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felt-on Theatre Joins Ranks of the Motion Picture Houses
"Neptune's Daughter" Popular-Other Feature
Attractions on the Screens.
gordsroiths will probably com an ex
^on tor a new form of entertainment
??hieb arrlvrs on Broadway to-morrow
-alni", when the Webb electrical pi? t
JTaja presented at the Kulton Theatre,
ave the present we will have, to call It
-oden picture vaudeville, although that
u ,n Inad?quate) term It would be
jegaiiv Improper t?> refer to tin* pictures
u ?'talkies," heiause thry are quite dis
jjj,. from those grotesque attempts to
?mtWne tie phonograph end the films
-Uen distressed vaudeville audiences for
IJpr ?cesa about a year ago.
fl? Weh-b plcturea represent a tictter
uHtjon of th? problem ??f combining
Vaggd with motion pl<-turrs than anything
?a-btcti has yt been offered. The most
tOBtplet" tyro <-?ti f"e that the phtuies
and th*? ?ounda must be recorded by the
lUjje mu? hlne at the name time if there
Htobes"y perfect syn? hronizatlon. This
?a Jone In these pictures, and, b?-sides
?hja, the sounds are not leproduccd by
-??ordinary phonograph, but by means of
ajsctrleal vibrations which are designed
teflvr natural harmonious sounds. When
Ixlnr, s1i?-??ati the pictures and the sound
B?tie s re opere ted by the asase raacBina
The programme irn ludes vaudeville,
?rijiii opera mid a minstrel show. Th?
nudevllle features of the first week in
fjude Severn! popular performers, ('ar
rrll Johnston an?! a company of twenty
four minstrels will provide a complete
Bilnstrel show, while Lew Dockstader
tnll render several numbers. A number
of acenes from Gounod's "Faust" will be
lunf*, with Mme. Ferl. Mme. Franchi,
?>rnangano and Gregoretti as the prin
Georee R. Webb is the inventor of the ?
TaTabb plcturea
It is a difficult task to writo about
"Neptune':- Paughtcr" without having
ODd's words seem like the utterance?? of
a press agent. The picture, to use the
vtmaeular. simply "hafl it.'' Attractive
U it Is, It is not AssjsttS Kellerniann's
acting al<;iie which is ?ausing comment
at the. Gi'?i?e Theatre Rather it is the
real Btrrelty ?if the ploture sa a whole.
"Neptune's Dsughtsr" deertosstnUea .-'
fact whl.h has been too uiui ii ?n etlooke?,!
?y motion picture pralscare, namely,
that one of th?> greatest sppsslfl of the
UBJ 1s found in thflr pOWOT to show ef?
fects utterly Impossible <>n the staco. Too
"cany photo-plays ar?> turned out in whii-li
liis majority of sc? n? s are made in vet
tiriRs Mmllar n> those of the legitimate
-t.-ig?-, sseepl thai they are usually not
M good. Bach offerings pall on one after
i time, where aubjecta biased saald at?
tractive saturai Burroutidlnga ??re pos
BBSed Of a spe?ial Interest. In the Biet?
uro under daSBUI ?ion ther?- are not only
I? ores of U-autiful iiatuinl seen?.s which
are beyond the pussituiities of the legiti?
mate sta**e. but there are also many whioh
hav. got even been attempted in m??t!on
pW'ires before
The pi -tonal charm of Neptune's
tSughter" is best brought out by wat?-h
isg an aud!?me. While there Is both hu?
mor and pathos In the story, neither is
pr?- ?ut In an ? a?reme which resulta hn
convulsions of laughter or tOBfS, but I
agbout using either of these riotont]
(onus of appeal the iitt? ntion of the spec?
tators is closely held throughout. As
there aie a number of sienes which are
not ? agential to the story and are tech?
nically "i>a?Jiliug," this is a strong testi
motiml to the pleasing nature of the
Mnes. The film Is really a worthy de
psrture from conventional channels, and
u au<-h AaasfTSfl tas Biiawssa which it is
k "Th? Great liiamond Robbery," recent
ty -?viewed in this department, will be
th? chief attraction for the week at the
New York Theatre. The picture, which
*?s the first to be made with an entire
tut of legitimate player*, results in the
?tivel situation of actors appearing on
ogioslte aides of DlOadSSy at the .same
time. Wallace Kddlnger and Gall Kane
*P*>*ar la the principal parts of ' The
Qriat Diamond Robbery** on the screen,
fhlle almost directly across the street
Ikiy are to le peen on the stage in
'??ven Ke>s to Baldpate" Other theat
"ial favorites who are to be seen in the
tlm are Rika Proctor Otis, i'harles J.
*<o?8. P.. F. (Iraham, Dorothy Arthur.
-Martin T. lAlSOP, StapletOB K'tit and P. I
H. I'ralt
The picture is the Br% productloa of
Um Playgoers Film Ctlnpaai and is
marked by BXeSllSSl settings >>f Hie in?
terior s<enes aii?i a numttr fi novel ex
t?ri"is The a. tin?:, ns tjyti.d naturally
he expected, is or a high ?*s>!. although
the stage Players in ^ofn? ? instan" mo
not ??inform to etMIVSntlei \ whirl) their
Bcreen contemporaries regare; as lather
' I ? utial
r.'-i'i???-? this nadsmlxed version ??f the
uld melodrama * Shorter f<-.ttuie pict
ui ? entitled" The Dlsheetorsd .Medal."
will he ahosrn. it is .1 Mutual feature,
produced mil? 1 the aupervieioa sf D. W,
The feattitr niras "Mi. Barnes of n?'w
fork" and "i.ove. Luck and flaaolens'
and th?- comedy pantomime "The New
Stenographer" win eater another v.??k
of their long inn at the Vitagrap!)
Theatre to-morrow. "Love, Luck and
Gasolene" is an exceptionally entertain?
IBS Comedy, an?l lattfSdUCeS many ul?
tra? tiv?- water scenes. Lillian Walker
and Wally Van aie the princip?is <?f the
filtn a.-; well as of the silent playlet
Two excellent and widely divergent
stories will be presented by the feature
films at Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre
this week. For the first half of the vv? r-k
A Million Hid." direct from Its run at
the Vitagraph Theatre, will be shown,
and during the remaining three days the
chief attraction will be Mary I'icklord
in "Hearts Adrift" "A Million Hid" is
widely known from Its long run in
Times Square ns a spectacular melo?
drama of present day life. While rather
improbable, an to plot, it nevertheless
presents event which ar. easily poaaihle.
"Hearts Adrift" I? rather more of an
Idsallatl? atory, ami charming little
Mary Plckford Is seen ;?t her best in it.
1"'ie events con? ein a girl who. as UlS
BOla survivor of a Wreck, lives alone on
an IslStid from the time she is a child
until ?-he reaches young womanhood
Then b mon cast up by the sea from
snother wreck sppeara He seems a
strain:?1 and terrible animal to the little
island waif at first, but later she learns
t.. love him There Is s blending of
comed} and pathos in the ?trange court?
Various shorter pict'ires will complete
th?- prop? atrine.
One of the most interesting chapter? of
the "Mutual Girl" .series is Reel 1 fi.
which is to be shown this week. A con?
siderable portion of the iiiin is devoted to
a trian paid i-v Margaret and her aunt to
the offices of The Tribune, In tin- ?"ourse
.?f Which they meet Mr. Hriggs. the car?
toonist, ai'd Franklin P, Adams, more
generally known by leaders of bis "col- ?
yum'** as F. P. A
Margaret is shown arriving in her
aunt's motor car at the Tribune Build
in-r. There, slio Is met and escorted to
Mr. Brkfga'a aaasa She eagerly asas the
cartoonist to make a BkStch of h'T. and
he is at work on it when Mr. Adams ap?
pears Maraarel is duly presented by
her a'int. an?l the drawing is finished to
the aeoompanlmenl of good natured jeers
by Mr. Adams. The visitors then depart.
Margaret earefuBy carrying- a caricature
of herself, in-'ri'icd "Our Mutual Girl,
flee. ? ain't mad at nobody."
A motion picture purporting to be of an
educational nature opened at the Repub?
lic Theatre last night. The name Of the
production is "Protect Us," Which is de?
rived from tho supposed appeal of thou?
sands of gilig who are in danger of tailing
Into immoral ways through no fault of
their own The film is declared by its pro
n oters to be intended as a force for good,
although there seems to be much differ?
ence of opinion among social workers as
to the efficacy of such productions.
There is no attempt to mince matters in
the picture, but It goes straight to the
point. The various methods which cadets
use in their fiendish work are illustrated
wUh considerable detail and. as far as
can bo Judged, with considerable accu
racy. The picture has a fault which is
common to all theatrical productions of
the sort that we have ever seen?namely,
certain features seem to be overaceentu
ated. as if to appeal to tho morbid curios
Ity of the spectators rather than to their
lcgical reasoning powers.
From the etrong and viril? atory ' Th?
fpollers" to th? rather pale comedy of
the film v**rsion of "firewater a MBBSM
was a decided corns down, but tills week
the Strand Theatre returns to the re?
blood type of drama, with a production
?>f Jack London's "The Rea Wolf." Any?
one familiar with the tala of the ternb'e
sea captain will rr-ailza that, presented in
motion pictures, it would either be a flat
failure or a gripping, living thing Thanks
tr, the genius of th* producers and th*
acting of Hobart BOBS'Of lh in th?. title
role, it Is the latter.
"The Sea Wolf Is s biting, thrilling
story of an abvsmal brute type of man,
? pet son who has survived in hard sur
roiutdings becaut-e he Is the fittest. It la
filled with th* tang of the sea and th*
ways of Iron-fisted, heartless men. A de?
gree of realism which is almost extreme
baa be' n reached in many of the scenes.
and the picture is on* which ranks high
among th* recent feature prSdUi t:'ins of
this country.
.less? la I.askv's '*BfaW8tS***S Millions,"
with Elward Abeles In the leading role,
>tart.s on the Mann? I^vew circuit Mon?
day at the Lincoln Square Theatre, and
will be shown in addition t" the vaudeville
The widely read nov < 1 "The F'urt of
Missing Men" has been produced as a
feature film, with Arnold Daly In the
principal role. The Mist public showing
of the picture will W at Marcus Ixiew's
Bijou Theatre, beginning to-morrow.
"A Million B?d," in five parts. Which
played at the Vitograph Theatre, has
I started over the Marcus Loaw circuit.
?The Journal Of the. American Medical
***ociation" has investigated the effect
"* the eyes looking at motion pictures.
?U conclusion reached was that long
?aiiou?id or ofi-repeated viewing; of the ,
lires may have injurious resulta in
'-Main caaes, especially when old-fash
'<">ed BBSChlaery and screens are used.
I v;e-v of the publication'?! reputation ,
irf publishing the facts about any mat
-** *hich It discusses, le^a'dless of1
*?test? from advertisers and other
*rtoru?. the advice which it offer? 1?
'?lUble. although it may worry un
*?t***?tve exhibitor?. The suggestion
? ?ade that licenses b* issued only to
??ibitors who are willing to abide by
^following iule?: "<1) To operate the \
??chine by a motor instead of by hind.
* have on ad astable takeup or speed ,
?*?tt>lator and as automatic fire BhUt
hr which render* more accurate the
HBBBSO Of the individual image; ?->
ja Uae th? arc light with the direct
JjftSM, amlah Is brighter and steadier
|tan that with the ludir?? t current; (3)
*>?wve ?, propar screen, free from dis- ;
-trenol? and harmful Blare. The j-o
"*-l4?1 'mirror seiSOia/ conwiating of h '
"-"'?T *daas with a frost? :
**"*?? t<> 88 one of the BaBSt dc-itabl?'
I '*> Ute no reels Which have been In
j* tor over a BBOBth Heels of an In- '
?**" quality o; which hava hi
'rom much us* give poor deft?
*?"- 'I' To allow at least three BBIB?
* **Urml??| n between the r.? I-.
?J** yi?it Of Hlegm-Jiid Lubin. the i
iT?***" Blm manufactur?e who Is the
I . ??* th? Lubm company, la aiuuamg
I** "'i-nu in Knslsnd "The London
T**-*"? ' des. rlbe? ?on,? of his aellllHSB
?^wuni Lubln, who 1? ccrlaiiuy the '
af the rnoment In the film world, has
*?ch ?truck with th? comfort and
^'HH^ran- e of man/ of the |,oi,
l|^im* ?r",atreii. Ha n takln, back
L *?** th? moving picture rights of
thr/e pi^j.g ,,y ,(,.?,./ Arthur
"* ha? ??s?, BB4 ." '1 n .. tal Im ury
-'???.. Including "lloarta Ar?
lar? ' "" Boy*' ' '""? ' '"'"
t,, ?*'*" s"d "The White Heath
exceptionally well to the screen. In Mr,
Lttbta'a opinion. La^t year, he says, he
laid out more than $700.(X?0 with authors of
photo plays and scenarios, and he antici?
pates spending quite as much this year.
"But." lie sa>s, "l am buying more In
Europe than anywhere else. One can
have too much American, even In Amer?
ica, and there is quite a bunch of picture
theatres In the I'nlted States which need
continuous novelty. Beside?, Just as It Is
with myself, most Americans have Euro?
pean 'Heimaths.'
"Don't you believe It," he continued,
"when they tell jou that people will arrow
weary of the moving picture, and that
the shadow-play cannot survive in fierce
competition with the theatre play and its
association of the human voice. 1
tin ashed that all out the other clay with
a man who came to see me from 'The
Cinema Journal,' which Is. at any rate,
something In Kngland which is better. I
think, than anything we have got In film
journalism over there. In a play in a
theatre we see a man sitting In a room
with his wife. Borne one comes in to say
there has been a terrible shipwreck and
his (the man's) children are drowned.
You do not se?? this shipwreck- that has
happeneil off?you only hear about It, and
It may thrill jou or it may not. But In
the moving picture theatre you see the
ship aetually sinking. You see what it is
that (?asses grief and anguish to the man
ami woman in the play, and you are Im?
pressed accordingly."
i rara IsdrJ, Un leading Ia4y of tl ?<
\ew York Motion 1'wture Corporation'j j
lapanch?- company, was married yesterday !
to her U.i'liiii; man. IS? ssue llajaknwa.
The ?-.??Ming was one of the most later-1
SSttng whl? h has taken place on the
? 'oast for many months.
Mi.rg.ini.i li? her la the winner .n the'
T'liotoiiav Idol" OOntSSl freed ?xm-luded
by "The Photoplay Magazine." Bein-r a
CaHfernlan? Margurlta ?-an vote, but In!
this Insiaii? e she didn't ne?vd to do so
Frank Montgomery has been b ..-.y try.
mg in keep his Indians from starting for
the war. Now he has made them agres1
to wait until th? mediation quern Ion Is
?Ottlad, If It lint settled peacefully there
will prob.ibjy be a lapse in his Indian
Smith-Hughes Bill for Federa
Censors an Unfortunate One.
In commenting last week on the prep
? ent status of motion picture CSBSOrahll
i in this country examples were given ?j
the fiasco in which local censorship In
. evitably results. Within the past fei
?davs another Instance has come to light
, In a moment of misplaced zeal the Fenn
S] lvania legislature created a Stat?
Board of iTcnsors. The new body is jus
getting into action, and hv way of ar
opening shot have decided tliat farce ant
! comedy films will 1>e discouraged. Il
fact the chairman of the board has statci
that fane cannot appear in any motion
picture shown In Pennsylvania, unie"!
there is a reason for Its presence. Af
mere entertainment Is not considered by
( the board to be a reason, it would
appear that the days of farce are num?
bered in the Keystone State. Such f? w
good ideas as this critical body professes
to have have long been regarded as a
matter of course by the National Board
of Censorship
In view of the evi'jent necessity of hav?
ing all films censored on?-e for the entire
country, if they are to bfl Ins;??." tad
sanely, a bill has been Introduced into
Congress to create a National Motion
Picture Commission. BflnatOT Hoke Smith
and Congressman Hughes. both of
??rorgla, are the sponsors. The bill pro?
pones that every motion picture which
goes Into Interstate commerce be previ?
ously inspected and pasted by a commis?
sion of five men sitting in Washington,
and that no film le Btlowsd to bo shown
outside of the Btate In which it is made
unless it hears this commission ? stamp
of approval.
The meehannal difficulties alone are
sufficient to make this bill, as at pre?? nt
framed, extremely undesirable. So rapid
Is the output of film In this country that
eah of the five commissioners would
have to inspect different pictures. This
would result in making one man the
Judge of wnat is suitabl?- for the entire
country a entertainment.
Faults of this natura OSS Bfl passed
over in considering the hill, because there
are so many other gfltal objections. In
Smith- Hugl - I . li .'.? ? idsdly douttf
it is the opinion o? man) prominent legal
autboritiea thai th? United States Bu
i;i n'- Cours, should the l ? ? 11 ba psssrii
would da t the law violati d the
! ?conatltuti. i guarantee of tne right of
aii persons to s free expressioa of their
beliefs and sentiments
The nerd tor an] censorship Is grow?
ing less avers year, but to <io away with
it entirely would no", be wise lust now.
Yet tli- li Virtually what WOUld result
if the Bmlth-Hugbes Mil should become a
law I'arnd"\ic;?I as it ma y ' s? ein IhlS
attempt to improve censorship would
practically do away with it. However re?
luctant the tilm makers might be to tee
: it happen the passage of the act would
automat), ally kill the National Hoard of
Canawahip, Thla would mean that with
, in the limits of each state there would be
no check on unscrupuloug manufacturers
' and anything could be flashed on the
? screen whlck Oftentlmea too indulgent
police would allow. The stamp of the
National Beard Of ?en-orship is now
universally rc??jgnued by civic oftVials
throughout the country as determining
whether or not a film is suitable for ex?
The framers of the Smith-Hughes bill
have Without ?luestion been acting In
good faith, but they have evidently not
given the matter sufficient study. The
peniling CSSS of ''? Mutual Film ?.'orpo
ration v?. tit? (?luo Hoard of Censors,
Which will be decided by ihe Fri?ted
States Supreme Court, should aettle the
question of local censorship once and for
all. The National Hoard of Censorship
Is the l rst solution of the national prob?
lem which has yet been conceived, even
though it has many fault?. Its members
believe ttiaf ? vcntually no censorship will
be needed, ?mi when that time comes
the organization will disband. A? It n?>v
existo it stands or falls on its own merits.
To destroy It l.v legislation whl? h would
so inadequately provide for doing its
work as the Smith-Hughes bill would be
Inimical to the beut Interests of t I
countrv. Beery person int? tested in any
way in motion ..tures or in their effect
?should protest against the enactment of
! this ill-tini.l laghBBtlen. The National
[ Board has turned chao.? into order, and
to rareraa the procoas la at beel an tu
' advised preeedufg
An aaaataal hater-eel ruttaehaa to th?
BSCUOB I'1 tures of Sir Thomas Deaar'a
, lion liunt in Last Africa. In spc.iking of
the films the hunt- r saya: 'Nothing is
i claimed f??r tlo-in apart from th? artafc of
| one ' k? ep a re'-or?! of two
BSOBtha ni the African buah." Although
thm t? a ?t. ' kfed un?l*realim?te of the
picture?, it Strikes the right not? m one
say. The views have a quality whl'h in
some manner xnggi-sts the differ? rice br
No effort WBfl made t?> BBOW spectacular
events ?>f doubtful authenticity, but in?
stead the photographers took things as
th?v- happened, The result is an intimate
series of pictures Shlch hold the atten?
tion closely, although many sections rep
.e-ent nothing essentially unusual.
The expedition which is depicted was
made by Sir Thomas Dewar during the
last winter. The opening pi'-tures Bhos
the "safari" on tr?l< from Nairobi to tIn*
big game region inland. In addition to
Sir Thomas ami h's white companions,
eighty-five nstlsa carriers and a bollock
wagon, drawn by Slsteen oxen, made u?
th? caravan.
a number of esoallenl view.? of different
types of natives SIS shown. Among th? s..
are BfSSali Who are |n the cattle herdlOg
stage of civilisation end represanl a
typical people of this -rOTt a.? deserlbed I?.
Herbert gpsncer and other writers on the
evolution of society. The lawmsklng
council of the KlkuyU tribe is alao por?
trayed in full career, and, ludging by ap
? paarances, these Bsgroefl ?u-e roluble on?
(?ne of tli" best as well as most difficult
portions of tho tilm ihOWfl a herd of
' eleven giraffes, As th?-; gallop OVi
' vehlt, with their long BOCSfl bo ?hing beck
an?! forth, these animais presenl a re?
I markable appearance Sir Thonnas was
It ? OS rr.A^r .i B?atS >c BOB t be afraii
rail it.' -avs ?'?sire Whitney, lead
??? the tola I & Bla?-he picture
In telling Of her own experiences.
"A few v cars ago. Miss Whitney ?oe
on. "I went into picturea for a ahafl
< though 1 bad been on the vaude
rtHe s?age far Baserai seasons and like?
that B*erl ei\ much The trouble vvtl
IBM BBfl ?hat I didn't know a goo?i thhs]
whe'-i I saw r. I was with Uafl Biograpt
IB) and under the direction of P "A
?.-?I'm i, uh-i is row the most famous ?)
rector ?n the country. But I was a HUM
kfiow -it-sll. and I reinatkeii ?'ontemptu
. thlfl moving picture business wil
ii" Uurt, and I in gSlttg back t?? vaude
ville Wasn't 1 the dandv little prophet
ess. though? It makes me laugh ai n:>
s-ii So back I wfnt t.? vaudevile .-. m
beiiaii i -.other '-,..un<l of that moving
every-wssh ami sa piara ts asll homt
??tufr However, I flnallv saw the l',-ht
although it was Ml) eleven nionti
?Veil," ??e osassasstad, "If you baei
a leading lad? in eleven months
res ,?ie not making what ?flSBBl >\.'''
be described as slow progress '
IVhltnC) admitted that ese arel
rather grotftssd b| her recesetoa ss th4
? ., ?
our I tile ta'k with hei was an Inter?
v,e,? under ?nrfi? nines la several wsya
f -' of all we had Ifl go I?> the Sola*,
studio at rort Ece. an?l that, grab H
?"im us. is i onslderable trek from Park
ROS It I bad enough, even to B plac?
that n ?.?n the trolley line, but the studio
Is not h?> located, not by what natives
?h acribe as a quarter <>f a mile. Bat
that | the way with these picture folk
ThS] all have their automobiles, and. ol
? our.ie, distance means nothing to them.
On rea'-hing the ntudio we found Mis?
Whitney rehearsing for a very emotional
BCSIM from ? iimdern produ?-tlon, wlul?'
alongside Of the set was another in Sbtctl
I s?"tie from <'hatl?-s I hekens's "The
"hinics was being PHI mi It was fuel
Ilk? a Scene from the late lamented
"Queen ?u the Mo*riea Os our lefl we
COUld hear the director of the LHckena
picture plslntlvel} asking Vlnsta Burna
heroine, to ? 'atlS* more amOtlOtl '
aim her persecutor to exhibit "iMTfl Irrl
tstlon," while oh our righl Ulsfl IVhltney
was implortBg b atenj hearted eepter to
? I,el me go pteaSfl let BM gO " IfOO BOB
linea ate use.i ?rar* irequentl) in pictures,
? ape? Islly In emotional at*snas, where they
greet assistance in helper-; the
playera t<> ~ct worked up" properly.
i mi rery careful not to get into the
real mood Of the BCeilfl ?luring Ihc re
i i .mien Miss Whitiuv during
n '. rest hing apell, "beesusfl thai makes II
mu? h harder to pul the right apiri! into
? .. tuai s 'ne .is it v? iii appi at on the
The s ene a hit h was i.? tried o it h
eluded i fighl between Ulalre'a reseuai
ami iii? ? illaln, in Which was US ?I a
,i,i tie The bottle, carefull*
i , iced ,? m.! the middle, was placed on
the table, ami ?luaily the lights wart
' ? ? i on and the real work b? -
Rverythlnt eenl Bmoothly, except tl H
ther fragile vase w-in. ii l
ad ai the hero rash?-<i right through
a pen el of the door. Bui Mm dli actor
linall* ?lecnied that it would be s good
shown la tl ting ?dos
spe?"inten. whose ca? UM "? . - BS8d a- ?
bait which later e?l Bva lions to a violent
closing of their blood] carea * Various
Other Animals are depicted on the film.
among them being the chetsh, cerval cat
and eland.
\v die Intended only for private show
Insr, t Ml Dawar hunt pictures have been
exhibited in London for the benefit of
several chanfle?, and may be put on
pnbll ? 4 lew in thla city in the n Mr future.
Within the last year there ha-* been
n s ; activity in the produ'ing of famous
books and modern ?tage successes as mo?
tion pictures, but so far lew- att???npts
have been made to put the classic Kng
llsh dramas on the e.-reen. There is
there/ore eenrMeeabM Interest in the pro?
duction by the London l'dm ?.'ompany of
"She Stoops to t.'onqu? r ' aa a motion
picture. To put a play in wh!?h there is
such a toiibUi.t eucccsston of br.?bant
dlaloSUS Into the attSTBl drama seems
rather startling at first, but. ludging by
reports, the ?'-heme has proved a sui-cesa.
The film was first shown In London a
few nights at', and d.?rat-lies state that
s.-veral of the most conservative I/ondon
papera rSVMwad the ?oik favorably. It
w?ll pro! ably be import??! and shown in
this country at an early ?late, although
uefltute information on this point is not
available at pr?s, nt.
Begininc to-morrow sfternocn the nine
? ? Les Mlsei *
?hown twiir- dsiiv at t?i? Brooklyn Acod?
an | of Music. The film wa.-s m?de uy
Patad Fr?tes in France and is IhS BUBS
prodttc'ion Which has lately lad a long"
1 arnegie Lyceum.
A DOW BMl Of travel film Will re- ?
from and social tour of New
Tork ' Rlverrdty this summer. Briefly
stat'd. the Object Of the trip Is travel
that educates It Is inten?led for per.ons
who wish to ?" ve something more than
a few dUtlabM a.-ti'le? from a trip to
But Ope. The party la in charge of mem?
bers of the university faculty who are
thoroughly familiar with the plaOOS to be
a IM ted, and, in addition to seeing every*
t!4ns winch the cateh-aa-catch-can type
of tourist v,ev,s. the many and varied
civic and social developments of the prin
? Ipal cities of Denmark. Germany, Bel?
gium, tie Netherlands, PVance and Eng?
land will be studied.
Preliminary arrangements are being
BSads b.'- F .J KtMhaT, of the Englleh
faculty. Mavor Rice, of New Haven, and
ex-Mayor Hunt, of Cincinnati, are among
those already enrolled. But, to return to
tl.e motion pictures mentioned ?.hove. By
arrangement with the Colonial Motion
Picture Company a camera man will
a.'compaiiv tlo- part; . The object of his
s nut primarily to perpetuate
this particular trip, hut rather to obtain
views of the various places visited. These
can be shown -luring th* following col
Once She Thought the Movies a Passing
Fad, but Times Have Changed
with Alacrity.
effect ?ne: a?. and that a retake
would not be B4 BBBB Ml?? M hitnev.
actual'v gasping with excitement an?!
BBBSSJeU was much relieved at thta le
formation An> ana who ta akeptics
ab?>ut the oft-tepeated assertion that pict
tr* a tresses a? tusllv feel th? emotion.?
which thev ,?re portra>mg should tsatck
the making of a s? ene smh aa we sa*
When the exciteaBBOt bad aubsl'lad W8
bad a chame for a little chat, but N ? ?
rather Interrupted b- the taking of ?e\
er.l ?tills'" for u.se tu msktt'g poster?
' Where is vnur home. Mis? M httn."
we inquired, by arsy of surttng i?.
gather stattati -
"I wn.s bo, h m N.-w \ ,?? k City, and
h.i\- BtSrayS lived t er, ?he replied
"What about vour tours in vaudeville
"lib I dont ?.,11 tnem living BBS
laughed "Bul no.v that I am Battled
? ? .?'??? ap*M I h.t,.- BO moie of lh.it
trouMl I am a ?'?minuter, but I ?-om
mutr hi the opposite dlre?tlnn from
BBSSl Bf them. New Jeraey Is all r'Rht
.?-? .? placa m which to take pM
hm I wist, i h ult to lue In it 1 live
ait Bl? mother and grandmother In
the ?'itv
" What s vom Livor.le re? i cation *
? ?! .esiion win,;, BhOVj ! b? asked'' w
remarked, so pleas?- ?uu.-uler it asked '
?Well laaghsd the flaxen haired
? lairs ? ? 'ittie bard to ?.\v. hm
one of them ts going '" assvUMI pictures.
1 can always SM some good points from
watching oUiei playera no matter who
they niav be ami ?' IBM same time I
am amused. It is also \?ry entertaining
to go t.? s .mi- theatre whets ' am be
i lng ahoWB in a film an.I listen to t'i?
comments of the audience, or auch of
them as s;t wi'hin range Kelieve in?.
1 heat" some odd tl ... t . u. and I m
tie? to confaea that the) are not niwa>?
complimentary, which coc. to piov* that
old stuf .?.??ut Hatenera i aupporw
About tu?t tune a diop of water whi?'h
appeared to h<- boiling Istadsd "tt om
BBCk. and the i, iU arOB a i.itlur in.
pol.'.- rama k Bui II aras rerj simp
' cplalned :? hi., fan a hen wa ?i? i ld?sd
? - ..- ? ii ? ..o., ??..i at kenn Nat h >
and a hi? slam Mudto
ro?.f la never aratertlght averywhaee I
email Btream <>t watei happened t?? ?i?iw
?low nth? ide of an arc light hood wicie
it was moetl turned Into steam, bul
v\ hat ?l.il g- t I. * ? ... ji m
Howei i 'm? e arc lights are deetdedi*
artWi i while I ? iH?d lutge'v on
Miss u bltna) boca usa the
'?? irj ? a-pO'" lights v In? Ii mac .-? "!?" ?
.i ake Monde hair photogi apk
n" waa dark Wltk auch blonde bal
M ' h ? ?;. i that a au d be crtm
i nai
? ' , - gn . tioti with H
U l"?i ' . - thai piCtUI ? fans must, b*
content *??* ; * 11 aeelng be on ihe ?.
Motion pictures ara a great thing, and
n is the peraonsllti of the pMyera which
ta Israel] responsible, bul M 's lust tha?
that make - tnr m -??
? to im ' ine* la a ahinlng
example of thla ?.<>?<'? n her the picture
Industr) hsa acquired a pluyei oho arai
tOO ?'""I tot v ;i ?ni. \ ill. i ? .
ihe could not reach enough pao
, at nine.
William i slH ater? sert al
the Venhers ?tudie ??f the Playgoers film
? o m pa ti y one seek '.??m Ti eadaj II as
? o.? ?go M i avarshsm
i film reraion at "A -
raya * ? i la] bj Bllssbsth
. It* ?
pasrsnoe In motion Desas? \
v- ? ? ? od -, i as i- ?
i,,.. . compon). i. ?
? ,valter! has
ht? ii ? ' ht? rievt
Sim; bul ha pian.- to rasch Si ??? Fork on
Ha) ? and a II eup-rrvlafl th? making of
the i 'ihn. Mi l -?i -i
other m- mbei ?'? ill return
os the ai
a, to bfl -? ? m N? a ' In 01
to ? Ompil '? 'Ma non I, BCSUl
Anothei remoua legltttaetfl i i ?? siao
w.ii be ae<.. ?m ? be Mm - ran
Mamie Adema She Bill appear for the
, 'amo u I era t 'ompsny in "Peu ?
I'.,. , ?: -? . '.-.I o!1-. r pep il-,r ;? i
Tue .1 ..!.??? has sisa made irrmige
m?mtfl aril i >? ,! Bethern to appear he
fore th? ramera In several productions
which here had eoccesa i n the isgi
i lie fourth annual convention of New
Yoik State Bran.i!. No. n. 0f the Motion
1'icture Exhibitora' I. ague of America.
? will be h? Id on Tlteedsy of this we,;. .,
?the H?,' .-'? ? a. In Roefasfltsr. The Hos
H H. Balgerton, Mayor of Ro? bester, will
opes the ?on-.?-ntion with an addresa or
w.lcom?. The executive eesalon will bfl
luid in the afteni'ion and will be at?
tended by motion picture theatre owners
fl-cm every part of the state. The prin?
cipal business will be the election of ?ie!e
gates to the national convention, to bi?
nt Da;, tor,, ?ihio. during the week of
Inly g 'thousands of c legatee and their
fi?milles afin attend the >ayton meetings.
Among those who win be pr? lent at
Rochester are National President M A
Neff, of Cincinnati; National Secretary
George 11. Wiley, of Kansas <"lty, Mo.
National Vlos?President I-\ ?'. Pierce, ?jf
Gene.a; New York State. .Secretary Moi
ris I.. H-iv hman, of New York City, and
First Yi? e-Preglden: I. La Davis, of Bing
hamton, N Y.
A ?rand ball, which will b? attended by
a number of popular photo playera, wilt
be held on Tuesday evening.
The West Side Young Men a Christian
Association has openc<5 a school for th?
purpose of Instructing persons In th?
management of motion picture projecting
machinery. There is considerable demain!
for competent operator?, and the object
of the new course of study will be to
. turn out intelligent men to meet this de?
mand. Problems of proje? tion. as well as
the mere mechanical handling of the Bag?
I chines, will be studied. During re enl
months there have been numeroua ca.-c.?
of unsuspc? ting persons vntlmlzed by
I concerna professing to give traintag
In picture machine operation, usually of?
fering the instruction by mail In au? h
| an institution aa the Y. M. C. A. difli
cultlea of this sort a HI be avoided, and
the student will have an opportunity, i?,

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