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Ito B0rU ?fiB
r {-.He ?-*
Leasant Spring
*onic in Form of
?ouse Parties.
C-? 01 ? ' be the
Of New
?? Tori
n ?
? ? . tee 01
i. aloiiK the H-,id.--o?i. (-ver in
>?? rat r aad at ' Le?os
r .n ?rue-Fts at tala time of tl
ov?r tl maoh ? in-i ip?*-rtlns a"fa!rs In
?1 IT te inter*.? ? ? (?i.led
ti! Ih? befinnlns <-?f summer, and in the
? arranged foi the en
Of tl ? Yesterday
Mention- Brook Steeple
ahafe '? sociatloa held a meet at Harry
F n trie Wlieatley
? ? su I large t-athorlnc
re. The Whitneys
at then
arho Rava ^'le.-t?? over
SB ??aide!
it Martin Hull, their
place at Mi and M
anrl Mrs Thomas
Id Philip :
Im Phippses and many
:: Stewart Barney took a
V.una Farms Inn,
Prlday, where ?
?? the party
are *d uider D. B
I?, r. re, Mr. nn?!
took, Mr. and lira
..-, . M
Il - (Isa Usa Buydam, T.
|r., William R.
? floche and others.
a'a Church, Hyde Pal
si ii"on Miss a- ne
'*' bter of Mr. nnd
of '? West .'7;.!
Il of .1. ?iriswold
I .??? TV T-: i ?i i -
of G*-OtOI1
Will pel non] . which
I * 'option at I'rrm
? .?ne ?,f ||f. and
;? |
tei 'a tnairon of honor.
. da will be mi?
?Vr'l'.s. Misa MaiKaiet
of the
I he? the tourer -riri n Walter
? <?f t!-e hridej.?! o"m, will he
let' and the -.?hers will include
H?- ' . Frederick: Park".
avis, Thomas H. F?r*rothlnc
m Walter Tu.'i
H Balch,
? h let.m Burr, H i 'V.T
i.ei \I Pehon, .1r . Ches
.-;?. A Paru and
r, Jr.
M*. '?' . ?? his farewell ba'-he)?-?
Saser ut the Copie? -I1' uta,
Pea?? i a ?on of the? late III
en. H ? alter WeW), of Poston, and a
Mphe? \\ Beward We'd? and
?fejor G ?. .-'?ton Webb, of New York.
, Ml?? ? Ward well, daughter of
II, vvrll be tnarrierl to
on of Mr. and afra
? ?tis. next Thursday In
a Holy Communion.
?*? ?\ irUi hr?\? no attendants.
*f will be bost man. and
???rev. ?usher* The angnSJOant nt
*? ?nnoi.nced on December L
le summet ?ved?"'- Kl
> Svhil White Pavls.
'?-h:?? and Mi Howlan-I
. ore . t.. Chartas lftta>
' Poston it will take
at i>oni* i'ond, the
???try be bride-?, parents, at
?Vaoutti, Masa. The roupie, although
"?'?tat, the lame n-?nie, are not related.
??te of ,(,,,, enr-aKement.?- an
?"???Ve-i ...a?, that of Miss Kuth
*W*ton . 1-fhter of Mr. and Mil
^:s !? - ; ? :, ton, Of Do l-ast r*7th Si ,
' ''' igh Wendell, a son of
2*J***'" Barret! Wendell, of
f*fcn .i,,n. who made her
**???-?' rs ?..-?> i- a KianddauRhter
*-^>?r< ;..,? mi81 Alice Appleton
ojm\utM -fid 'liarles I. ArP'eton and
****?> are her broth
* Hi ?ippleton have a coun
^kor-ie | Tps? ? Idaae. Mr. Wendell
" ***" Harvard In ISO? He
t? men r . ? tire Harvard flub of thls|
"*? ?a well a.?, of uev-ral dubs !n Boston.
.Mr? ? hsrlea I) (?shorn* Of Auburn.
N *i . and Mi i f,, offre). of Bh i
china, are hla sisters.
Miss Julia W, Bobbins, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs Julian W. Robins, s\i:i hase her
dri John W, Mtnturn, as her
?iiati-iri <>I I OnOT and only attendant at
her marriage to Lydtg Hoyt, sshicii v\\\
be celebrated on June 3 In St. George's
Church, Mi. H??yt ssill have his cou I)
?'havles I, Appleton. as his best man.
and the UShSIS me to be Edmund P. Rog?
er.- Sheldon W'hitchouse. Bertram de N
111 ?.t Cross, Samuel A. Welldon.
Spencer Turner. Henry W. Bull and
1'iialrnera Wood, ji A reception will he
the home <?f Mr. and Mrs Rob
K.ist 74th st.
The mai r?ase nf Misa Mar ory Rrii'-e
Stuart. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. llenr
?'larenee Stuart. to Charles Bvssa
Hughes. Jr., son ol Justice Charles B.
Hughe!?, of the United States Supreme
??it ssi.l tak?' place on June 1" In the
of the i athedral of St John the
' Vine M.ss Stuart Is at Yafsar Coll?ge,
1. ,t ss ill he gra?luate?l next month, and
\vlH be the first bride of her class The
engagement of the young sour!? svn? -?.,?
i a * car ago. Mi. Hughes arsa
grsdUSted fr.im Brown rn,v?:sits m if-oj
Lier from the Harvard Lau BchooL
Another engagement announced last
STUB that of Ms- Marguerite ?2
Bchlejr, daughter of Dr, J Ktontfurt
Schiey. of Cl M'est Mth Bt, t" J Harp*r
Itonnell :?,(. son Ol the late John Harper
. and a great-grandson of the late i
Jobn Hsrper, une ol the founders of ?he,
firm of Harper <? Riot hers. Miss Schiey
: -.lie late Bear Admiral \\ in?
field S'i.tt Seines I S N . and a grand
daughter of the late Henry Bpsuldlng,
Her older Bister, svho was Mls-s Kath?
arine R S.-bles- was married last autumn
to Fr Arthur D, Vanel!. of W'aterbury. I
. lone
S Besan Miller, of 701 Cathe-iral st.. Bal?
timore, announced last Friday the engage?
ment of hi?- daughter, MbH BUsa Miller,
to Henry Fairfax Asie?, of this city,
? v Miller is the granddaughter of Mrs
Bdgar G Miller, also of Baltimore Mr
Ajrraa Is the son of Mrs. Charles Oreen?
leaf Avres and of the late Colonel Ayres,
l) S A., and a giandson of the late
John Walter Fetrfax. of Virginia His ? ?
tet. Miss Emily Tiearborn A s res, ?an
married las>t October to Cicorge E?mlen
Starr, of Philadelphia The *Aeddln*f ?a m
take piare In the autumn.
Cost-nior aJid Mrs Martin H Olynn.
Mayor and Mrs John Purroy Mltchel.
the wife of the Secretary of M'ar and
many other distinguished visitors have
i accepted Invitationa to attend the Flit
more subscription dance to be held In the
-m ot the Biltmor?. on next Fridav
evening The proceeds of the ball ore
to be divded between the Army and Nary
relief societies ot New York and M'ash
?ireat Interest has been shown ?n this
ball not only by members and frlenda
of the army and navy, but by many
publL-minded, patriotic citizens.
Among the natrons and patronesses are
Mrs. William MoAdoo. Mrs. James Roode
volt, Admiral and Mrs. F. J. Higglnaon.
Mrs l^omird M'ood, Captain and Mrs.
' Albert Gleaves, General and Mrs charlea
' F. Roe Mr? Charles G Ayres. Mrs Oil
ver Bi-?d?mari. Miss Haiirel M ?>nt?!
Mrr. Douglas l?i't'inson, lira R J. Ber
?vinil, Mi?. Frederick Pratt, Mrs An^'-rr?
Heckscher, Urn, Edward N Breitling
lira :-i PalrOeld Osborn. Mrs "? A. l-ow
tienera! Nels>??ii A Mil? - I OOl Ia^o Hag
pin. Mis. C. Uvlnsston Bat-fer, Mis. n
\ C Smith. Mir I' B W ! ttein'Te
Mrs. James N Dlnwidaia tort ? I
Bailey and Mrs '!' '? Q
M:-?, ?.'halles <? Avie?, ;"?. West ?>7tt
?t , has charge of the s,?le of boESS and
tickets. Te kets ma] M an ured fronr
Mrs. A M. Tha kara, Jr.. at the Biltmora
or through Tyson & CO.
While no ?late has he? n set for the wed?
ding of Ml?? Mai \\ atson, d.i'.ehter ol
Mr. and Mr? Walter tVatSOn, and Fred?
erick T. Frelinghuyscn. It arlU probably
take place during the ?r.irly part of Sep?
tember at meadow Farm, the country
home of Mr. and Mrs. WataOB, at lelip.
l.ong island The ? ?casement of the
young couple was recent!) announce.
Miss Watson was IntTOdt? ed to society
last r>eeember at a ball given for her by
her parents at Sherry's Mr I'rc.inghuy
sen Is a son of Theodore Fr-linghuysen
and a grandson of Predertok T Ttt laa;?
hu?sen who was Secreta!? of State under
President Arthur !!?? vv.ih graduated fi "t?
Harvard In 190*. an?! is a member of the
I Union. Knickerbocker, Tuxexlo and liar
vard clubs. He nuke? Ms boms with Ma
aunt. Misa Lue** Freltrrghu-,?. n. at U3
Hast ti?;ii st.
For the henent of fV ft rial Servi S
, c Belle1 ??? Hoaplta] a dan'-e wfjl
he given nex* Thured*af evening at the
recreation pier. North Riv?r and "'??th st.
Bal Ibttlona Of some of the modern
dances, arranged by Mrs. K. 9kmX oe
Mathews und Mrs. Be.mont Tiffany, will
fha gtvea d irlrsg the eeeulng, and at mid
night a i - a eterei ? m
..mitte.* aie Mrs
court!.. ' x- ?Mrs LtSSSB I
Mr- William M
.... i Mise R"tn Morgan
?aken by the Ma>or an-I Mrs
| Mltohel. Mr?, charle? Steele, Mra. I'or
?? ?u,. i, ?? >>- Weir ? ''? '?
Some Weddings of
Interest in Week
Past and in That
at Hand.
' Osborn. Mrs. William F. McCombs and
Mies Annie B. Jennings.
? E. Coster Wllmerding Is chairman of
the floor committee, ard associated with
him are L?s Grand Griswold, I. Wlstar
Kendall. W. Jarvls (?eer, T. Chesley
Richardson, Jr.. J. M. Hanford, Chalmers
Wood, Jr., and James !.. Brees?. Jr.
Among the patronesses are? Mra Frank
8. Wltherbee, Mrs. Pevereux Mllburn,
Mr?. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.. Mrs Willard
i D Straight. Mrs Arthur Murray Dodge,
Mrs. Edward K. Breitling, Mrs. R. Stuv
vesant Plerrepont, Mrs Amos R. E.
Plnchot, Mrs. Benjamin Nicoll. Mrs.
, Moses Taylor Pyne. Mr?. John H. Ham?
I mond. Mrs. Nathaniel Bowdltch Potter.
I Mrs. Oren Root. Mrs. George J. Gould.
| Mrs. Montgomery Hare. Mr?, ?Gordon
I Knox Bell. Mrs. Geor-ge Drarer, Mrs.
' Cornelius C Cuyler. Mrs. Fr.?.r.-7s M.
Scott and Miss Iselln.
Beginning at 9:30 o'clock 'bussee will
run every ten minute? from Lexm?ton av.
i and ?Oth st. Tickets may be obtained
' from Mrs. Courtlandt Nicoll. Ml Park av.
The annual garden party of the Arm?
Relief Socle'V. Branch No. 1, will be
given on Governors Island on Thursday,
May m\ tor the benefit of widows and
orphans of enlisted men. The programma
.will consist of militarv events, exhibition
? of modern din?es. Including the kachln?.,
by Albert Van Sand and Misa VTdna Fen
ton, escort of colors and dress parade.
An army Mpper will be served at the
clubhouse at ?> o'clock There also will
he attractive booths for the sale of re?
freshments. Mrs A F Bradley. Mrs.
George Scott. Mrs F B, Wagner. Mr?.
Charles Saltzman. Mrs. Clarence Connor,
Mrs i/oulse Bre.hemln and Mrs John
Shepherd are among those who will have
charge of th?3 tea and sandwiches. At
the booth where coffee and sandwii-Vte".
will be sol.t Will be Mrs F. U Di.d.ls. Mrs.
Briant H Wells. Mrs. A G Goodwin.
.Mrs. W H W?ildron. Mrs. George D.
Arrowsmlth, Mrs. A. Pore and 111
! Palmer.
! In charge of the ice cream a?i I
?will be Mr?. L. M Mans, Mr? W K
Wright. Mrs Pa-;' Qldd gs, Ilia. Artlinr
Ruhl. Mrs William Sag?- and M '" \
1 Fitzgerald.
The officera' club will he !n Charte of
Mrs. James B. Mitchell. Mi- Orla B.
Mitcham, Mrs CtutOSmUV B Humphrey.
Mrs. G. F. Downey, Mrs W ? ?
Mrs. R. H Alten, Mrs A K Truhv . Mis?
; Ethel Allen, Mrs Albert Oteaves, aflea
I Gleave? and Miss Kath-rir.e |
! At the flower booth will be Un K B.
?Smith. Misa Frances Phillip?. Miss Pris
? cilla ??riffln aii-1 Mis- Gertrude and Miss
I Mnrsra.er 1?.. iz??r
The so-.venir. card?- and ctparetf? r-ooth
will be In Charge of Mrs. Frank I.awton,
-Mr?. John Woodward, Mrs William Wal?
lace?, Jr., Mrs. Theodore A. Baldwin and]
| Mrs John Grav.
Among th- natrons and patroness** are
tne Preaidrrt ,-.1 Mis Wil?o:i. the 1st IU>
tars- of War ir?i Mr? Garrison, ' lo.-mor
and Mrs ?;i*?? . Mayer see Mrs Ml tonel,
Mr*. Qreer, Mr erd Mrs.
Elthu Root. Mr a-.d Mra ller.ry W T?ft,
Professor and Mrs H. Fairfle'.d Osborn.
Mr and Mrs. Ftnley J tshepard, Mr?.

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