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?ongress of States Societies Elects Offi?
cers?Women's League for Animals
Plans Work Horse Parade
for Memorial Day.
CentV*1** of St",'?? Societ??'?
(m Thurrday afternoon. May 7. the
Cottft'** St ttSlea Sonet le.? held lia an.
?uel meeting at the Wa'.dorf-Aatorta
???j,? ?lKtion resulted a? folio*?.-?. Presi
BBBS8 .' Vivian, firr-t ? ?
M ? ?;?ranl Hnncker; second
. ?cos T. Ranev.
? tary, Mrs. ?-harle? I>.
lira I. W. Sargent. Mr?.
I Mrs N B Slinperland
i Iward Unten Williams, di
I '.??Incs? meeting a pro
?rai presented. Mr-, t, T
< 'lee-te?! pr?sident
A omen's Club, ?poke
an Kstehssa f?-r
? of Indiana. California
,., ??-) by Mis? Lacy I-Tiber,
, . I .or-. MlSfl I.ois Pox,
Texas, entertained with
Mr?. RohMna A. l.ad. first vlce
: of the Society of New York
St?te WOUMB, ?poke for New York, and
?coe T. Raney, president of the
Society of Ohio Women, apuka
' B. Van Ulngerland,
Michigan, read ?
Annual Meeting of Daughter? of 1812.
The National Society. V. P. D. of UU
BBjU York State) held Ha annual me.-t
Ir.g ?'- the Hotel McAlpln on Monday,
egg * The forenoon was ?riven up to i< -
IS and chairman. The
ship chairman reported that twen
roorahara were enrolled during the
I* \?.?s decided that the New
ta f ?a room In
... ? rge Wsshlngton Memorial
kg, Washington, nia shunt
t i 1 will be known as the N'itv York
f-a-<- Room At 1 o'clock there was a
? -heon, under the chairmanship of
*,!?- Washington I?. Mann, and at I
- -.en meeting of the society.
election was held. Ml -
Homer Lee whs re-elected vice-president
(IS. Thomas 3. (Gordon and Mrs.
.. -. -, apeetluely elected
- and auditor.
Th? * 'ici! Will N?
r -, New York City Ifl
Tthen the prealdentla] election of the Na?
tional I i Mr.?. William
pre.-i lent.
Universal Sunshine Society.
? M r.?.
e f ins. president i Will hold Its
I met tin*? and luncheon at the
Manhattan on Tuesday. Ml
n is called |
? B St 141 Mrt 1
i :?.airman of luncheon: Mrs K. H.
Dean, of the musical programme, and
:?. tcher, of badges
-'.r Frank and Lady
- B I "? and; Mrs Moody
Noble MoCeamell.
Mates and cities
I will attend the mec?- :
Bill be Mis.
? . B. Walker,
ia Elisabeth I
Prank Pal
i Hoflman. Mrs. W.
: ? h . M i
- ley, Mi ' I ley, Miss
.Mr?. Hamilton N.
n. W. and T. L? Bennett,
mer, Mrs. Eddy Palmer.
Mrs. ruiel Parltng. Mr? F Mape?. Mr?.
.!. J. rinn. Mm i'eor?-e Howe?. Mr?. H.
H. Creen. Mrs. Fiank t'hurihlll. Mrs.'T.
?Sfl II, Mi? B ?. I?ntcher. Miss C.
Hunter. Mien Shay. Mr* G Van F'ten.
MIS? M.HKrir.-t ih nnett. Mr?. P A. Creen.
?ti* I H H Watson. Mrs. .lohn WIm,
Mrs. Alex. Smirnirrs, Mi*. Frank liriitn
n-'i!.!. Mrs. O ?ergs Perkin? I.awton, Miss
Vtrglale .Ion-.?. Mrs. K. t'. Hubbell. Mr?.
W. B. F.!n?-ro.?e. Mr?. M. May, Mies Van
Buren. Mr.?. F. H. Jerome. Mr?. Hollen
her-t. MlSS Cray an?l Mis* Hick?.
Mothers' Club End? Season.
Tl .? New York city Mothers' Club (Mr?.
Julius P, (ahen. premdtnt? will hold it?
May ni(?<Min?T In the amlitorlum of the
Young Women'? ? hristiaii Association,
??"? I.exincton av., on Monday, May 11. at
l-JS o . lo. k p. m Dr. Naomi Norsworthy
will ?peak on '?'hlMn-ns Faults-1 'airses
anil BslSfslBS." Mis. Ida Benfey ,!uil?l
will read a story f?u- mothci?. "Making a
Man of Him." by Harvot Holt Key. This
is the last Mothers' Club meeting; of the
season, and all who are Interested In the
work of the club are Invited.
New York Browning Society.
The Nfvv York Browning Society will
hold Its annual meeting at the Waldorf
AstO i \\ ? .in? silav. May It, At 1:30
0 i lOa k p. in. tlie president. Miss r.lhson,
will call the meeting to oider, and at 2:30
Mrs. Kate l'pson Clark, as chairman of
tlie day, will take charge of the pro
graaune Th? spsahsrs srill he the Rev.
Samuel V. Cole, D, D., president of
Wheaton t'ollrge and the Boston Brown
? the Rev. Philip B. Mozem,
I?. I?, of Springfield. Mass., end Mr?.
? John A. l.ei*fert.'?. of Kllsabeth. N. J.
LyriCS will be sung by Mrs. Henrietta
Speke Seele?, with the compotier, John
W. Worth, at the piano.
Plans for Work Horse Parade.
.?rations are being made for the
eighth annual woik hot,?? para'le, to be
der the auspice? "' the New York
Women's Lsague for Animal? on Me
I '.i Mrs. James Speyer, preal
? of this ' rgantsation for th? care of
ar.lmals. is personally sup? rintendlng the
a silver medal win be given by
Speyer to ti-e winners of the first
pris?e I~?st \.-*r over 3.?X?0 teams and
.-- ? \? . r e entered, Including the horaes
in the city departments and horses and
red by private owner.?.
(>th<-r memr?ers of the organization are
Mi- Cornelius C. Cujrler, Miss F.lla Ma?
rk, Mr?. Frederick W. Vanderbllt,
Mrs J. Dineley Prince, n. C. Holt, Mra
.lohn H. Winkley, Cordon Knox Belli
Robert O. Uan?, Mis Russell Sawe. Mis
ck \v ?aVhltridgi. Misa Maria H.
Dehon. Mrs. Bdlth Wharton. Mrs. John
Jacob Astor Miss Edith M. Aims, Mrs.
i 'a-iwaladt-r Jones, Mis M ?Urne Wil?
son. Mrs. ("irenville Parker. Ceorge Blu
menthal, John L, Cadwelader, Kibert n.
liar?. Lawrence I., ?.Ihsple, John Clinton
(?ray, Madison Great. James Cordon
Bennett, Clarence h. Mnckay, Bdnrin <;
Merrill. Frank A. Munsey. Professor ,
i' Oeborn, Fr'dcri'k C. Penllcld,
James Bpej? r. Krank K. Sturgis, De Lett?
NlcOll, William D. ???ithrie, Ar.her
M. Huntington, William Jay, Thomas F.
Ryan, A. I?. Juilllard, F.'lwm S. Marston,
Ogden Mills. John O. Johnson, Jefferson I
in, Henry w. Taft. Alfred G
l rit, Frank A. Vaaderlip, Rlcnard
Welling, ?'lark Williams, Robert Qoelet
Adolph I.ewieohn, I?ouslas R?il?in?".i. M
Taylor Pyao, Btuyvuasnt fleh, Henri i*.
Wertheim, Kdwlr. A. Feasonao'id and
Thomas K. McCarthy.
N. E. Women ?Elect Officers.
The annual meeting of the New York
City Colony of the National Bo?;ety of
New Kngland Women was held at the I
Waldorf There were two session?. Th<
first wap alven up to 'he p-eparation of
the Informal ball??!. nft?r whl?-h the of?
ficial ballot and the annual reports ?teie
pre?ented. Th<> folio? Ina officers tter?
Mr?. I?uane H clement. Mrs. J. Swin?
burne. The chairman of the VSrtSUS
rommllteea are Mrs. Henry All??wa>.
house committee, Mrs. ?"harles 8<ainmell,
literary; Mis? Florence Adam?, enter?
tainment: Mr?. France? Wandelt, prese;
Mr?. Kdward Robinson, auditing: Mr?
l.imrs Warner, card.?,, Mrs. Kugene
II -ward, mush ; Mr?. Richard H. ??teen,
Michigan's Daughters Elect.
Ml'hla-ans Daughter?. Mr? Nellie B.
Van Slingerland, president, will hold
President of the Congress of States Societies.
elected and installed for the romliu: ?ear
Mrs. Mamut?'!) Doarning, president.
Mis .lohn F. Yav.tr.i-r, Brat \ i'? .
rient. Mrs. John Douglaa Walton, second
vi. e-presidcnt ; Mrs. BtephSB D Stephens,
recording secrethry; Mn Augustin laeh
att, corresponding aecretsry; Mrs, w n
'. BSStstsnt tieasurcr. Mis, Min?
ton Dyke ?'lark, trsssursr. Managers:
Mrs. Griffith (?eorse Willianis, Mrs. W'ill
la in R. Fakin.?. Mrs Edward B. Robin?
BOn, Mis. Theodore F S?-?aid, Mrs
Neweomb C. ?Barney, Miss Sam Palmer,
their annual meetinc and election of of?
ficers in the rooms ?>f the Michigan So? 1
et? on Tuesday. Ma? 1:. at C H O'clock.
Daughters of Revolution.
The azecutlre hoard of the Bociety of
the Daughters of the Revolution, State
?if New York. Mrs. Everett M RsynOT,
repent, tvill meet at the Hot.l Hclmont
"ii Frida?. Ma) 18, at 1? o'clock
The UMh anniversary of tiie knsugurs
j tion of Oeorga Wsshlsgton was ??'.? ?
by the society, a wreath ?as placed en
the ?tatu? of Washingt?>n at the 8ub
TresSUry Building and Mr?. RsySST read
an a-count of Washington s Journey U?
New York After tin exercises a. lunch
e<in was held at Frauucea's Tavern
Californians' Annual Luncheon.
The annual luncheon of the National
California club will be held at the ?_*iare
mont. 128th ?t. and Riverside Drive, on
Tuesday, May 19. The luncheon will be
waa announced that Mrs. Hamilton
?Jrmsbee had been nominated as candl
In charge of Mrs. OSSTgB K. ?lordon. of
IT r".ast 95th st., and Mm. Milton V. Sny
der. of 27 Washington Square North. This
will be the last regular meeting of the
New Home for Gamut Club.
The <;amut Club, whose quarters In the
Gibson Studios ?ere entuely destroyed by
fire on February 15, has secured a new
home at W West 46th st Miss Mary
Shaw, the president, announce? that the
room?, which are now being decorated
and furnishe?! under the personal super
vlsi'.n of Ml? Amy Mali Hicks, will be
open for inspection of members after
May 10. A housewarming tu ill be given
on a date to be announced later, at which
Misa Frances 8tarr, a member of the
club, will assist Miss Shaw In receiving
members and their friends.
Froebel Society.
The regular monthly meeting of th?i
Froebel Society waa held at the RUBUT?
ban on Monday, May 4. at 2:"f) p. m.
The programme was In charge of the
Froebel i'hoius. Mrs." Stuart Close, ?1
rsetsr. Mrs. Jean Slue Starr gave dra?
matic leadings.
Feminist Forum at Yonkers.
There ?as a laiRe attendance at the
meeting <"pf the Feminist Forum at
the Warburton Theatie, TOUkSTS, dui ing
the last week. Among those present
were Mrs. Arthur I?. I.ivej more, presl
?lent of the Yonkers Suffrage Associa?
tion; Mrs. Frederick Nathan, Mrs.
?harles Israels. Miss Mary Shaw, Mrs.
William I. ? ?Sullivan, ex-leader of the
23d Assembly Dlstrl'i; Mrs. Carl Oster
held. Mrs. H. A. Robinson, vice-president
of the Yonkers Suffrage Association;
Mr?. Fraii'-ls X. Donoghue. Mrs. Joseph
f i>ai>. Mrs. i.eo Backhand, Mrs. C.
Arthur li'inlavy, Mrs Hiram W Taylor,
Mrs. F. h\ Farrington, Miss Sara Mc
l':ke. Miss LudUe \ an? e, Mr? Belle
Smith-Bruce, Dr. Sue Radcllff and lira
j T. GHbson.
Mary Arden Shakespeare Club.
The Mary Arden Shakespeare Club a i
close us regular meal Inga on Th la
April 14. ThlS meeting. Which will be
for members only, ?ill be devoted to
the pia.iiiiiig or the pros ramme tor next
year's work, the appointing of chairmen
and g'-nerai detail work.
D. A. R. Church Service.
The annual church service of the Wash?
ington Helghta Chsptcr of the n. a r.
M Bsmuel I Kramer, regent, was held
at the church of the IntereeeoBoa, u-?th
st and BrSSdWSy, on Sunday evening.
May 3d. Rev. Mllo H. ?Jates. chaplain.
preached the sermon.
Ohio's Daughters Elect Officers.
The 1'aughters of Ohio will hold their
annual election Monday at the Waldorf
Astoria. The following names are pro
gSSSd for oftii??: President, Mrs >a'iies
H. Proctor; first vice-president, Mrs 11. H
HsUtstsr; aecond vics-praeldent, Mr? D,
c Hay nee: thini elee-presldent, Mrs.
William A. CummlngS; fourth vice-presi?
dent, Mrs Samuel A lue?', fifth vice
;-. lent, Mis. .1. I,\nn ?d?ly: chairman
of executive committee, Mrs M M.
Reynolds; rec-or-llng seiiielsijr. Mr?, wiii
i.i-ii J ? Buthere; etwrer-pondlng ?eere
tary. Mr?. Ernest K. ('??niter, treasurer,
Mr?. .1. j. Sullivan; auditor. MISS Miorie
Townsend; historian. Mr?. J B. Taylor,
niembers of the ? xecutlve comnirttee. Mrs.
D. T. I*arimore, Mrs John W. Porn. Mr?.
? harles B. Burkett. Mrs Robert B. Ham?
ilton and Mr?. Harold Remington.
Fortnightly Shakespeare Club.
The regular meeting of the Fortnightly
Shakespeare Flub to?ik place on Friday
afternoon, May 1. Mis? BUa Pelletrau
gave a talk on Shakespeare and method?
of atudylng hla work?. This club, which
Bras founded by the late Mrs. Ann?. Ran?
dall I'leli!. In !?7l. i? making plan? for sn
active Reason next winter. Tl7.osa.ri? siring
to betome members may address Mr?,
Sidney Lawrence Hall. Ml St. NI? hola? av.
Gotham Club.
The next regular meeting of the Co-Jiam
Club, Mrs. A. A A. Brooks, president,
will be hfld on Tuesdav. May ;j. at .7:80
o'clo'-k at the Hotel St. James. Th? topic
for dis? usslon will be "Suffrage In talk."
Poet?' Day at Gridiron Club.
Tuesday will be poets' ?lav at the reg?
ular waffle party of th.? (Jridiron Dinner*
Desee ?'lub, to he held at t o'clock at the
Hotel Astor. Among the guests of honor
will be Kdwin Markham. Katherine Ward.
Dr. K'lvvin I^lhfreed. i'ountess de Castle
vecchio. Mrs. Thomas Slack. Mrs. ??torge
W. Howcs and Mrs. ?.'hauticey V. ?'rapo.
Cambridge Ends Season.
The Camrri'ige Club hel?i it? last n-eet
lag of the s?-ason on Monda?. Ma: 4, at
the home of Mr?. Uewetlyn Wray, mi
l'ean st.. Brooklyn. At tills me.'ting ?t
date for se? ond vl?e-|,resident of the
State Federation "f Woaten's Ciaba Af?
ter the business meeting the pregr*unSBS
wa? presenied under th" chairmanship
of Miss Nellie T. I.ayell I?, Tlossiter ?v
Raymond, preskteat of the Institute ot
Mining Engineers., was the Bpsaker Oi
the afternoon. His subject was "Out
Natural Resources tad Our Federal IJOT?
ernm-nt." Miss Kernpshall. founder of
the club, gave | talk .?n "Life and Liv?
ing.'' Mrs Mildred How son Hartley sang
several solo?.
Daughter? of Union.
The annual meeting of ?h?rtet chap?
ter. Daughters of the I nlon, was held ir
the home ?,f Mrs John T Hallad - -
West End ave on Wedii. S'li-. M.iv I
After the annual reports hai been given
the elect lea ?>f osaeors took piai ?. with
the followiiik- : Regent, Mia. Will?
iam R. Stevv.nt. first v II ???-! -eg. r.t. M :
n- n-? AUoarey: second elee-regent, Mrs
A. S'rtiin'-r ROSSI third ?! ? -:?? it. Mis.
Joiin J i |..i'l.-?r it.inline secretary, Mis.
McCullagh; -*on?*epoadlng
tar?-, Mis. Thomas .1 Vivian; r
Mir- Herbert II, I ?a vidson; i
Mrs. Victor Ficliii ksmi. hlMortsn, Mis
John D. Ilaney Mrs. Ixjuls A S
tail. Mr?. Leonard M. n.ivis. Mrs Dei
|e| 1 Huffle. Mis Alfred H, M
Mrs John T. Halliday and Mrs II. rman
G. ?""oared were sleeted directors Ths
ehairmen appointed to s-r?. for I
son of 1914-1.'? vers Dr Prances Monell,
entertainment; Mrs. Malcolm McLeen,
membership. Mrs Gerard Bamker. hos?
pitality, and Mrs. Thomas J \ tvian.
, After the business meeting Mr?, Frank
Cronlse opeaed the programme with an
address. The music, in ?harge of Miss
Kdythe M ClOVST consisted of ?op'ano
sorits l>? Mra. I M Marshall, ?aCCOmpa?
ni-<! t.? Miss AliCS Mi-Shane.
The guesl of honor ??.is Mra Charlea
n Mesury, president general of iij- Na?
tion.il So'-K-tv of the Daughtei i of tn-?
I iii-ui Mi?. Masury reported that In tne
three months she has he!?! BBS, ? '8 at
??hapters have b?*-?u starte?! m Massa?hu
?eti? and state regents appointed f?ir |Sg
following thirteen chapters: N>w York,
Massachusetts. Vermont. New Hamp
shlre. Rhode Island, Connecticut. N- ?
Jersey. Ohio, Indiana, Maine, Dis;
Columbia, Washington and Virginia
Women's Henry George Leegue.
The re-fular monthly meeting of th?
Women's Henry ?George League waa held
on Wedpegfiay evening. May 8, at the
clubr?x)*ns, 47 West t.'d St.
Cameo Club Banquet.
(in WsdaestSy evening. May 1. a ban?
quet was given by the Cam?*? Club, Mm?.
? larence de Vaux-Ko. ?r presblent. st
the Hotel St. Denis. Ti;e guests of honor
?er?- Mrs. Ella Wheeler W ilcox. Madison
?awein. William Butler Yeats, Dr Frank
Crane, Miss Floren?? ??uernsev. Dr.
Charles A. Miller and Clinton BCUllSrd.
The hostesses were Baroness von Marnier.
[Buruaeea Bssus Mme Qgrrlgus, Mrs.
Ebner BUek, Mis Falrfleld Mot timor?.
Mrs Minor Arnold. Mr? Alfred Wag
staff, Jr.. Mrs Ida Platt, Mrs Frank
Lent. Mrs F. M ?art-t. Mi- C I
Glenn, Mrs. A. G. Heaton. Mrs Kr
Ml*. Hall Flrown Mei'andb'ss and Mr?.
William Owens. The speakers were \? g
Wsrescu fluerneey, Mr?. Alfred wagstaff,
Clinton Scollard an?l George H PttgiptOU
Philomath Club.
The third annual luncheon of the Philo?
math Club, cf New York ' rty, era
at the Marseilles Hotel on Manday, May
1 A ht.rig those ?ho spoke were Mrs
Herberl k. Austin, Mrs irank h. Mer*
rtl . Mra Karton Tsmpkrna, Mrs. k I
i*oo1h?. Miss lass Kimball and Mr?. ?'. -
Graham. The h?ncheos ?a.? followed by
Installation of oteOoto. The officers are
Mi-, s Baheeck, prasMsuf; Mr? K B
Delamater, rtce-preetdeat; Mra H I
An-tie. recording aecretsry; Mis. i? H
Chesebrough, ?corresponding u
and Mra J. T Durham, treasurer.
Chicsgo Woman's Club.
The annual breakfast of the chfcago
g Bsasn a Club a lal la May k
The re, . pttun WS8 ??' '? - I tam ?'?
i ?1 at ! i
Colonial Dames of America.
On Apni M the annual meeting and
I a ua- .I ai Hi?- ' ? ? lb b] in? I?
lation Of I tWC vi- .|-residents.
?avenporl and Mrs Humphraya
The i? in- ta of the year were d
given from the
lii.m. ii. s ,u Baltimore, Philadelphia an.I
- . The worb for the eomtag
year ? ? - ?
after the me l
I , | M
? m ??! the ?-- lety; M
- Mi Hun ph ? M
aid, Miss I'- laOeld, Mlaa Blata
I Batlej Mis K? Ith Pinckn? y
Walker, Mi Edward < DelaBeld Mia
. Miss B.rd. Mn BtetUniUB,
Hot -e M ? Borrsws,
Mi -, de RssslssT, Mr- Hei
Mrs Lewis G. Morris, Mlaa Krlesa
Btruthera, Ml ? Btruthi i ;. Mlaa
Mi DUon and Mlaa Helm
Colorado Cliff Dwellers.
rind Mi~ Bradford Pi
? ?
? lhaptet. i -i"' ido ? 'lift Dwelling ?
tlon, Mi Gilbert Me? ' Mon?
? 90 l'-r.
Flushl - '? land
In hla <?'. " -?mien gUtoMOf
' y I Knew and Four Dogs."
among other in
r event? of his hoyhood, of hi?
meeting wit? , eat man h? ever
Knew, fpeakir.? always of himself as
Th? Roy, Mr H itton says: "Quite a little
la?l, he was Staying at the Fulaskt House,
?nnah, In l?:?;:-perhaps it was In
1S?6? when hi? father told him to observe
i gentleman with the
Bjet*te< 1 a peat at their
Uble In th? public dining room, for, he
U'A. th? time would come when The Boy
w<vjM ?e very pr?".d to ?ay that he had
hnkf isted ?nd dined and s'.ppcd with
Mr. Tl ackeray. He had no Idea who or
?hat Mr. Thackeray was. hut his father
?d him a great rr.an and that was
*n*"j-7h for The F
H? d d pay particular attention to Mr
Th?ek?ra,y, with his eves and his ears;
?d one morn.ng Mr. Thackeray paid a
little attention to him, of which be if
very proud lr.'leed. Mr. Thackeray took
The Boy between his knees, and asked his
name, and what he intended to be when
he grew up. He replied, 'A farmer, sir '
Why. he cannot imagine, for he never
had the slightest inclination toward a
farmer's life. And then Mr Thackeray
put his gentle hand upon The Roy's little
red head and said, 'Whatever von are, try
to l.e a good one.'
"To be blessed by Thackeray is s dis?
tinction The Boy would not exchange for
any niche in the Temple of Literary
Fame; no laurel crown he could ever re?
ceive would he able to obliterate or to
e.jtial the SSIUS of Thackeray's touch,
and if there be any virtue in the laying?
on of hand?. The Boy can only hope that
a little of it has descended upon him.
And whatever The Boy is, he ha? tried
for Theekeray'S hake "t?> be a good
one.' "
Gardens and Lawns Make Brave
Showing Already?Influx
of Cottagers Begins.
Unox, May f? ? The spring reetfrrection
' Leri'^x is comph-te. Shutters have
'?***" taken down and the lawns abtmt
? .-? have been car? fully pro?
?"id for the Beaaon. in the gerdens
t. .?> Roads
i Sidewalks trimmed
P to a high ?le?
ihe coming of the surnm-T eel?
nfllll Of cottager? who an
for the blossotninK time
Mr ami Mrs. J Wttaodwerd
In the w,r, to
kbridge, where Mrs
;- r ? r ??un flower barks, which
Mr. ai.?) tart
Oar. ... srrired at North
tont ? second seeson This
**?* on the Plttsfleld reed eill he
?"*?!>? devel? roar. AI
?-?ratui-k fai kbl ? ?!'-'??. Df ?nd
j1"*. ! -s country
***> its owner la settled for the sea
!** Nevbold Morris Is busy oreraosissi
B ookhurst, al
JJ* y avili shortly arrie*
i? Bedgarlck, "f
ths M.-.'ision, in PtO k?
*%. : fter whleh
Md Mi Ah a .'.?!? r f*?sdgwfK k, BjOW
**"*ev.'-i, win ?... the season's occupants
""?Ants nre now at Sunnvside, Mrs.
1 Haven'? estate, and at
-'. ?.intry home of Mr.
?era. George Uriswold Haven, pre
? r the USO Of H?e,i
and Mr.
* "- ?? ?? " e been passing j
"Umtat New Mailboro, where they
have estates and to which they go the
last of May for the summer. Mrs. Au?
gust Belmont, whose Glad Brock farm
I er BOUrcc of r. creation for
two ?ears, has been there getting the.
and farm ready for the annual
! coming of the Helmonts.
In Tjrlngham there has been many vis?
itors to overlook their properties. Mr
and Mrs. Ranyar Clarkson, Mr. and Mrs
George Tiffany and Miss BUSSS B Peck
i have passed ;l pmrf, of the week on their
estates. The tinestlon of gardens and
shrubbery and lmprovem? nts has OCCU?
pi? d their tim".
John Alden P]?oor lias been in Pitts
!i. id to make preparsttona for the coming
of his family the last of the month at
BlytheSfUSd. Mr. and Mrs. Warren F
Ballabury are also preparing to occupy
Nlll there. Mrs. Herbert Spencer
! Johnson has arrived at her country pi ? > e
In Dalton. Miss (?ll\ia Phelps Stokes
will enter Into ownership of her new
'estate, I'nder Ledge, the last of next
Dr. and Mis Henry V .laques have
been in LenUl BBChlllB 8 "untre place
for ?M ?
The Berkshire Utils express, on the
New Haven, ?in begin Its schedule on.
the 18th .trid ?ill be run In two sections
? hen tr ?\ -1 t ? quitus
Ml and Mrs. Aiim.ii Theirs Stokes, jr., j
hSVB been at th.-ir estate on the lake.
where aft- r the close of Yale Inlver-ity
in June th'-v ?.-.ill br domiciled.
Musical Entertainments.
Umbsrtc Borrsntlno, the Italian tenur, ;
Will b? the soloist at the Inauguration
concert to be Riven by the Faston 8>m
nbony Orchestrs, of Eggten, Penn , in
Hall, on Wednesdsy evening.
He will sing "Che gelnla ma
? rrmr 1 .i ?Suh?nM . and a group
During the present IBSSSH Mr.
Son? nt.no has Min?: for some of the
most Important o**gsni_?tions Misa An-,
nie Friedberg, his manager, says that |
he bas been en.Taffed already for a preaf
many concerts ;?n?i irritais In the United
States for next season and will appear
. in all the large clues hete
In preparation fnr the stupendous taRk
, of singing the entire Miss in B minor,
?..ir.? .-,r- wen at chorus numbers, the two
hundred members of the Bethlehem
Bach ?hoir are having frequent re?
hearsals In Packer Memorial Chur< h, Le?
huh University, where on May M und
"" the ninth Bach festival will ,?? held
They Will render all of the parts of the
mass given in other festival? by four 01
the professional soloists, as well a? their
r?guler choru.? work. For the first day's
festival programme, of the Magnlfleet
Motel and other number?, soloists have
'been announ? ed by I >r. J. Fred Wolle,
Conductor, n? follows: Soprano.", Mrs.
Helen Roice Hunsickcr and Mis.? I.u. y
Rrickensteln: alto. Miss Mai.de Bprouls;
tenor, Nkholas Doutv ; has?, Horatio
The FashionableDinner
Long and heavy dinner? are entirely
out of fashion, for. though ;?'<oided the
.imp?rtame d.e to the principal meal,
dinner is now ?ons-deid only the prelude
tO, Bud riot the i-liief event in, the SVSfl
< iitertaininent. PaOple do not want
I tO waste a COUple Of hours Or r-nt| th"
dining table whin bndue is to folio?
are geiag oa to 'ne ???.?m ?>r a thea?
tre, ??' daace or perhspa .? am lesaltin ?>f
festivitisa Th? fashionable "ahort dln
| ner" consist? of ??liar soup. tl-h. a roast
usuary lamb at this time of rear a t id
or ? vegetable course, a sweat, a saveury
and dess?Vt It is not usual to prov ?1? a
choice of dishes m an? course; ?me only,
and that of the best !?- tlie rule Even
the desssrl Is fren, mil? limited t?? grapes,
pineapplee straw p. rrtes and the delicious
pearlies, ncctaririe?. rtc , rhat come from
afar. Many people, by the way, do not
care for the extremely expeneiv- |
straw berrle?. whhh really have very little
One wine only, and that sparkling. Il
t-erved throughout even a lir^e rind
formal dinner, for comparatively little
wine i- rinn k n"w. .-.rr.i many people pre?
fer the more dietetic whiski
? |y ?me of the table a
should always he available Dry cham?
pagne Il Still t lie? favorite nine l> ?'
the very best brand? are given ? tool
sparkliag bock <-r mosalk One .11 be
SSIVOd lOUltd < HU et .may te ofleie.l a'
de-seit. bttl Is seldom taken, and a ? hoc?
of liqueurs ??huuld be afforded with the
o -
Members Promise the Best En?
tertainment Ever This Season.
The greatest of all-star gambols is what
the LemSg promise on the date of the'r
entertainment at Fie MellopoHtSS Opera
Fri.la;.. M.r ... .ml Saturday
M . BO KrfMt IS the la?
ind so latge the damaend to
?;.? I" SS 'le- I'h'i 10 l?0M I
IM auction ?-.?le for the hist ebotca 01
?eat.-- sad boxea Th i euctiea will take l
place at the HUdg?t Theatre at I*
o'-h" k next Tuesday afternoon, and
be conduite?! by seveial popular en
diana n? auctioneers, Including De ?
Hopper! Raymond Hi: heoek, And
M.o-k, Frank M< I tit * i ? . Frank Lslor
and if any one ?ants t-? anje
d afternoon of rest, Bpontsn?
impromptu comed) this uui be the
Ity. El ' ry DIM is in? lied, an'
Is exp-eted the Lambs ?HI realiz?
large sniuunl In premiums before
actual opening of the hi?x office at
Metropolitan on Monday, Ma II
Conforming to custom, the program
?III o;ien with a minstrel first part.
I with many novel feat irea added. M
lnetlc T?e Woll Huppei arfll be the In!
locutor, and the end men will Inch
auch comedtsna bb William Collier, Ri
mond Hit hi ok Andrew Mask, tTtS
Melntyre, Prank Lakrr, Nat Wi
Charles I-, Evans lr\in S i'ohh. MSCk]
Arhuikle. John K H.izzard. William
Cran? Douglas f^alrbanha Thomas
Wise and oti: ra
An attractive daine number, "T
Booh of Ufe," ?ill include aeversl
the "lending ladlee" ef the ?luh, and a
other little operatic novelty, full of I "I
.-un! - harm, will be ' A Rnlnlow Cue
tail "
The serious note of the programme ?
; ?? i m?-le-n morality play, entitled "E
pertence," ?ritten by George ? Hoi 11
This ?.M , ? W iliiani Elllol
1 Dlgb Bsll 1 *
I ? and a Isrge oompsni of ?tara.
There ?sill he aongi and mtmolog ?
indi? id. .?1 sta 1 -, BUCh as Ir? in Berlin, Ml
Wills ami ..th-'is .a til a "BUrpClSO" BUB
ber. of which announcement will be mad
later. ? ?tiier ImpOl tSSl are '??
m?.- Bisde resdy, and new an-i attractlA
rea uill Intruduce ait the bright,
stars of this ? !uh o! BtSIS, Includln
1 'a\ 1-1 it' ?a? ". WI ton ?. icka ?? l
Hone- Jamea 0*Kett, Edward Abeh
Bruce McRas, Hear) Woodruff, Georg
Brosdburst, .! Hartley Msnnera .m
others t"i 'nan t-i in-ntlon.
John Philip BOUM Will march at Hi
heau ol bis lartre land during the fru
minstrel pa'ade of ?tars just preced ru
ea? h purformunce and will Riso cono .?
the aymphon ?rchestrs, hnving wntt. 1
a military march SUd BTPggtag o\cr":
for the Lamba' gr<si nation.'
-? .
Blankets Are Made, Too, from
the Bark of Trees.
silk ? iw being free
?nod Ther? is the cleverly "i
tzed" cotton for Instanc? -t ma? hlnery
?ml? ill hate i;.?:ie ;i atSg ev? n t?e
yond ih.at m rivalling the art of the siik
g u'urm The 1
. . -,
? th-> wood thrown care?
lessly Into a sr.-.tt vat to appeal
hsura Ister In ah 8 wood
is fli?t BUI Into this Sheets alter which
it is pul into a tank f . tr? at
tiient it is ..?-.?..t and msahtid hg the
machinery and "digested" * a strong
? iieiiii- all until II -? aa s mo
?.?? h ? ith bb ? nth t ' ?i tslnlng just
By perforations as tl.eir rire t.
Slsmesta la the thread I iltansoiialy
it is ?yrajed ?ith a chetnical which
"fixes" the thread, shrinking and harden?
ing it. But '<> the we.ii.-r of ?ilk, a gar?
ment mal? fro,n wood pulp l?-??k? every
bit a? good a? the product ?if the silk?
An American inventnr h.is m cuifactured
for himself and wear? a fancy Wfl I
of piaOWOOd tlbre, ?n<| looks forwrl le
the time when wooden suits will lie sea?
erailv worn The w-ouil is, of course, not
In it.? Usually crude form, but it is first
reduce*] lO pulp, then ?Irawn into threads
and woven like clo!h. Cloth of this
kind wears like leath? r, and Is cheaper
than the cheepest cidtii The vain, of the
material thus spun la that it d???. ex?'
tremely well, the colora coming m? sd*
mlrably, sad It be, si a matter of fact, a
go?.?) imitation of silk. Borne "f the cloth
has been shown to spinners, who would
Btarcol) believe that it ha?l be
from woo.I p dp,
The people of Tibet have for a l?ng time
ik'-.v worn clothes constructed of ?.?-?>??.i
in Ecuedor the berk of a tree ahlch
grow- on the ilopei -.i the Andes la util?
leed for rnaklng blankste I mall) the
blanke) la su f. si long and Uve feel ?ride
and la a -"ft and pits ? . i?h it
were made from Matin?!. It is aiiout the
thll ktiess of a gooil flannel blanket, and
?.ill be rolled up and put In a Sttep w.tlr
out hurting or Injuring it. Tins tree or
barb blaaket ?? an rely a si
cul from a section of the tr.nk <>f the
: M The Indians
? unk to sel II and the)
prepare it bj soaking it in water until it
is .-oft ii i.? then pounded so th I -
rough outside csn be stripped <>ir an-l th.
Inside ahme left Ths Inside Is of fine
RbretJt, SO j ? ? i r i ? ? 1 tog?-ther by Nature that
it in.ir. - .i autiful blanket, warm
? nough to be use.! a a COVOr, and' BOft
enough for a mettrees. Tit-Bit?.
Lesson in Politeness.
The < aptam o.' a i ,?r t.uti Isrg?
the i ?? polite ofak sr
m the whole Bsercantile service lie ha?.
however, a sitat Id. .i of biS !mrf I
and loess no opport mit) of impraastag it
upon his erew in ? sr-eV alar, he
p"fl being a-ldies?,,| as Sir' bj every
one on I'oard ope da* ? new band
tarined th? ship, and a short time
hei - - -...,.;.|
I e w i? Il tr , ted VVIt'l the a ?? ? 1 ?
captain <.?me up ?id pul the . al 'pies
"How s her he oi
"Nor-b] ?a t BBSWl re.| the '? ?1 tai
? uffly,
"My man ?'?...Ml answered the . ap
tairi. "on th;s ?raft when one of the
< rew ?peaks to me he gnes me a title
of re-p?-<-t l'on t v o j th.nk **| |ht
so. too' Now. i.ow .- n?-r head !"
"Nor- | -east i t<
: -plavitis BOi a little irritation
"I'm afraid ? o . don ' -t?in I
BBS." resp?in?led the ? aptam. .. I
e?i Let me re? ? ? ,i the a heel,
and then do ?,.. take my plate and ask
me the question I vv rll then ?now vou
how- it should he ac.sw.i.d '
Ttrev B-*cor?Mns*l) changed r ?
" (?w B her ea?! ' roersd tne tar
' Nor -b?-e??->t. tit r-pli-d the captain,
witn gentle emphesis oa th
,.. sp her eo rl Be I
Bid ??.'.?? I res I
startling rejoinder from th?* oM reprt>- ,
bate, who cairn', y ?"SMSBSBSCSd to ?uit tne
sction to tne word -Tit-Hit?.
The Revolt of the Women
Thin editorial I? taken from Hie lenlur? Mugn/ine.
The time lias come to define fe
Il is m longer boetlble to ignore it t
germ la in the blood of our worn? n T
principle is in the heart of our race. T
word la <i?\'- m ni" pages of our newsp
per?. Th.- am Irin and Ita corotlartea a
on Bvery long ie The i ? ? ? t -? *? ?if it, oft?
m,re. ognlB? d and d? nl? ?l. llea tab?
the soul -.r '??. ? woman. The dread
It res' the t| int. tl
timid, the unduly conservative, and th?
Who hat.- ? ? ?' :
miliar thinking.
Bui what i I nl "i ' la it, as tt
the rle.-ne of BOB
I arorh and tl:
ari'l the :?
bllitlea and tii. rewards "f un n ' Bum
women d? di 1 Ihes? things no do ih
But this is not feminl im,
I- it the desire of a feu experiment!
??lints to abolish marriage, an?! substitu?
for lifelong monogam) temporary rela
tlooshlpa dlasnlubla at will? This is th
Gei m.m', s ill group i ?
mentli i But It la n"t f- ml
i- it th?- auggeatlon "f certain reckles
to abolish the home and have tii
itate bi Ing > p bui childi en In ord
? ?m?. ? ?
with Ufa ? ad by tic
s hemea of mere nature ! This i.,
BVersl darim
? tted bj
of th?
? ?
Nor ? m be d< fin? d by any oi
of : in
? ?1 to armor
mal a' idden r? '-ase from th*
- ' ' ?. i.lions ?-f the | I
? -called ,'? IT?.
? writing ari'l s;-eaking so far have
<i- .it ?lib the ach? .....
But all i lunatics sre a
the Drat and I t In snj i? iblle
alou. ordei prog
Utsed uorld led lu -
: '? niiiii m
.???' in ? ? ill Si
authoritv for I
theories of MM i
til-- t ?
th- ssstil) t? n Ifi? -l are a
haatll) ? nthu ? N? th?
? the ha?t Let ga egg tm
our definition In the still w itere Beuesth
the t." I ?et us studv the
Rev..?t .-f the \\ .-men r ?
the t/oBBtlIe tew. ?
I - . ?
Hers a ? ? a a
upon ?t hi? h to
tion. fof th. -e a * I
uall) -? ll determine th*- fa?i.
And S re hist ?if ad. ?e Bad that fcml- I
1 tiisin doei ean the usurpation b;
?omen of the place and the power o
men. I
n usl have thi
spite pr< - none
bul dreamers ?rill ?irn? it When ?Mimen
with th? t go with I
? ? ?. ulll be women The) will no
? if llf?
unsuited to then- itrength and
? ... do to-da; None but g fea
thusia they a
'Diere la I B, tho Igh, and
nltton (hut
then women's spirits ??ill be I ?
t time rhetbei
i with men
with< m the bond and ll | ? ol la?
AS miman INDI*. [DUALS ONL" P ?
i.MIT THESE, w B TAKE l'l i ON
: E REVI 'I.T ? ?F TH i: w ' ?MEN
And tu ?t auras sp feminism, considere?!
Instinctive human movemenl
It le a grout ateg ton -
/.ati.'ti of human fro?
women f
and In good time, a
I ?he slates.
Perainiam. then, la in ?
ght I that, tu be elle? tlvt, th?ie
wen as the prin
? iple of freedom. Women IttUSt hSCSSBB
the civil and the social SBJUSle of men. H
difference whether or not
they gha rer; the fact that
BBSSSB II rath?*r that tiie> ahuuld
bid ? alou, is the
Bagie that ?ill break the BhSCklSB Th*
.if feuiliilsui is *"' make arcasen
equal atockkoldera with men la the Busl
Like . . ind for humsn f: ?
m ?ill auccead, sad, when It does
tii? human race ?ill attain
for the effl. ien?>. Mian
? ?
far as ' ' - i" oetalflB?
. i? iubsi en asvsr ?sIM
An A ' gC
Bought ? iplsaatlun ? I louie un i
1 a genial ['??n waa delighle?!
" Full term'," he explained,
? . s of a term, ami the
i? the first forts I
I i?f general admission Is the
day i ? ??
-d ?
? of
The Yank
? "And ?ill the)," lie q
.' i a London tram if 1 gab f<>?
I tu Cambridge'."'-Tit-llita.

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