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2Cew Tjorii ?Tribune.
*.\n BOAT. -TB11 M, IM4
i??r?-l und put' > Tl
a N-w Torfc. ' ' ?
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month. I
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?.ne month. 1 02 ? ? I nth. ?*"
?.?ne year. . "??
Knt?red et th*. piu'o-S ? *? N ew York ai Second ?"a" Hell
The Tribune uses ? I ? ?serers to insure the
trust wort hint?! ol e ertleemenl it prlnl
to avoid the pul I ertlaementa ?
ir.tr mlaleadin? atat? n nl clali
Deal with the Facts!
"Hut we are ?Sealing with farts." exclaim?-?! Pw?.
dont WHsOB on Thursday, waving Mida tttA -*>P
loftical rhetoric and nettling/Tlth-lsm Of hi? once
great and good friend, General Venusttnno Carranza.
It was the retort of I Statesman irritated, because
taken unawares?of a dealer in unrealities who ??aw
?me more of h;s air cttBtlSS crumbling. Yet how full
of tincons? lous irony it was! "Wi> are dealing wit.i
facts" It was practically the first BCknos
ment from Um White HOOM III thirteen months thai
(here were such thiiurs as facts to be dealt frith in
the Mexican situation. The President's whole Mexl
?an poll, y has heen based on a shirking of facts and
a cultivation of self-created illusions.
Mr. Wilson is Rtill extremely reluctant to face the
facts of the Mexican situation. On Thursday orders
were sent to the Mexican border towns to let no
more arms or munitions of war go across into Con?
stitutionalist territory. That afternoon Mr. Wilson
i-ave out a statement flatly denying the relnipn?dt!.?n
of the embargo on arms. The newspapers which
printed his statement also printed dispatches from
points OB the Kio f.rando about the Interception of
shipments of arms under orders from Washington.
Later in the events the official announcement e -
made thai the embarco had been restored. The
necessity for this measure of precaution was clear,
yet the President was averse to recognizing it and
only pave m formal approval hours after t.ie em
barge hty\ been informally re-established.
It was the same thin? with the dispatch of troops
from OalreetoB to Vaw Cms. The Pr?sident held
out against it. He could hardly bring himself t"
see that ? re nforcoment of troops at Vers ('ru/, irai
essential ?i" emergencies which might easily a ris?
were to be met intelligently and with the least
i oaalble coal of Ufe to the American column of occu?
The President'! attitude is that of i man who,
having pot hims??!f into a dtfflculty, looks back
ward instead of forward. In a cris:-; like the
,?resent one it is I weakness to look back regret?
fully to what ni'ght have been. Tin? right tiling to
do is to lo"k ahead?to face the facts and to remem?
ber that he who acts swiftly and rigorously in a
? n-.arrel usually acts mercifully.
It It n?>t "dealing with facts" for President Wilson
t" ta:k of further delays for the purpose of seeing
what Huerti win do or Cananas win do. Real war
M imminent now that it is idle to grasp at the
shadow of i successful settlement through measures
" short of war." War ?aright have been averted by
Intelligent action weeks or months ago. It is too late
te tu.n back now. and the whole energy of the
Sdmlnlstratloa should be concentrated on making
the strmrcrle at hand a?? brief nnd dedslYt SS POS
?Ible. Pace the facts! Spare a waste of Uves and
treasure by striking quickly and hard and trying to
develop It once the dimensions of the task ahead
of us!
All ?if our wars have been wasteful because they
arers fought slowly and inexpertly at the beginning.
I'onditlons are far better now than they were in
'.sits, at the outbreak of the war with Spain. We
have built a first class navy and have an army
quadrupled IB size and efficiency. It is the part Of
prudence and mercy to do what we have to do
resolutely and promptly. We owe it to foreign
nations to determine at once whether we are block?
ading Mexfcan ports or not. But we owe it even
more to ourselves BOt to blink the realities of our
own present relations with Huerta and with Mexico
PlBSlieal WHbm IS pretty certain to drop his Illu?
sions and deal with n?-tualities. In Ids reply to ?Car
raaa_ bS Said: "Wherever and whenever the dignity
ef the United Bfates Is touted, Ita International
rights or the rights ..f its dttsens Invaded, or its in
Nuance rebuffed where it has the rieht to attempt
t.. BBffdot H tht- government must deal with thos,.
sctually in control." What i wonderful broadening
or the poaltloa Which he took in his llin^::-f. to C,,n.
_ sss lael Monday! The Tribune said on Wednes*
da] that "not tO-moiTOW, p??rhH|>s, or the day after"
won'.I the administration recognise the ?superiority
?.f the LodgS (Beatable over Its own narrower
-internet! ?.f the ''i-" Sgalnst Muerta. We were two
off la our count (m Thursday th? President
borrowed slsseet the word, of the Lodge preamble In
oader to Instruct General Cananas as to our duties
and purpose* Let us hope that in th?* development
<?' our mihti.ry programme Mr. Wilson may make
equally startling progrssi la ssslml i deal
ifiL' uitli the fa? fs
The (*ost of Animal Diseases.
'Hi?-- Department of Agriculture eatlmatei thai
I ami exp..- ne . loaed i b in roeal animals
n this eonatry smountlng to 1160,000,000 las!
Of th! ? 1100,000 irai sttrthuted I ?
I !.e |0BI .n BMBt WOOld h.i\e fUTBlshed BON than
.? year's supply to Um ?pulatton of the New
Koglsnd -'
Mu'h I'.sh i-, saother or the many n for the
i.i-h east ,,- living ? i... oi ??.i,: ,, no elimination
of middlemen by Improred msrkel ten or rs
duction of trsn portstIon rates ran affect, in iin
tai-o of suck Igures snd Iheli econoutl? ijctiittei.e.
lire Rockefeller ??ontrihution tor the stn.ly an?! elimi
nul ?mi <.f animal tUseSSeS NNNUMN I new UN
poi tsnce.
The Volunteer Army Bill.
Tb? rolunteer army MM I?"-**?- by ( ???????? v*'*
t.ni.iy protides for the Urs! time an adequate meae
in-?? for the supplementing of the standing army la
in.;.? of emergency. Imperative Just dot* because
of Hie Mexican situation, it Is, nevertbeleeB, the cul?
mination of .'!' rta for many jooxo t?? obtain ?
statute under which prerious troublous experiences
in recraiting the rolunteer force could be avoided?
The bill m ?eis those diffltroltiee. n does away
the short term enlistment?Tolunteers will
serre for three yea?, tbe enlistment peri.nl of the
regulara, Also it ?rill do away with tibe troubles
and trials attendanl on the appointment of officers
for rolunteer troops by stats governors, for now
such officers frill be appointed by tiie President
Also brigades and divisions may be organised with?
?.ut regard to state lines, thus facilitating tlio tr?n?
formatlon of tbe "volunteers*' Into ''regulars.''
Whatever advantage Hiere is In baring neighbors
in mi organisation will be retained through tiie pro?
vision for acceptance of a militia unit, it' three
fourths of Its strength volunteer, In advance of other
volunteers. The bill is expected to make possible
the organization of a volunteer army without tbe
payment of bounties or drafting, anil by Its long
term servi.?' provision to bring aboul a r?duction
lu the number of tuen who nerve, and consequently
? srasller pension list.
Our [South American Friend.
The Intm ? ir foreign affaira In Mexi? o to
- "f Brazil Is a wholly admirable ?ten, it
ii..i onlj ai wera the Mexican charge thai no smith
American nation main ta ins friendly feelings toward
this countr' II will also serre as a real advance
t.iwnr.! thai close and cordial affiliation which must
soon embrace all the great nations of the America*
Varions obstacles have stood in the way <>f such a
condition one ?.f the chief of them u the Ignorance
on Hie par? of many Amerlenns of ihe really cr?-at
and sfahle nations, such ?'n Ihe Hnitod States of
Brasil, below the line, in consequence then? baa
reaulted a patronizing Ignorance utterly onsulted ro
the fads end Irritating in the extreme to our South
rs. The present episode should have
?in illuminating effed upon these minds and should
be ti-- forerunner of a steadily increasing Intimacy
that m. ? ? tly ripen Into a concert of action in
behalf of tbe great American policies summed up :n
the Monroe I ?octrine.
Mme. Fremsted'i Farewell.
it is not often thai the local, and let us hope
temporary, passing of a singer brings forth a
demonstration as aimeere and n< spontaneous as
that accorded to Mme. olive Fremstad at the Met
ropolltan Opera House on Thursday alght Mme.
Premstnd Is nol to return to the Metropolitan next
year. The Btage ?be has so illuminated with her
queenl* Is ?Ide, her rablime I.riinnhilde. her poet
Ically enigmatic Kundry, will seem cold Indeed
without her when these characters are again es?
sayed. Perhaps Mr. Qatti-Casasza will be able lo
And a worthy sin-.v^or. though at present this
? cceedingly doubtful, bul whether he does or
not Ihe singer who sang her inst Bias on Thursday
night will to many local patrons of opera form one
of a triumvirate of "inch tbe other tw?i are Ulli
I.t im aim and Mllka Ternina.
Olive Fremstad already .-it? it. the hall ?>f fame
if Wagnerian heroines. To the younger generation
s! e was the very embodiment ol the great master's
tlon Poetic tire, beauty, plastic grace, sii
preme skill in song wen? ben, even if her rolec was
? ? df the great organs of all time Like all
great artists, she was never satisfied with her own
enactments, and from the nlghl she first stepped
upon tbe Metropolitan stage there was s continual
advancement in her art Above all, she was abso?
lutely sincere. No higher <.r truer artistic epitaph
COUld she have than lier own-words of farewell, tin?
first she ??ver uttered in pul.lie : "Jiejir friends, I
bave always tried to trtve you of my beat" -my eery
A False Prophet of Peace.
it la s s-.! awakening f..r ihe great prophet of
peace, Mr. Bryan. The subject lias been his fa?
rorite topic on th<* Chautauqna platform, the re?
cipient of his m?.-! glowing rhetoric. And be now
not only finds himself part and parcel of a great
war. but held largely responsible therefor and
blamed bitterlj by friends and enemies alike,
No criticism can ?nit Mr. Bryan's sensibilities
deeper than the scathing words <>f Mr. Norman
iiiteriiati.inal peace advocate Mr.
Angel? lias made some especially interesting contri?
butions to the economic aspects of the question. He
now feels Impelled to point oui that the type <>f
pacifism which Mr. Bryan has represented must al?
fa |] aji.i must always .i?. barm to the can.-?? <>f
peace :
Mr. Brj d'ioi tho I, like that of so man) who pro?
claim themsi ea peacemakers, has been Las. i on
' i ind last requisite I foi
the maintenance of peace are high aspirations and
rill of th? Ir "Ah i htus
: landing the facts, obvl ite
tppllng in'. II? ' tually a ith the prob
lern; t me way a high morality can be made
? for a knp? ? Ig i of facts, and
: emotion will In aome way gel over diffl?
: ?: iman ahortaii
war, beim lin* lew, due to
humai ?:,! brutality, ? an be kepi
i lc ancnl th? ? . ? of P?
;" ?hoi very | d and I Igh minded war
will be m. more.
Mr. Angel? proceed? to polnl out tbe utter false?
ness of these assumptions. The present war is
nol the product of evil Intention; 11 waa nol precipi?
tated by wicked people; few wars ire High-mind
edness and Une emotion usually Man war- the de>
sire t.. stop some evil or avenge a wrong, Of the
?? en! warlike prosp? ct _\r> ingeii g_jg
"" I' t us d? clan 'i int? n?
fobably aft ? real desire and b? lit r
puahed oui of th? pr? sent
' ' ' is poall "ii Into a definite war
11 may be It will be b< -
bulk of Am.Tiran peoi :?? hon?
by the United Htate-j
,VI" ' bl? idal .i ci. ^s
? ? thai the
? ? will Involve will be a trill?
II will prevent; thai it . ,,, ,|c)
' done for Cuba; that the
?'?????? "it pow? r and M? xi. ? ',
? ' ' ? ' ' ' onqu? -t of the lattu r will be
Pie i . thai ii ahould i. a?
order to | e to M m u und i ?
i Igh! thMniKii to the I- m'
am? ' '? in '. a cii lllzatlon aupei lor to thai whl? i, they
Mr .ngell f?-"N thai tbe basia for these rlewa Ii
unsound, thai such a projeel loses ilgbl ..f tbe actual
I ' Bol Mr. Bryan has dona nothing t.. tombai
1 ?? i.ta out. lie baa almplj ?.',,ne aboul
preaching high aeplratlons ?ml tine emotiona and
Ignoring the real truth of war. [?atead of pointing
? and dubious problems Involved la :i
I po, he hi- ret it??i glou in,; periods
'? : bsi Itj and no ? hrli tlsn liiteutioni
' '? 1k?I .. ei.' fron the cs ???
The Conning Tower
Butchered to Make a Moving-Picture Play.
. AMPA1...N in iu una
py nv iHooroecon oomtabt of a-ierk-a.
In days of bM when knights were bold
And pure heroics were the tashion,
Men's honor was n?n bought and "old,
And wan wire waged with actual passion.
But nowadayi we go to war
I-'or motion-picture ?yndicators;
Our armies fight, our cannon real
To furnish gold for speculator!
'I he public yearns for scenes of crime
And ceaselessly insist? on thrillers,
And managen work overtime
Inventing new th.ayter filien
And war is IT. It hsi the dr<
On Cutey a-, a money-maker,
And even Bunny cannot cop
The cash like filmi of hell's halt acre.
We read of Huerta and hi?- crew
In scan-heads terse and semi-Sapphic ;
i ?: bloodstained Villa. . et the two
\ic puppets cinematographic .
riiitigs arc, alas, not what they seem.
And war, ai 1 have tried to pron ?
Nu more a glory and a dream
But ju~t an adjunct to the movie.-.
\ n ira Moi -i .v. m .
Tin? condition of some of the school! in ti.i- broad,
geographically, land Is something of an Insult to the
tiig. Why ici d<dare war!
Don't fall to get to-morrows GOTHAM WCEKLl
OASVTR. The Brat MBAL report of tlie Had TSSte
Show. Adv.
~ Artless Thouthts on Artless Objects.
(After rWInf? Certain Manhattan Monuments.)
Sir: Which pets the Idea lirst, the s<?ulptor or the
confectioner'' Mil. ''am..
The ?political graft in many large cities is in
offence to American patriotism why not declare
April 28 Will Bhaxpur was born 350 yra ago this
day, yet i <?<i remain calm at realizing it, and went
to play at tennis with li. Broun and bad good link
enough to "?n. in tl"1 afternoon i did meet again
Mistress Ann Wit;,ins, Bnd she teemed even more
beautiful than the first time i ta*? her, and sin- said,
How now, Mr. Pepya, you bare nld things of my
beauty, whicb publlck notice I do not like ?So I
promised her i should say nought, but thinking ag iln
.?n it i deemed it my duty to the rest of the world to
mention it But hereafter i shall stay mute. By Bt
Dunstan! there be many that would hin bare their
beauty spoke of, yet gain no fame at all : ami thus,.
that hare the charnu do grow wroth at the mention
of them. So runs the world away.
?_'i ip betimes and with a. Gulterman the poel to
the court, and I did beul bim one sett, and grew so
vainglorious that I ?lui lose ?the next three; and then
we beat Mr. Thwaltea and Mr. Stagg i sett and they
us two; a poor ?lay ?is pip Binning, yet i did enjoy it
highly. To the office then and came .lohn Beed and
told me more of affairs and conditions in Mexico,
moatly ?if villa, ami \oiy Interesting, too. n<- seid
that Villa should be assured that there are many In
tliis land that arc opposed to any war. as indeed an?
all i know; wherefore then he might not join wjih
tl.ther forces there. At my des;, until late and - >
borne and to*bed.
The adulteration of food products Is an affront to
our national honor, why not declare war?
* By A. P. W. *
At mm ? *
My wife upbraiJs me, oftentimes, for foolmq
*jf ? sy
with these nonsense rimes. She says it helps no
* JS
jots nor tittles to pay the rent or buy the victuals.
I can't refute her. If I devoted to my job the.
thought, I, puffing my old cob. expend to dope,.
?*these foolish phrases, she says, I might get sev'ral^.
"^raises. I don't dispute her, nor do I pull that^.
*bromide bunk, that art's the thing and coin is^
junk. She'd say such art won't buy her bonnet*
nor put a single feather on it. Thus I salut-i her:*
"Although my verses do not sell nnd are, of course,*
but doggerel, my joy, whene'er I make the column,*
prevents my getting old and solemn; my brain's*)
acuter; 'tir. thus I dust ths cobwebs out and put*
+ the brain-fag germs to rout; the practice tends to*
^keep me cheerful.'' (You see. I give her quite an*
^earful; I strive to suit he-.) Of course, the wife's*
^right, in the mam; but I aver, declare, maintain:*
.fcthis piffle helps to keep me youthful, thrju?jh it*
*does not?I must be truthful?feed or tccoutre.*
******** ***************
it ?.?.a- ?published In these columns and la absolutely
true Alfred Henry Leerla In the American.
"A paradox! a paradox! .\ most ingenious para?
i r- ? i* liai ..;;???? \.f, ?
"Don't ?? i t'? mournQil, yoa '? ;? ft-sen-leavcd ?. ? <t
m:m still: 'i ?? t ms ' noua- left t-. > i- jrel t.? nil
w bots chi.
??Begad, til no to 'em, Timothy to th? married
! or ' '
The employment of child-labor is ?in outrage o
American chivalry. IV'by not declare warl
. i:s A.\|i Mi
m ??rii? Khif't Bnsllah,' i i ?
The effect of using quotation marks with slang i<
.relj to conven .i mental Into a moral weakness.
When they are not u-cii. ?,?,,. may mercifully amuiue
that the writer doe? not know the difference betwi.
?lang and good English, and -ins |n ignorance: when
they are, be la telling an, I know it h naughty bul
then it \a nice. UomI of us would rather be taken for
knaves than for fools; and so the quota! on Markt*
a re usuallv there.
it is called by Bdar to our attention that four
weeks have passed sin.-,. Jim the Creelmsn ?ailed
Huerta i wine-hlhbet yat nobody has BOoken -T ti i i ii
as Hlctorlano.
Hnerta Decipher Tina AH Yourself, Dear Reader."
if Hnerts war on Mexico and if \\<> Huerta Huerta
prestige und pursue all the soldiers of Oeneral
Huerta Hflerta escape they wouldn't know Huerta
lay tin-ir bead- Bui Wilson my? Huerta Bud
another way oui i.i -,?, ,?;
? CSptloa ? rlttra i > ? ont rib
'ihe pronunciation ?if Huerta'? name ?till engage?
the attention of man]
According to the keyboard "i ?mr bos typewriter
It'll this H :?\
I I" A.
C ^?*i.**'*\Jl.t'*-'^-* crerr^^w
WILSON?Don't forget! You are only a precautionary measure!
Every Hour Now Wasted Is C*
Criminal Delay.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Blr: Pray allow ma to
? ial on "No T::r.- for I
v. at? hf il Watting" in The Tribun?
thla morn I exact
av? ? of all ao ?
and clear- h? adi .1 Am? i leans, and all :
r. id? ra a that you now
cl? ar ai ?) think sti sight. ' T ?? tim.->
>lil!\ -dall; Ing with "? pa at,
? . hour now a aated In "wat?
watting" I? crni.il'..'! The time
for moi Ii - Imm? d stely upo
City, and the q I kei th
war i aa actually beg in Tha blood
our i cries alo id to u from
Vera < and th?
?..i- hair-splitting ai d deli
? President do? s
Hat? ly ? estoi ? 'i.?* emba?.
Impoi ' i ? end ammunition I
Mi ?. ?? N"1 .1 gun . ' ? ' a ?? ?
nitlon should I?.- allowed to croas
bon ? .'?!'? an:.y offlei i ? thla clea
and are of only one opinion on l
Why al >. ild wa permit ar
and ammunition further to enter Mes!
only t.? be used In ahooting down oar ?
i th? i advance, as they must i
. v. ii bout d? lay !
I- i? idle to say that our war w
Mexico "in taix- ten years, ?is ?'.irK'-i
'rii. Tribuna eleewhere to-day. What
? . here to take ten y? ra to conqu?
When we were there about V9M ura
General Beotl we conquered an honorai
n aboul ais months, and tbt
were no railroads or telegrapl a th?
then eltl er. Wh. ? an we not do I
aame nom with our gr? ater populatl
.??i ewer?
s, it o talk about th*? .
req ilrii ! . ?? ? ? ."?"? ss aoi
peoph do s? ..it had only about 10,1
? ? he marched from V< re I !i us
II? rico In a ' ' ?' dsja, tight
,?,.'. bettlet i ? ' and ever: ? tu re vl
im low v. : th' re he fougl I
? |g i. title with t a Mexi? ans und? r ?San
?nna, and thai .- ?,.i?-?i tha ; ?
occupied the ? : i ?ties, and pea?? ao<
prevailed everywhere, and he had oa
about IS,.isn altogether.
i have no doubt thai d kragt
can aoldlei ? would ? nd tha whoh
in one year's time or lees, occupyli
?very important city, parifylng the coui
try and eetabllahlng law and order an
civilisation neun a
aver bort tof? i a t ???' I 'r< s"i' ni \\ .7--.<
ip ? ouraga a nd g! i e ua no moi
waiting," ' ul "forwai
m t.. h, and the Mexico trou l<
end honorably and gloriously, and tt?
lei u i taj there ai d hold Mexl? o aa
pari of the American Republic and no
?cuttle ?mi. sa a ? did In Cuba Th!
? ? . be i ? tter for M? rico and foi ?ii
? i ?Unit? .1 States * olun
teere, War of
Trenton, April 8. I ?: t
Advice for Those Lacking Intelligence
to Vote.
Te t ? i. utoi "i t: " 'i ? .
Blr: " .noth? i Business Man would
hu.- to offer a bin! to "Another Btenog?
rai bar," who i iy- "The maj? rl ol
-'? "?'-?' ?P en bav? dorn? tie aeplratlona
Inat? tica! " u o ?? ha brains
enough to be worthy tha name " tenog
?aphei .?? oould not be se narrow
minded .- sol to have a.-, much Intel?
llgenee sa the average presan! roter
and, i" i: ; an aveiags s ?mai . . not
hava o inoral principia than the
? ? ?t v of rotera who have burdened
atata with grail and crime foi
many few . and it need nut interfere
In th? ? degree ertth her "keeping
In training tot th? more impertani pro?
of honte m.,king."
Those who have no! enough Intsitigeaos
to vote ? hould nol be p< i mltted to m in >
and baar young of auch a low order of
'i he aom< n ul thla country enjoy tin?
aga of got 'i governmanl |ti i
mu. i. ?a f ? - - ? m?o an ;,. .i ufri i the
? n' ' 'rt "i bad got ? i um. m aa much ????
? lo, and II is m much their dut)
to help establish and maintain good
- it i.s man'? duty.
who would seek t.. evade her duty by
.. entina others from doing thelra a->
citizens would probably tal ? the i i
land as si ei or
Th> re ai tenog d
(romi n ? ? ? i vote In?
., ,.i are ? tiling to hi ip the
men who favor I ? ? lent
Those ???? ho f' ? I ?.' I are ?ol ?
fled or have no tirai
but "training ti i will
not be eatled upon to five up
minutes once s .?ear. which >?? I l d
qualify them for "home makli
Neu v..in. April
It Is Inevitable, a Reader Argues, in
Consequence of Wilson's Blundering.
, o ? ?? t'dltor o Tl
Sir: The i on ? annexation o
Mexli mors and mom
?. win. Mit',- d? -? ? t what?
ever, ! ? . n ethli ' m >:.-;. Bul hl
? - n ..m : : i , .. . ??'?.na- ton ?.
and there i an ti t .it the
? iree whl? h h Ondina espn
in the American people would hav?
pelled them, sooner or lal rid quite
. ? . ; de of
.merlcan government, t.i intn
wh!t<* man's i I? .i- oi -. thl seml-Indlan
. lived in Mi ?ico tweh ? ;
I know th.- chars iter ol the ,
and, as well i any Norl rnei theli
liablti of th .t .?toi the motives which
ai tuate their d? "i.s. : ;
What I i.l.V to he t:
not mi y i onquesl i I nate an?
nexation of the country is becoming :
h ?
from th?- Whits Hou .???:? additional
rastlnatlon i man
ship. I' la Un ha .t o; i ?dug?
terprel history as resulting rora the will
of rulers, bul Presid?
. Ing t.. . (hl that this
Lei .- th< ' '? i ? he will com?
to as mi realll some
i ortion of the m
Bismarck once mid thai
net r'y m Important to be po it!? ally
.is if was to have an object; In other
words, to possess purpose Now, wl si
\?.;i?; tin? ol.. ect, not
..f the natloi ?? : him,
Huerta o\ erthi ?w snd murdi ? ed
Madero? in tl..- Bret place, to look out
i..r it-, own. m n... second i i .-.? comport
? IlatlOl -.1 ? . lltOUld
>.??..- as little with which to reproach lt
Brst object has
so far m ail practical n
. .|. tli.. attempt to ..
the second has sen vitiated bj stretching
th.- puril .:,,??.. . ? i,.,\.?
lost nil relation to a? t? :.11 facts. For the
? . .1 t'.o t is lint l'tv- a. -.i v.
attempted to bandle ?. fifteenth century
???on in ;i tu. ni - .m> way,
and ??? i indi??>! the isand ..f i. fell? s
ntrjmen have been obligad to _ u
the expensi ??;???'- diearn.
i or the last s ear i have ;.n In the
fi ist ing Pi soldent w
probable actions b? I out what
i be the 'east practical, most stupid
thing for him tu do, i have to
? ? majorltj of eases, bul i
t . ,.i.i. i bal m\ Imaslnatlon
insufficiently blsarre to conceive his st
temiit to separate Huerts from the m. m
can people and yol seise Vary Crus
without due notice to non-combatants,
VVhal nl rpn atlon i an ths mothers ?ml
fathers, the friends, in.? Innumerable
sympathisers, place upon the ?it-atii of
? boya ths cadets of the Nnv.ii Col?
lege, lighting with popguns against the
m ol ,i mighty He? I ? i c.t.-t no re*
flection upon our u.i\\ it ami tH en ne
for them, nut i oould not help a
reeling <>f ths most profound mui humili?
ating shsme when i read this ssornlng
ih.it those tu whom wi have Intrusted
honor perelsted in reiterating that che
k.ihiiK ol those boys wan ?sot In the
h-ast paillai..I b] being in.l.l.-it I., a
.(.?t.- or a .
\\ I I.I.I \ M \ AI ' .I I \ S PI ''HI'
Now \ ,.ik, iprN : :. i 'li
President Wilson and Our Other W?/
To the Editor 'rtl uno
??: lud h-gai
:| >''1 MB t'i?ti
plaa w
? i a- tin
lea ol e
quctte would i Ittttaggf
a to l . ? ?
an aw ful war tx
? - ? . ? ? ".\
Hut, without I. list lie WM ?S
ill". ' ' . .1 ',;,-. J|'.' '
torch of war to I.teltef r*
? ? the Pr? (Meat as
the i ess of I
my other I
ench I - ?' MM Batf
the d? lands of aal
Moi ? la -.-? in? t'1 ?
ducted for th?
; "iv ;ir.J na"J
who is not endo' i ?.'??-f i - HP
I'l!?--.1 ? ? ?'? al.'iuati
.. R,
11 i.... . fact thai omt
of the I f the t'aHd
Btatea who llerjr at?!
... :" the i-a
t tonal go v. " ? ' '''?
begli .
|y d?fi? lenl In I ei utlva abilK! '*"
"?'P ?"
Pr? Ident ' '"
.. . g
t! tt he alio red i ill Brttss
of the .Vhll H
l'i?si lent 1 any ei ,r!'
r.l ?
? | ?,?."?
... ,.<? prat*
.... :
-? ' ? *
? ?' :' **'
fcr the*
in,- be
'f __\
Ira tit was I
p?tent mai ' ' '
a soldier I
art v and ?
? ?
? ?I pr. t In t
commander In the field. 1
Is pi
' tie.
' '
' ,ta?
? .
. ?
ird Into a ?ras?
|..tii i
? rud^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
than the] ' 1! ' '''', ?H,1.,' w-ttg!?-**
htssp? ' --...a 9
9 ?nd this m ?"?.sb*
ihe ce ? VelrTtoOO*
.... ?r'-<
no more Hi. '" '/ '?'. tt*?*
?? than h, *oul?l h?ve i- ,tM
like Peter the ->?" ?" 'T??U
KNeJ loih. April -?'? ''?"*?

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