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hot not tslten the matter up wfth t
G?r_u_a *-?ve**nmen*_ Cou:nt vrm Per
?tforff. th* (J-miui Amlnassador, call,
at t_e a?te D?part.m?mt this morn hi
hut after leaving ?Mr. Bryan he sa
that he had not discussed the matt
of the shipment of srms from Germai
to Me*?-**-,
T_**r-# ht evidently some mlsundr
Btancfing ce*n??erning the Herman an
which the administration Is not y
ready to r**~?-_l. it hi _?-*. br!l?rv
hero that the (>rm?n shippers won
voluntarily sacrifice profit?) by orderl!
on their own volition that tho arms 1
not deliver???. It S8SSSB1 clear that th
government ha? brot)ght some lnfi'
8SBB8 to Ivear, probably through tl
German government, on tho consigne
of the munitions of war.
Mr. Bryan said frankly this aft?
noon that he had no information co:
?erning the matter except that fro
??on?!!! General Rodgers. lie wou
throw no light on the sources of ?
Kodgers's informati?>n, nor why Info
mation from Havana should be accep
cei as final.
Cargo from New York.
With no American warship at I4ier
Mexico ami consequently without tl
means of preventing the landing ?
these arms and ammunition, whlc
might be used ngainst Amman troc?]
later on, the only feasible method ?
e-ffective action was an appeal to tl
German government to stop the d<
livery. For its part Germany doubl
less would ha\e boon greatly ?r-mbar
tmsteei by su? h a request, for the rSSM
that it had no authority to Interfet
with Its own commercial lines in le
gitimate business except in time 8
war, und it is. of course, known to a
Kuropean governments that the gov
eminent of the 1'nited States is nc
ready to admit the exlstemo of sue
It is assumed that the cargo wai
taken st the shipper's risk, and witt
the understanding, perhaps, that i
would not ba landed )f the cot??pan;
would thereby be embarrassed with it!
relations with the i'nited States gov?
FTum an unofficial source it wn<
learned that these arms and the am?
munition, like the cargo on the Vpl
ranga, turned back from Aera Cruz,
were originally shipped from New
York or some other Kastern port; at
?ny rate, th*t they were of American
manufacture and were sent to llam
l urg as likely to afford the. easiest ac?
cess to the Mexican Gulf p??rt-,
Reach New Orleans from Mex?
ico; One Stays with Red Cross.
Ths anxiety of the Board of Foreign
M! -ions of the MothoHa" Epiooeol
?'hurt!? concerning its workers in the In?
terior uf m.\:c" was s?-t nt rest yeafter?
day b] a te lecratn received from Dr. John
W. Butler, statin?,' that all the thirty
Methodist mlaalo?ai I? a, i x-e-pt one, have
reached Now Orl? -
Tbs one remaining In Mexico is Miss
?Sura Temple, of ths woman's society,
Who ha?- afliliateil herself with the Rod
Cross Baffles in Mexico ?'ity.
Riehard Hsnlfng T*av??j. whose s?
?rV*es had be??ri engnged by The Tribu
??-?verni months l-rfeirv. wits already
his way to Mexico for this paper ah
President Wilson maele his appeal
C??ngress on April '2ii tor Justification
using the arm?d for?--? e?f the nation
c?7-mpel re.spev t for the Amert'-in ft
frotn Huerta.
The next morning, simultaneous
with the publication of the I*r**Bideni
nddress. whl? h m?ant the b??ginning
the stirring events ?if the last ran? td
days. The Tribune waa able to a
nriunce that Mr. l'avis was on his wi
to Mexico and Arthur Ruhl was wi
the last to keep Tribune r?-adors a
?uratcly Informed ??f the doingB of tl
nation's fighting men.
Tht? first message- from Mr. Dav
was publis..? d cm April -4, tellif
graphically of the ball at Oalvest?
which came to a sudden end as the o
ehestra was playing "?B PBS
d'Amour." when an orderly whisper?
t?> Major Kvans, neijutant general ?
the ."?th Rrlgaele, that General Funst?
and the ."th had be-en ordered to V< i
Cruz. The stirring excitement of Wi
was tn his dBSCllption of the- rush 1
j quarters that followed.
Next ?lay ?ame the account of th
? sailing of the' brigade with Davis o
the Kllpatrick with General Funst??
in dese-ribing the f.??ene lie told of th
line appearance of the soldiers, sight ?
whom made him feel sorry for th
First Glimpse of Enemy.
On April ,'>> came his story ?>f th
arrival of the brigade at V.-ra CnU
where the Kilpatrick was met in sllenc
by four Mexicans and a motion plctur
man, an artistic touch leading Up t<
the gloom on the transport. Mediation
Davis said, had chilled the men, the;
ielt that their rifles had been change'
int-r> brooms, und he- added that the da?,
of victory seemed to he with the
apostles of peace and the feminists.
When the brigade was disembark**
next dav Davis de-siribe-d the amaze?
ment of the? Mr-xiians at Vera Cruz
Never, he saiel, except In brOBSB 08
monuments, had they ever seen suet
supermen of such heroic aspect. He
then sounded the warning that the
rains were ?omlng and that every day's
delay made more dilllcult the march
to Mexico City. He believed that that
march was inevitable.
His llrst glimpse of the e-nemy was
tolfl of on May .',. It was after a visit te?
' the point where the railroad track is
torn Up OOtSlde Vera ?'ru/, sud v?. h. i >?
refugees have to exchange trains. In
a sh?>rt dispatch he gave a vivid pict?
ure of the Federal Boldler, b brigand,
unk.-nipt but polite.
OU May 4 he told or the sailing Of
the Montana with the nation's dead,
who will be honored here to-ilay and i
to-morrow. With one incident, how ?
ths British Admiral <'rad??k had
?aught sight of "lie forgotten flag mi a,
| launch and ordered it lowe-reil. vv'th
&ttnf & (fa*
.flwmtt 40t% at 46th $r.
Embracing the Spring season's most successful
models and shades, many of which have been
made but recently from reserve stocks of fine im?
ported materials.
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? the cry, "Half mast your flag; the
American dead are passing:" he made
one feel how every flag In the harbor
was bowed In respect for the brave
hoys ein their way home.
Mr Davis.? lust message to be pub?
lish? ?1 was on May 4. It told Of. the
shortage of foe?d In Vera <ruz and of
General Funslon's plans to aveiid fam?
ine. The next ?lay The Tribune re
e-e-tved a dispatch from Arthur Ruhl. Its
other correspondent, stating that Davis
had gone to Mexico City to Investigate
conditions there.
Noted War Correspondent.
Richard Harding Davis, who hurried
from his farm at Mount Klsco, M. Y.,
nt the call which told that the music
of rifles loaded with ball might soon
be heard, is the best known and most
distinguished war < orrespe.ndent in
America Europe has now no rival to
match his wonderful faculty of ac?
curate descrlptiveness. He comes of a
wilting stock.
He was born in Philadelphia on April
1\ VSti, the son of U Clark Davis, ed?
itor of "The Philadelphia Ledger." and
Rebecca Harding Davis, author of
many short stories. It was on his fif?
tieth birthday that he set out for M?*x
ieo. He shares his literary inheritance
with his brother, Charles Belmont
Davis, formerly Inlted States Consul
General at Florence, Italy.
After playing football and eelitlng
the college paper at Lehigh 1 niversity
and putting in a year at J?>hns Hop?
kins. Mr. Davis began newspaper work
in Philadelphia, and later e-ame to
New York ami attracted attention
by his "Van Bibber" sketches In "The
Evening Sun'' He first became widely
known by his spirited story "Gal?
lagher," published In 189a. BlBCS th?-n
be- has written many books. He- setod
as a war correspondent In the Spanish
American War. and while with the
army before Santiago contracted fever,
from which he nearly died.
Mr. Davis has been twice married.
Hkt first wife was Miss <'ecll riarke, :
daughter of John Marshall Clarke, of
Chicago, to whom he sent his proposal
br a small boy messenger all the way |
from London to Chicago. His SSCOUd
wife was Miss Bessie McCoy, the !
a? tress, who was the Yama-Yama girl
in "The Three Twins."
(eintinuerl from paje 1
through New Ye?rk unnoticed and
bowed up on the Texas border three
davs luter.
Tt is not gene-rally known that there |
are- 7,'KMI regulars in New York State,
l'art of the possibilities that arose be?
cause ?if yesterday's warlike- action in?
volved these regulars On the three;
transports which will be r?-a?ly by
Wednesilay ,<;,."rO0 men ?-an b.? a?-?-orn
mmlated and all the animals necessary
for field work.
l'nier.? fr?nn ttu? War Department put
the steamships City of Mmnn, c'ity of,
Memphis, of the Savannah Line, and I
the; Minnesota, of the Hawaiian Dine,
into commission. The <'ity of Memphis '
was recalled from Boston? and will ar- i
rive at Brooklyn at lo o'clock to-day
for overhauling and re-mod?tiling into a
The City of Mscon lies at Bbewaa'a
shipyard, Brooklyn, where :'.<n? men ?in?
putting her in shape. The Minnesota,
whii h was t?> sail for San Francisco ?
I ?-?-t?-rday, is at Robins' shipyard, in '
Brooklyn, whose 800 mm sre getting
her ready to carry horses, mule-s and
provisions. The Washingt??nian and
th?- Montanan, ?if the Hawaiian Line,,
were also ? harter? el.
Other trans-pott?- chartered by the,
War Department yesterday we-re th?:
Colorado, the OSSabaW and the Denver,
at Galveston; the? Don-h'-ster. at Nor?
folk, and the Kan.-san, whieh was re
? ailed in the Caribbean Sea.
Sei retary Garrison would no! admit
there was anything signifi? ant in (as
lie- put it) "the ? bartering of a few
tram-ports." He said, however, that
thfl steamships e-harteT'-d were to be?
available for an "enierge-n?;. " that i
might arise.
The? "eriurgeney" that the transports
chartered yesterday could take care of
is about laVOOO men und supplies, if
Funston should bei SttSCkSd "r should
he begin a move inlaml fr?m Vera
Cruz, 16,000 men is the number ?sti
liiated by army officers that he would
need at once-. That number is near the
border, Where most of the transports .
will be sent.
The twenty additional transports
which it is said the War Department
will have under charter makes the sup?
port of Funston complete. We?rk yes?
terday on the chartered steamships in
Brooklyn was under the dir??tion of a
naval constructor who came on from
\\ ashington. Captain Stclse.n. C. S. A.
and offl? ers from the quartermaster's
it was saiel >?st< til.'y that 5.000 of the
regulars around New York were ready to
move at on?-?-. The first to go. it was in?
timated, would be the 3d Regiment, of
which eight companies are stationed at
Madison Barrack?. Lake Ontario, and four
. nmpanfrtl at Fort Ontario. Next in order
comas tic- 6th Regiment, at l'latts
burg. N. Y
The last to leave for the front of the
Infantry win be the nth Regiment, of
Which one battalion I? at ??overrior'.? i?l
and. one battalion at Fort Niagara and
?.- . battalion at Fort Porter, Buffalo, a
U't-ii of MM Infantry.
Of coast artillery, drilled as infantry,
tiitre are two companies at Fort Wads
worth, five- ' ompSJUOO at Fort Hamilton,
seven companies at Forts Totten, Hlo-um
and tjchuyler, six ? ompames at Fort
Terry, six companies at Fort Wright and
five conn?.?nie? at Fort Hancock.
Theaa Mmpanlea each bare me hundred
? 'at of them it is propose,! to take
h.ilf. making a regiment of l.SM men.
According to the plan disclosed yesterday,
the mine ? ompanle? will stay for harbor
protection, an?! as the gun companies are
withdrawn tney will be repla? ed by
Resides the troop? mentioned, there is
a company of signal corps at Fort Wood.
a detachment of engineers, cavalry and
signal corps at W. ??t Puu.t and a regi?
ment of ..ivalry at Fort Fthan Allen.
No wonl to get rea,l\ ??.,? ?.a,,-, to the
national guard yesterday. It is not be?
lieved the militia will be ordered into
action until the regulars are will.
from the Texa* border. The plan? of the
War Department, it is said, call for mob?
ilisation ,of the New York forces h-ie:
and transportation to Texas, where they
an astsMOM acclimated before being sent
into Mexico.
What Says Ben Franklin To=day?
PICTOGRAPH NO. 50. MAY 10, 1914.
e?cJSi?/c tftft>t/g/e
jort/re 4tt$/rt??me
' -l \ f,
Supplies Are on Sale at Tribune Office. By Mail, Use This Blank.
The New York Tribune,
New York City, N. Y.
Enclosed is $.fer v hich send me the
items marked bcloic:
P. R. Almanack and
Pictograph? No. 36
to No. 50. 45c.
Record Book and Back
Pictographt No. 1
to No. 35.70c.
Band money in atompS, postal or express money order, or Chech
Suspension of Hostilities
with United States Only,
Mediators Cable.
[ By e?iihle to T)V 1 rit.in.? !
Mexico City, May '?' Boflor Eatevi
Ruiz, the acting Minister ?if !-"? -1 ? - _; .*
Affairs, rocelyed forms] notice to-daj
from the representativos ?-?f the tin-?-?
mediating posrora thru there iras no bai
or hindrance in the agTOBmonl with th?
United i-'tates against conUntuun 8 ??I
the Huerta government'.? measures fen
8HHPSSSSlOII Of the revolution.
The agreement to suspend hostilitiei
pending tho SSttlSBBOnt ?if negotiation!
not having been accepted by the ?Car?
ranalstas is solely With the l'uit?-?l
Ht.-it?-:?, thorofore, und ths mediston de?
clara in their cable in? .?sag?- tu BoflOl
Ruiz that "it docs not r?-atii, t the lib?
erty of action of jrour ***_cellency*fl k<'\
ernment in regard to tin- revolution?r)
." Th?- message follows:
"Washington, Muy 8.
"Minister ?,f Foreign Relations) M?-xi' i
"Answe-ring font excellency'
graphic dispatch, \\o havs the honor "f
informing von that the agreement f"i
the suspension ??f hootilitlofl between
the fotvos ?if j our BXCellency'a ?;>>? ?'ru?
inent and those Of the 1'nite-?! State?
does n??t restrict the liberty ?>f action
of your encellen? y's government ?n re?
gard to the revolutionary forces.
"Hespe-i-iing the fa, UttlSS afforded !??'
the government of this country to thS
revolutionists f??r sei -tiring arms, though
we understand thut at the proseat mo?
ment a prohibition is in force against
the introduction of arms into M>\. o,
we have apprised tii- Sc> retary of State
?if the siifrgcstion < cntame-d in your dis?
patch, and we will bs glad to transmit
to your 8Kceilen, y his ehlinil" answ.-r
as r.????n as it is ? ..mmurii' atod I?? us.
"We renew to your excellency the as?
surances of our high eemsideratlon.
"I> I>.\ ?'.am a,
"ArnimBSadOT Of Brazil;
'R. S. NAON',
"Minister of Argentina;
*'K. gUAREZ M1JI?"A.
"Minister of Chltt."
The suggestion r?t?-rred to in the dis
! at? h is that pending the mediation
negotiation? the S m 88 ha ii government
abstain from allowing the r?-b?-ls to pro?
cure arms and ammunition in Amerl?
can territory.
Esteva Ruiz replied as follows
? M.'xi.o City, May B
"To Their Excellencies the .Ambassa?
dor of Brazil and the Ministers of
Argentina and ?'hili. Washington:
"I have received the t? lesram of your
exe ellencl.-s explainIng that the sus?
pension of hostilities agreed to bStWOl n
the two Rovi'rnments does 110t inter?
fere with MeStoO*8 artion against the
revol it i-mists, anel that though ye. 1
understand that a prohibition 1 .
present against th>- acquisition of arms
111 American territory by the rovolu
tlonists. yet your ex. eilendes ar- tak?
ing steps in the State Department to
ascertain the actual status of this mat
"i e.t'f.-r to your excellencies cordial
thanks for your communication, and i
repent that my government depl? m
the fact that tin? r? voiutionists, obfus?
cated by political passion, siioul?! not
understand that an adjustment of th.?
pending International Question inter?
ests all Mixi'-ans.
"i reiterate t" your escollen lea ths
assurances of nay high ronslderatlon.
"Acting Minister of Foreign Relations."
Senator Emilio Rabeas and Se?ores
Augustin Rodrigues and Lula Elguero,
tin- three delegates who an- t?? repre?
sent Provisional President Huerta nt
the mediation conference ;?t Niagara
Kalis, rjanada, left here to-day to travel
to their destination by ??ay of vera
Su- Lionel Cardan, th.? British Min?
ister, to-day again advised British sub?
jects to leave th?- capital.
There are about six hundred Ameri
? can citlsena left In M? si? o ? llty.
*,', ,,r,?s of confidence in the Executive
accompanied th- Senate's approval of
the appointment of the peace delegates
;.. .-<. rda t afternoon.
"The Braslllan LegaUon has received
notice o" the sat'?? arrival at Co.itza
. ?.ai. os of the lar?, party of ?Americana
wio left the capital on Wednesday
? night
a fair number of Ameri ans are ar
riving here from the Interior ??f the r.
piil'li?-, and in a telegram to the Inte?
rior Department General Joaqu?n Maas
sdvlaaa fron ?Saltillo thai a train nrlth
many Americans on board left that
?ity y< -t. i-,I..-. i,,r this capitaL
it is reiterated in offlclal circles that
us test .is Americana arrive her.* and
expresa a wish t,, continue their Jour
ney facilities will !,?? levlsed to enable
them to reach the c?jast in safety.
Th-- texi of th.. Benate'a resolution
approving the Executive'B appointment
of peace delegates la ss follows:
"The Senate ratlflea with applause
: the judicious sppolntment made by the
Executive m favor of Emilio Rebasa,
in th?' capacitj of presiding offleer, ami
Don ?Agust?n Rodriguez anil lion Luis
Blguero that they may set aa dele?
gates of the Mexican government, and
they ar-- authorised to adjust, debate^
negotiate and sign any arrangement or
treaty with the government of the
United states of America with full
powers ami authority as ample as may
i?. necessary for adjustment ??f the i im?
Blot that has aris-n between the two
It was propose?! that the vote, in?
stead of being a lining one, should be
taken from each Senator indie idually
and by name. This was done, and th??
up!" Intmenta were ratitied unani
Anxiety Now About Louis
D'Antin, Interpreter, Who
Stayed in Mexico City.
?-il i
Washington, May 9 ?.lam?e R. Sll?man,
American **V .- .. i .; .ty eoaSOl at let?
. .-,-.- and w.-ii m gallillo, ..
Inform?t* .
Mai ???? - 'if,
throuch the I
repot teil that s.:; roan ?as
sor oi Qeaeral Ma ? at Saltillo,
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in i reparina ?our set of solutions, oh
serve the following rUlSSI
if you ai?- using singla eoupona your
name atid address must be legibl]
to each on?'. \ o ,r Bel musl be arranged
in correct numerical order, from No. 1
to No. .'.". All ansuars to the same p|
tograph must he together. The set
lie securely houtul together In
i ton a mann? I hat then M so ?v.
g.-r of say of the rouponi l>*c?)mii<-|
lu -I Tin '??, :| ?il.s r . 4?j
! trimmed and of one l
If you SIS USlng B Ke-'ird Hook ad g
- I ,.
on the checking -
plained in the book it-" ,
c.ccii socomi any it.
in -rending In your set whether ?
consista of coupo
wrap it -' 1
ami SEAL it in auch a ma - - taetl
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ROLL the package tddrei ? to tae
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to pi.t on enough i "Statre. n reqia-a
postmaster weigh it for >u ' ? kis?
received "pool ..-? ? ? sitiv-j?
not b?- s< ? ; t? ?1. !
Rules Governing the Quiz
All ; Il?g in th?- t'liite-,|
an?! fi.tiaela. BSeept BBBSleyBB of The New
Terk Trlbona and their Imaaedleta laaa?
Ule?, are sUSlSIa t" 1'Hrlicip.it- in UM BBS
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? ?l.c Id? ? *??
I The Hen Fr.inUlin ejuiz BOnstStB In ?he
iph?, sppearlng on
tifiv cons?? m riibuns. **?b
,,'. p.' njamln
l-'i ?i.klln.
Siiii'i,-!? .ir.? t,? be sabmltl**! on blank*
printed far that parp?se in Th* Tni.une
solution mint be written ?in a sepa?
rate h'.ank. No solutions are M be eent
In until the COnelVSlon of the Quiz
Ko more than six pointions will be ac
? for any i, h from any
. .irtlclpant.
Ti-- poraon submlttlns tb* hlahsst num
t BOlu IVSB the
? it. th? nest hiebest ths -
and ?o m, u.t!. th? other ?
?end in the
number ol correct eolutlon* the one
LH -r ,,f extra
?.ii he (Iren th? hixheet award
?end m th*
asi ?
? ? ? ? ? | ?. M o?. I lie
award? tied for
rjually, Thn? if two | M
I ea<-Ti s?ri<1 In forty rorre.-t
. Met) ihonld u.?-> on?
? i lanka, and thsy
I for I A th-- -e,-.?n.|
ami thil - ?? added mcetlier
? t amount dl*. Ided ?ou i
the i?,i so tleiii? BhoBId II b?
" foregoing rule Is
' , ?;? an .ward Identical in rains with
tied far ??ill . . nein?:
?? ill ti? *l\en to eine
,?--)i th.,? Ml -
? ai" m.?? iubmit
Individual ?ei? of BOlatlena Tl
,,,.,,' -
?m :i ?? ird, pro*, ni- - ...
??ne person may one set of
? ?? cotnprlalns not mors thai - \
-a? to eavh picture ai d no partial
Person? gtrlni me? or ad
- or pi ?'-?'- ns ? ?'? I
?in be ?
Are you sure you've nor . . tall
a single possible answer t" i |.-to-|
graph T Remember ? on o? i
but one may mean ?lisa;', Olltl
?let your He? ore! Book and ?jbrahl
all tha ans? ers you ? ?':? ,
Question Box
M. ML >e?Tiir? Writ? I ' ??y1n|.
.Mi?. 17. S. P. V. Leave I 11 ?" '.Mi
(. \., ?41-rantiin ' ? ? ?. ? er. .??g
to ?\rite out answer? on ?h? (feagfl
' Anamer i ? number a? par la
?tru'-tlons In th? 1'
Ml?* H. ??. ir ?>-?t?m :? a ceptabla
A. B., ??uiraer i 1 i 'mines n-gg
:!-.? clierklriaT sheet only. l?l M elk ?M S
:? n?.e. ,
*t. I). ( . - off. nam? ?r ?. t*.
dresa ?r? ? lain ? lew P? r - - a
i? if no materl -i as?
X. V. 7.. -?I? Writ? nut fu:i ? 4 ;
I.Istlncr book provides ? conven ? ?V
tr? suriniit answer? ?e/ltbout th? usa al
plrto^ra ph?
M. v .1. s. Tour question I? not ?-'??tr.
.1. ?.. II Will i.? better In tvrtewrlU ?
? of paper and than poati
".l.??-kle" (I) 1' ..? foi - ?SSi
Ige? ?ill ronnliler eh? .?? ?ha?
\\ . ?Mi *?t. ?!
dlseretlon. Ju-lgo? will - -:!-r t?
king sheet ?. r. I ?- i 2. No 4'r?|M
ire-i ???i ompan) the 1
1. M? llr?>ii\.
VI. ? . ?.V . \.-nl.iir?li ; ?i:|
aad D ? ?
I'. ??. Ii laea a * ? ?ar '
only. Thl? must contain I " ? ??
s?? ? r?
('. T. K. f|) A inorl plan I
v ? do no! un lerai ? it loa. ?M. I
I. A. M. I ) Dal 'ttr ia? ,
tatlona, the checking ?heel t (Ini ra>l
' ??? (Ml
f.. II. t.. -? 1 i Expiai i ?tr* t?
rl ?JJ<>
lallei ?
"Qaeallemi" r? r*i
M. N. J and II. M. II. llOih ?-i
Rlehard'i Almana? k.
\\. .1. II.. Ilobokeii r . . ? >i
of ?uhmlttinn an? ? '
pictograph lorn ? printed b? u?
V. I'. Tremonl I'. ?? SplH
? p?jrc!?a??4
anil tor tWO W'-'ks the State I ?. pai tment
ha?i heard nothing ffefM him it was
feared that he had ?'"me to harm, ami
through ? rarlety of channels the stat-?
Department endeavored te obtala lu
formation i fetg.
The French location In Ml SB
i irned from the Mexican Minister
of 'a a- thai BllUman traf safe He ara
aNo informed thai the American con
is ? !? -r gnard h)
1-", ih-r,?i tott as
trtmont is wiring In?
? In Mexico City as to Um safe.
.. Antin. interpreter of the An,, u
can Embassy In Mi - I When Wet
son ? ' - ? the rest of the
,'f departed from Mexico ('ity
D'Antm remained behind sin?-e then
nothing haa bean heard rron him, and
th? deportment is anxious.
Mr I'.nan has ma?le vigorous repr??
sent?t:', '?? H ?-.la oooeoralng the
ty ?if I ? ? -? en ? ? . i -, port? i ? ?
be ?n the hands of ! audits In the State of
Sing- Sing- to Have a New War?
den Friday, Is Report.
Warden Jam. i I lai I ? i rdlnl tl
reports rsachlng Sing sin?* prison >m*
lard k]. will step ?cit ?-f offlee ? n Fr:?"*!
and there will be a nea warden in ?*
The ant!-''lam ;. faction S( ti.e prisoa
h< aded by I k orga it nkins, ol \? ting
Contra h r Ml nnsl J. ?vai-n'i
start, is Jubilant.
?'I.iniy, n is -?it.?!, was nol OCtOAtthw
to quit, when bis rsslgnstion t? ?>krf**?-t
Og May 1. b? ans- OU ? plSS tO ha?eth*
job rsasrved tor ft ranas ?Vniifli JoilI!
B, K- niiedy. KSMB4 ?! ??* h?ti
to hat .-? tments banging ov?r
hlS bead t brown Mil ? : ?-'>'? ^
Justice- Mor? hau*
then b> than somslMd) bIsb nfll belt
Clnn?7*y*B plnco -
Fur Storage? Yes,
AND TRUNKS 01 CLOTHING ire cared for in NINE
KKIGIDOHS occupying An entire Fireproof Building
txperts in charge.
The only Safe iiepost ?".ompanv carinf" for the entire
furnishing of the household at no (?reater cost than
charged by the best warehouses. t.areful Packers.
Electric Van Service.
is guaranteed safe from lire and theft. A written
-?uarantee is given.
42eJ .'?treet, opp. Grand Centra] Terminal.
Readily reached from anywhere.
Telephone Murray Hill 5888.

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