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Tarns! ce, there te Iota the aeeea Amer?
ican ships which have been lying off
that turbulent town for the ln-t three
A : ? .1 ? \ temen! ran
through tVaehingtoa ?to-day when th<
sjewa ?'f the Preeident'e action became
v. : ? : ? . \?. i; To army and nav ?
officers it was sweet lo know that at
last | | was to be ?lone to up?
hold Rear ?vdmlral Mayo'a demand thai
American honor t>e kepi iineullkd and
that atrongei i eel had pr?t ailed
?i considei ad a sin*
teward placatlon ami
4 ven recession in I f the Mexi?
can refusal b> meet American demanda
Opinion is afmoat universal that the ice
has been broken at last, and the hop?
is generally e i bal ?there
be no keeitancy in taking ?me step after
another until the goal of a settlement
, r i ' . an Iml roglle Is rea< hed.
Huerta's Flat Refuaa!.
? Wlhvon'i order to the fleet
a I the result of the flat refusal ot
ral Huerta to Are the saint?? to th?
\r..: -: : kg IB the manner In which
A<hnlra] Mayo, backed by his
ent, demanded. Hueita offerei'
to Are a salute, hut he made ??onditlon*.
He wai ted to salute only the dispatch
| a> master of which.
rlea C, Cop*, had bei n amatad at
with aeveral marinea This
BO! satisfactory to the I'nlted
. nalute to the American flag
nation was rOQUlied, In a? cordance
with international usage and ethics.
This Huerte penmptotily refueed.
It is reported here to-night that
Huer;a refused to see Nelson O'Shaugh
v. the Anvrican rhargf* d'Affaires
in Mexteo City, when the charge ap?
peared at the National Palace to pr??
tent further demands. Huerta sent
word. It Is asserted, that he considered
the Incident closed with his last mes?
sage, which was unsatisfactory to
The army is preparing for action.
There are 10,000 men in Texas City,
near Galveston, which is only seventy
hours or less by army transports from
Tampico, and they have been ordered
to hold themselves in readiness. Or?
ders have not been sent out? but the
word has been passed to prepare for
There ere three army transports at
Galveston. The transport gervice has
ita eye on half a dozen or more mer
chantmen which can be quickly char- j
tered. All through the nation, from ,
Fort Ethan Allen, In Vermont, to the !
Presidio of San Francisco, soldiers are
quietly making ready for possible ao- I
The "War Department early to-day
got a hint of Impending trouble. The
White House made Inquiries as to how
soon the troops at Texas ?Tity could be
made ready for departure. The reply
was that the army was practically
ready ar.d that the transports now at
Galveston. with bunkers filled and
thirty days* supplies aboard, could sail j
as soon as the soldiers could embark, I
which would be as quickly as 10,<X)0 :
enthusiastic men could pack their
Manket rolls and march the seven
miles from Texas City to Oah'eston.
Incentives to Action.
There are certain well defined ele- !
menta which have served to bring
al.out action by the administration.
They are:
1. The growing lntolerablllty of the1
whole Mexican situation, Including the
I>rospi-?-t that neither Huerta nor the
< "nstltutlonalists can completely tri?
2. The unsatisfactory attitude of the
Constitutionalists regarding the de
I ?.rtation of Spaniards after the battle
>'f Torre?n and in the face of American
protests, indicating that the rebels of
the Ninth are not inclined to meet,
America's demands, which fact has led1
to a disbelief in their ability to estab
llsb a satisfactory government in the
event of their victory.
:'.. The fad that Huerta has recently
Obtained from local hank'-rs a loan of
m:, im,i,km? Mexican, to be paid In five
instalments of f9.000.000 Mexican every
? 'v days.
I. News received to-day of an !m
pendinc rr-hel victory on the outskirts
Ot Tom lid <?p?--n an easy
pture of Faltlllo and
. wkere the Spanish BUbJects
Buffer Just as at Torreon.
.V Huerta's refuse] to fire the salute
Admiral Mayo demanded.
,; 'n thai Huerta has
I ::sion that In Its every
threat the United States is merely
' bhjg ?. and the a eaalty of con
>m? :> i: ' in President that
lY'SLieti* Wilson Is In deadly earnest
? Imlnation.
3. i ' ' - counsel for action.
s. T ? of* in? r?>asing Euro
0V4 r the ?-ontlntiation of
cond " the resfntment
aroused In Europe by th?- maltreatment
of Spaniards.
V I! port fr. m Mr. O'Shatighnessv
lid reign in Mexico
city if the Constltntleoallata ap
!? i ?:? growing conviction that ao?
Imately Inevitable, and that
Intei ? f necessary, would be far
more difficult during the rainy ??eason,
which begins soon, then now.
lo. The fact that the Tampico inci?
dent affords an opportunity for action.
The President can now go before the
country and give Justification for ac?
tion. A month ago, before tho battle
of Torre?n and on top of a lonp period
of "watchful waiting," such action as
has now been taken would have been
gratuitous on its face.
Administration Silent.
The administration has Blmply or?
dered the Atlantic fleet to Tampico. It
Is assembling tens of thousands of tons
of fighting ships, where a couple of
gunboats-could do all that the situation
demands. But the administration does
not vouchsafe one word of explanation.
At the White House, r.t the Navy De- ;
partment and at the State Department
there 1? absolute reticence. When ?See- ;
retary Bryan was asked if he would ex?
plain the movement, he replied em?
phatically that he would not. The Sec?
retary of the Navy ref*>rred seekers of
Information to Mr. Bryan, who has
postponed his trip to Florlda.
As far ns the administration is con?
cerned, not one word is advanced as to
what the Bhlps will do after they get to
The Tribune correspondent, however,
haa been Informed that the government
1b planning to land a force at Tampico.
The seizure of the custom house there
will probably be the first step, and It
may be taken prior to the arrival of
Rear Admiral Badger and his fleet.
The only bit of information given out
by any official of the government to?
day, other than the announcement of
the sending of the fleet, was a state?
ment from Mr. Daniels that it was
Paymaster Copp who had been arrest?
ed at Tampico. The Identity of the
officer had heretofore been suppressed.
The announcement of action came
after a Cabinet mrteting of unusual
length. It was given out by Secretary
Daniels, wtth th? "statement that he.
would not comment on It. The formal
announcement read :
"Secretary of the Navy Daniels this
afternoon sent orders to Rear Admiral
Charles S. Badger, commander In chief,
Atlantic fleet, to proceed at on? o with
all the ships under hi-s command t??
Tempi? a Rear Admiral Badger is at
?Hampton Rosada.
"At the same time orders were Issued
for the Hancock, now at New Orleans,
with eight hundred marines, to proceed
at once to Tampico. Orders were also
issued to the South ?Carolina, m route
from Santo Domingo to Join the fleet at
Hampton Roads, intercepting her and
ordering her to Tampico. Orders were
also issued to the Nashville at Santo
Domingo to proceed to Tampico.
"The torpedo flotilla now at Pensa -
cola was notified to stand by for orders
to proceed to Tampico."
Other Ships Ordered.
The Ns.vy Department aleo gave out
the follow in? statement:
'The Tacs.ma, now at Boston, luis
besn ordered to Tarnpio?, via Newport,
to convey a shaft of men |n Mexican
? waters.
"The gunboat Nashville, now at
M..nte Christ!, Santo Doming, has l.eeu
ordered to Guantanamo t.. coal and
thence to Tampico. In addition, the
bauleahlpa Rh? de laland, Nebraaka,
Virginia -md QeOfgia are availably ||
needed, but as these re* ___ .,..,. ,jllw
docking it has not yet i,,.. ,, decided
whether they wJU jo!,, vdrni|;i| B&?g_
ei s fleet Ais.., the battleship? sj*/v<.
'??hip. Texas, X,,y York. North DakoU
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Try ?t
1.. htware and Kansas arc available,
-The Hancock aill leave Nen <
leans f< r Tampico Wedneeday morn!
v nil the Bra! n gtmenl of the axnei
i,,i:?:. t ?!.I naarlnee, fully equipa.
for ii? Id si n l< < The Haw ack ?
.,!.-,. .any a thrr-e-ln?-h t!?-l?l halt?
and equipment.
?'The order for the mobilixatlon ?if I
Beet, Including all auxiliaries and t
marine regiment al Mew ? irle'ans, w
? i sis minut?e after the ?.nier w
given by the Secretary of the Navy,
"The hospltel ih p Boleca la en rot
tu Tampbo from New Orleans. T
Solace is fully equipped with the ni<"
m?.dem hoepital equipment.
"The supply ship ?Celtic is loading
New York with f cargo of r?frig?rai
meets and suppli?e, sailing on the III
"The colliers Vulcan and Jeeoo i
en route with full cergOOS of coal.
"The colliers (?non and Ncreus a
ready to proceed to Tampico.
"The Ward liner Ksperazu has be
chartered by the Navy Department a
has been placed at the disposal of He
Admira! Fletcher at Vera Cruz for t
a?, "iiitnodation of refugees at Tai
Badger's Prompt Responae.
The department receive?! the folio
ing dlapat? h from Rear Admiral Ba<ig
this evening:
"Can sail from Hampton Roada I
morrow forenoon with the Arkans?
the Vermont and the New Jeremy. Tl
New Hampshir?' may he delayed a fl
honra for coal ami provleione. will f<
low as aooa aa possible The Loulalai
and the Michigan will be directed
follow, and the Bouth Cen Una order,
to wait Bee! at Key West."
From the EUnOOCk at ?New Orleai
ceyne ?the following:
"Receipt of order to proceed at oni
to Tampico with regiment of marin
without advance bane outfll acknow
edged Ship ready to sail sime
o'clock Monday night Brigade eon
mander believes marines and BSCCesai
field equipment can ha re-emberiu
ready f"r sailing by Wedn.sday mon
The complement of the s.v.m battl.
ships of the Atlantic Beet which wi
proceed to Tampico arlll ?total abot
6?00 men. There will be 2JBO0 martin
available at Tampico as a landln
force, fully equipped for Bold aanrlo
There Will be eleven battleships 1
Mexican waters, with total rompl?:
monts of nearly 10,000 men.
Warships Going to Tampico.
Rear Admiral Badger will take wit:
him the battleships Arkansas, Louisl
ana, New Hampshire, Michigan, Ver
mont and New Jersey. The cruise
?acoma will Bail from Beaton. Th
battleship South Carolina and the gun
boat Nashville will proceed from th
West Indian.
The battleships Utah, Connection
and Minnesota, the cru'dors eheste
and Des Moines, the mine planter Sai
Francisco and the dispatch boa
Dolphin are now at Tampico. The bat
Ueahlpa Florida, flagship of Rear Ad
mirai Fletcher, and Delaware, and th?
transport Prairie, with 600 marines ot
hoard, are at Vera Crue.
The battleship* Rhode Island, Ne
braska, Virginia and Georgia, c'.nsti
tuting the third division of the At?
lantic fleet, are now do? king. It lia?
not been decided whether they shall bt
sent, according to tho Navy Depart
m?-nt announcements. It Is believe?!
probable that the developments of the
situation will demand their presence.
Tin board the transport Prairie, now
ht V? ra Cruz, are about five hundred
marinea There ara as many mor?
scattered throughout the ships ahead]
In Mexican waters. Fight hundred
moro will soon be at Tampro on th?
transport Hancock.
W)nn the ?Vet arrives the number 01
marines in Mexican waters Will tota.
8,600. At Pensacola, with n ens;, strik?
ing distance, are 575 more, and ii
Northern navy yards and stations ano
'?n th* Pacific Coast are 850 mor?, avail?
The bluejackets now in Mexican
Waters number 5.41.2. The Ships fuel
ordered there will carry 6,12?, giving n
total strength of 11.091.
The army has between 10.^00 an?!
12.000 men at Texas City, Within threi
days uf Vera Crus and the railway to
M?.vico City.
The torpedo flotillas at Pe-rMacola
consist of the destroyers Henley, Dray?
ton, Mayrant, McCall, Warrlngton,
Paulding, Ammen, Burrowa, 1'atterson,
Ti;?.[ie, Fanning, Iteale, Jenkins, .Tarvl.?
and J?iuett. Tliey carry from eighty?
Ihre to ninety-three men eaeh. There
are ejBO thirteen destroyers In reserve
? Pensacola The tender Dixie, with
I men, now at Pensacola, ?rill accom?
pany the destroyers If they are ordered
! to .Mexico.
Ships to the West Coast Also.
\ significant sdmlssioa was i i
from the Secretary of tlie Navy this after?
noon, when lie said that he was Consider?
Ing th.- matter of sending more .*!,.; ? ,
the west coast of Mexico, it is apparent
to observers that if the only Intention of
this fi'lnilnlstratl'.n Is to obtain f.itlsfao
ttOfl at TampMb the m.ttter of reinforcing
the American sQuadrea on the r.,. nie
Coast WOUld not be worth conslderntion.
For thai matt.r. it is p**tated out, the
? force which has been ortered to Tampico
Is in! areatei than Is really neces
ii la ? -.* if.;, .i thai Rear Admiral
Badgei i Beet arlll reach Ttunplco or it?
vi.ii,ii\- sm day night ,n Monday rnornlna
ii is probable thai before that orders will
have bean sent to distribute the ships
? ili.i.K 11.?. Mexican < o;,M
Information lias lat? ly COSOS to ti,?, ad.
mtntstration that it *u more than pos?
sible that the iii?i?Ieni at TamptCO ?a.ix |
deliberate step taken by Huerta's orneen
t.? try ?mi th?. temper of the United
Btatea PresMenl Wilson, with this
iboughl m mind, Is sngaged la the task
of disproving to Huerta that the United
suit.-s always blatta Huerta has had a
fteJini that this was m erar alaos this
sjerrernmenl Called u> baek up it? demand
an sated to bim les) tall, lie has also
been toformed by outstdera, eotably rer
t.iin f,.r?-it;n dtphunots, thai the i nttod
Btatea weald aeeei Intervene n<- has
found la this belief th?. courage te <!?fy
lent \\ Ueen
News .in. h -h- administration mn
?ideri .1? Unite ?ame io-,i.,,- iiihi General
?. iiih. the i'in-1 Isader, bad thrown ae
nun? ?,,.,?iiiii ii.?. ?Ai,.?ii general fon?
i which ?i-i'i nroMllaed al Vea Pedro, thirty
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APRIL 15, 1914.
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miles eaat of Torreon, and that a rlctori
was ceitain.
Fears International Complication's.
If the rebel? should ?ripe out this Fed*
eral furce it sVOUld mean thut Saltillo and
Monterey could be easily taken, and tins,
it is declared, would he certain to bring
on International comph'ati'.ns of a dis
a?iep.-.hle character. There aie iii.mv
Spaniards at both of these centres ami 11
i- believed that Villa would drive them
out of the country. This v\ould be niosl
emlsarraaelni t?> th? aslinlnlstration, and
the poaaJWlltlra of the situation are he
llevad to bava bad a part la Indutdng th?
President i" take d/mnte action.
? :.?,m of Huerta ?setting a |tf,aoS,eM
i. :.n cama only reontly t<> the st.ite Dssv
p..i tu..-ut With this money Huerta'S I"?
H.tiini was made more seem?-. The pay?
ment? ara to he ma?le at twenty-day in?
tervals in Stuns ?if ?JMbb^IM, and It Is con
BMered bare that this means that so Ions
as the payments are coins on Huerta
will clil.K tcnas-soiisly tb his Job. In ion
pequsMice it is considered that Hlierta'S
"i -rumbling" will tie more remote than
. ? .?id that If he Is to he eliminated
the time for action las rome. Huerta
got ii--- loan from local bankers, KivinK hh
?security certain nniseued honda.
Europe is ?oon to be informed of Amer
i? as Intentions. The practice of keeping
Kuropean nations Interested in Mexico In
touch with all that th?1 United States was
doing ivas astaWlahed lsi-t summer and
will lie ciitinui-d
Naval oftiiers hnve done little else to
?Jay hut discuss the lntest phase of the
Mealcan situation, which BS?SBBS to involve
th- navy rather than th.- armv. S.'.ietai"'
I'anlels's order was not a surprise. As
has bSM to!?l in these dii.pat.hes. it had
1 '? ?! expected ever sinre diitieulty was ex?
perienced in obtaining the apologetic
.-nliite d^inaii?li*d by Hear Admiial .Muy?..
? u:?? of the complications of the Issue
appears to arise from the fa?:t that th?
Washington Bdasinlatratlon has never rec?
ognized the 11 ? i ?. 11 a government, with the
result that this country is In the some?
what awkward position of demanding a
? i? monstratloS of respect and regret from
a Rove-nment which, officially, it has < ?>n
splcuously gone on record as maintaining
?l?..s riot aalst It la a question with
some otticer? whether the firing of the
necessary salute will not he, In a way, i
recognition of the Huerta government,
since such action, standing ns the evpres
rioti of the government of Mexico. tu;iy be.
oonstrued .-?.- an admission on our part of
the as?stanse and acceptability of the
Huerta regime.
? -
Washington, April II. -Rear Admiral
May.i, througb Rear Admiral Fletcher
at Van Crus, late to-day reported to
the Navy Department as follows:
"The attack of the Constitutionalist?
Ml T.impi. o la umloul.teiJIy ?ver, an?l
the rafugajaa who were taken on hoard
b?attleeblpa at TSmptco are n?.w l.ejng
landed ?
' H- Tsl4s**taB>B I" 'I I?' Tm'.iih? i
i-?* Angeles, April tl?Witk t_, proh.
ability that In the event of war with
M. .no, the laliiornl.i slat? mihtia. si 100
"?'<?- would he railed Into a? tlon ini
mediately aft? the United Btatsta regular
army, ??meral Robert VVankosjrakl com
maiidlns lb? it Brigade, National Quard
<?r ? niiforiiiM. declared lo>nlahl thai ti.?
hrlguds ... Id I ? i,...i.h,/.?,i ;,i ?n. ,?,,,,,
OH til? Mexican l.onl. r from |-,| i>uso
west laslda of fort" Hakt lueus
United States on the Very Edt*-?
of Armed Intervention, Says
"The Mail."
I Bf Cabla *?? The Trlb i -
i.?m?I..n, April U.?-"President Wilson's
Stroke." This is how the principal edi?
torial In "The Daily Mail" describes the
dispatch to the Mi ticen coast of the
i nited States Atlantic Beet Continuing,
"The Dally Mall" say.-:
?"ii. is a Fign that the relations bete ?
President Wilson and Huerta are approach?
ing their iri'v ?table climax. As a result
of the crimes of the Insurgente President
Wilsons sympathy for them has greetl)
abated; indeed, it seems to the onlooker
nt the present moment tri?t the deetrue?
tlou of Huerta's regime might actually
aggravate the dlftVultlea of the Mexican
position The probabilities are that when
Huerta sees President Wilson is in ear
n?sf he will apoloci/.e. Meanwhile, the
United States Is on the vary edge of
? i Intervention, with all its tncelcu*
hihie coneequem ? i "
'The Morning Post" ask?. "Has Pi ?si?
ll? nt WIISOB at last loot f...til ill Ins
policy of watchful waitinir in regard to
Mexico?" it then continues ??s follows;
"The announcement that all the snip?
of the Atlantic t!. et bave be?.n ordered
to TamptCO does not imply, of course,
that lie has de?eMed the time for Inter?
vention has ?nine, but ft Is not unlikely
that this move may mate ?\ ?situation
whi? h win render intervention Inevitable
and sine?- the President nml his advisers
? fere ees such s possibility it is rae*
aonabls to assuma that they are new pre
parcd to take strong notion. Huerta baa
hitherto resisted successfully all the
pressure exerted by the American gov?
ernment to make him resign He is well
aware thai President Wilson is most
anxious to avoid acute intervention, and
may, therefore, b-? tempted Into playing
a game of Muff, but la this mattet the
l'tilt??d States, having Rone us far as it
has gone, is unlikely t" recede until Its
claims bave '? ????ii fully sat I
"It is tii??r<* than possible thai the naval
demonstration is Intended as a srernlng
to the ?COaStltUtlonallStS ii" wrll as t..
Huerta it<>ih Carra?as and Villa havs
flouted the Ainerlcan government la the
most offensive tashlon on aaverel oece*
stone In the Bghting HOW going l"i
around ramaleo the Constitutionalist
for. is have already done considerable
damage to valuable oil tanas and re*
Bnertee, end ordinary wiii-ninn? as to the
-u. for reepectlni for,ii;ii property
are unlik.-ly to have much snTeCt BBOB
?hem, bul the preesnee ?>f a powerful
fleet at Tampico may prod ice the desired
impression. They are more likelv to puv
attention lo the protests of the United
States when thev reailz? that bM has on
the spot the m sens for enforcing i?.spe, t
for her ?h-muutl'i, but ?v. n if tins Imui-.h
ate oriels pass?e away and if iiu?-rta
agrees to salute the Amertoan lag au?t
ir the Cenatttutlonallats ?te.-ist from the
destruction ?>r t.ign property, the pan?
? t..I problem will be no nearer solution.
"How the l'r? I'lent ?all hope without
Intervention to ?i-. me the ebtabilshmrat
of a government In Mesloo arblch ?111
?iinforin t.? the Maa?eeaa ?at.i down i.>
Lun II is diflh ?ill to i-m "
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J. .Murphy, Commissioner of Tane
itients. and Henry .\f. Curran. This
committee win officially announce I e
winner? The names o? these men will
be public testimony that the awards
' ?en mads justly.
The actual checking o?* the answers
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Bach solution must be written on .. ?ep,,.
rute blank No solutions ?re to I <
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1st award
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10 an aril?, ra.li > | . ?'V?S
M award?. ra< I? $.?;, . "ioe
loss ??rarsse, esseh BIS J"54
200 award?, ra.h $v, '.les
400 awards, en. U ?I ??fw*
All of this, in bright newfl.
ver dollars, is now displayed in i
a window of the Auto-SuppU
Company, at Broadway anJ
59th St., Columbus Circle.
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K. W. K. il) Baa Tribune of April 2 B ? ?? ? N"t JWB?J
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Plctograph an.J n conven?an! manner o? aolvlng ..f Piel
turning lu a. sel of toi Ut |0HB without Mr? l.nmi.i T., Hfrmeuot
Ben Franklin Quiz
Back pictographs free this week with purchase of
Poor Richard's Almanack.
This coupon, when presented while pun
Richard's Almanack <40 cent?, 45 cents by mail), entitles jrou
frei? to pictographs number 1 to 22, inclusive.
Natiu .
Add\ ess.
If mailed addrei? BEN FRANKLIN QUIZ DEP'T. The New-York Tribune.
r^TssSssssssss?- -
Borah Says Flag Will Not B
Furled?Other Senators Ap?
plaud Wilson.
i Fron ? '
Washington, April Ii Members of tn
Senate, both those who BAYS l.e.-n imi?;i
tient over tlio "watchful waiting" pBits :
and those who have kept their own ioun
sei, arase auggoaed to look upon the ett
patch of tho fieri to Tasassee as unavoii
able und h* the first step toward inter?
Senator Borah. ? member of tin* For
esgn Relattona rirmiwlttsss expressed ths
opinion that if the t?as? ?.f the Ualtetf
States imp- unfii.leil on Mexl.'a-i X> rl
t.ii y It v.ould not be furlo?! again.
? It will be the first .-(p." hi said, "In
the i. ,r h toward the CabbJ."
There are other *r**fiatr*rg who think
the 1 lit.-.I Mates muht kB fore. ?I. even
agalaat Ita win, to relata peasjessgssi ot
at l ta si a portion of Meadoo, Mthsr i>>
?Assuming ?sovereignty or by a'protacto*
There ?m general sgjra?nsHml that the
Prealdenl had taken tba only us-timi it
w.is possible for lil m to taK?'. K\en
theme ?ho bate .?ni.i .1 Ma poll.y ad?
mit?.-t i?, .im- that th.. arree! <<r .vm.-ii
Saa mannes at T.impln? atnl the snubs?.
auenl refuaal of Huerta to make the con
rentionel apoto*; au
ll\ c.
Senate -
... ? -, t*?
-I am saUrely out of ha
the !?!? rldei
: : ? ?
: ?'? ?
in? n...
: South
Ain.-i.?-.,. 1 ?io not snow, i '
it I?, || la it .kiii..:,.-t:-*non. at least, o
our vltalit)
Pn Ideal W m i ! sd re
lees S4fo I g
iltual t ma
? i an i in :
Mad the Pn
-I doubl i-, there ??
Aiu.'H.an I.!>!? ?1
- ?-~~
SPAIN ft?LlES Old u. &
No Other Power Asked to Pro?
tect Subjects in Mexico.
Madrid, aarl M Prea. Voga^.
1 nato i ? ? to-dajr the aassi l
pi.t- dental si reports publb .?'? "' ,
Unltsd States I " Klna I
personally naked ? ?overn?
to use Its Influence tor the Pr0t#J'*\ii
B|*aalsh subjo.t? In M.xi???. Th? Si*1'
isisnisisnl has aslted the United a?
s-tverameni alone te aid la ?*? '''"
lion of Spaniards , _?.
Prowler Date edded thai ?* ***mzl
' t.ivernnunt 1res sntlreli sstlsfled ?
,,,,. ... ,.. . ? " ? ? -?? ?? ?

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