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$100,000 BALM
Miss Meffcrt Alleges Tenor
Trifled with Her
ie Made Many Promises of Mar?
riage, She Asserts, but Never
Kept Them.
T?nrmo < "aniso, through his attornev
-pted ser?.: OS at 9 ??'?lo? k last nicht
of a evsamoflS and complaint in a suit
.'or $100.000 damage?? f-<: breach of!
omise of marriage. The plaintiff is
Ml red lf< Her? said to
ghoul twenl old,
pretty, r.-tirly strut and well krmwn to
iperageen. Her whereabouts are not
? <-. r0>, d In the : ipers, hut it is said
? ?he has lived In New York all her
in the fall hi ? off till spring,
? he neglected to bring up the sub
? bul did a:k her to go abroad in
June ?Shs didn't go, she saya, ?hui n?< I
him later in Parla They then ?I -
Italy and Jingland, still secording to
th? papers, and he promised repeatedly
??? marry her He continued to do this,
-he avers, until Mari h IS, 1919, when
he abandon? d her.
Sinep then, she chargea Sh? hAM bren
ostracised by her relatives and friends
They had expected the tenor to marry
her, and'the BOverancs ?>f their rela?
tions after Ins absolute refusal to do
bo has mail?' .i isnpeeetbe for her to
mevs in the circles frequented by her
loved ones and former associate?.
? plaintiffs law. er la IrvlBg V.
Elogiar, of 27 wiiiiam st ? >n Baturdaj
be wrote to Alfred J. ?Sellgsherg, of
Wise o. B? I gsberg, of 19 wuiiam st..
'hat he WM about I iM against
the tenor. The tenors laaryer told him
to c?> to the Hotel Knlctorbocker at 6
..e; and he would be
? to accept m i ? ? ? Ca? iso him?
? refUSSd to be seen last night, and
ills eouassl did ail the talking.
The par I thai Mis'- Heffert
? t'aruso In this city April 9, 1900
? 229 *V"eet 99th st., und that twelve
days later he promised t" make ber his
Hi did not ?i" so la the fall, al?
though ShS says he agreed to their
marriage before the opening of the sea -
BOS at the Metropolitan
Mr. Bettgsberfc after Hie departure of
Mr. Zlagler, who served the papers In
person, dis seed ths case briefly.
'i hi\e just been retained bj Enrico
Caruso," hs said. "In an action brought
Mips Mildred Meffert for breacn of
i runiiae of marriage. Mr Caruso was
served this evening at the Knicker-,
; Hotel with a summons and com
i i ? ?. The damage* asked .ire $100
'I si ? f?BT to make no ital
? about a maiter wh eh
i* being litigated, but I believe It is
fair t?. Mr. I'aruso to state that
the plaintiff has no cause of action
whatsoever against Mr. Caruso for.
breach of promise of marriage or on
any other grounds.
"Mr Caruao Is under no legal or
moral obligations whatsoever to Miss
afefferi end 'he i as.- will be fougnt to
th.? en-1.'"
Bines 'ho alleged abandonment, it is
?ileged. Iflss Meffert has written to
nor for money on several occa- i
nons. At ?hr.stmas, it is said, her ap
??? . ? . s.-ful to UM extent of
9300 while a letter only a few weexn
ago had not been answered.
About two yean ?m ?Cantas was i
for brea, h of promise bv an
L Klisa QanetlL She asked
ill "as brought by her
father, and the finger declared that
I M girl had n<> claim ?>n him.
"Because i am a public character,"
v' ?aid, "hs thoi'Khi 1 would pay $50,
999 to bush up a scandal. But I will
r o* ho . *- euch mann' r."
The court ga\o a verdict in Caruso's
favor, bul levied the coots of the ac
i on ( ?i him. Later in the sanv? year,
1912, he w< n another suit in which 8
woman was concerned. He mied sig
' ? tU, With whom he ha.I
been Intimate, and others for defama
1 on of charactSI The ?-ignorina got a
.?ears lmprleonmcnt and a fine. The
others were also ?everely dealt with.
The meet recent story of the ?singers
Unusual ? - ? a woman was
?*?? ?by cabla i . ri a Tribune
on May |1, 1919, end published the
following day. Ths story told of
I STUM'S making ;i Woman COSsSplcUOUS
m a erowd, wlM ? , ? ?,er es'-ort up?
braided him. Hi disappeared in the
betel throng ;.[? uns;:
"I fan do anything 1 vant 1 am
o. '
* ? .i.
Blood Poisoning Follows Injury
S: slained While Administer*
inj* Antitoxin.
? I ?a infai
? . n* to ??honi ?
? . ? three is oaths sgo, tab?
f the to be
e for the blood potsoatag which
; . gti-f
\1?> and hs
- am- swollen U , ,
ill sffseti .?? ?
wh? re, :? tsasnt,
iperata a
?rrtay re?ulte-|
In \ji ? ' ' ? < >i '-..si fifty
. . r ag<> He \iA.\fH a wile end
twg Cl drei 111* funniil will b* li'/l fi
, .,;? MnnPStlffl OStabUehiaent,
*, g ; bei rematad ??? ??Yesi fond.
Maine Summer Hotel Burns.
\?-.'.il d. Me, April I
a SUN dating on, ?
d-??j geaete, Ith a|
t. ? ass sea
Asbestos Suit Protects Villain,
but Both Actors Go to
H\ '! .-.< Rrarh ?o Th? Trlhur?
Ha haasach, N. J., April 2).--"The Pira
Km* ought to be a great film, if the j
operator ?Udn't forget t>> turn the crank
I ?tcrnooii, while the villain nserly
became a teal Are victim. So aerioua '
were th? eonseojuencsa of the attsmpt te
le realism thai two men are to
alght In N'Ttii Hudson Hospital.
The two acton who ?r?' ainTering for
their art are Charlea Davenport, the vil?
lain, of Ml West MMh at., and Arthur
Robinson, of the H?itei Longacre, New
i t.rk Dae? niton saya If ths director
wunts t?> i?-pio?iuce the Him in accord?
ance with the original manuscript he'll
go through arlth hla part if they wslt for
htm to p.-t blS two weeks' notice from
Robinson, having invented an asheatoa
- t, conceived the acensrio for the p
i- He was to be In the I liMlng "hen
the Incendtsry, Dsvsnport, came la and
start' 1 a tire, lie was to put an asbestos
over t lie viiiam, Hud then make hla
i to the cellar of the building and es?
cape the Barnes
Walter King, the dire tor, pot tired
waiting for the escapa md OSShod into
the building to find Dsvenport with his
i oat and \ ? st burned off. Rorilnson'a
toa 8 .it stood the test very well,
but he wa? bsdly B?oorclMd S bou I tt,e face
ami hands
Representative Miller Against
be 1 ;?.?? i
ngton, April S.?Despite troubles
home, Representativa Miller, a
Minnesota Republican, delivered an ear?
nasl ap?eos Ib the Ht.?se to-day against
tba proposal to give the Pilipinoa lnde
? . That the people of ths Islands
psbli '?: aelf-govsrnmenl was ths
point he mode il- rsturnsd recentl)
fiom a tour of the Philippines
The npasch ? is applanded n*n bv
Democrats oppose?) to Mr. Millers vtew'
"independent representative self-gov
anl In the Philippines is nn Impossi?
bility now," he aald. "i am convinced of
this after my visit there Tl la la not the
View of a single observer; It Is the unani?
mous verdict of all, both Pi mot-rats and
Republicana who have s?*?.n condltlona in
the Islands."
No Weed for Ice Cream Makers
Sweeping rules adopted by the Hoard
of Health yeotorday regarding the manu?
facture of los cream and the handling Of
the product Included an emphatto de?
mand that no person thus employe?)
would it?- permitted to chew tobacco.
Smoking was also prohibite?]. Absolute
elsanllnssa is demnndod oi those who
hund?*- the tea sieam or!? ha and thsy
art* to Wear apodal uniforms.
Mrs. W. K. Vandcrbilt, Jr., and
Mrs. Oelrichs in Will Fight.
Denying an;.- conspiracy to get the $11,
? ?? estate of their brother, Charlea L.
Pair, who was killed with his wife in
Frame la '-V>-. Mrs Theresa Alice Oel- j
ri'-h?. widow of Hermann Oelrichs. and
Mrs. William K. Vanderbllt, Jr., filed an
BDSWei thrOOgB Bowers ?- Sands to three
OmntalntS filed against them it> relatives
of Mrs Fair.
Hoth Mrs. Oelrich? and Mrs Vanderbllt
deny that their brother was a ?esident of
New York at the time of his death and
that his wife survived him According to
the Ihws of ?'alifornia, it is assumed that
'n case of an accident where both hus- ?
hand and wife are killed that the husband
survives the wile. In New York this Is
not so
This point was very strongly insisted on
by the plaintiffs They seek to set aside
the probating of the will In ?alifornia.
The conspiracy charge rests on the alle?
gation that the defendants got Hannah K
Nelson, Mrs. Fair's mother, to settle ?or
$150 <V?0 her Interest In the estate
Regiment Prepared to March.
Says Colonel Bates at Din
i ?
ner?Sigsbee Speaks.
Colonel William O. Batea eoaunnnder
of the 71st Regiment, v <;. s N v.
and Rant Admiral Charles tigshoa '
B, n. retirad, were among the apes ?
at the fifty-third anniverasry dinner of
th? 7lsl Regiment Vstemn*>Assoclnl
at the Hotel McAlplO hist night Other
speakers orara ?oloncl William A Boyd
and ax-Mayor A. L. Kline. General Ed?
win .A M? Alpin, president of the asso?
ciation, was the tOMtmaotei There are
eighteen members of the association
o\er BSVSnty?tWQ year? of age.
Colonel William G. Hates, commander
Of the 7'ist Keglment, who is awaiting o??
dos to move toward Mosteo, WSJ the
iast speaker He said the regiment was
prepared, and that he cou'1 only Judge
the future by the nast
There are 897 men under hla command
with complete equipment. ??onsisting 'f
uniforms, tints und all Bscssssry aoju
ment for acti\o service, awaiting orden
"The regiment has the he-t officers it has
ever had," he said. "They are required
to study, thsy are famllta* with map
rending end ths t?ctica of warfare. The
regimen! la ready to do nriy duty it ma>
be nallsd upon to perform, whether the
?all comes from ths State or nation'
Admiral Sigsbee, who was captain of
the bSttleshlp Mame, spoke of the mo I
menta of the navy durtni the Spanish?
American War.
Colonal \\ii:?ani Boyd spoks of the
riav In 18T.1. when the legim-nt WSa
called to tue defence of the national
? spits
When ex-Mayor A 1. Klire was In
troduced the CTOWd arose >,rul h uled
him ps next Mayor. Ososrnl McAlpln
said: "No, be ?l t>? the next Oovernor."
? ?
City to Sell Historic Structure
in Existence Since 1817.
Pulton Market, one of the landmarks of
Mi? city, was doomed by the Board of
Aldermen yesterday. By a close vote it
waa decided to abandon the hlatoric
sti icture, Which has been in existence
?? in.
Wh?m the Brooklyn Bridge waa opened,
tutting down the traffic SB th? Fulton
fStry, the ultimate fate of Fulton Mar
k"t was settled. For many years the eltj
has been losint; annuall] BOtns ?-.V-1 on
the property. The site Will prObsbly be
F"'d to wsrsbouss companies
? . ... .
Topeka Boys Make Mexicans
Show Respect for Flag.
Topeka, Kan., April II v\\<- hun?
dred schoolboys Who d<?erted their
rooms to parade through the
atreeti "tended bj an American fan and
a rife and drum corpa, forc?d a dosen
Mexican tra? '? ? to sslut? th
ting to-day.
More than a hundred SCfa ?lglrls, who
followed a fen blocks behind the boys
in a parade of their own. cheered ahila
the salute was galll "i ad
Special Priests for Emigrants.
Home. April 21 -pope iv,?. considering
that the measures heretofore taken to
protect ths spirit ml welfSTS of Italian
emlgmnta were inadequate, to-day or?
dered the creation In Home of a apodal
eollagS for priests who are destined lo
work smong emlgmnta
Plan to Register Their Disapproval To-morrow Evening at
Cooper Union. When Suffragist and "Anti" Will Unite
in Plea for Peace?Other Cities to Follow Suit.
A huge meeting to protest against ?art
I h?a hei-n called for Cooper C'nlon tO*
! Bsorrow evening by representative worn?
? en from various suffrage and other or?
' gant?ation? of the eiiy. Arrangsmehts
wi . a i ds last night ?t th? bom? of tin
Walatoa h Brown, '.it Baal Bat of . at
a preliminar) ceeftreaoe attended b)
about thirty women.
Among them wore Mi?; Hoheit Hruere,
ohalrman of the committee on arrange*
menta; Mrs. Henry Bruere, Mrs. Bugen?
BotseevalB, aira Henry Villard, M
Itoyasond ?Brown, Misa ids Tarbell, Mra
i p MTarbasse, Mrs Oystal Eastman
i., i <?!. t Mra Vfaltei Wi Mi ? Ida
i Batman. Mi M I I and
Mi.?? Rom ?Sebnelderman.
MIm Jans ?*??!' ? ? Il a ths ? em
mitt?* ?n Hi" afternoon an?! regretted
that sha wsa oompelled to leave Msw
Tota for Chicago en the I o'clock ?
however, organise s similar
h ' BtJng In Chlei ' ? ' to morrow, ss
1 aoon as possible It !s e\r,r, ted thai with
th*. Coopei Union mo-Ming tin re will b?
protest gatheringa and ? ? s ss*
BsmMages ?.ill?') by women In rarious
? ?. a ths Eastern state?
When ths v- "" SB I I It I ? : I |hl ' WSI
intended to organise i pr?tes! |
w;ir wttb Mexico Bui bvsb is the]
Bussed h evening papera brotighl In ths
new? tha? Baverai marine? ?ho landed
gi \ em Ci en shot bj lh< Mi ?
lea na
11 ? i ?.. i hai ?"? ' said Mi
;^rd II will h* fooHl h to bold S RM Si
ifiu to ? ??? Bgalnsi i war that hss si
rrgi?" begun '
?i sesfl baew ?nounh sseut Ihi
Id Mra Baymond itrown, to
say ?nylhing about it, but I am agam-t
all war. Why not have a meeting to reg?
ister woman'a disapproval of uii ?ai :
A BMSSSgB was serif to Mrs. Anna r,:ir
?in gpencer, ?ho is in Psnnsylvanls, a*k
ing her to be on' of the apashei - Bl ?
wired sa i.ptanca Other Speakern wll
be Mra. Charlotte Perkins Oilman and
Mrs. Florence Kelley. Miss Ma Tarbsll
?At. be on the platform. Mra Vlllard,
who is president of ths New fork PBS
goelaty, will pre?lde.
Other women who are helping With the
arrangements are Mr.? Prank ? ? ttiran.
of Brooklyn; Mrs B, P. Portar, Mra
Hear] Newman, It gophle i; Klenk,
Mrs BflBaaual Eintt bIHi Mr? Florence
WlSS, Mrs Kobert lagersoll, M-s Maul
Ingersell ?Trobescii ?t"i ?Mum ?' Jane
i he?, earns from a'.\ erganisationa."
Mrs Walston Broirn said after the i
fe-anca, '-.urrr?Ke and 'aatl,' Woman'a
? hriBtian Tsmpstanee sad various clubs
Thsj ?i?? not represent theli orgsatsattoas,
but umiuestionnbly th<* organization?. Will
boefe these, fee wasnea ara against war'
The eonfOreaee was held m a room ths
?hHs of arhlch were ih?<<i with photo*
prsphe and autograph lett.-r? of Robert
<;. ingorsoH Mrs Brown, his daughter,
re.-ailed how her father, tak?n prlBOIIQI
in the civil War. becam? h warm friend
of Qenoral Porrest, ol the Confederacy,
and wes bo soteemod h the rebela for
Hi?, seed ?toiies he told thai thej gave
him up meal reluctantly
it is appropriate Ibsl thli pesca eon*
? ,.., ? ahouM hi held In a room lllled
?mi mementoea of him," ihi
i. dot? ted ? u "
Unsigned Circular Causes
Much Excitement at
OF $1,000 A MONTH"
Strife Again Enters Ranks of
Society?Report To-day
[From The Tribune BufSao
Washington. April B. - Kxcittment
mark?') the second day of the annual
tongreas of the National Society of the
Daughters Of the American Revolution.
Reporta of the trsssnrsr general and of
other oftners wer? read, and things Were
pro'e, mm, ?Uietly when the annual
bomb, the amendments to the constitu?
tion, was thrown After several hours
of lively ?list BSStOfl the matter went over
until to-morrow.
The real event of the session to-dav SO?
enrrsd this afternoon, when an BBOB]
mous printed document denouncing the
chairman of the magazine committee
and Intimating that there had bOBB ;' mis?
appropriation of the magazine funds at
the rate of P,<W a month pint t AttgUSt
was i-. .o!.
Miss norence <? Finch, chairman ot
the magazine committee, eteppod to the
front of the ataga holding aloft the sheet
oi printed paper, entltJsd 'important
Btatemenl Concerning Magasine Affair?,'
and in almost hysterical tones and with
every nasdd of her fa-'e quivering de?
manded that the writer of the document
be compelled to alga her mime to it.
Myatery About Circular.
Miss l-.liza O Hennlson, edito* Of 'The
Daughtera Of the American Revolution
Magasina dsnaanded t?? know whether
the document In ths hards of Misa Finch
w.;s tii" onlj ont? in the hall, or whether
" bad been generally circulated. He
pented efforts to have the question mi
?WSred fail??!, and the matter bids :n;r
to remain a mystery.
Ths exact contents of the document
u.r,. noi disclosed. An effort ama made
to keep Its contents seciet because of the
ft.rot?' raised yesterday o. er ths reading
of i letter from a ? hicago man de?
nouncing a Southern daughter for wear
Infl a Coofederete badge bsslds that of
the Daughters of the Revolution
.Miss Pinch, however, answered th?
lion SS to the number of printed
documenta bj appearing sgsln on the
w.'h a laiije hunch of them In her
hand. Jusl how they gol Into th? hail
and how they were distributed remained
? mysterj until Mrs Rsnsdsll, of iih
ntti.?, insistetl on making a statement to
the whole congress She told how she
won! Into the minois room, where a dis?
SB Of politics wai In progress, ami
laid her papers down. Boon aha left th?
room, and on returning took her bund!?
and StsrtSd along the hall VsriOlta per?
sons hsnded her papers, the contents of
which she did not noti. e When finally
aha took her seat with her delegation
aha handed out a pa. kngS of documents
which she had not read, but which Bhs
presumed we:., given to her for distribu?
Tii? snonymoua pope:- f?n lato the
hands of some one, who BOBl a copy to
Mlaa F n? h
To Report To-day.
To-morrow the repoli of tie chairman
"f t'.ie magasins ?'ommlttee wiH be pre
Tl a Btorm broUghl on thll afternoon by
tii" discussion of the constitutJong]
amendments and 'he anonymous docu
ment WOUld have lie' n averted, or post?
|.i nett, Lad President Wilson been Sble tfl
... appointmenl to receive the
rhtsra thia afternoon 'i he *-ecept?on
araa postponed until to-morrow.
Il was shown by the report of the trea.?
uit-t general, Mrs j. ii RnastUU, that the
BOdet] la flourishing. Th?- debt on Conti?
nt atol i lall was redOCSd <? ?."'?? as against
000 devoted to ths same purpoas la 11*12.
Ths Income for l!?14 reached SSI 719. ns
Bred With 9tt\8K la IStl anil %~,<?h In
MU. ThS Bel gam In Income o\er ex?
penditure under the story administration
vas shown to be 131,61.37. Another Inter
?^ting report was that of Ml Henry I.
Mann, wlii'h gave the BUmtx r of Daugh?
ters as B>1 ??'. an Increase for the :?ar of
.. asj
Brothers Now to Have Account?
ing of General's Estate.
P*urthei Btspa s> re taken ysstsrda
seule tin difference! between Jsmss ,-len
denln Eckert and Thon.as T Eckert, Jr..
over the srill of their father, who died
October M, IMS, leaving aa estate valued
at MJ0MM. The troubles Of the brothers
will be tried out in th?> Supreme ?'ourt.
A summons and complaint were filed
yesterday in an action begua by James to
fon? an accounting from bis brother, the
appointmenl of ? receiver and the parti?
tioning of the estate
Ctendenln Eckerl was aucceasful in hav?
ing the will of his father BOl ?tsitle In tBS
Bupreme Court after the surrogates'
Court upheld the validity of the docil?
ite received, under the Original
will. MOM outright ami the Interest on
??i n ..in
He and Brooklyn Cabaret Km?
ploye Accused of Receiv?
ing Stolen Machine.
in running down a tang of automobile
thieve? seteetlvaa of Inopector Pwnrot i
.i squad arrestad two men last night
Charged with receiving stolen gOOda The
pris?.i.eis .-ne cheater Marshall, a real
? late dealer, of m Gates ava, Brooklyn,
and Irving Usa ? cashier, of MM Pacific
' t . thai borough
Marshall h a ractng nan and hua fre.
ly teen referred t.? m connection
with the missing autos i.iss is employed
at ? Broohlyn cabaret rssori Both wore
indicted yesterday In New forh County
and a bench wermi I wa - la im d it |a
alleged thai Usa old to Marshall for ?*??
a H.SM sutotnohlle belonging to Stephen
ii.*- ward, which waa ateten from in front
?if I garag? at I'M Broad* r M inhattan.
on letruai'
Th? ii." ? . been recoi ered,
and it la saiii ?hat su pi. i.??, mrmM directed
to Mai Bhall and Ua ?? i liarles Brush
und? r indictment in un . ..n
I tO "t ? ral SUtO tin ftl ift. i l.r lit i
i.e. n hi ttt n s hen h< v? a ? o p. ". .i . r
being i "ut to ' |ueal
Marshall si I U will i" arraigned thll
moi nln| m 'o m i ai s.
Lawyer Thinks Mrs. Maurice
Mendham Showed Contempt.
A request to have Mr.?. Krames <_'arn
wright Mendham. widow of Maurice B.
Mendham, broker and Broadway pereon
: age. committed for contempt was made to
Surrogate Cohalan yesterday bv Jesse S.
Epststa*, a lawyer, representing the ad
mini.?tration of the es'ate
M.-ndham died in the fall of Mtt Shortly
after his death Mrs. Mendham went
abroad, tlelng up lite estate bocaUSS ?he
failed to Increase her bond. Jitter? of
administration Issued to Mr?. Mendham
were revoked in January, and she was re?
quested to file an accounting.
8he was In Kurope. she explained yes?
terday, at the time and did not know of
anything of the difficulty until ?he re?
turned to New York. Then she filed the
The court reserved de Islon on Mrs
M.nriham's commitment until next Tue.?
Says He Doesn't Like Lawyers.
but Terence J. McManus Is
Appointed Counsel.
Michael P. Maboney, who has be?n in
dieted for attempting to kill both Mayor
Mltchel and Corporation counsel Polk,
v as. arralcned before Judge Mulqueen. t?.
General ?Sessions, yesterday, Begardleaa
Of his protests that he wished to have
nothing to do with lawyers, the court as*
?-igned Terence J. McManoa to defend
Mahonev was brought over from the
Tombs with trie other prisoners who wer?
to be arraigned for pleading and ?tood in
line, gazing in a bewildered fashion about
the courtroom. His shabby cvereoat WSS
buttoned up closely ?round h's neck, and
he looked as unkempt as th<* dnv he was
When his name was called h? shambled
up to the bar, keeping a careful eye on
the JudKe and lawyers behind the rail?
ing- His rnmnlete distrust of the court
was apparent in ?very move and glance.
"I don't want anything to do with law
yera The?, do moro haun than Rood," he
replied when Hsk<*ri If h*? had counsel
MB honey was led back to the Tombs.
where Mr. MacManu? had a talk with
him later in the afternoon.
The I'istrlct Attorney will proceed with
the case on the assumption that Mahonev
Is BSaS. When he Is brought into court
tils morning to plead to the indictment
Mr McManus will move that an insanity
c< rnmlsslOn be appointed. The commis?
sion will probably be made up of a physl
a lawyer and a layman.
Mayor Mltchel BOt oui/ foile<i a big
crowd that waited outside the City Hall
to BOS him yesterday noon but he also
pave Lieutenant Kennel and his chauffeur
tin? slip. The Mayor h <-ar. drawn up in
front of the City Hall step?, vas waiting
to take him to a luncheon at the Wal?
Lieutenant Kennel, to avoid the erowd,
drove the automobile around Into <ham
bera St , io meet the Mayor there. The
Ma.-, or, however, took the subway up?
town, and It was BOm? time later when
lits whereabouts was discovered
The Mayor took tho subwav home Inte
in the afternoo.i, walking to tho Brooklyn
Bridge ?lation uaaccompaalsd, but quarri?
ed by half a dosen detectlvea 'inknown to
him. i
I' was said last mpht at the New York
H?- pltal tiiat Mr Polk uas atesdlly Im?
proving. It has not yet been decided
when he will leave tr.a hospital.
ghortl) after .'? o'clock yesterdav after
noon Cornelius Vanderhilt risited Mi
I'oik and remained with him for about
five minutes. Owing to the wound in his
mouth M/. Polk la not all? to talk, bul
I he and Mr Vamlei but tTfhsngfd tree
I | means of a pad ar.d per. i
Winter Garden Management
Entertains at Dance.
MOTO than forty blind ?Iris WOTB the
guests yesterday afternoon of the man?
agement of the Wntef Garden In the Per?
Bias Qerden, where they showed that they
knov? all tie modern dancing st<p?. They
are pupils of tho Industrial School for the
Blind, which is conducted by the BOTOUgh
Of Brooklyn, with Jnmcs Jenkins in
They came to the Winter Cerden to ?t
tend the performance of "The Whirl of
the World." hein? brought over in auto
mobiles supplied bv Brooklyn wonn-n and
chaperoned by Mr?. Krank C Munson,
Mis ?Henry WHIUams, Mrs Ttoi B. Pratt,
Mrs John Bailey, Mr.?. Edward m Btan?
On, Mis. AUgUStUS W. White, Mi
.' II. r.o'd. Mrs. Howard M Whttt ? \
Mrs. N. H. T.uppson and Mrs. Alfred T
White. Afier the performance they re?
tired to the Persian Uarden, when? tin?
wer- met 1 ?;. ni< mbera of "The U'liifl of
the World" company, Including Juliette
I Ippa, l.ueiiio i'avArau?j-h, June EhrldgB
and others In addition to the blind girls
there were a number of |UestS, including
Miss Ironie Bi?|)ham. Mis. Odsll MsUSSr
ati'I Mrs Walla-e Ham.
Hiring the dame Qabj Dsslya BOW ap
pearini' in "The Belle Of Bond Street."
?rorcri the parslaa ?larden unexpectedly.
Bhe ^ aa BCCOmpdnlOd by her mother,
Mme. Caire, and her Bister, Mathilda Ker
ville. Like the other guests, (lab]
dam -1 aith the blind girl?;.
Student Weds Secretly.
IB i ?? ?graph te fh? 111> m.- \
Btamford, Conn., April -i Announce
ment was cade t..-day of the seeret mar*
rtage of M?ss Oladya M. V. B rien.?.
daughter <>f lohn B. fierce, of th.s city.
to Hanford Earls Shaw. They were wed?
ded in New fork on Deoemhsr tt, IMS.
Mr. Shaw is twenty-two years old ami
is a student at Mount Pleasant Military
Academy, al Osslning, .v v, where he
la pi eparini for collage
Vanderbilt Yacht Towed Here.
Predartck W Venderbilt's ?team yaciu
Warrior, which went aground Baverai
months sgo off t?i*- Colombian coast with
the own. r and a part} of g ISStl on bOSld,
was lowed lr,to port y.sl.-niav hv the
nrreehlng tug Relief Captain Johnson.
h-r msster, reported that the vessel ?a?
n-it damaged below the wnterilne, ?? ?he
i . i Ii.cn wedged into sand during loi
Bojourn on the <ho.ii she will undergo
repairs at States (aland within a fea
?t. - -
Mezzotints at Auction.
Pour hundred Ehgllsh Btssostiats, print
e*i in colora edil be boM at sii<?s fifth
Avenue Arl ??allen?? thi- week m Ihr?
lent I - itnnlni tMfl sftornoed The
collection Ineludea ? ? implas by Bomney,
Oslnsberouah, Remolde. Lawrence, Lely,
Hoppaer. Wheatlej Bartetossl, it. m
i'.indi and othST msatsfi of the Rtigtlah,
i ranch and earij Italian Bchoots The
rri-irh color prints in-biii-- men] Nspe
lenmi I
Picturesque Battalion to Cele
brate 88th Anniversary.
H ith flags fl>'.iig und with martial music
the Old Quard, two hundred strong, wear?
ing their ptctUresqus uniforms and
v'k:n Bhakoa Will have Its annual jarade
on Fifth ave to-day. Major Ard'drh I.
Kline, commnadlng.
The aaasmhly will he sourde.l at head?
quarters, Us West 5!st nt . at 3 p in' . and
?Jeneral John ?1 Eddy, or the M Brigada
X <;. N. V.. will by authority of Gov?
ernor Olynn Install the officers elected on
March IV The command will then pi ?
CSSd to ?.'tace i'hui ein whSTS the me
iri'Ti'' sil-vires will de conducted bv the
Rey. James B. Watson, chaplain of the
Old Quard
Following the services t)te battailon will
march up Broadway to Fifth ave, to ,*. th
strict, to ths Mot?! I'li/i. where th? .I'd
Guard and its gussto, including Mayor
Mitchel. General B9dd] .'"i Rear Admiral
Sigsbee. I". B. N . will dine Thla dinner
will mark the celebrstlofl Of the t nd
Guard's SMh anniversary.
"King of Newsboys" Locked Up
in Cell on Charge of
Felonious Assault.
Jacob Reich, alias Jack Sullivan, the
former king of the newaboys.*' ?rhO ap?
peared tn the flecker case, landed in e
cell last night to await arraignment on
ft charge of felonious SSSaull Hla Bl
was t!u> culmination of a chain ?.; ?
?'.?living around lus . ??ar atore
?m ."m ii.'.ih and lllth
t?op a time act he
lieving that the cigar Store masked a
full-fledged gambling house, put a pottoe*
man in front of th? place, with order?.
to wa ? ans sntoring of the allsgsd
charactsr of the Belch i
t? mporarj Injun? lio i ? advei
? ' ? ? i'.ice.
Tins Injunction having run out, In?
Bpoctor Byan again got bus: ? ?*??> ; I '
Detective Colemsn went into the atora
and was about t" disconnect the tele
phons when he ??is knocked down b) a
blow on the jaw. t'oleman says he is
sin.? Belch furnished the impetus f
tactivos Fitsgsrald end McOurh arrestad
Retch and took him to th- Wist i'..!d st
Biatlon, ' " ? man foll?n ni a' a ale -^
pace In ord? r not to jar ins jan,
Nantucket's Captain Penalized
for Monroe Accident.
Washington, April 21- Captain Osmyn
Berry, of the Merchants and Minera
? t the, Hantucket, which mmmod
and s.:iik ti'.e ?'Id Dominion liner Monroe,
wiih a loss of forty-one livsa off the v?r
glnla cap?? tn January, haa been found
guilty of negllg? iif" and Ma liceime hue
been revok? d
a board of Bteamhost Inspectors in
Philadelphia divided the responsibility for
the disaster bStWSSO ?aptain Berry end
Captnln Johnson Of the Monroe. On ap?
peal t.) C?ptala neeley, tie Inepectoi com?
manding, ?'aptain Berry has been held
guilty alone.
holds that the
NsntUChel might haV? M the Monroe
nearly ? mils awaj : thai the Nantuck? I
hoard the Monros'i whistles and that
Captais Berry mighl have avoided the
Jersey.Warrior Offers to Lead
Troops on Enemy.
Bom? rvllle, N 1., Api ? II, ? !obsI
i ?? la vVyckoff, who had charge of i
jury in the Bomerael court hers to-day,
laid a - licial dut..- ? long ? nough
tii celebra ta lh< ? 111] ?? ? nlvsi
his ? .i ?. olunteer of
the Mexican W ai
although altghtl) crippled by rheu
ma t ism. the veteran i - atlll ha I?
he rtj and to-da i ?red to lead the
local militia compon; into the enemies'
co intr\ u nil i he know - wel
Columbia Men in War Parade.
Al""it l.'.'i BtUdsntS at Columbia, liv
i tur In the three doi m I tortea mi
oui on South Field lasi night behind a
buglei and madi demonstration In
favoi with war a ith Mexi? o
Th? ?? .< oi a t a; i colt ?. .i bath ron? i and
the m<r and ' .n rt? ?! ilgns .? hlch they
had gdthei id .ii demom I? atlona of
fnge organisstlona and Ilka meetlnga
? ?re . t the signs ? hlch formerl h id
ie.fl "t.#'t in? Wotceii Vote." wsa mad?
to read last night Let the Women
i i (hi '
Ehret Helps Police Hero Fund.
' it oi ..? I .In, i, t|,e Ii , WSI. t "nil ibut. |
MM ysstsrda] to the fund whiek R A. C
Smith alerted with i |1,S09 contribution
for me irai . dista relief ut those d<
pendent on |0lce*nen who meel denla Ib
ib?, performance oi theli dut)
Mi i hu i s.ui hla cha h to < hief In?
?pet tor Bchmlttberger, asktm him toda
llvei it la the person authorised t?? i?
calve contrihutions t.? the fund, which i?
known aa 'he Legion of Honor Fund.
Bonar Law Roundly Ac
cuses British Premier of
Telling Falsehoods.
House Electrified at Charge Not
Made in Parliament in
Living Memory.
[Bj Cal
London. April a another dtoaki m
the hard feeling to which the p,SiI,
o ?hegre.it Tere , ,jh,rirk ,?? *
?f Lord;iv *?daj ,n Z
House of Commona p? . tern Z
meats the ?rhole sas? wsslitemih
swept off its reet with paasiog ?*Z
the Prime Minister ?ras flatly BeetaaZ
by the lendsr of the Opposttloa wtth
telling falsehood ,o the House Nah
S thing has not happened in Paru?
ment within the lifetime of any ??T
?d created a tremeadoua aensa
lion. " "J"
Andrew Ro?ar Un started by as?
ing for an Impossible thing H? rt
ed Premier tsquit] lo paat a
Judicial Inquiry into the recent mm.
lary ai,,i naval movemenu In list?.
Be had giren non ? of the question ta?
prcM.iua day after Mr. aartulth hau
curt?) refused h similar n tuest rrasi
' colonel Chaloner. ,v crowded and ex.
cited house aw.iiied ?he prem-.? . .
Mr. Aequlth began by M lag that h?
did not know ?x? ?? rhat was m-ant
by "a judieiai inquiry," bul that what
ever it was there ware no irouadafcr
?<* procedure if the chain *
being ?omerned In a plot ?,.*.? ss*
OUSll made Bgainsl mlnlsl -?? he toM
his opponents, the proper |
Il vrats th* Boor of ttm Ho,.vn jt,.. M
; essed himself ready to grant M tai
earliest possible date , ,.,-,, for ...
formulation and rebuttal of gj ?
A great ihout testified the anproh?.
UOB of the coalition, but Mr. BSOBI
Law- wa.-- up again In a flash. Tins
' time he used a word ? tri ??
Parliament and nevei befon by n
i ader of the Opposition ? . PtMn
Minister. Minist b< mid bad mad
statements which bad been proved M
oe f;i!>.e. w hal nsj them
1" ihen asked, that thay ?roii 1 sot ro
sort once more to the same line of ,]???
? ?
The arord false staggi ad ?,?- Heeei
| for a moment. It was then del berati
' ly Indorsed by I res rs fnri
the Opposition. The Ministerialists re
aith a tumult of I
After i ti- ? of an b< ur Mas
SgCltemont subsided, leaving Mr Bonar
Law- conaiderably paler and ?Tressai
Asqulth consid? rablj redder thee when
the duel betwc n them La -
Patient's Appetite Good and
Temperature Almost Normal
Vienna, Iprtl h The ? m dlttes if
health o" Knipero-r PYaneil .I"?:'
official Information given oui the ftl
ace of Bchoenbrunn, H? passed ?? s"oe
night, ha.
than usual. His I
Hs ha?! a _ ?
day and his strens-th la ?
The day's otBd d bull? I ?
? The Blight
? ?
continues In B I
mai? sty pa ! h??! i
and bis -r 00 R<wi
The Bmper -
The bulle:
? There |a a general Impn i
Bmperor'a conditl?
amaller b onchlal tub
hut th-* ol the largei bronchi?!
..tin . ontin ' '
his ma jest?, la ??'
is .Mow, I. .: a- tlV?
patient is ?good end
strength la - I
R. W. Tidrick. of Iowa. Suc?
cumbs After 7 Days to Mauling
,,. . i t8?^l
mtulfngb! ',h,hL
?tmerl an United Pre
ln the Soudai M
,,... souda?
Nile foi i '"? ? ' : ,0 u.
meni Tht trip <
,..,,-?; ? "? ;n?',',
Mi T,.l Ick enter? ?
? . \. .
United ' ? ' jTms.
Americs (trr,f
delphls 1 "' *a? ?!"? ry.
loua Hla aife
Youth Crushed to Death by Fa!
Over Palisades.
-, .., ? i eels s
Michael 1 ?,?*?
Rockland La* :
,,, oi of
. ig? o? i ilgb " '?
, thai ?
killed. HI
nga and m
Didn't Want to Kill Calmed
Perls. A --" sutomstic rs??JJ
aimllar to ths) wltl.h Mme ijsPJ
,h,, Osstoo cshnette, ?*?? ,?*
ng.ro, ass main Henri *?* V
Ingte-daS M I '''' T, W
?a. committed M. -
unnerved du. >? "?
caused i tempor?r) ( .
i.amdlnga-?h. sf?..-??^JS
Il as onl ? n? M ' ? tv
office Bhs me ';''' ""! ?^ n?
revolver, ind reltei tied Ihel ?*?' riU
tntentlea to kill U ? slmetu

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