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Nm JJarlt <?3
Braves Wilt Before
Prowess of Matty I
and Chief Meyers
Big Catcher's Double in
Seventh Scores Only
Runs of Game.
Tyler and Donlin Censured, but
Ever?; Remains on Field,
Despite Outbursts.
frBjfsl Msysn Justin, d the lucky seventh
at the Fo!o Grounds yesterday afternoon.
?When b? CO me to bat three men were on
??Ma and two had hern retired. The score
?-.? -.---- | for the 1,-ants and precisely
the ?ame amount for th? Boston Brave?
?SSfgS Tyler tried to spin a crossfire
trto tha hands of Whaling, but Meyers
had different 'deas a.? to the destiny of
SVt ? lu IT? all but tore away the right
*? rafl, and when the ball came back
.r. the Infield 'wo mm had Bce*e*od and
Mayan was resting on second
As the "nal ?core of the lam? was ex
? to# IB 'avor of the Giants, it would
??a--? to be fa'r enough to hall the Chief
? of th? aftarr-oon But the field
w&? fa:-?y littered with heroes. Mathew
f-on. for one. pitched th? best game which
he has shown thll BSBBOB.
F-?d ftrlHtglBS? made an amazing catch
the ee ?nd Inning whl.-h killed Boston's
best ?haace frT ma making, and little
rllle at shortstop gobbled up some
hot d- b brUllant fashion that
aven Johnn? Bvere w-a? moved to enthu
rge TyV waj? not so much Inter
.? in villains. Charles
M his nomination. Just
> ?fore Ueyera made his double Tyler
S cirve mkiek was over the plate or
???hi -det decided that It was
ihereabouts and c?:>d it a ball, leaving
? ? count Bgalnsl the hatter two halls and
Tyler took up th? neident at the time,
'? ? after the .1 made his hit the
c rankled with the pitcher and he
: to mull ?>-. ??! the matter a little.
Blag led t?. another as the player
sd home Um rebate, and Tyler at
?.:-..??.!<I -ri the opinion that Blgtss
cculd not see "a war headline across the
' irately afterward the player left
i talking back over his right shoul
c as an assist for Rlgler.
All la all. it was a warlike afternoon
? is fell into an acrimonious dls
- ?:? ??? one on the Boston bench,
irlea Bigler, a- ting as an uns-im
Bter, asm Mike off the coach
made an effe the ?xit. He paused
in t.-ont of the grand stand and levelled
using forefinger at the lair of the
? ? ? -rs.
U I.at I ??aid goes! ' he shouted. Just
to ?how that his ? r-r'i-rsm had been con
<e!ve<d in atnc-srtty. Laster Hank Oowdy
was revealed as the object of Donlin's
: ? Hank ? am? oui O? the Boston bench
to w-arm cr a pitcher, but refused tO
; reposai from Donlin that they
go outside and "??ttle It."
fohn Bfl .?.?so even more true
? than aaUOl, but managed to keep
within the law.
.Tu?t before the game began an aero?
plane flew over the field, and Fausto
Tt.'iJ^.fuer and Ralph M Brow-n dropp?sd
a no?? for M draw in a bunch of flowers
The aim o? the aviators was bad. for the
beoiue.t fell, not on the diamond, but in
the viaduct above the field. Few of the
F 188 spectators had arrived when the
flying machine erooaod tho field, but there
i??? thrtil? eno rgh in the gam? itself.
Th* (3-lants gave Matty the most brill?
iant ?upport which has been accorded to
any pitcher at the Polo Grounds this vear.
Iftfl fmst lnr.lng alone had three distinct
?eneations. Bescher began hv mnking a
hard running catch of a hit from Con
nollv, and Brirns followed with a mad
???I? fros? the foul line for K\ers'e foul
?rive Kletoher ended the Inning with a
lates! one-hand ?top of Maren*-il.? -
founder over second base.
S'fl bast rhsnra to score came In
'?- H nd Inning- Murray was out on a
?oM?r'ul stop and throw by I.any Dopte,
eat the BSC*?*)! baseman evened things rip
?ling Schmidt's easy bounder. On
the hn-ahd-run I?eal pushed h slow tap
through the Urntory which Doyle had
r^nd .?-i-hmidt rea?rhed third base.
Then up came Wltattag and smashed a
Clos? to the foul line In
*tht Bole). Snodgrn.?s tore acros.? to meet
: and, finding that he could not
?uit* gat up to it. threw himself Bt4ewh*a
?iKl clutched the sphere with his gloved
?Und an inch or las- abo?.?- the ground.
g himself up. he threw to first
??Me. fore??.- Deal. Johnny Kvera and the
*?? of the Brave? made a vigorous pro
ir that the ball had been
but the umpire would not accept
.ven though Dears all
? ide another fine play in the
le r.tneved a ball
*' - got away from Bssrhsr and threw
?ft Connolly al M ond, when the Boston
got a man on first ami third
on single? by Do) le and
?Wt-ie :,.,, -i ?fr,, bAr\ throw, hr.t when
?h? la**hla ?? attempted Kvers's
"?turn to Whaling nipped Doyle at the
Tader, tn? ? rat - .,? up in the ?sixth, got
?o basa on Pleti her*e ?-rror. but Connolly
play from Doyle to
?***Je to li. r | .... Maranvllle s star
'?"itnbution of the afternoon was a stop
,r"-? throw In tl,. latter half of the inn- '
"?*? which rob . ; Mathewsoe of a hit
'*??entti inning with .-. cUss hit to right
a l?ov|e ?..,. rtfloed to thfl pitcher and t
^')rKl* ' hit which M.ra-i
?Id not hand:? llet'her reaching
?T1 ?? the piay, gimelgrasB hit to]
?"?Sarilla, who najJed '-'etcher at the
**'* Whaling not only tou hed the run
First Fed Pass
Goes to McGraw
Tb* nar hetneen ?he Ped? r.il Ienaue
?nnl nrgnnl/ed hiLeliall la n??i ?vitlioiil It?
amenitle?. .lohn .1. M??.i_st ha? ri
pre<.?e?l tilmtelf frequentl? a? opposed to
| the enrroa? hment? ?if the outlaw? nnd
ha? ?tat.-d that li? beliete? their activ?
ities hase done niiirh to harm thr g.tme
But the federal? tire forgislng folk.
Pa?? No. 1 for Wa?hington Park, the
home of the Tip-To?.?., ??a, ?ent out m>?
terda?. It nn? made nut in John J.
Tier out, hut knocked him down for sood
. measure.
j (Stock ansd the base? with a sing-le by
way of Deal s rltfht shin. Then camp the
' double by I'hief Meyers
The ?niants sets*] aa if thes were iiius
testing o. Sunday problem In the eighth
innins, for they made not a sinfsle run
from four hit?? and . baso on balls off
?"ochrehani. Bescher beKan hy heating
out a hunt, and was imm?diat el y raueht
n-ippinK off rirai Burns Btnajtsd to left,
but went out Bt se.-ond trying to stretch
it Into a double.
Fletcher doubled t<-> left and Doyl?
slnaled on a drlse that was tor. hot for
Ksers. A pass to Merkle filled the hase?,
hut Stiodprass struck out *sY1th two down
In the ninth, Schmidt heat out a hit to
Fletcher, and Peal for..! -I ? ? inner at
second on a tap to St", k.
The score follows
? " vor.K N. i. BOSTOM *?' i.
al?r- (? i n n f abrh p" **>*
Bescher, ?f 4 n | 7! no Connolly, If i o I ? 10
Burn*. If 3 *? 1 : 10 |>erp 2b i 01 I '.'1
P-jeteher.M in j s : 1 Mar* n villa, at ?n : 4 0
Doyle. :b 3 0 ?? 1 .1 Murray. rt.??l 1 0 0
Uerkle. lriSl ? 1? 1 01 Schmidt. lb 4 0 ; t; 1"
Snotlg? rf 41 0 : :??' pen! 31. <?! n ||
19 1 1 8 0 Whaling, e '?1 5 :''
Mayara. ? M i ? 3? Mann ci .. 88 8 1 00
Maih'fpnp.io 0 0 |0 Tyler, p :: 0 0 I
' ?IrlfTth 1 n 1 n r?n
? 'ocrehem, p ?1 o n o in
Total? MSMfftSl Totall tV889tl81
?ratted for Tyler In the eighth inning
Kem Tort?. iOf>fion3n??2
Bouton OOnOOOOO ft?0
r*lrat ha?? on error* Boston. 2 Two-baje
hi!??Conno.iy. Meyers. Fletcher. Sacrifice hit
l?os'.? s?;r>;?r. baaa Doyla tiaft in baaaa
Hem Torh, 7; Boston, 8 Doublt playa? Sno.i
? Doyl? Merkle anl Fletcher.
Daaoo on balls 1 it t* 1er 1. of CUcrahaaa, I,
Bj Mall ? ion, 1; by rorreham. I;
TV. Tylar, I HI*? -? ".', Tj et " in 7 inning?. o?Y
rncr?hf.m, 4 In ! Inning. Time-I:K, 1'mplrea
- '.-?.<: and Email? Attsndanea?I7.M8
? Jim Thorpe Has Good Day in
Outfield and Hits Homer.
'By Telegraph to The Tribune 1
Waal Point, ,V. Y . May f?X?Il nu well
alone ri' tli'- gSlM Vfore the Army re?
covered from a bad case of staere frifrht 1n
the contest on th" "Plains" this afternoon
between the New York National League
second teSffl ami the <"adets.
Then it was too late, and ItcGfSW'B
"Glsntlets" vson by a score of 7 to 2.
.Ihn Thorpe had a good day in the out?
field and hit one into Battery Knox for a
home run In the final Innlnc. < ha?ing
?Cy Seymour in ahead of him.
The score follows
abr?, poa? , po a?
Orant, * 18| Gerhardt, lb 4 0? - It
Dyer. aa.... 418 08 1 Mernllat, rf 4 01 2 0 0
; 0 0 01 Neyland, n 401 0 30
If I 1 I I 1 Hobl -, rf 4 1 2 3 0 1
-1 :. n 0 ., on Brit ton it? ?'n li I I
Wlltse, Ib.. 4 01 7 '. 1 mil urn, c ? S8
?oner, 3b... 4 01 : 1 0 Bradley. If . 4 0 0 I 0)
Palmero, rf 4 ?? 0 4 0 0| Punlgan. tb 4 11 I It
Willlama. p4 01 01 n Butta, r 181 8 81
Total?.... 35 T I 2; 7 3 T.?ral? 118817181
Olants.J 0 t 0 n ? 0 0 ;
Army.0 0 0 0 110 0 0-2
Pt'len t?ases?Neyland. Oran?, Seymour ?2i
Two-baaa* hit? t\'iii?e. Cotter lb,me runa
Hohl? Thorp?.. Pou).le p?a* I>ser to i-oit-r ro
<">rant. Stni^k out- !?? Butta, 4 iPalmero .': 1,
tn.r, Coitrr.. bj Wiiliama, 4 ?MlltiUrn ?...
Butta, N'fvlan'i Ha?*? on hall?-Off BUtti 1
tPaased tall Jotmaon Hit by pitcher By
Butts, 1 ?Thorpe? ?4efi on hases?Arm\. ??
I Giant?. 7 Time of game?IT.', t'mplre* Mar?
shall and Wagner
Sullivan Has Not Received Ap?
plication for Record.
' ?"ot-nmeTitlnsr. on the protest filed BSSitlBl
the acceptance of Edward Peeson's rec?
ord hlfrh jump of I te, t 74 ttuhes at
Berkeley, Cul . List ?Jsturduy .lame? K.
Sullivan, secretary of th<? AmstSUf Ath?
let'?- I'nion said s ester.lav .
"No application for this recoid baa as
yet been rei'eived I nlSSfl Besaos held
the bar with hlfl hand, th<- fact that ? |fl
t.ol)y touched the cross piece In the lump
would not militate BCSlnat its acceptant*
To be SOSSPtod, hUWSVST, the record
would have to bo made in an open meet,
duly .?auctioned I y tlie? Pacific Amodia?
tion of the Amateur Athletic I'nion "
""Score cards will ba furnished free of
charge to managers of any of the ama?
teur baseball teams calling at the Cir?
culation Department. Room 314, Trib?
une Building.
Triumph Over America in New
York Soccer Series.
Representative of Scotland In the in?
ternational soccer sei li s of the New York
FO"tbailers Protectlv?- Association > es
ss.n B ?level- vl? tory DJ a score
of I ROSll to i> at the BXPSnSe of the
American team m the semi-tltial round,
contested at LSIMH (>*?' '" tb?- presence
of one thousand xpe<tutoi8
1 1 1 line-up (OUSWB
,;,,ltio? Unes
. R
. t. B .
,. ,.B ?1 . Bolton
' . ? }i . Waldron
M" *">n ..'.'."t. ii .....:. Insran
. 0 1: . /?
." 1 a . Knowles
............ Newman
Kit'' . , . '
^nionii . / - ,^,
Denn taon . * '
???ais Raaa and Waldroa S.^tlani neferee
s r;.rV / Unaamei Maaan Jo-npk n.
u..d'M?.-? "f ,?'': ,M ",ln
Union Track Team Victor.
?i,,,v .\ v, Mas ? Rsawslssr PsUr
te.'hni?' Institute BTSI * fSStS? hOtt ihtS
afternoon in B dUSl tr;,. k meet ?'"
liilon ? ollere. The OOSl gemtS was M?
to Wb
Results of Games Yesterday, Standings of the Teams and
Games To-Day in Baseball Races for Four Pennants
National League.
QAaffca TO-DAY.
I in- Inn m at Ht. I oui?
rittkhurrh at i lil. ?l"
New Vork. S| Bo.tnn, 0.
Mr ?...k I ?n, 14; rhlladelpbia. .1
< hit-ago. 10: I'iit.hiirgt!. -.'.
' in?innatl, .1: sit. I <?ul?, 0.
W. I.. Pr. W. I.. Tr.
I'lininirgh |A I .?:<:? Ctaelaaati in in .?on
Hroukl-n B *> .S4S1M. I . >u I - N M .S84
New Vork ? ? ..-.Il ( hlrago ; i:i Mit)
l-lilln H ?i .171 11?,-Ion Ti 11 .-'Il
American League.
tletrnit al ' Iilcagn,
Pi, l.iini? at ? le?aland.
Nfw *M?rk. Bl Ilo?ton, 2.
riiilrt'lrll'liln, l? I?, a.lilngton. S.
( let eland, ti ; St, l.?nl?. A.
Detroit, 7; < hi? ??". 4.
pr. U Pr. XV. I.. Tr.
Del roll IK H .727 T*>a?h'ton H B ."?on
Phil? S 7 ..I?;:! llo?ton 7 10 ?12
st. i.nui? il t) MO < bicaa-o ft i:? .ins
Nf n Vnrk ? S .S';9 ( la? eland ?j H .100
Federal League.
r.iMF.s to-day.
Kanaa? CM) al IndUnapoll?.
St. I-oul? at t M? ag<>
?Iii. ago. Bl Brooklyn. I.
I'lttnbiirgh. 5; Si. I oui?. 2.
Indianapnll?. 3: lluliimora. 0
Kan?a? illy. 3; Buffalo, ?.
fg. I- Pc.' Vf. E. Pc.
Baltimore II S .??8 Brooklyn 7 7 SOO
N, I.??.it? 12 S Mi Kanna? ( It? S II .4M
t hli-ugo il ft ?VW Buffalo ? Il .381
Indtanup ? ?? 8 ?SB Ilttaburgh ? 12 .SSI
International League.
.terser < It? at Montreal.
Newark. 3; Roi-he?ter. 0.
Montreal, 4; Jersey ( ily. 3.
Providence, fl; Toronto. 0.
lliiflal?.. Bl Baltimore, 2.
Buffalo. I ; Baltimore
IV. L. Pc' IV. L.
Rochester 9 .'. .64 I .ler.ey ? ity ? 7 .
Billlinore in 7 ..?MM Ituffaln 7 ft .
Newark M '? Ml Montreal '? M .
Toronto. . . 7 7 ..MJO Providern e 5 9 .
Big Sloop Voyages on
Open Sea for the
First Time.
Bristol, R I Mas o The cup defender
yscht Kesolule had her flrst ocean trial
to-d.is PrevlOUB runs hail been OB tin
sl?ltered v.tiers of Narr-iirans? tt I'..?;
Leasing her? In the forenoon under
three lower sails and dubtopssll, the
?Resolute bssl down th* has- against a
light southerly breeze. After the sacht
cleSTSd lb" harbor ? harles Francis
Adam.?, 2d. took thf sxheel and gave th?
boat short tacks until she was abreast of
Brenton's Rf ef lightship On some of the
tacks the Resolute swunu from f'ill to full
lUBlda ' I 18 M "ruis tiie ereWS handling
th?r head sheets and ba?k stays in a
lively manner.
I h. svater In the bay wa.? smooth, but
outside of ?"autle Rock the Resolute ran
Ir.tfl I sssift around swell and floundered
ai out conaMersbli.
The Resolute made no attempt to go far
off shore. A mile or two outside she wore
around and then heade?! ba. k up th?- ba*\
breaking out her spinnaker to starboard
a.-) <?he passed Kurt Adama. The wind con
tit.ucd light and the Mg lh< et of canvas
ss.is BSt v-ithout I hit- h The > .t- lit pr
suite?! a fln? plcttm Bfl r^he ran up the
bsy under a ? loud of sail.
One Goal Short of Buckmaster's
Total in Hard Match.
la->ndon. May 9-Walter s. Busksaaa?
ter's polo toam toda' be it BSTOS Wlm
l orr.e's reconstructed team bj I -,-oals to
S In Pie final tc?-t match played at tlur
Hngham. A hJ.-e crowd svitnessed |hB
clash, showing the great interest of *ho
British puhli?? In the criais that has arls?n
In regard to the matches to be played ?n
the I't.ited States next month.
The l lay for the first three period? wa?
comparatively uneventful, the score at
that stage standing I to 0 In favor of
Buekmsstsr'fl team. In the fourth chuk
ker the Hu?kmaster -juartet added three
more, to Wfanboras'B tws, making the
score- 6 to t AnothT goal for Buck
master in the fifth made the score 7 to 2
Wiml.nine's men BOOTSd twice in the
sixth, to one goal for their opponents,
and they added two more In the seventh
making the 8001*8 S to 6. In the final
psrlsd Wim borns'fl team ?cored t-4.dc.
making a total of ?? goals, but Buck
ma-ter's man managed to get a goal, giv?
ing them the \ letory.
Another practice match has been ar
rsngsd 1? llondaj .?t Hurllngham, and
it la hoped that by that time the accept
an os "f ChSSaS ard \\'odehouse will
have been recels ed and thai the quart-t
which ultimately will re^reeent Englan*l
ssil! line up for a test against the be^t
team that Buekmaster is able to muster.
Stone School. 8 ; Hackley. 6.
Cornwall. N I , MS3 I Stone School
defeated Hseklsy i? -i eroU played rat"?
of baseball here to-day by a acora of
8 to t.
Applegate Horse Romps Home
in Kentucky Fixture.
Louisville, May 9.-Old Rosebud, swtied
by H. ?'. Applegate and ridden by J.
M' abc won the fortieth annual Ken- '
lucky Derby, at one mile and s quarter,
at the Churehlll Downs track to-dsjf.
Hodge was second and Bronze Wing
third. Th- time was bM 2-h. whi?-h brok
the tra< K re' ord over a track not Con?
sidered last.
OM Rosebud is th<? fourth gelding o
Sin the Kentucky Derby.
Senators Fall to Make Best of
Their Chances and Bow?
Acosta Hurt Sliding.
llngton, May ??The Athletics
i bunched their hits more successfully than
the Senators here to-day and won by a
score of .'. to 2.
'? BStS was Injured sliding into third
ba^e In the third inning and was carried
off the field.
The score follows
dl>r !. to ?? ib r h pOI '
Murphy rt 4 1 t 1 SO A.osta. ri .. 101 0 00
I If. H: 4 no ..eiic-on. rf. : o o 00)
h 4 " I I " I Poster. JK M) ? 10 1
Baker, 3b. II : : : o Milan ?' . IB] *??
? ? - 118 7 21
Daisy, rf. 4 0 0 'J 0 0 IP n; s c.. ?00 7*0
Kopf, at 3 ? o ; 4 1 Shanks, If 3 o : 3 ? 0
I ?? i . ? 111 ?10 More.? n ? 4 0 0 3 7 9
..* p ?ii o 11 M.-nri i?. m s o i : i ?
K?ia??-, p .1 0 i) 1 .' 1
?William?. ? 1 0 MO
I t.Stnlth. 10 0 ?0?
Totals J?8?8*/I8l| Total? ....8111 t? 81
"Batted for Shaw In the ninth Inning tit-aped
'., ? n In the ninth Inning
* ?;.hta . 0 0 1 o 1 o ? ? 1?1
Waiiilr.gt'.n. ? 1 0 0 O o 0 0 1-3
T?n-hase hi:.? OMfBM Maker il.ree-ha??
hit Balm Horn? run Isarol *. -.'?.
Mclnnla Mi.-pin. Stolen !????-Milan Pou
: I? plai Hen y la m Brld? l.. ft so toasa
Philadelphia, ?; Washington li Vlr-t ha?*
on hal!?-<">fT Wyekoff. .',, ..IT BfeBW, 1 I- rW
ba?e on error? -Philadelphia . Waahtagtoil,
1 Hit by plbher?By Bha? .Kopf. BtTOSfc
sal by WyekadT, s. to Skaw, T. rim?t?1*18,
fmplrsa Pinoso ar.<i OoaaeUi
Lord Cadogan's Horse Capt
ures the Great Jubilee.
tendon. May !> -The Orssl Jubilee
Hamllcap of J15,**Y?. run to-day at Kemp
ton Park, was won by I?ord Cs4ogSn'l
The ?'urragh Blue Stone was second
an?1 Prlnmore third. Twenty horses ran.
The race is for three-sear olds and up?
ward, and is run over a course of one
mile and a quarter.
Vinson Fails Navy
and Middies Lose
Annapolis. Md . May II??'atholb I'm
versity defeated the midshipmen to dal
h-, the score of 7 to ". The slsitora dros e
YIMOU, the Navy pitcher, off the mound
In the middle of the ntnU.
The si-ore by Innings follows
Catholic I'btv'itv 0 l ?? 0 3 0?*f> ?-T 11 3
Savs .1 0 0 0 0 I (??? '*?? I .'
H.ittenes?Johnson and Bachary; Vis?
.eon. Blod??ett and Hicks.
Chicago Wins on Track.
?"hlcaxo. May 9?CblCSgO <?serw helmed
Northwaatern to-day In their annual
track meet at the Midway, winning by
7! ??? points to ? 4 '??
Superbas Bury Phillies
With Avalanche of Runs
Ebbet? Scans Calendar So He
May Arrange Fitting Cel?
ebration for Team's
Glorious Victory.
[B] Tc:esi?H>h m Hi? Tribuae.]
Philadelphia Jlr,-. g B itcheied tl
make n Broohlyn holnJa?,.' gloomed the
loyal horn, fans as they left th? paurk
this afternoon after watching the Hrook
1} n Supeibas devote the best part of two
hours to leaving their footprints on the
collective spine* of the Phillies.
Of course, it wasn't really a Brooklyn
SOlldsy, bttt > harles H. Kbbets declared
last night that he would scan the calen
dar with unusual ?are In the endeavor to
saddle something of great Imp?rtanos on
.Ma? '.'. He insist.?, on having a holiday to
commemorate the ?l to 71 victory which
Bis team won over Dootn'fl men here to?
da?,, and that is all there Is 10 it lie
will agree to no A B C mediation. In
'.i t h far as baseball is concerne?!, he's
ariin iii?.-diation.
'baric?, 1'ooln, however, beheves that
\\ llbert Robinson wa? guilt;, of an un
reaeO ,.iMe reetialat of trade, and ?hould
be in.cstlgated by the trust-busting law
makera it was not until ;i-,.- alxth Inn?
Ing, !??:. whh-h time the gama aras safely
tucked aaray la the Fiatbush hat bag.?, that
BrooklMi let down In its pace and permit?
ted the Phllltefl to Indulge themselves to
the extent of their three runs. These
were only as a drop In the bucket, an
overflow from the horn of plenty.
The sltughter was not due to the fsi t
thai Ed Reulbscli was unhittable truite
to the eontrary, his offerings were nicked
for eleven hit?, and he also ssstersigned
two free tickets to Brat has? Along with
the?-e. mor?'o??r. were ats errors dividid
between "Red" Smith, Jake Daubert,
Norman Klberfeid and the ;. oungtster
U Mara. Dtek EgSS was out of the game,
nursing a slight fever and a boil on trie
jaw PO* th. greater part, however, the
Krookl>n defence knit tight when Banger
threatened Two double plays shut off
rnnfl fee the home team
'Rube'' Ctohnwrfl .?n.l Oeschger dee?
rated the cenir?- of the diamond for the
I'hilll.s That is about all they did -
decorate In the hectic innings i/halmeis
was Method around for no fewer than nine
runs, srhteh were ma.le possible by ten
pgttot tly good hit?. three bases on balls
and ?ertairi it -regularities In needing the
sphere as it ?Uttered merrily off the bat.
Oeschger may have beaten the Athletics
PSM in early April, but downing
the Bloated '-hamplons when i.othir.g de
pends on the game an?! holding a team
at ba> When it baa tasted blood is BflSno
thlng else again
In the eighth Inning Oeschger. con?
queror of c'onnie s men. was Jolted for
five r KM
Jack I>a)ton. ot melodramati- fame, and
just plain Jake Daubert played ha**?
w.tn the offering?? of the aforementioned
nit. hers. Dalton lapped out four hits in
half a dozen times at the plate, while
Danbett had thrr" safe one? ?>ut of :ive
attempts < harley Stengel ?i- ?"il*-o in the
. battle, and in? iudtd in his bra? e of wal?
lops a crashing home run C C Cravaxb
had rather a poor da) of it, but got three
hits for himself
"Honey Boy" Paskert mad?? one of the
greatest estchsa ever Been on the grounds
In the sixth inning. H* raced almost to
the fence to pull down with his bare han?l
a drive oil the bal of "Red" Smith The
hit ss.i. | iod foi al i, s?r truer bases had
It fallen safe, and Paaksrt was cheered
for i? full minute.
Interest was taken out of the game In
the lirst f.-sv InntngB The Superna? went
at Chslmera hammer and tongs m the
opening frame, and got four runs on three
hits and some poor werk by Read.
The score follows.
ab r h po a e *h - h po a e
Daltea, f ? I 4 t 88 Paskert, .-f 18 1 4 00
C*utahaw,!M I 3 t 41 Byrne, **>.. 48 1 S tl
Pauh?rt 1b0 2 3 11 11 l.ohert. Jb ."-1 1 : 10
Wh.-?' II ! I 4 I i ?> M.t(r?. if . :, l 1 ) 0 0
Smith, lb 4 2 1 i 3 1 Oavath rf 41 8 8 81
S tan?ai, rf ? : .: 3 mi Uidema.lb 4 o i ? oi
Rl'ftld.as II . :.?:???! -v . 401041'
ryilara.M I M I - . Dooln, c., : o 9 4 11 ;
Fischer.? .'. 0 1 4 00 Rurn.? r :o i 4 10
Reulbach.pt 18 0 ?0 Chalmers, p to 9 0 10
? ?eschgsr, p -? 0 o 0 i o
?ilavora 18 o 9 oo
fetr... 10 0 0 00
Total- ? '? ritf ratals 33 3 io jr 10 4
?1 ?.- 'i for Doom In fifth balas IBauad for
Chalmers In rift h Inning
Drooklsn ,.4 1 8 1 8 8 8 S 8?14
Philadelphia I <> ?> I I 3 >< to 0?S
Two t a?e hi- - I ? | ..'?o
Cravatb Hon ? (f ? lhal.n
In i i?.mut t* '
inning? Bteti . ?ailben
Smith. Btengel ' ravatb Doobts r. ? i flwilth.
i utaha** and Paut-er? 0*Mara, Cutahsw and
Daubart; Rurr? h rid I..; l?ru? I??ft .-n bases ?
??<? . 7. Philadelphia. ',1 l't!?' bOM SO
? if r. i ha. h, i off i balmers, 4 off
Oeachgar I Ir i r ,-? >ri Brooklyn
' hltadelphta 4 HI? b) i ltd er B]
fits get il aubert) Btroch '?? By U'uitM-u.
4 ' Chalmer . 3. t? Ooachgsr, 4 WIM p'-h
-Chalmers 19 Bath Oeschgss Urns -00
Hamilton Captures Ten Out of
a Possible Thirteen Firsts.
Cuates, N V. Mas ? Taking teu ou;
of a rosslble thirteen drst plBSBS, Haiml
ton overwhelmed New- Vork I'niversitv
to-daj tu a track meet here by a BOon
of SI I i M
CSptStfl LOB Si Hamilton wan the atar,
odilini? 20 points to the score with four
firsts TWO reesedB were broken bs Ham
ut?.n man, Jaasup putting the ?hot 11 fest
1 Inch and Shepard pole-vaulting U feet
I inches.
Crescent A. C. Shuts
Out Manhattan Nine
In a game marked t> sensat.onal
Ing tiie ?'reseent Athletic Club shut BUt
the Manhattan College nine at Has RlggB
s ester.lay by a score of 4 to ') Kam fell
In tortent? as the teams took the held t??
hSgtS the fra\ b'.t after three-quarters
of an hour play was resumed
Woo?l, for the Half Moon team, and
Parrel!, for Manhattan, each twirled well
Crescent settled the game in the eighth,
when a two bagger by Tlirop. along ssltrt
a hit bS" '? BSVersI singles, netted
three runs
The .-i ote bs inning? follows:
r h y.
888?I 0 0 3 x??
nan oo?)-?'?>oooo-'' ; :
Batteries-Wocd and BuUer. Farrell and
Visiting Players to Come
as Representatives of
Hurlingham Club.
Their Replies Not Looked For
Before Monday?Wimborne
Hints at Postponement.
[By C?ble t?4 Th? Tlbun? '
London, May 9?The international po'?">
matches at Meadow Brook thai fOOS now
depend on Captain Leslie St. tieorge
i heape and l/ord Wodehouse. but H
mlKht be well to say at the ?tart that
tarjr?! Wimborne 1? far from hopeful that
a team will go to America.
The basis for a compromise between
the warring social factions and an agree?
ment to ask Captain 'heape and Lord
Wo?lehou?e to Join the team were reached
in the manager's office at Hurling?
ham this afternoon after a game between
the Wimborne and Bri'-kmaster teams, in
which, though the score was ? to S.
Wimborne'? players were* even mora
nian-ilessly shown up than on Wednesdav
Blngham, who was substituted for Un
nowe to strengthen the team, pared a
miserable game, and proved weBVklMflS
rather than strength. Bu'-kmaster's side
pla?e?l chiles a>-o in?i the Wimborne
The ?-onference was calle?! imm?diat?
after the game, when Lord V.'imborn??
threw himself on the mercy of the Hurl
tnglram Chlh
Yesterday he a<-reed to finance an
team the committee might ?ele? t. hut at
the conference this afternoon th? com
n-.ittee asked Lord \\ imborne to join, an?l
then found some strings attached to his
offer. Within five minutes after the con
fsrsacs ha?l begun Lord Wimborne. look?
ing very worried, came out to search for
Barrett, an?) then the two returnol to
the manager's room for an hour and
three-quarters, ?lunng wfBSCh his voice
was raised to a high pitch several times
before an agreement was reached
The committee at Irst wante?! an ?ntir
ly new team, then to take only Barrett.
of the Wimborne players, making the
others Cheape. Freakc and Ia?rd Wodc
house laord Wimboin?, however, not
only objected to F'reake. who had a
iefu?ed in most uncompromising fash?
ion Lord Wimborne s invitation to Join
his team, but he iri??i?ted that, at? he was
financing the enterprise, he had the right
to send it leasl i all the players from his
It was flnallv ?lecided that the team WlH
go SS the Hurlingham team LtOtd Wim?
berras'S name will not be connected with
it, but lx>rd Wimborne will be allow e?i te
name h?:f the players and perhaps
others, to go as Hurlingham and not as
\? imborne men.
When the committee came to a decision
as to what players to invite the most
iroti.'?.iule featuie was that Buckmaster
was not ? onsidered h) eitler side at anv
stage l,ord Wimborne refuse?! Freak? -,
and thus i'aptaln ?heape and Lord Wode?
house were left, ard telegrams and let
ter? were dispatched to them in the name
of the Hurlingham Club.
Both i'heape an?) Wodehouse had ai?
read" d?duit?--!? refused to ptaj iiatter
Lor?! Wimborne? banner, and it now re.
mams to b?- seen if the) ??ill consent when
the team bears the ??rflclal nain.- ?if Hur?
lingham Barrett is hopeful and said
after the game:
"I think the team will go on th? ?died
ule?l ?late with this line-up Tomkmion.
No. 1. Cheape, No. 2, Barrett. No 3. and
Wodehouse. back. Hunter will proba?v
he the spare man if his wife? health
Cheape ha? been playing No 1, but
Tomkinson is no go?f>d at No. ?? SB he 1?
rot a sure enough goal hitter But h* la
a strong, heady plav?r and a hard hitter
and a fine No. 1 when backed by a man
like '"heape.
"'heape ar.d Wodehouae will also prob
ab!> bring twn ?,r three ponies ea??h and
strengthen the team that wav '
Lord Wimborne was >si ?sanguine than
Barrett, partly be?ause of his tempera
n cut and partlv b? cause he icahzes more
keenly the previous refuual?. of ? heap?
and Wodehouse. and also appre. late?, b? t
tei that ? heape is e*******"t0**aeel to plaj N.
I, with gToake No 2, and that th?j paii
ha- e developed S system of team work in
whidi eaeh gef-*-*adB ver?, mu? h an the
< hear* will probably be much averse to
playing No -' ?:t-, Tomkinson. who
is far from a gSOd man at No 1 Lora
W inihorn?- said .
I am not a member of the . ommittee,
but was asked to join la the conference,
and it was decide?! to ask <hea;
W udehou??.- to Join th? ?Id?.-.
Tclelirams and l?tter?? h.i-e been s?nt
them, but I don t know whether or not
a team will go to Amen-a \\ ?: can't
expe-t BnSWSIS before Moi,?la- . -?rid can t
Bay an> thing derinite before then
A?ked if Kreake had been invited, he
replied: Kreake has already derinitel;.
refus-d "
A.skcd If Buckmastar had been invited.
Lor?! Wimborne SI a?led a ??efltiit* repl-,
but made it plain that B.ckmaster had
i.e.? h.-an .-onsidered Wimborne said a
postponement to September might prove
th? solution of the problem, and inquired
eagerly of American reporters ?lut th?
< ondltion of the Meadow Brook grounds
would be In September and October
During the course of the coeiferen e
Wlmhorne's men hung around the
ho?;?? i.ntil .shortly before the meeting
broke up, Tomkin???ii and Bingham being
the last to have
Bu<'kma?ter's men. on the other hand,
had gone almost at once, ?,'aptaln Cheai I
...:<! Ixjrd Wodeh<vj?e h ?r?-ied away for
week end? In the ? ounto, but Buckma?
ter staye'l for about half an hour and
showed plainly his pleasure at the show?
ing up of lajrd Wimborne's tears
Illinois Wins on Track
Madison Wal . Ma> I -Illinois won th?
dual track meet with the I'niver- ?
Wiseomin here to-day by 7-, , point? to

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