has coal 11 tas
philanthropists and M?vaajapcrs of tha
? rslatlns In Its effort t?. ?
vn-c condition. cf Ms truants, ai
cordlng to Ita ?mual report, given ? '
? ; ? dwalllM Ik
by tha church Ml are
, Trinity, and
ha nunabar ol
parias ground but
I b*. ths church was radneeS by I
? d in trios*? thai romain
I . -. t? obtain fhS '? M possible
? "IIS.
? rents, despite tho increased d?s*
onunostetl ??? ?oi
raised ': '?' holds at
I a ?o??K, or betweaa Si and $?? s month
? roo of inn '?
a thi.'? ? aat rea?ng the
who!?, of a small house paying W2 s
. me?1 nuaabei ol families
to ? house in th*> dwalUags no?? boiong
? ? Trinity la -
Oaly ono-thlrd of tho darelllns houaes
s for as many as
thro? f?mulas each, and thus at least two?
?i iras af tha rusldenee properties do not.
fail under ths legal deSnttton of ?
ments or he was for three or moie faml*
te yards srs tho rulo, accordlnsfj
to tho report, "aad ara?conaaaoaly used bj
tsMiants for the cultivation of Bowera
' ?? getables as wall."
The darclllngs have bai n kepi ? '.car of un
able tenant?.
omc of 1917,911 accruing
the real sattste rent Trinity reporta
U Expenditure for religious, edu
iial asid charitav- work were greater
entire net income, and the par*
- |iahlHtl?ss on notos wero Ingreased I
' ? ??" making its indebted
*'-???? -. ?? Trinity raid
rch mui coat ?SB,*
Ma\000 was siven to the support of
c her churches, and IRISM was paid for
of day and night schoola
Paw rants an- collected In part In only
Churches of the parish, and In two \
of thi low as to be almost ne^li
ln all other places seats are free.
sople of Trinity In*
I ??ii tQ |lSl.tda? from v I ?
? ommunli.. tins an average gift of
more than $11 each. Trinity is the largest
h in Amei
statement Dr sfa
- that the ?'unhappy hostility to the
mother parish, sometimes latent, often
???? erpfssaafl." Beamsnnrr
?!, dispe'ied !???
the aea understandtns of the ideal and.'
of the Church, and by the publicity
l that aim has been set forth.
It il . nit of this.' he Bsdda,
"that the old hoatiliity on tho pa?t of tho
public has been replaced by
?food a 111 ;".'! fail :
. II that should t. asked or de
luesttoa of
an horn population, taking
; tho?o v, ho. la the last
ention, opposed a change of name iii
tl church
\- ? pan of the historical CathoHc I
al wekome and fel- ,
Oi theos, our brethren, of
races. And if w> aro to ho found
II as this and to maat
are hould we shall have to 1st the
. ?.- fail from our eyes and burst the
uncomfortable I'rotestaai
etkmallatn and catch
true catholic heritage
mo . full; t ban v. o have
? si ' '
Bntton'.s Cathedral Church
History Brings $41.
i on of the as ? ol
i:. Town
of I t th- Aad
i r.o largest
r ?adii Hiato
? ford, Uchfleld,
\w aad others
a of tho aeaaioa
...t \ ..l?mes,
with i>ru. ? na on India
? ? ' printed la I
I ? ?nd
? - ? Hi rtorj or
I eriea, Haa*
? ' ? thedi n i ? i
d and \\ als Rlvi raids Public
' ? "The Bible
I ? s
St loti t . ;.. A
Of 1
- arsnl I for 120 The
of ths
? i ?
International Academy in Favor
of Tango if Purged of Ob?
jectionable Features.
Interna tsaaal
. .. ?
r i?n\ "inure
from the
(tended the
? ? - ti ?i in ? ?
I ? ?
lit! n thai
? -.. . .
y ? ?
- '
' ' ? ' ' ' mal? taining
?.I :.
id . id?
' ? <
i?,?.?? su I
Bess. Bad Bear of Central Park,
Attacks Admirers Who Fed Her
Peraona who Inaiot on feeding pea?
nut-* to Beoa, the shrew ?if th?- black
? |Uad m th" ? 'entrai l'a' '??
rerle, are earneatly exhorted by
the keepera to bring o pan- ?>f Are tongo
or make thi lr offerlnga through o bean
shooter. Por Beaa will gel them even
if the* i).? wat? ii out, as sin? did yeoti i
-? n h< rman ? ihelbui k wao a
, aller.
Chelbi rg, who lo olxty-two yeare old
and livra al '-'"I Eaet 67th at., wao
g Bei w hen ehe made o grab al
his hand. Bhe or! her teeth In in? righl
wrioti tearing the fleoh. Chelbui_*o
crieo broughi keepera, who reocui?d
Raymond Rlley, eleven yearo old,
waa feeding Beoe Saturday, when aha
? d ai him, b ; Ing hla fingere.
Professor Pupin Tells ?LOOO
Slovaks He's Trying to Dp*
stroy Their Identity.
Counl Michael Karolyl, lender of the
Oppoaltion In the Hungarian Parliament,
?a? atUu Ue?i loot night aa o ' foe of
democracy*' by Profeooor Pupin, of Co
lumbla Unlverolty, In o Bpeech before IMt
glovaka In the Central Opera Houoe.
Counl Karolyl, who la touring the country
g Jd for hla pai ty from Bla*
co, apoke at tha aame hall o week
ago end .-aid tie oraa.tr; Ing lo gal unlver
boI auffrago In Hungary.
Th? meeting loot night ehowed that the
Blavi believe he lo trying to blot them out
by making the test for voting the abillt]
to icad and write the Macar language,
which lo opoken by about to per cent of
the people of Hungary, who are the ruling
"Count Karolyl i* nothing leao than a
political humbug," oaid Profeoaoi Pupin.
"lie is trying to deotroy the Slovak i?i?-n
tlty and merge it with the Magyai '? >
gel the vote os hi propoeeo the BTava
muet sa. i ni? e th.-;r nationality and be?
come Magyare
"Jlis purpOOO is opposed tO B trUO
ii. mm racy? ai.?! H lo our dut) t.? axpoae to
the American publie hla real |ntentloaa
Hla own words a few daye'-agO, when h ?
said 'the party of independence in Hun
gar v doea not reoognloe any other nation
in Hungary except the Magyare, and tins
party will suppress any movement that
does,' prove he ,s not working for democ?
racy, but for the BUproma ? Of tho -Man?
yar nation.
"The foolish propaganda thai AuotTia is
trying to doatroy til- Identity of aatlonfl
in her bordera lo ruining her. Bhe is po?
litically mad Bhe spent a hundred mill?
ions to make Albania an aptonomoua
principality, or about UM an Albanian, if
Bbo had given every Albanian |M<
kept the .other fM hot strength would
have been greater."
? ?
Ex-Salvationist Said He Could
Not Aid Good Work and Be
Thief by Stealth.
Nathan Pritehard was led out of the
night court la?t night einging a Sal.ation
Krmj Bong, He had luot pleaded guilty
to two jobs of pocket picking in tho sub
wd'. and ha?i toid Magistrat* Deuel thai
he had been a, member ot the Balvatlon
Army for two yeais, and hod quit three
daya ago becauae bo touid not be a tii I
and a Salvation lot at the same time.
Ifaglotrato Deuel aoatan ad him to twenty
da? s on Blackwell'a Islaml
"The infe; .??;,. poWOTa are loadlag mi*
into temptation.' he paid "I .ant .-. ? ..
woman'a pocket hook Without wanting to
look through It."
Pritehard boarded a Bubway t:a?n at
nth st. yaotorO?) afternoon. At Nth al
he go! off with IK which had bekmg4td
to a woman who sat ne.-.t to him. He
look a ih?.nx train and at 136th b! left
h i total ?ash balance of ?.v Sub
way deteetlVtM BOlaed him and t"ri"<l him
?-?Mi- t?. Patrolman Daly, of the ?",,;th pre?
Pritehard sold he lived at 1871
An hour after Pritehard hod been com?
tted llaglatrato Deuel was aeon by his
another, Mrs. i:?.?..- Pritehard, who was
accompanied by tin- s.ii ationiol s pr?t!
little sister, _?leo i.iiiiau Pritehard
"Judge,'' ??id Mra, Pdltchard t?> Magie
trate De el, "I cannot believe that mv
son is .. thief. He la ouch a k?.?.<i hoy.
i do not believe he could steal, and cei
tainl) he lias not needed t., st. al "
"Bul he confeooed," eald the Magia
; told him nol to ho bo, but he
Inaloted on I
"Still, i ?I?, nol believe he stole, i'an
i not ? nd take h m home
w?th me""'
ere ne Ane madam," answered
Mai it rat i "\ oui son has boon m n
ten? ed to twentj da prl lonment,
but, he addisd, i - the a '.man | ? I
awaj with a oob, "in tr to fia 11 Mr.
I hi aa pa p
llaj '? D.ntlnoed in* , eaa for
Invoatlgatlon and paroled Pritehard li the
. uatod) of hla mother.
$2,000,000 DEBTS
Lawyer Killed in Subway Was
Heavy Indorsor for Tailed
Building Concern.
The ootali of _i ? << don Bti dman,
. r K"'i real oat ite operator, who whs
:h by a BUbwai Ham on
? aolvi nt 'iiie trano
f. i t,.* . ppialaa seterday, plai ? ?
-. i --_-:. ? ? ? ... du< liom ol
I .tl for ...
m i si? ??limn, a ho n of I..)
ar and poet,
? through
I ii,e Indoroei and guarantoi of com?
ieren i< l.yoneand
failed ?J ' ' I-- one Building and ?
of w hi? i? i. atoa rice
di ?.i i ?"i 11 ?-.is o ? i
11,?? failure ?>r the ? ompari. great! d<
. .i Mi Bu ?im.m a nd l bo tbeot ?. ?.f
Ivai d at thi Una i I
-, ? apa '. .- ..? |
.-.? n? -i real eotat? ? ,. i
praieod | ,.i..i
Itffl ii.em.m? ? , |It.0M 1 ?"? i,. ,, i
II. .1? I,. .1 ,,.
Examiners, Fearing Dis?
putes, Hold Session
in Private.
Arguments of Union Seminarians
do to Committee?MacCracken
Named Moderater.
Expe ting s repetition of tho dispute on
the orthodoxy of students from Union
I Seminary durlne tho spring
session of the Presbyter) of Ken Tern
held in the ' >i.i Pint Presbyterian Chorea
yesterday, the examinera ousexloued this
rar'.- candidates behind clbood slo'u s
However, although seven of tho nin<- can*
didates ?ere from the i mor? Seminary,
?he entire number "as licensed, with hut
??:ie member of the Preebytery proteatlag
This proteal waa made by Dr, John Pox,
-? retary of the American Rible Society
'lie protest was kept secret, bul it i?
understood thai Dr Pox abjeetad to the
views of two of the candidates from
Union Theological Seminary, Brass! J
We.-ks and Ja ? M Howard, an acoaunt
?.r theli opinions on ret tain ??id Tasta*
menl questions. His protest icceived no
aupporl from the Preabytei*)'. which wa.?
reprimanded laal year bj the Ganterai Sa*
aembly <?r the Preabyterian communion
for Ita attitude.
No anawei sva* mad?*: to the protest,
which waa referred to a committee which
la t'? give sn explanation ta Dr Fos .???
to wh these t wo ?animates a sra
Ths othei seven of tho nias who wore
licensed to become inlnistara '.?-?tor.lav
are Lyman R Hartley, AJberi J. Murphy.
Willi ?m n K-.- , B . . Spare, i 'h ?
W. Wicks, E A Proal an.i LsOuls H
Ordila Some of those men have airead:
received call? to pastorates
D ii?'i>i M MacCracken formar ?han
cellor of Neu fork Univeraity, was elect?
ed modefatoi b? ths Praobytery, The fol
lowing were chosen as cswnralaalonasre to
the ?omine General Assembly to be held
In Chicago this spring:
Elders The Rev. T. W, Monis, the Res
n f. Simth, the Rev. C. T. Darliagtoo,
the Rev Joha ?. Murra;. the Rev. John
u Bteffens, tha Rev. Henry W Jesup,
the Rei William Thompson and ths Rev,
Thomaa A. Hay.
Ministen The Res George Alexander,
the Rev. Will lui P. Merrill, tho Rev, K.
M. MacCracken, the Rav. A. B, Kelgwtn,
the Rev, William Adams Brown, the Rev,
a ii LtmouxSi tho Rev, Tssoraaa IV,
Smith and the H' ?/. Ftancts Brown,
Will Be Guest at Associated
Press Luncheon April 21.
Washington, April U President Wilson
: BS accepted an invitation to Bpeak on
April :'! at a JUBChSOa at the annual
nieetins? of tiie Associated Press In New
York v'ity. Secretary Tumulty said the
Presideal had not yel decided whai sub*
iect he would discuss, but thai he would
makf an lm|.tant speech.
It la the first invitation the Prestdenl
has si cepted f??i a speech outside of
Washington sines he wenl to .Mobile last
October i?> attend the Southern Casnraer*
r.Hl COBgl BBS?
Presldeni Wilson wll he t;,o only
Bpeakei al tha Associated Press u ? Moon,
Which will to given In the Waldorf
Astoria. In former reara tha American
Xewapaper Publishers association and
the Associated Press had thoir annual
dinner together The affair grow to be
s., large that this >'?aai l( ?ic? dectd?sd to
bold them separate!;.. The loK'Har meet?
ing of t a Associated Press will precede
the lun< heon.
Prisoner Slips Through Hole in
Wall and Escapes.
Harry Grannet, who was in ths pen of
ths Esses Market po es cou I under IM.?
??w i.aii for grand larceny, es. aped pester?
day. making urr"\ the ?'oa?-t when arrested
Saturday that ho would n<it co to prison.
Owing to repairs Grannet was Sacked in
ti,p women's detention pen. in the wash?
room he found a loo?? marble slab.
If.? pried the ?dab away from the wall
Bnd found that it left an BPanlng into the
court chambers Macistrato Harris was
nt luncboon. Grannel climbed up to th*
window sill, and from there Rained the
o i entrance of tho Floren?-? Building,
where tho eouit now la ami em*rjte.| Into
the Stlii-1
Ho has been once convicted of burglary
and twice of carrying weapons Illegally.
Recently, while In the Torn i ?s on a bur?
glary charge, he attempted to commit sul?
?? le b) ?lilting his throat. Mo was ar
ifsti-d on Saturday for robbing a ?'?thins;
Woman Swallows 16 and Dies
After Several Operations.
Mrs Alice Bischof, forty?three, din.i in
the Manhattan State hohpii.ii on Sunday
night ?fier s.-verai operations f??r the r.
moval "f hairpins which she had swai
The woman had heon in the state Hoe*
? i for the Insane at Matteawaa, and
i ?moved to the .Manhattan State
Hospital a fee slays an?. The medical
historj of her case ?how? that shs?
,,., ..,i alxteen hairptue In September,
IBM, and liHd made severs! attempts to
end ei lift She teoh pe?aon while la the
workhouse, the reeord save, and while la
Matteawan aha tried te apea her veins
with p Ii
Peerage for Governor-General
of Union of South Africa.
London K\ i II 11 Sydney Charles
? >'??" th? new I) appointed Governoi
General of the Union of South Ifrtcs
?. ? rated a i laeo ml Ha >?? i
? nerl i ? Idem of the Beard af
? i im" Postmss ter ?ten
eral, In wills i? ? .???m? It) he Ihti odus ad
? ??.,,. ,.i po i,_, r<>r letters bs tween the
i Isles and the Units d st.it- -
The n< s? ? i.ml Ii sn ...n h<n |j ? on
the question "i the relations between
employer and workman, having partiel
pats rl In I ?? ?-? It lenient <?r manj din
pul? 11 la < > pei le nee in this ronnec
i . s. la expected to be vei n << fui t.. him
in south \ n ii ? ? hi i a tha i>ih??r prob?
lem is ver; scuts
Arthur McKce Rankin 111.
,. il rai ' s Vi" ii M Arthui Mi Ke*
? ? ? IBI .tOf, I* ? nie |||y m
Il I h? r?
Artist Writes Poem, Then
Sends Bullet Into Head.
''harles Arthur Lloyd -tephene, H years
old. an artist, shot himself In the right
temple, at hi* home, fg| F??tore c' .
Brooklyn, ia*t nigiit. Mra Btephono heard
the shot and ran upstaiis. to Ami him
Dr. Miller was summoned from th?
Klnga County Hospital, but before he
arrived the. man wrs de^d
stephf-r? was ao_faring from cancer and
Ms despondency was laCTeaOed by busl
Mn I reveise*.
lb fore committing ?un-ide he w rot? th?
f-illow Ing note on the back of n ?aril and
pinned It to his Bhiri :
Cmom til* area; hla erar! la done.
What tn hltn Is fllaod. St fnem.in.
(:,-<? .,' irn'.n. or Bit of *nn.
H?n?l of man. or kls* of woman?
|y?v him lew, lay him low
In the r|n\er. or the ?ni?'?.
What '?are. h?? He cann<ii knew.
I*v Mr* l?>w
Praises the President ?is a
"Scholar in Politics."
CbarMtteeviUe, \'a . April IL?B?ait?i?i
celeb*?ting the ninety-fifth aanlvoroary
of th* founding of the T'niv*r?ity Of Vir?
ginia were lie!?! to flay on the campus
.lanes M. Reek, of New York, wa* ora?
tor of the ?la?. He opoko On "Thomas
.lefYei-son, th?. Scholar in Politics." und
paid tribute to Theodore Roeoevelt and
Wood row Wilson. Of the latter he s.-iid
"Virginia's last contribution to the
?'hief MaglOtrqrTj President Wilson, apt!?
illustrates that a philosopher, fresh from
the class room, can guide the steeds of
Democracy like the most experienced
chariote.-i in the political arena "
?- e
Goes to Atlanta from Brooklyn
to Await New Trial
- apa ta 1 I ? n Ibun*
II onto, April II Mra Rudolph (rank,
mother of LOO M. Krank, arrived in At?
'mita t..-.lay fir,.M h.-i home in Brooklyn
She is aspected to remain hete until a
dedalon is made upon the motion for a
new trial, which will be Bled Thurodaj
With .luilfie Hill bj l-'iank's i;iw ???
Mra Prank aold thai she w;,s not dis?
couraged bj th?? r?fnv.ij .,?? the Supreme
? "ourt of Georgia t<? raveraa Judge Roan,
and was confident that bar son?.- Inn?
fen. e would be eatabllahed b) the lnv< I
gatioa of Detective William J. i;;;ns.
I am e\' itahla and am giVOfl t?i woir; -
Ing oboul the little annoyanceii of ovary?
<la\ life," she s,,,.I, "bUl I he final ??-''ision
as ta m\ son's fat.? is one thing 'hat I
am not no Tying about
"it would t.e IntereoUng t.? . impare tho
character of Leo Prank with the char*
actera ?if tho men who have accuaed him
i know me niinga that have been aald
.??Kamst him .?re lie? .? !
l'an S. Lotion, one of ti" 1. - "?.. ?..
;i?rs m the Phagaa murder Invaatigatlon,
^.-?i?i hi* interview yeeterday with Chief
of L>ete?-tives I?ttifonl had ?.??en fruit
Anawerlag Mr. Burna*a offer of ?t li '?o?
reward lo am perOOfl Who would give
>i?:iiiite proof of i'rank ? ha?i character,
Laaford had aaM thai he ?Vaa In pos?es
Df proof and would be c ,'.<! t., j?ive
it to Burna gratia Bui Lehon aaya Lan*
ford mad?- the objection thai he promlood
the information to Hums and i .. one else,
lie wdiild let Burn see the .iffIdavitB, i.'
?aid, aben Burna returned t?> Atlanta.
Railway Men Hold Secret Meet?
ings, and Strike May Be Sud?
denly Proclaimed.
Rome leeil 13 The quootloa of a *uike
Of the railway nun thiougi.out Italy stii
p In the balance, but tho government,
in order to he in readme.?-- f.,- ,m> ?sent
uaiity, ha* airead-, occupied certain ota*
Ilona with detai'hinents of tioops. Ar
rangeiaenta have been mad* te replaoa
with Muejacketa the oallora on the postal
steameis pi.? Ins between the continent
ami the lalanda, whd* the angineera and
stokers of the warships will. If necessary.
assist th.* militar' engineers to COJrTJ
on th* train servi,*.
In several case? ?limage has heen don*
to tli* engine?, and those responsible
ha e heen dismissed The leadorO of the
rallwaj men ha\e been holding secret
meeting*, hut what the.?' haw decide?!
upon la not known It is thought by soma
that the strikes may be suddenly pro?
The operating forcea permanently en
gOgOd by the Italian Btate iailwa?s. In
?? i? ??iirij4 offlcialo <?f an ?lasses, number
about I??.?MO Individ?ala, Who me joined
In a lengua arhlch ha? laten preoeing for
increases of WOgee nml diminution of
hours of work.
The men's chief demand Is for a mini?
mum wage of ??i cent* n da>. Some ?;et
onlj M cento a day. Twenty centa e\tra
a night for night wnik Is deman?led
Bngino driven and Bran?m want t?> work
not more than ten hours a da) and eight
by night out ?.if the twent\-fo,r when
working slow tialns. and ask that their
hours be dm. oiohod as tee speed aug?
ment? until they are reduced to a mini
muin of live hours daily, and all men to
have thirty-four hours rest week!/ in the
town where they live.
Trerolling otti.-iais, oocardliig to the de?
mands, are not to woik more than twelve
hours, with a thlrt\-fo'ir hours' re?t
weekly, while station agents are not to
wfirk more than ten hours or less than
eight, with one hour for luncheon, the
maximum of night woik to he twenty
nlghta a month, and all men to have a
thlrty?0?I hours' re*t a week.
The Kiiaidians at the flag station? an?!
(he grade ciosulng women ai* to work
ten hours a da>, with one da) of real I
week, the latter having no night hour?
and no work when materna! ?lotie? |n
Kaceptlonal penolono aie demiu?lad for
.ill the employe? who tue Obliged tu leave?
th* MrVtOO t?TOUgh tiiflimit? ?aused b)
their oerVlCO A minimum \ ??nsion of $l">
I eari\ la oaked There are aome employee
who Hfler thirl?, vexis s. i \ i. ., ont) i I
i ei\? |>ni pension a \ eai.
'i -n? goveo?aaenl aaaarta thai the**
? laiins . .uni?. pooalbl) be accepted, oa
thev Willi?! ImoUe h V'.'lily . \|?i ndltui ??
of more th.in MMMlOlO, whi.-li lh. budge,
of the i?iunlr> eitunol ? ' i .1
American Flies Over Mountains
Carnean Vataeouela, *.r?rii il su Amer
bran a-tiabar, Cavil ivi.it to da] modi
Ihe nt? I flight from ?araii? It??.., ,,v,
ibe mountalaa n?? im?ieii afel) .?t ij>
Recent Attacks on Evangel?
ist Held Unjust at Marble
Church Meeting.
Expected To Be Given Later,
Despite Two Years' Engage*
ments Already.
All hough BO "I"* would S,T SO. every
one nt Uta siteetins "t ministers and lay?
men yesterday In thr Marble Church, on
Fifth avenue, understood thai "Bllljr"
Sunday, the svangeUsl and ex-ball player,
la "warming up on the side lines" for a
New York engagement. When ? resolu?
tion vas presentid oaiiins on Sunday to
Come thOSS al the head of tho meetinK
cautioned delay, saying Sunday was
hooked for tWO years ahead. TiV spirit of
the meeting ami hints given OUt by minis?
ters and delegates from Pittaburgh, where
Sunday has basa evangelising, left no
doubt, however, that Sunday would
??jump tho amall time" t?> play with th.*
big league m New Tarfe if he roi. the
props r in n.?i oi
h> pt ?criticism eif Sunday's methods
I by ministers in Pennsylvania wag tho
?? pn .0' ih? msetlngi which was ?aii<?'i
to explain an.iv tlmi-e attacks ami show
how Sunday accomplished his c?onv?srslons
i-rom Pittsburgh came William n. Don
r.rr. pr?sident of tie Cambria Steel Com?
pany, and Dr. Maltland AleMand^r. pustnr
?if th? First Presbyterian Church ??f
Pittsburgh Prom Wllhea-Barre canta
ThOtnaS AtbertOn, an attorney, pr-pared
to refute those who attacked Bunday's
After Mr. Alexander and Mr. Atherton
had spoken about ths r.-.suits of Bunday's
evangelising ministers in the audleni ?
gSn (?? ask questions. They wore an*
awered so skilfully by the men from
Pennsylvania, who asserted tho\ came
in-re for the vole purpose of telling the
truth aboui Sunday, that the apiril of the
meeting changed from one of doubt to one
of enthusiasm for Sum?a;.
" 'Billy* Sunday may use slant:, hut he
talks m the language of H per cant of the
people," aatd Mr. Atherton, "while you
ministers talk over the heads of is? per
?-. nt of your congregations."
Reports were read by the defenders of
i inday to Show that 'here was mi truth
In statements about ths great coat of get
converts by the ?Bundaj method, it
Was assorted that thousands who did not
n ?? forward and accept religion at the
Sunday meetings di?i so afterward when
there was less publicity attached to their
conversions Dr, Alexander admitted that
B ?nday took a personal collection ?>f 124.'?
m one day, hut aald h?ereafter no appesJs
(vr funds would i.f ma.lo l.v the nvan
After .? I questions had heen answered
a motion was mn?le to brins Bundsy t?.
Sen York It was on the point of helm;
carrie?! when im. Alexander h?i vised
against the motion.
? Thi? body la not truly representative,1
BM Bald. "It would he bettor if there was
another meetlns ?t ministers of ail de
nomlnetlons a?*ting ???? concert Besides,
Mr. 8 i aged for two reara
? ? is no hurry
Til.- motion was changed to one of
th.tnks to the men who came from I'enn
aylvanlfl to explain the nietlvid and result
of Sun.In 'a work, outside the church a
man was distributing leaflet?.-, shouting:
You don't haVS to Walt t a o \.?.rs f?)r
i Sunday! Begin now!" The leaflets
advertised "Preliminary world I'ntty
? % nfi renes a," to b he ?1 at the :
Temple fiom April U to :7.
)? was ths general belief that New York
would not have t?> ?alt two ye;,rs for the
RaV William A Sunday to evangelize It.
First Step for Governorship
Formation of New Party.
Albany, April :;?'. What traa regarde,!
In political Circles as POSSlbly William
Bulser'e Initial step toward a rae.- f..r
the Governorship next fail was the In?
corporation to-day of "Tho American
Part] "
ASBOng the ir? or pora tors were ColOOSl
Alexander S. Haeon and Samuel Hell
Thomas, formerly attorneys for Sulzer,
end stall Kavarlck, who arted a.? body?
guard to the fi.rmer Governor while he
waa In office. i-hestor r Platt, former
lv tho Oav?sraor'a secretary, filed the
Some of the purposes of the party, as
??et forth la tho incorporation papers,
are to ?irl\e out corrupt politicians, ad
VOCats ? :i reforms, promote pro
gresslve leglstatloa, bring ahout greater
COOBtltUtlOnal powers for the j-ovei nment
to fleht corrupt practices ;?n?i t> make
peace bstweea capital and labor."
Lad Held as Robber Claims
Marlborough Family.
tn>- Telegraph to The Trisaste.]
Hartford, <"onn. April || An eigh
teen-year-old boy who asserts thai he is
a grandson of the Duke of Marihnrnush
Is held hero In |2,SeS hHil for the rob?
bery of the VoroI Jewelry store here on
March 11
The lad rails himself Lester Dyson
nn?l the polies aay that much of t'i
sto|r.ri lawelry was found in his Buttcaee,
He lived at the home ?r Mis Lillian
Dyson, formerly of Philadelphia, an
Engllahwotnaa who la known to be In?
volved in litigation over an Knsillsh es?
The chief of poltre says I?\son Ii
"Skin" DyaOB, whose right name Is .lohn
i.esiio Fredericks.
A deteetlVS has snne to New York to
bring back Qeorgs 0, Pacha, arrested
thoie on BUBPiClon that he h">lpe?| DyBOO
In ri'\ eral iohbei lea,
Ball to Mark Majority of Lord
Titchfleld a Novel Affair.
I By ? si le i.? i h? VMbaea ]
Landen. April, It Welbees Abbe]
world fOrBOUS for Its vast underground
apart?dente, was the scaae last night of
;. in.nioiahl.' I..ill l,, . cl..|>rai Ion of tho
. ..mtng of Reto of Lord Tit? hlleld. (he el.l
est son of the DukS and DuchoBS "f Port
Mare than ?mo llio'i^Miirl guests were In
vttsd an.i dancing took place in the won
derful underground Neture gallery, which
has I.e..! sJSScrtbed us th.. largest and
most msgainrcni prtvfkte roam in Kng
Washington Scientists Believe
This Is Impossible Amount.
Washington, April 13.-Pr!vate reports
from I'hristlania were received here to?
night that Captain Roald Amundsen, the
Norwegian explorer, must have IIOO.OOO
befcre he can e?iuip his proposed p.ilar
expedition. Explorers and scientists here
expressed the belief that it would he
practically Impossible to ralea th* re
'iiilred sum.
The reports from Christiania ?aid that
Amundsen? f.w., ,,,., py.^ h(W cQm
plating repaire at Montevideo. Uruguay
would sai! for Norway, the plan being for
her to leave there and DaaO through the
Panama Canal to the Padfk . oast aari)
In 1913. provided that VM.W <an be
raised before that time. The National
r.oograpi.ie Society here recently de.-lded
to appropriate |?o,oort for the Imundoen
Acrording to onnounCOd plans, the e?.
pedltion is scheduled to leave the Pacific
cast next year to explore the ,,0iar
basin. The vast tract between Northern
Canada, Alaska and Aata. including the
North Pol?. [| contemplated to
.traversed by the explorer, and It -
pected thai the royiage would re.jr,;
'least four yea,v- tnth in the polai
To linter Nieuport Monoplane
Lahm tn Measure Foreign
Balloons Coming Here.
? '?.r tlan.lt Field Hisliop. who is .-?
in the interests of the Aero ? T..i, ?f a,,,., .
? i baa on Itten to Alan B Hawle:,
. president of the club, that he hOO _04 ed
a li.-ens.? for _>m to Charlee T, IVeyrnan,
and thai dayman has heen authorised t..
fly In the liunlon Kmneil ra?e at l?
tills year.
He said In his letter that We?, man doM
not think a monoplane lau win the rat?
on account of the new regulationa n
in? all machines to Ay at bIow apeed In
the Qualify?Ig tesis. However, W V
Will use ? Nie,mort machine, equipped
wuh -i lee-horoepower Le Rhone motor,
and believes he atando 0 better i
than .f he were to use a Qnome motor,
Mr Bishop state.! 11 u?r Krank S l,ahm
and Q. v Campbell*Wood probobl; a
represent |he Aero Club of Ameriiee al
the May meeting of the International
leronautie F?deration In Perla as B
arill be In Africa at thai time. Lab
been appointe.i to a committee whl< b
take apeciflcatloi?i of foreign belloona fil?
tered in the Gordon Bennett balloon i
t?> he hebl in this countiv In i '? toh?r
'ihis la to avoid any queetione at -
aft-r the aeronauts arrive bore. I.ahm
has signified his Intention Of ?onv
this country for the national balloon races
fiom Kansas t'ity in July
The board- of jovernoro of the Aero
Club, the Automobile ? ?tub of Amer;. I
th? Motor Boat Club have combined In
arranging for o oupper and dance I
held in the assembly rooms of the
mobile Club on Saturday night The ? om?
mittee of arrangements la 00 foUowo:
.Man P?. Haw-ley. Dave Hennen Hi
.lames a. Hiair. jr. and Herbert A. Car?
penter. _ ,, , .
Walter I-. Jiro? '.<, on Ei - r, ar?
rived yeeterday and is at the st. Paul
Motel ' Brock has been looping the lOOP
?n Hendon and teechli -, In me Dei
duaain achopl there Many of hla
exploita have been recount? in the r.ng
lish aeronautical publlcatli i ?
-. *
Mayor Kills Measure Permit?
ting Subway Construction.
Mayor Mltehel reoterday vetoed Ber?
ti ii loi il billa poaaod by the Led ilo
ture, Including that of senator Bimpoon
anlarglag tue s. ?.pe of the Publie I
vice ' '. mn lea on by i emitting It, I
approval by thi l?mate, to
eonatruct an) portion oi portions of a
The bill .?:>'! BllOWed the commission
to award i onti ta t publie let?
ting when the - un d ? no! exceed !-?"..
?i , pr, sent !.<? lim to ouch ? on?
to |ii.
The M..-...1 approved the bill all ne
th?> Commissioner of Docka power to en?
force the rules of the department witn
reaped lo ?lo. ka i d ol roperty tin?
der Its control, makinu violations I nns
demeanor punlaheble by a *.'.?i tine
His Only Comment on Com?
merce Commission's Move.
Mariden, Conn, April li "They're areal
bluffers ' BOid lohn L. Billard, of Merl
den, to day, speaking of the intention of
the Interetate Commerce Comraloetoa to
bring mandamus prOCOOdlnga to compel
-altneeeeo to teetlfy as to the relations be?
tween the -lohn U Billard Company and
the New- Tevk, ?Vow Ha\en ? llartfor.l
Railroad. il? rof?BOd to amplify his
At a hearing In Washington laot week
Baverai wlinoooeo declined to answer
queetione a* to negotiations between the
Billard coaapeny and the New Haven
when the former took over the New
Havea'a Boeton ? Maine holdinKs. The
wttneaaea eonteoded that the eoonmlooloo
was OZCeeding its authority.
"Can't Remember" Details of
Heinze & Co.
Charlea ?f. Moree was a arltneeo >??*?
terday before Mary Weo_?ell, notary
publie. It Nassau *t . In the proceedings
Involving 0 loan of llSa.eCO by the Bank
of North America to ??u?> Hein/e & ? .
Ti.e loan was aacured by |?tta,9#t In se
curitlee, which, II is conteaded, dlaap*
peare.l fron, the bank \aults
M.ir?.' was in ? genial frame of mini
until it came t" the queetlona Theo his
roomer) Mied bim it was stated
., e-1 ? i the hearing thai n bad been ,in
poootble to improve Moroe'e raeellecticn
Of e\?'iits pertinent to the suit of th*
p/eatarn Developmeal Company, assignee
of Heinze.
\\e ore trying." it area **id. -to re?
babilitata the me mor) <?r Mr. Morse, we
ne petting along 100-1]
\ hearing will be held en Thurada)
afternoon al ?hlch Moroi haa been oi
deied I?? piodu??- pape:.? bearing ilpi>n
i he ii anead Ion
James Seligman 90 Years Old.
.lames flollgmon. Ih?< oMoOl member of
tin? N.w > m k fltoch I?ichango and the
head Of J <t W Sellgmnn A.- CO., hankers.
Will ??-hbrat?? his BinOtieth bulbil.iv this
aft u noon al ?M h??n:<? ,if his ilaiichter.
Mis. Beajnaala Ouggaa**n_a, Bt tw fifth
?,\e Man) of hla doeeendenta will b
preeonl, and o feature >?f the celebratica
will he a menina in? ture uf Ml Hellg- '
man s relativen
Many Want Ex-Presld?,
to Run for Governor
as Progressive.
Plans Ready to offer Colo?
When He Arrives Home "
Will Fete Him.
"Foi i los ?*? i
, . ": V Theodore Rae*m?H
? Center, ?ssasj
1 ?*? sad at tha _*____
**? will look ne? fall itTiJ?S
??.(averno, s,,;i(r w
?srr ?*i
' > head the Ucta
" " - llrkrt will |^ |2?
i 17
?Ve I sai? !
d from in ?
I H ?ill roma :? ?
?orne Um? bet*?ja
.?- ? Ing ?tate cl ilnasas?
1 ? r?as gg
?'??'- ?p?a ? ?M thi
Theo,!. i ahoae ah
- ' tier ?dl
'"' i: ? '"!"? ? . to thla rltf or, th?
? recsnve, s
l?"-al boa?: : _ ..:VM t?,
er the Sla
State Commit!
r;.i??s? veil to rui for < lovei
'?noun to Im
against thi . . ,
I - ??. "i "or ih]
ap| eeltion Is thai Mr ?_?_ sat
next ft
: >-.i- .? hlrnsa
It i ? - .lit batt
at playing second fiddle to 1:??i)s,.velt, u
has declared h< will run fee rjssv.
a State re nmlttst "?ill
v Bay I Put?
? 'I.ait .. the eau on
hla return hs re. ? K ng tiieque?.
- to the ? onatttatttasl
ition will be I ?
it si held in tha upper
part of I fear sbsbj
county ron:" tetad BJ
? t ion st
? ? 'tn? to
M ?? th tlha ' ? vocrau
? ?
The Progreaaii i slljr n>
Ute ;r
the mi ch will 1.1 addn
Mr. Ri i others
? this party post -wow tx
red to as a "convention " One leader
i her.? ,'at fore
I \ oui?! prob .? s
This, too, is being talked of no? -givissj
onel Roosevell
???i M il? n he . amS
\ ?? tnough entl
? an be ?worked up beteten non and Mi
a i rival this plan " ?'"??' ''"?'? n't
if not, he ? be f ?Hi
of Oyster Ha\.
BY $200,000 FIRE
Car Lines Halted by 2 2d Street
Bla/e Hose Drenches
v . . . ? : and Mi
?a/eat 22d si ' ni'h'
Btubbornly "f ,h"
fir. mer:. Ci I ?*? ""
,:,. -.raffli n II ree Unesrrp'
._,_... ret sssSfi
n an I
Th?- (Ire ?? ss In the -: ? itery >"il
PMrnlshlns Company, " Hra*'
and Henry Hsl <v Co? dea.
BTB In lime and potash. It ?si Haessj
,,,,) by a night watchman H-*' ?""
turned - :' '' u ?n ,?
Chief Kenlon srrived be turned m m
third alarm. ,.?
The Pre ?as drowned out ara?
,1.i ?3d st. II ? aZ_Z
and aboul ' *,
drenched ? th water?* J?g
James Murray, of ! ?P*jJ
S4. tripped rid ? ov. i boss ?
was treated by Dr. Ki tel. of tl ?
?Toril Hospital_
Speedy Actor Fined $100.
Christoph? R barda a? actor? liviaial
the Hotel i . ? i lined?? esta?
dayforathlrd . tlooofi *""***.
He told KM ^X'-'VA'':^
who arrests I ' ' ..?i
timing. Th? ??i,
help that, but M the <?*
lo ralas I ha mo:
Billy Evans Tells
aaaas sa Istarest??! -****___
S bil Pliers, famous ,nd
otherwise, ifl ?>< ?'rI;J' l 11 ffl
their attitude toward I^u J.^
,re lold about iS the vri?s.
urapiN ei thd American Le4?
in im HEXT
Sunday Magazine
m nu

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