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m? r.i Is tl?? or to its road o
and a: 1st a garde-- proh
ternno-: ? , . .
id uf a
Bu i i i> m mim h.
Fol!. . ;,] tbaj
a ii ?r"'ii hsva stasd
t).< , ' r. 01 .? ..!:.?
most an ? ind miispi'uo'is bloomer?
,r> arhl ': little attention
First and most iinkiiiK of all. the mag?
nolia. th?-M ? h ? adntbs, snd
lluu tin brig ? ?: bul timorous myrt'e
whki: ? ? . objsctlve of count
lass children in the abad) nook.- and
?iclds be* ond
Lik? ? v. in.-h ??.?- spok?- last
' ? .," BSrClBBUBi n >0U
?i srsfSi II for natural treatment,
informal. Irregrulai groupin?T< B t-rusay
igTOund and, It poasibte, ,? Blrssn) or
?084 ' b ? psctslly sSsctlvs,
too. i- arah line Im iwccn .
lawn and i bordar, when plant- !
? of t ? BUStACS, and :
more aostti ? ? to thi ? apsi i o!
Int I: BSV? r in ?' i 'Jrdy,
. ?,l,vi
alons a mor? fr? lusntsd ????
? ?loor
... , . .....,]|
?nu. Pe? i ? ....... ?'..
to Readers of The
A Whole Fruit Garden for $2.98
All rrses an?i fiaarta in I his (o|ie?il??n \rr
(>i:aritiilr. ?I il?t'i l.riide anil Kir?! ( hSBS la
) w.iv. ik< ins- Price, *lo.-,?.??. O QQ
?lur Bargain I'rl? ?? . ft? ?JO
Ii. i. ?;?
Bartleti Peai
- Kavorlf
- Burbaak Plum
i Red lune Plum
I ) ,,i !.? i ra'\fur?1 1 ?a?-h
i i Iberta
?'. ' ijncir ; (iiai B
? ? Miagara
Prollfli Currant
*? Eldorado ?lackberry
l<< .-i- Tia.-ijl.erry
i ? ira? Montmorency f> Q .'?*ri Hhubarb
Sa \st.arasua
sWeen High Grade, 4 lean. Healthy Treea.
(,iiarant?'t-il 1 tea from N-iile or Dis- ? QQ
ea?e, for ... ?* ?**>
2 Baldwla - Dw ne?? - Nwthara Bpy
I Roini Hf-auty 2 Mclntosh i Vrirk lmp?-rlal
?Wealthy '?Tamtam 3R. Tu Onaaliia
? t--.??? th?' mon? ? und f?Vc 1 i I can
i hat j rait! Book la
?111* o{ E I I'ostr.ird Brings It.
' Rcilly Corners,
If you want to know how to pi*11
\our Garden visit the exhibition <>t
May 5th to Fifteenth.
5th Floor, Craftsman Bid g.,
6 East 39th Street.
Send tour cents in sumps for
booklet rod children's farden mak>
lug chart.
Workshop 1 Milligan Place.
1 f. I a "?? more
riiryun thfnr.irris
nrd have, a larger
1 ?t at sSlta fan
,-uiv houi? la tin
-???rid. If you ha\e.
(?reen hoiiar? I
will send you M
planta ?>f hardv
??"ita. prepaM. to
?.ddres? for $4 0(1. and
l-ooklet ?Mum:. fOT
Millions.'' rr? i-. If you
ti.n th!? p.-ipT
M \1H?<>V X. .1.
Murdy aa 4lakn
"ounded 1H50
16 FOR $1.00
aaii yaaxt wa hs?*e ittatla nose
gro-A-lnt a With aavaaty gravn
* o? er x million plants,
tl I ?? ?ilmu lloae
Groaren of \mrrim. Ones a vrm ?,. male?
? by mall pr?ra:-i Iq any
f. B Batlsfactton and ^afe
I a< h ?rarlstj Is i
; m?*, hardy. ?-.er-MooriilnB '
> i two alike, .Ml on their own ?
Will t) ?-onttnuonsly thi?? ??r. Tl-- ioi
:? ? la aa grsal Reata, nh-abiag
- ??? F'rk Maman Cochet, ana
tal ?? ros-?, and Dorothy I'f-rkina, .
a ha-?? plni RamMei Wi s II sand ties
M H 4.1 ll>r IO li??l < I I Tl HI
? a?a!?>K for the \?klni?
I HI l?r\?.M * 4 ON \KI> CO..
I v I. Me?! l.ro?e. Pa.
A doUttr.SjWorth ut"
Ta* ISfSMt ?Jahlia
rr*-*t*aas la the vo-id
?*?uit ertey anty at
<4>* limi><Ji aflBSSl ?1
ti?.r baadsoaia aa?
e-a*?"??-; to to re i
liBtrarB flcrra-sr l???r
To avala ?-?*rlo?tt7
??uiUf.r* tktay o??
13 p-.ca.t?a of ne.? SSSJB
wtrti mara than a dollar, ror
2^ ?Bta,
0a> paeket -avcl? of gusst ?a
n?r.?ai of DouVa pahllaa .'-ats
?il- Carfaa DsStlts 'x'.i?<':
Final? Oaliliaa aun?! oc*jr (t?rarr
?."eatms ' t>?t??Bw: Tfufrant a PT*o?l
?atara; tj?abl? Xj?j-kir-)u Sjeefeat
cb-ttc? *lx?*4Um rural uni?, VarWsa.
?lofth.? Zinnia, a?? SU.i;rolila, Sc?u-ltt Bar*
aad C-xiaecra-s sag OomSearsi.
pio???s -tcrhwiiaair tffl trott ?-s-o??
Beat aesoalB ft? Sie .ata-sps or cota'.
Tha Bu-*?. - u Uralt-ag. As* a? Maoo.
IVI \HI. HI \IM?r ?KIFHs ron
Weed Killer
Pino-Lyptol Chemical Co.,
457 West 26th St.,
M Very Low Prices,
? H-skV Write at ??n?e for nur uew ?-a?
.. n s Ion a It Is I kEE. It will
A>" t. | hn?r ?u-I ?thon to plant
ni IfjITfi . '. | ?o full r?rti. ulars about
ri Ara I IN ""? ?u?-k ?e K'"w hu? the
i unniu j -aatsts,
raTaauBNio'taa. '?o?c?*s.
Box 100 OBNSVILLE. S. Y.
I ??.a poo?' *"""flt*
ntmi#. assSsaSs-aBMf;
M.AGUOI ?A *?l] PaffoOii - it? wEli DtAvmo end .
ATTOACTlVf .* COMOlWATiOVl k ro?ryi?j^ ?euA/r?by fy< C Cj
it more readily with indoor decoration
and tin llorist's window that we fall to
realise the true hardiness of the bulb as
far us exposure to eoM weatlter is con?
cern ?*<J.
The myrtle, periwinkle, or, to speak
correctly. Vinca rain >r. Is a most U
and willing little aervant Where grass
fails because o? t"0 dense shade, where
steip banks require som'; binding growth,
where large trees and greedy BhrubS ap?
propriate the food molnture upon Whlcll
more d?licat? und inore fastidious plants
would have to depend, these plant CUl
tings or young pot-grown plants of Vinca
and Ha glossy leaves srflll soon ?often and
adorn th?; former ey? sore, while the
bright blue, ?.iolet-like lowers, which at
thai season appear especially cheerful and
vivid, will, with treuuent p' king, con?
tinuo to appear In ulmosr unbroken suc?
cession throughout the summer.
The magnolia Is indeed the city garden?
er's friend. No other shruh or tree does
bo well, gives gUCh a feast of beauty, oi?
ls so deservedly popular for planting in
front yards and side courts where sun?
light rarely penetrates and where smoke
and dust ;u-e additional obstacles to the
growth of every living thing.
There are two distinct types of mag?
nolia?thote that flower before and those
that bloom after the. leaves appear. Of
the former group Magnolia stellata (often
called Haitiana, after Its discoverer! and
! Kobus BIS unique in bearing star-shaped
Instead of cup-shaped blossoms The first
i bUBhy, flagrant to a delicious degree
and the earliest of all the species: the
second Is also strikingly handsome, but
a good deal larger, ??yraiuldal in form
and considerably later. To this early
flowering group belong also the most
famous magnolias of all, the hybrids.
Which Include a dozen or more forms,
most conspicuous among them being M
Soulan.rea.n-t, obovata and Yulan. Many
of these are chsractsrlsed by petals of
brilliant pink, red or purple on the out?
The species that bloom after the leaves
aie somewhat I.-sp popular, partly be?
cause the floral effect is slightly hidden
bj the present.f the foliage an?i partly
because b.v the time they bloom other
flowering shrubs are available. The more
important forms are the large Paved i.M.
macrophylla), with blossoms often a foot
across, the sweet buy <M. Olauca?, an
evergreen in the South and of character?
istically Straggly growth; the bull bay
(II. grandiflora"?, umbrella tree OI. tri?
p?tala ?. m. Praaerl and three Japanese
speclee, particularly attractive beeSU
their blight re?l StSBMSS. In addition t"
their conspicuous Sewers, the fruits al
trip?tala, Kinseri, mscroph) lia and MM
of thr JSpenetM SPecleS BIS also brilliant
and show}.
The magnolia Is the bi l example of
the soft, brittle, spongy-rooted plants,
which en thai account an '? I planted
right now. when broken root! will most
quickly heal. F*or best results tbs roots
6hou!d cc moved in a good large ball of
earth; in any event. II sill ta; to avoid
cheap mea and c?ic:,j?
buy only largi si - i Imena that
are certain to ha? e : en ear :
'and thi.t .'i,- shipped with a generous
amount of earth around th? roots, and
securely burlspped
ii planting, csrefull* remove, prefer?
with .. shsrp knifs, ail Sower buds,
for newly srr plai ts cannot b<> expected
to become well established and produce
ri 't tne Bams time. Th<sae t'u?is are
easily re ogniasd, being large and plump
.in.i borne at the tips of the branches
BS sin. '1 t? BOahsd
"v.nt furthr? ...0t brsskass ??? -its
blgh wlnda
P .it?.- ths plants Bsjisrously, especially
during th? Hi at surr.riic. und de ? U OBI
should water :? ?.v.i .-. In fact, n\ | r'
of plant -that Is. SOsh th. '??hly
Where ir it show? th/? n. . >\ ol SI Water.
and do not ?i\?- h til another
thorough BOahll ? ?? g the
hottest w.-ather a muleb "f rotl
lawn raklngs or rent will bslp to pu-vent
ti? lass "f BBOSBtUrs frota ths soil i>^
A good rich s?,ii , outslnlng |
r typical hu? .-is the raosi <'??
trieiium for then growth, ? . ' i tho
.?s?, ,,f rSododondroi -what
from ?liil'-r win.is is vvorth while Ths
c| Which bloom Ufor? th? '. ,
ail- appear t ?> i"st adv..
agatnat ?? ha, kg- ? . | ,
ng ' f dull ?
in t. ? discuss of Kai-Saauag i
nient last ?*.<?k I SVOrlSOked BUS BMSttSI
that I? of real Importai erably
more, t fe* I "if, tl ?v i?. BBSSjUt) attrib?
uted to i( BSSMl-, tl- gardening BBB>
|ttaaja OM etatfees are, - ?, m onia,
and there 1s uauslly, according to ni" ex
perlene?-, no lark of them. In am- ease
\'.u must realist ths! gardening nieam
working in and with the .-oil. the earth
the rood lirown ?lut thai "StlCBSth like I
brother" to .!?!'?- and bsndi and shoes
Therefore, keep a suit of otherwise negll
gibli slue solely for garden work, or d<
ng right and keep a suit of rwer
alls and Jumper near the bach door, when
von ran Blip il OH even f??r half an hour*l
weeding, in all probability half of m>
readers are now ready to hevi me sug
geai a aultahli gardening costume fot
women, hut here T must respectfully de?
cline To make Useful suggestions along
any Une one must ilrst know his subject
well; Second, have original ideas regard?
ing it, and, third, be able, to express them
intelligently and In the right terms. In
tw*o of these respects, at least, T reallz?
my fatal limit iitons, and as to th?- third 1
foresee that the Ideas in i s? ht be .ill too
original fo.- consideration
F-teturnlng to the general BUbJBCt, \ ad
viSC also a pair of t> pical tirogans?heavy,
large, easy fitting booU, which yrru can
slip into and out of quickly, and which
you would not at any time ? xpect to wear
as far as the ?lining ioom or parlor?this
provision in order to prevent the profan?
ation ?if Choles rugs and polished floors.
T wonder sometimes why BOUM one, doesn't
introduce the European peaaant's wooden
sabot for gat'lrii work, although It has, I
confess, ths disadvantage of being low
That bring? In. b] the Way, ? ?Ictriil of
Which some may doubt the tiuth ami a
recommendation that may appear un?
justified- namely, the WiWOOtB oi n^artnc
a high cut boot for summer w??rk. 1
have tried both -in fact, have gone all
the way from rubber BOlsd sneakers to
knee high rubbl r hoots and ! am all for
a good, stout, leather, blsb-laced loot. It
may tank second or lower in coolness, but
for comfort It lcav?:; any BOri of tie or
pump floundering under 8 load of sand
and gravel that comes In "over the gun?
wales" at every step in ?.tkf, for gar
.- for comfortabli 'cross-i-ountry
tramping, the light, thin soled, low cut
Oxford Is a ddustofl and a. snare.
Glov s are another Item about which I
am just as ricruiitely decided, although
here persona' preferen? a ? 'its '.aiger
figure To me. halt the jov ?u gsrdei ing
is getting my fingers into the WSTTO, moist
earth. it is a SBttsfytng vensa'ion; it
i-uggests real work; and. after all, if it
leav es grim] traci s In the h n
Don't fc-get to arrange fo- white
carnation* fo ne*t Sonda-. May
'C. One for yourse'f and one for
ea;h loved one and friend, as far as
your means permit. If you don't
know why look on this page next
Sunday: but don't fail to have the
ftov.ers. Vcu will not regret it.
Haw does you- ga*den grow? A
decartme-t such as this does not
f Li If it its entire purpose until it
brings its -eade-s together and en?
ables them to Help one anotner.
Every garden love- ha? made little
discovsriss. exp-arienoeel unexpected
success's a- failures, devise'1 handy
scher-es and short cuts *h?t are of
tremendous value to others. Won't
you sh?-e ycur knowledge and your
proo'ems wit1- us and with them.'
Tell us all about vo-.r -?arcJemng
through this, your ga-demr-g page.
and - it of
even a -? - < .... ;
? King among
thon i ths g H tha
cellai 01 '''?? too : ...
There, by the s
I ?...,.. ast wcel ' ?
? torsi ? .1 ? of ?tar len
Impletn? nti I don'l ? -, at? In tax
Issat v\ han I ay that you ? as
fussy or ca.? ( il In thl reapect. In the
tir?t place, a tool In Iti osrs particular
location means ihn elimination of several
minute?- of searching. S'.ondly. all the,
tools ahouk) be kept together, where you j
ran keep your aya on them ami nulckly
discover which have, been "borrow?d" or
forgotten and left outside. In Use third
p)a< e. the period of BSafalnsaa Of any
tool la Infinitely grsstsr if it he kept Is?
doors when not la use. .v-.'i, Basil]*, a
??lean, rust-frse t"ol means snysrh re
from ?? to ?fl BOT ? Baal IlKTSSSBd of'i, i.-ii?->
or lessened srorh - a\-.i>ihav< r torn >ou
prefer on your own part.
Tan srjaara f? at of wall nogs a
enough door apsci for Issrs mower, ?
hoc ??mi ,-itmilar apparatus la all you need.
Make hraokata "' sassi or wooden pcx?. ?
arranging the tools no as to economize
apsOS, and Place the BBS I IB* 'I tools
closest at hand; then, 1f you want a really
ship-share Jsb, osUtoa each tool Is Its
correct place in bright color??! paint be?
fore long you will have t!.e ati-t.tction
of being able to pick oat anything you
want even In the darkest night, if nece?
sar*', or with vour eyeg closed.
Then, for tho very BPSS Oi etBCl4**BCy,
keep In a nearby corner or on a handy
shelf some Old coarse rags and an oil
can ful' of keros?n?. At the -lo-r Bf BSCD
day's work clean?really clean?each tool.
; Knock, ?-crape or wa.^h off the loose dirt
before it cakes and drien. Then dry the
metal parts and rub quickly with a second
I rag moistened with oil and kopt apart for
that purpose alone. Oit-c a season at
least ruh down all bsndlsa .?.mi unpsinted
,-wooden psrta wits oil, linssod or nests
fool in thin case. If necessary, atop work
B '?ii.-irt?! of an ho'ir ahead of time in i
, Order t?i get this cleaning up well done, !
but do it anyway. I am willing to guar- ,
i antee that ycu will asve that fifteen mln- '
Hies and possibly more in the con-.-? of
Bs< h roupie of hours' work as ;? result.
Ami, of rotaras ksap a keen edge ?>n all
rutting toob?pruning aheerfl ? clip
pel -, turf eilg^r and lioo-for a dull Made
i an abomination in any garden, while
the whette?l steol brings success and <on
tentnumt to the careful gardener.
On W?*dnesda! laal i brought the plant?
ing in my Barden right >n> to dato ? ? I
for one crop, which will g?> In, I hope, not
later than Hay Foi ' plant B*B I
chard a row of the esrlj bountiful bush
bean and ti.r?^ shoi t rows of Golden
Bantam corn, as a sort of experiment, as
i Bsggeatsd Isst weak. Alao, within the
? ?. (jgj a 1 havi ; >? I i -i
fC-2 U\E,AS#SAlAP of AS A eo\lE.P GfctfcU
Country ?ouh/miiy Jbg* ? Co
Courier* ?b*.b/c?iif &fe 6-Ci
hotbed i winch la gradually becoming
merely a cold frame as the heat from the
manure beneath becomes sot-tit? as w el:
as Prizetaker onions, salsify, Offenhain
market p.irsntp. a medium Besson " arictv
of carrot, kohlrabi and Whlti Iclcl? rad
Ish, all outdoors. The crop that I ?peak
? ' ? being thus far ni glected Is pot. ?
for 1 usually try to get it in hefore May
l. However, this is proving m be .1 rathei
cold, backward res on ifter ail. ami in
.?1 - ? aped ws run more ris'.; planting
potatoes than .1 few hills of rom at ;'
ear!".' .la: , for a ltttli ICI .' I moisture
is quite lipbie t.. rot the potato ssed,
881 ' dally in heavy soil, and it r- ?-?
quite .1 little more expanse I
peces.-;:---' for the i uns numl er or hills of
sweet corn
T note by the way that the sovernment
IS going to declare a quaratttln? against
all Maine potatoes after August I BSCaUBS
of a prevslencs there of a fungow
ease-the povvdeiy scab. in the usual
cour.?" of events this will hoost the price
oi the main season fsll crop of potatoes,
to in exception to my usual suggestions
for small garder... I advise that alt gar?
deners put in as manv hflls of potatoes
as; they have room for, cutting down the
space that they wuuld ordinarily give to
turnips, onions and such crops, which arc
marly always available, relatively cheap
and usually' of good quality wherever
In ths same hope that we have had our
I,- 1 spring fro.st. and that real "growing
weather" will soon be with us, 1 have
so.vn some seed of the Mammoth Russian
sunflower in out of the wsy comers, part
I' for the sake "f its brilliant, massive
blossoms, and partly In behalf of my
rietnlibors i-hickoiis for- the weed <-ro|i.
Icelsnd ind California popples and
bachelor" ; buttons are also in, for these.
are of more than average hardiness, and,
BS I have remarked, my s."il is distinctly
light, BO that it ?Iri? ; out ?luickly and
'ns th* danger from brief cold or con?
tinuous rainy spells.
in the main, ?garden tasks COSJtlnUS
without sny particular novelty or unique
"? .1 ire. Making suece.-sion sowings of
th. hardy vegetables transplanting and
retransplantitig seedltngS, both vegetable
and flower, as they become large enough.
and frsquenl cultivation of the soil around
crops that are already up, are the
chief duties with which to busy ourselves.
.\ ' ' - 1?" .. correspondent asked
. oncoming the Japanese
novelty, ido I ?- guiar -?incidence
there ha- 1:1-1 appeared Bulletin M of the
i lited states Department of Agriculture
dealing with this very subject. It should
1 intrrest to amateur gar?
deners, sino ti author's experience
?..ads hin to luggesl the culture of the
lot -? ? any gi"'.at oppor?
I commercial propo?
Fot a numbei real nui aei > men
handled the m ornamental
under th name Aralis ?.lata In this
fleshy rootstock la
perfectly hardy, although the too dieu
.... ? . ? !< fall after making under fa?
vorable < ondltions, as much as ten feet
of growth. The lesVi ITge, of a
rich green color, and dense th<- flowers
sppsar as long, loose clusters In late
1er, lupplylng a splendid honey plant
at a rather dull season of the ;.ear.
The vegetable ttribotes of the plant
are associated with the first tender our.g
sprouts of th' Bp Ing ThSSS may be
either forced bj covering ths plant with
'ten doi s with rhubai
appear, In
much the same manne- ? I Sgll
g Of the shoots is
. -.?? to s lu f of good
qusllt; . but la rather more diSlculi to
out than with the other crops men?
tioned. If the soil 13 loose and light It
be heaped over the ; ?. wltu
celery, or a length of drain tile not less
than six inches in diameter mny be
place: h ths BOWly appear?
ing shoots, and covered With a board or
.:..? better resulta arc
obtained Biting suck tile with light
rand 1 ".- ? ? I 'for.: ihe niants
s,tart to ?rrov . Thrifty three-year-old
ah mid yield boots a fool or mort
In length. ?? 'hick at the basr
? toi an ta.-ir. 1? ovad irk or
rind. d succulent throughout.
The Chisf Utilisation Of these shoots is
either as ? Oiled with u. cream
. . ? v-i ? thin, soaked in lee
water, then served as a salad with French
As to procuring lbs plants in the first
pis? 8, an] or.e with hotbed facilities
should be able to raise them from seed.
OtherWtSs they can be obtained from r.ut
tsd above ?although
i- rathei .taponas than one usually
latSS trith vegetables', ir cuttings
can bs taken from the green shoots of
saSsMasasd Probably th*? best
thing for any 11 ?vice to do, if he desire?
to try the plant, la to write to Mr. David
l'an child of the Department of Agn
?ulture at Washington, on the chance
that h" can have some material supplied
from the experimental grounds of the
Bureau of riant Industry.
I iMii coming to \"ii for advice about
pel the development of which has
baffled ma for some time, ft is a small
yard (1 by 12 feet), bordered on two
Hides by a prlvei hedgo, vvith street
frontage overahadowed by maple tree?.
which make? n almosl Impoaalble to
- ?--, 11 is now- occupied by a
rocker: of ferna and wood planta which
gi ? ? lendidly, hut the rockery la an
< ? -, m its construction.
What 1 have th.mght of was to trans?
form the rockery Into a Japanese par?
den using larga rocka on the two long
aidea In two irregular rows, leaving
apacea for .-mar or dwarf apsclmena of
azalea and Japanese maple and a Blisbt
|y raised stairway of flat stones leading
to one large rook at the back. At the
foot of the stairway would be a pool
mink iltghtly below the ground level and
with an outlet to the cesspool. Wista?
ria ? ould be trained over the picket fence
at the back and over tho large rock.
Have you any criticisms of this plan
or a?l\ice regarding it.'
In the first place, the space Is really
too small for any landscape feature ?such
as a Japsnese garden should be. Sec?
ondly, two of the characteristics of such
I type of garden are (a > privacy, and ?
'hi tha adaptation of the arrangement
of rock?, steps, pool, etc., to the natural
lay or the land. Now, as ? see it, the
?tree! front??*? damtroya any haape of
privacy, while an* variation in the sor?
face of the garden or the "Isj of the
land" would have to be created arti?
Another point is that a privet h?:?Ige
i. a veritable glutton and on such a
-mall space is undoubtedly taking so
much of the food and moisture from
the soil that many plants and shrubs
would not thrive in the yard.
if, however, the ferns and woodland
planta du wall, why n?it grow them and
similar -..?? - BSively and do away
With the rockery entirely, leaving ?sim?
ply S irai "woodland garden." You
could easily make little mounds and
nooks on and in which to grow favorite '
? reeper- or dainty herbaceous plants like
even In competition with the privet,
myrtle i Vinca minor i and the \iolct
And vou coJd even arrange for a little
rill or brcmk across one corner? provtt.
<d water is available?along which te
gr?.w forget-me-rot. marsh marigold^
all auch water lover? 1 lnally. to glv, .
Ur?e- woodland effect, vnu couM v.?
two or three good stsed hemlocks in ?
corner or massed at o.-ie Mde. Thea*
will endure shade and get along ?.ij
Will >t do any harm to run a la?,
mower over youns. tender grass that ?mm
sewn last fall and that now |S gmjjr;
rapidly. OT should I leave n until i? ??I
conies larger and thicker J y j <?**?
Cut it at once, by all means, anc Ules
go over It with a fairly light roller. I
fact, cut :t as often as there la any.
thing to cut, but don't rake up the el'a.
ptngs; leaf them aa a protective muJcl
I< y,iu let young grass grow It event?
ually goes to seed and thereby is oresSfl
eral h weakend By cutting frtSjusBJ
von induce the blades of grass to grow
more vigorously and more thickly, there?
by producing the desired crimp,,,.,'
springy lawn turf.
$3.48 FBSI I Ml. Ji.M
Above offer includes six trees,
-is follows: 1 pear, i peach, i
apple. I quince, t chert) aid i
Above offs'r consists ot t w*.
celia, i forsythe, t lilac, I dah?
lias. 12 gladiolus bulbs, i cannas,
i ismene. 1 cinnamon vine, t
packa-;?* fertilizer and 13 pack?
ages flowering seeds.
Lawn Grass Seed, <jt., 12c.
Lawn Grass Seed, ft bu $1.75.
Lawn Grass Seed, bu., $3.00.
NOTE?Cut out this ad. and
present it when rurchasing the
above, or. if ordered by mail, en.
close this ad. with remittance.
I/exlnjlon to M Ave .."'i toten
Will bloom cailv in June. Will ac?
cept orders now tor later delivery
(h> 51.50 per box. l8"x1o'.\to'. ex?
press prepaid. It interested, ?um
municate with me at once
Torrington, Conn.
Prebh, healthy, producing graas that
prospers on your ?oil. Two Qi.artf.
COc. Four Quarts. 85c. Peck, I1J8,
Cut out this ad. and
Three Free 5c Papers
ene each of
Nasturtium Sweet Peai
Aster Seed
or an- other Umr) in our catalog ?{ i
like value, will t.e ??r,t on re. e|p| . * nr.-t
for grans ser') Older only .no ebasjf
Irr: aSilVOfy CStSBBg on r.i?.-.
Tht it a ion i$ latr PU i? hurry ordlt
114 Chambers St., New York City
HARDWOOD A8HF.S nature'e own
improve-, lawtu and garde: ? Georg* BU)
vein?. I'c-terboro. O.it . Cm
HIGH TIME YOU WERE Planning and Plant*
ing the Summer Flower Garden and
But don't buy at retail; we are large ("rowers and will send you li'S*
Plants at wholesale rate-:, prepaid?20 for St. 55 for I2.S0, 120 for I5.04
2 50 for 510, 1.000 tor ? i 5?anv of the following vou select: Giant Ptoweres
Chrysanthemums, Giant ?.arnations, Big Geraniums, Heliotropes S-dvtf*
Coleus, Cannas, the ncVeity Snapdragons, tmest summer cut lower and
bedders you ever saw, double stocks. Asters of all kinds and color?-. rnu?fa
Petunias, Feverfewdouble, Zinnias. Calendulas, Salpiglossis, L?jhel:a '^t
pinks. Double Nasturtiums. Verbenas, Pansies. FvCDSlSS, Rose G
.Marigold;. (Cosmos, and in general any bedding plant vou Bimi Alio
perennials, such S3 Golden Glo\". Foxglove, etc.
Quslity Vegetable Plants ready?Tomato in 7 best kinds. Lgg. Perr-ct,
Celerv. Parslev. I '.abbace, Cauliflower, any 50 for it.00. Si 5 per I.OCKJ
Make Your List up To-day?now while vou think of it. We do the
rest; bear order in mind, pack and ship it. express prepaid, safe > I
warranted, on the day you set in your order, or on word from vou.
World's Choicest Nursery
and Greenhouse Products
In our 300 Acres of highly cultivated Nursery Land we are
growing Nursery Products for everybody and suitable for all
parts of the country. We shall be glad to have intending pur?
chasers visit our Nursery and inspect the quality of stock vve
grow, or submit their lists of wants for Spring Planting.
The following Planta for Outdoor Planting, Interior and Exterior
Decorations are among Our Specialties.
Ko??-? B7a <?.??? BSearal hundred thou- Rhododendrons. ?BBBbTSB arI M'?" t-*r*j*
?ami P.ose P'.ar.:s that will bloom this year. Leaved Evergreens. We are *p*eWB*J >5
Order ,- to avoid <ilsappolnttn.ru. lara? quantltl*?
Ornamental ?had.? Tree? and Flowering Bo i wood We grow thousanda of r BBS?
??hriib?. Man-.- ?houaands ?.an be ?eeu In many ?hapee and anea _.
B . ? i Nu raer . Hardr Trailing and ? limbing ?inee ?'
Hardy Old-Fa?Moned Flowera. Venn\e* crow them for ever-;- place sr.?? V-:? *% ,
and Ma. Bevsral aerea at our Nursery Bayireea. Palms and otr.?*- ^'?",', "
? r- exclusively ?ie-oted to their culture ror.aer? ator.e?, interior and exterior C*C'
Hedge Fiants. We aro* a larfe quan- or?tlona ..
Utj of California Fnvet. Berber.a and Trained. Dwarf and Ordin?r?/ FiS?
otl.er H??dae Plant?. Treee and i*>maJI Fruit?. We ?-ro*? '-"*
I irrar.i-ti.. f ouifei? and ri?e?. Many for Fruit ?harden? and ?orchard? ^
acr?-? of our Nu-?erv ar. planted **lth Pliant Tub?. Window Baiai. "*??!>
them. Ml are l-.-\:>d and burlappsd and Garden Funaltnre and Rasttr tiT?*c*?t. "*
hav p a splendid r?-'0t a>at*m manufacture all shapes and alt*?
Our Wonderful New Hybrid Giant Flowering Marshmallow.
Lver-.body should be interested in this hardy, new old-fashioned Mower.
It is perfectly hardv and will grow anvwhere.
Our New Illustrated General Catalog No. 11 describe? th? abo**
Visitora take Erie P. P. to Carlton Hill, second stop on Main Lin?, 3 min
utes' walk to Nursery.
Our Landscape Department
Plan and Plant Grounds and Gardens Everywhere with
Our "World's Choicest Nursery Products."
Rutherford, New Jersey J|
?^?????.??....^**''''w??a?****???a*aB****aBaaSMnSHaBBB^WBi^MaSSB?T>***^ rV

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