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IL, gave s lunchon of ?ixtecn covers on
The m>, ial festnre of the reception
which Mim. William H. G,??i ? tu give
ii?-.\t Thursday afternoon at the Brooklyn
Woman's <'lub. 114 niiriSLSBIl St*, will be
the app? u etc B Of UM three Misses Fuller,
of England, In ? costumed song recital
The laSStSSfl Bfl I bfl BSMBlStSd in receiving
i>>- her atetara, the Misses Csmpbell; Mrs.
Walter. St. John Benedict, Mrs. Theodor? |
La Frothlngham. Mrs. Herbert Howard j
Knox, Mr? 4*harles Houdder I'ool. Mr? ,
?lerirgei S. Frank, Mrs. Albert P. Mason,]
Mis. Wlnthrop Murray Tuttle. Mrs John |
< lap[ ?-rt??n Kur, Mrs. Prank Day Tuttle,
Mis:- Sophie Haxtum, Miss Nina Alinlra?, I
Miss Nina Perry an?l Mi s MsbCal Simp
T<> inrth.? r the IntSTSSt Of the Girls'
Pram li of the Public Behoof* Athleti?
laaK'ie mi i ;i|, ,,f the river a. me.-t
mg will bfl h?-ld ?m WsdnSBdsy afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Sidney V. Lowsll,
'?>4 Coitnsibls Meighl The apeskerfl win
be Mu--i Blissl ? ? ii Bur? henal and Dr.
Puther II GuHck. Mis. John Garrett
i snsrblll li trsssurer of the lengua sind
?ither Brooklyn W >m<n OS the hoard of di?
re? rtOi II? rbei I I*'?- Pratt, Mrs
Thomas P. FSsnch and Miss Mary M. Orr. !
Mrs. William Pitman Earle. jr.. has is
asasd -aids for Saturday, May I, when abe
will li.- at home between the noun of 4
end i o'clock i<t asts Bsatern Parkway.
Mrs i before her wedding last Oc
ioi?. i, . .... ? ? i laai ? is.
Hi 'i hoa b Lonsdsle P' i mlng, of 91
Eighth avt gav< i ?lance on Bat?
< \> sing i"i hi ?? young daughti r.
m Hi ?i i, Bchuyler Leemlns spring
Bowen decorated th< Leemlng home. The
dance vas held betweea the hours of f>
end vi s't lock.
Mis ''liarle?, I.. Woody, of KB Past
i Mil *: , ga?,. .i i.i idge "f ten tablea at
n< i home on Thursday aft' in?>"ii. The
prlaei sndwlch set, a silver de
no. m hasset cream snd migsr set, a
I ;a\ iland , luna < in ' si platt?-: arid a huge
i ut glaai ?i"? ? i hi?i'i- ?
On? ?if tin- Isrgesl aprlng weddinga ?a.1?
that ?a M - Mllllcenl Crafts, daughter
Ol Mi. Sad Mis. Thomas Youii-- ? rafts,
lohn ?'in istopher Meyer, which took
on .Monday in the Piral Presby
isrlsa Church The ceremony was fol?
. ? b] a i eception at the Hi Ighta l a
For the '" nt ht <?: ? ?rood i ?ay
Nurser) Mrt Clarence Walton \'aii will
give a largi bridgfl next Bsturdai at her
home. M G.i fin lu I'I. ? ??. Plsy will begin
at WdB O'clock, hat Hi' -foesta may arrive
at any time and make Dp their own
tahl.s. A buff.-t luncheon will I" servid
at 1 O'clock. Tickets are Jl.
Miss Beatrice Btevena gave a tbf d.m
t-ant last week !"r the rn.-mbiis if h?r
?lass. Berkeley, ": Pud. roses and ferns
were used in the decorations, and the
memhera of tin re erring psrty won? eor
sage boUQueti of pnak roses and ptnk
as at tricas.
in compllmenl t" Mr, ami Mra Julius
Meyer, who are going abroad for an ss?
tonstva trip aesi week, Mr, mid Mra
"Walter MOOTS, <>f Manhattan. gSVfl a ?Ini?
tier dunce ut lb? PtaBS on Kiid.iy even?
Mis. .1. Kimt Langataff, of II Seventh
aie, gava a iicepiion on PridS] Si ?'
noon In honor of Mis. P. Frederick
Yorks, the visiting representative of the
Imperial Order, Daughters or tue aVn?
aire invitations were limited to the mri
.? is and nn inl.-is of (hfl I
M: I tsmlli P? der < ?wen of I Isvsna,
? 'ui.a. ami Brooklyn, snnouncea the en
gaeemeiit of her daughter, Miss Ethel M.
Baldwin, t" William Bdwia Rawllnson,
of M Puniberland ?t.
Outsiders' Interest Will Centre on
White House Wedding and
Horse Show.
| i rem '; he Ti Ibuse Buree? l
WashinKton. May g?The Sttsnttek of I
the outer wm Id wil. be centred on two1
great events in the capital duiing the
4-oniing six days the White House wed?
ding, which h?? had only thirteen piece- i
dents in more than a hundred years, and
IhS hoise show.
A White House weddinK naturally sur-'
g? Ms lavender and old lace, and the tra?
ditional atmosphere w ill bo given Miss
Eleanor Randolph Wilson's marriage to
her fathers Secrttary of the Treasury,
William Gibbs McAdoo, late on Thursday
afternoon, by the mingling of the queens
of the old-fashioned Karden, like white
lilacs, syringa? and snowballs, with quan?
tities of the more modern spring blossoms,
such as hyacinths, lilies-of-the-valley and
snowdrops. Then up from the Southland
will eOSSa fltangfl blossoms, the natural In?
signia of the bride, fresh from the orange
grove of the fciterctary of State and Mrs.
Bryan. Diplomats and others of official
and resident BOCtety will at company their
good wishes with ros.s. lilies and orchids
until on the wedding day white, fisura
tlvely speaking, iron harriers will ?ep?
arate the ??uter world from the Presi?
dent's family, the sweet oilors will per?
vade the atmosphere for blocks around.
The h?r?.- show will be a truly festive
fljvflflM for the remaining days of the week,
a? it was to-day, when the boxes
overlooking the flower-rimmed rtsjg w?.re
filled with attractively dressed women In
their brightest mood. Mr. and Mrs Ste?
phen Pel!, of New York, and their tw?>
small boy?, who were In the box of the
president of the horse ?how, i'olonel Rob?
ert M. Thompson and Mrs. Thompson, at?
tracted no end of attention, and word was
BSsSSsi around that the boys would ride
their own ponies R?:prcsentati\e and
Mrs. Peter Goelet Oerry had Mis Rich?
ard H. Townsend. Miss Gerry and others
In their box, while the l^arz Anderson,
the Boar dm? n, the Edward Peale Me?
lgan, lbs William Hitt and other boxes
ta? h contained an array of brilliantly
go* Sfld women.
Dinner parties und several Interesting
weddinga filled the seven days Just past,
and. while only a family party and s few
quit?? Intim?t?? friends witnessed the mar?
riage, of Se?orita Amparo Rlvero and
Thomas Nei??-,ri Ransdell, on Thursday
afternoon, tt was one of the m<>?t beau?
tifully arranged w.-<id?riK? ?f the week.
The illne?? of the <*Ubaa Minister-fath?r
of the bride - who ?m eom? time ago re?
lieved of bis duties In this country and i
appointed Minister to Italy, prevented '
the large affair which the popidarlt]
of tha young brida warranted As it
was, s- ?or Hon Manuel da 'a \ '
Calder?n. Bist se? ri la: ? a id
d'affaires for Cuba, and BeftoritS CSld?
eron, tti?- daughter of the Bolivian Min?
ister, were almost the only represent.i
tlves of the Diplomatic Corps pressai
The white satin prie-di. ti upon Which the
bridal couple km-lt had clusters ?'f mange
blossoms at eitler end, aid these sig?
nificant blossoms also Uhiik I a part of
the improvised altar decoration back of
them. Announcement carda wert ?tut to
the host of friends of the minister's tam
iiy and that of the bridegroom, who is a
Virginian 01 long lln
The Russian Ambassador ai d Mme
Bakrnelcff, who ratsnded definite!) to go
to Newport quite early In the season, ten?
tatively changed their plans on account
of the taiked-of visit of Queen Elesaora
of Bulgaria. NOW thai war t.dk B8
grown serious, the Queen may not come
at ail. The Intimacy of the Queen and
Mn-.e. Bakhmeteff la so great that, even
should not the pleasant rumor to the I I
tect that, with her extensive suite, she will
be a guest at the embassy mstsrisliss
there would at least be on?' or two state?
ly entertainments there for h'-r. It will
be too bad if Washington society must
forego the novelty of having a real royal
"'drawing-room" right tare in the capita!
of the greatest ol the rep?blica
i Another royal visitor will have these
shores within tv.o weeks, after bavinj
enjoyed a season of pink wigs, tango
dames and bizarre ??inner parties WhilS
i he travelled as a private CttJsen. Prince
Munster has rroved himself a truly great
| personage ;>y his Simplicity of manner ar.d
i his Intense interest In everything. While
| the guest of the Austro-Hungaiian Ani
! bassador In his simple offlisal home he
has gone about the Streets of Washing?
ton In the most democratic manner, look
. ing into government institutions, sunlitic
at some of our social eastOtnS
i part in many of our most progressive
movements. The prince has gone to New
York to be entertained until hi
May I'., aft? r having BSSn entert |
here by the French Ambassador, the ?lei
man Ambassador, Mrs. Richard II. Town
aenJ, Miss Cameron and a host of others,
, beeides mingling with society generally
at many dances.
The Marquis Cusanl Confaiorueri. who
etill remains It. this country B8 the :
? ?entative of Italy, probably will leav? tl I
couiitry on the arrival of the BOW coun?
selor, Chevalier Rlccard? BOTghOttL the
, ?uccessor of Giuseppe Catalml, who has
, Iri-n appointed to a new post. Chcvall.-i
1 BorghetU Is an experienced diplomat pnd
will b? charg? d'affaires until the new
ambassador. Viscount Cell? ri. arrives
i The Marquis Cusanl will leave behind him
many warm frlendn, especially in the
i world as art and letters. One of hi?
? marks of appreciation of American talent
was In the decoration recently bestowed
| upon Hobart Chatfteld Taylor Dy King
' Victor In recognition of hie services to
Italian literature In the I tilled B
his work on Ooldonl. Tha King made Mr.
Taylor commander of the Ordi r of Saints
Msuriato an?! Laaaaro through lbs kindly
mi' t? esslon of his friend, the MsTQUiS
? 'usan!
One of the interesting offiolal-BOCla] af?
fairs of the week was that of Tusada]
night, when Representative and Mrs.
Dunn, of New York, took the New York
delfgation in Congress to Dower Douse,
In Mar; land, for dinner and a dame. The
party went by automobile and enjoyed
one "f the old Maryland dinners of corn
bread ami fried chlctan for which the
placa i famous. Miss Uiin'i has gone t"
New fork t?> suy for two weeks with
lier and, Mrs Joseph Osb-r, on Riverside
The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and
Mm?-. Jnsserand, the Russian Ambas.-a
dor and Mme Pakhmeteff and the
P.ri'isii Ambassador and Lady Spring
Rice were all hosts for dinner parties
during the week, walle t..c Austrian Am
bSSSSdor followed his usual custom arid
ask? d various men to dine with him in
Departures for Europe bave begun ai
leadv. Mrs. Thomas V. Walsh will go
to New York on Monday to join Mi.-s
lx>ta Robinson and proceed to Europe
f"r some months of travel. Mrs. Walsh
has taken a long lease on the Lathrop
residence, at tta Intersection of Columbia
Road and Connecticut ave., and will
spend next season there.
Miss Wilson is interested in the Needle?
work Guild of America, which meets
here on Miss Eleanor Wilson's wexlding
day, ami though the excitement incident
to the wedding Will naturally preclude
her BAtendancs on that day she will
undoubtedly meet the ?/Vi delegates at
the Raleigh ai one of their sessions.
Mi.--. Wilson is honorary president of
th? District ct" Columbia branch of the
guild, and Miss Mabel Boardman is
one of the vi'e-presldents The national
officers include Mrs. Levi P. Morton, who
?st ? losed her house hers and gone
to New York: Mrs. Truman H New
bsrry, who Will preside over th? business
meetings, and Mrs. Oscar L'nderwood.
This guild has z:\ branches and within
a >cur baa distributed 574.0") garments.
The guild la attainted with the Red
anil its members will undoubt?
edly have to ply their needles In lively
munner for the Mexican? who may fall
In line with the American custom of
wcaiiug actual clothes.
The Horse Show will fill the next sis
?lays with dozens of Impromptu dinner
parties Mr. and Mra. Reynolds II.tt
tarea Issued cards for the week end, when
they will entertain wjth a dinner and
dance. Mra. Alfred E. Bates will enter?
tain a dinner party on Thursday night.
Mr. and Mra. William Hltt. Representa?
tive and Mrs. Peter Gerry and Colonel
and Mrs. Robert M. Thompson will also
? liter tain.
Her Grace of Marlborough Ex?
pects to Spend a Portion of
Summer at Marble House.
Newport. P I ? May 2?No piece of
ra'ws has bees more \ aval - to the ao
cial <? Ion} here in a long while than was
the anr.outu ein.-nt tin-- week yiat the
Duchess ?of Martborough was to spend
aotM time here during the sumnier
Thavt the announcement is authentic:
', there Is no question, for it BSSSB from fie
mother ?,f tl:? dm he-s. Mm O. H. P. Bel?
mont, who has been here recently In?
specting and making ai rangements for
the opening of her summer- home. Mar?
Me House, which was closed last summer
will" Mrs Belmont was abroad.
The duchess has not been here in at
hast four years, ami sic- win probably
Bad nsraelf in the centre of a whirl of
entertaining In her honor soon after- her
. niVSl, for among the summer colonists
sii'. has many friends. She is due to ar
t'ivi some time m July. S?d is e\:ei ted to
remain here tor at Past a month or more
as the guest of Mrs. Behr.ont at Ma >
Like her mother, the duchssfl is more
or less interested in the woman suffrage
movement, and at least one address by
her is expected while 6he Is in Newport.
This will be made at the dedication of a
new t'hinese tea house which Mr?. H?l
mont has hail erected on the cliff tide
lawn of her estate.
Thtfl is SSrhapa the oddest house here.
It hi the reproduction of some native
Chinese house, and Mrs. B? lmont will
have spent a small fortune In its erection
and e juipment when it Is all completed.
White here she had a chance to inspect
the place and to make arrangement? for
Its* completion In time for the opening
of her season, which will be probably
aome time in June.
All indications seem to point to an
early opening of the summer season here
this >ear. It appears row that moro of
the prominent cottagers have ma<le
arrangements for the opt-n.ng of their
villas and cottages earlier than for some
years past. Some of the houses are al?
ready in the course of opening, and
others ?ill 1? started within a short
Mr?. Wll.iam Watts Sherman ha? al?
ready arrived for the season at her
Shepanl ave. estate, and her daughter
and ?on-ln-law. Mr and Mrs. Lawrence
L. Gllle?ple, of New York, are at their
Bellevue ave. home, though probably
not permanently. They have made two
or tiir?e visits there since the closing
of the season ia.-t fal!.
Mr. and Mra. Lyman Coll Josephs are
bai k from their winter In Baltimore,
and the summer hornea of former Senator
and Mra George Paabody Wesn.org and
former < "ommodor" and Mrs. <.'ornellus
Vsndsrblll are being prepared for oc
cupency Ths former are expected In a
short time, and Mr. and Mrs. Yanderbilt.
who ware absentees last summer, will, it
la sail, coma here much earlier than
has been their cuatom in th>- past
Mr. ami Elista Dyer are returning from
abroad in time to be among the May
arrivals, and the June arrivals, accord?
ing to announcements during the week,
will include Mr. and Mrs. James B.
_ n, who are having Villa Rosa a'.
:. and State Senator and Mrs. It.
Livingston Beeckman.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. A. Clark, of New
Yo'k, arc due the first of the week, and
Mrs. William Grosvenor, of Providence,
expects to open Roslyn on May 15. iJs
penard Stewart, who Inspecte?! his sum?
mer home. White Lodge, during the week.
will open it for the season the latter
part of May. and Mrs. Hamilton McK.
Tv. ombly and daughter. Miss Ruth
Twosabty, ?ho are at present at their
country home at Madison, N. J.. will
op^n Vlnland about July '..
Mr iiVid Mrs. William Payne Thomp
aon are coming back from Kurope In
time to open their summer here in
June, and Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Jones
and Mrs. Richard Gambrlll, who have
re-ently sailed for the "other side." will
also return In time to be at their estates
here early.
W Btd has come from Florida that two
of the Newport families who always
?pend ths cold months on the Southern
seashore are returning within a short
time They are Captain and Mrs. Hugh
I. U illoughby and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Quentin Jones. Among other May ar?
rivals expected are Mrs. J. J. Post, Mr.
ami Mrs. Frank K. Sturgis and Mr. and
Mrs Edward C. Post.
Mr and Mr?. Tompklns Mcllwnlne, of i
New York, have taken the cottsge of
Mra H. O- Wllka, on Everett at.; Robert
K. Cassatt. of Philadelphia, will have i
the cottage of Mr. aid Mrs. James F. D. I
Panier; I-rancis A. Shea, of Boston, one'
of the Pinard COttSgSS, and S? nor ?'onde
de San Esteban dfl CsnOOgO, Of the Span?
ish Bmbassy, the William K. Thorn es?
tate. Btoneisigb.
Another of the Ochrfl Paint eolony? Mrs.
FsnderbUt, Will not go abroad this sum?
mer, as was state?! some time ago. AS?
?ording to what has been heard here
she la to return to The Break? rs here
for the entire summer.
?. ?
Many Summer Residents Are
Opening Places Earlier
Than Usual.
Lenox, May t -Twelve large estates
hitve been opened this w.ek, and mid
May will ?ee fully fifty of the largest
plaices occupied. The ?-ottagers are com?
ing to Lenox earlier than ever before.
Among the arrivals were Mr. and Mr?.
'New bold Morns, Misa KstS ?^BST? ???
\ille H. Winthrop. Qeorge POBSSfi ?
Mr. and Mrs. Qserga B.
.1. Frederick MaSack, Mr
Geoige B. Blake and Ml and Ml '
T. Dana ha?l previo ..-.'? 0BBSS? vsJ
country pigeas
Mrs. Morris K. Jesup will open Beh*
Torraos la the middle of tue month. )?
and Mra Georg* i; Turnurs are <**
ing up to Beaupr? shortly Charier **!
tor BrlSted is at I^ak"- .- ' N!'* B'*
te.J and the Mi- - " voll JolB ?*
there very soon.
Mrs. Frank K. St irgi? s aSSSaBSll
< llpi-ton Grange about MAS M ?
and Mra Olraud Poster a 11 open las
fountain on June 1. Mis Olivia E ?^J'5'
Stokes, who has bought Inder U*
the country place of Mr?. Joseph IT. B
den, la BXPSOtSd shortly.
Mr. and Mrs. John E PsTBOSS ??*
to R- ?-, N. Y., for May, bi d w!!1 o0*ar
? Stoneover on June 1. Mr. a i Mr?
bert Parsons will be In their eaaaW
place, Stoneover Farm, before Met??*?
Other May arrivals will be MiM a4*?J
j England, Mr. and Mr?. Harris T^i
384 Fifth Av?. (bet 35tb 4 38th St?.) Tel. Greeley 2044

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